The Wackiest Turbo Setup You'll Ever See!

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We headed out to Street Car Takeover in Bowling Green to catch up with the racing and this triple turbo LS Swapped Nissan 240sx definitely caught our eye!
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Comentarios 206
Mic Krout
Mic Krout Hace 26 días
I came on here looking for this car, I saw it today in Tucson Arizona. It is a quad turbo now.
Mic Krout
Mic Krout Hace 26 días
I saw the trailer hitch.
Daniel Thompson
Daniel Thompson Hace un mes
Learning is the best part
edward Matthews
edward Matthews Hace 2 meses
He should run the exit pipe over the roof so he can get thrust from it then a injectors to dump butane out it like after burn mode.
Felipewpew Hace 4 meses
Love it!!
Dillon Capps
Dillon Capps Hace 6 meses
900 hp my fucking ass lol maybe 350
Dbn Poldermans
Dbn Poldermans Hace un año
Needs way more tyre, transbrake
Dontrae12 jemison
Dontrae12 jemison Hace un año
475hp I could of sold u my388stroker sbc for half of wat u just put in that car it makes510fly wheel 700hpfly wheel with1kit really wish to see this at full build.
Matt Hace un año
Absolutely horrible
Adrian Mersk
Adrian Mersk Hace un año
I expected more power..
MrHillfolk Hace un año
:43 Get a hold of his buddy with the turboed Jetta and let’s see that next.
Nick Fiscina
Nick Fiscina Hace un año
To be honest I get it you know I mean there's some cars you don't really care it's a zerofucksgiven do whatever it takes by any means necessary make it fast and make it run and make it reliable who cares what it looks like good for you bro I like it
The potato Party pooper
this guy is building 3 turbo ls and i cant weld shit
therealAK ALASKA
therealAK ALASKA Hace un año
that's crazy but I bet its a blast to drive. ol pile
mark warren
mark warren Hace un año
Plumbed backwards, check bout diesel pulling.
ALKUKES Hace un año
I get it hes done it for fun why he didn’t think for fun so it goes faster
Azim Qureshi
Azim Qureshi Hace un año
Beautiful car
El CoCo
El CoCo Hace un año
Fckn weaak hahaha
V8ncenzo saviano
V8ncenzo saviano Hace un año
Change the belt!!!is too noisy risk to broke the engine
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson Hace un año
Background noice cancellation buddy. Damn I can barley hear the interview.
Geeze Luizzz
Geeze Luizzz Hace un año
1:35 for peolle talking shit. Hes just having fun.
Dr. AMG Hace un año
Looks like he is using the big turbo to feed the two little ones, it should be the other way around.
Sonos45 Hace un año
It doesn't look right but it is. Do a search for compound turbo. Mostly diesel's use compound setups. The turbo configuration is the same regardless of the fuel.
that dude
that dude Hace un año
chris thompson when i did it, i couldn't find a lot of info on compounds and everything i did find was for diesel stuff. Theory is the same tho. What i understood was the LP turbo is the biggest, HP turbo(s) smaller. A lot of the diesel guys run 3 of the same size turbos, two LP, one HP. Like i said, the big one will way out flow both of the smaller ones. It doesnt matter the configuration as much as the airflow is right
chris thompson
chris thompson Hace un año
that dude mostly because if you're using a compound set up to midigate lag you'd run the boost from the smaller turbos to the intake of the cold side of the compressor to spool it quicker... essentially what you're doing is creating a shit ton of resistance and not utilizing the CFM the larger turbo is capable of by directing it to the smaller turbines.
that dude
that dude Hace un año
chris thompson how so? All the turbo knows is its only job is to just compress air. It doesn't care that it's compressing already compressed air. It was easier to compound the turbos than to run a complex system of valves and actuators for a sequential setup
chris thompson
chris thompson Hace un año
that dude yeah but the cool side of the compressor is feeding into the smaller turbo's...which makes no sense
Capitão América
Capitão América Hace un año
Its an Automatic... HOW?
that dude
that dude Hace un año
had to cut out the factory trans mount and put in the one from v8schassis.com. used a van shift cable with some cable mounts i made and modded the factory shifter to use the cable. built 4l80e from a HD chevy truck. OH! and a large hammer in the trans tunnel.
luis calo
luis calo Hace un año
All that just for 12s kinda a waste but he gets an A for coolness in my book
Charlesbjtown Hace un año
Looking at the trap, I'd say he overestimated his hp by hundreds.
B McB Hace un año
what the fuck
JRSS23 Hace un año
To run a 12 u need 400hp now u tell me
dig larry
dig larry Hace un año
So what happened to him belt tranny ?
that dude
that dude Hace un año
first time at a tree with an auto. got some learning to do at the strip. normally, it only sees rolls in mexico....when its not broken
dig larry
dig larry Hace un año
Really that fucking add
Jeyck Gonzalez
Jeyck Gonzalez Hace un año
Awesome car 😎 At least he was having fun with it That’s all that matters.
Jon Banfill
Jon Banfill Hace un año
Dan23 7
Dan23 7 Hace un año
Love cars like this guys, his heart is in it, he wants to have fun, not too serious about it, car is rough but I love it. Maybe not 900hp though 😂
mikeyBIA Hace un año
Looks like my s4
MK 420
MK 420 Hace un año
Ooh no its retarded... Jk its just an automatic lol
Edgar Colon Cruz
Edgar Colon Cruz Hace un año
throw some slicks on thats beast!! it will make a huge difference..💪💪👍👍
Detonation Hace un año
That's pretty neat and interesting set up but why lie about the horsepower? Probably closer to 400 given those track speeds..
Bella Barlow
Bella Barlow Hace un año
But there’s an auto trans.....
Anthony Phillips
Anthony Phillips Hace un año
Look at his tires he's out having a good time that's what it's all about that's why we do what we do
william parada
william parada Hace un año
A turbo is a turbo, plus he beat both them
Justin Wood
Justin Wood Hace un año
Guy has an ls with 3 turbos on it!! There should be no hating at all.
HoneyDipp Biancaa
HoneyDipp Biancaa Hace un año
Eww it's ugly asf
Richard Bolyard
Richard Bolyard Hace un año
when he said " I move my house with it" I thought... u got a trailer too?
LuisFX Hace un año
Probably makes 900hp with 200 torque 😂
Sterling Bonner
Sterling Bonner Hace un año
900 hp running 12s🤔
LSX_ moe
LSX_ moe Hace un año
I like it
gnarkillSS Hace un año
10 anni svt cobra wheels in the rear👍🇺🇸🇺🇸
Bronco stang
Bronco stang Hace un año
Stock 5.3 with rods, pistons an cam hahahahahaha
Rgr Rpm
Rgr Rpm Hace un año
3 turbos 350 HP 😂😂😂😂🙄🙄
TEAMEAT SHIT! Hace un año
V8 triturbo and slow as f@#k.......... That's fricken awesome and I want at least 2 of them!!!!
FastChevy Z28
FastChevy Z28 Hace un año
I think is fast trust me don’t let the looks fool you
supranut 716
supranut 716 Hace un año
Awesome car
ramairgto72 Hace un año
Love this, lots of love to my brothers & sisters who really don't give a good GD what you think. Especially you McNasty's that post complaints on military videos about wasting tax money.
D B Hace un año
Yeah different and good on him for having a crack but yeah no way 900hp them sort of speeds at the end more like 450hp
tee mann
tee mann Hace un año
Nice I thought that was beachbend
Gustaf inhocsignovinces
"naah just 3"😰😁
Egglezo Hace un año
Poor kouki :(
LDN Wholesale
LDN Wholesale Hace un año
And it defenitly has a 'squeak' in the engine and running on 7. So mid 10s is very quick!
Fatboy412 Hace un año
All of that for 12s?!
B C Hace un año
Bad ass my dude!
Brandon A
Brandon A Hace un año
I kinda dig it. Like an import rat rod. Without ingenuity there can be no improvment
ricky saini
ricky saini Hace un año
He shoulda been doing those numbers all motor atleast smh
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