The Truth About What Happened To Jean Claude Van Damme

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In the 1980s and 1990s, the charismatic and photogenic "Muscles from Brussels" became an international movie star - and then, just as fast and unlikely as his rise, came the fall. Here's how the man born Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg has occupied himself in recent years...
The Kickboxing Universal Soldier | 0:19
Jean Claude Van Predator? | 2:18
The Statue of the Muscles from Brussels | 3:09
Jean-Claude’s Van Dogs | 3:39
Splits Sells | 4:16
Kicking ass in a feminine way | 4:57
The real-life Johnny Cage | 5:33
Addiction and illness | 6:39
But can he fight? | 8:24


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8 dic 2018






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alan wisdom
alan wisdom Hace 20 horas
A long list of bad movies + bad actor + cocaïn addiction + strange behavior =Fall
trey Stewart
trey Stewart Hace 7 días
Jean Claude van EGO!!!
Renate Bohm
Renate Bohm Hace 7 días
This is not bin not are funny story and it is true request of ask this man where he truthfull bin August 2015Tucson Arizona when white women born germany ones army wife and marine corps mom Jail without clothes on behind plastic glass. Would be truthfully interesting too see what comes out of it all. And ask others with it all.
Jesse Godines
Jesse Godines Hace 8 días
I just wanna know about trees ... As far as future karate
Jesse Godines
Jesse Godines Hace 8 días
Hit me uonjcvd
Joe Riley
Joe Riley Hace 8 días
At 67 I'll always be a van Dame fan! I've got all his movie s. I think van Dame Brings Respect to the Arts. Hope he s around for a long time.👍
Tommy Pickren
Tommy Pickren Hace 10 días
He made 2 mistakes.... 1 he began to believe the hollywood lie... 2 drugs, my problem also, mine is alcohol, his is worse..... Drugs is drugs
Kevin Jang
Kevin Jang Hace 12 días
He was my inspiration more than Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Had a very down-to-earth and amicable feel to his persona.
Renate Bohm
Renate Bohm Hace 12 días
FYI Kolb step father lest name Bohm born with papers waiting with it Facebook page Eick but how many bin ULrike Eick or Kolb Or Bohm what bin truthfull behind it all.
Renate Bohm
Renate Bohm Hace 12 días
Oh yeah now living 322E 26street Tucson Arizona Ones army wife and marine corps mom Ulrike Gouin not what should be real father lest Name Eick Married Gouin. Dear with that so.
Renate Bohm
Renate Bohm Hace 12 días
Wonder what would be ask questions him where he bin August 2015Tucson Arizona. After pick up ones army wife and marine corps mom born Germany at 14294W Kerstel road Tucson Arizona of Sierra mountain road Tucson Arizona jail without clothes on behind plastic glass Tucson Arizona what would be answers too that questions where he bin at the time????
Moreno J
Moreno J Hace 13 días
Donald dux, twin brother of donuts seagal. Two frogs on fraud.
Lee Cander
Lee Cander Hace 14 días
Frank Dux ahaha someone JCVD could/would knock out in a real fight.
James Gotti
James Gotti Hace 15 días
Ur gorgeous js
The Wolf
The Wolf Hace 17 días
Hello JCVD please help me I very love America Please send me a visa I am from Libya
Cam Balam
Cam Balam Hace 17 días
This guy couldn't tell us van Dammes charactors name in kick boxer. That's a classic van Damme movie. This guy doesn't know shit.
Dan O
Dan O Hace 18 días
no real mention of Bloodsport
Jade Davis
Jade Davis Hace 18 días
How can you be a cokehead while trying to be so healthy
Lilya Hazroyan
Lilya Hazroyan Hace 20 días
USARMENIA Vandam красив. Сильен. Спроведлив и спасатель две покаления. Мальчишек мечтают быть Вандамом и на спорт. Идут именно из за этого. Vivat Vivat 👍👍👍👍👍👍💫💫💫💫💫💫💫⭐️⭐️⭐️🎬🇦🇲007
Manchester Is Blue
Manchester Is Blue Hace 21 un día
love this guy
Janice Oliver
Janice Oliver Hace 26 días
iamplay Hace 26 días
uh ...well i learned a few things ,nothing useful but interesting none the less
Lori Mendenhall
Lori Mendenhall Hace 27 días
Prabably director
Lori Mendenhall
Lori Mendenhall Hace 27 días
Miss you claude vandamme miss yr movies yr best actor make another movie
whosedoingwhat Hace 29 días
Sounds like he’s a pretty decent guy! Good job!
Maria doyle
Maria doyle Hace un mes
I thought he was same age as Arnold Schwarzenegger and rocky cant believe he onily.59 not.aged well
Darlen DeVega
Darlen DeVega Hace un mes
He's a great man, glad Stallon recruited him!
Darlen DeVega
Darlen DeVega Hace un mes
He's still doing movies and has a series on utube
Cameron McBride
Cameron McBride Hace un mes
Just watch his latest movie. For 58 , He looks 10 years older . Must be from the drug problem.
Avin Jenix
Avin Jenix Hace un mes
What ever he's a great human great actor performer and a true warrior he had won People s heart
Evelyn josie
Evelyn josie Hace un mes
Time cop is better than looper
Mark Laurent
Mark Laurent Hace un mes
Nathan Siegel
Nathan Siegel Hace un mes
Kickboxer, lionheart, universal soldier, blood sport, hard target, double impact, double team. Jean Claude was and still is epic as fuck. Way better then Steven segal, who only had one good movie.
retro sun
retro sun Hace un mes
He threw it all away for coke, nuff said
Devo So
Devo So Hace un mes
Divatiger Hace un mes
Loved him then and love him now! And I’m lucky to live near Brussels
dank clouds
dank clouds Hace un mes
ironic dux would claim van damme is a fake when dux himself is a fake
Ownage Prank
Ownage Prank Hace un mes
adam dudley
adam dudley Hace un mes
Death Warrant... Cyborg....Double Impact, WHY ARE THESE NOT MENTIONED
senzo diko
senzo diko Hace un mes
is JCVD related to RVD the wrestler ?
senzo diko
senzo diko Hace un mes
is JCVD related to RVD the wrestler
Neo Hace un mes
i was born in 2003 so when i was 5, years later i watched all van damme, Arnold schwarzenegger and sylvester stallone, my parents showed me every 80's to 90's movie and i loved it all, these actors push me to train hard and fight so no matter what bad things they go through they are all my hero's including my fav van damme, my fav movies from him were bloodsport, kickboxer, double impact, his bad guy role in No retreat no surrender and also Wrong bet (LionHeart) those are my favs and i still enjoyed all his other movies love to all.
Renate Bohm
Renate Bohm Hace un mes
Please please ask this man and sheriff Tucson Arizona 2015Tucson Arizona who bin stitting around waiting room with all others after sing in front. Four in red one in all white one in Orange jail clothe on this one bin born Germany white women. Ones army wife and marine corps mom bin pick up 14294W Kerstel road Tucson Arizona of Sierra mountain road Tucson Arizona . Ask him and who what is or isn't true who bin there and who not. For what porpoise in all. May or may not bin there whats around there also
jason johnson
jason johnson Hace un mes
I encourage anyone to research Frank Dux...he actually is the biggest fake since santa claus
whosedoingwhat Hace 29 días
NEL DA DAWN Hace un mes
van dame is the man regardless of anything.. p.s. his movies after are still very good
Luna Dee3
Luna Dee3 Hace un mes
My boyfriend looks just like him
Biswa Borkakoty
Biswa Borkakoty Hace un mes
If you wanna go down Get down on the ground Cocaine
Michael Arcouette
Michael Arcouette Hace un mes
One thing is 4 sure he became very old and crusty...
katuta etoo
katuta etoo Hace un mes
My Hero no matter what.
Jack Lynch
Jack Lynch Hace un mes
Van Damme would beat Dux any fucking day!
World Analyst
World Analyst Hace un mes
Maybe new generation has no idea of jcvd. First Action Super Star Was stallone, then next was Arnold and the last of their finest class was van dam. In Hollywood there are many action stars but the super stars were only these three stallone, Arnold and the only of his kind was van dam.
Sperminator Man
Sperminator Man Hace un mes
Steroids and bad plastic surgery
Josh Scorpion
Josh Scorpion Hace un mes
Jeff Kump
Jeff Kump Hace un mes
Tan Brix In Boston
Tan Brix In Boston Hace un mes
Bloodsport was his best
Claudio Tanoesetiko
did he amuse us? what is showbusiness?
Tony Bhuchar
Tony Bhuchar Hace 2 meses
No matter what Van Damme kicks are amazing Respect for Him
Larry Olszewski
Larry Olszewski Hace 2 meses
What happened did he rip a groin muscle doing his one and only splits performance or did someone rip him a new asshole?
Frederick Harmon
Frederick Harmon Hace 2 meses
Jcvd is a icon there will never be another person like him he's one of a kind I wish him well never judge a book by it cover
Pedro Gonzales
Pedro Gonzales Hace 2 meses
I can’t watch crap like this with that focked “music”
Jack Parker
Jack Parker Hace 2 meses
What happened to Van Damme cocaine some discipline huh
ted loyd
ted loyd Hace 2 meses
He can't throw that leg like he used to
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