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26 abr 2021






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Shari Grant
Shari Grant Hace 3 horas
0:48 the level of skill
Rishu In Fun Land
Rishu In Fun Land Hace un día
ari.moonlight Hace un día
4:53 what kind of dog is it? please i want this dog!
Spankloc pimp'n
Spankloc pimp'n Hace 2 días
Don't run from the lord 🤣🤣🤣
Prachurjyarani Devi
Prachurjyarani Devi Hace 2 días
1:23 lol😂
Unbelievable World
Unbelievable World Hace 2 días
Deciree Aradillos
Deciree Aradillos Hace 2 días
Owner: *bark* Dog: *what kind of dog food had she eaten? Haa?? Did she just say "ugly" to me? How could she say that, i am so disappointed. Really, really, going out of the house. Hshsnshzjdbsksis*
Patricia burrows
Patricia burrows Hace 2 días
I am laughing my but of.🤣🤣🤣
buddymartin71 Hace 3 días
I think it’s wierd that they recorded the voice of I’d for the void of a dog
Jacob Boerboels
Jacob Boerboels Hace 3 días
The video was so funny 🤣 😂 the pug was so funny it was like he was a child screaming
John Alof Cunanan
John Alof Cunanan Hace 3 días
😍 i love this video 😍
Shatara Smith
Shatara Smith Hace 3 días
0 hi
SEMO KA19K Hace 4 días
Jose Luis Arellano
Jose Luis Arellano Hace 4 días
jouvilyn abanilla
jouvilyn abanilla Hace 5 días
this is disturbing actually
jouvilyn abanilla
jouvilyn abanilla Hace 5 días
Garseenie Hace 5 días
Was that a reindeer jumping in the yard? I think Rudolph was trying to get to Santa hah
shalaka lohoti lahoti
5:39 it is having a brain seizure 😂😂😂😂
Lucero Maquivi
Lucero Maquivi Hace 5 días
TriForce2882 Hace 6 días
6:27 that smirk lol
Cissy Lucas
Cissy Lucas Hace 6 días
Salsamay _nim
Salsamay _nim Hace 6 días
that's so funny😂.. thanks this makes me better, I laughed when I was crying:)
fgrtgd ghgt
fgrtgd ghgt Hace 6 días
The selfish gram retrospectively list because gate aboaly confess concerning a narrow season. yellow, lively driver
Silvia Rodriguez
Silvia Rodriguez Hace 6 días
The wide-eyed refund elderly curve because himalayan disappointingly delay atop a unruly commission. shiny, bloody icebreaker
Darkside Rose
Darkside Rose Hace 6 días
Cubexgirl 121
Cubexgirl 121 Hace 6 días
*dog acting crazy* Me:rip…
Megan Faye
Megan Faye Hace 7 días
No afens but cats are my less favorite animals and pets because they are.so sassy and mean but some are a little funny and dogs are my favorite pets and animals they are so cuteeee
Megan Faye
Megan Faye Hace 7 días
I don't know if dogs don't like ledtis and that's why he's mad or he dosent like diets
Fernanda Andrade
Fernanda Andrade Hace 7 días
Fofos Há Há Ha
Nicko Santiago
Nicko Santiago Hace 7 días
Rocio Mahe
Rocio Mahe Hace 7 días
Melody Davis
Melody Davis Hace 8 días
Cat kept scratching litter box door because litter box was dirty n he or she had nowhere too really scratch. 😳😜 TRUTH
Nannette Lovings
Nannette Lovings Hace 8 días
The easy pickle intralysosomally applaud because decimal geometrically present above a jealous dinghy. wandering, murky almanac
Jerry R
Jerry R Hace 8 días
Cool video
Josiah Nazareth
Josiah Nazareth Hace 8 días
I laughed the most at the Donald Trump Doggo
clarisse dane alontaga
When the cats take turns to eat is wholesome.
Gaur Akanksha
Gaur Akanksha Hace 8 días
First time of doing a cartwheel be like : 0:52
Gaur Akanksha
Gaur Akanksha Hace 8 días
0:45 person says park Dog be like : did you just say 'park' i'ma just stretch my legs.....
Dolores Rivas
Dolores Rivas Hace 8 días
I could not stop laughing
amy bartlett
amy bartlett Hace 9 días
Zhalla Arsalan
Zhalla Arsalan Hace 9 días
Jolyn Coga
Jolyn Coga Hace 9 días
Yesh Hace 9 días
The "dognal trump" was hilarious 😭😂😭
Dalia Hudson
Dalia Hudson Hace 9 días
1:49 cat be like "Why you so Dramatic "😭😭
Ussman Okal
Ussman Okal Hace 9 días
1:06 hi trump
Tony Peter
Tony Peter Hace 9 días
This one is very funny
WolfWarrior Hace 10 días
Fartsiesss R my fav
Fartsiesss R my fav Hace 10 días
18 :)
muffin XD
muffin XD Hace 10 días
muffin XD
muffin XD Hace 10 días
0:12 so Dramatic..
muffin XD
muffin XD Hace 10 días
friskplayz Hace 10 días
The one that started at 9:00 is so adorbs
Debra Keough
Debra Keough Hace 10 días
Most of them are really cute and funny, but I don't understand at all why anyone would think that a dog, growling and trying to bite a human, is even remotely funny or entertaining? If the people in the video are doing things to make the dog growl, that's even more wrong, because they're either irritating it or making it angry enough that it's trying to bite someone. In my world, that's abuse, plain and simple. And if you keep encouraging that pet to get angry and bite for the camera, remember when she acts the same way even when you're not wanting her/him to, if they bite someone you're responsible for it....I don't think that dogs naturally behave that way for no reason. And I choose not to encourage it by watching or liking this video.
kitty star and drawing
Kim Garrett
Kim Garrett Hace 11 días
You should make a really cute videos of them😽😻 cats
Marco Favagrossa
Marco Favagrossa Hace 11 días
3:30 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙃
For The Love Of Dogs Spain
The cats sharing the food!!! . Arhh, how cute
Toby Lack
Toby Lack Hace 11 días
Bambi be like
Dukkumar Koirala
Dukkumar Koirala Hace 11 días
Call me please
DDS KAMI OFW Hace 11 días
Just subscribed Love to watch
Wolfie _isaBean
Wolfie _isaBean Hace 11 días
3:17 😂😂😂😂 Don't run from the lord
Kodie Hall
Kodie Hall Hace 11 días
I’m dyinggggg🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Aiden Rhodes Williams
Aiden Rhodes Williams Hace 11 días
8:49 chevy impala badge
Godzilla 2099 Lord of all Monsters
paris stage
paris stage Hace 12 días
omg love the one that the dog was snoring
Exotic Butters
Exotic Butters Hace 12 días
6:23 it pulled a face 🤣🤣🤣
Clinton Thompson
Clinton Thompson Hace 12 días
The amazing adapter kelly roll because station strikingly offend astride a imaginary foundation. immense, brainy sundial
Gulzar Dar
Gulzar Dar Hace 12 días
X 67inches
Krisztina Kinder
Krisztina Kinder Hace 13 días
Zelda lovelette
Zelda lovelette Hace 13 días
That is so funny
вร мเ†๏קlลý
TheFatOtter Hace 13 días
the 1st one though-
Rocendo Diaz
Rocendo Diaz Hace 13 días
I like the tow cats Sharing bolw.
Sadie Snell
Sadie Snell Hace 14 días
you made me happy
Rogell Jeffery
Rogell Jeffery Hace 14 días
Its the dog's face when he realised he could go with nothing else🤣🤣🤣
AverieRockstar Hace 14 días
Omg adorable
Liza Rosa
Liza Rosa Hace 14 días
My jack Russell fox terrier mix, loves cat games.
Gabbey Smith
Gabbey Smith Hace 14 días
Yeah my dogs and nails is a whole other show.
Harlem Crenshaw
Harlem Crenshaw Hace 14 días
melu8587 Hace 14 días
my dog was scared when i bark at her she put her head up to make me stop it was cute
{.Fidget_Girl.} Hace 14 días
8:54 Ball:Ahh my face is very thick 😩 dog:wanna bet😉
{.Fidget_Girl.} Hace 14 días
7:27 Dog:I’m gunna turn u into a pancake 😏 Cat:No I’m gunna turn *YOU* into a pancake😡
melu8587 Hace 14 días
so funny and cut ahahahahahaha
Ivana Blagojevic
Ivana Blagojevic Hace 14 días
FretBoard Artista
FretBoard Artista Hace 14 días
at bark at the dog challenge dogs be like : MAIN KYA KRU JOB CHHOD DU
Anuruddhika Jayasinghe
i love your dogs
Portal Hace 15 días
XD 0:00 had started good
mandy moore
mandy moore Hace 15 días
“Dint run from the lord”! Got me idk why it wasn’t even the funniest but that’s about where I lost all composure
Otávio Campos
Otávio Campos Hace 15 días
V HARSHITH Hace 15 días
Don't listen with full sound at 1:50 minute
elijah bonnie1223
elijah bonnie1223 Hace 15 días
This is funny as heck
Elizabeth Diaz
Elizabeth Diaz Hace 15 días
When you don't have a dog but now you want one : Me: I'ma get a dog but it's to late cuz I have to wait till mah kid gets the vaccine T.T
Christopher Reed
Christopher Reed Hace 15 días
Ana Carmo Brito
Ana Carmo Brito Hace 15 días
Tian Tianz
Tian Tianz Hace 15 días
2:16 horse POV: why so unfair! Doggy can go inside but me not so cold outside !!
Tian Tianz
Tian Tianz Hace 15 días
I think shitsu are so short tempered
funny Animals
funny Animals Hace 15 días
Funny Pugs - The Funniest Dog Memes We Saw This Week esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-bk3UmPjaBKs.html
funny Animals
funny Animals Hace 15 días
Funny Pugs - The Funniest Dog Memes We Saw This Week esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-bk3UmPjaBKs.html
Liv Campbell
Liv Campbell Hace 16 días
5:36 is my fav LOL
Spankloc pimp'n
Spankloc pimp'n Hace 16 días
When the dog pulled a knife out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀
Pikmin 928
Pikmin 928 Hace 16 días
Me when I see a small bug in my room: 2:44
MarieMimiCatlover Hace 16 días
2:44 Pug scream made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂
SunSet Dragon Roblox Gaming 3
😂😂😂😂😂😂 LOL
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