This Guy Hid from His Boss All Day (You’ll Never Guess How He Did It)

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Danny decided to try to hide from his boss all day. There's one catch: he had to be in plain sight the entire time. Can he do it?
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12 ene 2019






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Qwasey Wearycooldoc
Qwasey Wearycooldoc Hace 2 horas
He is Pickle Rick
Payton Wies
Payton Wies Hace 3 horas
Did anyone realize Danny was wearing lululemon
Madison Stark
Madison Stark Hace 3 horas
I knew he was the beanie guy
Lloyd Ketchum
Lloyd Ketchum Hace 5 horas
I noticed it was him straight away
Kk's world 101
Kk's world 101 Hace 7 horas
Drought know what we need to get them to 19m
Potato Pleb :p
Potato Pleb :p Hace 8 horas
''I did two jobs today so i can take tomorrow off!'' Boi i wished it worked like that
Aila Cengko
Aila Cengko Hace 16 horas
I guessed it! Anyone else did 😂
Andres Davila
Andres Davila Hace 21 un hora
He was moving
Ali and nana & James
Ali and nana & James Hace 22 horas
I press read more Read more
Noelle Gamer
Noelle Gamer Hace un día
Im stil waiting for him to get into the dresser...
Ashleigh Catucci
Ashleigh Catucci Hace un día
I had a feeling he was hiding as someone else
mikagamer girl
mikagamer girl Hace un día
my name is at 3:59
Eclipse xdits
Eclipse xdits Hace un día
Kiki Perfect
Kiki Perfect Hace un día
Chicken Crazy
Chicken Crazy Hace un día
Who else loved 2018 but now it’s time to do 2019
Donut Wizard
Donut Wizard Hace 2 días
I knew it!!
gamer Hace 2 días
0:19 damn he has a tesla
Halle Riddle!
Halle Riddle! Hace 2 días
i new it was him the whole time
Heidi Lavender Animals
3:19 3:20
Shadow_ Of_The_World
That is just
Charlie Preece
Charlie Preece Hace 2 días
3:45 about to cry 😭
Samuel Goodman
Samuel Goodman Hace 2 días
3:43 LOL THE SHAPE OF HIS NOSE i never saw that before
Pironick Hace 2 días
basically JoJo Part 5 in a nutshell
lps husky lover 101
lps husky lover 101 Hace 2 días
If that was me I'd hide in a box
A Travelling Bleach
A Travelling Bleach Hace 2 días
Whoa guys, don't resort to red arrows
Lizzy Gamer
Lizzy Gamer Hace 2 días
Press read more *Read More*
Lil Deer
Lil Deer Hace 2 días
This is pretty much just 7 minutes of Jamie poking stuff.
Milky Cat
Milky Cat Hace 2 días
Jamie has a tesla
Savannah Jade
Savannah Jade Hace 2 días
The tile said hid it’s spelt hide with an e
WishDHHles70 Hace 2 días
hmm. turns out he was jamie all along.
Jentrey Cauble
Jentrey Cauble Hace 3 días
Lol 😂
Iamluca123 Hace 3 días
#vat19 I will work with you guys
Kelly Snyder
Kelly Snyder Hace 3 días
I thought of that because that’s what I would do
Soldier Boy
Soldier Boy Hace 3 días
hey boss jamie me and you are born on same date
Kab Pab
Kab Pab Hace 3 días
The person who is hiding look like the infamous second son
Colby's Chemical Romance
This is what losing your mom in a grocery store feels like.
Aine Whelan
Aine Whelan Hace 3 días
The boss is driving a Tesla he is rich
Jennifer Hutto
Jennifer Hutto Hace 3 días
While I was watching this I was playing with my thinking putty
Dovi Hace 3 días
I wanna work there now...
Winwin Winwin
Winwin Winwin Hace 3 días
I knew he was doing that
roasting time
roasting time Hace 3 días
{\_/} (0 0) 0
Alyssa H
Alyssa H Hace 4 días
This reminds me of the office
Lilli The wolf girl
Lilli The wolf girl Hace 4 días
DragonFox Wolf
DragonFox Wolf Hace 4 días
1:40 Danny!
Whitney Addison
Whitney Addison Hace 4 días
4:16 there I saved you the good part
Stephanie Garza
Stephanie Garza Hace 4 días
Why would you put it in ESvid we’re to but you money and stuff wth
10,000 subs without videos OR WILL I
The title sounds like a buzzfeed article
krazykiwi Hace 4 días
Dana Dawood
Dana Dawood Hace 4 días
Plot twist he went to maca’s
Emily Stevenson
Emily Stevenson Hace 4 días
Haha in the title he said how did he hid from his boss 🤪
Victory69. Hace 4 días
All name in the Danny cargo is the name from the walking dead
kithurjo Hace 4 días
In the beginning I thought it was a add 😂😂😂
Xanto AE
Xanto AE Hace 4 días
Legend has it if you say the channels name 3 times there comment will get pinned Vat19 Vat19 Vat19
Ender Slayer Pro
Ender Slayer Pro Hace 5 días
Congrats on 6 million subs
WyldeGi Hace 5 días
Day 847: *My dad and I are still in a game of hide and seek. Currently he's the hider, he has been from the start.*
Aunicornthatcan Vlog
They said Danny can’t move from his hiding spot his hiding spot is the shack so he stayed in it
happy ponys
happy ponys Hace 5 días
I don't Know why but this is kinda scary
Danny De Guzman
Danny De Guzman Hace 5 días
I think Danny hiding in a good hiding spot
GAMING WITH ME Hace 5 días
But Danny cheated because he moved
Zoe lummis
Zoe lummis Hace 5 días
At the start of the video i was like i would just dress up like someone else... dresses up like some one else, oh
Alexis Calderon
Alexis Calderon Hace 5 días
More more more
Finnthefortniter Yay
Plot twist he stayed home
Crazy j Stewart
Crazy j Stewart Hace 6 días
Can you guys make infinity Gomlet
Meetha Bangera
Meetha Bangera Hace 6 días
Gaby Shine1
Gaby Shine1 Hace 6 días
God jammit Danny
UnicornLove 101
UnicornLove 101 Hace 6 días
Once I hid from my mom in walmart.. Jk.. I got lost in the toy section
J R Hace 7 días
2:29 is he wearing a Lulu Lemon Shirt?
David Yanke
David Yanke Hace 7 días
Veronica Ramos
Veronica Ramos Hace 7 días
You lose 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😒😒😒😒
Burger Addict
Burger Addict Hace 7 días
Am I the only one who noticed the walking dead characters' names on the cart? 2:32 , 3:19 , 3:55 , 4:03 , 4:41 AND danny's fake name is rick
Ashley Roethle
Ashley Roethle Hace 8 días
Who else noticed the TWD names in the warehouse?
Diana Ger 41114114567810 1 , 100.1wolls
I thought that guy with a Cart was weird
TheNextComment Hace 8 días
Who gets sad when the products say "not for sale yet"?
PlushieWorld 693
PlushieWorld 693 Hace 9 días
Danny With the Disguise is cool. Danny looks like if he was from Tom Cruise walking if he was in the Movie. :3
Tyson Wiggins
Tyson Wiggins Hace 9 días
I have a Pepsi-can but I fill it with money.
pun princess
pun princess Hace 9 días
If I didn't live in Canada, I'd apply for a job there
Doggygamer 2000
Doggygamer 2000 Hace 9 días
Canned beans canned beans CANNED BEANS
jammiejasminejessie cabarrus
Who here likes this channel
Reycie Pascual
Reycie Pascual Hace 10 días
Hi Vat 19
Gacha Studio
Gacha Studio Hace 10 días
Comment where you would hide...... read more
NEXT3Rrex Fortnite proDUCKtions
A lot of the walking dead names
Anber Z
Anber Z Hace 11 días
1:01 Thats Eric, but didn't he leave
ROR ONE Hace 12 días
Henry Foggin
Henry Foggin Hace 12 días
Why is he hiding a watch in the intro!? It should be on his wrist surely.
Lag Master
Lag Master Hace 12 días
Click bait
padnda plays
padnda plays Hace 13 días
godzilla gameplay
godzilla gameplay Hace 13 días
Make more plz
TheLostPrisoner 1
TheLostPrisoner 1 Hace 13 días
Hold the flipping phone is this morgz
Emerson Caniglia
Emerson Caniglia Hace 13 días
I saw him and he looked suspicious but I wasn't sure but I thought that was him
Dioxide 26
Dioxide 26 Hace 13 días
Theres a tesla
SxperiorJay - Roblox & More
This guy hid from his boss(GONE WRONG)
Samuel Pang
Samuel Pang Hace 13 días
Petition to give Danny his day off
save pewdiepie!!!
save pewdiepie!!! Hace 14 días
Let me guess he dressed as someone
Wolf Dude29
Wolf Dude29 Hace 14 días
save pewdiepie!!! Duh,also ur late
Julie Turns
Julie Turns Hace 14 días
I’m at 3:14 and I suspect he’s the camera guy Edit: Nvm wow
Joey Bris
Joey Bris Hace 14 días
I was thinking about that guy with a shopping cart or something but i didn't think he was him because "HE'S NOT MOVING"
Mariam Changezi20010
Mariam Changezi20010 Hace 14 días
3:21 Its 7:45pm....
Wolf Dude29
Wolf Dude29 Hace 14 días
This was recorded at a different time then when it was posted idiot,also ur late
Lauren Pinkie Pie
Lauren Pinkie Pie Hace 14 días
he's basically telling Jamie he's valuables
Double Chin MAN
Double Chin MAN Hace 15 días
I also hid away from my boss, in he’s car 😂😂😂😂
Syth_ lexi
Syth_ lexi Hace 15 días
Try to find me.....hehe
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