This Children's Channel Is Basically A Horror Movie

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Have you ever wished you could traumatize your child by making them watch a horror movie that they will end up feeling partly responsible for? Of course you have! And so have Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint. These top tier content creators make spooky content for 3 year old children the likes of which the world has never seen.

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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on ESvid, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

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Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez Hace 4 años
Go to Squarespace.com/danny so I don't get kidnapped again plz
Angus Gates
Angus Gates Hace 9 días
we will make a website for Greg to stop you from being kidnapped.
Logans world
Logans world Hace un mes
camden1 Hace 2 meses
Amoy the Queen
Amoy the Queen Hace 6 meses
You ruined my childhood
Ville Toocool
Ville Toocool Hace 8 meses
ChuggerOfPiss Hace 3 años
Are we just going to ignore the fact that one of the titles literally said *underwater pool*
Let’sgomonke Hace 20 horas
@Planet Zari ? yep,thats so luxurious i hope i have one in the future
Coyle Medler
Coyle Medler Hace un día
Yes we are
The_Official_Toad :p
Ooh, a pool in a pool. Or just more water
BeBop TheGreifer
BeBop TheGreifer Hace 4 días
Dudes implying that other people have a pool above water
Nick Lambright
Nick Lambright Hace 11 días
O Mon
O Mon Hace un año
ok but the funniest thing that danny didn't mention is how they somehow have access to footage from the security cameras and the drones when they shouldn't have, so that implies that their "kidnapper" gave them the security footage for their video for some reason.
E-R-R-O-R Hace un mes
James charels enters the basement and makes her lose half her brain. "Hey sisters"
Aurora Studios
Aurora Studios Hace un mes
It's the same reason Mickey Mouse told JayStation's viewers to subscribe in one of Danny's other videos.
Rat Pack
Rat Pack Hace un mes
Even the kidnapper wants to contribute to their videos 🤣
Flamey228 Hace un mes
look he was probably like "is this too hard, i'll give them the drone footage to make it easier."
Mister Muffinut
Mister Muffinut Hace 2 meses
I was JUST about to comment this lol
Jeannine Peters
Jeannine Peters Hace 6 meses
As a hard of hearing person, thank you/your editor SO much for putting all of the time into the CC of your videos! It means a lot to know that your videos are accessible ❤️
ASJG Hace 9 días
@kysses no
Fishy Ninjja
Fishy Ninjja Hace un mes
@Oceana Yilmaz I agree, and I also believe we don't need someone like them around either.
Infinite Taquito
Infinite Taquito Hace un mes
@mekenna * don’t worry, I’m not being serious
mekenna *
mekenna * Hace un mes
@Infinite Taquito i hear a-okay but you are being ignorant and rude. i don’t feel like you’re even truly greg
Infinite Taquito
Infinite Taquito Hace un mes
@mekenna * just hear better bro
kayla Hace 5 meses
I remember watching those videos when I was younger and I was genuinely terrified 💀 I was more interested in Rebecca Zamalo’s situation but I find it funny how I thought this whole thing was real. I think this all went for like 2 years
Lydia Hace 3 días
My friend introduced me to them when we were like 10 and i had to convince her it wasn't real. I still watched them though 🤓
aspen h
aspen h Hace 17 días
Sadie Hace 25 días
i used to watch them while knowing it wasn’t real
RoryHeart Hace un mes
I thought it was real so I lowkey wanted to get kidnapped by them so I could meet chad & vy 💀
kaito Hace un mes
Claire F.
Claire F. Hace 6 meses
I’m 15, I used to watch chad when I was little, his content has really devolved in the search for views. When I used to watch his videos he’d buy flashy weapons and test them out and it was fairly good content. It’s sad to see the downfall of our childhood creators.
Octo king
Octo king Hace 29 días
Unspeakable need i say more
Lydia Hace un mes
@Ember hmmm good point but it could also be his content changing
Ember Hace un mes
not to burst your bubble... but you just like his older content because you were his target age demographic... you think he sucks now but you just grew up.
Lydia Hace 3 meses
Me too! My friend introduced me to them when we were like 11 and 12 and was convinced the videos were real. I burst her bubble pretty quickly lol. But i watched their videos kind of ironically for a year or so.
Sharise Gagnon
Sharise Gagnon Hace 4 meses
My brother and I watched him as well, he literally made videos like Danny’s, kinda criticizing kids channels and making pretty funny parody videos. Then he went into the cool gadgets and stuff, then whatever he’s doing now.
Isla Gordon
Isla Gordon Hace 3 años
Chad is drowning! do you.. A. jump in and save him B. send a floatation device C. DIVORCE
Gob Hace 4 meses
rinnn Hace 4 meses
Episode. EPISODE.
🦃 LØV3D0VĖ 🦃
Nooo, stop it with that ad 😭😭
USA is so good
USA is so good Hace 4 meses
Gaming hydra
Gaming hydra Hace 4 meses
Then again she can’t swim
viikoda Hace 10 meses
Dude four years later it finally ended. When I went to relook at their channel, I saw a video listed as "THE END." I'd only seen seconds of it, but I feel like I'm not ready to let it go. I used to watch it when I was younger, but since they uploaded daily I wasn't able to catch up. No one can just binge watch this series its actually 1000 videos. Thats like an entire channel worth of videos. The videos our at most 15-19 minutes long each.
RosyThe WildFlower
RosyThe WildFlower Hace 6 horas
@EvieSG 🦊 it did? How did it end?
EvieSG 🦊
EvieSG 🦊 Hace un día
That was not the end. It actually ended yesterday
RosyThe WildFlower
RosyThe WildFlower Hace 2 meses
@DoodleDragon it didn’t, it’s still going on
DoodleDragon Hace 2 meses
How did it end?
RosyThe WildFlower
RosyThe WildFlower Hace 2 meses
Nope it’s still going
Rowan Quynn
Rowan Quynn Hace 2 meses
There was this radio program I listened to as a kid that had some of the scariest plot lines I've ever heard. I listened as a beloved character was thrown from a moving vehicle off a cliff, to prevent himself from being tortured to death, and barely survived. It was billed as being totally kid friendly
Rowan Quynn
Rowan Quynn Hace 2 días
@Collin Suttle oh my gosh yes! I'm so glad someone knew what I'm talking about. That entire arc was terrifying to me as a kid
Collin Suttle
Collin Suttle Hace 2 días
This is kind of a long shot, but was this Adventures in Odyssey? That exact thing happened in an Adventures in Odyssey miniseries arc from the 90s, and either I know the exact character and episode you're talking about or family-friendly radio dramas have a really weird fondness for this specific scenario. Both options are great imho.
Penepleto Hace 10 meses
Most depressing part is that he used to do fairly good content some years ago, like the a capella cover of Animals by Martin Garrix, which is how I actually knew about the channel in the first place
Ariadna Vera
Ariadna Vera Hace un mes
I notice this are the same people of the Watch me naenae sad piano version lmao
Mars Hace 8 meses
okay not gonna lie, i think as a kid I would've loved this shit. I think it's fun to make fun of, but kids honestly like real drama and stakes like this, and the fact that it's family friendly is really nice cuz plenty of content targeted at kids interested in mature subject matter does real harm
Seraph O. Storms
Seraph O. Storms Hace 2 años
I like how she broke into a stranger's house because her boyfriend texted her that he found something cool.
Darling Xx
Darling Xx Hace 2 días
call me qt
call me qt Hace 10 días
197th 💅💅💅
MirrorWave Hace 15 días
@Cndvdx Yhjblbilg this video was posted 4 years ago dumby
♡P1NK Hace 22 días
196th ig
EvieSG 🦊
EvieSG 🦊 Hace 23 días
Emily Watterson 🐝
my sister used to watch them every single day to discover the mystery lmao
Mahek Hace 14 días
My brother did the same thing
Tekka Animations
Tekka Animations Hace 4 meses
This is the closest thing we'll have to a youtube cinematic universe
Sebastián P
Sebastián P Hace 3 meses
I remember when I was a younger kid I used to watch chad's weapon videos and thought they were the coolest thing ever then forgot about him for a long time only to be absolutely flabbergasted when I wondered "I wonder what he does now"
Just Your Average LGBTQ Anglican
Whoever did the subtitles needs some more recognition; they were hilarious
lakethefake Hace 2 años
Danny is just sitting there and playing multiple characters yet his acting is better than all of theirs combined
lakethefake Hace 24 días
@Lil Cherry Coke aww thank you!! love her sm
Lil Cherry Coke
Lil Cherry Coke Hace 25 días
love your pfp!
mep_hi_rp Hace 5 meses
So true
kaesang ikati
kaesang ikati Hace 6 meses
Stephanos Hace 9 meses
it's that Vine expierence
🥇fuck fools gold & blood diamonds💎
I love coming back to old Danny videos, that square space ad was genius and genuinely funny. Your ad transitions are never boring and always segway from the video's nicely
Carmen the Skywing
Carmen the Skywing Hace 3 meses
fun fact, there still being trapped by hackers to this day. also fun fact, the pond monster was later revealed to be an aligator.
Christina Sims
Christina Sims Hace 3 meses
If my “husband” sent me a text that asked me to come down into a basement of a strange house…this Greg would just go in a different direction.
EvieSG 🦊
EvieSG 🦊 Hace un día
Yes but they are actually married
Lizzy M
Lizzy M Hace 3 meses
•°neon lights°•
•°neon lights°• Hace 10 meses
I remember I used to watch these, one of the videos that I watched was like a count down to when ESvid would be deleted and I remember being so stressed out because they couldn't deactivate the countdown and it was getting real close to 0 but don't worry they did it at the very last second
Bouncer the Protogen
Also the whole "hacker" thing. What does a hacker have to do with kidnapping? The whole vibe in their videos and the way they do it really confuses me as to what audience it's intended for.
Catra The Magicat
Catra The Magicat Hace 2 meses
We all have to appreciate the nutcracker being in the background everywhere he goes.
Nightshade Hace un mes
As someone who used to watch these kinda kids channels when I was littler, I can say that we don’t care wether they get out or not. We just wanna watch a video. Edit: We also don’t notice cameramen, they just don’t exist to us, we think that’s how cameras work 😂😂😂
Alex Quinn
Alex Quinn Hace 15 días
I wish someone would make a horror movie from the cam guy’s perspective where he’s screaming to call 911 but the influencer won’t let him because it’s clearly just a prank.
P o o p
P o o p Hace 2 años
So relatable I hate when my slim invisible imaginary husband gets sucked into a PVC pipe
Jayden is dehydrated
Same tbh
cosmic Hace un año
Trisha ♡
Trisha ♡ Hace un año
yes I hate when that happens 😔
hammyschubbycheeks Hace un año
HyperHrishi HD
HyperHrishi HD Hace un año
@Bartek Caliński lol
Abel Renteria
Abel Renteria Hace 6 días
I remember watching them so much when I was little I would keep so up-to-date on every single one of their videos until I started to notice that the videos were fake like if I split the episode since like seasons and stuff I would say if there was seasons I would say that I was on like season five because that’s when I got like to the point where I started finding out that it was fake but I was super interested in it😅
Joseph cheeseinthebanana
Honestly, I'd be much more willing to watch timestamps 6:51 and 15:23 for 10 hours straight than to hear Vy screaming "CHAD" for one minute...and it'd be totally worth it. After all, the Gregorian King spoke it in the greatest of tones, so I wouldn't mind hearing it.
Gracie Hace 10 meses
I'm not gonna lie, I used to love this channel, looking back I realize how stupid I was even tho I was forced into liking it by my cousin, she made me believe it was real even tho I had relised it was fake, she convinced me to like it or else she wouldn't like me, then she got over it and called me stupid for still watching it, even tho I am 2 years younger than her and she's the one who convinced me to like it. Anyway I was stupid. SORRY FOR MY RANT
443Cosmic Hace un día
Honestly the idea for the chad dude who got captured was pretty good. They should have called for the police to smth that would have been better ngl
Praharsh K Studios
Praharsh K Studios Hace un año
"Did they remove half my brain" Wow, that explains a lot.
carcinoGeneticist Hace 4 meses
definitely the left half was removed, lol
Joseph cheeseinthebanana
@Royal Pain A quarter's too much. It'd half to be have of have of have...wait a second...
Royal Pain
Royal Pain Hace 6 meses
If they removed half his brain then he'd only have a quarter left
Joseph cheeseinthebanana
"Eh, it's like kidneys...I only need one to survive, right? Right? *Right?"* ~ Chadler
Hellow Hace 9 meses
maxvfx._ Hace 28 días
I used to watch these people and I was obsessed with them.. I never realized how weird they are.
Chickeny Chickens
Chickeny Chickens Hace 2 meses
I think they kind of made a genius move, and gave kids one of the best kinds of education and a bit wack of entertainment, I don’t think this is too bad of a thing.
Sea Hace 5 meses
The fact that this feels familiar is very bad for me, as I might have watched their content.
Ella Lawson
Ella Lawson Hace 6 meses
I used to watch this as a kid and thought it was the best thing ever and was also convinced it was real. Hm, makes a lot of sense now.
Changedname Lit
Changedname Lit Hace 2 años
Plot twist: It's the cameraman. They saw everything, they'll _know_ everything.
Feli Domz
Feli Domz Hace 2 años
The hacker that is it and he does the pipes because the electrical Man is jake Paul
Aleksis Leinats
Aleksis Leinats Hace 2 años
They are the hacker
Aarya Narang
Aarya Narang Hace 2 años
@Lampy Games yoooo that’s the first thing I thought of lmao
Ninatutu Hace 2 años
@FreeMemesfordays Dudes hah 1.8K likes
Thomas spatucci
Thomas spatucci Hace 2 años
@zayna any time bro
karasgre!!乡 Hace 10 meses
9:48 no he’s in a mental hospital and she’s in jail for trying to break him out
Elafi Milo
Elafi Milo Hace 3 meses
The stores in my area do tape up the first dollar they made, usually behind the cash register. I think it's supposed to be for good luck.
/ Remington /
/ Remington / Hace un mes
As I was watching your video, I slowly realized - this is where "family friendly horror" comes from. I am disgusted.
Football shorts
Football shorts Hace 5 meses
I remmember when this dude actually did reviews and stuff
Runaway_9 Hace 5 meses
Yea me too
Bryce H
Bryce H Hace un año
I’m in love with the idea of a horror movie where they go in the basement and are like “it’s so dark down here! Grab the flashlights!” And they turn them on and face the light right at their faces and in their eyes like “I still can’t see anything!”
The shadow hokage
The shadow hokage Hace un mes
It could be like in 2 years we will look back at him and think that hes stupid
Greg Hace un mes
@Demi I'm 99.99% Greg
Demi Hace un mes
@Greg I am truly GREG
Greg Hace 2 meses
Hello I'm Greg now
Keith Donovan
Keith Donovan Hace 2 meses
I wanna see a horror movie where one of the victims of a kidnapping plays a "your kidnapper is back for you" prank on the other.
Snow The Wolfskypup🥳BDAYBOI🎊
I've never heard the name chad used some many times in a 18 minute video I loved every minute
Demi Hace un mes
this is what a 10 year old child is watching these days, Danny Gonzalez.
DiDi Hace 9 meses
I usually don’t stay until the end for ads but this one was by FAR my favorite and I watched it all the way through twice 😂😂
ZimMan2 Hace un mes
I always wondered what a mash-up of Dora the Explorer and Marble Hornets would look like.
BABBY BOBABS Hace 2 años
"did they remove half my brian?" ah yes, every child's favorite subject, LOBOTOMY
B Hace un mes
@Camo Pug lucky Brian. Half of him managed to escape her.
nuggettz Hace un mes
oh no not brian
Hard boiled eggs are disgraceful
must be an elective
Silver Chariot Requiem
@Aubrey Everyone is brian
Byte Hace un mes
Ai hope brians okay
Norda13 Hace 10 meses
I feel like the whole series and the hackers goal was to manipulate all the people making videos about him. The only reason the hacker would put clues would be to watch the ESvidrs struggle. In a way, the hacker is a sadist.
Coolnoobalert Hace 4 meses
In a few years I’m going to hear “Hey Greg” before my nightmares.
Tyler Hoyng
Tyler Hoyng Hace 6 días
I can't get over the fact that throughout the whole video Vy just looks like Dora the Explorer with her backpack and the fact that she's just talking into the camera to us.
Kat Joseph Pérez
Kat Joseph Pérez Hace 9 meses
“I can’t really see where I’m going.” - An almost identical image of me in a Corolla driving to visit my parents in college but having a huge truck with its high beams shining directly onto every inch of my car about 300 ft from my turn onto their street. I was utterly blinded, but the roads were engrained in my brain and I slowed to a tiny crawl stopping at times. I tried signaling back to them in various ways, but nothing worked, so we just took 5 minutes to go 100 yds. It’s hard to see anything in the dark when very bright lights are shining at you, so please remember to lower your lights when behind or facing someone, if you’re dropping someone off, or have lights on at the side of the road. Accidents have happened with news crews and stuff like that. So slow down around lights, and dim your lights when others are around.
mist Hace 2 años
The thing is.... they still are being “kidnapped and hacked” to this day
GiveMeSomeSpace75 Hace 3 meses
@Felix's egg hello. It’s been 4 years now. She still post on the “Game Master Network” channel.
salem Hace 3 meses
thats about right
Kaleb marji
Kaleb marji Hace 5 meses
2 years later and this comment is still relevant.
HCPurple-star Hace 5 meses
and still now as well
Zan 🤪🤪
Zan 🤪🤪 Hace 6 meses
@Aliruss Punzalan same 😭😭 me and my classmates used to watch their videos and think they were actually getting hacked and kidnapped or smth 😃
Megan Hace 9 meses
I’ve never ever felt so unsafe watching chad talk directly to the camera before his epic ninja kick
Shadophaxx Hace 10 meses
Chad: [faking a monster attack] Danny: screams in lower case
Winter Gray
Winter Gray Hace 10 meses
i remember watching chads old parody videos. now i’m missing that, damn
James Connor
James Connor Hace 5 meses
Chad looks like if Mike Zuckerberg used make-up to look more human
BAD AXTION Hace 4 años
She straight up shined a light in her own face and said she can't see anything. Hilarious
elixirlust Hace 2 años
Pure comedy
hoplily YES
hoplily YES Hace 2 años
Lol i was waching that i was all like mabe shine the light on the ground or wall :
Bilbo Senju
Bilbo Senju Hace 2 años
I wouldn’t doubt it if that’s actually how she olds a flashlight, maybe she thinks light in your eyes makes it easier to see
Wisp Hace 2 años
Steven Axel
Steven Axel Hace 2 años
Ernesto Ibarra
Ernesto Ibarra Hace 9 meses
The worst part is that I remember back in the day Chad and Vy had some pretty nice content. They used to do weapons videos that were pretty solid as I remember. I literally have no idea how they changed to this lol
Kevins World K.W
Kevins World K.W Hace 10 meses
Man i rember having watched them and i actually liked it at first but like after some episodes my mind immediately realized " Why is this still going on " Tbh even as a kid i could feel them milking it cuz it does so well Edit: Also what I'm refering to is like the hacker stuff is like a series, trying to stop a hacker from hacking youtube
Puppet Master
Puppet Master Hace 2 meses
Lol, I was one of those kids that watched this interconnected mess. No, really, I was super invested in all the channels linked to CWC, including Rebecca Zamolo(don't know if I spelled that right). The whole concept of secret agents, hackers, weird locations and challenges seemed fun to me, but i don't remember if I believed it or not. I stopped watching after a while cause they released videos almost every day. They(Chad and his wife) even made an app you can download where you solve (extremely easy) puzzles. So, yeah, they had a whole thing going on.
-c3 Hace 6 meses
@ whoever did the captions: please leave out the color commentary when doing captions! It makes it harder to read the actual captions in time, plus makes it harder to distinguish what's actually said in the video from your comments, especially since parentheses often indicate actual audio that's just not said by the host
Ughh ooog
Ughh ooog Hace 2 años
Sis literally had a phone, but she didn't use it to call the police. She used it to shine up her face.
Boyfriend fnf
Boyfriend fnf Hace 4 meses
⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ ⬜🟪⬜⬛⬛⬜🟪⬜ ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛
Boyfriend fnf
Boyfriend fnf Hace 4 meses
U deserve some art
Abe Connor Eisma
Abe Connor Eisma Hace 4 meses
@Farah M the best tactic shine ur phone then no one helps u best tactic
lands Hace 4 meses
@Giacattack police can be called whether you have service or not
Warrix Hace 4 meses
Meercat Hace 5 meses
I enjoy Chad’s videos, their enjoyable.
Mediocre on a good day
This reminds me of an amateur video version of Goosebumps. The whole point of that book series was to give you a little scare while being over the top and goofy to an adult but kind of scary to a kid. TBH I am pretty satisfied with this concept. I wouldn’t watch it, but this video sounds like someone saying “This Goosebumps book says there is a werewolf, but they aren’t even real! What trash! There are plot holes to!” Yeah… children’s entertainment can be bad. Especially if you are an adult… You legit picking it apart seems a bit lame though, lol. Good skit at the end though, but I wouldn’t put these guys on the level of scumbags. Seems like they are just doing some content for kids to get a little scare.
The Inedible Muffin
The Inedible Muffin Hace 6 meses
8:11 "Maybe he just framed the very first dollar bill he made on his first job." I'm surprised that oddly specific reference was just brushed over like that.
Charlotte :D
Charlotte :D Hace 8 meses
Can we just appreciate the funny comments in the captions and how long it must have taken to do them
Canary Hace un año
I wonder what his wife thinks when she just hears Danny yelling “Chaaad, Chaaaaaaaad, CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAD”
iheartskiler Hace 3 meses
@Blue This isnt school
Imen Kessabi
Imen Kessabi Hace 4 meses
*billionsurprisetoys flashbacks*
The cool kid that sits at the back
@Connor Livesay literally anyone under the age of 18 is a minor at 16 you're still kinda a teen. Adulthood doesn't start as soon as you turn 16 (16 year olds don't even have ID yet)
🌹Jinny_San🌹 Hace 5 meses
Connor Livesay
Connor Livesay Hace 5 meses
@binky hell chat one of the worse comment sections
TheAmazingToast Hace 5 meses
I remember when I watched Chad’s normal content, then this “story” came up. There still making videos on the story
Mya Stewart
Mya Stewart Hace un mes
You should look/watch The Skorys. Their an interesting family kinda like this one. I just think you'd have fun making a video about them.
GayJayy Hace 8 meses
Taste of content is subjective and all, but if I'm remembering correctly, they used to have some quality content before.
Tiger McIntosh31
Tiger McIntosh31 Hace un mes
Can we all get a W in the chat for the camera man/woman for willing to go in there with her and not get trapped and also not help and also not use the light that's probably on the camera and not advise her to shine the light towards the path she's taking and also help us as viewers see what happens next without ever worrying about his/her safety.🧍🏾
Cheese Cheese
Cheese Cheese Hace 2 años
Danny: It's like Saw for kids. Me: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Quangamer ShyGuyyz
Quangamer ShyGuyyz Hace un mes
@Ghoul I think you need to know that stating pointless arbitrary things that someone else said makes you sound less mature than the person you’re calling not mature. Maybe you should learn to realize when you’re incorrect by stating comments that don’t prove anything lmao.
Ghoul Hace 3 meses
@Jocelyne cupcake *calls someone too immature to be an adult* *also doesn’t know Coraline was a children’s book, profile picture is a kitten with a flower crown, uses ‘freaking’ and also uses xD* I think maybe you need to acknowledge when you’re incorrect instead of insulting someone acting more mature than you.
Madness in a Cone
Madness in a Cone Hace 3 meses
Jeff69gaming ∙ 7.7B views ∙ 3 seconds ago
Charlie and the chocolate factory isn’t scay
The cool kid that sits at the back
@Jocelyne cupcake I'd say the 70's movie is quite accurate I read the book and loved the illustrations!
Help me get 1k subs
14:18 Jacob finally solves the puzzle now we all finally know who's the hacker is. *EXPOSED*
💭 s o a p 🧼
💭 s o a p 🧼 Hace 5 meses
Getting kidnapped by a hacker almost everyday and week is SO relatable. Honestly, it happens so much its crazy. Especially in water while a loved one gets sucked into the water. Also they ALWAYS get sucked through 1 inch pipes. Haha..ALSO, I'm always stuck in abandoned hospitals and prisons. I'm literally in hell. Please help.
Danny Maiden
Danny Maiden Hace un mes
I finally found the root of my fear of getting kidnapped and the dark
EmJ Hace 5 meses
danny... your amazing!!!! I hope you never stop making content.
Drake Morris
Drake Morris Hace 2 años
My boy Chad looking like a discount Zuckerberg
I like ramen and chicken nuggets
@lakethefake ooooooof
Spooky Hace un año
The Ol' Two-Buck-Zuck
ElectroMagnetic Hace un año
Lol he does
Benigma Hace un año
Knew he looked familiar
Meme GODDESS Hace un año
Sir. rattus rattus
Sir. rattus rattus Hace 11 meses
Thing is he was decent early on in his channel than it got weird once he discovered how to exploit the algorithm
Pumpkin Soda
Pumpkin Soda Hace 3 meses
my nephew's been watching these guys for years and somehow I've only just found this video
Departure2001 Hace 8 meses
"Dora the Explorer meets Saw, and it's for kids" Love it
Raymond_don't_cry Hace 5 meses
danny has had more office changes than any youtuber i have ever seen
Grace Dicken
Grace Dicken Hace un año
Ok but we aren’t going to address the fact that Chad had goggles on and still thought it was a safe. Like he could SEE what it looked like
The Reptile
The Reptile Hace 6 meses
@Bad V1b3s it’s not 200m deep, you can still see
Bad V1b3s
Bad V1b3s Hace 10 meses
To be fair it could have been harder to see lower in the water especially because of the lack of sunlight down there.
Soundblaster Studios
@Gnecks I mean the water might be tinted, it looked dark.
CyborgRowlet Hace un año
@Katharine Ball If we can see the bottom of the pool, it shouldn't be too dark down there.
Katharine Ball
Katharine Ball Hace un año
@Gnecks maybe the bottom had less light down there (probably still felt it)
Secret Name
Secret Name Hace un mes
as someone who used to watch Chad and Vys videos i knew the exact answer to this question at 5:54
Ginny Marvin
Ginny Marvin Hace 4 meses
I used to watch these guys and I found it so entertaining 😭
Sara Holt
Sara Holt Hace 4 meses
I recommend watching it with subtitles it’s hilarious
🍄meister🍄 Hace 11 meses
“It’s kinda like saw for kids.” Um, you mean Willy wonky?
meg Hace 4 años
when she picked up the framed dollar bill, I thought Mr. Krabs was gonna come out of nowhere bc he doesn't want anyone touching his first dollar.
Dragon_Heart_Born Hace 11 meses
I love this imagery
Peter John YTP
Peter John YTP Hace un año
Oh imagine if Mr KRABS did come out
Heavy Pupper
Heavy Pupper Hace 4 años
@POP !! Your profile pic is perfect
POP !!
POP !! Hace 4 años
BøpMyBussy Cliquey McPiløt LMFAO IM SCREAMING
{ jaesbck }
{ jaesbck } Hace 4 años
LifeAsMegan LOL
8-Bit Fin
8-Bit Fin Hace 5 meses
the description for their channels sounds like the descriptions you would see for people on tinder
The life of Livi
The life of Livi Hace 5 meses
There is a family ESvid channel called that ESvid family, and a couple years ago, they were doing the ESvid hacker thing. They made a ton of movies about it, and my movies I mean really really long videos. I found them pretty cool when I was like nine.
Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart Hace 3 meses
I love how Danny puts no effort on his ads
Tia with the tea
Tia with the tea Hace 10 meses
my sister watches them I feel like it's engraved some kind of trauma in me
I'm a frying Pan
I'm a frying Pan Hace 2 años
Omg, I can't even count the amount of times I've been sucked through drainage pipes by the monster that lives in my private lagoon. Ugh, skinny girl problems, am I right?
Katharine Ball
Katharine Ball Hace un año
Skinny frying pan
Sour_Lemonz Hace un año
Omg yeah and then getting trapped in an abandoned hospital like it’s so annoying 🙄🙄🙄
Nohumanhere Hace un año
I am a skinny boi
king von
king von Hace un año
Sneezy Hace un año
Comment contradicts profile name
Christina Kane
Christina Kane Hace 10 meses
100% correct tbsf the videos are for kids who have no clue how ESvid works. My 6 year old even knows that you need to post and can’t see comments unless it’s a live. My almost 4 year old is too young to get it so it’s very frustrating.
Bloops baking show
Bloops baking show Hace 10 meses
I love how in the subtitles at 15:14 Danny types in dying narwhal 🤣
Ian Cordero
Ian Cordero Hace 3 meses
The actual funniest bit of the video is actually the subtitles. I literally have no Idea how this happens but for example Chad says, " did they remove halve my brain? And then after it the subtitles say (that explains alot), and Danny didn't even say that in the video so whats going on!
TheArtist Hace 5 meses
i've basically picked up the entire story
Hal Hace 2 años
Chad Wild Clay sounds like a fake Native American name.
Cecilia Soto
Cecilia Soto Hace un año
don't judge
Zainab Fatima
Zainab Fatima Hace un año
@Gummybear ?
Gummybear Hace un año
I'm not giving up
Gummybear Hace un año
Thanos Hace un año
@McGringle the Pinyata 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀
Airimomois#1fan Hace 2 meses
i watched them when i was younger and honestly now that i watch them again it makes me laugh
wren_lapis Hace 5 meses
lmaoo i used to watch them a lot, back in like third grade or something i found them really entertaining
M F Hace 8 meses
Is it bad that I'm 15 and I kinda want to watch that video just to see what happens throughout the video? 🤣
🎄Glicthed God🎄
I actually watch one of these as a little kids and I was always scared to go to the restroom thinking there we’ll be something to kidnap me or scare me but now I know it’s fake (I’m 11 ) so I don’t have to worry anymore
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