This Guy Hid from His Boss All Day (You’ll Never Guess How) | Hidden in Plain Sight #1

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Danny decided to try to hide from his boss all day. There's one catch: he had to be in plain sight the entire time. Can he do it?
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Vat19 Hace un mes
On a scale of 1 out of 10 how good was Danny's disguise? We think it's a 10! See even more of Danny hiding here: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-04WYGo4rfdw.html
Badtodabone 2345
Badtodabone 2345 Hace 2 horas
15/10 👌👌👌👌👌👌
Mister Memeattic
Mister Memeattic Hace 2 horas
That disguise was bad but I’m really surprised Jammie didn’t recognized that that was Danny
Shiloh Warriner
Shiloh Warriner Hace 5 horas
Jessenia Garcia
Jessenia Garcia Hace 17 horas
Nicko Perilli
Nicko Perilli Hace un día
Yoongis smile
Yoongis smile Hace un hora
Damn I knew it was him the first time I saw him
stayce74 Hace 2 horas
When someone said he was in a building I instantaneously knew he could’ve been a person walking around looking different
Hello Goodbye
Hello Goodbye Hace 3 horas
What if i robbed a house looking specifically for campbells chicken noodle soup, huh?
Hannah Brooke
Hannah Brooke Hace 4 horas
I noticed it was Danny within the first past by Jamie did
Lol What
Lol What Hace 6 horas
Deception level 101% 3:19
Rhianna Whitehead
Rhianna Whitehead Hace 7 horas
I knew he was going to be there
Tap Water
Tap Water Hace 7 horas
When I saw that beanie guy twice, I instantly knew it was Danny.
ʜᴀɴᴢᴏ sʜɪᴍᴀᴅᴀ
Mom: So, what are you doing at work? Danny: Hiding from my boss
Toby Sullivan
Toby Sullivan Hace 9 horas
I actually did guess how cuz I watches videk
Poke -roblox
Poke -roblox Hace 10 horas
{\_/} (0-0) Hai peeps:D
Evil Destroyer
Evil Destroyer Hace 10 horas
2:04 hey Jon real quick where is he? 1 second later ....... 2:05 uhhh in the building Best clue ever
PurplePanda_ Person
PurplePanda_ Person Hace 11 horas
mandy thibault
mandy thibault Hace 11 horas
Make up part for hiding in plain sight
Nevaeh Sanger
Nevaeh Sanger Hace 12 horas
Nevaeh Sanger
Nevaeh Sanger Hace 12 horas
Echo The Gecko
Echo The Gecko Hace 12 horas
I saw Danny a few time
Echo The Gecko
Echo The Gecko Hace 12 horas
Adam knows where Danny is
Apocryptical -
Apocryptical - Hace 14 horas
harper m
harper m Hace 14 horas
3:10 it says harper on the wall witch is MY name and it is how I spell it and I draw my hearts and smiley faces BUT i don’t remember ever being there... THIS IS TRIPPY AND CRAZY... and confusing
Poop Poop
Poop Poop Hace 15 horas
Jamie: “He has to be in plain sight, so he can’t be hiding in a wall or anything.” Also Jamie: Violently attacks cabinet
Sasi The fox
Sasi The fox Hace 19 horas
He can't fool meh >:3
Sasi The fox
Sasi The fox Hace 19 horas
When I first saw "rick" I immediately knew it was Danny.
_ ZEN_
_ ZEN_ Hace 20 horas
Imagine if everyone done that and Jamie is just walking around thinking they hid somewhere but they havent even came to work that day
GamerPlayer 'Gerry
GamerPlayer 'Gerry Hace 21 un hora
*me robbing a house* Me:Ok lets go go go Friend:why tf u take all their canned food Me:VAT NINETEEEEEERN DOT COM
Galaxygaming 23
Galaxygaming 23 Hace 21 un hora
I feel like Jamie is kind of a michael scott of vat19
ckit67 Hace un día
Prop hunt irl
“ oh it’s for poking stuff.” Hits the bean bag with the golf club wtf lmao 😂 🤣
Win King
Win King Hace un día
The guy at the end looks like Stephanys boyfriend of fuller house
Ian H
Ian H Hace un día
When is #3 coming out?
vCanzz Hace un día
•icytato• Hace un día
3:43 looks like he’s going to cry
i want die
i want die Hace un día
69k likes............Nice.
Portalquest982 Hace un día
I knew that guy was danny! That was a really good hiding "Spot"
Allyson and friends
Allyson and friends Hace un día
XxWolfie PlayzxX
XxWolfie PlayzxX Hace un día
On the 4th one he should just call Danny and his phone will go off lol
Mayra Aguilar
Mayra Aguilar Hace un día
Rewatching this and I'm just "ahh there's Danny!"
Unixvcorn K
Unixvcorn K Hace un día
3:44 *when I see my crush talking to some girl*
Lispy Jimmy
Lispy Jimmy Hace un día
Who else doesn’t go through the comments because they don’t want it spoiled
D- LEGEND Hace un día
5:15 Come on now. Rick. Hershel. TWD references tho
Marybeth Donovan
Marybeth Donovan Hace un día
Ian Washington 622
Ian Washington 622 Hace un día
who else thought the beginning was an ad lmao
King Harry
King Harry Hace un día
I went back and did 3 2 then one and I said second epp that would be cool
Samantha Sinclair
Samantha Sinclair Hace un día
Balloon, balloon I'll delete this soon and if I don't, don't be a spoon.
Sreeja Yarasi
Sreeja Yarasi Hace un día
I’ll rephrase the title for you......’Jamie poking stuff with a golf club all day’. Edit: Like if Danny was there....I don’t even wanna know what would have happened 2:19
Sydney Fowlkes
Sydney Fowlkes Hace un día
It was so obvious that the guy with the hat was Danny.
MrGeek aLot
MrGeek aLot Hace un día
Carli’s World
Carli’s World Hace un día
His face looks a little sad for some reason but I know he is just very concentrated 😂 😝 lol
Carli’s World
Carli’s World Hace un día
2:56 really guy I saw him right away Edit: wow I feel stupid and did see ash Hale’s comment but 😮
JON MORSETTE Hace un día
Pls do more
William Sanley
William Sanley Hace 2 días
I got the product and got robbed and he took all the soup cans and I lost my money so 1 like for one rip for me lol
Miley Young
Miley Young Hace 2 días
“Yeah uh.. its for poking stuff” **shows montage of poking random things**
gamer boi
gamer boi Hace 2 días
I knew it
cooper oshima
cooper oshima Hace 2 días
Guess i didnt see him
cooper oshima
cooper oshima Hace 2 días
(Spoiler if you read the comments before the video) I noticed him right at 1:00
Alison Gutierrez
Alison Gutierrez Hace 2 días
Ok so I'm at 4:11 and the beanie guy looks like Danny and guess what...I'm pretty sure its him
Gabby Sabourin
Gabby Sabourin Hace 2 días
Caleb Eddy
Caleb Eddy Hace 2 días
Now one is saying anything about the walking dead names!!!! And rick!
Caleb Eddy
Caleb Eddy Hace 2 días
Um walking dead names on his cart? And rick!?
Ms funny lady
Ms funny lady Hace 2 días
I knew it was Danny because he popped out of no where so many times and would follow Jamie
Connor Arsenault
Connor Arsenault Hace 2 días
He should hide in a room full of mannequins
Ajdabest Hace 2 días
1:40 this is when I knew life was a lie
Savanna Grande
Savanna Grande Hace 2 días
I actually knew he was it!! because every time you would go past he would so much times and then I was like oh my gosh he’s acting weird
JoeyFromSchool Hace 2 días
I like how the things danny was moving around were labeled with walking dead character names
Kelsey Loughlin
Kelsey Loughlin Hace 2 días
Please do more!
Amber Star
Amber Star Hace 2 días
@Vat19 Jamie has abused that giant red bean bag chair all three hiding in plain sight videos
aTheOquendoBoi Hace 2 días
Just dress up as an absent worker. Tell him: “I’m gonna hide from Jaime, can you take a day off? I’m gonna dress up as you.”
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash Hace 2 días
WhaT IS their JoB?!
Zianna Gaming
Zianna Gaming Hace 2 días
He should hide outside!
Jimin HAS Jams
Jimin HAS Jams Hace 2 días
i saw him and was like that was totally him
Samantha Bannasch
Samantha Bannasch Hace 2 días
This should've been called: Danny ruines perfectly fine items
Robert Kuhn
Robert Kuhn Hace 2 días
haters will hate this videos like if u hate haters
The Comfy Sofa
The Comfy Sofa Hace 2 días
This is before figuring it out: was in a cart that a guy was pushing
TGX 1 Hace 2 días
He protecc.He attacc.But most importantly.2:19 He whack.
Hi :3
Hi :3 Hace 2 días
2:34 Found him xD
Annette Rodriguez
Annette Rodriguez Hace 2 días
it is hide and seek
Annette Rodriguez
Annette Rodriguez Hace 2 días
Y'all having fun yup
German Kat
German Kat Hace 2 días
Danny looks like someone out of the division
Why Don't We Nationwide
i watched the third one first then the second and i watched this last. and believe me I AM DED 😂💀
R.G.A. Club
R.G.A. Club Hace 3 días
This is cheating he's not supposed to move
Alexandria Mariano
Alexandria Mariano Hace 3 días
Alexandria Mariano
Alexandria Mariano Hace 3 días
good hiding spot
Ruby_ The devil
Ruby_ The devil Hace 3 días
2:33 yea ya said it
I have dendrophobia
I have dendrophobia Hace 3 días
Who else noticed that Rick is a walking dead character, and all of the carts they are pushing around are names of walking dead characters, Hershel, Michonne, Merle
Billy Wilson
Billy Wilson Hace 3 días
I saw him immediately like right off the bat no joke
Zoup 4
Zoup 4 Hace 3 días
3:44 after my son tells me his pee is white and sticky
YT Frost
YT Frost Hace 3 días
4:18 for Danny’s hiding spot!
aadarsh hanuman
aadarsh hanuman Hace 3 días
Pikachu - Pokemon Jamie - Poking Man
mama 79
mama 79 Hace 3 días
I love these "hiding from Jamie" videos 💖😂👍
datonemans thatdonmatter
why do u hav a golf club Jamie: for poking stuff also jamie:*smacc things with golf club* Me: phbt best boss ever id like to play hiddin in plain sight with him
:/:/ Hace 4 días
I knew sum was up when I saw him the first time
PadenPerfect Hace 4 días
I saw this suspicious man walk by the camera about 5 times, and my brain was saying something is not right about that dude.
Dolce Luxe
Dolce Luxe Hace 4 días
I honestly had it figured out the third time they showed him walk by with the cart during a 7 minute video. But that was only because it was intentionally left in during the editing process. Very clever!
Rose River
Rose River Hace 4 días
He pokes the hells out of thing damn😂😂
bella Rinaldi.706
bella Rinaldi.706 Hace 4 días
Anyone notice Jamie is wearing Lulu lemon
Catalina Chavez
Catalina Chavez Hace 4 días
This is benji🐶 he wants a friend 1like 1 friend.
Deadly Potato
Deadly Potato Hace 4 días
0:01 to 0:06 imagine eating your soup that you stole from that one house and finding an apple watch, how disappointing 😕
Shamil Mohamed
Shamil Mohamed Hace 4 días
Anyone noticed he was looking for Danny over 7 hours?
Isabella 061107
Isabella 061107 Hace 4 días
Truly hidden in plain sight
Braileigh Oliver
Braileigh Oliver Hace 4 días
I found him
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