The Truth Untold Behind KPOP Award Shows (How is BTS backstage?)

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BTS is so charming in the backstage :)
Its a long video. Hope you have the time to watch it!
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19 dic 2018






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Comentarios 1 906
Coraline Jones
Coraline Jones Hace 14 horas
Do male and female idols interact at backstage?
Nabila Zulkanain
Nabila Zulkanain Hace un día
I am jealous tbh BUT I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOUU!! Love your videosss you guyss Borahaeyo 💜
Alvin Hace 2 días
You saw Nayeon's passport is it? 😂 I heard yeon's only
chingu deul
chingu deul Hace 2 días
"Wanna one were super super well mannered and humble" Yes 💖💖
Fuhlow An
Fuhlow An Hace 2 días
Thanks for this insider point of view. 👍💜 Good luck and i subs..
Anita Lipińska
Anita Lipińska Hace 2 días
You mention that ARMY probably are jealous. Well, I'm an ARMY and I'm jaelous, but only A BIT. More than that I happy for you, I'm glad that you have this posibilities to be close to BTS, I'm happy for BTS because close to them was ARMY like you, who not only love them, but also respect them. Thank you for not invalided their privacy.
Armando P.S
Armando P.S Hace 2 días
23:00 nayeon's?
Trash Can
Trash Can Hace 3 días
I wish if I could get a job like that😥 Life is unfair😥 You are sooo lucky😐😐
xkiyo7 Hace 3 días
And the truth is, idols hate it when people secretly film them.
RB2K19 Hace 3 días
The people who go to the airports just to see them for like five seconds need to get a life imo......it’s like seriously?? Do you have nothing better to do with your life??
Mary Marty
Mary Marty Hace 3 días
your videos are very interesting, very useful information )) thank you for your effort!)
ninectstay_1205 Hace 4 días
wait, so basically the staffs used Wanna One as bait for BTS?? well, if it is then that's fudgin' rude:/
Fuhlow An
Fuhlow An Hace 2 días
I love Wanna One but i don't think they were bait... Hehehe
Faith Hace 4 días
I wish I could attend one of these award shows backstage. So jealous!
Charly-ssi Hace 4 días
Man, you are so blessed not only to see this many artists at once and be close to them but also to be able to gain an impression from the whole process happening behind the scenes. I myself would be so curious about things like how does the transportation system works, how is the organization backstage, how many staff and which kind of staff work to make those big events possible or rather enable that everything would pass off smoothly and how do they deal with insistent fans.... Thanks for sharing your experiences. 👍🏻💜
r p
r p Hace 5 días
20:22 'i saw this girl in a white tank top, twerking the shit out of her body and she was dancing like she was crazy and i realized it was CHUNGHA' idkw but that part was so funny
Marj Sena
Marj Sena Hace 5 días
You’ve worked hard. Hats off to you! 😊👏
Jolie Simmonds
Jolie Simmonds Hace 7 días
This was actually super interesting, sounds like such a memorable, hectic experience. ☺ I'd love to know how he ended up becoming a crewmember, it'd be such a cool job to try out!
Lulu Hace 7 días
10:29 WW Handsome. 23:08 Nice timing LOL
juhi k
juhi k Hace 7 días
Did anyone notice how the video of jungkook walking with that white suit plays the moment david says red carpet?
Thank you for the behind the scenes of an award show! I was always curious about how things work for these things, so hearing this was great. (The account of the girls roaming around was...creepy. Very much so.)
andrea lima
andrea lima Hace 8 días
I am sorry but this video is a bit TMI for sasaengs i mean Sasaengs are literally FBI
Schwifter Hace 8 días
Whose passport didn't he take a picture of? lol
M. W
M. W Hace 8 días
This was honestly so much informative! And I'm glad you were vague about all the backstage scenes and did not leak any private info. Plus, I'm really happy you got to see your faves too :)
pokemon_ swagbro
pokemon_ swagbro Hace 8 días
I'm going the marrines so i can be a security guard for Korean for idols. (I want to live in Korea but I'm very bad at English so I can't be a teacher and i was going to join the Marines anyways not a Korea boo) So in 15 years bts is still promoting and need security. I love how u see them as regular people like they are.
Trang Dang
Trang Dang Hace 9 días
Talking ‘bout a successful fanboy life 😂😂😂
สุชาดา Hace 9 días
14:09 wHy diD yOu dO thAt?!?? you should have confronted them (::
Vaishu Venu
Vaishu Venu Hace 9 días
You are so lucky!!! Also, thank you for maintaining that level of professionalism. I as ARMY would do the same
Min Suga Genius jjang jjang man boong boon
Am I the only one who thinks this is a theory of The Truth Untold
Bethany M
Bethany M Hace 12 días
Secret tunnel! secret tunnel! In the mountain secret secret tunnel! OK i’ll see myself out 😂
Lanalee Hace 14 días
I’ll never feel bad for fans who basically camp out at airports it’s rude and it causes a lot of trouble for other travelers
Lanalee Hace 14 días
Immigration takes forever they will be stuck there for hours which would not be good especially if they had to be somewhere
Thistledove Hace 15 días
This was interesting Thank you for sharing.
M. Hace 17 días
Blood, Sweat, and Tears... that's 4 words.
radio of bread
radio of bread Hace 18 días
He likes Chung Ha 😂😂 so cute
radio of bread
radio of bread Hace 18 días
19:28 lol even with .25x playback speed it's still just a second long spent longer
Le Seynt
Le Seynt Hace 19 días
This is sooooo interesting. I wish they do a documentary on something like this haha
Farah Aziz
Farah Aziz Hace 20 días
I know they smell good. It can be smell out of the screen. LOL My favorite is "as a true army myself" . We're basically a family.
Mochi jiminsshi
Mochi jiminsshi Hace 21 un día
OMG YOU'RE an Army ????? I love you bro 😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜
Juicy Pear
Juicy Pear Hace 21 un día
damn I have huge respect for all the staff that work their asses off to make these performances and award shows possible
Juicy Pear
Juicy Pear Hace 21 un día
23:04 "and she looked good in the passport too" that was so out of nowhere and hilarious XD
random kpop stan
random kpop stan Hace 22 días
I am a sound engineer and thanks for appreciating what we do behind the scenes!!
Magda Domeracka
Magda Domeracka Hace 24 días
omg id love such a job, i used to assist in event production when i was younger, i kinda liked this environment
Sunset Hobi
Sunset Hobi Hace 26 días
Thuy Minh Hussey
Thuy Minh Hussey Hace 28 días
I found your entire video very interesting. Thank you for not repeating BTS's personal conversation and for sharing your experience.
Cecilia Thomas
Cecilia Thomas Hace 28 días
Please put up some security guards in their hotels.
Tae Tae
Tae Tae Hace 29 días
I comeback here, after hear about sasaeng invade BTS privacy yesterday. Some said they came to their hotel, even enter JK's room when the boys having vlive in JHope room. I don't want to believe it. But, even they fake their stories and make it like a real thing, so they can confused us, STIIILLLLL, i can't forgive them. If i can, i want to slap their face and kick them. They're not ARMY, They're psycho and has mental illness. You've said that in the video. That's why i just want to everyone get a sense, that BTS IS HUMAN. THEY HAVE JOB AS AN ARTIST, BUT STILL THEY'RE JUST HUMAN.
ohyakaepsong Hace un mes
I WANT MORE. I WANT TO KNOW MORE. lmao that was so interesting, wow i didnt know that much work was involved in award shows
Overthemoon Hace un mes
Take camera OFF U...plz u r such a drama queen...shhhh. Just want to SEE BTS....sorry just being honest. U being so chatty is such a turn off!! not good.ugh..why r u explaining all this nonsense...it’s not making u look important!!!!!😌🙄🙄
Josephine Willems
Josephine Willems Hace un mes
How do you become a staff??
dhia channel
dhia channel Hace un mes
Yes, I'm jealous right now?? I never have see them once in my life😢😢😡😡😧😧😦😭😭😭😭😭😭
Nurul Mardatillah
Nurul Mardatillah Hace un mes
Ahh my heartt
AshleyGingerAle Hace un mes
For the elevator thing I would’ve been an ass after they hit their floor I would’ve pressed all the buttons after that
Mishell Namjoon
Mishell Namjoon Hace un mes
Wow 😍😎
It’s Kkumi
It’s Kkumi Hace un mes
How can i get your job please ? Im serious 😂its a dream job tbh 😂♥️
Tia Walker
Tia Walker Hace un mes
*I could even smell their fragrance, and it smelled G O O D*
Tia Walker
Tia Walker Hace un mes
19:18 was iconic 🤷🏾😭
Jai Gee
Jai Gee Hace un mes
One thing I REALLY liked was that, in the vid behind you, there were *LOTS* of shots of Namjoon-ah!!! A lot of times, I don't get to see much of him (it's usually all Maknaes, all the time!). **giggles** So thank you for that!!👍🏽 🍃💞🌸💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🌸💞🍃
Cherry Kim
Cherry Kim Hace un mes
Hello,, i still can screenshoot taehyung 😂, with my god skill. Btw, thank for making this video,, i really enjoy it..
bwiini Hace un mes
you did a great job.
bwiini Hace un mes
this is so crazy. that bighit staff needs to be fired
bwiini Hace un mes
i lost it at artists at their mission impossible mission 😂
Bella Strange
Bella Strange Hace un mes
I'm glad to hear that they have extra security for BTS
Loblolly Mun
Loblolly Mun Hace un mes
I’m sure it’s exhausting what you had to do but I feel I’d really thoroughly enjoy this experience
Daniela González
Daniela González Hace un mes
Wow thanks for the vid That’s crazy how it is
Nidhi Mehta
Nidhi Mehta Hace un mes
artists work hard, of course, but the staff makes it possible edit: THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO!!!!!!
BB99 Hace un mes
THANK YOU for this information. It was really useful to know how this whole personnel process is going. RESPECT TO YOU for what you did not in any way violate personal space or what they said EXACTLY. I'm glad you gave it to us OBJECTLY. Now we know much more about staffe, the people who interact with the artists behind the scenes and help out with their performances. LOVE YOU SO MUCH, really thank you!!! 😊🤗🤗💜💜💜
Ji Eun
Ji Eun Hace un mes
I put the playback speed to 0.25 and yah theres tae jimin btsㅋㅋㅋ
sitimaryana khairuddin
i stan you thats it.
Jessica Hace un mes
thank you for sharing this i was very interested,and the staff are so underrated, you guys do so much that many of us fans don't even know about. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK
Annabel Yonzon
Annabel Yonzon Hace un mes
Those holy, holy eyes of yours 😍 That 'holey holey' nose👃 😂😂 I wanna sniff BTS too 😭 I wanna look into Hobi's eyes too 😭😭😭😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
j-hopes eyebros
j-hopes eyebros Hace un mes
*THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR KEEPING THEIR PRIVACY!!!I REALLY RESPECT YOU FOR THAT!* Also I hope that you get a nice rest now and you feel better
Myrla Refugia
Myrla Refugia Hace un mes
David you are one lucky human! Congratulations
Unicorgi Hace un mes
Did Jungkook smell like Downy?
Kim Seok Bba
Kim Seok Bba Hace un mes
I watched this last night before I went to bed and had a dream. I dreamed that all the BTS members rented out my house for an event or something. And I kinda experience what David told us in this video. Literally in the same room, doing chores, make sure they feel comfortable in my house etc. No actual talking happened but they did handshake and smile at me. Also, I got gifts from 3 members (can't remember the other 2). The one & only gift I remember in that dream is a hand written letter from Jimin. (Oh that feelings...). Feels like I don't wanna wake up. T_T
Nabilla Fachrizka
Nabilla Fachrizka Hace un mes
I can't concentrate. My ear listening to your voice but my eyes keep looking on the screen behind you. sorry...
Mezoon 135
Mezoon 135 Hace un mes
I wish I understand Korean But im bad with language
Mezoon 135
Mezoon 135 Hace un mes
About that bts change their hotel because of fans Im really feel sorry to them
Chaennel chaeɴɴel
i am not jealous AT ALL, I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU, OMG 😍😍😍
whatever dude
whatever dude Hace un mes
staffs deserve so much
Tess Gella
Tess Gella Hace un mes
Actually, BTS takes a private plane going to short distances, like countries in Asia to avoid chaos at the airport where there are so many people. So, they pass through a private entrance/exit. It's less stress for them as well, especially when they are tired and still sleepy.
RJ Cabañas
RJ Cabañas Hace un mes
you really look handsome on that headband. 😍
Sandra Hace un mes
David: "i'm sure you can't even screencap that." Me: *plays vid at 0.25 speed during the little clip backstage*
juhi k
juhi k Hace 7 días
Same saameee
Myrla Refugia
Myrla Refugia Hace un mes
Sandra 👏🏻
Averyl Fong
Averyl Fong Hace un mes
Also it's really important to do research on the artist and whether it's even worth it? Like when BTS had their concert in Singapore like a couple weeks ago, and some fans actually went to the Changi International Airport to wait for them, when BTS TWEETED PUBLICLY they were flying via private jet like 7 hours ago. I knew that cause they were flying private, they would arrive at the Seletar Airfield probably, but I saw fans being a little silly and actually camping over at Changi Airport. With all the added security nowadays, it's really not worth it to try to see BTS for 3 seconds, when you have the chance to see them live in concert for 2-3 hours. And this isn't 2014 when fewer people knew who they were lol, they have super high security now. But maybe I'm just jaded cause I've seen them 3 times in concert and even met Jimin and Jin up close while shopping in Tokyo - but I don't see the point in doing all this to just be near them? I'd rather watch them perform, or have a chance to have eye contact/talk to them, over getting squashed behind a barrier at an airport just to see them walk into a car wearing a mask. They're really just humans after all, trying to do their job.
Lala Mu
Lala Mu Hace un mes
19:06 Wise choice. Mad respect.
Paea _914
Paea _914 Hace un mes
This procedure is crazy and they have like so many award ceremonies that they have to do continuously EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. I dont know how they do this
Emma Bath
Emma Bath Hace un mes
Btw how did u get this job? Was it through your channel being known?
Emma Bath
Emma Bath Hace un mes
I have so much respect for you as an army, kpop fan and just a human being bc u could have said so much stuff and recorded so much stuff but you didn’t out of respect for the artists and that’s something eternally love you for.
Hosuma Hace un mes
20;17 my heart hurt so much
Emma Bath
Emma Bath Hace un mes
David that headband look is REALY working for you 😍😍😍💕💜
_Lauren _diamond_
_Lauren _diamond_ Hace un mes
I wonder what artist's smoke?
kulnuso 20
kulnuso 20 Hace un mes
What was your job......?? Ahhahaha
peck史 Hace un mes
I'm all about respecting privacy the way you do, and my question is how tf do people actually afford to follow BTS like this? I can't even afford BTS merch let alone to get into their hotels and I've heard some people take airplanes with them?? What??? I'm saving up for a year to afford the cheapest plane ticket to study abroad in China. And how are such young people able to go to like every concert? They played near me a couple months ago and after rent it would've cost two months pay for me just to *enter the building*. I love them from the bottom of my heart and I've accepted the fact that my poor ass is never going to see them in real life. It breaks my heart to hear that people who have the means to see them and meet them regularly are using that privilege to stalk and harass them. 😭
Silver Reen
Silver Reen Hace un mes
this whole video was so interesting !!!!!!!!
Hazel Karen Raz
Hazel Karen Raz Hace un mes
Staff work their blood, sweat and tears for these award shows, but some fandoms decided to "boycott" just because their idols didn't receive an award.
방탄소년단save me
Props to all the staff, yall the mvp
방탄소년단save me
The TATA girl is so fucking creepy
nazlı ceren
nazlı ceren Hace un mes
I got a weird ass question; are you a Sagittarius?
yaya hidayah
yaya hidayah Hace un mes
Really love your video... Love how you share your experience and knowledge ...
4NEVER Studios
4NEVER Studios Hace un mes
Hi! Could you do an explain video of Speed's drama version MVs (It's my fault and It's over), please~?
111 kiwi
111 kiwi Hace un mes
I do relate so much to the experience of working as staff for a big event ...I once took part as staff in a huge international conference similar to the TED format ... we were called stewards and had white shirts with the events name and we were divided into groups just like you explained only there were more than 3 ... there were the transport group, the backstage, the ones responsible for the hotel, and one group that was to take people around the city ... the conference lasted for a week brah ... it was 4 days wild running around and doing errands for me lol ... I was backstage each day and after it I would help in the transport to hotels and airport cause not everybody stayed the whole week ...the was transportation to the airport every day ... plus events for each day like taking specific groups to nearby cities which needed staff and of course I was always in for it ... I really really enjoyed the experience it was overwhelming but new and different as for how tiring it was well it was hell ahaha I remember some of this days I would return at 10PM home and my whole leg, thigh to toes, would hurt like crazy .... it was wild but oh so exiting ... all the staff was really chill and nice with each other ... even if we had finished our work and had free hours we would just go and join other staff from other groups to help out or just talk .... I really can't describe it in words all the planing we did beforehand and how tiring and exciting it was ... pay was only for our personal transport and food so it was not really about the money ... and it was full of old people that talked about cultural and religious stuff so not really that interesting but still unbelievable positive experience ... so now imagine to have this +kpop artists wow lol ...
Blue Distopia
Blue Distopia Hace un mes
So interesting the transportation part ! The whole video is super interesting, you have done an incredible job And you're professionalism is outstanding ! clap clap
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