THIS IS THE END, MEI SHIN. | Devotion 還願 ENDING (Part 3)

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Finally, we have reached the end of Devotion.. and I think it's just as I suspected from the beginning...
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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.
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Saif ツ
Saif ツ Hace 3 horas
2:32 HELLO 😂
F.F WIFE Hace 19 horas
Cory what kind of songs do you like I believe we have the same tast plus I have song block 👽
Krolia Don't care
Krolia Don't care Hace un día
Ngl i love that ending song
Black Cat
Black Cat Hace 2 días
I'm low-key crying
pikachu power
pikachu power Hace 2 días
dont turn around, why did i turn around!?
Thicc Thanos
Thicc Thanos Hace 3 días
That's a really good and damn scary game
Melissa Anderson
Melissa Anderson Hace 4 días
Love the intro... Ni Hao, Wo Jiao Cory. And Wellllllllcome.
Frances Tagle
Frances Tagle Hace 5 días
who elses fcuking brain cells lEFT when the guy said “hey hey”
Toga Himiko
Toga Himiko Hace 7 días
Just Adrianna1
Just Adrianna1 Hace 8 días
Yo he took his tongue out.... no pain medication or nothing? We just out here ripping out tongues...alright
Bobbie Willfong
Bobbie Willfong Hace 8 días
The father scooping out his eye and hurting himself was a representation of his devotion to this "god". If it were not showed in the game it wouldn't had given the gamer the idea of how devoted the father was to his faith. Not only did this god kill his daughter, but killed himself too. It's sad what religion can do.
bish wahtt
bish wahtt Hace 9 días
William Do
William Do Hace 9 días
At 9:50, it's a reference of the Chinese's 1 year-old "Birthday Grab". When a baby take an object that they have presented in front of it, it pretends to define its destiny. Maybe I'm not Chinese but I'm Vietnamese and French, I know this ritual and many of Asian culture, especially Japanese. You gotta be proud there's one samurai in France 🙏🗻🌸
ENZO PROBE Hace 10 días
You know this game really reminds me of another TAIWANESE HORROR GAME "Detention" ,because it has it's same plot like -Traveling through memories in the past events, puzzles, especially TRAGEDY and not just that the game "Detention" has like the same house from "Devotion" like a rent home ,and I just noticed not only Both TAIWANESE HORROR GAME their are both D & e in the word of the title plus the plot and ambience of the game are Spooky and scary they're alike. Meanwhile in "Detention" it's not POV\FIRST PERSON it's more of 3rdperson like and it also tells us the background stories of tragedies of the PROTAGONIST/PLAYER/CHARACTER in the game. So we could know what's happening in the game ,also in "Detention" their are also have a simple family 3 of them Mother, Daughter, Father It's a story about this KID had also feel frustrated and depressed. Then in "Devotion" it has also a same problem ,a family being broken too but it's all about the father...(I didn't have more knowledge about it so I give up) But that's all I can say anyway cause I didn't have much info.about "Detention" I forgot but anyway all I wanted to tell is Their like both the same(PLOT,THEME, DETAILS,GRAPHICS) So thank you for reading this if you're still reading it.
DaWayOfDaMartyr Hace 10 días
When you said Wailing & Knashing of Teeth it hit me I realized you was tlkn bout Bible scripture and started realizing this god they worshipping is the Devil
PoisonxTea Hace 12 días
Remember that, when he called Mentor Hu that second time during the final hallway scene, it sounded like he called her incredibly concerned about something, and her response was "oh, no, that's normal, also this can take up to seven days in extreme cases, have faith in Mei Shin and don't unlock the bathroom door." Remember that, so many times when you see a calendar in the game, six days are x'd out (to represent those days already passed by), and the seventh day is circled. Realize that when the TV showing the competition started skipping on Mei Shin's (failed) score, it kept repeating/skipping on 88 (八十八 bāshíbā) in an increasingly intense way. And that Mei Shin calls her father daddy (爸爸 bàba). And that he was likely hearing her yelling for him. Remember that, when Mentor Hu told him to ignore everything he heard in the place where she couldn't reach him, knowing that Mentor Hu was leading him astray, he wound up ignoring two things: One, the other version of himself, who was telling him to go save his daughter by opening the bathroom door, and saying that the flower (Mei Shin) had collapsed under its own weight (all their expectations on her) because she was just a child after all. Part of him knew the truth and had doubts about what he was doing even at the time. And two, a room where a bunch of Mei Shins were pleading with him to please let her out and asking why he was ignoring her, telling him she loved him and that she just wanted him to play with her. Another thing he likely was hearing from the bathroom, as he prayed and ignored her. In that part, we're hearing her as she's desperately begging to be let out of the bathroom. Realize that a small closed room full of a wine that has a *very* high alcohol content is very likely to give a small girl alcohol poisoning, even if she's not actually submersed in it the whole time. (And she did say she trusted her daddy, and trusted Mentor Hu because he did, and was willing to do what they asked to get well.) Especially if this is a small girl who is prone to having panic attacks, hyperventilating, and even passing out... All of which might happen if her father leaves her locked in the bathroom and ignores her pleading. That second phone call to Mentor Hu, he was probably worried because Mei Shin was begging to be let out while she was dying, and we actually heard those very moments in the game. When he opened the door on the seventh day, it was too late, and very possibly much too late.
Black Cat
Black Cat Hace 2 días
This is incredible sad
MarluXia Mist
MarluXia Mist Hace 12 días
What is the song playing at 41:24?
KUMABAWAYA Gaming Hace 12 días
This horror game makes my tears came up in the end
Dirty Jams Got17
Dirty Jams Got17 Hace 13 días
I understood one word out of every 2-4 lines. Wow. Not great, no where near fluent, but at least I know I'm getting somewhere with my Mandarin studies...
Horrorgameetc watcher
Horrorgameetc watcher Hace 13 días
I always thought that the ending song was the father himself. I mean the first line "my dreams end here" as soon as he enters the bathroom...
Vang dread
Vang dread Hace 13 días
lmao 28:23
Small Big World
Small Big World Hace 13 días
hecks naw
Elijah Ambroise
Elijah Ambroise Hace 14 días
L i l G i g i
L i l G i g i Hace 15 días
Broo when Mei Shin started explaining how when she was home alone it was scary and everything else, thats exactly what happens to me! I start shivering and coughing and when I try to go to sleep i cant because I start to imagine bad things happening and I'm scared that I wont wake up the next morning or im scared ths world will end while im asleep and i wont get to say goodbye to my parents. Man that stuff is crazy.
Angel Moore
Angel Moore Hace 16 días
the song at the end sounded like it could be an imagine dragons song
Dawnie Eppes
Dawnie Eppes Hace 17 días
Also that's why we heard crying in the bathroom
Dawnie Eppes
Dawnie Eppes Hace 17 días
The part that mei shin was running into the light was so beautiful made me cry and the song made me so sad
MrLonely 017
MrLonely 017 Hace 17 días
0:20.... Somehow I already knew what he was saying...since Cory is always talking about slicing the like button That's how I knew what Kong was saying
theknite2211 Hace 17 días
Omg hey Cory
Jowyerv Akifumi
Jowyerv Akifumi Hace 19 días
what Kong says "Ching-gay zigga sure ping the-end john." literally "please give this videol a press of like" translated "Slice that like button" BTW, the melody that played on the piano is a famous Chinese children song title "my family is very lovely". You're welcome.
my spaghetti is messy
my spaghetti is messy Hace 19 días
i think she just got severe anxiety
Rowan Hace 19 días
his daughter was never on tv, she never got to sing, she never got to go to the park, thats all she wanted she just wanted to go outside with her dad and sing on tv and be a superstar and worry about stage fright instead of her life and he never gave that to her, he was her world and at the same time a failure to be it, i'm not fucking crying right now no way this is just my thoughts, i'm not emotional at all. (fuck me)
K3NTX HAHUTXRI Hace 19 días
24:22 iny opinion if you only did thievery for a good reason ofcourse i don't think you should go to hell
Ya Boi
Ya Boi Hace 20 días
Cory, I don't speak Chinese, I speak the language of the U N I T E D S T A T E S O F A M E R I C A
jíbarx Hace 20 días
"My daughter is not a lunatic!!". No bro, but you are.
Tay Martin
Tay Martin Hace 22 días
Wtf on the begging I’m not gay
IC Tagle
IC Tagle Hace 22 días
You guys already know wat is the most disturbing and gross part of this video.
Kenyon Lopez
Kenyon Lopez Hace 23 días
The guy just riped his tounge out of his mouth...but in 33:32 he can still talk....im sooo confused
izzles uwu
izzles uwu Hace 23 días
H. Alazawii
H. Alazawii Hace 24 días
Yo is that story real?
Rôśhñî Hace 27 días
I lowkey puked a little when he was pulling his tongue out
trippy man101
trippy man101 Hace 28 días
Cory if she say to ignore everything why would u look around..... u still my boi though
NezyVenus Hace 28 días
You're right but.. the game wanted you to figure it out yourself.. Isn't that part of the fun?
KAIROfrom YT Hace 29 días
46:00 i just love that the voice actors for father, daughter, mother are also a family.
ricki lynn samuel
ricki lynn samuel Hace un mes
i liked how the title reflects both his devotion to his daughter and the fact that he's willing to go through so much to help her get well, and the devotion to mentor heu and the spirit. in the end his devotion did end up saving her from her illness, but in the worst possible way. if i was a person with shitty morals, i'd call it a mercy killing, but i do enjoy the fact that the line between whether or not he was right in his actions thinking he could save the one person that he loved the most were so blurred up until the last half of the game with the shadow/spirit world stuff. i also think that this wasn't him going through the spirit world trying to find mei shen, but him trapped in hell, being forced to relive both his disappointments as a writer, husband, and father, and the most stressful parts of mei shen's life as she watched her parent's marriage fall apart and the isolation she felt because of her illness. i also think that mei shen might have had some underlying trauma or intense anxiety (although i think it may have been a side effect of her neglectful parents and her fears of being around people i.e. hiding in the closet when her parents had friends over). either that or like, some really intense form of tachycardia that went undiagnosed for too long.
basil !
basil ! Hace un mes
that song at the end tho.....SLAPS!!
Toblerone Mina
Toblerone Mina Hace un mes
I'm boutta cry.
BrownKid 55
BrownKid 55 Hace un mes
Daughter pops out. Cory says "HOE..... HOEEEE...... HOE." 😂
Pill Bug
Pill Bug Hace un mes
That ending was seriously so beautiful
Amyis Johnson
Amyis Johnson Hace un mes
The song near the end though
• Itz_tuffle z •
*Who else covered their mouth when the dude was pulling out his tongue* >~
Octopushackre45 Hace un mes
I dont understand the whole story
Siege Hace un mes
12:02 👌here's 👌👌👌 The 👌👌 tea 👌
Svsca 2020
Svsca 2020 Hace un mes
Rick Hace un mes
0:45 “LIKE BUTTON” nigga I’m dead 😂
No Hace un mes
marty i’m scared
Mazuru Hace un mes
Cory: just keep running running running me: just keep swimming swimming swimming
little cream puff yoongi
This makes me not want to go in the bathroom for some reason
Gillian Daemon
Gillian Daemon Hace un mes
Cults harm people. They lure people who are desperate and take advantage of that. Isnt there a part where you get to enter Mentor Hueh's apartment? Suprise. Tons of recordings of calls where her followers are mad at the con artist for lying to them. The game is inspired real Taiwanese events, Theres a real massive cult in Taiwan ran by some retired stunt guy who's been accused several times of financial corruption. Doing the same thing mentor Hueh does. Cults are actually very common in Taiwan. Because of the policy they have of Self expression and religion. BTW. The results of the competition are never shown cause its the source of Mei Shin's growing anxiety. And they made Detention too which was AMAZING. Btw
Awesomely Weird
Awesomely Weird Hace un mes
Spencer Hanye
Spencer Hanye Hace un mes
That last methaphor was gross Cory
henry Hace un mes
ok next time before a guy scoops his eye out and rips his tongue out... a cw would be nice?
ItsYanaa Hace un mes
She’s in the bathroom…
tathiana west
tathiana west Hace un mes
This game was so confusing!
Divinity Worsham
Divinity Worsham Hace un mes
How was he still talking about ripping his tongue out though?
This game really hits a bullseye on how anxiety and other mental illnesses are seen in asian cultures
Rebekah Kalladeen
Rebekah Kalladeen Hace un mes
When he crawled into the closet it gave me Narnia vibes😂
loli headbanger
loli headbanger Hace un mes
So mom stops acting because of dad wants to go back to old ways. Mother had problems mentally and the daughter started to develop problems because of how her life was. The dad "worked" all the time and the mother wasn't happy. He kept wasting money to make himself look more appealing in that life so just materialistic stuff. The life the daughter had was too sad for her and she wasn't stable like her mother. She started thinking about her favorite book forcing herself to believe that if she made enough tulips her father would come back to be a loving person who was good. She always tried to make her parents happy but they were falling down because of the dumb father. The father was obsessed with the faith and fell for the scam and he ruined the entire family. Being fooled for years thinking his faith would turn things around. The wife left to get back on her feet and make money so she could come back and help her family. Which was the best option but the father ended up accidentally killing the daughter. Which he can't believe and goes crazy. Couldn't even see that maybe this is taking a toll on his daughter. She wasn't mentally well because the family he doesn't want to believe she's "crazy" when just because someone isn't well doesn't mean they're crazy ugh. She started having more problems because she couldn't do anything when trying to fix the family.
Trevor Moulton
Trevor Moulton Hace un mes
🔴Please play Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4🔴
Samantha Hace un mes
i think if cory put some actual thought into this story and use some common sense and paid attention then maybe he wouldve understood the game instead of spend the last 5 minutes complaining
Raphand 2241
Raphand 2241 Hace un mes
I know mandarin but that's China mandarin...
Kaden Morton
Kaden Morton Hace un mes
I started realizing it was anxiety when she talked about when she thinks of bad things her breathing gets messed up
Lamanda Love
Lamanda Love Hace un mes
I desperately want someone to comment the name of the song at the end!!!
since1999 uwu
since1999 uwu Hace un mes
that looks like a freaking migraine
Captain Mayday
Captain Mayday Hace un mes
2:46 caught me off guard i fucking choked
Avocado Smoothie
Avocado Smoothie Hace un mes
这个故事也太伤心了吧.. 难怪共产党是无神论,迷信真的害死人...
Katlynn Hace un mes
They both are dead because they walked into the light you know "follow the light" when people die lol but thats hella sad bruh the poor child
Is sorry Cory. I have failed u..00f... I guess am uncultured swan. Frik. Time to learn Chinese and Japanese.
MEME LORD Hace un mes
For anyone scolling though the comment don't. Alot of spoilers you have been warned
lionelmessi435 Hace un mes
i hope this game isn't based on a true story
el diablo
el diablo Hace un mes
12:02 bitch did a tiktok
kreereerreertf mynameisdespacito
That voice message at the start said click the like button
Bree Vincent
Bree Vincent Hace un mes
You know what Cory I have been watching you ONLY you for the past two years! You feel like a best friend to me! I love you so much!
Danlord Hace un mes
46:28 Cory: "We don't get to see it, I WANNA SEE THE DAUGHTER IN THE TUB!!!" Me: Woah there Cory!
Ar Ss
Ar Ss Hace un mes
This aint no religion dude..this is some black magic bullshiet. What that father was doing.
clowdly cloud
clowdly cloud Hace un mes
50 minutes? heck yeah! lemme go get snacks
Joe Peloquin
Joe Peloquin Hace un mes
He pulls his tounge out because of demotion
drinkyourtea Hace un mes
Sounds like Mei Shin had serious mental issues that caused a physical reaction.
df1phantom Hace un mes
I think he killed himself while watching static, I don't think she ever managed to become famous. I think it was all a manifestation of what could've been but never happened. In reality he died the mom went back on TV and the daughter died first. Once he died they crossed the river together and went into the spirit realm
df1phantom Hace un mes
Yea dead kid makes adult rating. Lol not the eye ball, tongue pulling self torture or haunting poltergeists...yea 😂
Goofy Hace un mes
I mean he did alright with the Chinese
lizoyd18 Hace un mes
The snake in the tub ate her .. the serpent and the snake
alyssaxlife y
alyssaxlife y Hace un mes
I'm pretty sure she died by drowning in either the wine because whenever Cory died his character was pushed into the red water was the wine in which Mei Shin died in and his past came back to haunt him which led him to kill himself because his wife left and he killed his daughter and the memories came back, this might not be right but this is what I think
Eclipse66 Hace un mes
Great. I’m so ready to watch without knowing what the jump scares are.🙃
Melissa Deborah
Melissa Deborah Hace un mes
Subscribed just for this. You are seriously perfect 😍 Funny af, great edits. Hell yeah!
blushandcannabis89 Hace un mes
Been binging on these videos for the past few days since I subscribed. Thanks for the funny and superb gamertainment dude!💯🐐
Monicachubby Hace un mes
Doesn't the father just stay all alone? Like there is a scene showing the family together and the daughter is saying she hopes one day they all three sit down again in the couch and one day watch tv like old times. But now he is all alone watching nothing, cause he lost his family?
Cat Moffat
Cat Moffat Hace un mes
the ending felt like a Tokyo Ghoul opening that shit was beautiful
Ladii_B 2Real
Ladii_B 2Real Hace un mes
Bro... With that Beetlejuice ass snake I would had been done lol.
TTChaeng Hace un mes
Just finished watching and WOW. Just WOW.
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