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My group threw me under the bus. I was salty.
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CypherDen Hace un año
Create your own website using ► WIX: wix.com/go/CypherDen Also, which type of group member are you? :)
tostatia princess
tostatia princess Hace 2 días
i'm a mix of the artsy one and the clueless one, and desperatly want to become the leader.
Mr owl L.
Mr owl L. Hace 11 días
Suzanne Dougan
Suzanne Dougan Hace 16 días
The one that is will Avoid being in a group project
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali Hace 20 días
I'm the dude that does everything and my friends are the ones who get half of the credit
Catra Shera
Catra Shera Hace 22 días
Lincoln Stucki
Lincoln Stucki Hace 4 horas
my ideas are always rejected even if they have no other ideas idiots.
ぶっびぇてあ Hace 2 días
I do the most of the work alot. And I talk mostly and I don't like people watching me
Aylshah BEERS
Aylshah BEERS Hace 2 días
I am both the artsy and clueless one. I do my work, but stop to think of other ways to improve it but drift into other things and forget about the group entirely.
•Spaced out stars•
literaly i told my teacher i hated him bc my group was getting distracted with him cause he kept telling storys that didnt even have to do anything with the project and almost i did the work So i got mad and told him i hated him in front od the class yeah i did get in trouble by the principal bc he told her but it was worth it tbh😂
Hulk Stephon
Hulk Stephon Hace 2 días
I'm the cluless one because I don't want to get in no drama so I let them be them
tostatia princess
tostatia princess Hace 2 días
hey, den? I'm 12 and am convinced that nobody can start planning too early, so I was wondering if you knew the name of the art school you went to, the name of the class this was, and other classes I may have to take for a degree, because the internet is no help right now. and if you're wondering, I want a degree so I can become a concept artist for disneyland.
Mason Parisi
Mason Parisi Hace 3 días
we got to pick our groups
Xx Nathy's Studio xX
im the clueless one ;w; i mean i was than i actually noiced it and than i was the only one who did work but the one who had to talk too so i was sweating so hard that i jumped off the window (foreal btw we were at the first floor so it was safe)
Joseph storm
Joseph storm Hace 3 días
I'm totally the clueless one
Galaxina Star
Galaxina Star Hace 3 días
I got into a group project once. A girl and I did our fair share of work, and our other group member did nothing. So as payback, I labeled the part of the project he had to do as his, so the teacher, AND THE WHOLE CLASS, would know that he did nothing. Karma is cruel
Cube Typo
Cube Typo Hace 5 días
My teacjer makess us work in groups but grade us individually so thats sick
Jonita Guy
Jonita Guy Hace 5 días
Basically, when i do a group project (we always have to make presentations) they write the stuff down, i create better looking slides (i had it easy)
Jonita Guy
Jonita Guy Hace 5 días
and i'm bad at presenting
Jonita Guy
Jonita Guy Hace 5 días
so basically i'm the artsy one
Amber Parco
Amber Parco Hace 5 días
Gacha_lol:3 Studios
Gacha_lol:3 Studios Hace 5 días
This is why I always do a project solo
Lucia Saavedra Molina
I had to do this thing with a partner where we were given a paper of these shapes (squares, hexagons, etc.) and we had to make a school blueprint using every shape at least once (just some project to get our ImAgInAtIoN going). I, being the pathetic shy blob with no friends, got partnered with some dude that (not trying to be rude, it was just true) nobody liked. So meanwhile I got to work starting to draw all these shapes on poster paper, my partner (lets call him gary), Gary, started talking about how much the building would cost and started talking quantum physics. Confused? Welcome to my world. I mean, it was a project for FUN. It's not like we had to set up a bank account and actually PAY to build the 'school.' You just had to connect shapes to make a building layout, give the school a 'earth themed' name (basically something like 'green tree elementary') a motto, and that's it. THATS IT. But no. We had to answer these other questions too, like 'what is an environmentally friendly way to power this school?' and stuff like that (it was earth day that day). So when we had to turn in our poster paper with our names on it, I only wrote my name. The only fingerprint on what whole poster paper was mine, because Gary didn't even touch the paper. So I just turned it in with my name and my name only. Kinda rude, I know, but I wasn't about to let gary take credit for everything. Later when we got it back, the teacher had written gary's name on it, but for good measure he pulled me aside and told me he saw that gary never did anything, that his name on the paper was just to know that I actually HAD a partner, even though he did NOTHING. So sorry for the long comment, but I just had to get it out of my system.
AJ Lanna
AJ Lanna Hace 6 días
OMG so I had this history project and had to reschedule multiple times to meet up with my partner at my house but it ended up being at his house and I did ALL the work and this project counted for like 60 % of our grade (i think) and he had the balls to tell his friend that he did all the work and that I came over to his house UNINVITED and didnt do anything. And when I confronted him he tried to lie and say he never said that even tho my own BEST FRIEND over heard the conversation and the guy he was talking to also told me himself. I hate him so much and only a couple weeks later he acts like nothing happened and i just ignore him like take a hint idiot.
Paul Brown
Paul Brown Hace 6 días
I had a group where my partners refused to let me do anything and then they blamed me for being lazy even though I repeatedly tried to find things to do. One of my partners was my best friend. We made up afterwards and he apologized. I got a bad grade because of it though. I still finished the year with straight A’s though!
Brook Tamby
Brook Tamby Hace 7 días
I actually really enjoyed group projects...
Helena The Vampire Slayer
I was doing a group project on Hunger Games with 2 other girls who didn't even read the book! I ended up doing the who bbn project because they were dumb as diet and didn't even know how to use the vocabulary words correctly. I made the whole poster, decorated and wrote everything and since I had to do everything we didn't have time to talk about presenting so presentation day was massive train wreck. And they had the balls to blame me! Saying that I didn't let them so anything and that's why the project suffer. I explained that they didn't even read the book and guess who got a huge F for the quarter, them. Meanwhile I gat a passing B because at least I put in the effort and pulled my very first all-nighter just to get this stupid thing done.
Crystal Cookie
Crystal Cookie Hace 8 días
yeah. Don't you just *HATE* those kind of teachers. 눈_눈
Psycho Studio
Psycho Studio Hace 8 días
Why am I so heated while watching this maybe bc den LITTERLY DID 99% OF THE JOB AND THE TEAM DID NOTHING
Steve Sting Gaming
Steve Sting Gaming Hace 8 días
What happens to me is I ask if I can do anything they say no and then they blame me for not doing any work
lolguy HD
lolguy HD Hace 9 días
mhm well in my opinion group projects are the best
Ramona Cloud
Ramona Cloud Hace 10 días
I'm the artsy one/the leader
Leilani Correa
Leilani Correa Hace 10 días
Idk if this is good or not but every time there is a group project they al run straight to me
유키 Y u K i r̸ A̶ 라
Idk if y'all know Vinschool High in Vietnamese, but that place is a hoe for group projects. They always shoved them down our throats with the word "teamwork makes dreamwork" While your teammates are all acting like literal shit heads and treat you like a punching bag
TheDankMemePug Hace 11 días
Me and my bro did all the work of a group project because the third person in my group was annoying and get this, she was in the “gifted” classes. She had to skip every Tuesday but me and my bro had to do all the work.
Zake Ark
Zake Ark Hace 11 días
You almost have the exact same amount of subs as rifty
Sophia Sopociova
Sophia Sopociova Hace 11 días
I think im the one who tries to do stuff but the bossy one eats my hand off when i touch something
Vargas Hace 12 días
I actually like group projects............because if they are not doing anything i just tell the teacher so i get greaded differently than them
steven universe fan the first one
one time we hade a college fair and the only boy made me and my friend do al of the work he did not help at all
Damian Says
Damian Says Hace 12 días
They sound annoying
draw with A.k
draw with A.k Hace 12 días
In my school teacher assign four people in a group and one of them is leader the leader tells how much work who did and who did not but my teacher assign me as leader and gave all the poopy people to me cause she thinks i am the best student and i have leadership quality so i had to finish the whole project by myself and my friend that was in the group i told everyone worked equally but except the 4th guy who said to me do whatever you want i am not participating and fun fact that me and my friend named the failed attempt sakura
Kat Vann
Kat Vann Hace 14 días
To be honest I'd rather fail then let my group free load off of me
JenAnime 404
JenAnime 404 Hace 15 días
And honey, that's why I act as if I'm not in a group project and do everything on my own and hand it alone.
Olivia F
Olivia F Hace 15 días
Group projects have cursed me ever since I went to college. I always end up doing them by myself •_•
HASAN SALEEM Hace 15 días
Look how the lazy ones are not even commenting about their stories
Sonam Paroda
Sonam Paroda Hace 16 días
So we had one kid who always bossed the rest of my group. I was the (artsy one) and she wanted to color my drawing and yeah, I bit her arm off
god Hace 17 días
when I did drama once I had to do into a group of two and perform in front of the class needless to say he did nothing and we got a zero
【 Hunny_Bunch 】
【 Hunny_Bunch 】 Hace 17 días
I'm definitely the artsy one uwu👌
gacha girl392
gacha girl392 Hace 19 días
This happens to ME in my group stuff😡it makes me so mad
Silvertd 159
Silvertd 159 Hace 19 días
I’m the extra baggage
Idk what i'm doing
Idk what i'm doing Hace 19 días
Once I had a group Project And me and my friend did all of the work until the last day ;-;
Galaxy Queen
Galaxy Queen Hace 19 días
Every group project I’d ever had no one lets me do anything so that’s why I work alone and hate working with people
MonkeyingAround YT
MonkeyingAround YT Hace 20 días
Tbh group projects make sense because in the “real world” you sometimes need to work with people you don’t know or like.
Dazza Draws
Dazza Draws Hace 21 un día
I’m normally the leader and srsly I make sure everybody gets a go and nearly every idea gets put in mind
FEIRCE GAMER Hace 22 días
Im a clueless one i barely even help
Bhavini Malwadia
Bhavini Malwadia Hace 23 días
My school doesn’t do group projects theres lik 7 people in my class
Logan Reads
Logan Reads Hace 23 días
I do everyone's work. I cannot trust people. I feel like they will not do it, and I will get a bad grade. Imo, it is best for me to do projects alone since I am allowed to rely on myself instead of others (I also usually get A's, but teacher's like to even group's out. I get stuck with the slower kids.).
robynkhanna Hace 25 días
I'm probably the clueless one and the artsy one
Dinox Hace 25 días
I’m the artsy one😂 Every time there was a group presentation, people looked at me like I just opened a dorito bag😅
Gildeds Hace 26 días
Kanimates -
Kanimates - Hace 26 días
I’m the person who just puts there name on the paper but didn’t do anything
Glorious gamer
Glorious gamer Hace 27 días
I relate to the extra baggage. i'm not really 'lazy', tho i feel like i am and that everybody is secretly judging me cause i'm just standing around wanting to help but i'm too shy to cause i feel like ima mess up and blah blah blah. so ya, dats me, i'm not lazy, i'm just really shy. so, this one time, in fifth grade, we were doing social studies and we had to draw, THE ENTIRE MAP!!!! WE WERE IN FIFTH GRADE!!!! well, we did it and I still helped, but i was, kinda shy cause i was with girls that i do talk to, but rarely ever talk to. so i was just, trying to be fine and stuff meanwhile inside i just wanted to curl up a ball and do nothing all day cause i don't wanna work with other PEOPLE. yea, i have friends but my friends are who i wanted to be in a group with, not people who i barely talk to! that's just gonna make me awkward ;-; this sounds a lot like i'm an introvert, but i'm not. I like to talk and hang out with other people. if i'm not around my friends. I pretty much just flop on my bed and watch ESvid .-.
20bomberdubs Jk
20bomberdubs Jk Hace 28 días
I’m the clueless one but before i become the closest one I always asked to do something and they always say no I have no idea why I have this effect on me
ur mom gay
ur mom gay Hace 28 días
Dose hands tho
Eduardo Torres
Eduardo Torres Hace 28 días
Wait u got a baby?
Don't call me Nymphadora
HA. I had to do more work than he did, and I did it better. However, we were getting marked separately. But he got a better mark than me. Ughhhhh.
Emma Doucette
Emma Doucette Hace 29 días
Most of the time we can pick who we work with so group projects are pretty okay
Emilio Zeller
Emilio Zeller Hace 29 días
tell mi a paudit
Harrum Butt
Harrum Butt Hace 29 días
I would be the speaker. except I wold barely even speak and I would WANT to help but most of the time time they don't even include me.
Sofie Olson
Sofie Olson Hace 29 días
Oof I’m the artsy one I actually made a whole skeleton for a project
Gacha Onion
Gacha Onion Hace un mes
I have to admit...everyone everytime i did one everyone was an M.I.A and i kinda just did everything
Phantom Sans
Phantom Sans Hace un mes
At 7:46 den kinda looked like sugilite from steven universe
Glitch Hace un mes
Everyone gets an a in breathing school unless ur dead
Amelia Rosalina The Hedgehog
Good thing this never happened to me when I was in school
that art weirdo
that art weirdo Hace un mes
I'm the leader lmao and the art one
sam abraham
sam abraham Hace un mes
How relatable can you get.
El ,
El , Hace un mes
I fall into like all of the category’s
creeper gaming
creeper gaming Hace un mes
I'm the art one and the one who does nothing because they offer me to do something g that is really small like one time we had to do a group project on drawing a fish and the leader told me to do the FRICKEN EYEBALL of the fish and so I didnt do it at all and it would have been wayyyyyy better if I did it by myself
- B l u e T e a -
- B l u e T e a - Hace un mes
Im the group member who has to calm down that one kid who is stressed out about the topic our group had to do even tho the topic was the quite easy..... (I know this wasnt in the video ;-;)
Person who Draws
Person who Draws Hace un mes
Wait what about the type who the group gives nothing to even though they want to do something. That’s me :3
Oluwafisayomi Omojola
All my teachers let my class choose their groups
Asthma Birdy
Asthma Birdy Hace un mes
Once we had a group project and I was sick so I was behind And didnt know about the story and literaly nobody explained what was going on so I just sat there doing nothing and then they were mad at me for doing nothing like bruh.
DaPoodleFloof Hace un mes
Teacher: And why didn’t you do your project? Den: It burnt down... with my kitchen Teacher: W... what??
••jiminXpromise• •
my group members never get their work done, i always just end up doing for them, but now i stopped doing that, and i just do my part and if they forget about theirs it’s their loss
The new gachatuber
The new gachatuber Hace un mes
Yes I hate working in groups. I'm telling you me and everyone in my group would fight all the time-
Pastel Crayon
Pastel Crayon Hace un mes
I am known as the smart kid in math class, so whenever we need to do a group project. Everybody acts like my friend to get me in their group and I end up doinng the majority of the work...
foxy with the moxey and fredey
2:20 hm right that down
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