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We learned how to tap into our mind, body and spirit auras through Tai Chi! Who's adding this to their morning routine? Thanks to #GooglePlay for sponsoring a part of this video! Download Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross from the Google Play Store gplay.page.link/WR4i #StayHome #WithMe
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25 mar 2020






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Jimmy neutron
Jimmy neutron Hace un d铆a
U guys are ready to become waterbender
BeachGnome Hace 4 d铆as
I love it when the guys get sponsors like yeah get that bank but man the sponsorships are always so weird. I guess because their content is so general its harder to get sponsors that mesh in seamlessly with their brand.
helo g.
helo g. Hace 7 d铆as
"The sound is familiar" 8:25 if you know what I mean 馃槒
helo g.
helo g. Hace 7 d铆as
I LOLed at 1:28 HAHAHAHAHA great job editor!
Haydensnowbe Hace 13 d铆as
This is great! More updates on Tai Chi Class Update! more! LOVE THIS! I鈥檓 totally going to Tai Chi too!
Mykki Oliva
Mykki Oliva Hace 15 d铆as
13:57 That guys just popped up like "Woah what's up? lemme see---opps sorry, got in the frame there for a sec," 馃槀
The Potato
The Potato Hace 16 d铆as
The way Eugene said 鈥渁nime鈥 at the beginning though Have I been saying it wrong my whole life?
Laurenlittl3 Hace 21 un d铆a
i would actually love to see them do this again
rachel mehl
rachel mehl Hace 25 d铆as
can the tryguys please try mrs.michelle moon's skincare routine because she is GLOWING this entire video, glass skin WHO
Betty A
Betty A Hace 26 d铆as
I have a similar mix of health problems to Zach, and I do a form of Tai Chi called Shibashi. it helps so much! my balance has improved a lot and it's the only meditative practice I've found that works with my anxiety/ADHD. honestly those classes are what I miss most during quarantine, highly recommend to anyone!
Stephanie Zhang
Stephanie Zhang Hace 29 d铆as
It really does heal, my dad had spine problems or shoulder problems, but he started doing Tai Chi and it's virtually non-existent
Felicia Nichole
Felicia Nichole Hace 29 d铆as
10:25 My heart broke, my name is Felicia and I feel everywhere I go everyone even on videos I always hear my name along with bye. The fuckin struggle 馃槀
Tanuma Kaname
Tanuma Kaname Hace un mes
When Zack said "we're excited to be anyone's first" I literally snorted water through my nose xD Also now I kinda want to try tai chi. Maybe it's a good exercice for depressed, fatigued, in pain me
Hao Style Taijiquan Research Institute
Very entertaining, good job had me in tears. 馃槀
garrondumont Hace un mes
Regarding the rubbing hands thing... Have you ever stood in a doorframe and pushed against the sides for a bit, then moved away and your arms automatically lift up. Yeah, they're the same phenomena. That's not chi, it's biology.
Cuddly Bear
Cuddly Bear Hace un mes
Well yoga is different than what you typically think. It is a combination of exercises and meditation which helps you to open all the chakras in you body.
Little dabber
Little dabber Hace un mes
Little dabber
Little dabber Hace un mes
Meliodas Elizabeth Merlin king gowther
h k
h k Hace un mes
LOL zach was like we all want to do this again....the look on eugenes face
lovelylinds Hace un mes
We learned the energy thing between the hands during high school from a random Hawaiian guy while training for a middle school mentoring program. It was crazy because it actually works. I had no idea Tai Chi was about all that. Really cool!
Anyone else see Coronavirus in Zach鈥檚 Health Problems?
NaniChickin2.0 Hace un mes
from mixed martial to tai chi. try guys trying to kick some ass
Big DONG Nathaniel
Big DONG Nathaniel Hace un mes
Really fuccwid Arthur鈥檚 vibes lol 馃槀
Yanling Lin
Yanling Lin Hace un mes
Try guys try table tennis?
Eugenia Ronco
Eugenia Ronco Hace un mes
If you think that yoga is 鈥渟low鈥 you have completely missed the point and concept of yoga, Ned.... 馃檲馃檲
Genevieve Donaldson
My fear is that if I met Ned at a dinner party I would flirt with him.
DyG Logi
DyG Logi Hace un mes
8:25 鈥渢his sound is familiar鈥 馃槀馃槀
Deadeye Crow Airsoft
Lmao! I love how Zach quotes Obi Wan! He even did Ewan McGregor鈥檚 accent perfectly!
Loli_chann Hace un mes
Next on the try guys: Finding your nen ability
Someone Is here
Someone Is here Hace un mes
Laughs at already starting SDS Grand cross and being a pro
snicks Hace un mes
Now I'm really curious about what my aura looks like.
Breanna Palmer
Breanna Palmer Hace un mes
Esme Hudson
Esme Hudson Hace un mes
Why does zach remind me of Adam Goldberg
Lemontree Hace un mes
Likes nickleback lol
Fab Trinidad
Fab Trinidad Hace un mes
Im only interested in tai chi because it was the inspiration of waterbending in avatar
neha bandi
neha bandi Hace un mes
I was thinking of kung fu panda this entire video
Anti Christina
Anti Christina Hace un mes
I wanna try this, yoga does suck.
Taylor Compton
Taylor Compton Hace un mes
The ending so cute!
Abbigail Owens
Abbigail Owens Hace un mes
I always get tai chi and chai tea confused haha
Abbigail Owens
Abbigail Owens Hace un mes
I鈥檓 sad i love seven deadly sins but I have apple products :(
Ms L
Ms L Hace un mes
Why so creepy zach?
Cam N
Cam N Hace un mes
Can the Try Guys do one with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lol
Tabbyyy Hace un mes
Angel in Buddy be like
Pipersphynx Hace un mes
Grilled Tai Cheese LMAO
Alexandra Lugo
Alexandra Lugo Hace un mes
Zack's list of issues had me laughing 馃槀馃槀馃槀 鈥oves Nickelback 鈥alks to much 鈥***ed up his shoulder
Kasey M
Kasey M Hace un mes
Arthur and Michelle were great. They were so chill and fun
LexiJayC Hace un mes
Keith didn鈥檛 take his ring off....
Matthew Thomas
Matthew Thomas Hace un mes
Tai Chi is useless against something like Brazilian Jujitsu
Dr Monday
Dr Monday Hace un mes
There is a way to see auras with your eyes but I am very bad at it. I've been practicing for days and the best I can get is a tiny transparent energy field around my fingers.
destroy L-dagon
destroy L-dagon Hace un mes
Tai chi is actually a more defensively oriented form of martial art
Felisia Mercado
Felisia Mercado Hace un mes
When Ned said bye Felicia, I was like why?馃ズ
Bonilyn Teh
Bonilyn Teh Hace un mes
I put off watching this cause I'm not interested in tai chi at all, but guess who wants to do tai chi tomorrow 馃槀
S谋la Y谋ld谋r谋m
Wow in this video zach did the best
Chloe Benoit
Chloe Benoit Hace un mes
I'm gonna just go with the beginning sponsorship for a second and say what deadly sins main characters I think the try guys are. Only 4 shall be chosen... I shall start with Keith. Kieth would be Escanor, Lion sin of Pride. He enjoys talking about himself, and gets annoyed when anyone thinks otherwise of what he thinks about himself, good or bad. But like the character, he has a softer spot that allows opinions and realization of weaknesses within himself. Ned would be Merlin, Boar sin of Gluttony. He likes putting himself out there, and asks if the person needs help, and insists even if they say no. Eventually he will shut up. He is a mix of Pride and Envy, but enjoys what he has in life. Now Zach. It took a tad bit, but I decided to put him as Diane, Serpent sin of Envy. He does like what he has, but not necessarily wants more. He can be jealous that people have "better things" about them, but he doesnt realize that what he has is good enough. And finally, the one that didnt take too long, Eugene. I think he would be Ban, Fox sin of Greed, since when he gets the chance to take something, he would, but would also help his friends out. Also like Ban, he has a tougher time opening up to people, but he will when he becomes close with the person. He would not hesitate to kill anyone who messes with his friends. So sorry for just the wonderful rant. If you have any opinions on it, or think someone else should be someone else, just comment! Explain why, and if you have a good argument, I might just consider changing mine as well. Every argument is valid, as long as it's on topic. Have a wonderful 24 hours!
Magic Mochi
Magic Mochi Hace un mes
You run out of cheap after you die according to captions
Omar Cabrera
Omar Cabrera Hace un mes
I clicked on this thinking zack was not in this so I can finally enjoy this channel. You got me....
The_Gaming _Snob
The_Gaming _Snob Hace un mes
Penguino S
Penguino S Hace un mes
No one going to mention that Eugene has the EXACT same stats as Zach after the tai chi exercise?
sidhes626 Hace un mes
Grilled tai chis
Donna Barr
Donna Barr Hace un mes
Done short form yang for years. Believe me, in an emergency, it will save your life. Literally.
MaeB Hace un mes
Local Potato
Local Potato Hace un mes
Zach was very jokey if that makes sense
Dezzy Luvvv
Dezzy Luvvv Hace un mes
I though the title was *Chai Tea,* not _Tai Chi_
Seth Playz-
Seth Playz- Hace un mes
I saw neds tik tok video of him with the avocado toast and then after a kid(s) with cereal on "Tik Toks that will make your day Lit" nice ned, nice.
Chezzka R
Chezzka R Hace un mes
Ok so who鈥檚 got some good learn Tai Chi while quarantined videos?
Twisty T W
Twisty T W Hace un mes
I cant be the only one who started doing this along with them, right? super relaxing, felt like my hands were magnets...
Sam Hace un mes
They dont need the tech in tai chi to prove they are friends. But time and time again they enlighten people around them that they were meant to be frienss
Jillian McGauley
Jillian McGauley Hace un mes
You can tell Eugene was a dancer just by his everything in this video
Unique Hace un mes
Hold up the try guys watch anime?
Questioning Otaku
Questioning Otaku Hace un mes
If zach has lycanthropy perhaps that's why his body is always so hairy lol
Breanna Ellen Atkinson
My mirror neurons are going crazy
Constanza Mendoza
Constanza Mendoza Hace un mes
Ned: bye Felicia Ariel: who the f#*k is Felicia
Vicki Part UwU
Vicki Part UwU Hace un mes
The lady that checked out Keith has an extremely shiny and bright face
GJoy Hace un mes
So glad you had a chance to work with Arthur. I have worked with him in Arlington, MA. Very sweet guy. I wonder how he likes being out in CA. The aura machine is quite cool.
Irelyn Bresnihan
Irelyn Bresnihan Hace un mes
While Zach makes the sexual jokes, Eugene embodies the sexual energy.......also Chicago broadway vibes
TheTok3n Hace un mes
I already have a full team of UR characters soo aha
Katherine Rose Gayeta
The one video where they didnt get any improvement..
AgentHairBall & More
My grandpa does tai chi every morning!
Trashie Starr
Trashie Starr Hace 2 meses
I remember my mom made me do this for my ADHD... it didn鈥檛 work
Chan Liang
Chan Liang Hace 2 meses
I think that they would fail twkondo
Chezzka R
Chezzka R Hace 2 meses
Does Maggie know she鈥檚 probably contracted lycanthropy now?
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