The WORST Game of Geoguessr Ever Played.

Cody & Ko
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16 abr 2021






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Aashrayi Ranjan
Aashrayi Ranjan Hace un mes
you can sense how stressed he is by the number of times he calls geowizard, geoguesser
Lucille M.
Lucille M. Hace 10 días
@skvlly Ik so lucky 🥲
Bootyhole Stinkalot
Bootyhole Stinkalot Hace 13 días
@Jenna Haines what?
Kaila Jensen
Kaila Jensen Hace 17 días
I didn’t even notice help
skvlly Hace 23 días
@ChroLinkz stfu
ChroLinkz Hace 23 días
BridgetteGene Hace un día
“at least i don’t smell” bahahaha
Dream XCVIII Hace 2 días
4:47 Hold tf up, since when has Kelsey been thicc??? 💀, I always thought she was just super skinny
[REDACTED] Z Hace 3 días
8:48 dang, Cody down bad real hard here
Rob Hace 3 días
Do you... play GeoGuessr without moving anywhere? You know you can move, right?
Anna Jacobsen
Anna Jacobsen Hace 6 días
I’m from Denmark and I recognized it so quickley, mostly because og the housing
Reuben Hace 6 días
nah cant be having that english accent haha thats a violation
Annabeth Chase
Annabeth Chase Hace 7 días
Cody: this video is sponsored my native! Me, literally putting on native deodorant: “hmm I wonder what that is”
Kris The chap
Kris The chap Hace 8 días
Damn that deodorant smelled so good chilly had to get a closer look
Isabela Jann de Jesus
Isabela Jann de Jesus Hace 10 días
my guy really said "is a dry place" and pointed to argentina
Herman Danieley
Herman Danieley Hace 11 días
Sloppy effort. Emotion gotcha yet again... Shux.
TattedBoi Hace 12 días
Is you trying to be cool and growing your hair out your midlife crisis or something lol I heard you came up extremely gold spoon fed and rich..but I mean yea ppl don't start getting tattoos at like 35 or wtv and also you are the most obvious rich kid that's why everyone thinks it's funny you have hair like you do at as old as you are and just getting terrible tattoos because you never been thru anything in your life lol
TattedBoi Hace 12 días
I'm sorry I just hate fake azz ppl and ppl who try to look cool but there nothing like that..
Maya Sibley
Maya Sibley Hace 12 días
my greatest accomplishment is that I’m from the same hometown as Cody Ko 😩😩‼️‼️
Alvvay s
Alvvay s Hace 12 días
Cody after hitting 500 nic 5:04
Peach Tea
Peach Tea Hace 13 días
U were doing a calgary geoguessr and u guessed chestermere? that is a completely different city
Golden Dream
Golden Dream Hace 13 días
Just wanted to say that I’m really happy about Native deodorant being the sponsor! They’re a great company and even have some products that are completely plastic-free!
Nia A.
Nia A. Hace 13 días
when cody says your home town, but then pins down it in Finland lol
Linzie Stranger
Linzie Stranger Hace 14 días
9:11 me trying to fit the word count on my essay
Dan Ramani
Dan Ramani Hace 14 días
every single british person was offended when he did that accent lmfao
Paolo Hace 15 días
Someone tell him he can move... the challenge allows for it
emily yoder
emily yoder Hace 15 días
i’m from oklahoma and i thought he was right
Maddy Iwrey
Maddy Iwrey Hace 15 días
i love native
Josh Florence
Josh Florence Hace 15 días
trees...they look like normal trees !!
Anjail Bakeer
Anjail Bakeer Hace 15 días
Its hilarious to me that u expect to be good at this. Its fucking impossible lmao
Maddie Rose
Maddie Rose Hace 16 días
cody is mentally crumbling on camera because of this game
Nyxx Hace 16 días
Wow Kelsey I love the leopard print. I never knew she was packin allat cody atta meatsworth lets go
Shale Hace 16 días
Why doesn't he move around
provyprov Hace 16 días
Cody made a video of himself unraveling and posted it on the internet. Big respect
Yasmine Soltani
Yasmine Soltani Hace 17 días
eye ran
An&Ep Hace 17 días
5:47 😭
Ian Buzynski
Ian Buzynski Hace 17 días
cody is 100%the best youtuber on this app
Sarah Lodato
Sarah Lodato Hace 18 días
Chilli really stole this video tbh
natalia burge
natalia burge Hace 18 días
Wait...is it cheating to travel through the map?
Daeva Path
Daeva Path Hace 18 días
Bruh I don't know why , I've never been to Denmark but the instant the picture came on, I knew it was Denmark lol
Vinayak Prabhu
Vinayak Prabhu Hace 19 días
5:20 "what's up man?"
sofia mcguire
sofia mcguire Hace 19 días
most girls that go to UW suffer from major IBS. 98% of people who go to UW have severe poop and puke, diarrhea issues...WE DRINK MORE THAN ANYONE AND CAN HANDLE IT. FUCK WITH US. that’s also why WI is known aś the drunkest state
Leah Fisher
Leah Fisher Hace 19 días
I’ve never seen a grown man get so pumped over a cactus. Love to see it.
Evan Coberley
Evan Coberley Hace 19 días
If it makes you feel any better, I looked at those trees and thought it looked exactly like my hometown in Oklahoma
Amanda Jensen
Amanda Jensen Hace 19 días
Cody if it helps, when you guessed Oklahoma, I also thought it was Oklahoma, which is where I've lived all my life 😂
idcmj Hace 19 días
Cody saying he’s vaced and waxed imma need him to do a waxing video
Cara G.
Cara G. Hace 19 días
the sequel to "blue ass water": european lookin ass buildings
Cara G.
Cara G. Hace 19 días
and "long ass words"
Ryan Trenholm
Ryan Trenholm Hace 19 días
We do the challenge but get to see exactly where each place is as he’s doing it himself?
Paul Emsley
Paul Emsley Hace 20 días
Heres' a quick tips video that would have helped in Italy and Montenegro: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-3e4p2WueJnk.html
Dina Purpletonz
Dina Purpletonz Hace 20 días
Chilli is really just laying there and i want to cry bc he's just so cute 😭
Chicken Hace 20 días
This whole video is just watching a man get progressively sad every minute
Mateo Arreygue
Mateo Arreygue Hace 20 días
the dislikes are the people who had an even worse game in geoguesser
Lejla Kld
Lejla Kld Hace 20 días
Montenegro 🇲🇪 wuhuuuu
tiffany Hace 20 días
at the end i thought he was going to say "at least I don't smell, buy native deodorant"
Colin Hauser
Colin Hauser Hace 21 un día
Again with denmark miss hahah
Elaine Legaspina
Elaine Legaspina Hace 21 un día
GROW A MUSTACHE AGAIN PLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Jenna Allyson♡
Jenna Allyson♡ Hace 21 un día
i did the geoguessr for my hometown and literally one of the places was somewhere I pass on my way to work everyday
Mary Julienne Lauigan
Mary Julienne Lauigan Hace 21 un día
Cody’s channel is slowly turning into geoguesser and cut videos. And I love it
Emily Hudson
Emily Hudson Hace 22 días
I’ve lived in Calgary for a year and knew more 😂 Cody kills me
giulia Hace 22 días
honestly this video pissed me off lmao!!! HOW?? you were the epitome of the "americanness" by saying Mondregone uses english letters 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 it's so ignorant i'm dying. still love u but i'm not watching this
miko foin
miko foin Hace 21 un día
I didn't know you were from Calgary!! Mishpacha!!
kurvoko Hace 22 días
this is the closest cody will ever come to having anything to do with montenegro,,,
miko foin
miko foin Hace 21 un día
"The city is directly west of me" Goes east of the city
Jenn Hace 22 días
Don’t use native 🤢 leaves a terrible after smell on clothes that’s hard to get out
Z Wheezy
Z Wheezy Hace 22 días
you're so californian now that i forgot you're from canada
Hello Son
Hello Son Hace 22 días
I'm as dumb as cody. What an honor
VinorSion Hace 22 días
im fucking dying
Wyatt On Roblox
Wyatt On Roblox Hace 22 días
Cody I know everything in Calgary and I’m 13, so honestly I’m kinda offended you don’t know our hometown
Wyatt On Roblox
Wyatt On Roblox Hace 22 días
@bilishu aliss I’m not American, I’m from Calgary
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Hace 22 días
you can't be more stereotypically american
*********** Hace 23 días
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Hace 22 días
That English impression was shit
fr russ
fr russ Hace 23 días
Cody should do another Sweet Tooth episode
miko foin
miko foin Hace 23 días
I love how Cody's second channel is basically just becoming a Geoguessr gaming channel lmao
Zipity Hace 23 días
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Hace 23 días
Watching this sitting in Calgary
Treća Perspektiva Tarot
5:07 wtf Cody was near my damn house HI WORLD
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Hace 23 días
Charcoal deodorant stains light color shirts
kotakotakota Hace 23 días
Watching this and agreeing with you and then being fatally wrong... feels bad
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Hace 24 días
I love how Cody's second channel is basically just becoming a Geoguessr gaming channel lmao
Male Garcia
Male Garcia Hace 24 días
the fact that Cody called my country generic. thanks i know that no one knows who we are
Austin Elliott
Austin Elliott Hace 24 días
"The city is directly west of me" Goes east of the city
Dan the Dude
Dan the Dude Hace 24 días
I didn't know you were from Calgary!! Mishpacha!!
Xanxer Hace 24 días
Not me in Oklahoma: ye that's definitely us
Lydia Sadat
Lydia Sadat Hace 24 días
Cody pronouncing cucumber like that has Schmidt from New Girl energy
Ben H
Ben H Hace 24 días
That may have been the worst ad delivery ever. Made me wanna buy it less tbh😂
God Hace 24 días
I live in the uk and I’ve never heard someone say we’re late for the tea😂
L R Hace 24 días
That English impression was shit
Thorkell Hace 24 días
you can't be more stereotypically american
Sasha Hace 24 días
Those repulsive extra loud sound blasts that make me jump out of my chair are seriously annoying
Alex Sket
Alex Sket Hace 24 días
Can ya play the wiki game
Delta Hace 24 días
Charcoal deodorant stains light color shirts
Ashley Hace 24 días
Watching this sitting in Calgary
Joshua Larsen
Joshua Larsen Hace 24 días
Straight up my gamer tag is GrillDaddy lol
Diego Salazar
Diego Salazar Hace 24 días
Ah yes, the great deserts of southern Chile
Sachi Toprani
Sachi Toprani Hace 25 días
cody having a breakdown ab his guessing skills and blaming the game is my new fav thing
gianna z
gianna z Hace 25 días
when kelsea just dropped chili on the couch and then she just went with it and plopped down LMAOOO
doliio volay
doliio volay Hace 25 días
Cody: See if we can use what Geoguesser taught me. Geowizard: 😑
Joshuah V
Joshuah V Hace 25 días
That first one I was guessing Holland
Joshuah V
Joshuah V Hace 25 días
Are you an Noel still living together?
Kelsie MacDonald
Kelsie MacDonald Hace 25 días
You haven’t been to Calgary in a long time and it shows 🥴
Lily Rajaee
Lily Rajaee Hace 25 días
it's pronounced "ee-ron" not "I-ran"
lostinthelibrary Hace 25 días
“The ole backarooni”
Jordan Och
Jordan Och Hace 25 días
just move around a little bit lol
Mirm Hace 25 días
Cody: hey you got some “up guys” on your shirt there Me, an avid Game Grumps fan: going super Saiyan: IVE TRAINED MY WHOLE LIFE FOR THIS MOMENT
Jack Bishop
Jack Bishop Hace 25 días
Wait actually where is he from
mariah dyminski
mariah dyminski Hace 25 días
Keara Spiers
Keara Spiers Hace 25 días
I like the high exposure in the background from the blinds. The light is nice
The Other Guy
The Other Guy Hace 25 días
That thumbnail tho
Matthew Colitti
Matthew Colitti Hace 25 días
he didnt do that bad
younghex Hace 25 días
4:46 okay but why does Kelsey look kinda thick. I'm sorry
dragosanie Hace 25 días
I might have missed the part where he explains it and I don't want to rewatch the whole video. Why can't he walk down the street to get more clues?
Fhezi Hace 25 días
can u not say cucumber right
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