The Truman Show Tried to Warn Us

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The Truman Show is that rare film that feels even more relevant today than when it came out. The 1998 story about a man (Jim Carrey) who doesn’t know his life is being filmed and broadcast live to a large audience foreshadowed our present landscape of oversharing, which often encourages us to act like an audience is always watching. It also exposes how turning real life into entertainment can dehumanize people, and reminds us that privacy is a valuable, even essential component of an authentic life. Here’s our Take on why it’s chilling to watch The Truman Show today and reckon with whether we’ve ignored its warnings. If you like this video, subscribe to our channel or support us on Patreon: www.patreon.com/thetake

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30 jul 2020






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C. 9501
C. 9501 Hace 3 horas
In this analysis video, I found a critique for myself. I noticed half way that I constantly rewinded the video when the bits of reality shows and social media celebrities came on. It was like a part within me wanted to see that, knowing that it's trivial and won't help me. This could be something the America of 90s desired. It has been repackaged and know not just America but the whole world is in that domain. Or maybe I was just too much red-pilled.
Jose Sevilla
Jose Sevilla Hace 14 horas
The show also shows how we are living a NASA lie and are indeed in an enclosed system ( under a dome Firmament ). At the end he walks up the Freemason ladder leaving through another door.
Lisa Shetler
Lisa Shetler Hace 19 horas
I think that some people are meant to be famous by their fate. It isn't always negative and I think it is a relative thing as to how people use, absorb and handle fame. This video is too negative about fame. I also don't think that Truman Show is meant to be totally negative. It's very interesting and the movie is made in a brilliant fashion.
Ef R
Ef R Hace 20 horas
It's no prediction on what the "Truman show" portrayed to us as a coincidence or influence but a notification on what's going to be our next major entertainment lifestyle. Movies and television condition our minds to stay on a course of distraction, for years the industry have nurtured our thoughts to create decisions chosen by us optioned by the media.
Deplorable Cat
Deplorable Cat Hace 2 días
In regards to how watching reality tv should be making us feel sympathy and not for entertainment. Even on truther videos, for example the whole Q thing and pe dos in Hollywood and horrific acts etc. I can't count how many times I've seen in the comment sections of those type videos, "grab some popcorn 🍿 , this is going to get interesting". Those comments make me sick to my stomach. It shows ppl are being entertained, instead of feeling real emotions for the subject matter. We have been desensitized.
Zara Z
Zara Z Hace 2 días
god damn it i love truman
Tania S
Tania S Hace 2 días
The new world order
Joseph Gallegos
Joseph Gallegos Hace 2 días
I hate this generation.
Elowishus Mirkatroid
Amidst all that horror, the beautiful, soaring voice of Judy Collins signalling that everything human can't be evil, and there is Hope for us.
Matthew Galter
Matthew Galter Hace 2 días
We already live in a version of the Truman Show, Christoph is social media/ the internet, and none of YOU realize you're life has been wholy directed by someone else who DOESN'T have your best interests in mind
Rashodd Osburn
Rashodd Osburn Hace 3 días
All of Jim Carey show told the truth 🤣 Cable guy told us to turn the TV off and read a book😅😅, Ace Ventura pet detective exposed the secret behind closed doors and he/she and all the man in the closet. 😂😂The second one he went to the jungle of a native tribe and indoctrinated into there society and planted the seed in a cheifs daughter. 🤣🤣🤣That sounds familiar I wonder where he got that story from. Idk american history lol he was funny.🤣🤣🤣🤣 And hes the only non Melania skin man that told the truth about Some of y'alls religions🤫🤣😂🤫😁💪 I'll give u a hint Bruce 😂😜🤣 🤫😁💪. Knowledge is power stop the violates let be about peace
Luis Gutiérrez1808
Luis Gutiérrez1808 Hace 3 días
2:25 Hannah !!! 😁
Dirty_Furgy 9
Dirty_Furgy 9 Hace 3 días
They did not try to warn us they were desensitizing us. If they wanted to warn us say it in public and don't get paid for it on film
Josh Chartier
Josh Chartier Hace 3 días
Also shows us truth that our world is not a spinning ball haha 😜
Duan Torruellas
Duan Torruellas Hace 3 días
The actress that plays his wife is beautiful , I've always had a thing for her. I think her real name is Laura. I'm not sure because even though I have a thing for her I'm not a stalker so I didn't look into to her . I just see her when I see her and say Lord she's beautiful hahahah
mike talas
mike talas Hace 3 días
Haah!!! I don't even watch TV, because of this Bull Shiirt!!! The so called reality tv, the MSM lying 24/7!!! Even the Weather Channel is PROLLY a manipulated lie!!! Prolly not, but it's on TV, sooo it's possible!!!
shawn corrigan
shawn corrigan Hace 4 días
the truman show and the matrix are in many real.for some weird reason the globalists tell us with clues through hollywood. almost everything is controlled . we are farmed. In 5 basic ways . I call it the 5 M's of control . 1. Money . research the federal reserve. it is not federal and there is no reserve, it is part of the world central banking system that controls everything , the rest is the IMF ,BIS . 2. Media, this is mostly owned and controlled by a small group of people ,half of them changed there names to seem less conspicuous. most people realize the media is fake news. 3. Medical. we are told that a bottle of white pills overpriced ,handed out by a whitecoat is better than what comes from the good, earth and of course you will have horrible side effects. and by the way we can never cure you only sell you this crap for the rest of your life. 4. Management, government, education and military. all controlled by many means ,even MK ultra . 5. Mystical . the religions have a big part in this, research jesuit order, it is so secret many in that group are unaware of the truth. circles with circles ,rings within rings. they control everything with rothschilds as their banking arm. Fauci is one of them, they swear an oath to the black pope, most have no idea of any of this.
USexit the Unconstitutional USMCA
Humanity is in the boat heading toward its escape from the House of Lies. The mainstream narrative is getting more and more difficult to maintain, Assumptions like neoliberal economic policy and germ theory are discredited... the people who've built this world of fiction and think they are so much smarter than everyone else or think that all of humanity is evil are simply wrong. This is why Technocracy aka Sustainable Development aka Agenda 21/2030 aka Communitarianism is trying to be implemented now for tighter control and 24/7 surveillance. Lies cannot continue when truth keeps tearing it down.
Leda Frost
Leda Frost Hace 4 días
No one could have said it better. Excellent.
Kim Kassy
Kim Kassy Hace 4 días
I gave up watching TV and Jim Carrey years ago.... its a sick world people.
Thank you for the Music
10:13 "...Truman is the first child to be legally adopted by a corporation.".... 🤔 🤔 🤔
Stewart Stubbs
Stewart Stubbs Hace 5 días
you are both MTF`s deceiving and lying to the people...someday you will have to explain your actions....good luck with that.
Jeff Rosenberg
Jeff Rosenberg Hace 5 días
The Truman Show reminded me of the 1960's TV show The Prisoner with Patrick McGoohan.
First Last
First Last Hace 5 días
Ever wondered 🤔 maybe we are trapped 🤔 and long ago they discovered Antarctica was the way out so a treaty was formed by all the Major Governments of the world 🌎 to keep it a secret.. so true man show is the metaphor for that. The actors around Truman are the celebrities around us living amongst us playing along. Surely if something was wrong Michael Jordan would ring the alarm or Michelle Obama 🤔. I mean even when he escapes he hits a wall of ice painted on the wall 😂 🤣 so in our face . A world outside the one we know .
@First Last Good answer. Yes...stay away from that wall we don't want you venturing anywhere near it.
First Last
First Last Hace 4 días
@PROVEN FACT VIDEOS you know in a free world I probably would. Obviously were not "that" free 🙄 😉 🤣
So...are you heading to the wall?
Henry Crall
Henry Crall Hace 5 días
Hello my friend I hope this message finds you well. My name is Henry Crall I am 36 years old. I recently came across a video about reality being a hologram. I am convinced that is true. My reality is quite literally falling apart. Everything is a constant coincidence. I wrote a few years back that I felt like something had happened and I was in the wrong timeline or universe. Lately it feels like that’s more likely than not. I feel like I’m shifting between reality’s more frequently as time passes. The number 13 comes up so often it has become annoying. I can trace back to where I think It began. Since the summer we had the big eclipse in 2017 my life has turned into a cosmic calamity. I have had many different theories On what it could be that’s happening to me. Witchcraft and magic, Aliens, energy vampires, Government mind control, spiritual ascension,The Mandela effect among others. From my perception it has actually been each one depending on The day or moment. Everywhere I go everyone seems to know me. Some take pictures. Everything seems scripted and fake. I feel like a test animal. I seem to think about things I want or need and fkn poof I find it on the ground or someone gives it to me a short time later. Things seem to manifest faster and faster. Within the last few months things have gotten even more strange. I go places and as I’m on my way I see other places that I recognize Some from hundreds of miles away. At Other times I Can swear I Just drove threw an area already but there I am again. My intuition seems to on steroids. License plates seem to spell out messages on the highway. Street signs change. Peoples faces change. I seem to have a strong psychic connection with animals, dogs in particular. The people in my life change. Like different versions of themselves from One encounter to another. I need help. I’m not sure Anyone can but I have to keep trying. I do know one thing for certain. I don’t want to be this anymore. I have seen and experienced so many things that only belong in books or movies. Things I used to believe were not real. Now I’m not sure anything you can imagine is not real in one version of reality or another. What does one do to save himself from what nobody will believe. I am alone. I have lost everyone and everything so many times in the last 3 years. I do not want to be this anymore. I Feel like I need to get my story out there. Hopefully then someone might have answers or advice. Maybe this is happening to others. I need help. I’ve told this to psychiatrists, therapist and counselors who definitely thought I was crazy but not enough to send to the state hospital. I know I’m not out of my mind just yet but I can certainly see outa every window and the view is terrifying. I do not want to be this anymore. If anyone out there has any suggestions or info please contact me. Be safe and love everyone you can. You never know how much they might need it.
Stanley Guyer
Stanley Guyer Hace 5 días
This world is a illusion not real a phantom just read the Bible Jesus Christ is not of this world and neither are we!
DoUsee WhatIsee
DoUsee WhatIsee Hace 5 días
All 3 of my kids from when they could speak expressed this exact same phenomena. I find this absolutely astounding and have no explanation for this. Anyone else experienced this or from their kids, and any suggestions as to why. Maybe it's true.
danny donaldson
danny donaldson Hace 5 días
We are being watched daily big brother sees all and watches us take long hard dookies in the morning before we brush our nuts. And they do watch it on tv 24 / 7. So yea they was just a way for them to tell us
Brush our nuts?
Breando Hace 5 días
Is this porn?
James Sharp
James Sharp Hace 5 días
First of all, there's nothing real about Reality TV. My brother's friend worked multiple Reality TV shows, including Bad Girls Club. Almost everything is scripted.
Did you know that wars are fake? World War 2, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Cold War. Yes that was acting.
Pat Hauser
Pat Hauser Hace 5 días
It wasn't a prediction it was a game plan.
james gilbert
james gilbert Hace 5 días
Im not buying it your not real
Kelly Carver
Kelly Carver Hace 5 días
What they AREN'T TELLING YOU is that they have ALREADY turned some of us into CYBORGS, by unjecting a computerized GEL into our bodies! And tech researchers have found MICROTECH IMPLANTS IN EIGHTY PERCENT OF US!! The researchers said they found tech in EVERY elderly woman who had gotten a FLU SHOT! They said they found tech in DENTAL WORK, and other sites such as from SURGERIES! Want to know more TRUTH> Click my icon and watch my video on implants, and check yourself for the unbelievable implants I MYSELF FOUND!
George Stratikopoulos
Big brother is watching and tracking "YOU" on social media
Barakiel Draco
Barakiel Draco Hace 5 días
5:13 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣💀💀
B&B - Entertainment
B&B - Entertainment Hace 5 días
The Take 1.1 million followers ..... that meens they are 1.1 million miles away from the truth ....... get it right people....
Lee Johnstone
Lee Johnstone Hace 5 días
Thank god I'm not on social media
Maria Umana
Maria Umana Hace 5 días
Dont yall love how the the lady in blue at the 1:53 mark forms her triangle down symbolism to show her allegiance with the dark agenda going on? all of these agents of darkness operate in the same manner....hope peeps are catching on to this symbolism. And, the stupid smile she makes is the most ridiculous thing!
Kai Evans
Kai Evans Hace 6 días
my point would be this is not by chance this is the result of deliberate social engineering, this point is based on the evidence available if you look for it (edit: excellent analysis though)
Einhorn is Finkel
Einhorn is Finkel Hace 6 días
Go watch a Film 🎞 Called NETWORK 🔥🔥🔥🔥Like Howard Bill Said Were in A Lot Of Trouble🔊🔊🔊 Television Runs everyone’s Minds !!!!!!!! Cable Guy!!!!!!!📺 They Live 😎
Best-Bully's Scotland
Don't buy or read a news paper it's all BS
Katrice Dison
Katrice Dison Hace 6 días
DAVE OSBORNE Hace 6 días
EVERY person that has a phone made in china, is the star of his/her "truman show" stored in a chip in china!
Thomas Grön Flat Earth Proof
Ha ha ha, but you are watched!! The "news" you see are fake and of the matrix!! What is the matrix?? All information programmed into you, from the first thing your matrix programmed parents teaches you, to the terrible scripted news and "reality" shows you waste your life away following!! All on TV is scripted, spun unreality shows!! Self glowing "satellite's the shine while travel criss cross in the dark shadows, are watching you!!! The deep state matrix has you!! When you turn off the screens and walk outside, you won't experience anything of what is played out in the matrix!! No pandemic, no death due to the virus theory, you don't even know anyone with a confirmed diagnose of cow-vid!! 70 million tested, but you don't know one single soul tested.. Even if you travel on vacation no one hate you for your freedom and no one burns your flag! You go to the same beach year after year, and even see old pictures of the beaches, but the water level is the exact same!! You don't experience any million miles per hour movement!! And just as Neo, when you learn how the matrix works, you can defy it's gravity and you do not need to dodge the bullet in the matrix, Because they aren't real.... Everyone on TV is an actor!! The world is a stage!!! At the present you are an actor in it!!
Thomas Grön Flat Earth Proof
@PROVEN FACT VIDEOS hi!! No offense meant when I say that you yourself can never personally find one single observation or measurement or logical argument for you living on a ball. I have noticed a ever increasing number of people that doesn't react with the vicious personal attacks and repeated school book scientism, that was so prominent just 2 years ago when it comes to flat earth!! Let me make you aware of what it actually would mean and look like living on a ball with the claimed size given to us! 1, from your perspective or from the perspective of a camera, you should experience the ball as from the highest point on it, or above it!! Meaning that if you swim in the middle of a 6 mile wide lake, the surface of the water should begin to curve downwards in all directions around you!! So that the shoreline 3 mile away from you all around you, Should be 72 inches below your eyes that are just 1-2 inches above the surface!! If you bring a friend and swim 3 mile apart your friend must swim 72 inches below you?? And you 72 inches below him from his perspective!! And if you stand on a shoreline of a 3 mile long narrow lake, the left and right shorelines should curve downwards and become obscured by the horizon line?? Now look at the moon and how it's light only make a tiny halo in the clouds!! A 2160 mile wide sphere moon 238,000 mile away that reflects sunlight, should due to its spherical nature reflect the light so that the light was spread out over the whole side of the earth that is facing towards the moon!! Following that all clouds Should be evenly lit up by moons reflected sunlight!! But you know that the clouds you see in your field of view is but a tiny fraction of the cloud system and clouds above the side of earth that is facing towards the moon!!! BUT STILL, YOUR LOCAL CLOUDS HAVE ONLY A EVEN WAY SMALLER MOONLIGHT HALO!!! If you have a table globe and want to simulate clouds, you place a thin ark of paper right on the globe!!! How would you make that piece of paper only have a tiny area lit up??? And how about seasons!!! They claim that a low angled sun makes it winter at your location!! But every sunrise and sunset is the sun way lower in angle! And should never be able to heat up anything at your location!!! But if you think small local sun circling above a flat bottomed crater, once the sun is in its outer "southwards" path, it's further away from your location, it's light and radiated heat have much more atmosphere to penetrate relative to when the sun makes smaller circles closer to the centre!!! And if the endless vacuum of space can't suck away our atmospheric pressure... Then should never a weak vacuum in a vacuum chamber be able to suck out the air from within a cup on the floor!!! Same "gravity" that holds earth's atmosphere in place also holds the air in a otherwise empty cup!!! But the vacuum in a vacuum chamber is hundreds of times weaker then the vacuum of space!!! This is just a beginning of something amazing for you if you dare use logic!! Boom the creator becomes reality!!! Boom the watchers likewise!!
I agree with all that except that Earth is flat. It seems to be round.
sherry zumo
sherry zumo Hace 6 días
2020 has taken the world to Truman state
Micah Lawton
Micah Lawton Hace 6 días
The Truman show and The Dictator is basically telling it ALL!!!
lauren flanagan
lauren flanagan Hace 7 días
I’ve seen pictures of princess day at Williams wedding hiding so if she is really dead it was all planned by the illuminati I think the paparazzi was used
John Amato
John Amato Hace 7 días
How come the 2 ladies that host this video have arms longer than most men ? They have 1.1million subs!! Never mind
Mr.SmithGNR Smith
Mr.SmithGNR Smith Hace 7 días
Beyond pathetic that people watch these ESvid idiots...dumbed down “entertainment “ for the dumbed down
Mr.SmithGNR Smith
Mr.SmithGNR Smith Hace 7 días
00:49...TRUTH hidden in plain sight
RedPill Paul
RedPill Paul Hace 7 días
PREDICTED!????! Are You all that Blind??? It's called PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING !!!!!! It's Meant to Show You what they're About To do to us !!!! Research the TRUTH!!!! AND WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lola White
Lola White Hace 7 días
two ways to look at the truth one with a shield for maturity or for reasons of self purpose ( lies with untruth )
Enoch Cheelong Ahn
Enoch Cheelong Ahn Hace 7 días
You live in Satans show. Wake up.
It's called 'The Theater Of The Real' and all Satan's puppets have to act it out to fool us.
Cloudy011 Hace 7 días
Take... Explanation why good people are hard to find we're a handful of dimes in a 55 gallon barrel- Full of pennies... There's Truman's world. What if Trumans- ruled other way around was true- hahaha.. Would we do the same thing eventually? Now that's the real question. How true are we? Would we double back? It's hilarious....Take.....🍻
Cloudy011 Hace 7 días
* How ironic right in the middle of the video a commercial. Tells you to take a little red pill. Of course, they'll have their agenda after the fact is kind of like the face disease. All these faces are popping out so they call it a disease for the people who deny Truth it's really happening! It's the same formula. Used over and over Oh, I am the show, huh? The real fact is they could care less about me or my actions >is the blood. This is a child Factory. Flip Truman's bubble upside down what goes on below the surface.. The Shoal is horrible. But there's one thing. That's totally hilarious. In the Hindu religion They have numerous Gods supposedly 10,000. I don't know. The few I could gag down. They actually throw rocks frogs toads fish. Vegetables numerous items out of their so-called Kingdom when they have a 10-4 tantrum. The mystery of objects falling out of the sky has been numerous in my 62 years. A huge mystery, it's bug me all my life until about 2 years ago. It's right there in the history in the literature. Before our 70 year lifespan of a little knowledge. We can gather when we get small amount of time. Accepted and the Mystery is solved. So thank you for the video. Excellent. Excellent. Ted Turner, bought all the media everything's been flipped around. I watched movies from the 30s 40s and 50s. They have actually been changed and it's not the Mandela effect. Or part of it don't matter. Even the actors are more meaner. For the people out there that never made it big it might have saved their lives.
Khalid Mahmood
Khalid Mahmood Hace 7 días
Fake world,same shit different day.
Alex Hace 7 días
This is why I don't like Kpop idols showing their "real" life. I don't want to spend my time getting to know things that could and are partially fake.
Simone Sage
Simone Sage Hace 7 días
Reminds me of Gresham, OR.
okami fang
okami fang Hace 7 días
Everything except for the Princess Di info was good in this video
Ryan Christopher Naymik
George Orwell's 1984 next!!!! :D
Indigo P
Indigo P Hace 7 días
Diana was murdered.
Indigo P
Indigo P Hace 4 días
PROVEN FACT VIDEOS please elaborate. You saying she was or is alive and well after crash ?
she wasn't killed at all it was a scripted hoax.
Mystery Action
Mystery Action Hace 7 días
I felt that I was starring in a show so I quit my job and moved away
Christopher Morrissey
Dark City.
Billy Folse aka BBA Folse!
Took away all his rights
cathy26800 Hace 7 días
Yes i agree, the true message went over all your heads
Kim Johnson
Kim Johnson Hace 7 días
The world is All a stage and I'm STILL The Star of The Show....FUA. Period.
Scottie Copasetic
Scottie Copasetic Hace 7 días
The Circle (w/ Tom Hanks), Omniscient (on Netflix about total surveillance drones watching everything), ANON (on Netflix where everything you see is recorded) It's a real world Big Brother total AI surveillance grid. Every phone/laptop/SmartTV/smart watch is a listener/video recorder for Government & Mega-monopolies. 5G, Quantem computing & AI will be the new 1984/ Brave New World where nobody will have any privacy or freedoms except ultra wealthy psychopaths who'll be living in massive opulent bunkers. People need to UNPLUG! Cancel FB, IG, Twitter etc. The economy will collapse by Winter. End of days. Are u prepared?
mhf64jazz Hace 7 días
For those who have experienced a near-death experience they report the very first thing that happens is they are shown a Life review... basically watching a movie of themselves here on Earth - from the time they were born to the time they died. I would not be surprised if indeed our subconscious, which is known to record everything, is uploaded to alien technology and that is what we see on this TV screen in the afterlife.
Love Jesus
Love Jesus Hace 7 días
I remember a time when people lived to be good and please God. Now they live to be rebellious and please themselves. It baffles me that people are changing the narrative of good to be evil and evil to be good, just so they can feel like heroes and heroines. Yet they’re so empty inside they need to post every single tiny aspect of their life for the world to approve of them. Little do they know, this is their sad attempt to find God. But the moment they realize they can’t have both instant pleasure and God, they opt out. People are fake. The world is an illusion. And social media is a manifestation of that reality.
People are NPCs.
mtolla05 Hace 7 días
It didn't predict it, it's was conditioning us for what's to come because they know how it will be.
Rainsong 777
Rainsong 777 Hace 7 días
05:56 sums up the entire story line of our current situation on earth.
Seliet Hace 7 días
I sometimes wonder what would have happened if Truman had grown up to be a serial killer.
Appearing through dimensions
What makes me so sad , is that all the people that tried so hard to get everyone to wake up to things like this only got a finger pointed at them, laughed and dubbed a conspiracy theorist. Like kids in high school. And never even questioned anything or did any research themselves. Practically completely Brainwashed. Do you all see it now! Us “crazy conspiracy theorist” we’re just trying to fight for you. Your family. Our own species. In The last ten years almost every conspiracy theory that arose has now become true. What scares me is that our fellow humans let i and others get harassed by the government for trying to save us. Harassed our families. And you all let it happened. Because you e never questioned one thing that’s been TAUGHT to you in your life. We still have time for a better future that for the people. Not against it . Stop. Being. Dead.
You can't explain it to people because they are NPCs. They are scripted characters (sims) who don't have the freewill to see anything out of the ordinary.
CD Bales
CD Bales Hace 8 días
It was the inventor of unreal tv.
11 11
11 11 Hace 8 días
Love this entire video 1111. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Gabo González
Gabo González Hace 8 días
The True Man Show
The Fat Wolverine
The Fat Wolverine Hace 8 días
Jim at Gitmo crimes against humanity = execution. But no worries jimmy ur God will be there for ya as ur burn . Symbolism will be their downfall.
Jo Hace 8 días
Watch: Nightcrawler with Jake Gyllenhaal
extremely great movie.
David Rice
David Rice Hace 8 días
It's ironic , in that scene of the Truman show where you see him driving and he's being monitored, well "cash for clunkers" lured all these suckers into getting a car that is being monitored 24/7. That's EXACTLY what you got. Traded in a dece.nt car that they couldn't monitor for one in which you are being monitored
Jayne Stagg
Jayne Stagg Hace 8 días
Good morning . Good evening and Goodnight.
Joe Calbery
Joe Calbery Hace 8 días
It sounds like you don't realize just how controlled the WHOLE WORLD is. Diana died as part of a Satanic ritual. We are all forced to wear USELESS masks for a virus that is actually LESS harmful than the flu. I agree with most of what you say, but what you say is on a much smaller scale than the truth that a handful of people rule the world. It is like you can't see the forest for the trees. I'm sorry if I sound mean, I did enjoy watching this video. My best wishes to you and yours : Nuen Van Thonk............
Joe Calbery
Joe Calbery Hace 4 días
@PROVEN FACT VIDEOS I said "it's like you can't see the forest for the trees". I take back that comment. You are obviously fully aware of the bigger picture. What if the thing they are hiding about Diana's death is that it was a satanic ritual? The second part of a ritual in which a "king" and a "queen" have to die. The first part of this ritual was JFK, the second part was Diana? I could not prove any of this if I tried, but Dealy plaza where JFK was shot is laid out in the shape of a pyramid and is a major satanic area, just like the place where Diana's car crashed. I don't know. Just some thoughts. All the best.
@Joe Calbery I haven't really examined the death of Princess Diana in much detail. I'm just basing the conclusion on the general principal that every major news story is hoaxed. What I discovered is that when you take the time to examine any story it unravels pretty quickly. They deliberately leave discrepancies and clues that let you know it was a hoax. This is an age-old technique used by Left Eye - the expert liars who engage in the 'Theater Of The Real'. Ordinary humans tell small lies but cannot imagine that anyone would have the audacity to fabricate colossal untruths. Even when the facts that prove it's a lie are brought clearly to their attention they will stammer and insist there must be some other explanation. In the primitive simplicity of our minds we fall prey, therefore, to the Great Lie easier than to the small lie. A fact known to all who engage in the Art of lying. To gradually corrupt the subconscious mind, we are shown 'great lies' that are reported as truths by our government and media complex. In each case, subtle proof is provided so that we can know that we are being lied to. As we learn to ignore the truth and accept the lies we become 'good, compliant citizens'. For this purpose we are shown an endless stream of great lies... But in each case subtle proof is given that they are lies so that we can practice learning to ignore the truth and embrace the lies. Take 911 as a classic example: *911 was telegraphed by an episode of "The Lone Gunmen" prior to the actual event... The episode aired March 4, 2001 and showed an airliner about to crash into the World Trade Center, and let anti-American terrorist groups take credit, to gain support for a new profitable war. *Bart Simpson is holding a magazine with a big 911 on the cover...the 11 is formed by the twin towers of the world trade center. ‘The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson’ was the episode and it aired in 1997. *George Bush was in a Florida school as he was informed that a plane had hit the second tower. They went out of their way to show Bush and a bunch of kids just hanging out in a school that might have been one of the targets. He even gave a news conference with these kids still standing behind him in the school. Obviously, the kids should have been evacuated as well as the President. So...if George knew he was safe and not targeted... he must have known what WAS being targeted.
Joe Calbery
Joe Calbery Hace 4 días
@PROVEN FACT VIDEOS out of curiosity, what have you seen/heard that would lead to believing Diana is alive? I fully agree "now" that there is no virus.
Couple of corrections: Diana is alive that was a scripted hoax. Also, there is no virus at all it is entirely a hoax.
Ima Mea
Ima Mea Hace 8 días
Targeted individuals?
joe bruins
joe bruins Hace 8 días
gosh people are stupid if they dont see that this isnt predicting the future, its a movie about what they are doing. all these movies are just them showing and telling you what they do and are going to do in the future and then youre still too stupid and asleep to get it! amazing how dumb you are. the matrix is the best one.
reida 2020
reida 2020 Hace 8 días
The movie Ed tv that came out before The Truman show also shows what reality would be like in a reality show.
I'll watch that. Also the Truman movie was based on "Time Out Of Joint" a Philip K. Dick novel. There was also an episode of the 80's version of The Twilight Zone called "Special Service" that seems very similar to Truman.
Cindy Reinhart
Cindy Reinhart Hace 8 días
Distractions....everywhere. Keep us busy so we cannot find the truth. Just how I feel.
Ebony Prather
Ebony Prather Hace 8 días
Wow! I’ve seen Truman before figuratively and literally. The poor guy was gang stalked which is still very prominent in these modern days.
FBC Aware
FBC Aware Hace 8 días
They're constantly mocking us.
Why shouldn't they have fun?
Mama Marianovits
Mama Marianovits Hace 8 días
This is the first video of yours I have watched and I am delightfully surprised by what a good fit it was. This was a very well made video, with a thorough assessment of the Truman Show and how it relates to us today... and it certainly does not hurt that it was not bogged down by ads. Awesome job, thank you.
Saxk Acfe
Saxk Acfe Hace 8 días
They didnt predict, they knew all along. Rise up Humans and End this Freak Show emediatly.
jason white
jason white Hace 8 días
We want your Take on flat earth.
According to direct observation it looks like Earth is round. The Sun lights the moon at night proving the Sun is still there. So night can only be explained by a round Earth. The roundness blocks all direct sunlight at night.
Brotha Neo - C.R.S.A Channel
A VERY GOOD video! Makes perfect sense. There are various movies that speak about artificial realities. This movie here, The Matrix, Dark City, even the newest Jumanji movies.
@Brotha Neo - C.R.S.A Channel I know. The pandemic is 'The Theater Of The Real' done on an epic scale. It's got a lot of people suddenly watching movies like Truman, Matrix, etc.
Brotha Neo - C.R.S.A Channel
@PROVEN FACT VIDEOS Exactly. That's what I have observed greatly this year when our Governors here in America trying HARD to make us believe in this so called "Pandemic" lol.
@Brotha Neo - C.R.S.A Channel You're welcome. I think it's an awesome movie because it shows 'The Theater Of The Real'. That's what we are seeing when we watch the news - just actors trying to make us think scripted hoaxes are real events.
Brotha Neo - C.R.S.A Channel
@PROVEN FACT VIDEOS Yes I just checked the trailer and it looks good! Thank you. I will be watching that movie.
"The Game" starring Michael Douglas is also very good.
interesting insights
Weird that the Bible and the Apocrypha speaks about "the Watchers" or angels that write down our every move...
ggmtalents Hace 9 días
Truman show was spot on until Christ and the devil were switched up. Blaming Christ? Completely collapses the value of the entire work as it failed to recognize the real enemy. Sad ending.
Stephanie Knight
Stephanie Knight Hace 9 días
The kardashians, kardashians, kardashians are the truman show
Rose White
Rose White Hace 9 días
The tabliods and the media in a sense killed Micheal jackson a slow death like princess Diana and other stars listen to tabliods junkie. And money. The world is nothing but a stage for real. We don't even know now today who is real or not. Like Jesus said you'll know by their fruits. It's time to wake up
Entropian2012 Hace 9 días
Nah the real thing the truman show tried to warn us about is we really do live in a dome. google flat earth.
777immortalsoul Hace 9 días
Truman show alot deeper than yall think. It real! The world is a stage!!!
Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor Hace 9 días
Your intro couldn't be more off of what this movie is actually about... this movie is about the American people being spyed on by the government, Google, etc. THIS IS WHAT SNOWDEN EXPOSED. Literally sucking my teeth at whoever made this. This movie was mocking the fact that our Cameras can just be accessed whenever whenever by whoever... Psh
Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor Hace 9 días
Wherever* its also about the occult around you all the time knowing everything and not telling you..
cant stopthemusic
cant stopthemusic Hace 9 días
jeeps are shite and so is swiffers
Joseph Marton
Joseph Marton Hace 9 días
i have lots of facebook friends....I update my account each 10 minutes with highlites of my whereabouts, what I am eating, where I am and where I am going ! each 10 minutes. I want my privacy !!
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