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In this video, we’ll cover all you need to know before traveling to Los Angeles. Check out also 👉10 things to do in Los Angeles esvid.net/video/vídeo--FzSLCXBF18.html
#16: THE MAP OF L.A.
Google Maps: apple.co/2DRzzId (iOS), bit.ly/2Rwig2F (Android)
Waze: apple.co/2NLpxvf (iOS), bit.ly/2H2L3Lw (Android)
Apple Maps: apple.co/2GfcQax (iOS only)
Travel between 10 AM and 3 PM and after 9 PM in the evening (weekdays) - rush hours can stretch either way and there are no guarantees.
#14: SAFETY: LA has both extremely safe as well as extremely dangerous neighborhoods. Avoid these places: Skid Row, Pico-Union, South Central, Westlake, Boyle Heights, Compton, etc.
The warmest months: July - September, average temperature in August is 84 °F (29 °C)
Water temperature (ocean): ~ 68 °F (20 °C) in the summer
Winter months: more wet, especially February, average high temperature: ~ 68 °F (20 °C) with the lows ~ 48 °F (9 °C) during the day
Smog is a very common phenomenon in LA.
#12: BEST TIME TO TRAVEL: March-May, September - November. Average temperatures range between 70 °F and 84 °F (21°C and 29°C) during the day
An average 3* hotel costs around $150 per night. Best areas to stay are Downtown, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Grove, West Hollywood, and Westwood.
👉 Best apps to book your accommodation: esvid.net/video/vídeo-B7usOIXzAJk.html
10.1 FROM AND TO THE AIRPORT: Rent-a-car, Airport FlyAway Bus (www.flylax.com/en/flyaway-bus) shuttle service, Uber/Lyft, Shared Ride Shuttles, taxies. A free shuttle that takes you to the metro station.
10.2 GETTING AROUND THE CITY: Rent-a-car, poor public transportation (TAP card: www.taptogo.net/), Uber/Lyft, Zipcar -registration needed - Zipcard: apple.co/2TslVR9 (iOS), bit.ly/2S4eGSM (Android)
#9: BEST APPS TO USE IN LA: Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, Uber, Lyft, ParkMe, BestParking, ParkWhiz, GasBuddy, L.A Weekly,
5 EVERY DAY, GrubHub, Airbnb, Eatwith, Lime, Bird
(Links coming soon)
#8: LINES ARE EVERYWHERE: LA is usually a crowded place, you can expect lines everywhere.
#7: FOOD
An average meal at an inexpensive restaurant: ~ $14, mid-range (three-course meal for two): ~ $55.
Find less-expensive options with these apps:
TripAdvisor: apple.co/2ML2tfI (iOS), bit.ly/2RBBww1 (Android)
Yelp: bit.ly/2GjamYv (iOS), bit.ly/2RvDpKw (Android)
TIPPING: You should always tip in bars and restaurants. The normal rate is between 15% and 20% pre-tax for restaurants, $1 to $2 per drink for bartenders, or 15% to 20% of the bar tab. You should know that servers in the US are usually paid minimum wage or less and rely heavily on tips.
POWER PLUGS: There is a chance you will need special US power adaptor.
#5: DRINKING WATER: Tap water is as clean as bottled water
Groupon: www.groupon.com/, LivingSocial: www.livingsocial.com
Go Los Angeles® Card: www.smartdestinations.com/los-angeles-attractions-and-tours
SoCAL City Pass: www.citypass.com/southern-california
Free attractions (pay only for the parking ~ $15): the Getty, Griffith Observatory, Getty Villa
#2: WI-FI
Wifi Finder: apple.co/2tFj2kB (iOS), bit.ly/2TgyAtj (Android)
Wiman: bit.ly/2ECLush (Android only)
Sim card providers: T-Mobile (www.t-mobile.com/), Mint (www.mintmobile.com/)
Griffith Observatory, Hollywood sign, Echo Park, Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, Mount Wilson Observatory, City Hall, Getty Center, etc. Visit OUE Skyspace LA (SkySlike): oue-skyspace.com/
CC videos:
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Ah Moo in LA
Ah Moo in LA Hace un día
I am from LA but I am watching a LA Travel Guide
pradip bhandari
pradip bhandari Hace un día
Now, im in Houston, Tx .. I wanna move there ..😍😍😍
Manpreet Kaur
Manpreet Kaur Hace 2 días
bhot very bhot👌👌👌😇🌹
louie perez
louie perez Hace 3 días
How about the Aquarium of the Pacific, Knotts berry farm , Six flags Magic Mountain, Medeival Times Show and all those hundreds of Museums !
Vivien Papp
Vivien Papp Hace 3 días
Thank you for this useful video! :) Keep goin'!!
Hungry Passport
Hungry Passport Hace 3 días
Thanks Vivien 😀
David Olsson
David Olsson Hace 4 días
it looks exactly like gta v
Brianna Nava
Brianna Nava Hace 4 días
They always include Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Malibu, and even Inglewood. They never show Los Angeles/DTLA, the ACTUAL LA.
OkAstro DC
OkAstro DC Hace 5 días
So basically 6 or 7 boroughs of Los Angeles lmao
Kecaj ikslugor
Kecaj ikslugor Hace 5 días
Me watching this in friggin POLAND.. I was traveling 2 weeks in California in April. Ugh I want to live thereeee
Kecaj ikslugor
Kecaj ikslugor Hace 2 días
XikoGoPro I mean I think it depends. We just traveled around Beverly Hills, Downtown, Malibu, and all those type of place, and we didn’t encounter any bad things.
XikoGoPro Hace 3 días
I'm going to LA April 2020, is it really so dangerous as people here make it look it is?
shyamsundar y
shyamsundar y Hace 6 días
Do los angeles have very poor people
Cindy Jaropojop
Cindy Jaropojop Hace 6 días
is there uber in L.A??
Hungry Passport
Hungry Passport Hace 5 días
Hey there Cindy, of course, there is Uber in LA 😀
Ali Jafar
Ali Jafar Hace 9 días
Wow los Angeles in our eyes
Sonam Lhadon
Sonam Lhadon Hace 10 días
I am visiting LA as a solo traveller for a day. Please suggest me top most tourist attraction places.
Francisco Santoyo
Francisco Santoyo Hace 10 días
Lmfao I'm from boyle heights and I'm more scared to be out in Hollywood. This guys video is all wrong 💀💀
Los Angeles Embassy
Los Angeles Embassy Hace 10 días
Well done, i'd like to say thank you for making a video about such a beautiful city
jordon Garcia
jordon Garcia Hace 10 días
Vacationing in LA is one thing, but living there is a whole different story.
jordon Garcia
jordon Garcia Hace 7 días
@Tommy Jackson Actually not to boost and ego I live in a household with very wwealthy parents, and it still isn't great. Being rich doesn't buy happiness
Tommy Jackson
Tommy Jackson Hace 8 días
jordon Garcia if you're rich it's pretty good and lavish due to amenities.
Dane Davile
Dane Davile Hace 11 días
Gta sa
osundahunsi seyi
osundahunsi seyi Hace 11 días
nice information bros
saybanana Hace 12 días
I am an LA Local and this is a good list and good video to follow. I like your use of maps to show people where things are located (although I think many dont understand how many miles/km the distances are).
Hungry Passport
Hungry Passport Hace 10 días
Thanks, appreciate it 😀
Kong Sreylot
Kong Sreylot Hace 13 días
I love Los Angeles ❤️❤️
Los Angeles Embassy
Los Angeles Embassy Hace 10 días
Thank you very much!
Manju Sharma
Manju Sharma Hace 14 días
I really wish when I grow up and have enough money I go there with my family and friends... Is it weird that after seeing this video I got motivated to work harder😂
Saturn •
Saturn • Hace 15 días
هل من عربي يشاهد !
Kezaria Braddy
Kezaria Braddy Hace 15 días
Am I the only one who muted the mans voice and so they can just watch the tour Of LA if we don’t live there 😂🤣🤣🏫🖤🥣❤️💔📛🖤🎉🎊💔😍🕊💝😆💔💖💔😍♎️📛🐮🤩🤗🕊🙄😆🎉🥣♍️🎊📛🐮😍❤️😳💖😉🤠🌸♎️👑🏫🤩💝🖤💔💞💀💕🙈🤣😂
searaydrivingguy Hace 16 días
I just got back from LA 2 says ago i stay in Anaheim it is close to Disneyland and Laguna beach my 2 favorite places in Cali the Hyatt regency 15 floor beautiful room $122 a night
searaydrivingguy Hace 12 días
@Nameless King no shit?
Nameless King
Nameless King Hace 13 días
Disneyland is in Anaheim.
ÁNH 185 ĐỘ
ÁNH 185 ĐỘ Hace 16 días
How rewarding! Thank you!
Simkagg Hace 17 días
I never seen a palm tree in real life its looks nice
Hanabi Ashera
Hanabi Ashera Hace 17 días
For example if you have an emergency and you are in downtown Los Angeles where is the nearest hospital?
saybanana Hace 12 días
Downtown LA has 5 major hospitals with Emergency Rooms -- less than 5 miles from each other. Good Samaritan hospital, St Vincent Medical, California Hospital Medical, White Memorial Hospital, USC/LA County Hospital. There are also several urgent care centers in Downtown that are 24hr.
紅塵小滾滾 Hace 17 días
Love LA’s sunshine.
Anthony Ogburn
Anthony Ogburn Hace 17 días
How are you gonna judge what areas are safe? Let the traveler determine that for themselves
missisfreddiemercury Hace 18 días
Tipping is not a must
Meek M 1993
Meek M 1993 Hace 18 días
I'm South Africa I like this city I wish to visit one day
Michael jone
Michael jone Hace 15 días
it is a great place,here
Rodrigo Orozco
Rodrigo Orozco Hace 19 días
BOYLE HEIGHTS should be avoided?!??!?!?!?! get your supremacist butt out of here i'm cackling!!!! Boyle Heights is historic and has beautiful sights ... anyway, we probably don't want you there, so.
Qiniso Siphesihle Dubazana
Someone take me to LA please!!! I can’t afford 😭😭😭 and I wish to visit such incredible city.
3.14159265358 Hace 17 días
Seriously, LA is not worth visiting.
Callum Horton
Callum Horton Hace 21 un día
Victor Hace 14 días
Callum Horton no your not
hayley murray
hayley murray Hace 18 días
Meeeeeee too, but I’m probably moving there in two years with my sister when I’m 16 and she’s 18
Caitlin Hace 20 días
ADAEZE OBIOHA Hace 22 días
Ive always wanted to come to LA since ive been playing GTA
ADAEZE OBIOHA Hace 21 un día
I love your channel btw it helped me ALOT
Danial Hernandez
Danial Hernandez Hace 23 días
Los Angeles is my favourite place in United States. I am from Malaysia 🇲🇾🇲🇾. I hope one day, I can travel to Los Angeles.
Sam AGBASIMELO Hace 23 días
I still watched though i live here in Los Angeles, California US 😊
Ei_Seon An
Ei_Seon An Hace 24 días
Is it possible transfer from the bus to the subway in 30min?
Jess Malroye
Jess Malroye Hace 21 un día
Which bus, which subway, what city, what time of day, what's the weather, what day of the week is it? You have to take all of those things into consideration.
Brianna The Wolf
Brianna The Wolf Hace 24 días
I have been to Los Angelas. It is so fun!
Dark Phoenix
Dark Phoenix Hace 26 días
I think I just saw John Quiñones.
elequentum Hace 26 días
no money to travel. i stay at home 😃
Saturn •
Saturn • Hace 15 días
Best comment ever.
Lili Ess
Lili Ess Hace 27 días
Wow LA is just a fantastic place
baba Hace 27 días
20%!?!?! I'm just going to pretend I don't know better.
Misskewpie WD
Misskewpie WD Hace 27 días
This is quite informative travel guide. Gotta save up & plan traveling there one day! *California Dreaming*
Misskewpie WD
Misskewpie WD Hace 27 días
Hello Hungry Passport, What a surprise reply. Much appreciate to your kindness. I'm feeling energetically supported. Have a grande week. 🙏🏾🙇🏽‍♂️🌴
Hungry Passport
Hungry Passport Hace 27 días
Thanks :) Hope you get a chance to visit there soon :)
Luckysingh Luckysingh
Luckysingh Luckysingh Hace 28 días
Best IN the world usa
Dan Ill
Dan Ill Hace un mes
Well guys i live in la and im right next to a subway station
Average Android User
Average Android User Hace 28 días
I live in the center of Downtown!
Raven359 Hace un mes
i guess playing gta 5 paid off
Shekhar Suman
Shekhar Suman Hace un mes
Sanfrascio..Google map..Time takes well covered .. Taxcurt..Metro station..
Shekhar Suman
Shekhar Suman Hace un mes
Lax....Rent car.. Bus stop.. Schedule reading the car... .
Saint 84us
Saint 84us Hace un mes
La is extremely expensive when it comes to rent and traffic is the worst part , if you stay in Texas you get quality life for less,,,
Mazda Rx8
Mazda Rx8 Hace 29 días
Saint 84us And no Typhus either lol.
Amigps01 Hace un mes
Correction to the transportation part. The public transportation is well organize and it goes EVERYWHERE. Don’t know where you got the idea that there are places you can’t go with public transport. The problem is that you can take a long time so you should plan accordingly.
Cleo Stynen
Cleo Stynen Hace un mes
I (18) want to travel with my niece (20) , how is it to travel when you are under 21? Is this a problem somewhere?
Jess Malroye
Jess Malroye Hace 21 un día
@Cleo Stynen If the place doesn't want you in there, trust me, they'll ask you to leave.
Cleo Stynen
Cleo Stynen Hace 25 días
Thank you! We cannot purchase nor drink alcohol but can we go places where they serve alcohol? Or is it very strict ?
Hungry Passport
Hungry Passport Hace 28 días
Hey Cleo, shouldn't be a problem. You can easily get a room, and all the other things you need to travel. You might have a problem renting a car and, of course, you cannot purchase or consume alcohol under 21. Anyway, I'm sure you'll have a great time :)
Rednas Hace un mes
Cool vid i made one to
aaron hernandez
aaron hernandez Hace un mes
Dont worry boys i play gta
Pankaj B
Pankaj B Hace un mes
It’s like Gta 5
arya wardhana
arya wardhana Hace un mes
Gta 5 Is my map
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Hari Krishnan Hace un mes
WOW...... !!!!!!
Goutam Pradhan
Goutam Pradhan Hace un mes
Did you know what you know
can Seher.
can Seher. Hace un mes
Thanks 😍👏👍
Princee Erick
Princee Erick Hace un mes
Everywhere there is smog lol Houston has really bad Pollution
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