The truth about the Ball brothers' unknown sibling LiDicky Ball aka Lil Dicky | ESPN

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Meet LiDicky Ball, the unknown older brother to Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball, who turned to the rap game to get father LaVar Ball’s attention.

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13 abr 2017






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Armand Kabanga
Armand Kabanga Hace 5 años
Let's have a moment of silence for those who actually thought this was real.
jackson harris
jackson harris Hace 3 años
ESPN is the goat for making this
Ryan Garza
Ryan Garza Hace 2 años
I died when Lavar said, “Who’s better than Jordan?” 😂
Cameron Gloston
Cameron Gloston Hace un año
The fact that ESPN actually made this is still the funniest part of it all😂
Sanji Vinsmoke
Sanji Vinsmoke Hace 4 años
Its been 9 months since this has been released and my nephew and lil cousins(there 12) still fully believe he's in the ball family 😂
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts Hace 2 años
This is lowkey real for Liangelo
Whoever came up with this at ESPN deserves a raise ! 😂
Zain Hafeez
Zain Hafeez Hace 3 años
The reason Lonzo left BBB is because he knew LiDicky was gonna be the face of the brand...
Pau Carvalho
Pau Carvalho Hace 5 años
There are actually seven balls. If they play together, a dragon comes out that can make wishes come true.
DMD AUTO Hace 2 años
When he hit the ground I know that hurt
Chase Fleming
Chase Fleming Hace 5 años
This still stands as one of my favorite videos on the internet
Sunday Brunch
Sunday Brunch Hace un año
This is one of two of the best things the ball family has ever done (outside of themselves all being great). Number 2 being that WWE moment with the Miz. Lavar is still an amazing father even to his lost son. Bless up!
Jaden Ascolese
Jaden Ascolese Hace 5 años
"He can't shoot, he can't dribble, he has no hops, basically...
Jia Ming Chen
Jia Ming Chen Hace 4 años
He spent his whole life in his brothers’ shadows. No one recognises him, not even the Big Baller brand acknowledges him. I really emphatise with this dude, and hope that he will be famous and successful and make his dad feel sorry for treating him so awfully
viper6oh4 Hace 5 años
give the guy an oscar already
19kClutch Hace 2 años
Cash Money
Cash Money Hace 5 años
"There's Lamelo who scored 92 points in a highschool game this year
Koji Matsuoka
Koji Matsuoka Hace un año
Still one of the greatest skits online 😂
Tom Hace 5 años
Lil Dicky can still get closer to the rim than Melo
Design'y Bits
Design'y Bits Hace 5 años
That last LaVar moment is how he feels about all of his kids... You may hate the antics, but the love is real.
This Will Never Happen Again