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THE UPSIDE Official Trailer (2019) Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston Movie HD

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THE UPSIDE Official Trailer (NEW 2019) Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston, Nicole Kidman Movie HD
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3 oct 2018

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Comentarios 8 047
cristos Hace un hora
dumb americans, why just why would you make such a stupid remake of an legend? mockery pure mockery for on great film and made into rap video ...nice
Jerico Garia
Jerico Garia Hace 15 horas
Walter white
king Lyon
king Lyon Hace 21 un hora
This is a real shame. Copied scene by scene, from the original French movie called 'untouchable' Don't bother with this movie.
Ari Draws
Ari Draws Hace un día
I’m not lying, I swear on my life, that Kevin Hart wants to shoot a scene in my dad’s grocery store in Montreal! I swear I’m telling the truth
Luca  Fancello
Luca Fancello Hace un día
My dear friends, let's dislike this shit
vixien srisongkham
vixien srisongkham Hace un día
so a black man taking care of a white man okay what ever
Joel James
Joel James Hace un día
pukeylukey199 Hace 2 días
Can they not leave anything alone ffs.
بنت العراق
بنت العراق Hace 3 días
اريد الفلم كامل
julie egan
julie egan Hace 3 días
Brian Cranston is a great actor isn't he, i've seen him in a few movies now & he's so versatile & as an actor he really pulls you into the movie & you can't stop watching, he's a very underrated actor ❤🙋‍♀️
sebbspato2 Hace 4 días
I love Bryan Cranston, but why the hell Americans copy French movies...?
David Marley
David Marley Hace 3 días
They have been doing it since day one
Hieu Tran
Hieu Tran Hace 5 días
OMG Mr. Walter White!!!
Simon Crawford
Simon Crawford Hace 6 días
I don't watch jew shit anymore. All hollywood is jewish bullshit.
dave fishbro
dave fishbro Hace 8 días
Don't care how successful this might be, it will never compare to "the intouchables". what a film that was
bobo42024 Hace 9 días
I lost respect for cranson and hart for this bullshit
bobo42024 Hace 9 días
Way to kill a good movie, Hollywood.
bobo42024 Hace 9 días
The real story the guy was latino. It's funny how Hollywood changes it to a black and white issue.
Loki Styrbiorn
Loki Styrbiorn Hace 9 días
Another Hollywood shit flick. Go watch Intouchables instead friends.
Vânia Hace 10 días
Let’s see if it’s as good as Intouchables. The French version which is one of my top favorite movies
Ammar Ahmad
Ammar Ahmad Hace 10 días
intouchables had a soul to the trailer as well, i felt nothing by watching this...stop copying guys come on.
Alexander Fokas
Alexander Fokas Hace 10 días
"The Intouchables" remake? Why remake such a good movie? The Intouchables was a great movie with a lot of character depth with very strong scenes and it was perfectly portrayed by the actors. Being in French was also a plus (i don't speak French by the way) Instead of remaking a very recent movie (2011) you could have wasted all of that money on some original content. Plus, I can't believe why the actors would accept such an offer? The cast is brilliant and it amazes me that they accepted such a dull move
Apollon Hace 10 días
This movie is a great example that the American production are not always better that the europeans.The france movie is one of the best movies !
Bablooka Jonez
Bablooka Jonez Hace 11 días
Everything America touches turns to gold. This is a fact. So just know...if you’re in the comments running your mouth but not American, you’re ugly and unimportant and your mom’s a hoe.
Jun Kie
Jun Kie Hace 11 días
Neden böyle bir şey yaparlarki Fransızlar ne güzel yapmıştı işte onu beğendik niye Amerikalılarda tekrardan çekti
Alan bird
Alan bird Hace 11 días
Watched it last night am not gonna spoil it by rabbling on BUT this film is class .get ya haribo's and popcorn and sum fizzy pop and watch
Гebony」 Hace 12 días
Intouchable remake
Don Bosanceros
Don Bosanceros Hace 12 días
Why make fun of a already perfectly funny movie.. Kevin Hart really disappointed me.
Asif Ifas
Asif Ifas Hace 13 días
Sounds like this film was only made to insert angry black man and his anti white rants. Just like every movie in 2019 it's disgusting. I'm raging now I cant watch a movie without hearing anti white shit. I'm slowly turning anti black I'll admit it.
Asif Ifas
Asif Ifas Hace 13 días
I hope the twisted fate of all this is to anger the people enough to rage and finally stop it. Cut the chain for once and for all.
Asif Ifas
Asif Ifas Hace 13 días
I just had an idea maybe hart was raised by a single mom. I was right just like Jesse Lee Peterson proves most anti white black men are single mom raised. I've had enough of seeing it in film. Hart went the extra mile over time though this was one step too far. Every movie I've seen this month has black people saying over and over. "White people" "that's some white people shit" Notice how he hates everything until a black person does it then hes fascinated. Hart is an advocate for reverse racism and he can eat shit now. I'm glad I 123movies free streamed that shit. I'm not gonna pay to hear I'm an oppressor. Hes playing a part who the real person was a french/Algerian. But still denies whites ever suffered I'm sure. But he knows that story now obviously but forgot it in a day I'm sure. Jesse Lee Peterson for president.
kjh098 Hace 14 días
Am I the only person who's excited? Newsflash: you can like both versions :O
Patriot Hund
Patriot Hund Hace 14 días
fuck this shit. dont touch untouchable
Game in Mobile
Game in Mobile Hace 14 días
It's Kollywood Movie 'oopiri'
Gacha ARMY
Gacha ARMY Hace 15 días
I always though Kevin Hart was Kevin heart who else thought that too?
Asger Hace 16 días
please delete this
henkebengke Hace 16 días
This is so bad
William Cheung
William Cheung Hace 17 días
The upside of being Heisenberg
My Friend Aj
My Friend Aj Hace 17 días
All the dislikes are from most from purests who hate the fact that this movie is an American remake of the original. They think it's unnecessary because we could just watch the dub of the original. I'm glad they made a remake, I hates dubs and subs, also the cast is better looking :)
Vergil Hace 17 días
yeah abort the original can not be beaten kevin is over rated not even funny
Tara Mega
Tara Mega Hace 17 días
Jean Nfnf
Jean Nfnf Hace 17 días
No need to make a copy ! Intouchables reste intouchables 🇫🇷
Schwarzertee Mitzucker
This is like spitting on a hero's grave.
Nina TV
Nina TV Hace 17 días
Its the same as the france part
Zombie Huyga
Zombie Huyga Hace 18 días
Did that white dude get rich selling Meth?
HallucinogenicMac Hace 18 días
Just be happy that Bryan Cranston is blessing this remake with his presence.
That_lil_Mex Hace 18 días
Does anyone know the old guy was named Hal in the show of Malcolm in the Middle
Mrs.Nickadeemus Hace 18 días
Omg will you frogs stfu with your pointless outrage? America churns out shitty remakes all the time to cater to the American audience. You don't like it? Don't watch them.
Li Lin
Li Lin Hace 18 días
This little man has something that's can't be described dude...
Li Lin
Li Lin Hace 14 días
Well that's your point of view Sir,
motorhome mike
motorhome mike Hace 14 días
i can it's called crap acting
Ottó Király
Ottó Király Hace 19 días
Taxi vs Amercian Taxi. Everybody know the result. :)
4wheelsanity Hace 19 días
Fuck yall talking shit about remaking the movie, if you dont like it just dont watch it, Kev's a legend. Intouchables is a great movie, I cant say its not, but every movie with Kev in it is a great movie too.
SnowBelow Hace 19 días
this looks good though lol, never watched the "first one" lol
- CallMeCrazy -
- CallMeCrazy - Hace 17 días
100% the original is better. Don't bother with this one
Invisible Hace 19 días
I'm confuse it's so close to the original but worse If you're inspired about Intouchable try something different maybe the dude is blind i dunno don't do the exact thing with too much comedy
Nancy Wilcocks
Nancy Wilcocks Hace 19 días
Love, love, love!!!!
CmanCorporations Hace 20 días
The hate for Hollywood is real. Y'all a bunch of babies in the comments. Don't like it? Don't watch it. Pretty simple to me.
Meaghan Merida
Meaghan Merida Hace 20 días
I'm really glad to see Kevin Hart in a different role and not in the usual really loud short guy who seems lost the entire time.
Julien Gong
Julien Gong Hace 20 días
Worst Hollywood remake battle - Intouchables vs Old Boy vs Wicker Man
Sea Hawks
Sea Hawks Hace 20 días
This actually looks like it might be an okay movie.
Abdelmalik el amri
Abdelmalik el amri Hace 20 días
Worst remake ever and they real person moved to Morocco and lives in Morocco now he was marocain the person
KT KLT Hace 20 días
What a racist movie
ryna andy
ryna andy Hace 21 un día
I still gonna watch this movie .. Because they have Kevin hart ... .. Who care remake or what .. Its 2019
Angry Polar Bear
Angry Polar Bear Hace 21 un día
My girlfriend's husband really enjoyed this movie.
YOJuniorHD Hace un hora
@Angry Polar Bear regardless, watch the original of this movie called the intouchables. It is much better than this...
Angry Polar Bear
Angry Polar Bear Hace 16 días
@VICTOIRE ! What's wrong? Did your wife's boyfriend not enjoy this film?
VICTOIRE ! Hace 17 días
Deirdre Morris
Deirdre Morris Hace 21 un día
Family begged me to watch remake: Was just horrible! Bad acting. Some scenes lagged. Poorly written. Boring soundtrack. 😵
king of controversy
king of controversy Hace 21 un día
Never seen the French version never even heard of it but I do like this movie
DTRP plays RB
DTRP plays RB Hace 21 un día
im watching this movie rn
inquizative44 Hace 21 un día
This is an excellent movie. This goes to show what a black man can do, if given the opportunity. He started his own business and provided for his family. Which is against the stereotype or popular opinion. I didn't see the original, I'm not stuck on petty issues of it being re-done.
Émilie Fletcher
Émilie Fletcher Hace 22 días
"Les Intouchables" was a brilliant movie. The last thing it needed was an Americanized remake.
Jere Pehkonen
Jere Pehkonen Hace 12 días
Émilie Fletcher and it will still stay a brilliant movie. I love kevin hart comedies and brian cranstons work, and want to see this for that reason. I doubt it will be as good as intouchables but a remake won't take anything away from the original, will it?
Hernán T
Hernán T Hace 19 días
Did you see the Argentinean version?
Augusto Brazil
Augusto Brazil Hace 22 días
Thanks for the suggestion: I will watch "The untouchables" again this weekend.
Hello 👋 just a dude who actually likes this movie here. Not gonna jump on the untouchable bandwagon.
Deidra Lumpkin
Deidra Lumpkin Hace 22 días
This movie was good. How disrespectful are you to speak of Americans that way. No on has said anything about the French version. So stop showing your stupidity and show that you are somewhat intelligent.
another dimension
another dimension Hace 22 días
Skeet skeet Brapp brapp
everyone involved in making this movie especially the director and hart, cranston and kidman should be really really ashamed of themselves. this really makes me cringe. someone else said it best 'its like remaking casablanca with adam sandler'
Bride Mi Jaja
Bride Mi Jaja Hace 24 días
Comedy version of The Intouchables... really... what a disaster
19dec1981 Hace 24 días
also nicole kidman cant move her face
daniel velasco
daniel velasco Hace 24 días
clicked. dislike. leaving.
K. Hace 25 días
These all butthurt people in the comment section makes me cringe
K. Hace 25 días
The ones commenting that the remake is trash .. better watch the damn movie first. And the ones commenting how these actors could do that .. its their fucking job lol. So shut the hell up and go away, no one forced you to watch this trailer
Jenna can snap
Jenna can snap Hace 21 un día
Exactly, I don't get why people act like little fucking brats
don magnus
don magnus Hace 25 días
You Don't Ever Make a Classic and Yes "intouchable" is Damn Good Classic Too
Robber Hace 25 días
The intouchebles?
O'NeillVols Hace 25 días
Just remember D-Day,who saved your country from the Nazi!
DarkJenko Hace 24 días
Remember Lafayette! Those kind of comments are really stupid. And even if we owed that it does not give the right to butcher our culture for the love of money.
Gladys Maddumba
Gladys Maddumba Hace 26 días
Do you really need to do this?? A remake?? The “Intouchable” CAN. NEVER.BE.REPLACED!!! Other self: oh fvck, i’m still gonna watch this anyway...
Marna Anthoniussen
Marna Anthoniussen Hace 25 días
and tell me, is the ''tom&jerry'' note in there ? if not, im not watching
MedusasKimono Hace 26 días
The intouchables one of my favourite movies... and then I saw this trailer...
phanindher jpgen
phanindher jpgen Hace 26 días
Jennifer Orellana
Jennifer Orellana Hace 26 días
Why wasn’t this film an Oscar winner ? It’s the best movie ,also Christopher Robin should have won too
Adrien Leblanc
Adrien Leblanc Hace 26 días
Hey guys, it's not a plagarism, but just a remake. There are a lot of movies that have been done and redone. Me who am French, I see it as an honor that this film is open to the international public. So just calm down it's just a remake.
John Smith
John Smith Hace 26 días
Hey, atleast this version has its own Heisenberg.
sailesh ram
sailesh ram Hace 27 días
Indian version is 30x better even than the original one. More insightful
Joseph Corcoran
Joseph Corcoran Hace 28 días
What a rip off the intouchables - just why??
Matthieu Hoarau
Matthieu Hoarau Hace 28 días
When Intouchables came out, americans criticized the movie because they said seeing a black man in the service of a white man was offensive. They said it was a racist movie. And now they made a remake --____-- Bitch seriously ?
sx SALTZ Hace 28 días
the french movie is amazing why did they do this? and with kevin hart...
p sjeweet
p sjeweet Hace 28 días
They fucked up one off the greatest movies
ibaxmamamy Hace 29 días
the original one (french one) of OMAR SY and François Cluzet is muuuch mooooorrreee better..... "Intouchable" !!!!
Edina Caso
Edina Caso Hace 29 días
This movie is not necessary, nothing beats the original... sorry it's a no from me...
Femi Oladosu
Femi Oladosu Hace 29 días
Walk The Moon
SrananKing Hace 29 días
Why tf is Kevin Hart in every movie. Should've cast Michael B. Jordan.
camila rabia
camila rabia Hace un mes
Guys everyone’s saying Untouchable is better but come they try to remake it a little better and if y’all don’t like it don’t watch it simple
Stampson Junior
Stampson Junior Hace un mes
Man, I don't know... The world probably doesn't need exactly the same movie, but maaaan, Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston - such a duo, god And I'm not even american to defend this movie.. And yeah, I LOOOved original Intouchable
ashishmehra5143 Hace un mes
Feels like I have already seena French version.
Razz Hace un mes
alot of people are being negative about this movie. its not the movie you should look at. its the story they are trying to tell. its not an improvement of the movie intouchables. its another movie created from the same story.
Josh Hace un mes
Screw the original one, this was an awesome movie.
antoine gh
antoine gh Hace un mes
Hi amercans, im french. Just one thing dont watch this movie and go watch ' intouchables' in American langage if you can
Xeno Hace un mes
Why did the make this?
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