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15 jun 2021






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The Herberts
The Herberts Hace un mes
Anyone notice the video quality? Josh finally figured out our camera LOL. Hoping to bring you all even better quality content as we continue this journey! Much Love!!!!
Gisel Baltazar Lopez
Where did you get ur sweatshirt I love it?
Michael Mijatovich
Michael Mijatovich Hace un mes
Abbie please explain to me why you or Josh turn your comment's off ? It upsets me because not only you 2 other youtubers as well , But yet you want me or others to Like ? Don't seem fair after all the subscribers are what you all make your money off . Don't get me wrong I think you guys are great but explain why ? Hello poppy
Carolina Hace un mes
it was the first thing I notice. It's awsome!!!
AJ Hace un mes
AJ Hace un mes
Welldone...you can do this
Zahra Jokar
Zahra Jokar Hace un día
Motherhood suit you so much 😍❤
mathew Gordon
mathew Gordon Hace 24 días
The old saying goes when baby is sleeping mummy sleep's.
Jan Perry
Jan Perry Hace un mes
why did that door open?
Nathalie Lockhart
Nathalie Lockhart Hace un mes
Your not the only one Abbie! I think every woman has that mental break down after birth. That door was creepy! You should definitely "try" to be away as early as possible to get a few hours, make an appointment with your loved ones to watch poppy for you. If you wait too long your guilt when leaving her will get sooo bad. Especially if you plan on going back to work. Poppy reminds me of my daughter, she will start hitting you with her face, like baby headbutting - really hurts!
livingit808 Hace un mes
Abs, love your spirit!
soussouu Ali
soussouu Ali Hace un mes
Congratulaion.😍😍 she is soo cute Who experience post partum depression.. i suffered for one year every day going through fears distrucrtion and sadeness. I hope you enjoy motherhood.
Amie Osborn
Amie Osborn Hace un mes
Can we please see what the C-section scar looks like? I’m having twins and may need a C-section. Kinda scared. So happy everything has gone smoothly for you! And poppy is so precious! 💗
Daria Riveron
Daria Riveron Hace un mes
My mom was helping me a TON the first 3 months after my son was born. She made that time sooo much easier. I can’t imagine what I would have done without her…
Helen Myers
Helen Myers Hace un mes
Anna Slimeack
Anna Slimeack Hace un mes
Heather Landau
Heather Landau Hace un mes
This is SO refreshing!! I'm 12 week postpartum and so often I scroll through Instagram and see these "perfect" mothers and it is so hard not to compare yourself. The newbrown stage is HARD. It doesn't make you less thankful or in love with your baby to have moments of struggle. Thank you for your transparency.
Sam Positive vibes
Sam Positive vibes Hace un mes
Thank God the pregnancy was fine and both mom and baby are healthy. That's all important. 🥰
Destiny Krauss
Destiny Krauss Hace un mes
That door sliding open on its own gave me chillllls
J Audrey
J Audrey Hace un mes
Aw I feel like your the best mom
Amanda Poyer
Amanda Poyer Hace un mes
Abby, you are strong, you are amazing. Keep pushing. We are here for you and Josh. I love u guys ❤
Sasha Skyy
Sasha Skyy Hace un mes
Ummm the door opening by itself!! Did the air turn on or something? Good job getting off the pain meds!! When I was in the hospital for 2 open heart surgeries in a row I got hooked on pain meds and detoxed in the hospital. It was horrible. I was an addict in the past tho….so I get hooked very easily …and my tolerance is crazy!!
Daily D
Daily D Hace un mes
sabine spence
sabine spence Hace un mes
I love poppy’s cry in the intro!🥰
Katie Coreas
Katie Coreas Hace un mes
Ah I love your phone case! Where did you get it?
armiagr Hace un mes
👏👏More moms should tell the truth about their real life with a baby!So important that you've done it! 💙
LaMar Hace un mes
Abbie, your little breaks when she naps is ok but I'm a little bothered by your breaks are also "when Josh has her for a minute or two". Josh step up and let your wife have a nap. Make a meal for her. You can do better than "a minute or two'. You make time to leave for a couple hours more than once a day, you can give your tired, emotional wife a few hours So she can take a walk, shower, rest, read, whatever. Selfish.
Rebekah Moore
Rebekah Moore Hace un mes
@LaMar You don't necessarily know that's all. They're examples she gives; in fact the same ones I give about my husband taking care of our daughter though he also watches her so I can take a nap, etc. I'm just saying, don't jump to conclusions and call people names if you only have a small screen shot. It not only can make him feel bad unnecessarily but as someone coming from the same place as Abby it can make the baby blues worse. Also, not that it's important, but poppy is a month old. Only reason i say this is so you can see the other side.
LaMar Hace un mes
@Rebekah Moore That's like saying he takes the baby when Abby needs to poop. Showering and makeup isn't a break. Abby needs some quiet "me time" too. A walk or a visit/chat with a friend. Some time to herself so she doesn't get overwhelmed as much. She came home an emotional wreck. Josh needs to be more attentive. Not take off every couple hours. It's only been a week since the baby was born. So no hon, I didn't miss that part early in the video.
Rebekah Moore
Rebekah Moore Hace un mes
She did mention that he takes the baby so she can take a shower or do make up and things like that, hon. I'm sure you just missed that part early in the video
Tatiana Miralda
Tatiana Miralda Hace un mes
How painful was the first days of breastfeeding?
Millie Brooke
Millie Brooke Hace un mes
You guys are such great parents , I love your videos and have been a fan for so long . Thank you guys for being so honest and truthful about motherhood and new parenting , I’m sure so many people find it super helpful . You guys are literally doing such an amazing job x
Rebecca Horne
Rebecca Horne Hace un mes
Loved loved loved this video. You explained it all so well, my son is 14 months and I had an emergency C-section. I'm dead jealous of how much you get from hospital, we don't get that here. Postpartum is so real and it can come back so if you start to struggle reach out, I'm always here if you need someone to talk to. Yes it's so so hard but your doing an amazing job and Poppy is so beautiful. ❤️
Dasuni Dewmini
Dasuni Dewmini Hace un mes
The god damn door omgggg
Silvia Quinche
Silvia Quinche Hace un mes
Wow you have the guts to band me and TickTock because I said that your baby was ugly 🤣🤣🤣
Saisriyaa Patro
Saisriyaa Patro Hace un mes
Poppy the precious
hillary :)
hillary :) Hace un mes
Abbie we are here with you!! If you have any discomfort, let us know to help you! ILYSM Poppy is so cute btw! I think I'm obsessed with her, hahaha...
Jem Tran
Jem Tran Hace un mes
Oh wow, I didn’t know nurseries still exist. At my hospital, baby never ever leaves Mama’s room without Mom or Dad
Rebekah Moore
Rebekah Moore Hace un mes
Yeah, it really depends on the hospital model. We were very glad to have the nursery option after our little one was born.
McKenna Randall
McKenna Randall Hace un mes
Omg the camera quality 🤩🤩
Luciana Galvagno
Luciana Galvagno Hace un mes
Yep i feel like im gonna have my mom with me the first days too ... I never ever take care of a baby, Soo... Thank god Alberto knows but i dont, so im gonna feel so lost
Gigi L
Gigi L Hace un mes
She already looks like such an experienced mom
Carolina Moreno
Carolina Moreno Hace un mes
Does breastfeeding hurt???? I’m honestly more nervous for that than for the actual birth
Future RN
Future RN Hace un mes
Your doing amazing! Yes all what you said is accurate !
Dylan Sousa
Dylan Sousa Hace un mes
Poppy is so cute
Jhineil Erquilang
Jhineil Erquilang Hace un mes
The glow up Abbie have. You're so pretty 😍
Zoe Mpak
Zoe Mpak Hace un mes
It would be perfect if you filmed a night routine 💗💘
Ellie Preston-Cook
Ellie Preston-Cook Hace un mes
How does josh feel when you cry
one in infinity
one in infinity Hace un mes
This makes me feel not alone 😭 I had my son June 12th and it’s really been so stressful, especially at night. Thank you for sharing this 🥺❤️
Wynn Ferrier
Wynn Ferrier Hace un mes
You're doing great mama. You are enough. Remember, a shower is not "a break" it is a basic human need. Keep making time for yourself in whatever way fills your spirit!
Talitha Brown
Talitha Brown Hace un mes
You guys got this love you!!!
Gina Howell
Gina Howell Hace un mes
SO much love to y'all! Always keeping it real
İlkim Eylül Erigüç
she is exactly like josh
Taylor Eggert
Taylor Eggert Hace un mes
omg so cute!!! I have dm you both on instagram :)
Dina Swinehart
Dina Swinehart Hace un mes
Thank you for being real. You so got this mama ❤️ One day at a time! Before you know it the week flew by, then a month. I had my first baby 8.5 weeks ago. Can’t believe it! Still feel like I just gave birth ( mentally ) lol 4th trimester is so real! Do one thing every day that makes you happy. I try to go on a walk, or the store while baby naps and daddy can watch her. And girl that makes such a difference! I hate leaving her but I miss her so much when I go. Love your little fam bam! So adorable❤️❤️❤️
raveena hoosein
raveena hoosein Hace un mes
poppy looks like a pretty baby doll 🤗❤
It's KTY
It's KTY Hace un mes
Abby take care of your self as well 💜❤️💗
Kristinne Lapsa
Kristinne Lapsa Hace un mes
The door😂😅
Lily Hace un mes
Can some just say how kind she is to poppy and how she try to be a good mum
KatsVlogs Hace un mes
Where’d you get your phone case? I love it!!
Έλενα Χανιώτη
Are u planing for another baby soon?Btw I hope the best for u🥰
Hryssa H
Hryssa H Hace un mes
You both are doing amazing with Poppy, I love you💗💗💗 btw, can Josh do a video by himself like this one? I'd love to see parenthood from his perspective as well🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💛💛
circusofsix Hace un mes
it’s so hard to explain feeling alone when you’re surrounded by people. i feel this.
Reem Abi fadel
Reem Abi fadel Hace un mes
are you going to be a model again?
****Marion and ava ****
Honey, you were born to do this! I love that you were blessed with a great pregnancy and that you’re recovering so speedily!! Postpartum is ABSOLUTELY one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Don’t beat yourself up, you’re doing your best! It’s an extreme shock to the system, all of it! The hormones and stresses and the sheer overwhelming joy that is new motherhood! Love felt so deeply it seems unrealistic almost. Waves of gratitude “luckiest woman in the world” feelings shortly interrupted by thoughts like “am I capable of this?”…(you are, btw)… whew, that rollercoaster…best ride of your life though so, hold on tight! You got this!! My sincere congratulations on your beautiful miracle. You’re now a lovely family of 3💝🙏🏻☀️
Linda Badenhorst
Linda Badenhorst Hace un mes
I love your mom look God bless❤
Marlin Perko
Marlin Perko Hace un mes
Why did she under-react to that door that randomly opened 🤭👻 the door just randomly opened 😳😬
adiba momin
adiba momin Hace un mes
Do you do malish of children
Priyanka Damini
Priyanka Damini Hace un mes
Madison Rodrigues
Madison Rodrigues Hace un mes
Your such an amazing person I’ve been here since day one I was so happy that you’re going to become a mom I knew you’re gonna be such a great mom and I knew it your a great mom! you inspire many women.
Rity George
Rity George Hace un mes
Alauna Oskaboose
Alauna Oskaboose Hace un mes
I can't wait to go home with my baby boy had him last Monday he was a month early at 8lbs 1 oz!💕
Simran :
Simran : Hace un mes
Leyla Martin
Leyla Martin Hace un mes
Julie Storie
Julie Storie Hace un mes
❤️ , I just got home today after 6 days in the hospital I was induced unexpectedly last Wednesday at 36 weeks due to high blood pressure and my beautiful baby boy is only 5 lbs but doing great it's amazing difficult and emotional being a new mom especially when the birth is unexpected and/or traumatic!
Victoria Rosiles
Victoria Rosiles Hace un mes
You look so beautiful Abby!
Karen Dovigi
Karen Dovigi Hace un mes
Hormones play a big factor.
Vicki Shirley
Vicki Shirley Hace un mes
I think you’re doing amazing!
Mary Em Robinson
Mary Em Robinson Hace un mes
side note: your hair looks absolutely amazing!
Paige Nason
Paige Nason Hace un mes
Love you guys.
Ebelyn Diaz
Ebelyn Diaz Hace un mes
Omg mom life is so hard she so cute wish y’all the best
Reagan Wood
Reagan Wood Hace un mes
The Baby blues are no fun!
Mandi Van Hoose
Mandi Van Hoose Hace un mes
I had 2 caesarean and both time when I got up for the first time I passed out from the pain
Priyanka Damini
Priyanka Damini Hace un mes
Erin B
Erin B Hace un mes
Loved this video Abbie
kaylashalaylaaaaa Hace un mes
What you're describing, feeling alone & naturally reaching out to other women, is hardwired in our ancestral DNA... its one of the main criticism against the NEW social construct of the nuclear family. For thousands of years before the 20th century, women had aunts, mother's, sisters, and neighbors to held support a new mom and a new baby... that saying, "it takes a village to raise a child," is literal truth. Modern/western women not knowing this (because it's not in our culture) causes them to internalize a lot of shame & feel broken, when in fact, they are functioning normal-- it's our society that is a bit "broken" in this area.
partyisheree Hace un mes
Thanks for being so real and transparent ❤️
Bella DeRoo
Bella DeRoo Hace un mes
Poppy is adorable. She is so lucky to have parents like josh and abbie!
Balakordor Basaiawmoit
I hv been subscribed to your channel for so long and ur videos keep getting better and better and Abbie we r all here for you it will get better luv ya ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
sisy hersi
sisy hersi Hace un mes
I love you guys
Rebecca Parsons
Rebecca Parsons Hace un mes
Wow, kudos to that hospital. Where I had both of my kids they didn't help at all and my daughter had colic and I was alone and so scared.
Sara c
Sara c Hace un mes
Thank u for sharing! I admire how real, honest & open u are....that's what we moms need. Realness instead of picture perfect stories if that makes sense.. congrats on ur new baby girl she's adorable and ur radiating & glowing! U look amazing n Josh looks like he's head over heads for his girls lol. So cute!!! Take care! Oxox
Autumn Wilson
Autumn Wilson Hace un mes
Love you abbie your so amazing 💓
Autumn Wilson
Autumn Wilson Hace un mes
My papaw well he was the closest thing to my father passed away on May 26
Katherine Morgan
Katherine Morgan Hace un mes
So happy that you and Poppy are well!!!❤️
KristinaNina19 Hace un mes
Abby preaching on breast feeding vs bottle 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 it doesn’t matter as long as baby is getting fed :) thank you!
Amber J
Amber J Hace un mes
As someone who babysat for over 12 years and 3 were newborns... I also helped a ton in my moms preschool as well... I was NOT mentally ready for a newborn. Postpartum was so much harder than expected. I didn’t want an epidural but after 7 hours of back to back contractions I gave in. I got the epidural. I ended up with a spinal headache even though I never sat up and I laid down like I was supposed to. Anyway after my delivery I was told to get help to the bathroom my first 3 trips, I’d drank a ton of water because of the headache. On my second trip my nurse said I could walk alone and that I’d be ok. I decided to call for a nurse anyway to be safe on my 3rd trip. I waited 45 min in bed trying to get help to pee, no one was coming... my husband was passed out and I didn’t want to wake the baby so I only yelled a few times across the room which didn’t wake him. So I walked myself to the bathroom, was in the middle of trying to put that postpartum diaper on and I slipped bad and straight on my stitches, not to mention the second I hit the floor a sharp shooting pain went to my head, the spinal headache was the worst. I cried out in pain. A nurse finally came running in, so did my husband. My leg didn’t fully recover for almost a year from that fall. The headache lasted 3 days I could barely have my eyes open, I ended up needing a procedure called a blood patch, which is another needle in your back to try and help the pressure in your spinal cord. I remember when we realized I needed the blood patch and that my headache wasn’t getting better... The anesthesiologist said I’d be fine overnight and to wait until morning. So I was in pretty bad pain all night from my leg and still my head. Then the anesthesiologist finally shows up around noon, as he’s putting in the needle I remember it hurting and feeling like he was poking to the side and not in the center, I just remember him snapping at me and saying “didn’t you just have a baby?”. Basically implying a needle shouldn’t hurt at all. I was so angry I had to wait the extra day in pain, then he took his time with the patch just to show up, then was rude during the procedure. I work in the medical field so poor bedside manners has always pissed me off when patients are in pain. Now being on the other side you realize what a difference it makes to have good providers. I never sued the hospital for my fall, I told the nurse I wouldn’t, I was upset, she wasn’t the greatest from the beginning, I just hoped this incident kind of scared her straight. I had no idea recovery would be such a long road. It was a brutal first few days. Then I get home and everything overall was great but day 5 my milk came in, my breasts were engorged and I had to wake up every 2 hours to nurse. I had no idea how exhausted I’d be. I’d have family come to help but really it was more hold the baby while he slept. I really needed someone to help with the dishes and laundry, gosh overnight would have been amazing. So much of postpartum is left to the moms. It is hard. It is exhausting. Sending you the best of luck Abbie. It does get better, so much better.
Michael Mijatovich
Michael Mijatovich Hace un mes
Abbie you seem to be doing great keep it up, it gets better a little more every day. Our first child was c-section bit we had a bad doctor and there was a good chance it could have been a normal birth but he was in a hurry and said baby was breach which the nurse questioned, but he ignored her and did a c- section anyways we both freaked and the worst part was the incention he did he cut her straight up which is not good .it cuts across muscle. Took a long time to heal. But You will get through this stay strong and always if you need it ask for help. Good luck Abbie
Diane Sheridan
Diane Sheridan Hace un mes
It gets so much better Abbie, before you know it she is 6 mths then planning her first birthday, and when you have 3 grown kids 32,28,23 yes I would not change a thing oh yes to hold them as babies again ❤️
Diane Sheridan
Diane Sheridan Hace un mes
@circusofsix no grandbabies for me
circusofsix Hace un mes
so true, it goes so fast. mine are 26, 22, 20 and 15. cannot wait for the grandbabies.
abby Hace un mes
I can't be the only one who thinks Abbie had a glow up after Poppy was born
Erika Kampen
Erika Kampen Hace un mes
You probably won't even see this comment but on the off chance you do, have you tried swaddling her arms? My daughter would always wake herself up with her startle reflex and swaddling her arms in helped so much! Also you're doing a wonderful job and being a mom is tough! Not every day is easy but every day is so worth all of the effort we put in. 💗💗💗
Anna Bjelland
Anna Bjelland Hace un mes
The sobbing is the hormones it’s ok and normal I don’t know how to spell it we are all here for you 😁
Anna Bjelland
Anna Bjelland Hace un mes
Janise Torres
Janise Torres Hace un mes
Is the singing the intro song everytime i watch one of the new videos for me 😆😆😆
ikram J
ikram J Hace un mes
I had a baby two days after you, am glad you doing well keep going mama
Amber J
Amber J Hace un mes
Congrats on your baby, so nice you have Abbie to relate to in what can be a tough time 😊
Allie Elizabeth
Allie Elizabeth Hace un mes
12:40-12:58 don’t feed you baby any other milk besides formula or your milk. My aunt feed her baby goat milk and she only pooped blood and she was so small.
Niya Denise
Niya Denise Hace un mes
thank you for this video ❤️ my baby boy will be here in October 💙 can’t wait for the mom life
Sarah Boothe
Sarah Boothe Hace un mes
Awww I’m sorry Abby, God bless you guys!💗 To everyone: Jesus loves y’all so so much and he died so we can be forgiven and go to Heaven with God, have an amazing day!💗
Helen Salinas
Helen Salinas Hace un mes
It could be that the formula isn’t the one for her! Make sure no one in the family is lactose intolerant or any of the protein intolerances that come from cow milk when introducing formula. Otherwise an alternative from the formula brand or choices might be necessary
Marmar Lh
Marmar Lh Hace un mes
You know what we need! A family intro!!
David Roberts
David Roberts Hace un mes
Did they wrap her in a Terrible Towel? I heard that hospitals in Pittsburgh do that for the Steelers?
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