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hi babes!!
Sorry, if this video is all over the place, I was so nervous!! But, I hope you guys can understand. Love you guys so so much!! To new beginnings.
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19 feb 2020






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Patricia Bancescul
Patricia Bancescul Hace 3 horas
Congratulations beautiful cried watching this!
Chris Money
Chris Money Hace 3 horas
Why in the world is this girl number one trending on ESvid?! I can barely even understand her. Who is she? Why is she a famous ESvidr in the first place? Why does she literally just keep repeating herself like 12 times over the course of the video? This 15-minute video could have been taken care of in 3 minutes. I'm so confused right now. How in the world do people find this content appealing?
J Rem
J Rem Hace 3 horas
I don't care. Why are you in trending? Why should I follow your personal life?!
Jazmin O
Jazmin O Hace 3 horas
Congrats on your pregnancy ♥️your going to be the best mother out there 💝you should not get no hate for hiding your pregnancy 🤩
LAINACITA Hace 3 horas
Who is this?
Jacqueline Gutierrez
Tell me why I got emotional too 🥺💓 Im so happy for you and your little family!! Que dios te bendiga y te proteja girl. $Jaxrenee12
Liz Cedillo
Liz Cedillo Hace 3 horas
Im here for you elsy 💜
SM Nation
SM Nation Hace 3 horas
Don’t even know who you are. And don’t care.
Marissa Rivera
Marissa Rivera Hace 3 horas
This made me so emotional because it brought my back to my pregnancy! You’re asking for strength just wait till your baby gets here he/she will give you the strength you didn’t even know you had. Nothing or no one will ever matter anymore. It’s something you can’t even explain until it happens. I wish you the best girl I can’t wait for you to experience having your baby in your arms. Nothing compares ❤️
nissa rabago
nissa rabago Hace 3 horas
You’re #1 trending !!! No matter if your famous or just from a small town like hate is always going to be near , there is always going to be someone who has to put in their opinion on how you should be living your life but in reality you are the only person who knows what’s best for YOU. Right now till baby e comes pamper yourself, feel good and still dress hella spontaneous because I promise the baby will feel that inner love and glow and it will even change your mood and mindset , all of this is making me such a crybaby lol because I know how it is to feel the need to protect your baby from the world but at some point you’re going to give your baby the world and then some
Jacqueline Hace 3 horas
Congratulations Elsy! You’ll be an amazing mother 💕 Don’t let the hate get to you. You’re strong!
MANGO FRESH Hace 3 horas
I don't understand why ppl are hating on her wanting to keep HER pregnancy a secret. It's HER life, HER journey, you are no one to say anything bad on anyone. These hate comments are just girls that are obviously not happy with themselves that they have to hate on other ppl. Keep doing you babygirl and know that you are truly loved and adored and with the power of God and your family everything is going to be just fine. We love you so much and are excited on this new chapter of yours, you got this Elsy and Baby E
Daniellaa Floress!
Daniellaa Floress! Hace 3 horas
Congratulations babygirl ! 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ $$flowerbeibii
Belen Rendon
Belen Rendon Hace 3 horas
i am so happy for you and your mini you 🥺
Life with the Delgado’s
Ughhhh I hate this! Y’all make influencers feel so bad for having a life. Why do y’all hater feel sooooo obligated to know anything about an influencer? Her ESvid life is about fashion. She’s bringing ootd stuff out so what’s the issue. She’s not obligated to share this news. She’s allowed to keep this to herself. You see how anxious she is, if y’all love her you would leave her alone. She needs all her strength for her baby!!! Love you elsi, I’m glad you were able to have this moment for you and your baby! Take all the time you need !
Avia Alhamidi
Avia Alhamidi Hace 3 horas
SO WHO THE BABY DADDY LET ME FIND OUT ITS TOMMY JR😂😂I’m jp but we love u girl and congrats on ur baby take ur time on anything you need all the videos ik pregnancy isn’t easy and it is hard to be a mom but don’t worry u will be a great mom and we all know that you will take such good care of urself and ur family WE LOVE U ELSY🥳❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Adamary Jose
Adamary Jose Hace 3 horas
♥️I’m so happy for you. I haven’t been watching your videos for the longest but I can tell you’re such an amazing person ! ♥️ vas a ser una mamá muy hermosa y cariñosa💕 I believe in you. Enjoy every minute of pregnancy 🤰🏻 because nothing will compare to that joy. Block out all that negativity you don’t deserve it. You deserve nothing but the best. I love y’all. So excited for the new member👶🏽!! I’m not commenting for the money I just want you to know you’re doing an amazing job and I’m proud of you 😍🙏🏽bendiciones
Selina Moreno
Selina Moreno Hace 3 horas
Subscribed! Elsy being pregnant is super exhausting you cry for no reason and that’s okay it’s just the hormones but don’t explain yourself to the people that have hate towards you and your baby they’re not worth your breathe mamas head up ! You’re going to be an amazing momma 💘
Sebastian Gonzalez
Sebastian Gonzalez Hace 3 horas
Why the fuck are girls so fucking emotional. It’s not that big damn.
Ana Alvarado
Ana Alvarado Hace 3 horas
Congrats babygirl❤❤
Violette Lopez
Violette Lopez Hace 3 horas
omg you are meeeeee making myself cry at work bc i am so happy for you. periodt
Anahi Ochoa
Anahi Ochoa Hace 3 horas
when’s your due date ?
Jennyflo24 Hace 3 horas
What’s all been going on elsy :( I feel like it’s more then just the hate :( I’m sorry you’re going through a lot ... :( it isn’t fair to you just remember who you’re mamas I was in a dark place literally like 2 days ago I went to talk to a counselor & I feel way better you need to focus on your self & what really makes you happy not everything else ... you’re strong elsy & I love you muah 😘 you got this baby girl congrats !!! A baby is a blessing so everyone who is hating isn’t the greatest it’s ur baby is a gift from god ! You should b thankful & feel blessed I love you babe remember ur baby is a blessing nothing less
Aliyah Moore
Aliyah Moore Hace 3 horas
kkaaa thhyy
kkaaa thhyy Hace 3 horas
she’s not saying who & jcook isnt saying who....imagine jcook & elsy lowkey are having a baby together
Angelica Aceves
Angelica Aceves Hace 3 horas
Michelle Chesmore
Michelle Chesmore Hace 3 horas
Congratulations girl. I'm so happy for you.
Lupitha Ramblas
Lupitha Ramblas Hace 3 horas
Girl I am so happy for you🥺 I don’t understand people who take all of you influencers to the next level. You guys showing us your everyday life, doesn’t mean you OWE US ANYTHING. You guys are still free to do whatever y’all want. Us fans are here to support you from thick and thin, and if they don’t, I really don’t get it. Don’t stress over it babygirl, enjoy your pregnancy!💜
Millie Simon
Millie Simon Hace 3 horas
you’re going to the bestest momma in the whole world Elsy you’re the sweetest person on this earth and you dear the whole world I can’t wait to watch you’re whole journey OMG😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺
Maria Juarez
Maria Juarez Hace 3 horas
Congrats Elsy! Blessings ❤️
Bildam1 Hace 3 horas
Who the fuck are you and why are you on my trending page
Eddie Haskell
Eddie Haskell Hace 3 horas
Watch my vid
Monica Aguinaga
Monica Aguinaga Hace 3 horas
You’re going to be great 🥺 I’m so happy for you 🥰
Ana Rodriguez
Ana Rodriguez Hace 3 horas
Being a mommy is so HARD it’s not an easy job! I seriously can’t wait to continue to watch you grow & be the mommy you have always wished to be 💓 congratulations! $arodriguez001
Deisy Rodriguez
Deisy Rodriguez Hace 3 horas
I usually dont comment on people but I just wanted to say with GOD everthing is impossible. I dont why people feel the need to know everything what going on with people life. Which you the best and will have you in my prayers and your baby.. Be strong and have faith...
nnewave Hace 3 horas
Mama u got this we all believe in u fuck what anyone’s gotta say it’s you and your baby at the end of the day CONGRATULATIONS IM SO EXCITED FOR U MUJERITA ❤️❤️
Rcfval Hace 3 horas
God bless you love!
Katherine Partida
Katherine Partida Hace 3 horas
I love you Elsy stay strong 💓💓
Ariana Chavez
Ariana Chavez Hace 3 horas
#1 ON TRENDING💖💖💖 Yesssss! Cashapp: $ArianaChavez24
Vanessa Alonso
Vanessa Alonso Hace 3 horas
Congratulations babygirl, let me just say that you don't have to explain nothing to noone, everyone hating nd sending out negative vibes honestly shame on you ... obviously you guys have never been pregnant, being pregnant ain't easy but it is such a beautiful experience once that baby is in your arms nothing else matters at that point... I wish you a healthy nd stress free pregnancy girl, your a strong woman nd don't you ever forget it, F#$* these haters dont ever let the bad comments get to you, you know what ur doing nd what's best for you nd that baby God bless you girl 😘❤❤
Stephany Ayala
Stephany Ayala Hace 3 horas
I’m so happy for you congrats!! Come visit at Ola lol
Chief Kuno
Chief Kuno Hace 3 horas
im gonna guess that your gonna say... that you have a cock.
Millie Simon
Millie Simon Hace 3 horas
I love elsy 🦋😭
K U Hace 3 horas
I’m so proud of you girl! Take everything day by day! Love you ❤️❤️
Vanessa Cardona
Vanessa Cardona Hace 3 horas
Stephany Ayala
Stephany Ayala Hace 3 horas
Oh my gosssh!
Mariah Danielle
Mariah Danielle Hace 3 horas
This made me cry so much ): I’m so happy for you tho!!!
Dan Anonymous
Dan Anonymous Hace 3 horas
You should watch some makeup tutorials
ricardo hernandez
ricardo hernandez Hace 3 horas
Fake actor
eLissette Blessed
eLissette Blessed Hace 3 horas
Graciela Hernandez
Graciela Hernandez Hace 3 horas
I just wanna know how did you do it with morning sickness am 6 weeks pregnant & I can’t handle it , & omg I started crying with you these hormones are crazy 😩😥
allison alaniz
allison alaniz Hace 3 horas
We love and support you and your little frijol. 💞 cashapp : AllisonAlaniz98
Sasha Cody
Sasha Cody Hace 3 horas
Congratulations on your pregnancy. 🥰 such a huge blessing. No doubt you’ll be an excellent mommy. I don’t have cash app but I do PayPal irenemaganax@gmail.com 🙏🏻🤞
GHOSTRIDER10ish Hace 3 horas
Congrats your going to be a wonderful mom 👩‍👧❤️
That one guy from that one movie
Lmao who gives a fuck
DrinkMixr Hace 3 horas
Don’t care. Still don’t care.
Amairani Moreno
Amairani Moreno Hace 3 horas
🤍Congratulations Baby Girl we All Love you so Much .!
Devia Ironshirt
Devia Ironshirt Hace 3 horas
Omggg congrats 😍 Baby’s are a blessing! Giiirl I cried with you, I got a baby on the way too ✨💕
Mr Haney
Mr Haney Hace 3 horas
The truth is the Ace family is not the only family that has children.
Fajitahmed Hace 3 horas
You're pregnant but not even married? Bruh.
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