The Truth About What Happened To Jean Claude Van Damme

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In the 1980s and 1990s, the charismatic and photogenic "Muscles from Brussels" became an international movie star - and then, just as fast and unlikely as his rise, came the fall. Here's how the man born Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg has occupied himself in recent years...
The Kickboxing Universal Soldier | 0:19
Jean Claude Van Predator? | 2:18
The Statue of the Muscles from Brussels | 3:09
Jean-Claude’s Van Dogs | 3:39
Splits Sells | 4:16
Kicking ass in a feminine way | 4:57
The real-life Johnny Cage | 5:33
Addiction and illness | 6:39
But can he fight? | 8:24


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8 dic 2018

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Naruto Ross
Naruto Ross Hace 19 horas
My heart goes out to Jean Claude. I am a fan of his. I truly love the movies I've seen him in. I do so love his character. He is a kind, caring, compassionate person. Be well "my friend". t
Rebel Without a Clue
Yep my bad but still never was a fan
Rebel Without a Clue
Never thought he was any good and I heard he was abusing his x wife Kelly LeBrach
Tony Tendencies
Tony Tendencies Hace un día
I think you're in the wrong thread. Steven Segal was married to Kelly LeBrock and was supposedly abusive to her.
Alexander Pas
Alexander Pas Hace 2 días
You would think he would get credit for cage fighting
tellurye Hace 3 días
WOW, so many factual errors in this one (as of ALL of looper videos) Predator - He didnt walk off, he was fired. Van Damme was upset that his face wouldnt be shown, and he passed out frequently due to dehydration cause the suit was too hot. Expendables - VanDamme nor Stallone complain. Vand Damme actually did the right thing here - he was trying to take his career seriously, and didnt want his drug days back of just doing things for money. The project was secret and under wraps, so Stallone wouldnt tell him what the movie was about, just said "Its gonna be great and youll be paid alot of money" Van Damme turned it down respectfully. The next iteration, since JCVD saw the first Expendables, he then understood what the franchise was about, and took the offer to star in the sequel. Record - JCVD never said he was a champion, nor spoke about his fights. Biographers did that. Frank Dux has been proven to be a fraud 10 times over, and only began insulting him when he didnt get paid for The Quest.
F Daniels
F Daniels Hace 3 días
My favorite movie of his is Lionheart
Tony Tendencies
Tony Tendencies Hace un día
Yes, I remember going to see it in the cinema in Ireland only it was called A.W.O.L. over here
Alex Stewart
Alex Stewart Hace 4 días
Frank, Dux is a well known liar and bullshit enthusiast. JCVD is the real deal and I will always have love for the man. He had a raging cocaine problem but pulled himself out of it. Props are certainly deserved.
Jesus Yanez
Jesus Yanez Hace 4 días
Rob Hahn
Rob Hahn Hace 5 días
Cocaines a hell of a drug...
jj basilis
jj basilis Hace 5 días
one of the recent moviesh he's in floored me he's the villaini in that movie: who is an environtalist nut who hates using guns ("bad for environment"}through me for a loopthat movie was hilarious!
Jim Guts
Jim Guts Hace 5 días
To You Jean, Sen Say....Belgium...Pound Dollar Deutch Mark Euro....Trivial Chernobyl Dead Center Pit of your Country...200 yards wide,...The Gamma is Known by Science(the HULK 1945) I was Born In Norway...CC tx OLD home....(1984 match-box car)Cobra Kai.
zeus 5029
zeus 5029 Hace 6 días
Never like him. Hated his lame half ass poor acting films. But because of his love and devotion to doggies and Rhinos 🦏 acting still sucks but more respect as a person.
Robert Byrd
Robert Byrd Hace 8 días
Jean Claude Van Damme Could Never Accept His Gay Role In Forever Monaco Why He Is So Homophobic Over It Is Insane.
Ben Scibi
Ben Scibi Hace 8 días
Bullshit. Jean Claude practiced shotokan karate over here in Belgium. He never entered a kickboxing event. I trained with several people that he trained with and they were not impressed with his kumité. His kata's were up to scratch.
Matty Worth
Matty Worth Hace 8 días
I'd like to see his critics do spinning kicks, splits in suspension or actually hold an extended leg static in the air. He had one of the most aesthetically pleasing bodies of all time. His back/delt/bicep ratio was in perfect proportion. Maybe he can't bench 10,000kg but I bet he could climb a rope. An all-round excellent example of functional strength.
Ricky Musick
Ricky Musick Hace 9 días
Lion heart
Ricky Musick
Ricky Musick Hace 9 días
He's a great teacher
marcus peters
marcus peters Hace 9 días
Jean was and is an Exhibitionist. An OK fighter, but could he beat a real MMA pro REAL fighter. No
4Gentry4 Hace 9 días
Didn't he say 44 n 4 in martial combat? Light contact or not, that's still a hellafied record.....
Tony Tendencies
Tony Tendencies Hace un día
yeah, 44 and 4 even if it's point fighting is till great record
Que Ti Importa
Que Ti Importa Hace 11 días
It's funny to hear Frank Dux calling some1 else fake & some1 who had a made up record.
Que Ti Importa
Que Ti Importa Hace 11 días
Van damme does the splits in all his movies prior to timehop Bloodsport he got them pulled by Master Tanaka with a pulley plus he did it between 2 chairs & did it the move that Johnny cage did of a split into a groin punch Kickboxer it was similar to bloodsport only he was on his back instead of straight up. Also does it while dancing in the bar & during the bar fight In no retreat no surrender he did it sitting on the corner of the ring in splits In Black eagle it's even on the cover art of the VHS box
T Koch
T Koch Hace 12 días
"A has been actor". Well the internets says he is worth $30 million. Myself, I would not mind being a has been with $3 million.
R.I.P Zombies
R.I.P Zombies Hace 12 días
He was force to stop acting to keep guys off his fine af daughter😍😍😍
Ryan Ellison
Ryan Ellison Hace 12 días
He was also in no retreat and no surrender as the bad guy
Que Ti Importa
Que Ti Importa Hace 11 días
Awesome movie growing up
mr benchpress
mr benchpress Hace 13 días
Frank Dux is the fraud Jean-Claude Van Damme is the real deal
Mark Tse
Mark Tse Hace 13 días
the ones that protest too much are often the frauds. As they say....thieves have the biggest locks and we all know those who are biggest homophobes are often gay.
Jay OLeary
Jay OLeary Hace 13 días
"He Never Pretended to be a Great Actor" Wow!, Van Damme Straight! the worst. but that should be his epitaph.
Forty-four44 Hace 13 días
"Dog the Bounty Hunter"
Hugo Geovanni
Hugo Geovanni Hace 13 días
In my oponion he is the best actor and never will one same as him.i live in LA .and it would be great if one day met him.
Ama Plange
Ama Plange Hace 14 días
Dear God he's lost his bloom!
Pablo Richard Fernandez
You’re citing Dux?!?!? Guys, you’re giving credibility to the biggest poser, pretender, snake oil salesman and swindler in martial arts history.
Bas bzb
Bas bzb Hace 15 días
10 gram coke per day is only 3000 a week in Europe, its cheap :)
Pops Hernandez
Pops Hernandez Hace 15 días
I knew this for two years already
Pops Hernandez
Pops Hernandez Hace 15 días
I knew the predator was going to be in this video
ايمن ابن الكراويه Adam
I have attended all of his movies in the movie theater while in Iraq before the invasion. The only actor that audience would cheer loudly while the movie is running lol. Everybody was cheering Van Damme when he was tied to the mast in one of his movies.
Jonny Blade
Jonny Blade Hace 17 días
Oh... I thought he just got old!
Not a good actor. Being a bad ass martial artist can only take you so far.
goocherrific Hace 17 días
Ten Grand a day cocaine habit that only cost him ten thousand a week?
goocherrific Hace 17 días
Lol, thanks I guess.
Justin Hicks
Justin Hicks Hace 17 días
gram not grand genius.
belinda gosmo
belinda gosmo Hace 18 días
I love u still and my hero van damn.
Dmitri M
Dmitri M Hace 18 días
I loved all the old action stars.....but Van Damme was always my favorite.....followed by Arnold
murale ganisan
murale ganisan Hace 18 días
Who care
tobyyawn24 Hace 18 días
He never was a great actor. I like some of his movies but let's be honest. If it wasn't for his kickboxing ability he would be a no body.
cj matthews
cj matthews Hace 19 días
Frank dux has lied about all his kumitai storys!! Ffs atleast van damme aint a jelous wannabee.
Vaskedama Hace 20 días
I'm curious if his battle with the Cocaine addiction is the reason he has aged not so good.
Dias Hace 5 días
Yes, I'm willing to bed that also he damaged his kidneys doing drugs, when your kidneys are damaged they age you as their ability to balance water in the body is fucked and you end up pissing in small portions throuout the day, and interrupts your sleep too plus side effects. and yeah plus age doesn't make it easier, eating healthy diet and exercising regularily with decent sleep and no stress will age you well. The poor guy was stressed because of depression and anxiety and bipolar and not being able to train caused drug abuse, I know all too well because I suffer the same thing but I'm kind of lucky I don't do cocaine, however I do overdose on creatine and sports substances which has the same effect if not worst as the extreme level of caffeine I have close to 2000-4000mg caffeine per day for 2 years almost killed me.
chodeshadar18 Hace 22 días
From what I've heard, Frank Dux calling Van Damm a fraud is a pot calling the kettle black!
bestwalmartlp Hace 22 días
Chuck Zito apparently kicked his ass at a strip club.
cg2031 Hace 22 días
Jonathan Gillis
Jonathan Gillis Hace 23 días
Van Damme is my hero!
Tire Man
Tire Man Hace 23 días
mi suck my sick faggit
Christopher Fava
Christopher Fava Hace 24 días
Double impact classic 1 of my favorites
Islam Ashraf
Islam Ashraf Hace 24 días
Van Dam's 2nd best commercial is the one he did in Egypt with our best Egyptian actor, Mohamed Ramadan.
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