The Worst Slime Channel (Ft. Memeulous)

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will and george make fun slime diy life hacks and become multimillonaires like and subscribe
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28 nov 2018






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The Irish Ace
The Irish Ace Hace 17 horas
Alex is better than Stephan
シRoséanne Hace 21 un hora
Devan/Devon looks dead inside... I'm living for it
Chanya Nya
Chanya Nya Hace un día
Wait, was I supposed to stop accidentally hurting myself with fire when I turned 18? Because I’m 21 and lighting a candle with a match is still a tricky task
Liam1024 Hace un día
0:17 ITS LIT
Kalzdo Hace un día
8:38 got me bursting in laughter
operator speaks
operator speaks Hace 2 días
Your lucky their not like Morgz
Hi Bye
Hi Bye Hace 3 días
This is like 2 kids at a play date
Minecraft Villager
Minecraft Villager Hace 3 días
Their captions hurt my ears
oof its_gacha kadence ;-;
I like there channel T~T
Corvo Attano
Corvo Attano Hace 5 días
George has at least 10 perception in fallout
Ania Skibinska
Ania Skibinska Hace 5 días
Collin: *starts talking* Also colin: *he starts talking and is already red* Me: 0o0 hes red already
Red Wood Gaming
Red Wood Gaming Hace 5 días
Alex makes more in a month than I do in 2 years
The_Lit_Trio Hace 5 días
When I was 9 I was OBSESSED with Colin’s
Jeff Rey
Jeff Rey Hace 6 días
Ur sly
keira wilson
keira wilson Hace 7 días
am i the only one who noticed the hickey on georges neck 😂😬
eagles135797531 69
eagles135797531 69 Hace 7 días
See the hickey
Lennon Mcgill
Lennon Mcgill Hace 7 días
who’s watching in 2020 like if
ayqua inky
ayqua inky Hace 7 días
So as a kid I used to watch this and now I find it .....cringe?
ayqua inky
ayqua inky Hace 6 días
Nani not kid but younger person
Nani Hace 7 días
ayqua inky as a kid this came out 2 years ago
GetGrayed Hace 8 días
*D O N T E A T T H I S D O N U T*
Thomas McAree
Thomas McAree Hace 9 días
I laughed so hard it made my nose bleed
Lidia Nicoleta
Lidia Nicoleta Hace 9 días
Gotta get that 10 minute mark
Sandwitch Boy
Sandwitch Boy Hace 9 días
"if adhd was a video" perfectly describes how their videos are - signed a person with adhd
Emma Rickerby
Emma Rickerby Hace 9 días
Shout was very effective
[ •A V O • ]
[ •A V O • ] Hace 10 días
Correction I was seven when I watched this crap Okay 8
coolwwe Murray
coolwwe Murray Hace 10 días
He said we got the hole squad in the building when there outside
Baylee Moore
Baylee Moore Hace 10 días
Anyone else realize that at 6:55 Eminem starts playing in the background? ( I’m pretty sure it’s the song Without Me...)
Ready, Set, Game
Ready, Set, Game Hace 10 días
6:27 XD
DJ GAMING12 Hace 10 días
As soon as he started to shout my phone was on 10%
Nathalie Multifandom
Nathalie Multifandom Hace 10 días
This is the most problematic apartment I've ever seen.
Elias Stanley
Elias Stanley Hace 10 días
People who really watch Collins key
Slurfy gaming
Slurfy gaming Hace 10 días
Is it on the internet
Scp-096 Hace 10 días
*xxxjuice999* Hace 10 días
Look at the lovebite on George's neck lmfaooo
Felix Mounsey
Felix Mounsey Hace 10 días
The reason I watch you guys is because I've moved to Canada and they just don't understand banter out here... need my banter fix!
- Sunny Nerine -
- Sunny Nerine - Hace 11 días
And I thought my ADHD was bad…
Zoe that's it. my name is just zoe.
Fucking finally. Thank you for fucking calling them out after like years Lmao yh ik this was posted a Yr ago
Lindsay Gallant
Lindsay Gallant Hace 11 días
'I lOvE cOlLiN mOrE tHaN i LoVe FoRtNiTe'
Noor_m_b1412 Hace 11 días
7:48 Shane Dawson*
FaKeFaZe Hace 11 días
Anyone else notice how one of the twoti reviews said ‘what a 3hit show
The AK
The AK Hace 11 días
Yes I am dumb but what is a hickey.
Cosmogeo Hace 12 días
Why does George have a piss stain on his neck Is there something you're not telling us?
- Celestial Silence -
- Celestial Silence - Hace 12 días
6:26 Haha I get it--
Depresso Doodles
Depresso Doodles Hace 12 días
dOn'T eAt ThIs DoNuT
How ya Doing
How ya Doing Hace 13 días
7:48 miniminter shags cats
Micheal Afton
Micheal Afton Hace 13 días
3:23 fucking lost it
CrazeyP Hace 13 días
We rolling in money bois
John Donald
John Donald Hace 13 días
At 6:24 there is a green screen in the background
RavenRed ,
RavenRed , Hace 14 días
Time to leak the channel Collins Key c; OOP Already leaked XD
john O Sullivan
john O Sullivan Hace 14 días
The watermelon
john O Sullivan
john O Sullivan Hace 14 días
Well it was already cut
Ch4rish_ K1lls
Ch4rish_ K1lls Hace 15 días
Who tf is collin cuz we found his key
Frostly Hace 15 días
the hickey is when he drank belle’s bathwater
Peach Syrup
Peach Syrup Hace 15 días
He was a magician on the x factor and he was a finalist that's how he got famous
Slumber DIY2
Slumber DIY2 Hace 17 días
The fact that I used to watch this and enjoy it makes me sad
Peraon Hace 17 días
8:41 That scream 😂😂
Erika Thompson
Erika Thompson Hace 17 días
7:56 *Loser VIRGIN* 0:28 *Hickey on neck*
Barry Radplop
Barry Radplop Hace 17 días
My cat’s ear is orange
Dankosaurus Hace 18 días
*0:25** - **0:31* Takes the piss out of a guy for having a shirt that says, "yeet" _His partner in Minecraft Hunger Games was someone who TATTOOED yeet on their arm_
Brock Klisowsky
Brock Klisowsky Hace 18 días
Tell memeulous papa smurf wants him back
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