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As far as Disney Princess movies go, Mulan was arguably one of the best. Despite how good it was, the original Chinese fairy-tale was arguably much more interesting. How can an ancient story top a Disney classic? Let’s Get down to Business and explore the original Hua Mulan
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Translation of the orginal poem:
Otis Mcdonald
Kevin MacLeod
Be a Man - Disney
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30 jun 2016






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Fredrick Tomasson
Fredrick Tomasson Hace 14 días
The thing about she hare and he hare in the end is awesome in the original story
SpaghettiSilhouette Hace 21 un día
Leafy would get triggered by that intro
Setekh Redsand
Setekh Redsand Hace 21 un día
I disagree with mulan starting off as a badass. The fact that she earned it and eventually became stronger and the nucleus of her group. That's the one thing other than the end that I like from the movie more than the original
Tyler sivaness
Tyler sivaness Hace 22 días
I know after play game But I want know the real story In game say lanling Wang and huamulan was couple I want know
Tyler sivaness
Tyler sivaness Hace 22 días
And who is lanling Wang Prince of lanling
Tyler sivaness
Tyler sivaness Hace 22 días
And I want know about kai,baili xouye or sulie
MassDynamic Hace un mes
You know, there was already a live-action Mulan titled "Hua Mulan" in Chinese (Mulan 2009 or Mulan: Rise of a Warrior) . I think that version sticks closer to original story than Disney's version. If you can accept reading subtitles, i think it's an ok movie.
NeonKKN Hace un mes
Reads title *confused screaming*
DrinkingStar Hace un mes
I saw the 2009 Chinese version of Mulan. You are 100% correct. Like other serious dramatic Chinese movies, it is far superior to anything put out by Hollywood or by Disney. Sticking to the original version of any story/ novel is always better than the Hollywood version.
Michael 32A
Michael 32A Hace un mes
Always thought the horse in the film [Khan] was oddly proportioned and angular, but seeing the Chinese illustration with the poem at 00:18 and 04:59 it’s nice to realise where the inspiration likely came from for the shape!
LaSean Dupré
LaSean Dupré Hace un mes
I would do the same for my father.
JUNE CHING LAU Hace un mes
I prefer the Disney’s ‘Mulan and Mulan 2’. Even though I was only 10,I was able to continue the story of Mulan in action-packed wars with Li Shang and the fellow soilders
Andrew Sprow
Andrew Sprow Hace un mes
I personally think disney messed up the hole movie m appinuoin
Steffy Su
Steffy Su Hace 2 meses
Genghis Khan and his descendants story is also great. But in Mulan story they are enemies here. And even in historical tv series, it's always Hun / Han is the great enemy. Poor Han! Depicted as evil.
Steffy Su
Steffy Su Hace 2 meses
I wonder who is that responsible of distorting the original story of Mulan? The original is better...But the end, I prefer the Disney version. I like Capt. Shang compare to Ping police and/or some random neighbors to be husband.
The Random Guy and Co
Wukong? Haha
neo donovandragon careyblade
Shan Yu's army were the Huns
Yeet Feet
Yeet Feet Hace 2 meses
I hate how Tomoe Gozen is basically Mulan but Japanese and she is barely recognized
Yuddhaveer Singh
Yuddhaveer Singh Hace 2 meses
Johnson Jimmy
Johnson Jimmy Hace 2 meses
“romance...” *shows her and her dad*
Thug Mario
Thug Mario Hace un mes
Johnson Jimmy sweat home chilaba
Heriberto Estolano
Heriberto Estolano Hace 2 meses
3:15 you say you preffer her being a baddass from the beggining, but if that happened in the animation you'd say It's Mary Sue.
WooKong Hace un mes
I wouldn't because I said I prefer her being a badass from the beginning haha
Whatsthemottowyou55 Hace 2 meses
WooKong Hace un mes
AndreasAdventures Hace 2 meses
CEO of #femnism
Hau Mulan: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-_EZvuoIEDjg.html
Aaron Cheong
Aaron Cheong Hace 2 meses
I don't think it's #feminism. It should be #filial piety. It was not because she was a female and wanted to show she can do better than man. It was out of love for her father. Which in Chinese we called it 孝顺 which is one of highest value and merits in Chinese/sino culture.
Red Nova
Red Nova Hace 2 meses
#dumbass #malefeminist
WooKong Hace 2 meses
Гавран Hace 2 meses
Cartoon is cartoon. And most make for kids. If try make for older population then will be messy. Expesely when start battle. But if try to make movie i hope he will use 90 or 98% original story.
star orcarina
star orcarina Hace 2 meses
Who is watching this before the live action movie
Kapil Bushan
Kapil Bushan Hace 2 meses
Original one for me
miss Kushigbor
miss Kushigbor Hace 2 meses
Actually mulan not being a bad ass as first is also empowering because it shows us that we can accomplish anything if we work hard towards it
RubyRoseRivers Hace 2 meses
Out of all the Disney movies, Mulan is the one that speaks to my soul deeply...I love it so very much ♥️
Omedchazak613 Hace 2 meses
I prefer the original story/legend
Ymonnie Forde
Ymonnie Forde Hace 2 meses
The fact that she from a family that faught in previous wars means that girl or not she would have trained to fight from a young age. For her own protection. Not for war. So Disney wasn't very realistic at all (ignoring the talking cricket). They should have should have shown her with adequate skill
Hahahahehdhehdhdhdhdhe Dhdjdjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjfj
Well the remake is now closer to that
Sam Hace 2 meses
It would have been awesome if the animated movie was more like the original and with her already knowing how to fight but still keep "I'll Make A Man Out Of You" just because it's a cool song
Eponine Thénardier
Eponine Thénardier Hace 2 meses
The mulan's story could be real. Maria Quitéria de Jesus was born on June 27, 1792, in Licurizeiro, in the parish of São José das Itaporocas (now located in Feira de Santana), Bahia. She was the eldest daughter of a farmer, Gonçalo Alves de Almeida, and his wife, Quitéria Maria de Jesus. Although Maria received no formal education, she would have practiced the skills necessary to farming, such as riding, hunting, and using firearms-these skills would serve her in the military as well. Against her father's will, an unmarried Maria Quitéria enlisted in the Brazilian army, as a man, in October 1822. Until June 1823, she fought in several battles against the Portuguese in Bahia, where she lived. Maria Quitéria's father outed her as a woman once he discovered her betrayal-but because of her skill in battle, she was allowed to continue to fight. She was promoted to cadet in July 1823, and then to lieutenant in August, where she was received and decorated by the Emperor. After her time serving in the war, Quitéria married Gabriel Pereira Brito (who was a former lover of hers) and had one daughter with him, named Luisa.
Is the random witch in the live action REALLY in the original play???? I think she kinda undermines the whole point of her taking down the male villain by herself. Also i would have been okay with a LEOPARD MAN as a villain. 😂👌🏼✨
inotaishu1 Hace 3 meses
In the “true” (aka #Tangdynasty) version the superbadass gets married off to some guy and just accepts it, that is considered empowering to women? #Mulan
Nick Cameron
Nick Cameron Hace 3 meses
Corona virus.
mimi1997 Hace 3 meses
There is actually a live action movie of Mulan released in 2009. I prefer the 2009 version since it’s in Chinese, has a stronger appeal and story and overall the movie is closer to the original tale rather than the Disney version. You guys should see it if you haven’t.
Ron Thompson
Ron Thompson Hace 3 meses
I fine with the cartoon ,haven't seen the movie ,probably wont
Kenneth Satria
Kenneth Satria Hace 3 meses
I like that very casual change back she does at the end and her friends being chill about it XD
Myst_ Desendant
Myst_ Desendant Hace 3 meses
Ha I knew it was Mongolians everyone told me it was during 1 of the many Chinese civil wars
Van Vu
Van Vu Hace 3 meses
Dude you are good at this. Make more videos
Jay MacDonald
Jay MacDonald Hace 3 meses
In her life in Greek mythology she is the God Hecate. She is the Spirit Violet and She likes to call herself Lady Shiva the Destroyer. She is Porn Star Rin Sakuragi.
Lala Villena
Lala Villena Hace 3 meses
thanks for this trivia... mulan is a movie close to my heart... my grandpa and i used to watch it on cd (the cartoon i mean) when i was still young and when his still with us... almost every sundays we watch it repeatedly... we always talk and laugh about it evrytime and everytime feels like it's our first seeing it...we're having a good time. me, my lolo and mulan... and now that i'm old i get to know the real story about it and remembered my once upon time with my lolo... thank you so much
Axios .king
Axios .king Hace 3 meses
There's too many Mary Sue's .... It's nice to see the main character beat down and fail .... Because that's life .
Esteban Rios
Esteban Rios Hace 3 meses
so... Rey from Star Wars is based on the original story of Mulan?
Phenomenal Woman
Phenomenal Woman Hace 3 meses
The original one is DEPRESSING. After being such a bad ass and saving her dad she ended up being hurriedly married by her family to a random neighbor? Woof!
Rebecca Tom
Rebecca Tom Hace 3 meses
Fa is the Cantonese word for hua bruh!
WooKong Hace 3 meses
and Muklaan is Cantonese for Mulan
Jo Jugadora
Jo Jugadora Hace 3 meses
Ikapila ni pop up ang #Feminism samoka oy hahahaha push btw
Shaysel Gonzalez
Shaysel Gonzalez Hace 3 meses
This is the movie that broke the first feelings in my of feminism
Shaysel Gonzalez
Shaysel Gonzalez Hace 3 meses
This is the best movie ever made i can wait to watch the new version
Arigato Senpai
Arigato Senpai Hace 4 meses
I kinda want the movie to end with her suicide, but knowing Disney they won’t. The message shows that heroes are people too and are the same as any one of us.
Ross Johnson
Ross Johnson Hace 4 meses
I have heard slightly different details in a story on NPR, in which Mulan actually gets a commission and land after a relatively long military career... And might possibly have been in the attacking army. When were "Mulan" martial arts developed (e.g., Mulan fan)?
Moririn 99
Moririn 99 Hace 4 meses
I luv her so much
Bruce Ching
Bruce Ching Hace 4 meses
WooKong? As in, the Monkey King? Anyway, I enjoyed your video, and I hope you'll do another one involving this year's Disney Mulan movie after it's released. I've been impressed by the trailers!
Fransisca Sim
Fransisca Sim Hace 4 meses
Lol 😂
GusM1973 Hace 5 meses
The Mulan live action film trailer that came out in December 2019 is INCREDIBLE!
JNetwork32 Hace 5 meses
Don’t understand the #feminism? She’s just being her bro
Dennis Y
Dennis Y Hace 5 meses
This is an interesting and inspiring legend and how we choose to understand it depends on our societal values. The ancient Chinese version emphasised filial piety, and nationalism... While the American contemporary version wants to spotlight on self-empowerment and gender issues... Only Hua Mulan will ever know 'who she really is' 😅
dennytenny Hace 5 meses
Best movie would have a white male actor play Mulan #trump2020
Yasmeen Serhal
Yasmeen Serhal Hace 5 meses
"The sexually confused captain le shang" pleASE I agree-
Gringo Sinting
Gringo Sinting Hace 5 meses
btw, Mulan wasn't the only woman warrior in Chinese history, there were others like Lian Hongyu who was equally impressive.
better late than never
Hyped for the reimagining (2020)
königs blau
königs blau Hace 5 meses
The origin story of mulan is actually a Mary Sue. The disney clumsy mulan is far better! She is not perfect but still badass and shows more character! I feel her pain on some scenes. She is realatable and the most human disney girl!
Symphonia doll
Symphonia doll Hace 5 meses
I mean Mulan took place during a period when Cantonese was the main language in China, I think. (Don't quote me.) Mandarin came later on. So her surname Fa isn't all too inaccurate to her time period.
Moonlight Sonata
Moonlight Sonata Hace 5 meses
I remember reading about the “original” story of Mulan. The reason why she was already an experienced martial artist was because her father actually taught her to fight. She also had one or two younger sisters and a brother who, like what was said in the video, was too young to join the war. She also became a general in the army and was highly revered, there were no gender or crossdressing drama, like what was said again in the video. Everyone was amazed about how she was actually a woman despite her big reveal. Mulan, also, was never a “tomboy”, you know, clumsy and awkward, she acts like an ideal Chinese bride- graceful, refined, and obedient. And finally, I remember reading that the emperor wanted to make her one of his concubine. Since she didn’t want that and since she had no choice, she just killed herself.
WooKong Hace 5 meses
Yeah that's a version of story from the Sui Tang Romance, a story written some 400 years after the play by Xu Wei and around a thousand years after the original recorded poem. That version has become popular online in the West as it follows a more old school "Grimm Fairy Tale" like structure where something terrible happens at the end but is nowhere near a true interpretation of the original work.
GhiraLink Hace 5 meses
Why did you put #Feminism on Mulans Dogwashed brother? It has NOTHING to do with feminism, so stop using this for the wrong!
GhiraLink Hace 5 meses
What about Mulan 2009?
narayani siware
narayani siware Hace 5 meses
It's great to know about real story...👍 But diney made it a worldwide appreciated movie with record popularity. So yeah it's obvious that it's a movie, so it has to be entertaining...that's all.
Epic Gaming Roblox
Epic Gaming Roblox Hace 5 meses
Pear ie
Pear ie Hace 5 meses
Now theres a 2020 live remake of Mulan
Feb Sun
Feb Sun Hace 5 meses
My fave male lead in disney is captain li shan...but he wont be in character in the movie..😩
link starr
link starr Hace 6 meses
I will now start using "flower pot" in my vocabulary to describe people.
SynneDennis Hace 6 meses
"It has fighting, romance..." *SHOWS HER SITTING WITH HER FATHER*
kinzkweaboo Hace 6 meses
Rob Lucci was a real.life villian
monay rice
monay rice Hace 6 meses
Whos here after seing the trailer????
Anime JT
Anime JT Hace 6 meses
But she didn't get married she di-
Lachlan Kulesza
Lachlan Kulesza Hace 6 meses
Anyone here work school work?
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