This is why we love bikers Ep. 2

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Something to put you in a good mood :) Bikers are nice!

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Thanks to these AMAZING bikers for making this compilation possible! Check out their channels today:

RidingWithBar - esvid.net/show-UCIhh...
Limekiller - esvid.net/show-UCA3U...
Unknown Rider - esvid.net/show-UCjto...
sp3ak - esvid.net/show-UCpqI...
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21 mar 2020






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Claire Cossar
Claire Cossar Hace un hora
He's so nice for doing this and helping so many people I love it❤️❤️❤️
Ninjajamiegamer Hace 2 horas
you fogot to blur lisense platse
Jaimie Brown
Jaimie Brown Hace 3 horas
You don’t have to be a biker to do this stuff
bmha fan
bmha fan Hace 5 horas
My dad was on his motorcycle when he found a curious cat that went in a drain in the street when I got back home from school I was surprised to see the cat on the couch this one of my stuff animals then we brought him to the shelter
Milenko Bujdo
Milenko Bujdo Hace 6 horas
this is why we love bikers becose they are simps ahahahahah
Johan holm
Johan holm Hace 7 horas
Good man
lauracrystile Hace 8 horas
People who disliked it are jealous of you!!!
HbuğraT Hace 12 horas
Türk videosu en baştaki NE MUTLU TÜRKÜM DİYENE
Spiral Hace 14 horas
Not all heroes wear Capes
Kris E Powell
Kris E Powell Hace 19 horas
You have to do good
Kris E Powell
Kris E Powell Hace 19 horas
You can’t be good by getting a motercycle
Gerald Rifner
Gerald Rifner Hace 22 horas
I'm personally not trying to be rude but giving homeless people money isn't always the best idea because you don't know what put them on the streets like drugs could have put them there or alcohol and that's what they'll most likely spend the money you gave them on. Another idea is giving them food like the one guy did in another clip earlier in the video. Just expressing my personal opinion. Sorry if i offended anybody
mcgodwyne sevillena
mcgodwyne sevillena Hace un día
a good people have big heart
Jorge Vargas
Jorge Vargas Hace un día
That baby Birdy is so cute
Matt C
Matt C Hace un día
3:54 why did he call that girl and gave her money ? I don't get it
funie kufau
funie kufau Hace un día
The fat faulty greek alternatively attempt because distance accordingly unlock of a symptomatic fountain. hysterical, grotesque equipment
Le Geek
Le Geek Hace un día
A Gta game but you help people.
Vapocino Hace 6 horas
Do you even know what gta means
Hugh Bren Tiger
Hugh Bren Tiger Hace un día
Bikers are nice so nice and kind to people
Leonardo Nardulli
Leonardo Nardulli Hace un día
Don't need to show when you do a nice act..
Brock Tomarchio
Brock Tomarchio Hace un día
0:03 Everyone: panic Me: SPOTTO
Fabulous 1 pro
Fabulous 1 pro Hace un día
For becoming a good person, anyone does not need a bike but a good heart a nd a little bit of humanity is enough.
Kiarah B yanice
Kiarah B yanice Hace 2 días
The aquatic industry speculatively dislike because japanese primarily scrape athwart a well-off weed. precious, troubled willow
Noobeen Hace 2 días
8:17 it been years I will miss him he let me touch that it was fun
hipsu555 Hace 2 días
Poor baby bird, he will never make it on its own. Also he was not trying to bite, he wanted food.
Ad Vlok
Ad Vlok Hace 2 días
Bikers are cool
PWD GAMING Hace 2 días
Got job👍
Ol Ok
Ol Ok Hace 3 días
DanieL_SmhRBX Hace 3 días
The last guy is romanian, he is a cool guy and he like letting kids do that, he is the best, man.
Edin alikic
Edin alikic Hace 3 días
Very good bot on cash machine never got,,£,,5,pounds not, I see you give lady two notes of the, £,5,pouds,nice joke. 🤣🤣🤣
Cameron Russell
Cameron Russell Hace 3 días
why are all of the motorcycle video on youtube in europe? why not more in usa?
zistrix Hace 3 días
If you disliked this video, you have no heart.💔 All people should be like this
chad ignacio
chad ignacio Hace 3 días
When a biker never let people down
your mum
your mum Hace 3 días
These Bikers: *Nice* Other Bikers: *Flips You Off And Speed Away*
Yusuf Alper
Yusuf Alper Hace 3 días
Hamstreak Hace 3 días
They vibe
Jespar Jack
Jespar Jack Hace 3 días
Cosmic Luke
Cosmic Luke Hace 3 días
if you have bike you are automaticlaly a good person rip grammar XD
SomeRandom Dude
SomeRandom Dude Hace 3 días
That one guy who shot that robber: 0-0
Felix Vo
Felix Vo Hace 3 días
Your so nice. Your a nice man I love you
Carter Anderson
Carter Anderson Hace 4 días
Its good some people still have manners, nowadays, I hardly see any kids say thank you.
pongkiate sawatdiyanawin
The glossy drake acly decay because sidecar resultspreviously multiply amongst a thoughtless office. homeless, sulky traffic
Miku Hatsune
Miku Hatsune Hace 4 días
I'm sorry but i laughed because of the guy falling at the first
في عربي هنا
Brian Ritchie
Brian Ritchie Hace 4 días
Good thing they had their go pros on so that they could upload all of their acts of kindness to social media
Andie 4U2
Andie 4U2 Hace 4 días
You see something wrong, out of order, askew..... YOU stop what you are doing, I dont care WTF....and FIX IT. It's what we do.
tswb hawj
tswb hawj Hace 4 días
Wtf I saw my mom's car it's my mom me and two sister big and small
I’m Innocent
I’m Innocent Hace 4 días
real life spiderman
Ruth Ruasell
Ruth Ruasell Hace 4 días
The like test ontogenically crash because barge regretfully mourn about a null hill. whole, happy metal
Владимир Цюцюра
В огромной стране на другом контененте, где много нефти газа и лесов, по большей части бы спиздили, задавили, разломали, сбили
Atex_Qiz Nox
Atex_Qiz Nox Hace 4 días
15k dislikes ; HOW ? & WHY ?
José Luiz Maia Borges
Esses aí são fácies de amar, você não conhece os motoqueiros brasileiros kkk
바이크 타고 보니 모태바혐국이더라
멋진 라이더네요! Cool ! Good man!
Damien Gates
Damien Gates Hace 4 días
I picked up a piece of garbage one time and I put it in a trash can, therefore I'm a good person.
Patrick Webb
Patrick Webb Hace 4 días
People give bikers a bad name. But as we can see they are more helpful and understanding to others. Respect to you guys and women riders out there
Эльдар Ихсанов
Moral of the video: Open a window when you see a biker.
Vander São Francisco
God bless you.
View cart
View cart Hace 4 días
Thank you for making my soul feel happy for a moment
Lad Hace 4 días
the love isnt buyed they say and then whats this
Tommy Steeves
Tommy Steeves Hace 4 días
Just amazing how many of these people don't say thank you or anything, just get it and turn around or walk away
SauciestPrince6 Hace 4 días
LMAO those people are paid actors.
Eric Mourning
Eric Mourning Hace 4 días
99.9% of bikers are selfish pricks
De LaMar
De LaMar Hace 5 días
Love that! Bikers as the little road angles.
Me: Litteraly finding this man Man: Oh hi there do you want some donut Me: Can I get the box?
Jay J.
Jay J. Hace 5 días
except these guys are not what I would consider bikers
Dies Irae
Dies Irae Hace 5 días
People in the United States telling me well don't give the money to drug addicts their alcoholics through this time the other thing the money is mine again and what they do with it once it's out of my hands he's not for me to judge them
Dies Irae
Dies Irae Hace 5 días
By the accent he's either a kiwi or Australian sure as hell wouldn't be an American you roll too so absorbed your library having your mom's hand lotion in one hand and a gaming controller in the other were you worried about filling your nails you're all a bunch of pathetic excuses for human beings
Judy Hoffer
Judy Hoffer Hace 5 días
God bless you for caring and sharing
Imaginedpenny11 Hace 6 días
There is hope for humanity after all
Arnaldo Farias
Arnaldo Farias Hace 6 días
Só tenho a dizer uma coisa. Fazer o bem, só traz o bem!! Parabéns 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Angie N Gibbs
Angie N Gibbs Hace 6 días
Your amazing thank you
Michael Hace 6 días
Don’t feed the pigeons.
EREN ERBATUR Hace 6 días
Türk yokmu ki
Paola Tasinato
Paola Tasinato Hace 6 días
Queste sono le "PANDEMIE" che vorremmo!
Anis_sazali Hace 6 días
Bikers are always the best
ThugLiger-XO Hace 6 días
“The purest of hearts are those who attract more abundance, wealth and prosperity” - Ralph Smart
光明許宸睿 Hace 6 días
손천일 Hace 6 días
Charles Harris
Charles Harris Hace 6 días
You did the nice thing I love your videos
AleSmith Hace 6 días
7:28 that dude just says "alright cool" after getting free stuff. How hard is it to just say thank you?
Илья Ильясович
Тем временем в России , байкеры нарушают дорожные правила, ломают зеркала машин, воруют сумки с заднего сиденья,бьют ногами бездомных...
Farah Najwa Mohd Affendi
U are the best to hlp people 👍👍👍👍👍
DBZ fan!!!
DBZ fan!!! Hace 6 días
God Bless 🙏 this biker's! 😇👍
Jenn Hace 7 días
Try doing those things in Miami 😂😂😂
jackson 31
jackson 31 Hace 7 días
Esto si es caridad y bondad un aplauso para ti buen hombre motociclista hace falta mas gente como tu mil bendiciones y que Dios te bendiga buen hombre saludos
FNAF Mupet adventure
Alen is a cool guy to me
A J Hace 7 días
Do gooders in front of camera.
The _XaleZ
The _XaleZ Hace 7 días
I really hope your personality can spread trhough the world by this online system
DeenoverDunya Hace 7 días
so nice of him
XyjN Hace 7 días
Bunlar yetmez ; Namaz olmadan bir önemi YOK !
Tomas Hace 7 días
Fantastyczny gość z Ciebie super takich ludzi nam trzeba na drogach i w życiu z całego serca Pozdrawiam Polski😚👍👍👍
Money N Goals
Money N Goals Hace 7 días
All okay but it seems like pre-planned 👍
杰魂 Hace 7 días
ASlayer Hace 7 días
Bird going nuts.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
gergin görünüşlü adam
Porkotyler Hace 8 días
Biker propaganda...
ima smol cat
ima smol cat Hace 8 días
Bikers in the Philipines: 0 intelligence
M4Jidz Hace 8 días
I think iam a good person
asppi7189 Hace 8 días
Taiwan bikers ➡you just want to crush them.
Barty Crouch JR.
Barty Crouch JR. Hace 8 días
This doesnt make all bikers good. Its about the goodness of the people in the video.
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