Things Only True Fans Noticed In The New Endgame Trailer

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With Captain Marvel fresh off its box office-conquering opening weekend, Marvel is already thinking ahead to its next blockbuster, having just dropped the official trailer for the superhero-infused crossover event of the year. The new Avengers: Endgame clip is clearly built to stoke fan anticipation. Every moment seems to have something important to say, and comes with the potential of deeper meanings, hidden explanations, and misleading misdirections. Let's break it down and take a look at the details you might've missed in the newest Avengers: Endgame trailer. And just so we're all clear - potential and rumored spoilers ahead...don't say we didn't warn you, y'all.
We've seen this before: the Avengers: Endgame Super Bowl spot opened on a quick sequence that sped through ten MCU characters, most of whom had died or been snapped in Infinity War. Everything was in black, white, and red all over. This time around, the red-highlighted footage is back, and also specifically highlights some different faces...like Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor, and Okoye... four characters who did not get snapped. It's pretty widely known that Avengers: Endgame is the final movie in Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Evans' Marvel Studios contracts. That doesn't mean they're definitively done with their characters...but if you're gonna retire a role, you could do worse than saving half the universe, you know?
Meanwhile, that red coloring still seems highly symbolic. Red is often connected to blood and death. But - as we've theorized before - it could have something to do with the red Reality Stone and its possible usage in un-snapping the world. Will that gem be instrumental in defeating Thanos once and for all? If this montage means what we think it might, keep your eyes peeled for that scarlet stone...
One of the most exciting moments in the first trailer was the arrival of Scott Lang at the Avengers HQ with his Quantum-powered Ant-Van. While the presence of Lang in Endgame is a pleasant if not a particularly surprising revelation, one attention-getting moment occurred when Cap and Black Widow ask each other about what they're seeing:
Many detail-oriented fans seized on her not-quite-answer to suggest that the footage wasn't actually live. The word "Archive" in the upper left corner of the screen also led some to theorize that perhaps the security camera clip was, in fact, a very "old message"...and from a different year entirely.
In the new trailer, things seem to point toward a post-snap arrival for Lang. Ant-Man features heavily throughout the trailer, but one scene in particular shows a befuddled Scott looking at a telephone pole plastered with missing person posters. While this could be highlighting a particularly active day for kidnappers, chances are the scene puts Lang firmly after the snap as he starts to piece together what happened.
One of the biggest questions that's swirled since the dust from Infinity War settled was if, how, and when time travel would factor into Avengers: Endgame. Ant-Man and the Wasp explored the potential of the Quantum Realm, opening up the opportunity for that mode of inter-dimensional transportation to come into play in Endgame. And we know from that film's post-credits scene that the Quantum Realm is entangled with time travel in some way:
And as this newest trailer seems to indicate, it appears more and more likely that audiences will be pulled around the MCU timeline in Endgame. Keep watching the video to find Things only true fans noticed in the new Endgame trailer!
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Seeing red | 0:45
Lang readjusts | 1:42
Back in time? | 2:40
Where's Nebula? | 3:46
A long-awaited reunion | 4:47


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Looper Hace 6 días
Do you think there's anything purposely misleading in this new Avengers Endgame trailer?
Surf Surfing
Surf Surfing Hace 6 horas
Funny, how are the more powerful heroes are just chilling while everyone is getting destroyed. Too bad Blue Marvel & Sentry were not around during the Infinity Wars. Sentry is like a better version of superman, & Blue Marvel kicked Sentry's & the Avengers A$$ at the same time.....
Tessi Skye
Tessi Skye Hace un día
+Alex Fahey maybe Steve chooses to stay behind in the past to have his chance with Peggy?
CrippledBox 11
CrippledBox 11 Hace 2 días
Ingenious Movies I agree
PowerhousePR Hace 2 días
Stacey Segura Eeehh No she doesn’t 😂 Acting? I can act, i can and i have develop writings for Short films. I have my own personal production studio for small businesses. She can barely SMILE on her roles let alone ACT! 😃 You so Salty 🧂
knotwurk Hace 2 días
I'm betting on Tony never making it back alive, and that his appearance in that slow walk toward the end of the clip is just to throw us off. Sure go ahead and kill off half the universe, but once Iron Man goes down that's when you know sh*t just got real! [cue Avengers Endgame title sequence]
FED UPPERSON Hace un hora
If you pause it at 4:40 when Nebulas about to attack on that planet that's on fire & full of wreckage, if you look to the left of her(her right) you can clearly see a satellite, & once you notice that 1 you can see a bunch of them. So they can't be on titan cause those satellites mean they have to be on earth or a planet close to it & I imagine that all the trees means it can only be earth.
Benchap Hace un hora
Anyone else wondering if grout is still alive because he was part of the storm breaker cuz he was in that trailer
Leny Avilovy
Leny Avilovy Hace 2 horas
Thanks !!!! I'm Very Angry on This Moment because I'm so Tired and my mother Gronde me. Je pense que je suis enceinte 😎 Anonyme.
Darren Wall
Darren Wall Hace 6 horas
I would of liked it if she caught the axe then smiled..
Andrew Jenkinson
Andrew Jenkinson Hace 9 horas
Mmmmmm Bingo wings? 0:15
Travis Stoaty
Travis Stoaty Hace 10 horas
💚💚🌟🌟💙💙❤️❤️💸🎁🎁🏘️🏘️⚡️🌼🌼 ⚡️💥💥🍀🍀💛💛 *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* (Just ask Him)
Gerard Espiritu
Gerard Espiritu Hace 12 horas
Thanos retired to the Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao, Benguet, Philippines. That is an undeniable fact. They shot the rice terraces specifically for the Thanos scene at the end of Infinity War.
Galawgaw Tv
Galawgaw Tv Hace 14 horas
Filipino fans rejoice when Thanos(Josh Brolin) came to the Philippines with Marvel Studios to film that majestic view of the Banaue Rice Terraces where Thanos end up and sits like he is now at peace. Or is he?
Ayush Agarwal
Ayush Agarwal Hace 15 horas
Another thing you all missed out is that Drax is standing so still that no one saw him..... Even the director and Thanos forgot him😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Carpal Tunnel Gadgets
Carpal Tunnel Gadgets Hace 17 horas
If trailer is misleading. Then it could mean Tony and Nebula are not there with the gang walking with the quantum realm suits.
Aqeef Zafran2016
Aqeef Zafran2016 Hace 17 horas
They going to time travel..
Bitch Lasagna
Bitch Lasagna Hace 19 horas
I saw st...Stan Lee 😭😭😭
one hit
one hit Hace 21 un hora
Only true fans that spongebob has more than 1 square pants
Matthew McDonald
Matthew McDonald Hace 22 horas
Looper, true fans aren't in Disney's pocket.
Calt Thompson
Calt Thompson Hace 23 horas
We know where Thanos is... He's in Banaue planting strawberries. 😂😂😂
Kael Blaqhart
Kael Blaqhart Hace 23 horas
why is she always clenching her fists ... ?
T4CoF33D3R Hace un día
Yo why does this sounds like dexter manning
Abhisek Patra
Abhisek Patra Hace un día
I like this one better I would say why this one????
All2funny Comments
All2funny Comments Hace un día
Here are 2 things only True Fans noticed. 1. H ow Captain Marvel was never the most powerful Marvel Woman and or Superhero in the MCU and 2. How they made Nick Fury, to quote Mr. Samuel L. Jackson from Pulp Fiction, a B!tch
Magrat Knoblauch
Magrat Knoblauch Hace un día
I know it technically doesn't belong here under this video, but this has bugged me for some time: Thanos snap eradicated 50% of all life in the universe, right? So. all life means humans of course (and other sentient alien species), animals, plants, bacterias. Lets leave the bacterias out and concentrate on the animals, lets also leave out all animals except insects. It is estimated that per human there are 10 000 insects and all in all 10 quintillion (10,000,000,000,000,000,000) insects that are alive right now. So, if *50% of all life* would have been eradicated chances are that not a single person in the whole universe would have died. I realize this is nutpicking and maybe Thanos could control what life forms the snap would end, but I couldn't stop thinking about this. Just imagine he got to his goal, snapped, thought he had won and in the end only bacterias and animals die. ^^
Inaya Qazi
Inaya Qazi Hace un día
Did anyone noticed Thor's new hammer in avengers end game
Vectology Games
Vectology Games Hace un día
Plot Twist: The Skrulls replace the snapped peoples of planet earth. This would solve the issue of finding new homes for the skrulls and lead right into the Secret Wars storyline.
Just a random weirdo
Hopefully Thor doesn't misshots this time and goes through to Captain Marvel's heart
Of Truth Of Men
Of Truth Of Men Hace un día
Wait... what?!
Itz_Dani Hace un día
true fans?
Prasad PP
Prasad PP Hace un día
4:16 thanos is on earth.......can u see those flamingoes??
Ryan Chan
Ryan Chan Hace un día
Only true fans know that iron man is tony stark
sathish kumar
sathish kumar Hace un día
Hulk will return
misho stojanovski
misho stojanovski Hace un día
chipboy pw
chipboy pw Hace un día
umm thanos is at the philippines at cagayan valley xD
Thsazepi Anar
Thsazepi Anar Hace un día
So, all the subscribers watched this.
Reymart Collado
Reymart Collado Hace un día
I want Wanda back.🙁
Mike Queen
Mike Queen Hace un día
Hopefully Hulk found his balls.
Angel Carrasco
Angel Carrasco Hace un día
I think everyone is overthinking the red filter, I think it's just red for marvel studios
InsaneFlame Hace un día
Things only true fans noticed about the Avengers Endgame trailer! Number 5: Captain Marvel is in the movie!
parvath sandeepreddy
Is the background music too loud and dominating or am i feeling it that way
XxKazxX xoxo
XxKazxX xoxo Hace un día
What if the big fight never happened... what if Strange saw how to defeat him and that’s too take the infinity gauntlet from Thanos but the only who can wield it is Thor
Delta Nest
Delta Nest Hace un día
Mathew Leary
Mathew Leary Hace un día
Go Mets u imbisol
RichyBananas Hace un día
I know what will happen, I am a worker in marvel. Thor aims at his head but pulls a reverse card and it teleports hitting Thanos
Michael Odiase
Michael Odiase Hace un día
bring domino
Official_Samuroid Hace 2 días
The guys voice sounds so calm
Kashif Kamal
Kashif Kamal Hace 2 días
They will go time Travel and bring back everyone including infinity stones maybe?
GamerJohn 102
GamerJohn 102 Hace 2 días
The hammer Thor summoned looked like mjnoir
BMV the man
BMV the man Hace 2 días
Who are all waiting...
Shawn Rye
Shawn Rye Hace 2 días
I noticed that Thor had his hammer and not that AX he made in the Infinity wars, I wonder how that happened?
Sanjay M
Sanjay M Hace 3 horas
Nope dude it's storm breaker..not his hammer..his hammer was destroyed in Thor:Ragnarok.
Santiag Garcia
Santiag Garcia Hace 2 días
at 3:45 does anyone else not notice tony stark
Bruno Der
Bruno Der Hace 2 días
J.K Rowling reveals that True Marvel Fans are in fact gay.
バトラBattra Hace 2 días
And who are you to determine who is a real fan or not?
Ashwin Ruben
Ashwin Ruben Hace 2 días
Thor has his hammer back
Zach Fourzon
Zach Fourzon Hace 2 días
She’s got those I hate white ppl eyes
Obey -King
Obey -King Hace 2 días
Only true fans know Thanos snapped away captain americas beard and Hawkeyes hair
The KickAssNerd
The KickAssNerd Hace 2 días
True fans know that Antman would shrink himself, go to Thanos' bumhole then grow again. 😏
: Marcquess :
: Marcquess : Hace 2 días
Who got vibes watching the trailer?
Pew Brad
Pew Brad Hace 2 días
Okay, this is fine but I have also some points to share. Anybody remember Spider-Man: Homecoming when Peter leaves the party and goes right after the vulture and Happy had the big Andromeda plane ready to take off. In that point, Happy says "We gotta load Tony Stark's Hulk Buster, Prototype for Captain America's New shield, and The Megging... the Meg... Thor's Magic Belt. In Avenger's Infinity War We see Banner use the Hulk Buster. We never get to see Prototype for Captain America's New shield, and The Megging... the Meg... Thor's Magic Belt. In Endgames trailer We see Captain America is having the Shield again and as for Thor's magic belt. We have to wait until the movie comes out.
Rick Jones
Rick Jones Hace 2 días
#1 That Captain Marvel still has no personality.
ミン ミン
ミン ミン Hace 2 días
Search on youtube --> My sisters and me on the bus ishihara satomi
jon a
jon a Hace 2 días
Thor’s original hammer is back?
10000 Subs with no videos
The real reason why thanos wiped out half the universe is because he wanted the kill all the people who plays Fortnite
yagav yagav
yagav yagav Hace 2 días
you have missed one the thors hammer is been changed in endgame trailer
Ashiqur Rahman
Ashiqur Rahman Hace 2 días
Infinity war's trailer is from end game that's why it didn't happened in the movie
KindredGh0st Hace 2 días
My favorite thing about the trailer is how little it had of Brie Larson. P.S. I'm not white.
RK STUDIOS Hace 2 días
I noticed
Karen Conde
Karen Conde Hace 2 días
That city in 3:31 is in Tokyo. You can see the Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge... just saying. More excited to watch this now
Diek Krid
Diek Krid Hace 2 días
The infinity war trailer scene of the hulk in wakanda isn’t a misdirect. It’s actually a scene from Endgame.prove me wrong
Hamtaro Tot
Hamtaro Tot Hace 2 días
Cardo Dalisay will join the Avengers Soon
Brian VM
Brian VM Hace 2 días
Marvel is the top
Hanji Takumen
Hanji Takumen Hace 2 días
Nimra Batool
Nimra Batool Hace 3 días
Captain Marvel almost had a facial expression. Amazing.
Adam Foulkes
Adam Foulkes Hace 3 días
Space sootes
Ahmet Dibrani
Ahmet Dibrani Hace 3 días
XD Gaming
XD Gaming Hace 3 días
they still didn't show hulk in next trailer
XD Gaming
XD Gaming Hace 3 días
i feel nebula is really at titan at that time
XD Gaming
XD Gaming Hace 3 días
red could mean, that dusted avengers aren't dusted? haha lol btw search on google avengers endgame, and it shows that avengers have to get back their friends
Sarah Derra
Sarah Derra Hace 3 días
If you're reading this, there's a 50% chance you're a boy
NoKi Hace 3 días
Buddha Man
Buddha Man Hace 3 días
Roses are red Many are dead I still can’t believe Thor didn’t go for the head
Mala Jain
Mala Jain Hace 2 días
This comment is dead
Reasonable Netizen
Reasonable Netizen Hace 3 días
3:37 is not Avengers jet but Wakanda Jet at 4:17 with Okoye in it.
Bryan Fuller
Bryan Fuller Hace 3 días
Valley verbatim sending me an email from a non-response ESvid account super smart you are!!!
Hit like if u wana se Thor and cpatn Marvel together
Al Kahfi
Al Kahfi Hace 3 días
Thanos is in Ubud right now
Yashiv Ramdarie
Yashiv Ramdarie Hace 3 días
Where the f is the Hulk
Kouy Ratin
Kouy Ratin Hace 3 días
Search on youtube --> Mother and uncle clean the stairs ishihara satomi
PsychoYasii Hace 3 días
That’s Tokyo you idiot
Lea Morales
Lea Morales Hace 3 días
them wearing same suit Hank Pym was wearing when he dive into the quantum realm may says a lot and Antman had that healing thing when he dive in at his movie's post credit.
indian gamer
indian gamer Hace 3 días
Thor has a hanmer but in infinity war he has a axe!
100k Subs Without A Video
0:15 watch this. When thor say "I like this one", we can clearly see that it's stormbreaker
100k Subs Without A Video
No man. It's stormbreaker
Tony Cunningham
Tony Cunningham Hace 3 días
3:45 Do you see Tony?
Josh Godbey
Josh Godbey Hace 3 días
It wasn't a decimation. That would have only been 10%.
Beat The Game
Beat The Game Hace 3 días
If ant man wear the avenger armor how is he gonna shrink
Nation wide
Nation wide Hace 3 días
I think you missed a few points that could potentially pan out. "Don't get stuck in a time vortex, we won't be able to save you." - How Thanos will be beaten? "The Hulk wasn't actually in the battle of wakanda!" - But after they alter time, maybe this becomes a reality? Is that the whole point of the time travel/fix theory? I think Hulk will be seen in a second wakanda battle in which we defeat thanos.
Matrix Teacher
Matrix Teacher Hace 3 días
Such annoying voice and music for this video 😤
100k Subs Without A Video
Yeah i hate this voice and that annoying music is loud
KalilAhmed KalilAhmed
Dr.Strange to Iron man - There's is no other way As the Russo's insist me...
unknown man
unknown man Hace 3 días
But the truest fans notice all the moments from the trailer😃😃
Dhiraj Buradkar
Dhiraj Buradkar Hace 3 días
How come thor has another new hammer in new official trailer?
100k Subs Without A Video
It's Stormbreaker
Walter white
Walter white Hace 3 días
I don't think anyone except Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans can play Iron man, Thor and Captain America.
100k Subs Without A Video
No one can
Cornelius Jannen
Cornelius Jannen Hace 3 días
I have a question: Why would they casually sent Scott in the quantum realm during an invasion of earth??I mean, the whole thing between the first attack in New York and the snap must at least have been a couple of hours, so I think they probably would have noticed it. Or did I forget something and it was explained at some point? Greetings from germany
Christie Milano
Christie Milano Hace 3 días
Thor gets Mjønir back
In Japan
In Japan Hace 3 días
In the new trailer, I believe the city where the jet is flying over is Tokyo with the rainbow bridge in front and Tokyo Tower on the left side of the shot.
El Elegido
El Elegido Hace 3 días
OKOYE not Okaye. If only you knew the meaning of that name....ndi ara.
FaZe_ Scorpion
FaZe_ Scorpion Hace 3 días
i notice that
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