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Arsenal and Manchester United are not easy to watch these days but they’re nowhere as bad as Derby County was in 2007/2008. Derby County had such a bad year many called them the worst team of all time! Why were Derby County so bad that year in the Premier League?
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Unwanted Trashbag
Unwanted Trashbag Hace 2 horas
So it's clear that the writer has good knowledge, but the person reading is absolutely ridiculous. It makes it feel like he'd never heard of football before making the video.
joshua2010660 Hace 2 horas
title: the worst team in history first 3 teams said: tottenham, manchester united, and arsenal me: wtf
Dot The Dot
Dot The Dot Hace un día
Ibis is the worst team ever
Talent zunza
Talent zunza Hace un día
Like your vidz bro
123Tank45 Hace un día
There is nothing not cringe about the entire production of every one of this channels videos. Please learn how pronounce names correctly it is embarrassing to hear, also don’t have an American talking about football.. it’s horrible.
Gia Bảo Phạm Đức
oh please what’s wrong with you, that’s the first time we got to the final and we faced Liverpool COYS
VaporyToaster 78
VaporyToaster 78 Hace 6 días
Why did one of the player look like Sala
Fish Head
Fish Head Hace 7 días
Henceforth Derby's games should be moved to cartoon network to create space for correct football clubs.
Fish Head
Fish Head Hace 7 días
They have not met my school's football team.The word 'worse' is too good for them.
Jake Does everything
My great grandad supports derby
George Illsley
George Illsley Hace 9 días
He doesn't even say our name right and he s making us seem like the worst team ever to play ever. And he seems so happy to bad mouth a proud team who will return to the top, where we belong.
Hasnat Mahbub
Hasnat Mahbub Hace 9 días
3:08 that zero tho
José Fernando Villanueva Hidalgo
I think thw worst team would be the the last place in the second division of Buthan
7 7
7 7 Hace 10 días
They did on fifa, lol !!!
sadd cool roblox
sadd cool roblox Hace 12 días
Ivan Aguado
Ivan Aguado Hace 12 días
What about Veracruz (tiburones) from Mexico
Gilgons World
Gilgons World Hace 13 días
He says derby county
WHITE TIGER_YT20 Hace 13 días
Even though the have won a champions league
Chetan Chandhar
Chetan Chandhar Hace 13 días
Feeling bad for derby
Georgji Zhukov
Georgji Zhukov Hace 14 días
It is a club in brazil that have not won since 19 hundreds
co0kiesNcr3am Hace 15 días
Arsenal: am i a joke to you?
Rushel Dilusha
Rushel Dilusha Hace 15 días
Spur right know with Mourinho 🤦‍♂️😂 7 winless streak since 31days
Wiliam Man
Wiliam Man Hace 15 días
Azerbainan is the worst They are crap
Wiliam Man
Wiliam Man Hace 15 días
Big Man
Big Man Hace 15 días
Azerbainan is the worst
Manuel Simonian
Manuel Simonian Hace 15 días
Azerbainan is the worst team
UKI Hatter
UKI Hatter Hace 16 días
Derby county. DARBY COUNTY
IOS Scared
IOS Scared Hace 17 días
Manchester City 2 nil
IOS Scared
IOS Scared Hace 17 días
Beat lark 5-0
Game play
Game play Hace 17 días
And I thought huddlesfield were bad
Carlos pierre
Carlos pierre Hace 17 días
Derby County are better with Wayne Rooney
TCGHD Hace 19 días
Excuse me Man Utd are back on form
Elite_ RS100
Elite_ RS100 Hace 20 días
How are they the worst if they were in the premier league and the championship league?
Itz Amy2008
Itz Amy2008 Hace 26 días
YoU fOrGoT tHe MaLtEsE tEaMs 🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹 No seriously they are absolutely terrible, and I should know, I'm Maltese.
Kx on twitch
Kx on twitch Hace un mes
funny thing is derby county is my local team
Brix Trix
Brix Trix Hace un mes
DURRRR-BEE county. Prem-ear league. Can't you americans pronounce anything?
KaiRyan17 Hace un mes
surely Fort William FC gets a shout? No wins in over a year, no goals in almost a year.
Fernando Rod
Fernando Rod Hace un mes
Farmers league
Alex Brown
Alex Brown Hace un mes
Derby county did the 1972/1973 European cup semifinal but they lost to the eventual runners up at the time juventus
FBI Agent
FBI Agent Hace un mes
Ibis:Hold my beer
Khalid Abdullahi
Khalid Abdullahi Hace un mes
Weird people
Fuck of Tottenham r good come on u spurs
Thom123 Hace un mes
It’s prem ier
Caleb Mawlam
Caleb Mawlam Hace un mes
Sunderland *cough *cough
Rayhan A
Rayhan A Hace un mes
As somebody who lives in Derby, the way he says Derby annoys me so bad.
Jacob Morris
Jacob Morris Hace un mes
For fucks sake he said Derby wrong
Pizza DieGaming
Pizza DieGaming Hace un mes
Omg i got a Manchester United ad when I clicked on the video
Ex_lus Hace un mes
DeRby County
Joe Tolan
Joe Tolan Hace un mes
Premier prem e yer
Adskii Hace un mes
Jack marriot is my guy
UltimateGamer Hace un mes
It annoys me how he says derby and Premier
NewYorkRedBulls SignSomeoneGoodPlease
How about VERACRUZ in Mexico?
Sporty Girl
Sporty Girl Hace un mes
The worst team is Man U only because Wayne Rooney play with them
Jyotsna Singh
Jyotsna Singh Hace un mes
Me, clicks on this video hoping to learn more about some Italian 4th division, instead hears that his home team is the worst team in history especial when the team that he supports is arsenal
HrvojeCasual Play
HrvojeCasual Play Hace un mes
The Worst Ever Team in EPL
aqua Hace un mes
I want the old commentator.
make them cry III
make them cry III Hace un mes
Emaus my ex team couldn't win a match
super stars
super stars Hace un mes
They were so good we thought they were bad
Nathanael Jawahar
Nathanael Jawahar Hace un mes
In fifa 18 they had more money than Liverpool
Pondy Hace un mes
I'm a Nottingham Forest fan and I love this video!
Jacob Walkerツ
Jacob Walkerツ Hace un mes
when u fuck up a word it makes me cringe
Hayford Sarfo
Hayford Sarfo Hace un mes
saying 6 to 0 instead of 6 nil
Diego Ortiz
Diego Ortiz Hace un mes
At least they have Wayne Rooney
aiman hatim
aiman hatim Hace un mes
syeikh mansour should take over derby county
Noman Barcelona
Noman Barcelona Hace un mes
Their so bad my team destroyed them 3-1 carib ssfc won against derby academy
Mohammed Feeroz
Mohammed Feeroz Hace un mes
Pre-me-er League, is it so hard to say it right?
Abdooo Ssss
Abdooo Ssss Hace un mes
I tought real Madrid was the worst team🤷🏻‍♀️
neo pitamaha
neo pitamaha Hace un mes
Sir Alex Ferguson: don’t worry, we’ve got Rooney Solksjaer: Forget Rooney, we’ve got Rashford Rooney: joins Derby County Solksjaer: Woodward! Why didn’t you buy Rooney!
kemal ezedine
kemal ezedine Hace un mes
Nice one
Not Eugene
Not Eugene Hace un mes
Wow Disney out here trying to monopolize the world before 2014.
Ahil Shahid
Ahil Shahid Hace un mes
First 5 teams found in video Tottenham Man Utd Arsenal England Sunday League Team
M1021 Hace un mes
As a DCFC fan I'm having to leave after hearing Derby mispronounced for the 18th time in 4 seconds
Kx on twitch
Kx on twitch Hace un mes
M1021 same
FRAN Hace un mes
Outro song?
sam08yeet Hace un mes
no, they were the worst team in prem history not the world
Tottenham are great
The way he pronounces derby and premier😂😂😂
Lipov list
Lipov list Hace un mes
I have a team that was more bad then them. It’s Čukarički from Serbia in season 2010/11. They got only 5 points and 0 wins
Chris Viggiano
Chris Viggiano Hace un mes
Why did u play " God rest you merry gentleman" I mean it's a great song but Christmas is months over
Ethan Playz
Ethan Playz Hace un mes
Adamo Adamo
Adamo Adamo Hace un mes
Barça 11 history. VS. Réal m. 11 history
Abz Gaming
Abz Gaming Hace un mes
Wait till Huddersfield get promoted to the prem again
clakz 07
clakz 07 Hace un mes
Funny this team is better Than My floorball team and we are out of our league
Magnus Rifseim
Magnus Rifseim Hace un mes
Dont say zero, please say nil
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