THIS IS THE END, MEI SHIN. | Devotion 還願 ENDING (Part 3)

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Finally, we have reached the end of Devotion.. and I think it's just as I suspected from the beginning...
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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.
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9 mar 2019






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Dribbling Master
Dribbling Master Hace un hora
19:24 when i'm in the bathroom
Dribbling Master
Dribbling Master Hace 2 horas
i swear on god i'mma follow @d1_official6 you swore on god do it instagram
Woah kihyun
Woah kihyun Hace 3 horas
cory: it said ignore everything in here guy hey... hey. cory: *looks*
Angelina Palaita
Angelina Palaita Hace 16 horas
I was so in my feelings while watching the ending but next thing you know he over here saying you know you could've made it shorter 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Angelina Palaita
Angelina Palaita Hace 16 horas
Wow the ending got me crying and sad but then when it ended I just signed and cried louder why this is one of the most beautiful games I ever seen😭😭😭😭😭
Alice Red
Alice Red Hace 20 horas
"My daughter's not a lunatic!" "Possessed though? Yeah, that's fine."
appendiccs Hace 21 un hora
I think where he basically butchers himself is after his daughter is dead and he is trying to bring her back. And then that butchering kills him and brings him to her in the afterlife. Basically suicide.
Brenji Bøi
Brenji Bøi Hace 21 un hora
“Memory shorter than commas kid!”CK roasting himself
Javi Vro
Javi Vro Hace un día
Plot twist: the mentor is momo
gacha gamer
gacha gamer Hace un día
i cant believe mei shin aint dead yo
Alice Cheng
Alice Cheng Hace un día
No matter how many times I watched this ending, the song is still beautiful.
francheska Ortiz
francheska Ortiz Hace un día
Jamiela Krizelle Amistad Patalud
Cory: Ok so they said ignore everything- Person: Hey Corry: *wHo Is tHaT?*
Suou Genji
Suou Genji Hace un día
Hey cory maybe i couldn't understand What Kong said BECAUSE I COULDN'T HEAR IT U SWINE
Eniah Rook
Eniah Rook Hace un día
A good way that I liked how they indicated she died was at the end credits. She was talking about how she folded so many flowers while the dad was following the flowers and then the flowers stopped. That’s a good symbol right there that there are no more flowers to follow because she can’t make anymore cus she died.
Icey ivey Plays
Icey ivey Plays Hace un día
mei shin died by drowning her in snake blood
Jadon Bergen
Jadon Bergen Hace 2 días
Good game. 10/10. Even though I never played it and just watched you really get connected with the characters and even feel sympathy for them as for Mei Shin past away, I feel sad. Same goes with the father. All the father wanted was to help his daughter but in the end made it worse. It really shows a parents love for there child. Also what I really like is that Mei Shin forgives her father for everything.
Meia Hace 2 días
Aly Rae
Aly Rae Hace 2 días
I don’t get it. How can Mei sheen sing but have breathing problems?? Idk everything about asthma but Ik when you sing it gets worse so like idk
Vibe TN
Vibe TN Hace 2 días
Home sweet home is a game they referenced
Fire Gamer
Fire Gamer Hace 2 días
Cory should play kingdom hearts please 😊
kao lor
kao lor Hace 2 días
Then ending music is good for a anime closing music
MrfioxyS VirO
MrfioxyS VirO Hace 2 días
I don't remember this game
Beer Terps
Beer Terps Hace 2 días
So the blood bath was the wine...
Lashaundra Turner
Lashaundra Turner Hace 2 días
He said like and subscribe
Joseph Victorio
Joseph Victorio Hace 2 días
Who else was just...falling asleep at some parts of the video 😂
PunkLeader23 Lpve
PunkLeader23 Lpve Hace 3 días
Did you say hit that like button.. oh. No no SLICE THAT LIKE BUTTON
Joshua Moore
Joshua Moore Hace 3 días
Yo Cory Have you heard of Warfame you can be a samurai.
Kid Magic
Kid Magic Hace 3 días
Dad was devoted to his script writing, mom was devoted to being an actress, daughter was devoted to following her dreams of being a super star.
Jua Samachy
Jua Samachy Hace 3 días
Oh that's underworld was a place for hades ( Greek god) he kidnapped his bride and gave her the forbidden fruit, pomegranite. Forcing her to spend one-third of her life each year in the underworld. I know this because I studied social studies. All thanks to central middle school.
midnights hart 666
midnights hart 666 Hace 3 días
This game hella dark
Naomi Scarlet
Naomi Scarlet Hace 3 días
When 280:5 happened I ligit thought the anbu black ops from Naruto were there ready to either attack or interigate Cory.
Jemaria w
Jemaria w Hace 4 días
i honestly feel like it's about the girl having a mental illness and the dad accidentally killed her thinking it was a demon....because if you think bout the one part with the doctor note where the doctor was hinting to her needing to go to a psychiatrist but the dad says...shes not a lunatic also some of her symptoms do sound a lot like GAD (General anxiety disorder) due to the stress from her dad,her parents i guess divorcing and something else. She was getting better because if anyone didn't notice she always wanted her dad to play with her,make flowers with her,read to her and creative related stuff because in some way that calmed her in some way i guess but in his mind...he was trying to cure something that wasn't even there and that soon became his devotion and ruined his family where his wife left trying to help him and him killing his own daughter.
Manny VG
Manny VG Hace 4 días
sad cus he lost everything he had
At the end it looks like it good be and anime opening or ending mostly ending
gillian nicolau
gillian nicolau Hace 4 días
When you played the voicemail for the second time I was like “slIce tHat lIke bUtton” and I was waiting for the part when you like translate it and I screamed “i gOt iT bOy”
SGamingUltra Hace 4 días
28:17 WHEN YOURE BLACK IN 1919 and you want to go to Kentucky Kitchen Kenvention, not the Ku Klux Klan
jrock Jones
jrock Jones Hace 4 días
Cory was like go go go gogogogogogogogogogogogogog
Eric Mckie
Eric Mckie Hace 4 días
If she Japan why the freak am asian
Uptightpanda 01
Uptightpanda 01 Hace 4 días
Devoted devotion
Kitty Kat64
Kitty Kat64 Hace 4 días
I know what he said
Kitty Kat64
Kitty Kat64 Hace 4 días
I speak Chinese
MIN TECK NG Hace 4 días
Kong said make the vid popular
queenfree85 Hace 4 días
Calling it now... Once I saw that panic attack part in the school before the dr note even showed... My theory is the daughter killed them all or the dad had to kill the daughter bc she had too extreme of an attack and tried to come after him!
Dylan Cline
Dylan Cline Hace 4 días
emmagamer pagal
emmagamer pagal Hace 4 días
i -i fe-feel vo-vomit
SugarBunnyMona12 Hace 4 días
I have really bad panic attacks like her where I can't breath and I can't do anything... But like it's to the point that only happens when I get emotionally triggered. Happens from time to time, it hurts to be left out... I kinda feel like Mei Shin, so I feel like a hot mess right now...
Jenniffer Santiago
Jenniffer Santiago Hace 5 días
"I want to see the daughter in the tub" -Coryxkenshin 2019
Nikki_PaulineS Hace 5 días
Cory's expression at 41:16 had me crying 😂 he looked so done
ThatEmotionalArtLover UwU
@CoryXKenshin what truely happened, was the father murder the mother, killed the daughter, and killed himself. What he did was he absolutely destroyed his life with his "devotion" and his own chaotic mind. His failures drove him mad along with his daughter being a "lunatic". In that culture it is very harsh and mean twoards anyone with mental issues, he REFUSED to believe that she needed mental help because it is shameful and disgraceful which tore his life apart... the wife was murdered in the elevator. At the end after he figured out his daughter was dead, he killed himself, and despite what he did to her she just wanted her father and wanted their good life to come back. In the end, the moral is to except people with mental issues, and this thought process that people with mental issues are "lunatics" and that they are people too.. they just need help. (Edit) aswell, the stress of his parents fighting left the mother to want to leave, and when he found out he murdered her. That why Mei Shin asked "where is mommy?" Or at least thats what it hints to with that scene of the elevator of her struggling and crawling. The elevated stress eventually decreased and decreased Mei Shins health.
Alfheim's Aurora Jolteon
Why do you think the mom was killed? I’m pretty certain she just left the house. Hence why she was holding an umbrella and sadly walked away
Brewster Team
Brewster Team Hace 5 días
That was mean :(
Wolf&FoxGANG !!!!
Wolf&FoxGANG !!!! Hace 5 días
Its my birthday
Cordarell WilliamsIII
who you calling a swin with your big back no crack Craker snap chin self piled banana pill head self
Oh yeh Mr krabs
Oh yeh Mr krabs Hace 5 días
I thought it said certain death ;-;
Arianna Hanners
Arianna Hanners Hace 5 días
9:30 plz don't do that again. Not being a hater but it looked like you were trying to lick some booty! Lol 🤣
Pyramid Guy
Pyramid Guy Hace 5 días
why u call me swat samurai master????
memetube Hace 5 días
finally a horror game with a story
Elijah Lee
Elijah Lee Hace 5 días
Play Kingdom Hearts 3
jas lawinski
jas lawinski Hace 5 días
I think is mary had a little lamb
Kristin Harris
Kristin Harris Hace 5 días
This was...weirrrrrrrd
Xx_Moonlight_xX Hace 5 días
Husband: Listens to convo between Li Fang and her mother. Wife: *pops up*. Cory: OHH......my god. Me when he screams: *falls down stairs laughing* XD
Jn L
Jn L Hace 5 días
As the common elements of near death experience include white light and visions of deceased relatives, the final scene indicates the father died, most likely of committing suicide. His spirit is guided by the light and the spirit of his late beloved daughter, who says, "Daddy, let's go HOME." Some commentators point out that dog barking and constant door knocking suggest corpses smell has drawn attention from outside of the house. The game is both about the father's devotion to the psychic medium and the daughter's devotion to his father. As the ending song hints, Mei Shin is willing to be his daughter again in the next life. The mandarin title of the game 還願 has double meanings, votive offering and still willing (to be his daughter). Note that the cover graphic of the game is a grown-up Mei Shin (in the next life), apparently a singer (a microphone in her hands), going through a spiritual linking ritual (covering the eyes with red blindfold ), looking inside her soul, her past life, searching for her past life father's spirit and trying to pacify him and to release him from the bitterness of lingering in limbo for eternity by telling him that she never regrets being his daughter, that she has fulfilled her dream and his wish as well, that, in the next life, she is still willing to be his daughter again and that he can rest in peace. The English title "Devotion" is more about the devotion of the father while the Mandarin title is more about the daughter's love and forgiveness. This reminds me of how the English title of the Red Candle game "Detention" refers to the story of Ray's apparition trapped in an endless loop of sin and regrets while the mandarin title 返校 (literally "Return to School") refers to the story of Wei and his forgiveness.
x[WvW]x Badger
x[WvW]x Badger Hace 5 días
Sample 7:13 plz
ballistic icee
ballistic icee Hace 5 días
Gamer Nick
Gamer Nick Hace 5 días
I sorry Cory. I am a uncultured swine...
ᅲᅳᅲavixna Hace 5 días
the ending was nice
Kayle Nguyen
Kayle Nguyen Hace 5 días
你好! 我叫 Kayle Ni hao ! Wo jiao Kayle. Hi! I'm Kayle. Yus high school teaches me things!!!! XD
MotorPurrHans Hace 6 días
I would say there are too many cultural and religious implications in the game. Some of the voices and notes are not translated. In my opinion, the daughter trusts and loves her father so much that she wouldn't do him any harm. I'd say the father followed his daughter's step after realizing what he had done. This also reminds us there are religions that would get to people when they are weak, which is surprisingly common in Taiwan. Great game, great quality.
Sleepy Marz
Sleepy Marz Hace 6 días
Mai died from alcohol poisoning cuz she was left in the wine back for a week
Yanderewolf2 Hace 6 días
She probably had anxiety and was having anxiety attacks
Lenayam7 Hace 6 días
XDBacon Hace 6 días
XDBacon Hace 6 días
Ericka Trejo
Ericka Trejo Hace 6 días
Nice vid😁😁👍
MGR Hace 6 días
I don’t speak mandarin but I already knew that he said hit that like button
Luke Mitchell
Luke Mitchell Hace 6 días
Bryan Kong
Bryan Kong Hace 6 días
When u understand 0:32
G Gal
G Gal Hace 6 días
Cory I gust knew that u had a muststash
Da potato game dude
Da potato game dude Hace 6 días
2:37 the piano is from yamaha production like if u see that😀
itz aroub
itz aroub Hace 6 días
I dunno what happened..idk
Shiloh Knowles
Shiloh Knowles Hace 6 días
Why haven't Cory tried opening the locked door at 26:00?
Keia Davis
Keia Davis Hace 6 días
yooo u was saying ho !! lol 18:03
T. WOODROW Hace 6 días
My mom was 3 in 1985
T Gay
T Gay Hace 6 días
Ima keep it real witchu...I have no idea what this game means and I wouldn’t bother trying to explain it to me
Brute tubby
Brute tubby Hace 7 días
還願 means Wish
shadow killer gaming
23:41 the sunken place from get out
Mira Engelke
Mira Engelke Hace 7 días
Cory: "bro I'm getting IT vibes, pennywise" Me: *watching it movie (not jk xD)*
Gʀɪᴢᴢʟʟʏ Hace 7 días
The ending music gave me Life is Strange vibes
ITSYOURBOI 57 Hace 7 días
Me at 4:44: we in RE2 all over again
Xxxtentacion ,filladolpede,lil phoenix and lil lily
Stand, Salute, Plage I Plage Of Alligance To Swedish Fish Of CoryxKenshins Channel
Kolby Robinson
Kolby Robinson Hace 7 días
XD 28:22
Levy Heyman
Levy Heyman Hace 7 días
First his tongeau out his mouth and then his hand bloodi Thats weird
Sebastian Henao
Sebastian Henao Hace 7 días
This game is trash bro
blessing Hace 7 días
I *feel* like the father
Seraph Lai
Seraph Lai Hace 7 días
The milded, Conserved End is actually good enough for me, so I don't have to see the corpse, yet the whole scenario and the scare caused by Mei shin is pretty much punishing for Du, since he had done a serious crime, but the daughter had been pretty easy on him.
potatoesandjuiceallday 1234
I'm too scared to sleep so now time to listen to some PANDORY'S PAN PIZZA PALACE
antonio jones
antonio jones Hace 7 días
The disgusting part ever 30:00
BluueMoonBae Bluue
BluueMoonBae Bluue Hace 7 días
Cory: “Okay they said ignore everything in here” Some dude: 👁👄👁 “hey” Cory: 👀
Mckenna dewitt
Mckenna dewitt Hace 7 días
No wonder the bathroom door was always locked
Solar Wings
Solar Wings Hace 7 días
We cant really call liars "evil" now-a-days, now can we? I mean, depending on the subject, liars aren't evil. Reason why, everyone lies. Facts. You can't come up to someone and say, "I've never lied in my life" and expect them to believe you. It's seriously not possible
_Western500 Uchiha_
_Western500 Uchiha_ Hace 7 días
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