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Arsenal and Manchester United are not easy to watch these days but they’re nowhere as bad as Derby County was in 2007/2008. Derby County had such a bad year many called them the worst team of all time! Why were Derby County so bad that year in the Premier League?
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16 feb 2020






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mr_ downy
mr_ downy Hace un día
How do united compare to the worst team this is a bunch of shit
JoBe YT Hace 4 días
Research on Brazilian club Ibis
Ningmachan Zimik
Ningmachan Zimik Hace 5 días
Believe me Arsenal is gonna be the next derby in 5-6 yrs
Toasterman Hace 13 días
Derby: I am the worst team. San Marino: Am I a joke to you???
TC20DCFC Hace 14 días
It’s pronounced D - Ar - be, my god as a Derby fan it hurts to hear Americans pronounce it the way they do. And yes we were absolutely awful, so much that its even funny for us Derby fans. Someone has to be the worst I suppose! 🐏
Clare&Ciaran Hace 17 días
What the hell? They actually won games? *--visible confusion-*-
Louis Dnd
Louis Dnd Hace 18 días
Who's Durby
Sidhee Gaal
Sidhee Gaal Hace 19 días
And Rooney is playing there...
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez Hace 27 días
Derby weren’t the worst team that season, it was the shit teams that actually drew against them
S1mba L1mba
S1mba L1mba Hace un mes
Dark Off3nsive
Dark Off3nsive Hace un mes
Sadly it's true but at least we got Rooney and a new under 23 player that scored 22 and 28 matches
Maksud Indawala
Maksud Indawala Hace un mes
Lewandowski scored more goals in 9 minutes than derby county have in the 2007/2008 season
Mahir Hace un mes
But Wayne Rooney was threre
Oh my goal: Derby county Manchester united: Hold my beer Manchester United 0-3 Derby county
Emmanuel Onyekachi
Emmanuel Onyekachi Hace un mes
None wants to play there and no fans 😂
Alwa Ist leben
Alwa Ist leben Hace un mes
In Germany the worst club in Germany who played in the Bundesliga got f***ing ONE POINT, ONE F***ING POINT, IN THE WHOLE SEASON
Krishna Simkhada
Krishna Simkhada Hace un mes
Why did Rooney sign there😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Mr.Rapper of the Year 2014 #
What a load of shite
Quek Jia Rong
Quek Jia Rong Hace un mes
Liverpool. Because I hate them
Joey Mackin
Joey Mackin Hace un mes
No one: Oh my goal:Premir league and dirby
RV Yeetuslus
RV Yeetuslus Hace un mes
Callum Pola
Callum Pola Hace un mes
Oh My Goal: Tottenham cannot win a trophy. Berbatov: Hold My 2008 Carling Cup.
Fishy nippys
Fishy nippys Hace 2 meses
Are you talking about Newcastle because they are the worst team in the world and history
Gustavo Tellez
Gustavo Tellez Hace 2 meses
alexplays _games
alexplays _games Hace 2 meses
I thought it was tottenham
Scope Hace 2 meses
*opens fifa*
Dimani The King
Dimani The King Hace 2 meses
Paradox SweatyXD ツ
Did they get their guniess world record
dayanand yadav
dayanand yadav Hace 2 meses
i looked up on the internet about derby and it was shocking Wayne Rooney was their striker
Jazib Salih
Jazib Salih Hace 2 meses
They have the worst logo too
gameboy625 Hace 2 meses
I have signed t shirt from Roy carrot
Coladean 28
Coladean 28 Hace 2 meses
I thought the worst ever team would never win a trophy even other clubs are worse
Frank FootyForest
Frank FootyForest Hace 2 meses
I’m a forest fan😂
Van Winter
Van Winter Hace 2 meses
Helen Garr I’m a Derby County fan I’d rather relive that season than go day to day without any football played😂. Times like these suck but it’s all about protecting our NHS and keeping others safe.
Anas mohamud
Anas mohamud Hace 2 meses
Atleast that team is better than my school team 👌
KYLE TUBE 90 Hace 2 meses
Lol the won fa cup in 1946 that's so long because my 75 year old grandma was just 2 back then 😂😂😂😂
Erikiscool07 Hace 2 meses
Ali Abbas Naqvi
Ali Abbas Naqvi Hace 2 meses
It's a shame Rooney plays for this club
Coolingboyz 26
Coolingboyz 26 Hace 2 meses
Rooney is now at derby
All Things Piano: Easy Lessons To Weird Experiments
I think Derby's ' Earliest Relegation' record was equaled by Huddersfield last year though.
Dang Thi Bich Dung
Dang Thi Bich Dung Hace 2 meses
Oh my goal: Derby County is the worst team in history. Rooney: I think this team is best for me.
Tasha kay
Tasha kay Hace 2 meses
oo the word being said wrong premier and Derby
B.T Hace 3 meses
Mozart symphony no 40
Unwanted Trashbag
Unwanted Trashbag Hace 3 meses
So it's clear that the writer has good knowledge, but the person reading is absolutely ridiculous. It makes it feel like he'd never heard of football before making the video.
joshua2010660 Hace 3 meses
title: the worst team in history first 3 teams said: tottenham, manchester united, and arsenal me: wtf
Dot The Dot
Dot The Dot Hace 3 meses
Ibis is the worst team ever
Talent zunza
Talent zunza Hace 3 meses
Like your vidz bro
123Tank45 Hace 3 meses
There is nothing not cringe about the entire production of every one of this channels videos. Please learn how pronounce names correctly it is embarrassing to hear, also don’t have an American talking about football.. it’s horrible.
Gia Bảo Phạm Đức
oh please what’s wrong with you, that’s the first time we got to the final and we faced Liverpool COYS
Fade_ Infinite
Fade_ Infinite Hace 3 meses
Why did one of the player look like Sala
Fish Head
Fish Head Hace 3 meses
Henceforth Derby's games should be moved to cartoon network to create space for correct football clubs.
Fish Head
Fish Head Hace 3 meses
They have not met my school's football team.The word 'worse' is too good for them.
Jake Fifa Fortnite
Jake Fifa Fortnite Hace 3 meses
My great grandad supports derby
George Illsley
George Illsley Hace 3 meses
He doesn't even say our name right and he s making us seem like the worst team ever to play ever. And he seems so happy to bad mouth a proud team who will return to the top, where we belong.
Hasnat Mahbub
Hasnat Mahbub Hace 3 meses
3:08 that zero tho
José Fernando Villanueva Hidalgo
I think thw worst team would be the the last place in the second division of Buthan
7 7
7 7 Hace 3 meses
They did on fifa, lol !!!
sadd cool playz
sadd cool playz Hace 3 meses
Ivan Aguado
Ivan Aguado Hace 3 meses
What about Veracruz (tiburones) from Mexico
Subbing to every body that subs To me
He says derby county
WHITE TIGER_YT20 Hace 3 meses
Even though the have won a champions league
Chetan Chandhar
Chetan Chandhar Hace 3 meses
Feeling bad for derby
Santa Offical
Santa Offical Hace 3 meses
It is a club in brazil that have not won since 19 hundreds
co0kiesNcr3am Hace 3 meses
Arsenal: am i a joke to you?
Rushel Dilusha
Rushel Dilusha Hace 3 meses
Spur right know with Mourinho 🤦‍♂️😂 7 winless streak since 31days
Wiliam Man
Wiliam Man Hace 3 meses
Azerbainan is the worst They are crap
Wiliam Man
Wiliam Man Hace 3 meses
Big Man
Big Man Hace 3 meses
Azerbainan is the worst
Manuel Simonian
Manuel Simonian Hace 3 meses
Azerbainan is the worst team
UKI Hatter
UKI Hatter Hace 3 meses
Derby county. DARBY COUNTY
Borez Yt
Borez Yt Hace 3 meses
Manchester City 2 nil
Borez Yt
Borez Yt Hace 3 meses
Beat lark 5-0
Game play
Game play Hace 3 meses
And I thought huddlesfield were bad
Carlos pierre
Carlos pierre Hace 3 meses
Derby County are better with Wayne Rooney
TCGHD Hace 3 meses
Excuse me Man Utd are back on form
Verxity Hace 3 meses
How are they the worst if they were in the premier league and the championship league?
XxBubble gumxX
XxBubble gumxX Hace 4 meses
YoU fOrGoT tHe MaLtEsE tEaMs 🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹🇲🇹 No seriously they are absolutely terrible, and I should know, I'm Maltese.
Kylesum__ Hace 4 meses
funny thing is derby county is my local team
Brix Trix
Brix Trix Hace 4 meses
DURRRR-BEE county. Prem-ear league. Can't you americans pronounce anything?
KaiRyan17 Hace 4 meses
surely Fort William FC gets a shout? No wins in over a year, no goals in almost a year.
Fernando Rod
Fernando Rod Hace 4 meses
Farmers league
Alex Brown
Alex Brown Hace 4 meses
Derby county did the 1972/1973 European cup semifinal but they lost to the eventual runners up at the time juventus
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