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7 ene 2019

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Comentarios 34 018
BlitzofChaos Gaming
BlitzofChaos Gaming Hace 5 horas
Jack I know this is old but I just want to let you know I've been subscribed to you since a time when YGS actually came out weekly.
Alice Ford
Alice Ford Hace 15 horas
I went to the comments to comment about grumpy cats death... and saw everyone had already done that
floris hofmeester
floris hofmeester Hace 23 horas
8:33 you can just hear jack die on the inside
Gurbhag Deo
Gurbhag Deo Hace 23 horas
At board game day at school the principal bought games and she fortnite monopoly was and I was forced to play that.
Errored animations x
My friend has fornite monopoly, im really disappointed-
Tripwire Gamer
Tripwire Gamer Hace un día
Because I dont wanna be #YIAYsub
Catstar 123
Catstar 123 Hace un día
I play fortnite and play fortnite monopoly
Kasey Hace un día
"Remember grumpy cat" Hahaha, that little shit is dead now
skrayy Hace un día
5:18 I got those from my parents
Slavic Dose Of Slavness
This video was actually released on MY Christmas
mason andricopulos
mason andricopulos Hace 2 días
heyy i got that disney meme game and i still havent played that
Morgan D.
Morgan D. Hace 2 días
And yet fortnite is still a thing in 2019... (sigh)
Mr Beast Soldier
Mr Beast Soldier Hace 2 días
5:27 Jason is so proud of you!
Forever Alone Agent
Forever Alone Agent Hace 2 días
Jason is so *Proud* Of you
Leo Rautenberg
Leo Rautenberg Hace 2 días
When's the 2019 one coming?
justsomeguy299 Hace un día
I'm just gonna hope this is sarcastic
Lilactiger245 Hace 3 días
3:42 I have the 2019 exploding kittens calendar 😅
Lilactiger245 Hace 2 días
swaggersouls but he's retarted The Comic why not bitch
swaggersouls but he's retarted The Comic
Why tf did you put an emoji there🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🅱️
Beat box Gaming
Beat box Gaming Hace 3 días
Imagine if YIAY was a youtube red series
Lil Pamper
Lil Pamper Hace 3 días
I Got fortnight monopoly for my birthday. . yay😒
Guacawoomy Hace 3 días
I actually got that fidget spinner bath bomb for Christmas too, and I went to Lush a week later to buy some lotion AND THE FIDGET SPINNER BATH BOMB WAS 15 DOLLARS
Ava Wilson
Ava Wilson Hace 3 días
I actually got my sis those grumpy cat pajamas
bepis Hace 3 días
8:37 then what are you recording with then?
Queen Butterfly
Queen Butterfly Hace 3 días
1:43 rip Grumpy Cat
Stupidpotatoman A
Stupidpotatoman A Hace 3 días
groovysheep Hace 4 días
1:40 this aged well
MineWarz Hace 4 días
9:10 Oh shit he noticed, ABORT
Prince SamVEVO
Prince SamVEVO Hace 4 días
Your voice sounds so delicious in this video
Davin Maja
Davin Maja Hace 4 días
About that thought about fortnite it was wrong IT HASN'T
Ooby The second
Ooby The second Hace 4 días
ClutchCityFraggers Hace 4 días
Fortnites Monopoly is good I have
RoLty Hace 4 días
5:59 I actually got that for Christmas
Brawny Python00
Brawny Python00 Hace 4 días
1:41 sheds tear*
ObiTrap Hace 4 días
0:00 i think im loosin my minddddd try to stay inside the lines
RocketBear Hace 4 días
I think the reason why the person got a slime book and the dude with the "floss like a boss"(cringe) t-shirt got it because their parents thought they would like it because other kids do
kfc bucket
kfc bucket Hace 4 días
Monopoly milenials cant afford real state because the people who dont know the rules ruined the economy in boomer monopoly
triforce of hyrule
triforce of hyrule Hace 4 días
r.i.p grumpy cat
BestBoi Pyro
BestBoi Pyro Hace 4 días
1:40 🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😢 RIP Grumpy Cat
ultimateninjaboi Hace 4 días
I legitimately can't tell if it was trying and failing to relate to milennials... or trying and failing to take the piss...
BrianLTU Hace 5 días
One moment you looked like steven ogg (gta 5 trevor)
EnchantedOcelot Hace 5 días
For the game tee, remove the not and every word after life Also dude that monopoly game is better then it sounds. But it's not the kind of thing to own. It's the kind of game you play once. Just has good mechanics, don't care about the fortnite shit Also why does Jack have so much against gamer merch?
King_Potato28 Hace 5 días
5:13 is it sad that I kinda want it
Mui polica Lajarona
Mui polica Lajarona Hace 5 días
#YIAYsub “why aren’t u subscribed to me?” Because U don’t know about this ESvid thing do ya welp ur forehead for example people don’t like u for ur personality on these social media they care about ur looks No tea no shade
Natalie Gill
Natalie Gill Hace 5 días
Am I the only one with parents who don’t give me shitty gifts lmao?
Xiaki Hace 5 días
#YIAYsub You stopped putting the “Ants” outro on your videos.
S.C Sinner
S.C Sinner Hace 5 días
Fortnites ded now
Moman Khan
Moman Khan Hace 5 días
flamenskall !-0
flamenskall !-0 Hace 5 días
1:38 Nope that meme is literally dead oh shit too soon?
triforce of hyrule
triforce of hyrule Hace 4 días
kinda yea
Hannah Fau
Hannah Fau Hace 5 días
the millennial monopoly glasses I think are the snapchat glasses.
some one
some one Hace 5 días
Here I was thinking that only 40 year olds named Karen were vegan
sir likestrainsalot
sir likestrainsalot Hace 5 días
i think the millennial monopoly was made by 60 year old men trying to hang on to life
Chirpy Grape
Chirpy Grape Hace 5 días
I have those fortnite socks and I know that they are not comfortable
Benjamin Engels
Benjamin Engels Hace 5 días
Please remember to take action against the climate and ecological emergencies today fellow humans
loodle Hace 5 días
i got the fortnite socks too
WHITE TIGER_YT19 Hace 5 días
I have fortnite monopoly
WaylonOnTheInternet Hace 6 días
#yiaysub because I dont have fingers
Egg Hace 6 días
*"that face when its' the gamers edition"*
KingDog Hace 6 días
“Remember Grumpy Cat?” That grumpy sack of fur will be damn well remembered.
Onshore Plays
Onshore Plays Hace 6 días
1:16 I got the exact same book as well
Spinny Boi Gacha!
Spinny Boi Gacha! Hace 6 días
Grumpy cat is dead, *LITTERALLY*
Pioneer Valley Vlogs
It’s really sad that I too got an elf on the shelf for Christmas one time😂
Mamameaoeayomamayeetheheckyousay Vincent regan
5:54 i got that to.
mr bubz
mr bubz Hace 6 días
5:27 Jason made that book, op will become better than ninja, he should be proud
Spicy Mcfish
Spicy Mcfish Hace 5 días
Oh my god
Graeme Gibson
Graeme Gibson Hace 6 días
Jack was in fine form for this one
Generic Clips Channel
1:37 Press F to pay respect 😭😭
swaggersouls but he's retarted The Comic
To your grammar or grumpy?
Xaviertj04_Playz Hace 6 días
2:43 I got that as well this Christmas
Yodel 4034
Yodel 4034 Hace 6 días
I’m scared for monopoly gen Z edition
Adventador Gaming and Geekery
im kinda late but i got friendzoned YAYYYYYYYyyyyyy...
EAL Hace 6 días
im sorry, im really trying to focus, but the mike just reminds me of a dildo
over-blox Hace 6 días
God I got one... I got a fortnite book this year.... why....
Pat Walshe
Pat Walshe Hace 6 días
Please bring grumpy cat back to life
sam hashemiasl
sam hashemiasl Hace 7 días
Rip grumpy cat
Nostalgic Summoner
Nostalgic Summoner Hace 7 días
top tip: come out AT LEAST a month before christmas
Owly Owlman
Owly Owlman Hace 7 días
4:27 My mother got me that t-shirt too. LUL. Mine's black with white print on it though.
Pakonja xD
Pakonja xD Hace 7 días
The was uploaded on Serbian Christmas
Twitty Birb
Twitty Birb Hace 7 días
2:42 Oh shit i got that mug at Dave & Busters
King Crozma
King Crozma Hace 7 días
You know that Gamers World Records book? This kid in my class got it with his own money Yeah
King Crozma
King Crozma Hace 5 días
@Rhiannon Holland it was a joke
Rhiannon Holland
Rhiannon Holland Hace 5 días
doge man
doge man Hace 7 días
#YIAYsub cus Tana Mongoose said I shouldn’t
doge man
doge man Hace 7 días
Update, she also said the N-word.
Hannah Bloom
Hannah Bloom Hace 7 días
The millennial monopoly glasees weren’t clout goggles 😫🤚🚫. I’m disappointed 😔
swaggersouls but he's retarted The Comic
Omg😮 you're☝️ right👉 🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿
sagiepuff Hace 7 días
1:14 I don’t put my Christmas stuff up for like another month lmao
Daniel YouTube Gaming
One time when i was a kindergartner i got for Christmas a stick so my mom would slap me when i am misbehaving. I threw that stick out the window
Markus Laanemaa
Markus Laanemaa Hace 7 días
15:14 I got these for my fucking b-day
Alias Fakename
Alias Fakename Hace 7 días
I'm sorry, but the Disney meme book is BY FAR the worst gift. *Shivers
Skyler Loughmiller
Skyler Loughmiller Hace 7 días
My youngest brother got fortnite monopoly
Grindy McFall
Grindy McFall Hace 7 días
#YIAYsub your forehead
Steve Moore
Steve Moore Hace 8 días
I got a flag Of Niger because my sister thought it was funny I’m American
Suffix Draws
Suffix Draws Hace 8 días
#YIAYsub Everytime I hear your voice cracks it makes me jump and hit the dislike button.
Folihagh Hace 6 días
so if he had 2 voice cracks, you dislike the video twice, which means you disliked then undisliked
pixar1995 Hace 8 días
1:37 RIP
Blue the strange kid
Roses are red Violets are blue Grumpy cat is dead And so are you 😬
Tim Kuppen
Tim Kuppen Hace 8 días
Who's here after the death of Fortnite?
Aaron Campbell
Aaron Campbell Hace 9 días
9:13 The look when u get one of these for Christmas
Loaxe Hace 9 días
Avocado Sauce
Avocado Sauce Hace 9 días
Can I mention that the chance cards in monopoly for millennials is even worse than the cover art
Mary-Kate Sheerin
Mary-Kate Sheerin Hace 2 días
Screaming Gacha
Screaming Gacha Hace 9 días
....grumpy cat noooooooooo
Biscut Bois Crew
Biscut Bois Crew Hace 9 días
I got the Disney meme game
Mikeman 88
Mikeman 88 Hace 9 días
My brother just got monopoly Fortnite for his birthday and it’s waaaay shorter like 20 minuets
Sean Kav
Sean Kav Hace 9 días
My brother got a how to draw anime characters book and how to draw furrys book for his birthday
lazy mich
lazy mich Hace 9 días
5:51 my "friend" has this
SomeDawidGuy Hace 9 días
He is so monotonous with the mic next to his mouth
Blaire French
Blaire French Hace 9 días
#YIAYsub Idk 🤣 ask Arin, ya big ole dumb dumb 👏👏👏
King Fizzben
King Fizzben Hace 10 días
I own those grumpy cat pjs lol
Konstanty Bar
Konstanty Bar Hace 10 días
The one with gay was So funny
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