THIS IS GOODBYE... for now... sort of... just watch the video. It's important

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*Note* This is on trending now, dunno how. TFIL has been around for 2.5 years traveling the world with the goal to conquer 1,000 things I want to do before I do (The f**k if list) & now the channel is changing to become a non-profit VICE style documentary channel. Apologies for the opening 35 seconds, we’re just weird dudes that do whatever we want. Keep the homophobic comments out of here.

TFIL IS NOT ENDING. READ THIS! Lots of fun stuff happening that you can be involved in!
The travel-first-person-vlog style is ending though.
Over the next 30 days TFIL is going to be progressing into what will be the first ever NON-PROFIT ESvid channel. Every video made will be to benefit various non-profits around the world to help bring exposure, awareness and of course, donations to their cause. We will be donating 100% of the ad-sense from the videos to their respective charities. These videos will have a slight touch of the old-school TFIL vlog style but heavily intertwined with what you see in a standard documentary. (20 minutes long each, approximately) That will start approximately mid March.
Until then!
Feb 3rd I will start the next 24/7 charity live-stream that will benefit the TREVOR Project & National Suicide Prevention Hotline. Goal is to raise $150,000. I will be locked in a freezer. Yes, a freezer.
Feb 11th - I'm releasing the music video with Simple Plan & Scotty Sire.
The next 3 weekends, I will be releasing a different WORLD RECORD video.
End of January! We are shooting these videos in LA! We will need at least 500 people to join to help us break these records!! Please stay tuned to my Twitter @EltonCastee for full details coming soon.
SUPPORT THE CHANNEL & Grab your SEND IT Society gear! www.SendItSociety.com *That's the absolute best way to help keep this channel going!!
SAM, COLBY & COREY ARE BACK IN TFIL! This is Part 6 of 9 for our Australia series!!! Don't miss a single video! Subscribe, notifs, all of it! Do it!
ELTON CASTEE - IG @EltonCastee
SAM GOLBACH - IG @SamGolbach
COLBY BOCK - @ColbyBrock
COREY SCHERER - IG @CoreyScherer


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6 ene 2019

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Gema Matchim
Gema Matchim Hace 5 horas
I know this has nothing to do with the video but at what point did the Elton and Corey beef get over??
Nicole Loggins
Nicole Loggins Hace 5 horas
Ok I might be that one person who everyone said noooooo don’t say that.... but doesn’t he look like Cole Sprouse?
Megan De Anda
Megan De Anda Hace 7 horas
This truly hurt to hear but im happy for you guys . You all have grown and bonded and we've all gotten to see you threw the years and your fans cant thank you enough ! You made us laugh and take risks living life to our fullest and cant thank you enough for that as well . You all are amazing together but even more in your own ways and we can only be happy for you wish you the best god bless you each on your new chapters and journeys in life rock on guys love you 🤘👏🖤 #TFILFOREVER
Gacha Smartgirl
Gacha Smartgirl Hace 8 horas
OMG noooooooo I will miss y'all you grown up to fast ugh
Gacha Smartgirl
Gacha Smartgirl Hace 8 horas
This is really sad I can't believe it's the end I've loved having the gang together now your leaving this is really sad I'm for real crying 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
Bada55mexsoldier Hace 9 horas
And recorded it and it was one of the most tallest rides at one point
Bada55mexsoldier Hace 9 horas
U guy should have got Corey on the Texas titan at six flags over Texas
Ayasha Bowman
Ayasha Bowman Hace 9 horas
is it true sam and colby got arrested!!!!!
Mark Fonce
Mark Fonce Hace 11 horas
I this ESvid Channel brcuase you are all having fun and I have been her since the old bYs of vines and yea I wish it would saty the 4 of you but I no the money
Evelyn Fielbrandt
Evelyn Fielbrandt Hace 14 horas
The TFIL video's have been such an inspiration to me and a good thing to watch when I'm depressed. I wished that you guys were going to continue with the crazy stuff but it's a fact of life that all fun things must come to an end. Good luck in the future ♥️
theLink Andrew
theLink Andrew Hace 15 horas
Good bye for now :(
lucy from fairy tail anime and nightcore
This made me cry several times I'll miss you all being in videos together.... I love ya guys 🤝✌🖤🖤💕
Austin Eilander
Austin Eilander Hace un día
Aj crazy 1906
Aj crazy 1906 Hace un día
I loved your videos
ツツCrikey Hace un día
Y'all have been the biggest motivation for me.
ツツCrikey Hace un día
I completely support your choice with what this channel is going to be!! I have loved the last couple years going along the adventures with you guys!!! I love you all! TFIL has been the most amazing Channel I have ever watched! To the comedy to the exploration videos to the serious videos to every little thing in these videos.
Mp Sharks30
Mp Sharks30 Hace un día
I always love them together I thought that there friendship was the best reply a one on my comment if you agree. Will always remember there friendship 😭
live me squad lol
live me squad lol Hace un día
Are they leaving for ever if so I am going to die they are the reason I keep going and started my ESvid channel itsatkalea ily
Jasmine Dawn
Jasmine Dawn Hace un día
But I loved you guys doing all those adventure videos
macie t
macie t Hace un día
Sarah Bevan
Sarah Bevan Hace un día
I thought TFIL meant The Fun in Life
Cribdaddy beast
Cribdaddy beast Hace un día
Been watching your vids sense like 2016 and it been a cool experience to see what u guys have done and i love u guys so much and hope the best for all of you and keep growing and enjoying what your doing even if it a overnight video
Galaxy Jaxcyne
Galaxy Jaxcyne Hace un día
I’m crying because this channel has helped me so much because I went through so much and you helped me get my life together
Alexis Whelihan
Alexis Whelihan Hace un día
Katelyn HIles
Katelyn HIles Hace un día
Why are they leaving yourube their are rhe best
Matthew Bird
Matthew Bird Hace un día
Sad times😭😭😢😢😢😭😭😢😢😢
Sheriff Hace un día
I will always love and remember the old tfil. And I am excited for the new one. Ive been a fan since you first started. And I will always love all of you guys. Will Sam and Colby and Corey still post videos tho?
Ryan Safar
Ryan Safar Hace un día
Caitlyn Mercer
Caitlyn Mercer Hace un día
I have a few places in my home town that I've been to that I think would be fun for you guys it's really creepy at night
Always Tired
Always Tired Hace un día
Dang ima miss all the like hide and seek videos and overnight videos. Sad times. But I wish the best for the new channel vibe and hopefully many bigger better things.
Christian C.
Christian C. Hace un día
The ending backround made me cry for at least 30 mins in bed
Christian C.
Christian C. Hace un día
I’m a 2.5 year viewer but last year i got a google account and now funny vids are over 😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢
Unko Wn
Unko Wn Hace 2 días
im sad that u guya are gonna be aprat but im happy that u guys are happy
Starfox98 Hace 2 días
10 days later Sam and Colby get arrested!
Jessica Gidney
Jessica Gidney Hace 2 días
Some of my favorite songs are our own house-because Sam and Colby did a vine on it and it reminds me of them,we love our friends-because good lyrics and cute faces,and the Ashley happy birthday bowling alley song-because it’s funny
Cheyane Fiske
Cheyane Fiske Hace 2 días
Elton is right changes are good
brian Lopez
brian Lopez Hace 2 días
We will miss the roommates ☹️♥️
Emily Kalada
Emily Kalada Hace 2 días
Just to let you know I literally never cry for anything and I literally cried during this video
asian_ boi23
asian_ boi23 Hace 2 días
What’s the name of the song at 0:50
michael. anDSarah Bryant
Is Sam and Colby still be a thing
crazy giraffe
crazy giraffe Hace 2 días
I miss SAM and cloby bc there in jail
Xcel_ 1
Xcel_ 1 Hace 2 días
Tarynce Wolfe
Tarynce Wolfe Hace 2 días
Kayla Emma
Kayla Emma Hace 2 días
Bro I loved you videos before this but if this is what you want fine
C Porter
C Porter Hace 2 días
Non-Profit ESvid channels have been around since Day 1. Your not gonna be the first.
noodle lama
noodle lama Hace 2 días
this video has inspired me to go do greater things in life l hope me and my friends become you one day
Xd LazerFruit /Shakalala11
Nooooooo don’t go I loved the vids I discovered you a month
Katelyn Edginton
Katelyn Edginton Hace 2 días
So does TFIL actually stand for ''The F**k It List'' ?
Madison Cox
Madison Cox Hace 2 días
Remember Elton’s Tfil is ending video?
Madison Cox
Madison Cox Hace 2 días
“That’s with me for life” ~Corey 2019
This channel has been amazing, I may have only found the channel less than a year ago but it impacted me so much, all four of u made my life so much better, I just wish I found the channel right when U created your first video, I think you guys should make a tfil 2! Channel, which has all of u in it doing the same stuff as always !
Cakeboy009 Hace 3 días
I love how Sam Golbach was like "I Had A Very Nice View around 40 seconds in
Jorden Schmidt
Jorden Schmidt Hace 3 días
This made me cry even more please make the overnight channel and I can’t wait for the new TFIL. I’m going to miss this group so much, but they will always be with me in my heart, memories, fans, and ESvid. I love you guys much
Johan Gomez
Johan Gomez Hace 3 días
I’ve been here on my old account since day one
Kara B
Kara B Hace 3 días
I absolutely love the song at the beginning and can not find it anywhere....someone please help!!!
Bryan Sosbe
Bryan Sosbe Hace 3 días
I actual started crying
Ttv.Splifxxx Hace 3 días
TFIL is amazing it might not be like how it was but it going to help others 🙏 God Bless you Uncle Elton, Colby, Sam, and The man who can pull I the bun Corey. Edit: Btw I'M FUCKING CRYING
Minute Of Our Lives
Minute Of Our Lives Hace 3 días
0:48 what song is this
Maggie Kuzawa
Maggie Kuzawa Hace 3 días
You guys are awesome!!
JoyLynn Pendejito Caballero
You 4 are the best!! Sam, Colby, Corey and Uncle Elton! ❤
Megan Love's horses
Megan Love's horses Hace 3 días
You need to do more videos with Sam, Colby and Cory those are the best
It's Wolfie
It's Wolfie Hace 3 días
Hey btw could you tell me the suicide prevention hotline?
Trolls For days
Trolls For days Hace 3 días
No I love the vids it will never be the same as the old vids I will always miss the old tfil not the old I love you all but it won’t be the same Like if agree pls keep
Nina Hace 4 días
Im not crying i swear
Avakin Life My Name
Avakin Life My Name Hace 4 días
Sam and Colby got arrested
Isabela Maria Gomez
Isabela Maria Gomez Hace 4 días
go to see Sam and Colby in jail
Marcus & EliasGAMING
Are you guys stopping with youtube
Kaden Thomas
Kaden Thomas Hace 4 días
My time to unsubscribe
JustGarbo Hace 4 días
WTF NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO rip I found you guys is late 2016 and now it’s ending.. rip you guys were the funniest guys after vine
emily n
emily n Hace 4 días
It's amazing how your friendship stays even though you might not do any more videos all together on this channel but your friendship will always stay no matter what happens
KINGCOBRUH 888 Hace 4 días
Erica Crosby
Erica Crosby Hace 4 días
omg this was the best and saddest video ever! so happy I've got to watch TFIL for their whole journey! It's made me so fricken happy to watch and rewatch videos! This was what made me happy please keep creating Elton, Sam, Colby, and Corey!
BaneofLight Hace 4 días
The fact that you're changing this channel into a nonprofit traveling documentary on world issues is amazing. You have such a strong and kind heart. I wish you the best of luck with shining the light on serious issues yet to be widely known!
Adam Floerke
Adam Floerke Hace 4 días
Daniel Hadley
Daniel Hadley Hace 4 días
What happened guys?
Mr. XTeOX Hace 4 días
What is that song in 0:49
Pertus Gaming
Pertus Gaming Hace 4 días
Really another goodbye video? Wow.💩
makenzy 405
makenzy 405 Hace 4 días
Is it a rummer or is it true that Sam and Colby went to jail for trespassing I'm just asking
Emo Kiddd
Emo Kiddd Hace 4 días
I just wanted to say thank you to all 4 of you. The summer of 2018 was one of the toughest summers of my life. I was extremely depressed and felt like I had no purpose anymore. Then one day I was looking through my ESvid and in my recommended and I saw one of Sam and Colby's videos. That's where it all began, later on I found TFIL and everyone else's channels. You guys made me smile and laugh when I felt I would never be happy again. In a way you guys pulled me out of my depression. You guys, all of you, Elton Sam Corey and Colby, you are my biggest inspirations. Thank you so so so much for everything you have done for me. I love you all so much and I will keep watching TFIL no matter what you guys post on it
yuri mith
yuri mith Hace 4 días
YEET THAT WEET Hace 4 días
I'm crying. I love you guys so much. Seeing you guys being so mature, really makes me feel better. 😥😅😣😫😭😭😭😭😭😭
Onyx Le Monde
Onyx Le Monde Hace 4 días
we are gonna be non profit *two members get arrested*
jarjarbeastcringe Hace 4 días
ugh you do realize that this whole change takes the whole meaning of this channel away? The reason I started watching your videos is because of what you did like you know the bowling alley and the trampoline park and the sneaking into Fiesta Village because it was mostly just funny and entertaining and there's literally no point in having a nonprofit "professional documentary" type channel and I am strongly against this "change" you have planned because I won't watch your "educational" videos at all. I watch youtube because people like you guys do stupid, entertaining stuff and that it the reason why you have 2.1 million subs right now. Why would you give up what 2.1 million others showed support towards? I was going to suggest trying to sneak into the white house like jake paul but not like him because he's retarded. But I guess you won't ever be doing that anymore so never mind. I'm sorry for having such a long comment I just really liked the stuff you did before and don't understand why you would give it up. Personally, I'd rather live a life full of adrenaline and fun rather than "professional, educational documentaries." Please don't change. None of your 2.1 million subscribers subscribed because of what you have planned.
Krisstopher Compton
Krisstopher Compton Hace 4 días
I love you Elton and I love what you have done and plan on doing
Acer Life
Acer Life Hace 4 días
The music
Acer Life
Acer Life Hace 4 días
I want to cry 😭😭
JustShutterDroy JSD
JustShutterDroy JSD Hace 4 días
TFIL I'm very glad I have been watching you for 4 years and I'm very happy for you. I hope that your future ESvid will be good. 😥😊
Hope Wheelock
Hope Wheelock Hace 5 días
I have watched every single video TFIL has ever put out and I loved all of them. Elton you are an amazing person and I can't wait to see all the charities you help and all the good work you are about to do. TFIL for life even if it isn't the same as it used to be. I love you Elton.
The main One
The main One Hace 5 días
I love you,but this goodbye
Jasmine pegg
Jasmine pegg Hace 5 días
Guys we love you all even if it is changing we won’t see you all together often I have been inspired by you guys to take chances and send it! I am so happy you guys are still best friends we all love you and we all hope you never break up your friendship I gonna cry for a few days but again we all love and please don’t forget that! We love you and are proud f you guys and are super happy for you guys! Even if I never got to meet you I’m still grateful for you all inspiring us!
Breanna Jowett
Breanna Jowett Hace 5 días
Ahhhhh I'm so sad 😢😢😢😢💙💙❤️💜❤️💚💜💚 Go with your dreams .and err if they aren't dreams but you want to try it do it too and if they aren't either of em then ..don't do it 😐💙💙
Cerissa Lavallee
Cerissa Lavallee Hace 5 días
I’m crying 😭🙃
Brayden Bosworth
Brayden Bosworth Hace 5 días
you are my favorite youtubers I don't want you guys to separate from each other and I have been watching you for 2 years im so sad that you are separating i am crying right now you made me ho I am I love you plz don't separate plz
samira pantoja
samira pantoja Hace 5 días
alex Hace 5 días
This is a man that lives. This man can really breathe the air, look at the sky, ride waves, travel as far as the world goes. He makes me have no doubt that no matter what happens to him, he will continue living, never once faltering because he knows why he's here, alive and why he's doing what he is. This man is Elton Castee, who made his name, his own. This was Chapter One. I can't wait to turn the page and see Chapter Two ❤️ With all love and respect, your fan❤️
Lauren Hace 5 días
muisc music
muisc music Hace 5 días
News you guy's Sam & Colby are in JAIL 😢😭😭
Adam films
Adam films Hace 5 días
I'm crying
Carter Brooks
Carter Brooks Hace 5 días
A year ago you said you would go to Kentucky and I think that you should
conner dailey1
conner dailey1 Hace 5 días
Eltion I jave a question I just fpund the latest I can and on Instagram and twitter I keep seeing Sam and Colby booked in a shearif office is this true plz comment back when you can
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