The Truth Untold Behind KPOP Award Shows (How is BTS backstage?)

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BTS is so charming in the backstage :)
Its a long video. Hope you have the time to watch it!
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19 dic 2018

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Serenity Sunset
Serenity Sunset Hace un hora
Sometimes we forget the hard work and effort put in by the staff of every artists and they don’t get credit because it’s their job and all but these artists are lucky to have people to keep them safe and look good so kudos to everyone who’s always behind every great artists who’s doing a wonderful job👏👏👏👏thank you David for sharing💜💜💜💜💜💜
Maria Fuentes
Maria Fuentes Hace un día
I'm so mad ss fans really. Hope this year will be different, they really need to chill and understand that Bangtan need privacy and we have to respect that.
Rahma Abdulrahman
Rahma Abdulrahman Hace 4 días
how do you. get this job??
Rahma Abdulrahman
Rahma Abdulrahman Hace 4 días
Rahma Abdulrahman
Rahma Abdulrahman Hace 4 días
18:23 hahha I would too
Rahma Abdulrahman
Rahma Abdulrahman Hace 4 días
15:25 i thought os to in the beginning but then I realized how prepared and how mc knew wich artists would come after...basically prepared questions at the right time
Rahma Abdulrahman
Rahma Abdulrahman Hace 4 días
9:44 wait really??!
Enlightened Sista
Enlightened Sista Hace 5 días
I enjoyed the whole video, not just about the backstage This was so informative and really shows how much planning goes into just one event to get stuff organized and make sure the artists are protected. Im stressed listening to you explain how its all done so I cant even begin to fathom how it is for employees that have to get all this planned. Wow, you really took one for the team for this one. I know it was hectic and exhausting asf but we really appreciate you!!!
sun she1
sun she1 Hace 6 días
The Great Staff?? I just saw the video ..dude! ..lol
Sadia Nawshin
Sadia Nawshin Hace 6 días
I had a hard time focusing on his words because of BTS in the back just-
Fab Labi
Fab Labi Hace 7 días
kani karian
kani karian Hace 7 días
I totally loved it because he loves BTS too😊😍😘😘😘
AnimangaGirl Hace 7 días
Fans are so stupid they stalk the idols with their merchandise on the bags ofc people will know you're a fan like that. Anyway its really creepy that fans can enter the hotel that the idols are. For some reason I thought normal people won't be able to enter inside if they don't have a bedroom. Staff that leaks info knows its illegal and against their contract. Every company you work if its big have a contract of confidential and you can't share info, they can totally be sued and they should. Its already dangerous you sharing this stuff. Thank you for respecting idols privacy, they are just humans beings. I would hate having my personal stuff shared without my knowledge and consent.
Thư Minh
Thư Minh Hace 8 días
Thank u for the subtitles. So informative.
Asmaa Salah
Asmaa Salah Hace 8 días
13:54 u talking bout that girl as if she a ghost lmao
Whitney Titus
Whitney Titus Hace 9 días
@14:40 you're welcome
I.AM.HUNGRY Hace 10 días
How does he know all of this???
Martina joicy Dondapati
So This Video is AWARD SHOW AND BACK STAGE OF BTS¡!!¡!!!!!!!!
S unnati Rao
S unnati Rao Hace 12 días
What is your job. I'd like to have those qualifications and apply for it.
I'm Glorylily
I'm Glorylily Hace 16 días
Could you please post on your show what and when to vote for bts? I have witnessed a few losses because of lack of information... There needs to be away for all of us to have this available.. Thank you, love your channel by the way...
Fara soft with TaeGi
Fara soft with TaeGi Hace 18 días
You don't look into Malaysia's VIP route😂😂😂
Rosemary Millan
Rosemary Millan Hace 19 días
You are tooooo cute!!! Omg if only I knew DK DK were at the Rose Bowl!!! I would’ve met up with y’all!!!! Dammit!!!!! I Purple you! 🤟🏽💜
D-rose Neth
D-rose Neth Hace 20 días
Wow that is really scary !!!!! These crazy fans are ruining it for the rest of us. 🙁 But ur AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!
D-rose Neth
D-rose Neth Hace 20 días
Omg ! You're so LUCKY !!! 💜💜💜💜
Maria Perez
Maria Perez Hace 20 días
@20:42 I was like OHHHHHH 😮 lmao
Iverson 8039
Iverson 8039 Hace 22 días
Came for the backstage area talk, stayed for how interesting everything else was. I don't know why but i could barely move throughout the whole thing lol. I loved this video.
Pinky Mishra
Pinky Mishra Hace 22 días
only hearing all the procedure sounds so exhausting, Hats off to the people who does this kinda job.
jaychoujielunfan Hace 24 días
Props to the staff, honestly. Well done to everyone
sarangheart Hace 25 días
so...how do you get this job?
Alisha Kabir
Alisha Kabir Hace 26 días
Getting paid to live your dream life.. I cant relate 😭😭😭
Grieza Peñaranda
Grieza Peñaranda Hace 26 días
Wow😱 am really jealous😭😭😭😭 how lucky of you. . And by the way thank you for the hard work. . You and all the staff did a great job🙋🙋🙋🙋👌👌🙏🙏👏👏👏👏
Miriam Zimmerman
Miriam Zimmerman Hace 28 días
Wow I knew it would be busy in the background but oh my this is really mindblowing
Perla C
Perla C Hace 29 días
Shot the front door! I like your job......
seven angels BTS
seven angels BTS Hace un mes
18:47 Just by imagining it happen I AM SCREAMING GUYS
foxes .13
foxes .13 Hace un mes
David is looking so cool with that bandana
BR Hace un mes
I'm tired just hearing about it
Yasmina Ibrahim
Yasmina Ibrahim Hace un mes
I felt like I could hug you for respecting their privacy. Thanks.
Chris Del Ⓥ
Chris Del Ⓥ Hace un mes
So interesting, thank you! New subscriber here, going through your videos backwards, love you guys!
Phionna Koh
Phionna Koh Hace un mes
I am so jealous 😩😩
Kim Ace
Kim Ace Hace un mes
I want a job like this🥺💜 even tho it’s tiring.
Soumen Nath
Soumen Nath Hace un mes
23:00 She looked good in the passport too 😂 🤣 😂 🤣 😂 🤣
Gina Kim
Gina Kim Hace un mes
Wow always talking about BTS so you can get subscribers 😡
Edmar Abindan
Edmar Abindan Hace un mes
Can I please be you.
Sofía Travieso
Sofía Travieso Hace un mes
This was so informative and you were so respectful, thank you so much!
✨sugalicious✨ Hace 2 meses
You have my full respect!!!!!✊🏻
Marcia Alva Vereau
Marcia Alva Vereau Hace 2 meses
Thank you so much for sharing this kind of info, you make ARMY feel more connected to BTS, and also you make us know that they are just normal people and they need to have privacy, they could be idols but they're also normal people.
Angel Hace 2 meses
Aaaakk the hotel story is so creepy af stalkers should gt a life =____=
Joan Sarce
Joan Sarce Hace 2 meses
This is amazing, very informative.Thank you! I am jealous af haha but I'll see them in the future too (I hope). 💜
dead meme
dead meme Hace 2 meses
Thank you for sharing these details with us. This video was very informative and broadened my perceptions about a lot of things. Lastly , this was such a mad flex I'm done
김자나 Hace 2 meses
This is my dream job.
Gailan Kamei
Gailan Kamei Hace 2 meses
Goal - to settle in Korea work hard be the staff of bts and protect them like my very own babies 😭😭😭
_Tani_Bangwool _India
You are a manager there????????????? Wow! Lucky You 💜
Maryse Hace 2 meses
Am I the only one who replayed 19:27 over and over at .25 speed?
Meryna chisim
Meryna chisim Hace 2 meses
Yoongi Uchiha
Yoongi Uchiha Hace 2 meses
iftikhar hussain
iftikhar hussain Hace 2 meses
If I ever happened to overhear BTS' conversation, I would need subtitles
Jenny F
Jenny F Hace 2 meses
Thank you for being Professional and being a considerate ARMY. The whole airport and getting them to the Hotel, my brain was like That is alot of work.. There really should be more security at the hotels when its award season that will not allow people to come in without having like a key card. Whats up with the actors getting all these special treatment.. But I enjoyed the video and learning all this.
THE Hace 2 meses
Tysm for all the knowledge....it was fun knowing all the previous preparations for an idol to come ...also ty for respecting them. Also those girls are not army they are saesangs. I refuse to consider them as army. Thank you again 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Squlity Hace 2 meses
I’m going to be honest, I’d hate to be BTS. Now don’t get me wrong, we would all want to be world famous, world love. But I could NEVER deal with people who would repeatedly stalk me, or sexualize me. ANd I SweaR- I don’t know how some people do it- but I would make a public announcement saying “If any of you touch me, breathe near me, or even so help me decide to follow me, I’m going to cancel the date of your city, and move it to my last stop. I don’t care about the out rage, but I’m a human too and not some sexualizing doll you think you could suddenly decide your a Y/N and we’ll fall in love at first sight- NOPE not going to happen anytime soon- sorry not sorry.” Like, I couldn’t care about the back slash but they need to learn that idols and celebrities in general are living, breathing people as well. But I could never be a Kpop idol (first cause I’m white lmao) and second because there’s so much pressure and there’s these weird ass saesangs thinking they own you and like- man... How do some artist stay humble?? God bless their souls man, I could never have the patience for that- LIKE I’D PROBABLY SLAP SOMEONE- SORRYNOTSORRY
jin is sick
jin is sick Hace 2 meses
13:33 sasaeng,sasaeng,sasaeng.. I'm so done with them
Army Jungkook
Army Jungkook Hace 2 meses
yeah u are right we are jealous :/
inès κ
inès κ Hace 2 meses
why does this makes me think about mafia meetings;;
Mary A.
Mary A. Hace 2 meses
have worked in awards and concerts on this side of the world (brazil) and can confirm things work p much the exact same way here
Just Somebody
Just Somebody Hace 2 meses
8:14 Taehyungah crying at your background monitor made me forget what am I watching..
bangtan love bot
bangtan love bot Hace 2 meses
my dad works for korean air and he literally flew bts to tokyo,,,
Oskar Göcmen
Oskar Göcmen Hace 2 meses
"I'm not mentioning the name of the show" proceeds to play mama in the background and talks about Tae's red hair which he had in that mama😂
Oskar Göcmen
Oskar Göcmen Hace 2 meses
BTS TRASH Hace 2 meses
so does the female idols and male idols be in the same hotel??? just curious!!
DO May.
DO May. Hace 2 meses
sometimes, I think a lot about these shows and all the preparing they have to go through and every time I think about I feel sick from all this process. like the clothes, the makeup, the staff working for the idols, dancers, and stylists .and how many groups out there going through the same process.? like (thumps up) for all the effort they put to show their best
Leidy Bach
Leidy Bach Hace 2 meses
I just wanted to know if you get disappointed with some artist that you used to like in that experience
Maya Hace 2 meses
Wow... The way you respected their privicy, it is amazing... Good luck with your job and also I appreciate every workers and staff right now more...
Moo Moo
Moo Moo Hace 2 meses
17:56 "And they smelled gOoD"
rc chan
rc chan Hace 2 meses
*She looked good in the passport too* Lol fanboy David
Arrynek01 Hace 2 meses
People have no sense of boundaries. It's the reason why I won't ever call myself an ARMY. Love BTS to bits, but to be associated with these crazy people... No, thank you.
Slash Yui
Slash Yui Hace 2 meses
Thanks for sharing the Behind The Scene experiences with us, I learned new thing today, well always wondering how does things take place now i have brief idea of something new.😊 keep up the good work.
Taps Pescadero
Taps Pescadero Hace 2 meses
Good job david etal... thank u for sharing ur experience with us. 😍💜
pink blossoms
pink blossoms Hace 2 meses
Kudos to the staff for putting alot of effort especially in their performances. BTS performance never fail to amaze everytime. I just hope I'd be able to see and interact them (BTS esp Jin and Jungkook) like in the fansigns upclose and personal. Awh!
pink blossoms
pink blossoms Hace 2 meses
This is very informative however, I felt like this is too much information. Though specific name or location wasn't mentioned but it somehow gave people an idea. I'm just afraid that these so called, "sasaengs" will take this as their advantage. Seriously, these sasaengs should get a life because they don't know how to respect their privacy. They should be ashamed of themselves.
Raven 30142
Raven 30142 Hace 2 meses
Respect to staffs 👍
Panda Girl
Panda Girl Hace 2 meses
If you wanna know what BTS were talking about just sheck their ESvid channel ... watch Bangtan Bombs and you will know
sassyEst Hace 2 meses
Hey, that headband looks good on you David!
_xinlin 1375_
_xinlin 1375_ Hace 2 meses
I respect your professionalism and I am super jealous as well!!! But oh wells, you gain another subscriber ;)
I bet the staff are like here we go again!!!!!! I take my hat off to the staff, but it is there job, nobody asks if the staff are eating well or anything??? Do hope they are treated well?????You never see or hear the TOP BRASS say a BIG THANK YOU to the staff/K-pop idols for all there hard work. OR DO THEY?????
@Uni Hep well that's good to hear
Uni Hep
Uni Hep Hace 2 días
CATHERINE SAVAGE : if you haven’t seen, BTS had that all covered. Even on behind the scenes, they show sympathy for staff. which makes them such beautiful human beings.
Joshua Choi
Joshua Choi Hace 2 meses
3:40 talking abt airplanes while airplane pt.2 is playing in the back.........perfect timing
Nongrum b
Nongrum b Hace 2 meses
OMG he's cute😍
Yureli Rodriguez
Yureli Rodriguez Hace 2 meses
I really hope you can speak to them too 💖💖💖
Coraline Jones
Coraline Jones Hace 3 meses
Do male and female idols interact at backstage?
Nabila Zulkanain
Nabila Zulkanain Hace 3 meses
I am jealous tbh BUT I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOUU!! Love your videosss you guyss Borahaeyo 💜
Alvin Hace 3 meses
You saw Nayeon's passport is it? 😂 I heard yeon's only
chingu deul
chingu deul Hace 3 meses
"Wanna one were super super well mannered and humble" Yes 💖💖
Fuhlow An
Fuhlow An Hace 3 meses
Thanks for this insider point of view. 👍💜 Good luck and i subs..
Anita Lipińska
Anita Lipińska Hace 3 meses
You mention that ARMY probably are jealous. Well, I'm an ARMY and I'm jaelous, but only A BIT. More than that I happy for you, I'm glad that you have this posibilities to be close to BTS, I'm happy for BTS because close to them was ARMY like you, who not only love them, but also respect them. Thank you for not invalided their privacy.
Armando P.S
Armando P.S Hace 3 meses
23:00 nayeon's?
Trash Can
Trash Can Hace 3 meses
I wish if I could get a job like that😥 Life is unfair😥 You are sooo lucky😐😐
xkiyo7 Hace 3 meses
And the truth is, idols hate it when people secretly film them.
RB2K19 Hace 3 meses
The people who go to the airports just to see them for like five seconds need to get a life imo......it’s like seriously?? Do you have nothing better to do with your life??
Mary Marty
Mary Marty Hace 3 meses
your videos are very interesting, very useful information )) thank you for your effort!)
ninectstay_1205 Hace 3 meses
wait, so basically the staffs used Wanna One as bait for BTS?? well, if it is then that's fudgin' rude:/
Fuhlow An
Fuhlow An Hace 3 meses
I love Wanna One but i don't think they were bait... Hehehe
Faith Hace 3 meses
I wish I could attend one of these award shows backstage. So jealous!
Charly-ssi Hace 3 meses
Man, you are so blessed not only to see this many artists at once and be close to them but also to be able to gain an impression from the whole process happening behind the scenes. I myself would be so curious about things like how does the transportation system works, how is the organization backstage, how many staff and which kind of staff work to make those big events possible or rather enable that everything would pass off smoothly and how do they deal with insistent fans.... Thanks for sharing your experiences. 👍🏻💜
r p
r p Hace 3 meses
20:22 'i saw this girl in a white tank top, twerking the shit out of her body and she was dancing like she was crazy and i realized it was CHUNGHA' idkw but that part was so funny
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