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For it's 30th anniversary Nostalgia Critic looks over the twisted classic from Roald Dahl before it's rebooted like everything is. Let's take a look at 1990 dark fantasy comedy The Witches.
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The Witches is a 1990 dark fantasy comedy film directed by Nicolas Roeg, produced by Jim Henson and starring Anjelica Huston, Mai Zetterling, Rowan Atkinson, and Jasen Fisher, based on the 1983 book of the same name by Roald Dahl.
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21 oct 2020






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Ben Munday
Ben Munday Hace 20 días
@itsmehotpocket hell yeah! Love them movies ❤️
Jeffrey Herrington
Jeffrey Herrington Hace 28 días
You forgot to review Scary Godmother 2: Revenge of Jimmy.
Abby the foroocoon
Abby the foroocoon Hace un mes
@Snake Daemon Gaming yeah you're right
Snake Daemon Gaming
@Abby the foroocoon i know, thats kinda the point lets face it mr bean as james bond was wonder what other combinations would be bad oh prime minister bean
Abby the foroocoon
Abby the foroocoon Hace un mes
@Snake Daemon Gaming that's a bad combination 🤣
Prince_Nocturne Hace 19 horas
19:10 Wait... it's *NOT* normal to have the hots for animated rodents? Well, there goes all my pictures of Gadget, Mrs. Brisby, and Freya Crescent.
Kawaii-Potato-Chan Hace un día
This film was scarring to 6 year old me, my nan always had old time horrors playing on her TV when I visited, this being one of them (even though it's not technically classed as a horror). She was quite the film buff! She was also the reason I got into dinosaurs (and still love them to this day) after we watched Jurassic Park. Looking back now, I'm surprised she didn't put something more child-friendly on, but being as young as I was at the time, I never understood the plots, just remember the creepy imagery xD It's times like these that I miss my nan the most, where we'd watch old classics together.
SpiderSlayer 500
SpiderSlayer 500 Hace 3 días
Jesus! This whole movie should be an episode of DarkToons!
Hannah Shribman-Brown
Bruno's character in the book is hilariously stupid. He's so busy eating a sandwich a witch dropped that he hasn't even noticed he's a mouse. Literally, when the kid tells him, he's like "What do you mean? The fact that you're a mouse has nothing to do with me." Like it's not weird that they're the same size and the floor is inches away from his face, and then when the kid tells him he's a mouse he's like 'Why are you being so rude to me? I haven't been rude to you." And come to that, doesn't he remember those excruciating seconds when it was happening? What did he THINK that was about? The fur apparently feels like needles pricking out of your skin and shrinking feels like being squeezed down, and I haven't read that chapter in years, so I'm probably forgetting worse parts. It probably feels like far longer than it really is, but you'd think Bruno would at least notice that something had changed after that ordeal.
White Rabbit
White Rabbit Hace 5 días
I just saw Rowan Atkinson and audibly squealed.
Alexander Colon
Alexander Colon Hace 6 días
Can you please review the movie 'Clifford' with Martin Short?
Ajohnymous Hace 6 días
"Every child shall be rubbed out!" "Hey go back to looking like Morticia Addams and you can start with me :D ...The Good witch can help too, she kinda cute."
Trenton Hamilton
Trenton Hamilton Hace 6 días
8:53 *Best Nightmare Full EVER!!!!* 🤣
saffie girl
saffie girl Hace 8 días
I like the movie ending better. As we’ve seen with the remake, the original ending doesn’t work. It means, in the end, the witches eventually win. Charlie at least got the damn elevator.
Jeremy Tung
Jeremy Tung Hace 8 días
You joke but I’d watch the hell out of a Fawlty Towers with Rowen Atkinson as Basil Fawlty.
FalloutToonLink the Doom Slayer
FalloutToonLink the Doom Slayer
I watched this movie when I was little and I loved it. I wasn't even scared. But I was terrified of the movie, Aliens.
Christopher Carey
Christopher Carey Hace 8 días
7:30 what were you about to say?
Antti Ruuskanen
Antti Ruuskanen Hace 7 días
@Christopher Carey I'm was mostly assuming. If you are pure enough to not understand why he refused to make a joke about some kids getting "rubbed out", i assumed that you were very young/innocent.
Christopher Carey
Christopher Carey Hace 7 días
@Antti Ruuskanen I'm 31 years old. I'll be 32 in January.
Antti Ruuskanen
Antti Ruuskanen Hace 7 días
You know, maybe you are too young for these videos. Come back in another 5-10 years. Maybe then you will understand.
Artem Kashtanov
Artem Kashtanov Hace 8 días
danm, i never use mail but i want those stsmps!!!
lissybearx3 Hace 8 días
Not gonna lie; this movie scarred me when I first saw it as a kid! Not the whole movie but the scene where Bruno turns into a mouse. Not just cause he turns into a mouse but the visuals of when he's turning into a mouse! Beyond creepy!!
Chizik 777
Chizik 777 Hace 8 días
18:08 what did i see too?
Sean Last
Sean Last Hace 9 días
I saw the witches in school for english class and it terrified me.
Tirsiak Ingolf
Tirsiak Ingolf Hace 10 días
jokes on them, I'm ancient and I still look beautiful: I'm guessing these girls got the Malacath Skin treatment, sucks to be them. Hans, get these ladies some freakin' CRYOLITE, they look so unsavory and probably sweaty.
tdark987 Hace 10 días
That intro was awesome
Capn Danpool
Capn Danpool Hace 10 días
That intro hurts
Leo Conto
Leo Conto Hace 10 días
Don't look now but there's a tom and jerry movie coming next year
ShiniDekuran Hace 13 días
15:18 look closely at the neck. You can see it looks like a mask being pressed on. Could just be me though
CJ Killian
CJ Killian Hace 13 días
Lessons Learned: (1) Jim Henson was DARK! (2) Jim Henson + Roald Dahl= HOLY SH**! THIS IS AWESOME! :D
TheRichmaster Hace 14 días
A sequel about them hunting down witches could have been fun
Kid Kritic
Kid Kritic Hace 11 días
Since it wasn't a financial hope like they were hoping for, if any sequel was in sight, it was shut down. But that would be a pretty interesting plot.
Lewis Barrett
Lewis Barrett Hace 14 días
Fun fact one of the "male witches" is Michael Palin
KarIgnishaYumi Hace 15 días
This makes me sad and miss my grandma. But never seen thus movie.
Raelee Brunka
Raelee Brunka Hace 15 días
I remember watching this in class in grade 4 and it scared the absolutely shit out of me so bad that I hid behind a boy.
Natalya Karamzina
Natalya Karamzina Hace 15 días
Me too never seen this moovy before ^ω^ ˚ω˚
AJ842919 Hace 16 días
i watched this as a kid but I thought the terrible, props or crappy fx was intentional
God your right this movie is horrifying then the 2020 version
Aiden Hartley
Aiden Hartley Hace 16 días
I think the puppets for the mice were pretty cool
DigitFilmsProductions Hace 16 días
I never seen the witches either
Charlie Marsh
Charlie Marsh Hace 16 días
Pls do witches 2020
Kid Kritic
Kid Kritic Hace 11 días
He did a doug reviews on it.
Sky Fox Studio Funnies
fantasiazplatkami Hace 16 días
Anelica Houston is royal in every scene, so beautiful
meaganmw1205 Hace 17 días
Wait what did I see too?! I thought she was growing a Tumor of an eye out of her belly
Razer Hace 17 días
Seen the 2020 Witches, gotta say I like the 90s version better. The 90s Witches are more threatening, uglier, and more memorable compared to the 2020 version.
Camburger Hace 17 días
Your reviews are great I've been a fan since I was 8 years old
Jennifer is my name
Jennifer is my name Hace 17 días
That intro is amazing
Thomas Lamson
Thomas Lamson Hace 17 días
Doug way back when, reviewing Rockadoodle: unsure what a furry is Doug by the time he reviews The Witches: Mentions Deviantart every time a conspicious red flag appears in a kids movie Ah, yes. Character Development.
Maxim De Busschere
Maxim De Busschere Hace 19 días
EnderZ13 Hace 19 días
Will and Mary were joint sovereigns of Great Britain in the late 1600's.
MoveSpammerGuy team7colors
To be honest the elder hag is how a powerful witch would end up becoming in D&D. I will admit this would certainly scared a large amount of young children though.
Jonathan Green
Jonathan Green Hace 20 días
18:00 No, I don't.
FruitNinjaBro Hace 20 días
Literally shit my pants when i watched with my sister in 1997. I was scared go to bathroom at night for 6 month
Lord Dex
Lord Dex Hace 20 días
What could he not say?
Henry Mockingbird
Henry Mockingbird Hace 20 días
I wonder if he would give Matilda second chance especially given how he has changed as the nostalgia critic Like he did with Avatar
Surma Wolfsoul
Surma Wolfsoul Hace 21 un día
"I have something here I think you'll like..." *pulls a live snake out of her purse* What the reaction of a boy that age in actual real life would have been: "WOW COOL! THANKS LADY!"
Matthew Mertens
Matthew Mertens Hace 21 un día
It’s awesome to watch an NC review that doesn’t start out with a skit
jugghead82 Hace 21 un día
A true Classic
Dean Souza
Dean Souza Hace 22 días
It always confused me that when Luke got stepped on he barely even reacted, but when the first witch to get turned into a mouse got stepped on, she immediately went splat. Am I alone on this?
Collect&Make Movies
Collect&Make Movies Hace 22 días
I remember watching this at school and hearing kids cry.
IcedFate Hace 23 días
Gremlins is also PG. . . . . . . . so was Poltergeist . . but then again, that was before PG 13 existed and is part of the reason why we have PG 13 today. . .
Alexandra Matthews
Alexandra Matthews Hace 23 días
I enjoyed the light hearted review! This movie is a classic. The charity shout out at the end was what made me subscribe :)
Karin Brown
Karin Brown Hace 23 días
Can we all agree that NC ignored her talent when telling the tale? Also the author's, anti-Semitism. I would talk about the way he treats intelligent women? Ya know, any woman who challenges is evil..unless you are a passive grandma. No threat
jedayrubel Hace 23 días
On the Critic's channel - 303 964 views 15K likes On the channel with Russian voice acting - 110 728 views 11K likes It's funny how the Critic organically blended into the ru segment)
Chad Bradley
Chad Bradley Hace 23 días
Love the review. LOVE IT. But...strangely enough, I also really enjoy your comercials. If only all commercials were so entertaining.
It’s Just Your Aspergers
The scene where she took her faces off was forever ever burned into my brain as a child.
PikaLink91 Hace 23 días
19:10 Oh you don't need to be a rodent to have the hots for her :P
PikaLink91 Hace 23 días
16:42 Oh is that all? Live mice? I should start using that at home then.
PikaLink91 Hace 23 días
5:55 Starring Mr. Bean?? Who is Rowan Atkinson?
Selina Hace 23 días
While I like the film as a general, Roald Dahl was incredibly anti-semitic and the language used to describe the witches in the book are such anti-semitic dog whistles, it's shocking when you realise it. I know I can't unsee it
lunarrainbow2501 Hace 24 días
😂 🤣 loved the opening
The_BookOf_ Joel
The_BookOf_ Joel Hace 24 días
I loved this movie as a kid
AkuTenshiiZero Hace 24 días
I'm gonna be honest, I'm 35 and these camera angles are the thing freaking me out. Like the sheer wrong-ness of them and how fast everything is, it's just unnerving to look at.
pyromaniac Hace 24 días
Ah wonderful the perfect place to ask this question... is anyone looking forward to the Anne Hathaway 2020 witches movie?
P.Z. Arnott
P.Z. Arnott Hace 24 días
18:04 Saw what? What am I suppose to see?
Botta Hace 24 días
Oh this review made me laugh out loud real good. I needed that today!
Denise Hinton
Denise Hinton Hace 24 días
I like the Reboot of The Witches
Heero Yuy
Heero Yuy Hace 25 días
Saw this when I was 5 it wasn't scary it is cool but not scary.
MidnightSundowns Hace 25 días
This movie maybe, maybe, the catalyst for my reason to hate kids. I'm 33, male, got a vasectomy when I was 25 and absolutely hate children with a dire passion. I cannot be around them going so far as to avoid whole stores when I see then cliche mom cart her 5 children into a store... If that's the case I thank this movie. Children are not our future, I am not being sarcastic, stop having kids. Just stop. Stop new game + 'ing your kids.
Memerroni Hace 25 días
14:40 the irony is rats have no gag reflex
Memerroni Hace 25 días
*Based on a True Story if you are from India because they believe rodents are people too but wait Roald Dahl isn't from there so I guess it can't be based on a true story but I think he is from Europe which is the Contenant so screw you!*
Noah Harris
Noah Harris Hace 25 días
@Channel Awesome From 7:52 that sounded like someone’s eyes lasering someone to death. To 9:08 Tables?! Witches natural enemy. You really make me laugh. Lol
Tom Bennett
Tom Bennett Hace 25 días
Roald Dahl in a nutshell: Screw your bedtime, your pants need a little more shit in them! P.S. I read Roald Dahl’s autobiography, ‘Boy’ and you’d think “finally, something that isn’t an R-Rated children’s book!” Wrong! He described in agonizing detail how evil teachers used to be (trust me, just read it!), the time he got his tonsils out using ww1 technology, the time he got his nose sliced off in a car crash, or the injuries he suffered in a ww2 plane crash! (Jesus Christ, this guy is evil!)
mochiisyum123 Hace 26 días
The pulling off the faces scene truly scarred me as a child
John Olmos
John Olmos Hace 26 días
This was one of the movies where I loved it as a child but recently watched it and was like..... it’s not that great. Angelica Huston is iconic in it though
Aggressive egg
Aggressive egg Hace 26 días
Who else just waits for hallowe’en to end and watch all the hallowe’en stuff
HayHay Awesomegal
HayHay Awesomegal Hace 26 días
I don’t want cockaleekie, I don’t like cockaleekie, I like cress! 😂🤣
Gaming Goof
Gaming Goof Hace 27 días
6:51 So witches look like the birds from dark crystal humanized and cancer patients with a bad dental plan, good to know?
Gaming Goof
Gaming Goof Hace 27 días
I remember this movie. I honestly didn't find it so much scary as I did fucked up. I mean turning people into rats to eat them?
Fire Flower Bros
Fire Flower Bros Hace 27 días
Me and my sister watched this together... That didn't end well...
Sean Pultz
Sean Pultz Hace 27 días
Apparently their was a bald cap shortage in England so they used bald headed men. Off putting, I know.
Redwood Rogers
Redwood Rogers Hace 27 días
God, I remember seeing this back in, like, fourth grade. We watched it in class and it scared the absolute shit out of me. Didn't know who Roald Dahl was then, never read any of his books, and had only ever seen _Willie Wonka_ (which I loved, but they apparently took liberties with that version), but after this I didn't _want_ to know; all I wanted was to forget...I was much happier then... Although, I remember the ending still had him as a mouse, and he and his grandmother had built him contraptions to get around their house with. I guess that was the original ending. I assume Americans demanding something less bittersweet.
Cesar Castillo
Cesar Castillo Hace 27 días
Thx for the nightmarish memories
Victor Kempe
Victor Kempe Hace 27 días
This movie gave me nightmares for years
Mike G
Mike G Hace 27 días
Why Jim Henson? He Died On That Year This Came Out
Matthew's Random stuff
Cause it was filmed in the late 80’s probably in 1988 or 89
Synderth MC
Synderth MC Hace 28 días
19:12 you always had it.
Dual Moon
Dual Moon Hace 28 días
Best intro yet?
ɴɪɴᴀ3491 Hace 28 días
I’ve never been a fan of The Witches movie. I only recently saw it as an adult a few months ago and I can’t stand the little kid. I find him so annoying and obnoxious. So yeah... I actually look forward to the remake. I’m a big Anne Hathaway fan. She’s awesome! So, this is one of the few remakes I’m looking forward to seeing. I haven’t started watching the video. But, I’m not a fan of that annoying twerp. So I won’t mind you insulting him. I’m actually looking forward to hearing you hate on him for 22 minutes.
Thrackerzod the fandom nerd
I never thought of this as scary, just grotesque and unsettling. And watching it now, my viewing experience is helped immensely when Luke becomes a mouse. His acting makes the kids in live action dumbo look like professionals
Пан Сержик
Пан Сержик Hace 28 días
2020 Witches BAD! AWESOME! Disgusting!
Goth Nerd
Goth Nerd Hace 28 días
I heard Roald Dahl thought this movie was too dark.
E A Hace 29 días
This movie ruined my childhood
The Jacks Hammer
The Jacks Hammer Hace 29 días
5:00 Me; Imma thinking you're a witch ...so Imma just..... Mind; Ok dude get dirty, get dirty. Me; I like looking upskirt Mind; THAT'S TOO DIRTY! Me; *DESPERATE TIMES CALL FOR DESPERATE MEASURES!*
Thomas Mcshane
Thomas Mcshane Hace 29 días
I had a friend who came over and we watched the witches And cried his fucking eyes out at the sight of the high witch unmasked
Mychael Jones
Mychael Jones Hace 29 días
Thank god I disliked this NC simping for witches and mice 20 mins str8
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