The winning performance of Salvador and Luísa Sobral from Portugal

Eurovision Song Contest
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Salvador Sobral from Portugal won the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv with the song Amar Pelos Dois. This is his winning performance together with his sister Luísa.


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13 may 2017






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Ana Higueras
Ana Higueras Hace 9 días
Alfaru Hace un mes
"amar pelos dias" 0:45 KKKKKKKK KKKKKKKK
José Ricardo Música ao vivo
So emotional.. Beautiful song..
C. Knuffi5
C. Knuffi5 Hace un mes
Without understanding a word, I understand all.
Zane_ Wolf
Zane_ Wolf Hace un mes
Даже если бы он не смог выступать, она бы точно все равно победила))))
Sophon Photirut
Sophon Photirut Hace 2 meses
The better version of this song.
Craig Bradley
Craig Bradley Hace 3 meses
Not a real winner! At all.
Fernanda Gomes Ferreira
Nunca haverá uma canção como esta no euro.
Tony Figueira
Tony Figueira Hace 3 meses
Sou Portugues e adoro
Tony Figueira
Tony Figueira Hace 3 meses
EU amo 🇵🇹
Stephen Gill
Stephen Gill Hace 3 meses
Music is feeling.... Absolutely
Königsberg Hace 4 meses
Это самое восхитительное,что я слышал на евро.Браво!Брависсимо!!!
Sendy's Wardrobe of Work
Hey, Salvador's the only singer who would willingly introduce the composer -- the true winner, Luisa Sobral. (Aside of being his sister ofc)
Pro Professor
Pro Professor Hace 5 meses
"Music is not fireworks"... Right right right. Bravo!
simeon rychen
simeon rychen Hace 6 meses
Königsberg Hace 4 meses
stardomee Hace 6 meses
I like this version of the song a lot!
Maria Fonseca
Maria Fonseca Hace 6 meses
He still the best winner!!!
HeatherPilarMusic Hace 6 meses
I just made a cover of Amar Pelos Dois, I hope you can check it out and tell me what you think 😊!!
iberiano1981 Hace 6 meses
compare this to all the bullshit on europvision...Forca Sobral
Nádasi Ráhel
Nádasi Ráhel Hace 6 meses
4:38 is the cutest thing i've ever seen in my life. The most supportive brother
Aaroni López
Aaroni López Hace 6 meses
Y El año siguiente últimos ajjaja
Imiva Sleyman
Imiva Sleyman Hace 6 meses
This year also music won!! As he said music is not fireworks it is feelings !! ❤️
Imiva Sleyman
Imiva Sleyman Hace 6 meses
Best esc winners : Duncan Laurence - The Netherlands 2019! 🇳🇱 Salvador Sobral - Portugal 2017 ! 🇵🇹 Both amazing songs , not special stage and don’t need! Music is feelings and it will always win!!
HeatherPilarMusic Hace 6 meses
I just made a cover of both Arcade & Amar Pelos Dois, I hope you can check it out and tell me what you think 😊!!
randar1969 Hace 6 meses
I would love to know what he thinks about this years winner...
frank mangan
frank mangan Hace 6 meses
best ever
Diana Morlim
Diana Morlim Hace 6 meses
"isto tava tudo comprado na verdade"😂😂😂love from Portugal ❤️💚
João Santos
João Santos Hace 6 meses
I came here to remember one of the best moments of the eurovision's history ❤️❤️❤️🇵🇹
Yin PT
Yin PT Hace 6 meses
As a portuguese woman, this made me cry with happiness. I felt so proud. Incredible feeling!
HeatherPilarMusic Hace 6 meses
I just made a cover of Amar Pelos Dois, I hope you can check it out and tell me what you think 😊!!
/-SpikeG4mer-\ Hace 6 meses
Thanks Salvador Sobral!
May Forever
May Forever Hace 7 meses
Amar Pelos Dias? What?
Silke Senyigit
Silke Senyigit Hace 7 meses
Greatings from Germany...I will always love this song ...he was my favorite and he won....such a wonderful voice....but ...can anybody tell me what he said in his language? I really would like to know
Jorge Belo
Jorge Belo Hace un mes
Um abraço para Portugal. Isto estava tudo comprado, na verdade...
BeyerT1 Hace 7 meses
The day when I got my hopes back about ESC as a contest being able to support good music....and then 2018 happened.
Rose R.
Rose R. Hace 7 meses
Unglaublich schön!!!,!,!
Layla 25
Layla 25 Hace 7 meses
Einfach nur wunder-, wunderschön,...Gänsehaut pur, jedesmal wenn ich diesen Song höre :)
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Performance starts at 3:58
F Hace 8 meses
0:26 can we appreciate that there's someone holding a pride flag on the right, while everyone else had the flag of his country? This somehow unites us all a bit. And Salvador in between us.
Dreamer Hace 8 meses
"Everything was bought, to be honest" (the contest, he means) I love his comedy, I--
Filipa Laureano
Filipa Laureano Hace 8 meses
acho que a voz da luísa fica muito bem nesta música!
The Gargantuan Gorgonzola
Say what you want about Salvador, you can’t deny he loves his sister very much
Zita Fodor
Zita Fodor Hace 9 meses
Water Melonyyy
Water Melonyyy Hace 9 meses
they both have amazing voices
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