This Is What A Healthy Disagreement Looks Like

The Bear Jew
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This content is taken from Russell Brand's Under The Skin Podcast with Jordan Peterson, link below.
Full interview: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-kL61yQgdWeM.html
We all have a bias, whether Left-leaning or Right-leaning. It's essential that we all make the effort to lean Center - the only place where common ground can be established. Russell and Jordan have a conversation that is both expansive and stimulating, in spite of their disagreements. They give us a road map to constructive dialogue.
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17 nov 2018






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Comentarios 3 646
JUSTiN Hace 18 horas
The Bear Jew - Inglorious Basterds reference? Brillant.
ryan vo
ryan vo Hace un día
Why does Russell brand look and sound so weird in this video.
Thank You
Thank You Hace un día
What about the dis-empowerment of people by design? Mr Peterson? Do you simply just accept it? Or do you fight it ? What is your stance on the gate keepers of opportunity and the best way to handle them when they refuse you ?
Saul Val
Saul Val Hace un día
You talk about the left and the right but what about the up and down?
With Wilk
With Wilk Hace un día
Sometimes I do find Russel to be a bit disingenuous though. He preaches from the left but ultimately he is a capitalist and is more central than he admits
M. Mubeen Mughal
M. Mubeen Mughal Hace un día
What was that music in the end? Please tell me the title!!!!!!!!
Daisycutting2 Hace 2 días
did they speed up brand when he talks? its like hes in the chipmunks
Jimmy Sonato
Jimmy Sonato Hace 2 días
Russell got DESTROYED in this one :)
Yavor Krustev
Yavor Krustev Hace 2 días
He described me perfectly at 08:35 . It's hard being a person like that.
Brody Gaston
Brody Gaston Hace 2 días
Alfie Deyes is sure looking older
Fungi Bu
Fungi Bu Hace 2 días
There was no argument here. Jordan just had a field day in Russell Park. 7:50 Answer a simple question then. Why are pro life people pro gun? Sorry, but there where no real clash of ideas here.
The Richards Revealed - TRR
I didn't really hear any disagreements though. Cool video. It was just healthy conversation and discussion.
Martin Kuliza
Martin Kuliza Hace 3 días
this is how i would like every you tube conersation that i respond to to be like, Sadly a lot of people don't get this they get pissed off in the first 3 seconds or the first time that you disagree with them or if they sense "a tone" whether the tone exists or not hehe Conversations like this are so calming to watch 99% of you tube is full of idiots who need to watch this video and learn how to correctly converse with someone
NateLB Hace 4 días
I've never heard Jordan's own position on what he believes decides with politically, but if every liberal acted like him, that would be amazing
roastbeefdinner Hace 6 días
borat with the ponytail thing is a goddamn moron.
jankogo Hace 6 días
Indeed. A perfect example of how a healthy debate should be conducted.
mark rybka
mark rybka Hace 6 días
Brandon Clarke
Brandon Clarke Hace 6 días
Why is it that people who are high in trait openness seem to be moving towards the right?
CarRamRod1992 Hace 7 días
Great conversation! Feel like he undressed brand with creativity and identity
bigadz0r Hace 7 días
Loved the subtle little progressional critique on Russell's personality type, looked to be genuinely interested about being labelled a divergent thinker and probably wanted to know more
Euan Harrison
Euan Harrison Hace 8 días
Good fucking Christ that is THE most pretentious title I’ve ever seen
jason antigua
jason antigua Hace 9 días
Brand has a large vocabulary,but that’s it!
evelyn baron
evelyn baron Hace 9 días
This is not a debate; it's a conversation. Russell Brand is on a journey and Peterson is interpreting his steps to a healthy life.
Matt Burrows
Matt Burrows Hace 9 días
Russel brand, left wing progressive twat
Onestrangebrain Hace 9 días
I have not seen any "disagreement" in this interview...
Ronald Whittaker
Ronald Whittaker Hace 9 días
good conversation
dasd asd
dasd asd Hace 9 días
what boring conversation jesus fucking christ, what is the point of this conversation? how can you put this to practical use?
Healthy disagreement or brand smart enough to know not To argue with this man ? I think the latter
lostwithjack14 Hace 10 días
Happy day, finally got it correct WHY he was against that law
James Bond
James Bond Hace 10 días
Unfortunately Russel didn't to show the same level of respect to Sam Harris
Ricky Le
Ricky Le Hace 11 días
Does anyone know where I can learn more about this topic between 8:00 - 8:50 ? I think there's some really good insight here about the underlying (maybe subconscious) motivations that evolve the political spectrum. For example, it can't be a coincidence that creative individuals generally lean more left, have a harder time establishing a personal identity AND have a political platform heavily based around identity politics. Any info. would be grateful. Thanks in advance.
Sentience System
Sentience System Hace 11 días
They're both Gemini's. No wonder they can understand each other.
key on
key on Hace 10 días
Kiki Good
Kiki Good Hace 12 días
I don't really see an argument happening here at all...more like a conversation/interview. Except at 10:01 when Brand gives Peterson kind of a condescending fake laugh
Jonathan Thorstensson
Jonathan Thorstensson Hace 13 días
"it's the best research made on the topic" Does that mean there is a research about what research is the "best" ? xD xD xD
Danny Bittiker
Danny Bittiker Hace 13 días
9:05 Russel almost prompted Buddhism vs Jordan Peterson. I haven't heard Jordan's views on egolessness yet. I feel like his views are "just be good, all the time. And take on every responsibility and then you'll be happy." Buddhism speaks to the opposite. I'd like to hear his retort.
Dylan Morrison
Dylan Morrison Hace 13 días
Wait, there were no raised voices or interruptions??? Must not be a disagreement.
cyrillia Etienne
cyrillia Etienne Hace 13 días
More balanced? Why then would some be fired for not accepting gay or lesbian ?
bob bob
bob bob Hace 13 días
He's come a long way since that prank phone call 😂
Rabbit Hole
Rabbit Hole Hace 14 días
Your title of this vid shows your own mental state. This is not a disagreement or an argument at all. This is 2 normal people flushing out (ie sharing) their ideas with each other, to better understand why each thinks what they do. It is apparent from this type of "normal" human exchange, that the info they each get, may or may not change their own view, but both seem totally open to the others' perspective, and seem wholly willing to absorb whatever info seems cogent, and we must assume by watching (normal people, as I am also, bc this is the only way I discuss things, if I have a normal human to speak with) that their own views will be changed if the info shared makes that a rational step. . . . . Because this is how normal human interact with information. This is NOT an argument and there is NO disagreement here. At all. It's just not main stream TV, which is insane, and causes argument, which is the opposite of this kind of info sharing. . . . So stop watching YT and Tv and you'll think normally again, maybe - unless you are just a TV mind, without a soul, which is what is on this planet in droves. . . . . It sucks btw, being in this world with these types who argue and conflate and disrupt EVERYTHING, at a time when we NEED to pull our shit together as a race on a planet, in a solar system. . . . . Ugh. This is NOT an argument. It's 2 humans talking ideas through, sharing perspectives, listening to each other. Normal behavior. . . . . . What you are used to is insanity.
Morgan Brown
Morgan Brown Hace 14 días
this is really great. they should start a podcast together
Steven Ewald
Steven Ewald Hace 15 días
Brilliant, thank you for sharing bro.
Darth Squidious
Darth Squidious Hace 15 días
Lol, Brand is way out of his depth
Ali Bee
Ali Bee Hace 3 días
Darth Squidious absolutely not
Patricia Blue
Patricia Blue Hace 15 días
WOW. You really engages with JP here! Best actual conversation I have seen. Bravo!
Rich Is
Rich Is Hace 15 días
Big difference between transgendered people who should be respected and the non-binary types who are just attention seeking with no science behind the reasoning whatsoever.
S R Anselam
S R Anselam Hace 16 días
Where is the disagreement? 🤔
SquareDates Hace 16 días
10:02 uncomfortable laughter
gantmj Hace 17 días
A narcissist like Russell Brand just pretends to have healthy debate because he knows behaving in such a way gives him the positive attention he craves.
Gaming Policeman
Gaming Policeman Hace 17 días
I can't get over the fact that Mr. Peterson sounds like Kermit.
Connor Fitz-D
Connor Fitz-D Hace 17 días
Almost 12 minutes of Adult human conversation... So refreshing
R M Hace 18 días
The more I study human nature, history, and government the more I truly believe being an extreme left liberal is a disease.
Bugler55 Hace 18 días
This makes me realize Brand is the type who's usually the quickest and sharpest person in the room, so he's often bored and speaks in these obscure and sometimes obnoxious witticisms - but its really just boredom. Here, he really respects the person whom he's speaking with, and it shows.
Numayam Hace 19 días
I like how Brand is trying to figure out what Peterson is thinking. I think a lot of what Peterson says is speculative, like his thing about creative people, but Brand does well in at least giving him a chance.
BrotherTree1 Hace 19 días
In my opinion, two highly intelligent people in the room.
I'm A Narc!
I'm A Narc! Hace 19 días
What song plays at the end credit
Johnney Tilley
Johnney Tilley Hace 19 días
Con. Tro. Versy.
Johnney Tilley
Johnney Tilley Hace 19 días
Fucking stupid looking 'MAN' bun. Jezuz b'y. Holy fuck
Royale With Cheese
Royale With Cheese Hace 20 días
I like your name
Neil Jameson
Neil Jameson Hace 20 días
time: 10:00 - 10:01
Azer Azer
Azer Azer Hace 21 un día
Russel is a good interviewer in this because he has no point to make he is trying to understand too and I am not saying anything more than that.
Pedro Lopes
Pedro Lopes Hace 21 un día
Because they are two pseudo inteclactuals.
Russle brand is a goof lol
Yngvi Birgisson
Yngvi Birgisson Hace 21 un día
i didnt tihnk i'd ever enjoy russel, but seeing him here just sorta shed a whole new light on him, i guess i was sorta judgemental
Somewhere Nearyou
Somewhere Nearyou Hace 22 días
The radical left is in charge of education and I may be incorrect but world wide - this is to pass agendas and get power .
Tru North
Tru North Hace 22 días
youd think the clown would like the sage
reiwell del
reiwell del Hace 23 días
Not sure if anyone else noticed, but when Brand mentioned "the belly of the whale", straight away you know hes a Peterson fan (Pinnochio story).
Mike Adams
Mike Adams Hace 24 días
Russell’s voice sounds even more squeeky here 😂
hazel brown
hazel brown Hace 24 días
I love Jordan Peterson but I can't stand RB.
Woke Knowledge
Woke Knowledge Hace 24 días
MegaLadygagasucks Hace 25 días
right off the bat, no one is standoffish. i highlight Russel. the demeanor is: i need to know why the fuck you think the way you do please tell me, im honestly interested. Liberals like to yell scream and cry now a days. shout in your face, storm highways, block traffic etc. i commend Mr. Brand. although i disagree with his point of view.
MARIRS Gaming Hace 25 días
Pshhh imagine having a discussion without pissing your pants and squeezing a fat shit out after every disagreement in 2019... literally impossible smh
Blogyoucademy Hace 26 días
Holy f*ck. My brain really, really needed this. No, my soul really, really needed this. My brain is but a muscle, which, like my stomach, lies flatulent and bereft of positive tension most of the time. This wonderful exchange was the workout it needed.
Minh Gusta
Minh Gusta Hace 26 días
God i hate the way the British speaks
Minh Gusta
Minh Gusta Hace 22 días
Robert i am sure you do
Robert Hace 22 días
Minh Gusta You clearly don’t understand what sassy means.
Minh Gusta
Minh Gusta Hace 22 días
Robert congrats you have made a sassy comment on youtube, go get a medal
Robert Hace 22 días
Speak, not speaks.. Go back to school.
Jay Lee
Jay Lee Hace 26 días
Not my proudest wank I’ll admit
varvara ilie
varvara ilie Hace 27 días
And if we fall, who’s guilty, us, them ? You like/ now to twist , originality’s really true. I admit, yo blasted me for a few weeks, unfortunately.
JohnECommon Hace 28 días
Peterson is a bullshit seller
aragorn767 Hace 28 días
If you watch at 0.5x speed, that's how my dad is at midnight after drinking 8 beers.
MidnightBastard Hace 28 días
What's wrong with Russel's voice?
Chris Dinelli
Chris Dinelli Hace 29 días
It’s controversy, not controversy. Figure it out.
James GRINNAN Hace 29 días
iam getting fucking sniped by jordan petersons deadly fucking rays of truth
TheJasonmoretti Hace 29 días
What Jordan says about “creative people having hard time making money for themselves but they make money for other people but you’ll prob be dead by then”is so true even for successful when you think about what CEO’s of big music and movie industry make compared to the massive amounts of artists making far less..for me as a tattooer ,,a shop owner stands to make as much or very nearly as much as I make ,,,meanwhile I and many like myself are doing all the work and taking all the health risks and financial risk. Where you choose to work can make or break your career same w movies and music... whom you’d associate with and have a drastic affect on your livelihood.. the peddlers go to jail and the drug lords sit rich and untouchable..
TheJasonmoretti Hace 29 días
In many ways I’ve gone through several changes in my career because of my big mouth standing up for myself. I’ve stood by my principles and ethics. I won’t deny there hasn’t been anger and resentment and that has led to frustration and then most recently unemployment from the a career I deeply love. I take full credit as I think any and every adult should regardless of circumstances but I still can’t help but feel like I’m battling a bigger badder system here.. and the face of it is definitely that society is pandering to a ridiculous level of political correctness.. I can make 999 people happy,,make their lives better even ....but tell 1 person that they are in need of evaluating their level of entitlement and get fired for it. It’s the saddest I’ve been in my life.. watching people like Russell and Jordan make me realize that I’m not alone.. thanx boyz 😘😘
Dan Rogenstein
Dan Rogenstein Hace 29 días
I don't see so much disagreement. These are two intellectuals with nuanced opinions. Thanks for sharing!
Alex Negz
Alex Negz Hace 29 días
Hello Hace un mes
I can't watch this. why are their voices so high
Marie Perle Conde
Marie Perle Conde Hace un mes
Ok no one is gonna talk about how they look alike? Ok so imma leave this comment here....
Marie Perle Conde
Marie Perle Conde Hace 19 días
+Robert 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀omg
Robert Hace 22 días
No one going talk about Petersons bad hair transplant lol
James Perkins
James Perkins Hace un mes
Brand isn't as clever as he thinks he is, but he plays a good sycophantic narcissist.
ReZolute Hace un mes
I love the Andante sample at the end. What's the song name?
Georgia Wilksch
Georgia Wilksch Hace un mes
I've always enjoyed Russell brand's interviews, i'm actually not surprised this interview went like this.
Ross Friedman
Ross Friedman Hace un mes
I love Russel Brand
yowza yipee
yowza yipee Hace un mes
Thanks for upload but is there more? That was a lot of fun
MrCarl27 Hace un mes
Russell Brand is losing his hair.
Launius Hace un mes
I’m open enough to take the poison, so I must be an anarchist...
Duncan Hace un mes
Is this sped up by about 115%?
Salmontres Hace un mes
jordan peterson got DESTROYED in towards the end
Thug Is here
Thug Is here Hace un mes
Lmao no
Tayo Hace un mes
When a Disagreement doesn't even seem like a disagreement. Ego is conquered and learning is allowed.
yair Hace un mes
Thats not a dissagreement, that is an intelecctual person asking anothers opinion
Travis McFadden
Travis McFadden Hace un mes
What kills me is the fact Russel Brand could know who Jordon is. Has seen the differences between the two. And still thinks he is in a position to debate him? Russell is a complete moron with a accent that makes foolish people think hes bright. He is not. I dare say this is a complete waste of Jordon's time.
Billy McTaco
Billy McTaco Hace un mes
like Brand the tosser would roll, false advertising
Billy McTaco
Billy McTaco Hace 29 días
I would like to retract calling someone a tosser on the internet, how gutless of me, if I have conviction then it should be said to their face
Jake Harvey
Jake Harvey Hace un mes
This was genuinely interesting.
jcrums Hace un mes
This is what happens when intelligent people disagree. It's nothing new to be fair.
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