This Is What A Healthy Disagreement Looks Like

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This content is taken from Russell Brand's Under The Skin Podcast with Jordan Peterson, link below.
Full interview: esvid.net/video/vídeo-kL61yQgdWeM.html
We all have a bias, whether Left-leaning or Right-leaning. It's essential that we all make the effort to lean Center - the only place where common ground can be established. Russell and Jordan have a conversation that is both expansive and stimulating, in spite of their disagreements. They give us a road map to constructive dialogue.
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17 nov 2018

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Comentarios 3 075
The Puppet Of Everything
The Puppet Of Everything Hace 13 minutos
This is how the country should be run
David Pianosi
David Pianosi Hace 5 horas
Wow! Pure intellect both sides.
kevin outdoors
kevin outdoors Hace 5 horas
it's very refreshing to hear to people with diametrically opposing views able to have a sensible debate without talking over each other
its me
its me Hace 6 horas
who,s the neanderthal with the man ....bun?..........
Christoffer Hoff
Christoffer Hoff Hace 9 horas
This Jordan Peterson is a freakin genius.
mbolduc Hace 10 horas
How do we get these two to travel the world, solving mysteries together?
Tommy Tee
Tommy Tee Hace 11 horas
It looks more to me like brand disagrees with Peterson but has got absolutely nothing to back up his disagreement. Should go back to being a sex pest and making shit jokes.
SneakerEND TV
SneakerEND TV Hace 22 horas
It feels good to see someone not just disagreeing with Jordan
Koops Cooper
Koops Cooper Hace un día
It's the 19th of January and I'm pretty sure that this is going to be the greatest video I'll see this year.
Um_Vs_YouTune Hace un día
I AM IN THEE BELLY OV THEE WHALE --- the illumination needed to exit exists on another far away world/frame --- too many slaves non enough masters - what is thee answer --- knife prizm - shivilization = a civilisation based on improvised prison weaponry
Raymond Berry
Raymond Berry Hace un día
The radical left is cunning. Take over of language gives them control. The second step is legislation of speech. Has happened in Canada. America has it's hate speech legislation which also goes against British Common Law. A group, homosexuals, are more valuable under the law.
Nicholas Hershey
Nicholas Hershey Hace un día
If politicians were able to curb their pride and have civilized discussions like this the country would be better for it
Boston Black Cat
Boston Black Cat Hace un día
A Canadian and a Brit - of course they'll be polite and have a healthy debate!!!
Bob Kansas
Bob Kansas Hace un día
I had this on my speakers and didn't see it I thought he was talking to a girl
Darkness falls
Darkness falls Hace un día
Russell has now attained his peace I think. Similar to Jim Carrey. Although I would like to believe that Jim Carrey looks at the world in a more macro level. And understands that we all are insignificant. Not even a blip on the larger scheme of things. PS: I knw I went off topic, just impressed by Russell Brand
Che L
Che L Hace un día
8:32 “There’s a price for everything, hey.” 🇨🇦
Jrod Thompson
Jrod Thompson Hace un día
Great great great 👏👏👏👏
infamous4141 Hace un día
It looks like 1 British hippie and a Canadian genius chillin just because they look and talk like 2 guys taking xanax talking about deep shit and agreeing with JP doesn't make it healthy its kind of Gay and a little feminine.
Adam D.
Adam D. Hace un día
there's nothing healthy looking about Russell Brand. his only saving grace is that drugs have addled his mind to believe the shit he's saying.
Simeon Starr
Simeon Starr Hace un día
love it....😂😂😂😂😂
Seths_ma Hace un día
Russell Brand vs Jordan Peterson hahahaha. Now that's a site. Almost like a kindergartner playing jeopardy with a Einstein lmfao. Hold your head up rusty. U gave it your best shot
Sheeple Slayer
Sheeple Slayer Hace 2 días
8:35 that's me. Flicking interests.
JCC Hace 2 días
Russell Brand is more intelligent than I thought. I always thought that he was just a goofy comedian.
David Poole
David Poole Hace 2 días
A actually really gained a lot of respect for Russell Brand in this. I still disagree with much of what he believes, but I really respect how he expressed it here. Not "I'm right. You're wrong.", more "This is what I think. I want to understand what you think."
John L
John L Hace 2 días
Ok great video... but is Russell Brand constantly taking a sip outta a helium balloon off-camera? Or is his voice always been chipmunky? I thought the video might’ve been sped up or something but Peterson’s voice is his normal Kermit-the-frog self 😂🐸
Sir Fuckwad
Sir Fuckwad Hace 2 días
There was so much information being passed back and forward and portrayed and just wow. I was so invested
mogznwaz Hace 2 días
Love this.This is how public debate SHOULD BE. Russell Brand earned my respect here.
John Carlisle
John Carlisle Hace 2 días
I get the impression that Russell didn't know what an intersections argument is. Don't worry lad ...I don't either. I'm going to Google it now.
Haz3 Hace 2 días
Mr. Brand effectively confirms Dr. Petersons prognosis. Hahaha
onionknight44 Hace 2 días
It's so amazing that a comedian ended up being his most intelligent interviewer
sylenceexposed Hace 2 días
2 non-confrontational adults having a conversation on a topic. Doesn’t need to be argued or bantered. Difference of opinion doesn’t need debate. They talk and discuss and give their point and opinion for how they feel on a topic and ask questions understanding why the other feels a specific way. This is just was mature adults do.
Mark Catron
Mark Catron Hace 2 días
Jordan Peterson is a genius, I don't agree with everything he says. But he is often very accurate in describing people's actions and thought process.
Frederick Brett
Frederick Brett Hace 2 días
this was more of an interview than a disagreement.
HUMORandREALISM Hace 2 días
Excellent discussion of the minds.
R B J Hace 2 días
Of course you’re a fan of Peterson, no thanks.
v11cu96 Hace 2 días
I have alot of respect Russell brand these days, Like JP he demonstrates he is always willing to genuinely listen and understands that we never stop learning. Its great listening to these two..
NietzscheanMeatPop Hace 2 días
This speaks volumes to the tiny gap between JP'sand RB's views, which can be lumped on the sleepy-cuck side over there, and the GIGANTIC gap between that DEATH and the JQ-woke side over HERE. :)
In My Opinion 795 of you are completely shattered and brainwashed by society.
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis Hace 3 días
This definition of "liberal" comes from a different time, so far as I can tell; nowadays liberal seems to have a much different meaning. I think both speakers are commiting some equivcation here in implicitly equating "liberal" thinking and "liberal" political views.
Mark Rice
Mark Rice Hace 3 días
Sanity at long last. ..thank you.
Psyberklown Hace 3 días
How did this get so many views?, the civility is soooo boring.
Bill Fox
Bill Fox Hace 3 días
Unless you are a Samurai, and Brand is just an imbecile champagne socialist, you are not entitled to wear a top knot, and you are a dick.
HarmanSin Hace 3 días
The world should be like this. Everyone gets caught up in trying to "win" and trying to be the best or something, the ego leads to meaningless arguments and constant bickering of things that are beside the point. If we are not willing to learn from each other, to agree on truths together, we can never meet our full potential as societies.
Rence3000 PS4 gamer!
Two men saying words.
Alex Mendoza
Alex Mendoza Hace 3 días
Lol the 🐻 Jew, nice
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Hace 3 días
Jordan is looking better lately, maybe due to his carnivore diet...
HeyJude2018 Hace 3 días
I didn’t know Russel Brand was this smart
a l
a l Hace 3 días
Ray Brooks
Ray Brooks Hace 3 días
This is a damn well put together fucking clip, So funny the way everything is to amazing out of all people these are the two that have an intelligent enlightening conversation without yelling and screaming and calling somebody else a fucking racist, thank you for this
Lowgain Hace 3 días
Russell Brand is 43, he looks at least half his age
flypaperset Hace 3 días
Civility, almost unrecognizable.
Chucky Justice
Chucky Justice Hace 3 días
Who is that cornball on the left?
Helane Ruslan
Helane Ruslan Hace 3 días
I want to argue with Jordan Peterson
Goran Lazarevski
Goran Lazarevski Hace 3 días
There is no disagreement...just great interview...
Sal James
Sal James Hace 3 días
they don't disagree
Gerg C
Gerg C Hace 3 días
I love Russell as an actor. I disagree with his world view. I think that's okay.
Doge Whistle
Doge Whistle Hace 3 días
I think Russell is a pretty cool guy. Eh asks JP questions and doesn't afraid of anthing.
oregonnich Hace 3 días
russell brand resorts to podcast craze since his career hasn't budged.
AngryKhan Hace 3 días
Much respect for manbun, hes clearly a very intelligent analytical person. Nice sample of andante at the end as well.
dymonbak Hace 4 días
this is what a discussion between two intelligent men sounds like
Athena Cykes
Athena Cykes Hace 4 días
Interesting interview. Nice to see the respectful manner of Russell Brand in how he went about the interview, getting into the why's of Jordan's thoughts and allowing us to listen and make decisions for ourselves. Quite impressed, really, given what I've become accustomed to.
Félix Hace 4 días
Wow russel brand's voice is special, never heard it before
ZINJ Hace 4 días
Don't let this video fool you..this isn't how Russel normally behaves in other interviews, he knew who he was up against, so he humbled himself.
ZINJ Hace 3 días
+ceer dI'm not talking about questions he asks..im talking about the manner in which he conducts himself when in an interview, he has a bad habit of talking over others and chiming in while someone is still talking.
ceer d
ceer d Hace 3 días
he didn't shy away from asking or suggesting anything.
robert colbourne
robert colbourne Hace 4 días
Russell is not as dumb as he looks . My respect level for him has gone up a few points .
Sophia Shakti
Sophia Shakti Hace 4 días
Divergent thinking is a hallmark of schizophrenia. No scientist can think that way, one has to dig in for the reasons underlying the events, look for a cause. This openness is a pure postmodern way out for the idiots. Creativity is based on ability to think out of the box, but first the box of reasoning has to be constructed, all these artistic idiotism based on uneducated undisciplined pot inspired personality is pure degradation.
i hate russel brand so much biggest attention whore to come out of the queens toilet
Bubble gum
Bubble gum Hace 4 días
What does JP say at5:28 "Most of them .... by the time they´re 18"
jadan eberly
jadan eberly Hace 4 días
I love this, Russel is just going about understanding Jordan, and Jordan loves to share and explore ideas as well. It's great
SplinterHDCombat Hace 4 días
i was not a fan of Brand in the 2000's but I think he is a very skilled debater and a great speaker, opinion has done a 180, great man.
OneBucPerson Hace 4 días
THAT WAS RUSSELL BRAND?! Holy crap, I haven't seen him in years. He looks so different now.
DORK ZILLA Hace 4 días
Soon as he put the bitch bun in his hair he lost all his rights to speak
evilspin Hace 4 días
What’s the hip hop/trip hop beat that plays after video ? 🙃
Kev Craven
Kev Craven Hace 4 días
Slightly pitched up to avoid copyright infringement?
amiro dusk
amiro dusk Hace 4 días
The extreme left IS very powerful and has the backing of some very wealthy backers who desire to mold society in their way. This is why Marxism was so dangerous because it was all about thought police making sure your ideas aligned with theirs otherwise you get shot or jailed.
donald hussey
donald hussey Hace 4 días
Gracie jiujitsu sweater sighting
Apax X
Apax X Hace 4 días
Isnt the interviewer the actor from the movie forgetting sarah marshall?
RockkaFella Hace 4 días
I just like how Russell is wearing a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu hoodie :')
MrGravityCheck Hace 4 días
Downvoted because they are not bare-knuckle fighting. THAT is what a healthy disagreement looks like!!
David Lynch
David Lynch Hace 4 días
A lot of talking going on but the only thing I got was that creative people are all over the place with their views but can’t settle on a type of person they are ...
UTNeon Hace 4 días
That's definitely a cock's shadow behind Jordan
Bridge Beautys
Bridge Beautys Hace 4 días
Great intelligent conversations are refreshing in a world of increasing bullshit..
blech71 Hace 4 días
Jordan is an amazing human being.
Blurredborderlines Hace 4 días
This just seems like a conversation, not a disagreement...am I missing something here?
Jason Bladzinski
Jason Bladzinski Hace 5 días
Peterson always uses a lot of words to say nothing at all.
The Solar NERD
The Solar NERD Hace 5 días
I love watching JP talk with brilliant people. Watching him have a conversation with an average IQ human feels like Chinese water torture.
Exo Research
Exo Research Hace 5 días
I don't agree with Russle on much. But I love watching his stuff. It's nice to just see someone who seeks to understand and learn, not attack
Richard Bridges
Richard Bridges Hace 5 días
I'd love to see the rest of the Interview. Anywhere I can find it?
iBourne xx 1994
iBourne xx 1994 Hace 5 días
It's seems this is more of a split within modern liberal and egalitarian thinking than anything else... modern liberals seemed to pushed more right (well at least by their definition of the right) by the more hardcore left.
Sargon of Affap
Sargon of Affap Hace 5 días
2 sane people conversing.
Berk Bolat
Berk Bolat Hace 5 días
Can anybody please add subtitles? I'm having trouble with some parts of the argument but it's so interesting! I'd be forever grateful
Last Laff
Last Laff Hace 5 días
Way to go Russell. I don't think I'm the only one who's surprised at your level of intellect and vocabulary.
Vebedar Hace 5 días
Leave it to Russell Brand, a comedian, to provide a more thoughtful, objective interview than the media.
PS4-Gaming Channel
PS4-Gaming Channel Hace 5 días
anybody noticed the Pedo symbol of the Dojo on his black hoody ? Seems to be a Pedo Dojo
Bernd blabla
Bernd blabla Hace 5 días
Filthy J00
Elmo de la Muerte
Elmo de la Muerte Hace 5 días
The funny thing about moving to the center is I now find myself unrepresented
Elmo de la Muerte
Elmo de la Muerte Hace 3 días
+JDR Im just observing the situation at the moment. Doesnt look great either way
JDR Hace 5 días
Represent yourself. Why do you need a government body to represent you?
Caleb Ledbetter
Caleb Ledbetter Hace 5 días
Emotions can make humans nonsensical
the newz
the newz Hace 5 días
The radical left is very dangerous,on one hand you have antifa who violently attack people in gangs with weapons and on the other hand you have big company owners like Facebook,Twitter and ESvid who abuse their power and censor people and opinions they dont want to hear,my channel is tiny and they do it to me all the time,and I've been banned 3 times from facebook
Ralph Toivonen
Ralph Toivonen Hace 5 días
I wish Peterson would get rid of the drivel and just enunciated his platitudes more simply.
The Blue BlobFish
The Blue BlobFish Hace 5 días
I much prefer this over "Peter Jordanson DESTROYS SJW"
cloud flores
cloud flores Hace 5 días
Russell is a pretty cool guy! And chill
aryan826 Hace 6 días
this was a disagreement? just sounded like a conversation to me.
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