This Is What A Healthy Disagreement Looks Like

The Invisible Man
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This content is taken from Russell Brand's Under The Skin Podcast with Jordan Peterson, link below.
Full interview: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-kL61yQgdWeM.html
We all have a bias, whether Left-leaning or Right-leaning. It's essential that we all make the effort to lean Center - the only place where common ground can be established. Russell and Jordan have a conversation that is both expansive and stimulating, in spite of their disagreements. They give us a road map to constructive dialogue.
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17 nov 2018

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Julioshawtylean76 Hace 11 horas
#ProfessorLobster #MessyBun 👍🏽👁👌🏽🌊🐝🎶⚡🔥🔥👑⚡🌊
Kyle Demerchant
Kyle Demerchant Hace un día
This actually restores my faith in mankind, I have been watching to many sjw fails
sharon anderson
sharon anderson Hace un día
but they do not go after Shapiro. because he is a Zionist.
sharon anderson
sharon anderson Hace un día
this is a disagreement?
sharon anderson
sharon anderson Hace un día
lol. Russell is still suffering from the human condition of wanting approval. but the freedom is it doesn't control him.
sharon anderson
sharon anderson Hace un día
all I know is Russell brand is so fucking quick and intelligent I would not want to know wht he thought of my level of intelligence.
MrNilsenone Hace un día
Mister Lobster sure projects many non-existent leftists into power.
sweetberries Hace un día
They beat around the bush....It looked like Russell had something difficult that he wanted to tell jordan, but doesn't seem like he felt comfortable just saying it....and it wasnt clear what tranformation jordan went through. Respect between two heavyweights of talk.
Magare Govedo
Magare Govedo Hace 2 días
Jordan Peterson is trying to present modern slavery as something cool He wants everyone not to think about themselves,but about society,and how to contribute to it.He wants for every living being to work 23 hours a day,for no wage,because that would improve society. That's communism at its finest.
Vance Biondo
Vance Biondo Hace 2 días
No schooling need on this ✌ but I'll be back ☝️ Russell 👌👍
John Armstrong
John Armstrong Hace 2 días
good talk
B.Roberts Hace 2 días
Jordan looks like he's talking to his hipster son whos took a wrong turn 😂
Abdel Leon Cooper
Abdel Leon Cooper Hace 2 días
Russ is a bit out of his league and it shows
Jan Cícha
Jan Cícha Hace 3 días
its very sad, that people nowadays, even high position politics, forgot how to debate
lgmnow kondo
lgmnow kondo Hace 3 días
they really didn't disagree much if at all...because Russell is also intelligent...
kamgod Hace 3 días
How da fuck you call this disagreement? Sounds like a learning Q an A to me.
Grace Moore
Grace Moore Hace 3 días
Not related at all, but I'm just thinking about how Russel Brand should be cast in Pirates of the Caribbean...the look and his voice just scream, "pirate" to me. Hmm
lovelle spice
lovelle spice Hace 3 días
Two Geminis having a very Gemini conversation
Broccoli Hace 3 días
I don’t know how or why you’ve found yourself here, but it’s a mistake.
Davis Hace 4 días
Ok what? Jordan thinks hr does something? Buddy u ok???
Mahealani Wu
Mahealani Wu Hace 4 días
Most people listen in order to know how to respond, when really we need to listen in order to know.
Nathan Darval
Nathan Darval Hace 4 días
Russell Brand I love You. I wanted and needed this conversation for a while now. And Fuck You Jordan Peterson for the big breakfast to prevent suicide formula
Owen Nickell
Owen Nickell Hace 6 días
I did not even get any hints of disagreement throughout this discussion.
Ariadne Wolf
Ariadne Wolf Hace 7 días
I like how over time Peterson's become much more sensitive to the needs of trans people and has reversed his previous criticisms of trans populations for existing. He's admitted he was wrong on that dehumanizing position without ever outwardly admitting he was wrong. I admire the man, but he gets away with an awful lot of semi-ethical shit because no one's smart or savvy enough to call him out when he's actually wrong, not just less of an idealist than people would like.
rozzaninja Hace 7 días
Just don't attach your identity so strongly to beliefs and disagreements won't be fights
Manuel Figueroa
Manuel Figueroa Hace 13 horas
@magnumxlpi that's beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
magnumxlpi Hace 3 días
In my family there were 3 things we didnt talk about.. money, religion (my family is religious but I'm not), and politics. When I was 30 I started speaking to my grandparents about politics and how they felt about certain things but avoided asking things that would force them to say if they were left/right or conservative/liberal. They opened up a lot, I think realizing they wont be around forever, and my mom was amazed because she never knew how they felt her entire life. I don't think people need to be that secretive, however at the same time it would make for a much healthier society.
Dot Nerd
Dot Nerd Hace 7 días
Fucking Jordan Peterson gives examples that are not advice, just rhetoric.
David Boson
David Boson Hace 8 días
There is a price for Everything - hey!!!!
Cassia Chloe
Cassia Chloe Hace 8 días
Using the adjective "de-cyst" to describe transgender people is particularly revealing of the underlying theme of his work.
JuicyFruityify Hace 8 días
Fantastic getting these two in a room together. But was the conversation concluded?
Michael O'Brien
Michael O'Brien Hace 8 días
Russel Brand, you'd make a wonderful regular interviewer, like Dick Cavet was.
Jason Corazza
Jason Corazza Hace 8 días
Sounds like 2 pretty smart people having an open conversation.
Launa Banauna
Launa Banauna Hace 9 días
That wasn’t a “disagreement.” That was merely a, healthy and robust conversation. It is frustrating when the wrong title is put on a video thumbnail.
Fabián Alvarado Aguilar
Why do people think this clown is having an intelligent conversatation with JP? Don’t you remember he was a celebrity, a total distraction, a problem to the society himself by being an entertainer, a tool for social stupidity? I know, I am a little mad and jealous because I would really like to have a time with JP to talk about really deep subjects I’ve been longing to speak to him, and not the burnout topics pseudo intellectuals always pop up. Common people, read Carl Jung, study a bit of cognitive science, theology, the AI Agenda, just read something and stop making idols out of celebrities.
C 0
C 0 Hace 10 días
Ontological Mathematics and Rationality are undeniable arguments to point out. Your both choosing to drag our children's futures into an irrational delusion. Don't let the narcissistic fame game get to your head's, your being idiots. There's my argument.
Dharmabum9287 Hace 10 días
This is a great example of how big words don’t make you sound smarter. This was like a thesaurus competition... Big words does not mean intelligence. Imagine the people they could impact if they spoke like normal humans. Many people aren’t this educated, or not as efficient in the English language, that need to know this stuff.
Dharmabum9287 Hace 7 días
Nathan Nicholson yes but when you speak like a dictionary no one listens except people who want to speak like dictionaries. Knowing big words has nothing to do with intellect. Just because you have fancy synonyms doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about. If Jordan is so academic and smart he’d speak to the masses concisely and not rant long winded need to google translate philosophy. Like how Trump did to win the presidency. He was appealing because he didn’t talk like this. We all know big words. No one uses them in dialogue and if they do it’s with others who want to one up them. No one likes those people.
Nathan Nicholson
Nathan Nicholson Hace 9 días
@Dharmabum9287 you might think its obnoxious, but I fail to see why. Jordon is an academic. He's explaining his positions from the perspective of an academic: as nuanced and precise as possible. It seems to me that his primary goal isn't necessarily to help the "common man open his eyes" but rather to provide a powerful and reasoned voice in the sphere of academia. Not to mention plenty of people will "open their eyes" to the more verbose and complex presentation of Dr. Peterson while also brushing off the more common man's approach as cliche. Not to mention, there are examples of him detailing the necessity of responsibility in a relatively easy to digest manner that should appeal to "normal" people. There might be more specific ways to communicate in some small ways in other languages but I wouldn't agree that overall they're more specific. (This could just be bias and a lack of knowledge on other languages) There's hundreds of ways to say something that ultimately means mostly the same thing in English but that provides some nuanced (and therefore more specific) difference in meaning. Either way, that's not ultimately my point, but rather that I (and surely others, too) personally find it intriguing and beautiful and not off-putting in the slightest
Dharmabum9287 Hace 9 días
Yes and it’s obnoxious. They aren’t curing cancer. It’s. It that big of a deal. If you’re trying to make a change and get people to open your eyes you need to speak like a normal human. There are plenty of common synonyms for what they are saying and there are languages much more specific than English. That’s why many US historical documents are in French.
Nathan Nicholson
Nathan Nicholson Hace 10 días
The purpose of the "big words" is to more succinctly detail their position. It's why they're pausing to search for the right word. It isn't because they want to find a way to complicate what they're saying, but rather that they're looking to say what they want in the most accurate way possible. This is the beauty of English and the fact it has the largest vocabulary of any language.
Frans Nilsson
Frans Nilsson Hace 11 días
The purpose of this video was what ?...two youtube celebs arguing about what ?...who is the most charismatic one ?
Frans Nilsson
Frans Nilsson Hace 11 días
All the kings horses and all the kings men..couldnt put humpty together again
Frans Nilsson
Frans Nilsson Hace 11 días
The divider of men will be punished sevenfold
Frans Nilsson
Frans Nilsson Hace 11 días
And understand that the false prophets they trusted..where liars
Frans Nilsson
Frans Nilsson Hace 11 días
Will they be xtra violent if they understand they have been played like fools ?
Frans Nilsson
Frans Nilsson Hace 11 días
When someone has a bone to pick..will that person be reasonable or in the mood for violence ?
Othentik Babe
Othentik Babe Hace 11 días
I've only had one person I could disagree with and through our debate we learn and transform. Most people just want you to agree instead of finding the truth.
Mystic Hustla
Mystic Hustla Hace 12 días
Wow 🥰 I can't believe what im seeing here 😍
Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando Hace 13 días
Listened intensively and came to the conclusion ..I have absolutely no fucking idea what they are taking about..
Anthony B
Anthony B Hace 14 días
Am I the only person that knows what “Breathe deep. Seek peace” is from?
The Invisible Man
The Invisible Man Hace 14 días
It's tattooed on my arm :)
Hector Mugwump
Hector Mugwump Hace 14 días
Is this pitched up? Russel doesn't really sound like that does he? o_0
Sacerdotisa Carnera Tarot
RB: I see thru your bs but im polite about it JP: I know but im not as deconstructed as i want to appear to be 🤔😂 liberal he says...
Neiber Viva
Neiber Viva Hace 15 días
Jordan looks a sexual pervert to me.
Louise Garnier
Louise Garnier Hace 17 días
The term 'far/radical left' is being used incorrectly by Peterson. Issues surrounding gender politics (in this case transgender legislation) are about cultural and social attitudes and would fall within discussions about political liberalism not economics, which is what the left-right dichotomy is about( ie left wing= a state regulated economy versus a neo-liberal free market). This over-simplification of the political landscape is now ubiquitous within public discourse about politics, to the detriment of meaningful discussion. A person with a socially liberal attitude on transgender politics can still be a neo-liberal economically - therefore it is inaccurate to describe them as 'far-left'. This distinction is very important as when the media and institutions simplify and distort analysis of the political landscape they are able to label economically conservative but socially liberal actors as far-left, which is not the case. In the UK for example, the Liberal Democrats are a party that support neo-liberal economic values, yet would be seen as culturally and socially liberal ie they are certainly not left-wing.
pistolen87 Hace 17 días
Their worldview are pretty similar actually.
Stefan Ström
Stefan Ström Hace 17 días
A conversation like this is idial
Smedley For Prez
Smedley For Prez Hace 17 días
Holy crap that’s the holy grail!!! Coming from my dysfunctional family that sounds like a random mix of Greek and Farsi words... only not so comprehensible- are you sure this vid is in English? It’s like seeing an extinct unknown animal--
rogerman1234 Hace 17 días
anyone get a black rectangle that you could move around?
Big Willystylz
Big Willystylz Hace 17 días
Russell brand is clearly in love with Dr Peterson
Natalie Wilson
Natalie Wilson Hace 19 días
I got brain ache after listening to this but i like a challenge, i tried to understand but i can't.
Caleb Hughes
Caleb Hughes Hace 19 días
another Canadian having an agreeable disagreement eyy?
Aria Feda
Aria Feda Hace 19 días
All this conversation’s missing is an Aussie, a Scot, and an Irishman.
Kyle Hill
Kyle Hill Hace 19 días
i dont like this peterson man lmao as a conversation tho this was kinda cool
RG Hace 19 días
there's a great difference when one seeks to understand vs. making assumptions vs. attacking vs. ignorance vs. etc....
Khabib nurmagomedov ali #portsmouth division uk
This is a normal conversation where they are aware third party viewing /recording is in place lol
Sarah Webster
Sarah Webster Hace 19 días
Could you imagine this level of civilised, peaceful engagement with a woman?? Nah, me neither!
Pineal Of Diamonds
Pineal Of Diamonds Hace 19 días
When are you going to have Alex Jones?
Great video all the way up until 2:05
bon s
bon s Hace 20 días
They’re not disagreeing whatsoever
War Monger
War Monger Hace 20 días
Not a bad video.
J Kozy
J Kozy Hace 20 días
I disagree with russel on literally every topic, however I love his willingness to speak with the other side of the political spectrum
C P Hace 21 un día
these guys look like father and son
Blaine Adamson
Blaine Adamson Hace 21 un día
...Was this sped up at all?
Ginger Hace 21 un día
10:01-10:02 😂
Teresa Ortega
Teresa Ortega Hace 21 un día
Look!!!! that old antient sentiment called respect, they said people used it a long time ago to not feel ofended by anything they don't understand...
TheSniffer420 Hace 21 un día
This is the first, no second(Joe Rogan) decent interviewer Jordan Peterson has sat across . I
Jay Moncibaiz
Jay Moncibaiz Hace 20 días
TheSniffer420 you should listen to jp on Theo von podcast. Hilarious.
Easy Go
Easy Go Hace 21 un día
I wouldn’t fuck either of them
Cort Anderson
Cort Anderson Hace 21 un día
Wow, that was impressive! 😃 They clearly had differing views, but were very positive in their discussion of them. They responded to the conversation, rather than any preconceived perception of each other! While I don’t agree with all their thoughts, I appreciate their method: I would vote for both/either of these people if they ran in politics!!!
Joseph Humphreys
Joseph Humphreys Hace 22 días
Hey man nothing wrong with not seeing eye to eye. That’s cool. We’re all human.
D News
D News Hace 22 días
You are both some of my favourite thinkers and it's always great to see open minds expressing themselves succinctly. Hats of to you both a bravo 👏👏
sauce99 Hace 22 días
wheres the disagreement?
Fuad Ljajic
Fuad Ljajic Hace 22 días
The moment you realise a genius like Russel was kicked out of school at one point. Tells you alot about the current system.
Daniel Cook
Daniel Cook Hace 22 días
Ahh, that is why when I gave myself completely to the truth without bias in what Alan Watts described as faith, I felt as though Daniel Cook had died, and I simply am a human being.
Our Fantasy Life
Our Fantasy Life Hace 22 días
I think the reason Russell can have such civil disagreements with people is that he's not starting from a place of holding a "right" opinion. He's genuinely looking to learn from his guest and enlighten them in return, and the conversation itself is the goal, not some political point or some talking point he wants to get across. Our discourse in the US used to look more like this.
AV P Hace 22 días
“You’re the thing that remains constant across all of those transformations..” If JBP did psychedelics and then experienced an ego-death, I wonder if (or how) his views would evolve to hold space for that higher perspective. Like genuinely. He already is so bang on with some pretty incredible transcendental truths..
AV P Hace 8 días
Good point. I figured if he had though, he might have referenced it by now or something.
Nathan Nicholson
Nathan Nicholson Hace 10 días
Who's to say my boi ain't already taken a trip
Tom Williams
Tom Williams Hace 22 días
Why did they speed up russel speaking???? Wtf
Deso Taku
Deso Taku Hace 22 días
the outro sounds like a sample, jedi mind tricks would use
samson jovo
samson jovo Hace 22 días
That guys voice is annoying
Joshua Bruce
Joshua Bruce Hace 23 días
it's fucked up that i can no longer see the disagreement because I've been brought up to think that debates are just formal shouting matches. The world needs to return to this level of mutual respect.
Rocky Pingale
Rocky Pingale Hace 23 días
Two of my favourite thought movement leaders.
chris scullion
chris scullion Hace 23 días
I was interested right up until the advert.....
camcroney Hace 23 días
no crotch shots wtf how unamerican. lol
Leonard Ney
Leonard Ney Hace 23 días
this isnt an argument. a heated argument has great value in the right cases. this my friend, is a bloody conversation. side note: very interesting when peterson broke down russels character for being left leaning, you could see it in russells eyes he wasnt very happy with that, at least his mind held onto the thought for a prolonged time.
Kamil B.
Kamil B. Hace 23 días
What did they not agree on?
The Matadore
The Matadore Hace 23 días
Ok, cool.
Sonja Lundin
Sonja Lundin Hace 23 días
i dont see any disagreement. I dont think they did either. The point of the conversation wasn't dependent on that, it was a simple discussion.
1 Hace 23 días
In America, politicians talk shit but don’t do shit. In Europe politicians don’t talk shit but fuck shit up
Zalamael Semper Dius
Zalamael Semper Dius Hace 23 días
I have never liked Brand, and the reason for that, is because of how fake he is. His body language is a dead giveaway, he is often putting on an act. I remember watching him vs Nigel Farage on Question Time, and he attacked Farage (and got a round of applause, which he clearly loved), but then some people in the audience turned on him and called him out, and he looked very uncomfortable, which gave him away as the fake 'freedom fighter' he likes to project himself as. His ego was pricked, and he didn't like it, and he probably liked it even less that his body language told the audience that. His brand (fnarr fnarr) is passing himself off and being caring about the little people, without his own ego being part of it, and yet he gets upset when he gets laughed at or challenged. Conor McGregor was the same. He loved the applause of the audience, but on the rare occasion when his opponent, in a press conference (to hype the fight) turned the tables on him, and made the audience laugh, Conor didn't like it, in fact he looked downright uncomfortable and angry (like an insecure kid who just got laughed at by the cool kids).
Sabrina M.
Sabrina M. Hace 23 días
When you hear Jordan Petersons voice and then Russell Brand it's really strange. Russels voice almost sounds like a robotic high pitch. Is it edited?
Lorraine Hace 23 días
I try to agree with everyone , I admire them both. But thats as far as it goes...they are not truly trying to understand but …" just agree" . There is understanding and there is agreeing to disagree..and listening..to put your self in the other persons shoes. That is hard for most. ~~Its easy to state facts....but understanding why others dont agree with the way they are represented is much harder. I could say "My father died an alcoholic" its a fact but....says absolutely nothing about his struggles to avoid being a failure...so much so he drank to avoid facing the pain of letting his family down...FACTS are just boring and do nothing for the individual and in many instances "insult the persons intelligence" Peterson does that at times...especially with women...he loses it. I like it when he talks to men...he is much more calm with them and more forgiving.
Jon Palmer
Jon Palmer Hace 23 días
Jordan Peterson is one of the most patient individuals I have seen in conversation as well as a brilliant speaker, has some real common sense and genius in his observations. I just cannot listen to Russel for more than 2 minutes, it seems he adores his own voice and loves to bounce about all over the place while rudely interrupting. Very patient indeed 😱
Tyler Balderston
Tyler Balderston Hace 23 días
You 2 should speak more often. Great engagement of ideas
El OnTheBass
El OnTheBass Hace 24 días
10:00 chuckle laced with contempt
Tony Liptak
Tony Liptak Hace 24 días
Stupid click bait title. Lol.
T M F Hace 24 días
This solidified my hate for politics
Brandon Cosme
Brandon Cosme Hace 24 días
So you're telling me insulting and screeching aren't apart of healthy disagreements? Wow, who would have known?
tubefreakmuva Hace 24 días
A man who has done no drugs ever.... against a man who has done all of them at once lol cool convo!
photag216 Hace 24 días
I dont know who that guy is, but he reminds me of me. Without the pompous feeling you get from him lol
Shawn Brink
Shawn Brink Hace 21 un día
You literally made a comment about how you are a better version of the man. Yep, no pomposity whatsoever.
Darian Counts
Darian Counts Hace 24 días
Notice how when RB begins to speak of transgender JP immediately turns the topic to "trans gendered children" JP in order to quote some Norwegian study... disingenuous on the part of JP.
Darian Counts
Darian Counts Hace 21 un día
there is no such thing as "transgenderism" .. there are people who are transgendered and thats it. its physiological .. not social or cultural... switching the topic from adults , which is what Brand was addressing to children is only done because Peterson has no valid response to the original question. Its a common conversational technique used to avoid addressing an issue .
chainfire Hace 22 días
Not really; he's addressing the part of transgenderism that he disagrees with. How there are parents having their children undergo the procedures, or hormone pills, etc, before they are even fully developed human beings. Which imo is wrong as well. I believe you should let them make the decision after their brain, hormones, and body are fully matured
David Rivas
David Rivas Hace 24 días
Please someone translate this to spanish i cant understand all of it
John McVeigh
John McVeigh Hace 24 días
I would say they agree more than they disagree
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