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Snow Fox
Snow Fox Hace 2 minutos
#YIAYsub John I understand if you're going through a rough patch but I'd need another account to sub to you again.
Super Saiyan Carrot
Super Saiyan Carrot Hace 52 minutos
#YIAYsub because the people behind you
Laird D. Allenbaugh
Laird D. Allenbaugh Hace un hora
#YIAYsub But... But I am...
Why is my Account Blue
#yaiysub I can’t subscribe to anyone. I’m waiting till marriage.
Chanpu Hace un hora
What's wrong with a pocket Constitution?
Zach Robinson
Zach Robinson Hace 2 horas
#YIAYsub I am tho...
Banana Wolf and Apple Cat
#YIAYsub because I like less forhed
Invoker Hace 3 horas
#YIAYsub look me in the eye you know dam well dat i ve ben tryna tell you that i wont back doooooooooooooooown
Joey Diaz
Joey Diaz Hace 3 horas
#YIAYsub because u believe in that God damn wage gap If there was a difference in wage, y aren't companies just hiring women? Think about that
matthew cullen
matthew cullen Hace 4 horas
Hector Arellano
Hector Arellano Hace 4 horas
#Yiaysub because you look like you do coke before you record your vids.
Magical JellyComix
Magical JellyComix Hace 4 horas
I got customised marmite as well and I display it
Sambob06 Hace 4 horas
Oh I got a Guinness world records book on animals then it showed a dog’s instagram page then I saw a page with furries : (
Cowboy Cat
Cowboy Cat Hace 4 horas
#YAIYsub because there hasn't been a YGS in 3 months
3mil3 Hace 4 horas
you sound sad
Jordy Fingersh
Jordy Fingersh Hace 5 horas
#YIAYsub because of the bees
Gamer Epic
Gamer Epic Hace 5 horas
#YAIYsub because I don't have a account
Kai Wilson
Kai Wilson Hace 5 horas
#Yiaysub because the sub button is just to far away
Devon Krumme
Devon Krumme Hace 5 horas
Art is anal bar fuck my life god you should have got the milk you wanted 18 years ago
Miso Soup
Miso Soup Hace 5 horas
#YIAYsub I'm to busy listening to Kidz Bop
Odium Hace 5 horas
man i want that monopoly for millenials set because of the pieces.
Jojo Ledesma
Jojo Ledesma Hace 5 horas
I legit got a Fortnite shirt from my uncle and forgot it at his house in San Diego on purpose
SW Cubing
SW Cubing Hace 5 horas
#YIAYsub Because you never featured me on YIAY.
IndonesianMan Gaming
Blep Hace 5 horas
#YIAYsub By subscribing I'll have no choice but to acknowledge the fact that I enjoy your content. *That's a shame I'm not ready to face* .
Olivia :3
Olivia :3 Hace 6 horas
#YIAYsub im jack
Olivia :3
Olivia :3 Hace 6 horas
english is a second laungage
toilet man body pillow
#YIAYsub I am though
Maria Luísa Sena
Maria Luísa Sena Hace 6 horas
2:14 okay but why are you guys dressed the same?
Avery OwO
Avery OwO Hace 7 horas
#YIAYsub because you spent time making a video about you screenshotting your twitter post 🤔
JamSpoon Hace 7 horas
#YIAYsub Me want your grammar suck. But no grammar suck >:(
Pachirisu Electric
Pachirisu Electric Hace 7 horas
Your microphone looks like a dildo
Adi S
Adi S Hace 7 horas
#YIAYsub cuz I’m too unoriginal to get into a YIAY
Loralie Lynn
Loralie Lynn Hace 7 horas
#YIAYsub because you don't tell me to every 3 seconds
Retro Petro
Retro Petro Hace 7 horas
#YIAYsub because my mom doesn’t love me
Jordan Finnegan
Jordan Finnegan Hace 8 horas
This was great. Thank you
gatorade Hace 8 horas
#YIAYsub because you won’t feature me 😪
0_o PlayzYT
0_o PlayzYT Hace 8 horas
#YIAYsub I don't know.... YGS EVRY FRIDAY!!! Bring it back
why do I exist
why do I exist Hace 8 horas
#YIAY because PewDiePie comes first
TooRadtobeKaley Hace 8 horas
I got meme the game for my birthday last year😂
Alex Tompkins
Alex Tompkins Hace 8 horas
#yiaysub Are you subscribed to PewDiePie? If so, I am subscribed and plug PewDiePie.
Meowmeow Chickenpoppie
Because your forehead is blocking the subscribe button
Tomimated Hace 9 horas
That fortnite monopoly thing is actually real I live in Australia and saw it in a pop culture store
Mr.Duck12 4
Mr.Duck12 4 Hace 9 horas
Cuz u tresh
Silver Fox
Silver Fox Hace 9 horas
#yiay sub because if I subscribe a chain reaction of the space time continuum will create a black hole And the aliens will use the black hole as a portal from their universe to ours. But once they get here the portal will Overload with energy causing a Big Bang and everything will be wiped out completed until there are only those Few aliens. That means that the aliens will start a new colony and will eventually evolve into humans again But this time we will be smarter because the first aliens on earth were smart where as if when we ( humans) Started off we were dumb beings that had to make mistakes to learn from them. Now I’m guessing that the aliens Would be smart because how else would they know how to get from their universe to ours. Secondly they would Need to be intelligent enough to make a spacecraft strong enough and fast enough to travel through a black hole. Lastly my iPad does not let me subscribe to any new people
Young Meka
Young Meka Hace 9 horas
#YIAYsub sorry pewdiepie needed it more, you know, with the war and all
Binesha Vidanagamachchi
I have the fortnite Monopoly
Super Awsome
Super Awsome Hace 9 horas
#YIAY because a lot of us are loyal to pewdiepie
Julia Claire Taylor
Julia Claire Taylor Hace 9 horas
#YIAYsub because Jenna’s dogs are cuter and I had to choose.
Connor Gilbert
Connor Gilbert Hace 9 horas
#YIAYsub ... Because I've never been on YIAY before...
Darth Nihlus
Darth Nihlus Hace 10 horas
#YAIYsub Because we need to sub to Pewdiepie, our lord and savior.
Skydestroyer Hace 10 horas
#YAIYsub I'm too busy watching shrek.
Red Mayhem
Red Mayhem Hace 10 horas
#Yiaysub cause your forehead is in the way stupid
Colin Sheehan
Colin Sheehan Hace 10 horas
Because I haven't been featured on YIAY #YIAYsub
Wigglyfish 65023
Wigglyfish 65023 Hace 10 horas
#yiaysub I'm not allowed to get a Google account
Wigglyfish 65023
Wigglyfish 65023 Hace 10 horas
Or am i???????
Wigglyfish 65023
Wigglyfish 65023 Hace 10 horas
Yes I liked my reply to my reply to my reply to my reply to my reply
Wigglyfish 65023
Wigglyfish 65023 Hace 10 horas
Yes I liked my reply to my reply to my reply to my reply
Captain Nookbroski
Captain Nookbroski Hace 10 horas
#YIAYSub Because all my bots are subbed to pewdiepie
Ellisdude 200
Ellisdude 200 Hace 10 horas
#yiaysub I don’t know, John, maybe I already am.
Shrek Themusical
Shrek Themusical Hace 10 horas
#YIAYsub just cuz
Nevaeh Ramos
Nevaeh Ramos Hace 10 horas
#YIAYsub because Jake Paul won’t unblock you.
Will Titan
Will Titan Hace 10 horas
I got beer bread mix for christmas and im 12
YaBoiLeafeon Hace 10 horas
#YIAYsub because filmsjacks is better
Starlight B. - Gaming, Mapping, and More!
I got that Disney Meme game
Wikke Van den Brande
Wikke Van den Brande Hace 11 horas
15 second unskippable add thx dude -_-
WarLizard Hace 11 horas
#YIAYsub um er um I didn’t realize you noticed. I feel.. AMAZING RIGHT NOW WOOO
Crash BandiWoah
Crash BandiWoah Hace 11 horas
#YIAYme Because you have to subscribe to PewDiePie
Salmonfish23 Hace 11 horas
#YIAYsub because I don't want to, why else?
kaigudragon Hace 11 horas
#YIAYsub Because you choose Twitter comments more often
Ethan Perez
Ethan Perez Hace 11 horas
#YIAYsub i am
laceypennies Hace 11 horas
More like Monopoly for Millennials: LA Edition.
ItsJetty Hace 11 horas
I got how to draw fortnite :/
Snowball Playz
Snowball Playz Hace 11 horas
#yiaysub becaus I nut when im hungty
Logan Plourde
Logan Plourde Hace 11 horas
#yiaysub I am you cuckboi
Liam Moran
Liam Moran Hace 12 horas
#YIAYsub because you're fat haha
Kayk Boumb
Kayk Boumb Hace 12 horas
#YIAYsub Because it’s Opposite Day.
혜수이 Hace 12 horas
#YIAYsub Beacause LWIAY
Starcogirl24 Productions
Why aren't YOU subscribed to me? #YIAYsub
Josh Lanfrank
Josh Lanfrank Hace 12 horas
#YIAYsub You aren't rich enough Jack
Plarby Hace 12 horas
#YIAYsub because I'm batman
Sarah Rogers
Sarah Rogers Hace 12 horas
My friend got LIFE: quarter life crisis and it was actually really fun.
Gamer Faith Smith
Gamer Faith Smith Hace 12 horas
#YIAYsub because you haven't made a cover of despacito
Corn 183
Corn 183 Hace 12 horas
#YIAYsub I don’t know why you would say that. (Checks if subscribed) Oh it’s because you won’t feature me.
Lewis Leitner
Lewis Leitner Hace 12 horas
#YIAYSUB but I am ...... And your not a furry
taxisalad Hace 12 horas
#YIAYsub because I never get picked for YIAY
Jakob Morton
Jakob Morton Hace 12 horas
#YIAYsub I am subscribed I am sure because I hit it twice.
G.A.M Alexander Dering
#YIAYsub How did you know?
- LightSwitch -
- LightSwitch - Hace 12 horas
#YIAYsub Why does everyone have the same profile picture? Was I not invited to an inside joke?
Dream. Spxce
Dream. Spxce Hace 12 horas
Subscribing To Anyone Now Doesn't Affect Really Depressed Subscribers
baked potato
baked potato Hace 12 horas
#YIAYsub your forehead
Um Hi
Um Hi Hace 13 horas
#yiaysub ‘cuz.
Meredith Meunier
Meredith Meunier Hace 13 horas
#YIAYsub because I’m already taken by someone with a bigger forehead
Calcium T. Fanatic
Calcium T. Fanatic Hace 13 horas
#YIAYsub antsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsantsants
ya boi
ya boi Hace 13 horas
People be like, "I wish that YGS was every Friday." and i'm like "Why isn't YIAY every yesterday?"
Tealbanana 134
Tealbanana 134 Hace 13 horas
Because Shrek actually SUBSCRIBED to me first. #yiaysub. シ
Dagobert Duck
Dagobert Duck Hace 13 horas
pixsalgamer 27
pixsalgamer 27 Hace 13 horas
I got fortnite monopoly I hate to say it it’s fun
Oscar Gilman
Oscar Gilman Hace 14 horas
#YIAYsub I am John. I'm gunna unsub if u keep asking JOHN
Chase Hace 14 horas
#YIAYsub I just watched the emoji movie yesterday and it was a really great movie. You were right.
ButteredBreadSlice Hace 14 horas
Oh yeah yeah
Shalinado :D
Shalinado :D Hace 14 horas
#YIAYsub because i am not..?
Fjolla D
Fjolla D Hace 13 horas
Shalinado :D guess that works
2_screwz _loose
2_screwz _loose Hace 15 horas
#YIAYsub because my mom heard you say fortnite and made me unsubscribe because we go to church and they don’t like guns uwu
the Fizzl-o
the Fizzl-o Hace 15 horas
Because you haven't gotten to todays sponsor yet #YIAYsub
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