The Worst Slime Channel (Ft. Memeulous)

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will and george make fun slime diy life hacks and become multimillonaires like and subscribe
Memeulous: esvid.net/u-memeulous
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28 nov 2018






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Kuriguro TimeUwU
Kuriguro TimeUwU Hace 46 minutos
Don't be picky George has a lil *hickey*
H Hazard
H Hazard Hace 2 horas
I like to imagine that the ft Memulous means that he’s in the slime channel
Wqlfie Dubz
Wqlfie Dubz Hace 7 horas
I was going to watch a movie, then i saw this i was leik dnjsjs f*ck this movie i needa watch dIs
Matilly Unknown
Matilly Unknown Hace 16 horas
Collins Key actually does magic that's why he would bit the coin i use to watch him with my little cousin.
FoxyPirateFox9054 Hace un día
This bloke was on BGT and he lost braincells love is 0 in Ping Pong because 0=egg= L'Ouef = love "86-89 love" bruh
Donald J Trump
Donald J Trump Hace 2 días
50% of the comments: iS tHaT a hIcKeY?! The other 50% of comments : 90% of the comments are about george’s hickey
Victoria Hace 2 días
Colin has to be on some type of drug
Chloe Vanjel
Chloe Vanjel Hace 2 días
Congrats on 3MILLLL
SteffMevey Hace 3 días
Mate, hes a magician
Samuel Backhouse
Samuel Backhouse Hace 5 días
Alex is memulas he has a hickory on his neck and so does Alex
TheMadWolf Hace 5 días
Miniminter shags cats
Laura Abbott
Laura Abbott Hace 5 días
Dont donate to Mind it gave my mum like 3 mental health issues
Qwud Hace 6 días
I know I'm so late but miniminter shags cats 😂
FatCatAshes Hace 6 días
He has 19 mil subs now Lets hope he isnt the next T series
alex xx
alex xx Hace 7 días
Miniminter shags cats
Joa Jolie
Joa Jolie Hace 7 días
big George hickeyulous
XTown Hell
XTown Hell Hace 8 días
“Me on December first”
TheEdgySunflower Hace 8 días
i love you more than fortnite
Nitro Hace 9 días
miniminter shags cats lol
CloakerDoaker Hace 9 días
The BreakRoom
The BreakRoom Hace 9 días
Didn't he bite a quarter? Different composition mate.
MasterGamer Alex
MasterGamer Alex Hace 9 días
Please dont call Colins Key bad because his videos are family friendly,entertaining, funny etc
pixel Hace 9 días
at least we know where George gets all those love bites now😂
Swurvy Squirtle
Swurvy Squirtle Hace 10 días
The word ookbleck makes me want to hang myself
RubyLitten Hace 10 días
Is it bad that I enjoy some of their content?
SmartDash 100
SmartDash 100 Hace 10 días
I actually like Collin and devan sooooooo.... yeah.but I don’t care what ever you say about them
gatcha_Wolfie Hace 11 días
i just noticed the newcastle sgirt. died cringing.
Alex Hurst
Alex Hurst Hace 11 días
As a Mind employed therapist, sub to WillNE.
Crazy kittengamer
Crazy kittengamer Hace 11 días
Oh you haven't seen weird JSH DIY is a scammer apparently he can make slime with water, soap and salt -.-
Alex Stone
Alex Stone Hace 11 días
Willne:what's his name Me:its keys.... Collins key
Katy Wood
Katy Wood Hace 11 días
5:15 Collins: Yo we go the whole squad in the building. Me: Your outside
Katy Wood
Katy Wood Hace 11 días
Will: If your really about it Collin do a backflip. George: DIVE HEAD FIRST!!!!!!
Yanans Gay
Yanans Gay Hace 11 días
Why does he breath 😤
Marta Sz.
Marta Sz. Hace 12 días
Collins key is just a b-tech jake paul But even jakepaul makes some what original content
John Bishop
John Bishop Hace 13 días
Austinisenpai2 Hace 13 días
3mill!!! Congratulations
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat Hace 14 días
I wonder if anyone noticed the Hickey George has
Timber P
Timber P Hace 14 días
Peeled watermelon = Mark Robers idea
Sister Shook
Sister Shook Hace 14 días
I’m still waiting for the full video...
Rb 26
Rb 26 Hace 15 días
Why are they so red like really
Caity Marsh
Caity Marsh Hace 15 días
Please go back to the channel
J J Hace 15 días
i used to actually watch this stuff
fortnite fiva
fortnite fiva Hace 16 días
You to are better at taking the piss out of kids not making them happy
maja piasecka
maja piasecka Hace 16 días
*did you know imallexx makes 50k a month*
AlZz_G Hace 17 días
Hello willy knee
nutellaaa :3
nutellaaa :3 Hace 18 días
9 months ago: n o now: yea lets recommend it
Max Sheehy
Max Sheehy Hace 19 días
2019 anyone
Georgina Warren-Love
Georgina Warren-Love Hace 19 días
I think this is ma fave willne vid 😂😂
Yextreme Hace 19 días
I used subtitles on collins and This is what it said auijksdbib hasnfuyh agyuhj augisbhn d aglyijs eeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaee
No one: George: you know ImAlexx makes 50k a month
Salty MSP
Salty MSP Hace 20 días
Emerson Varley
Emerson Varley Hace 20 días
The life hack video was made on my b day
Gacha Twig
Gacha Twig Hace 20 días
he was on agt also wan to see you try more kids
kuno mi
kuno mi Hace 20 días
I feel bad for george , who knows what alex does to him to give him that fatal injury on his neck. One like one prayer for george
Cameron Ennis
Cameron Ennis Hace 21 un día
"Why has he got a key round his neck" "IDK George why you got a hickey on your neck"
Danielle Kent
Danielle Kent Hace 21 un día
But the British version
Gabe Lee
Gabe Lee Hace 21 un día
meme king 224 fnaf
meme king 224 fnaf Hace 21 un día
This channel is weed for kids
Zac Veitch
Zac Veitch Hace 22 días
This is honestly the funniest video I've ever seen
I am a Doggo
I am a Doggo Hace 23 días
Omg the end was so funny 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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