The Truth Untold Behind KPOP Award Shows (How is BTS backstage?)

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BTS is so charming in the backstage :)
Its a long video. Hope you have the time to watch it!
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19 dic 2018

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Aajolie Hace un hora
Completely unrelated to the video, but that headband looks great on you😆
p y
p y Hace 11 horas
the best up close 'exposition' of kpop. especially when you are talking about it in front of the cam expressively about your experience in your own light. nice; rather than stills/clips from other sources alone. was almost tricked to believe it was all an orchestra where the idols had excess baggage of instrumental contraptions in an assembly with puppeteer masters, circus freaks, mimes, magicians, ventriloquists, creeps, etc. I take your word over any of those sorts.
Natt Hace 11 horas
what you just told is one of the reasons why i never volunteer to do logistics (basically transportation, accommodation, food etc.) for university events because its basically what you said but MUCH more small scale but same gist. i can't imagine being in charge of that for WORLDWIDE ARTISTS. wahh. these staff are just amazing. it's not a job that everyone can do. kpop fans are jealous of you guys but honestly they probably wouldn't be able to handle it. you also did a good job. thank you so much for sharing your experience!
SpaceMonkiiBob Hace 13 horas
This was a very fascinating video, I'm a huge fan of behind the scene processes, so thanks for sharing! The headband is a good look!
TRIBUTE4EVERlark Hace 21 un hora
sorry David but it's rEAlly hard to pay attention to what you're saying while bts is playing at the back I had to go back like ten times cause kept getting distracted 😂😂
Kelly White
Kelly White Hace un día
My thoughts for when you said about BTS were that they just act like themselves usually, which is quite a relief because some groups DO act differently in front of the fans and each other or staff. It also means so much more because that entails that they are themselves with us on a regular basis rather than someone else. I think no fan; Army, Exo-L, Ahgase, etc would want their favorite group or idol in general to not be themselves.
Ivy Ovalo
Ivy Ovalo Hace un día
Just wooww...and thank you for sharing this David...
marie Hace 2 días
You talked a lot about security...but what about that crazy bitch that came out of the airport with them the other day? the one without pants or something like that... thers 0 security there...
Tenzin Sherpa
Tenzin Sherpa Hace 2 días
Your choice to answer but did you see any interaction between Bts and Twice. Like you said before the red carpet all the artists were in the parking lot behind chilling, so in those kind of places
Anu Sutinen
Anu Sutinen Hace 2 días
Kristine Avila
Kristine Avila Hace 3 días
Well, its already normal for ARMYS when BTS maknae Line made fun of the Hyungs HAHAHA plus just talking nonesense, yeh its normal..even if your Job is that Hard, I still love it. I rather have that (cause I know its my forte, going around) rather than just Sitting, well yeah I am the type of person whom cant sit still haha 😂😂
Zainab Ahmed
Zainab Ahmed Hace 3 días
I really enjoyed this video thank you
Nannita Fuady
Nannita Fuady Hace 4 días
I once also a crew of a show, and it was overwhelming, no time to rest, it's crazy. couldn't imagine how big and how crazy it is for a caliber for an award show
Adelynt Leandra
Adelynt Leandra Hace 4 días
Yeap im an army but seriously speaking i really wanted to be part of the staff.like making those back draft for stages edit those videos and the felling of being so busy! My gosh! Im craving over those crazy busyness. I really wanted to study cinematography. 😭😭😭
Neha Lili
Neha Lili Hace 4 días
I sometimes wonder if award shows are the most stressful part of their job as idols ... Well, it’s hard for me to understand when people don’t see them as humans and more like some supernatural holy creatures - I mean especially BTS shares so much „backstage“ material with the public and they often talk about their feelings - so I expect a certain minimum of empathy from Armys - but yeah, of course stalkers will always be obsessed & selfish I guess... Considering the huge hype around BTS I low-key hope that they won’t become super famous in Europe because it would be so sad if they couldn’t walk around here anymore without being followed by stalkers and paparazzi. And I thought about what I would do if I ever coincidentally saw them in public: I decided that I would just act as if I don’t recognize them and maybe put my phone away so that they can be sure that I don‘t film them :)
Omega Army
Omega Army Hace 4 días
Does anyone know how he even got the job? Because I am so confused😂
Cupcake Princess
Cupcake Princess Hace 4 días
I feel this is a lie
Riceish Hace 4 días
Lol the hotel was like a kpop disneyland 😂
Anjali Malla
Anjali Malla Hace 4 días
David You look hot in that headband.
short hair blonde Gerard
Jhope crying in the background is distracting
debbi Hace 5 días
this is really interesting, thank you!
Felicia TM
Felicia TM Hace 8 días
This was so interesting!
Midhat Jafri
Midhat Jafri Hace 8 días
He's Tryna not be creepy..😁😁😁
Thank u for explaining
Nick H
Nick H Hace 8 días
How do you manage to get a job like that?
Strawbérry Milk
Strawbérry Milk Hace 9 días
it's crazy how busy they get
Intro Outro
Intro Outro Hace 10 días
Is it just me but logistics and event management are kind of my kink.
Pem Lamu Sherpa
Pem Lamu Sherpa Hace 11 días
thanks for respecting their privacy
Akang Jamir
Akang Jamir Hace 11 días
How do you apply for the staff I wanna try it😂😂
Akang Jamir
Akang Jamir Hace 11 días
12:06 Disneyland or fantasy world 😂 indeed it would be like entering heaven or a paradise 😂😂
Seriously BangTan
Seriously BangTan Hace 11 días
Im glad BTS did went to the staff hotel to take the shower serves right to those annoying sasaengs waiting for them like just go home or hang out with your friends leave them alone LET BTS BREATH. It must have been so nice seeing the guys from up close.
Annie Lee
Annie Lee Hace 11 días
ummmm..... where can I sign up??
vale 0294
vale 0294 Hace 11 días
Realmente no entiendo nada :( Necesito mejorar mi inglés
Kalli kookie
Kalli kookie Hace 11 días
Ohhh you really smelled BTS, I get it now 😅😅😅
Gurleen Kaur
Gurleen Kaur Hace 11 días
Wow I am so jealous 😂😂😂😂
Normandie Luscher
Normandie Luscher Hace 12 días
Sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing your experiences!
Aimee Saunders
Aimee Saunders Hace 12 días
It sounds like BTS are the same as they appear to be in all the content they release. That just makes me like them even more. 💜
ryouko misato
ryouko misato Hace 13 días
Ok......suddenly I’m so glad they didn’t go to that hotel to take a shower 🙄
easypeasydude Hace 14 días
i'm definitely waiting for the day you guys interview BTS it seem possible now
lyfeSOS Hace 14 días
Off topic, but still related to award shows, does anyone know if the artists gets to keep the trophies they win at the show. I think I may have heard that the trophies are just for 'show' & are taken back. Or are the artists sent an engraved trophy of their win at a later time?
Sofiya Kiappi
Sofiya Kiappi Hace 14 días
That's so interesting This is truly every fan dream, especially for multi-group fans
reen 00
reen 00 Hace 15 días
i skipped the video a lottt, not such a fan lol
charu Chouhan
charu Chouhan Hace 15 días
Hey I loved ur video it was great to hear this preps for award shows n I have actually experience something like this too not the same but it's relateable I know hard it is... u must have worked very hard thanks once again for this video 😊❣
Ivy Tran
Ivy Tran Hace 15 días
I really want you guys to make a video about this issue esvid.net/video/vídeo-Aqn3anJwd9U.html
Sarah Ali
Sarah Ali Hace 15 días
“She looked good in passport too”😂😂
Sharja Jihan ineedhelp
bruh the sasaengs scare the shit out of me
Salma Ahmed
Salma Ahmed Hace 15 días
Oh BTS feel familiar to me too! *I breathed the same air molecules as them at their concert* YEAH I DIIIIID
Tran Bao
Tran Bao Hace 16 días
Có ai người Việt Nam thấy thông báo của New BTS rồi bay vào đây coi không? Mặc dù khg hiểu j hết
Hà Lê Thị
Hà Lê Thị Hace 16 días
Việt Nam
christine garganta
christine garganta Hace 16 días
i legit kept rewinding and pressed play &pause til i got a still and could screenshot just to see if i could... and i did😄🤗 but not posting it. i just wanted to prove myself i can do it. thanks for the video!! i always wondered how awards shows in general work
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