This Low Budget Movie Is a Disaster

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Standing Ovation is a movie with big aspirations and even bigger flaws. From the plot to the writing and characters. It is bad. Very bad. Very low budget. Even the music. No Good. I react now.

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7 may 2019






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Lady Marmalade
Lady Marmalade Hace 3 años
I get the impression that this movie was made specifically so that somebody's daughter and her friends could be in it.
German-British Empire [Son1ct]
@Eva Starman average day in croatia 💀💀💀
Coey CoPilot
Coey CoPilot Hace un mes
@electrogeek77 i wrote that comment 10 months ago TT i don't support my point
electrogeek77 Hace un mes
@MissSerenity That's one good thing about the U.S. - you're not compelled to be ride or die for it, especially if you're part of a population it keeps fucking over.
electrogeek77 Hace un mes
@Coey CoPilot Not everyone has good experiences with their home country. Would you expect someone who's oppressed to speak positively about it?
Dude Hace 3 meses
@chancellor puddinghead that is a very random comment
Jazmine Gartrell-Hardy
Me and my sister were absolutely OBSESSED with this movie and memorised all the songs and even tried to buy the same wigs as the Wiggies. We cried for days after it was taken off Netflix. I was so happy when I saw you were doing this movie and you reviewed it pretty accurately lol
aziza 8
aziza 8 Hace 6 días
@Rcoder programming I think they misspelled "kys"
Nina R
Nina R Hace 11 días
@kale holt I have found my people! I watched it multiple times, idk why cuz it was kinda bad but it was also entertaining
Rcoder programming
Rcoder programming Hace un mes
@xxXChild_PredatorXxx i searched LYS acronyms and i still have no idea what does it mean in this context. If it's the og meaning (love urself). How tf does it relate to this situation. How is it a lys situation ? I'm not criticizing. I'm truly curious :/
@Rcoder programming no lies
Rcoder programming
Rcoder programming Hace un mes
@Burgzingas Lower Yield Stress?
Jessica D
Jessica D Hace 6 meses
Fun fact: The actress who played Joei is named Joei. The character was made for her after they loved her reading audition. She sadly has not been in any movies since but is ‘wicked smat’ with a Masters degree and graduating with honours.
itzshARon Hace 17 días
omg i love her.
Kallista Schoolcraft
Was literally looking for a comment on this character cus I love her
Ellie Steele
Ellie Steele Hace un mes
chloziepopss Hace 2 meses
you can kinda tell she's a bright kid with the way she acts. like, she gives a very mature and convincing character performance.
Angi Adcock
Angi Adcock Hace 8 meses
As an Italian-American, Joey makes me unreasonably happy.
DeathByBarb Hace 2 meses
Same making us Italians proud
i wake up and boom im a rat
@The Chad penguin tbf she sounded like every stereotypical mafia leader in films, and they tend to be italian or of italian descent
The Chad penguin
The Chad penguin Hace 3 meses
She part italian?
rapunzel💜 Hace 5 meses
same! joey is my fav
GeekGirl _Luv
GeekGirl _Luv Hace 3 meses
Honestly, the five year old who pretends to talk to ghosts and just really wants to hang out with the big kids might be the most realistic character in the movie
Finn Hace un año
Joey is the funniest character i've ever seen. A 12 year old mafia boss who wants to manage a dance team is my new goal in life.
Nina R
Nina R Hace 11 días
She’s iconic tbh
XENON Hace un mes
also how did she fit a cobra in her purse?! and that looked like a king cobra too
KrivTheKing Hace 2 meses
yeah she sounds like a member of the Italian mob that's trying to steal money back for her family.
Frank Benham
Frank Benham Hace 3 meses
I think it's funny how when she delivers the line about "swimming with the fishes" she moves her hand in sort of 'swim' motion, as if that saying literally means to be thrown in the water so you can swim with fish.
DizzyandKoko Hace 3 meses
I kin Joey, it's not even a joke at this point.
Cockroach eating a krabby patty on the moon
I like how they intended Joey to be a New Yorker Italian, but they couldn’t find any female sounding names to fit that category so they just named her Joey
i wake up and boom im a rat
@Cockroach eating a krabby patty on the moon i mean on a better note she also apparently has a masters degree (not sure in what) but good for her
Cockroach eating a krabby patty on the moon
@i wake up and boom im a rat bro 💀
i wake up and boom im a rat
apparently the girl that played her is actually called joey lmao
The Void
The Void Hace 9 meses
We need a sequel with Joey and that one little girl, I feel like it would be very chaotic
vee Hace 6 meses
ok but i appreciate the fact that the Wiggies lost to a MUCH better peformance. usually in teen musical dramas with dance/song competitions there's a group that use rlly good special effects and costumes and the choreography is pretty cool and they sound amazing, but they lose to a girl sitting in casual clothes playing the piano. usually pisses me off, so it's nice to see that a team who went harder than the other actually won
Luis Diaz Cordova
Luis Diaz Cordova Hace 9 meses
I like how Danny never considered that the little girl talking about the dead family could just be lying
momofruit Hace 3 años
OK BUT "i speak to dead people ... they complain. A LOT." IS HONESTLY PRETTY FUNNY
Scrooby Hace 2 meses
CRAZY EMO Hace 2 meses
Complains about what though?
roberto Hace 4 meses
U and this comment section has npc humour
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Hace 4 meses
i dont get it
The Cactus Club
The Cactus Club Hace 8 meses
Flying Fesh
Flying Fesh Hace 10 meses
The Wiggies are really talented from all I've seen; they're more than capable of winning singing competitions without sabotaging the competitors. Not to mention they're at least 5 years older than the 5 ovations and 7 or even 8 years older than the random group that got the lights cut off on them. The age and talent difference just makes the sabotaging really pointless and inconsequential in the plot, like they're going to win anyways, it's 5 18 year old professional vocalists vs my elementary school music class.
Blumpet Hace 7 meses
I love how Danny took the kids ghost thing so literally while little kids say that type of weird shit on a daily basis lmao
zero Ghost
zero Ghost Hace 9 meses
The concept of a 12 yearold mafia boss who carries various dangerous wild life species in her shiny purse while murdering other dance teams for the girl whos father stole from her father causing him to die is one of the best movie plot lines I've ever seen.
Jietro Raximoff
Jietro Raximoff Hace 9 meses
Danny: *concerned by the fact that a little girl is threatening to do magic on someone* Me: *Has a 12 year old cousin who threatens to curse me with magic when I don't do what she wants as well as a 9 year old brother whose friend also threatens me when I tease her* "Chill out Danny. It's a little kid, who likes to exaggerate."🤣
The Chad penguin
The Chad penguin Hace 3 meses
Credits unknown
Credits unknown Hace un año
I want a sequel when its just the Mafia girl hiring multiple assassin's to take out the protagonists dad.
Nina R
Nina R Hace 11 días
@a kickline is inevitabLEEE this is the best movie idea ever
Nina R
Nina R Hace 11 días
Lovely Hace 10 meses
Yes. That is the movie sequel we all need
Lettuce Hace un año
I would pay to see that
HI GUYS XXX Hace un año
Same. That wouldn’t make the movie so sus and it’ll be pog as hell
Bamboo_Edits ♡
Bamboo_Edits ♡ Hace 8 meses
My favorite thing about Danny's videos is how he manages to keep himself sounding professional, formal, and calm while at the same time making me crap my pants from laughter.
Cookies147 Hace 7 meses
“If they tried to sabotaged the show…. She would of murdered the wiggies ” Got me gasping for air!😂
Bingles Praise YTP
Bingles Praise YTP Hace 10 meses
Honestly I actually laughed at the “I talk with dead people.”/“They complain. A lot.” Joke
Kyle Bean
Kyle Bean Hace 4 meses
Joey’s dad really was the most relatable character
Dhruva Harit
Dhruva Harit Hace 3 años
As a Hindu, I can confirm that every single Hindu is currently a Hindu because they were stressed about a dance competition
Ddd Hace un día
As an Hindu, I also Concure
Ed Sheeran's Mother
Ed Sheeran's Mother Hace 28 días
Beans2017 🏳️‍🌈
Sounds realistic. /sarcasm
internet user 1
internet user 1 Hace un mes
@Venkat S hmmm this sounds correct
Lucas Howard
Lucas Howard Hace un mes
Little ol' me
Little ol' me Hace 8 meses
Okay, but a bunch of adults laughing at children for seemingly making a mistake and messing up while doing a public performance seems 100% realistic to me... unfortunately.
Bunny Hace 4 meses
Joey is amazing, and I would like a sequel that's exclusively about her.
Emma Simpson
Emma Simpson Hace 9 meses
my dad turned on this movie when i was like 8. he turned it off 10 minutes in when the wiggies dad guy said "ready to kick some butt?" at the time i was upset but now i want to thank my father for protecting me against this monstrosity of a cinematic creation.
GASTLYGOD 10 Hace 8 meses
I feel like what happened was that everyone working on this movie all had these different scripts for different movies. But they didn't clip the script papers correctly and all of the scripts fell and just got jumbled up and just said "f**k it" and rolled with it
Heidi Fedor
Heidi Fedor Hace un año
This would be the greatest movie ever, if the 5 Ovationists win the contest. And then grandpa gambled away the $1 million prize on horse races.
Totally Not Samrat
Totally Not Samrat Hace un mes
lol yeah...I 100% thought this will be the Ending
the green people
the green people Hace 2 meses
@Nerds In A Nutshell that seems like a completely original movie idea 🫡
Alex Smith
Alex Smith Hace 2 meses
And then he wins the bet
CRAZY EMO Hace 2 meses
Haha 😂
The guy who asked.
The guy who asked. Hace 3 meses
@Cornelius then they rob Ratatoing and eat marcel toing and spoon feed him rat ffeces on spoon until he creams
Sona Hace 3 meses
I feel like a big issue with this movie is it shouldn’t be a kids movie 😭 I feel like it should be a pg-13\pg-ma show 😭😭 like the horse racing addiction, the wig girls already being older like really
Sona Hace 3 meses
like it shouldn’t have kids acting or anything 😭 but it has a lot more wrong with it anyway
Lego Destructor
Lego Destructor Hace 10 meses
13:54 legit peeing myself laughing at the "she would have murdered them" just so calmly
PLAGUE Hace 6 meses
I think Joey torturing people for answers is supposed to be like a Good Fellas scene where it shows that Mafia making progress over time with a compilation of events that happens over years.
The Grand XBunny
The Grand XBunny Hace 7 meses
13:35 Lesbian Scarf. Does this imply that she likes Joey? I'm gonna say yes because I feel like it.
Vanessa jm
Vanessa jm Hace 4 meses
Jinora The Air Nomad
The little girl got her hauntingly angelic voice in the final performance from the dead people she speaks to.
the blue guy:Mohammad KASSEM
YOOO how didnt i think of that, it all makes sense !
It’sBreezayy Hace 4 meses
That explains at lot
M Hace 5 meses
you sure it wasn't the excessive use of autotune ?
Lol wut
AFieldofRoses Hace 5 meses
The extra dancers were actually the dead people
Donovan Faust
Donovan Faust Hace 4 meses
If the little girl who could talk to ghost was the protagonist for Sixth Sense it would be a very different movie and I would totally watch that.
MiaTheMiniMuffin :3
MiaTheMiniMuffin :3 Hace 3 meses
This movie could've been really good. It's just weird bits and pieces that make it unpleasant
Addy's Animals
Addy's Animals Hace 8 meses
I genuinely enjoyed standing ovation when I was ten. I now realize how cringy it was 😬💀
Tiny Barbarian
Tiny Barbarian Hace 8 meses
I watched this movie once at a sleep over and was extremely confused. Now rewatching it I understand why.
Lucas Fleming
Lucas Fleming Hace un año
Tbh the little girl who wants to join the dance groups is the most believable character, everything she says is pretty standard for a 5-year-old lmao
drunk douchebag
drunk douchebag Hace un día
@Cooper i once threw a cat at a wall and pulled a knife to a guy that hit me so yeah
EldritchCupcakes Hace 11 días
@Ellie Wuzzup I once read a post online from a babysitter who’s kid was obsessed with those old time movies. Monroe, Hepburn, thing like that. She’d imitate the accent, had a feather boa and when asked to do chores would collapse onto the nearest furniture and say “I just can’t do it darling”
Just_Smiley Hace 11 días
@EldritchCupcakes Fitting username
espy wespy cookie ☕️
@Cooper Yoh didn’t do that stuff? When i was in kindergarten i remember summoning eldritch creatures through rituals and sending my classmates to the deepest pits of hell
Juliafox Hace 28 días
Cal Owenby
Cal Owenby Hace 7 meses
I think this was the first of Danny’s videos I ever watched, and still to this day Danny’s delivery of, “Please don’t make daddy cry,” _slays_ me.
Grow New
Grow New Hace 7 meses
This movie isn’t a disaster anymore when you watch Danny’s videos about them since he makes them better. A better shorter version of them
Advik Kashyap
Advik Kashyap Hace 10 meses
17:33 As a hindu myself i can confirm that is how that works
CR34T0R Hace 5 meses
The Wiggies choreography was mostly jumping, moving their arms, and posing, if they won, they probably only won by default because the other’s had points taken off because of the sabotage in the numbers
Štěpán Otřísal
Štěpán Otřísal Hace 2 años
The main girl: "I wish I had my mother back" The father: "I can't do that" The creepy little girl: *steps out of hell's portal* "I can help"
rc Hace 2 años
ѕυgαявυииу OH MY GOD
It’s me, ya boi
It’s me, ya boi Hace 2 años
You just ASSUMED it was Hell she came from and not the other place, and y’know what? Im all for it
Shadow Chrome_
Shadow Chrome_ Hace 2 años
Minecraft nether portal**
gabujita •
gabujita • Hace 2 años
"I talk to dead people"
W H O A M I ? ?
W H O A M I ? ? Hace 2 años
Alastor But With a Gun Why the fuck do you have a gun?
Actually Aardwolf
Actually Aardwolf Hace 9 meses
“I’m not really sure what event it is that these girls compete in. It’s like a singing and dancing competition where they choreograph and write their own songs.” Um… show choir? (Also the little girl is 100% the best part of the movie. The nonsense is exactly the type of stuff a little girl would threaten when they don’t get what they want.)
Charlotte Fuller
Charlotte Fuller Hace 9 meses
I remember asking my mom if I could watch it when I was younger and she said no for some reason so I secretly watched it at one point
Rena_Soulreaper Hace 6 meses
15:48 the “on the dance floor” song that he made up is better than the songs in the movie
uwouldntknowthem Hace 9 meses
Holy heck- I totally forgot about this movie!! It was sorted into the category in my brain for weird Netflix shows and movies I watched when I was like 11! I remember some show about a magical princess that was vaguely Indian and had something to do with elephants? Elephant Princess or something? Also this one that had to do with a princess who’s castle held mythical creatures? I think her love interest was a mythical creature Hunter?
uwouldntknowthem Hace 8 meses
AHHH I thought I was the only one!!
charlottie Hace 8 meses
Olivia Fleming
Olivia Fleming Hace 3 años
that little manager girl is obviously a mob boss. "swimming with the fishes"? "six feet under"? come on
SXUTH Hace un año
@Duhbella 😂
Jeffrey Roatcn
Jeffrey Roatcn Hace un año
Dylan Dalmatian Is a bi icon
she definitely killed her dad and just wants to get the heat off of her back
Laura Grothaus
Laura Grothaus Hace un año
Yes that was the point of her character lol
GOATED-X-EDITZ Hace un año
@Duhbella 💀
Erika L. Cooper
Erika L. Cooper Hace 5 meses
I just had a really weird moment. I was watching this video as any other, but suddenly everything about this movie started feeling really familiar. It was like a déjà vu kind of feeling. Turns out i have watched this movie before and now i think i just had a existential crisis. I don’t even know what my childhood was like anymore.
Leo Jamison
Leo Jamison Hace 5 meses
Honestly as someone that once was a little girl and knew several others Yea that's average, talking to dead people and threatening vague but horrifying threats just comes naturally Every little girl goes thru that phase and you're lying if you say they don't
Sable? Fable?
Sable? Fable? Hace 7 meses
Joey is like an Italian/American sociopathic mafia boss. But 12 years old. Pulling cobras out of her purse, scorpions, hanging out with an eel. She also has poison in her purse?.. What the fuck???
Gumbly Hace 10 meses
I think I can answer the mystery of the maloykis. Based on her accent and the description she gave afterwards I’m pretty sure it was a mispronunciation of Il Malocchio, which is Italian for “the evil eye”. It’s a weird italiano superstition that claims that someone can curse you with the malocchio and give you bad luck for life. Sudden warts and even more sudden loss of hair are sometimes side effects but it’s usually just bad luck. Actually it’s always just bad luck because the malocchio is very obviously not real. It’s a weird old Italian legend. I’m not 100% sure but I’m pretty confident that that’s it.
Plantern 45
Plantern 45 Hace un año
Tbh all jokes aside, for me the actress who played Joey did good for her part. Obviously the movie didnt make sense but her acting skills for a kid was better than her coworkers lol.
Peril the SkyWing
Peril the SkyWing Hace un día
Def was the best character, every time I rewatch this video I remember why I loved her so much
FreddieJo Hace 6 meses
I also love her character. Just a fucken 12 year old mob boss with poison and snakes and shit
Anastasia Petropoulos
I went to the same school as Joei and the year that the movie came out the entire staff made a big deal about everyone going to see it.
Kati e
Kati e Hace 11 meses
Not really lol. She was equally bad, her character was just written better.
Abri_Saber Hace un año
Same for Britney. All of the kid actors are sort of decent.
GWest Hace 5 meses
6:50 My theory for this movie is that it takes place in the same universe as some completely unrelated fantasy movie, so there actually is secret magic in this world, but this movie’s from the perspective of the background characters who never see any of it.
just a person
just a person Hace 5 meses
Theory: joey's father was a mafia boss, which is why he had all that money causing Brittany's father to steal from him making him stressed to death and joey's mother is currently training her to follow in her fathers footsteps and joey is hiring assassins from the mob family her father was the boss of to assassinate Brittany's dad /hj
allie motchka
allie motchka Hace 4 meses
I feel like the little girl who wants to be part of the dance teams should have been the main character. If the movie centered around her, gave an actual logical explanation to her behaviour, and with some better scriptwriting and a higher budget, the entire thing could have been SO MUCH BETTER.
Fruit Hace 6 meses
i remember watching this as a kid and loving it. their trash movie making thoughts worked.
mcgrimyu loll
mcgrimyu loll Hace 2 años
Random kid: sorry for bumping your elbow. Joey: *pulls a Komodo dragon out of her purse casually*
ash! Hace 11 meses
I wouldn't be surprised if she did actually pull a kimono dragon out her purse
david kozlov
david kozlov Hace un año
/summon death 666
Abri_Saber Hace un año
Random kid: Sorry. Didn't mean to step on your shoe. Joey: *Pulls out a boa constrictor*
*Grabs bazooka because someone doesnt say sorry for cutting in line*
NightGold Hace 2 años
owie Hace 7 meses
I feel like Danny is right about the Witch subplot and honestly it would've made a much better movie. Maybe the Witch girl is always helping out the main girls during their performances with magic, but the main group never believes her, thinking it's just weird kid behavior. Then maybe when the Witch girl trys to join the Main group, and they decline, so she decides to join the Wiggies(?) In retaliation, but to convince the Wiggys(?) To let her join she had to start using her magic to sabotage the rival dance teams. Then the Main group has to stop her somehow while trying to relearn how to dance without magical aid before the big dance competition thing. It would've still been dumb, but at least there'd be mildly interesting world building instead of u h . Whatever the current plot is?
gracefullydying Hace 6 meses
"It's ok to leave your kids, as long as when you come back, you're rich" - Danny Gonzalez, 2019
after realizing they were in Atlantic City, Joey’s entire character makes sense.
xX_Qb¡steedz_Xx Hace 11 meses
9:17 Everyone: *laughing hysterically* That girl: If we can drink drinks, can we food food?
Elijah Adamson
Elijah Adamson Hace 9 meses
2:10 danny I have watched this video many times and never really thought about how flipping the switch would make the lights flicker. However, if he turned somehting on and the power overloaded it makes a but of sense.
Alex Hace 6 meses
I don’t care what anyone says this was my favorite movie when I was a kid lol
☆* venti *☆
☆* venti *☆ Hace 4 meses
I remember watching this movie when I was younger and I thought nothing was wrong with it……
That one
That one Hace 5 meses
Funny enough. In the drama room in my school, (which also has a pipe in it with which you can hear when someone flushes the toilet right above) is ONE switch that does make all the lights flicker and buzz. I dont know if that was intended but either way its rarely being used.
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson Hace un año
Honestly, I kind of want Joey to get her own movie.
ItsMeWolfie Reborn
ItsMeWolfie Reborn Hace 29 días
Minty Cows
Minty Cows Hace 2 meses
minecart101 Hace 2 meses
@Potato Squid Baby You must be too small to understand
Hermit craft fan
Hermit craft fan Hace 9 meses
I would love to see her sending her hoards of snakes and scorpions to make people swim with the fishes!
shoes! ★
shoes! ★ Hace un año
Ava Stevens
Ava Stevens Hace 8 meses
holy shit i completely forgot i watched this movie with a really weirdly enthusiastic friend when i was younger. memory unlocked
FandomEditzSad Hace 3 meses
Oh my goodness, I totally forgot this movie existed. I used to watch it a lot just because I hated it. I guess I kind of just wanted to torture myself.
Amelia Wood
Amelia Wood Hace 9 meses
I was unironically obsessed with this film when i was 12 so this video kinda hurts me but like u also make v good points lmao
The wierdest witch of the west
My older cousin made me watch this when I was like six or seven and I don’t know what or why I did but I actually liked. Looking back remembering some of the scenes I realized you have to have a lot of (I can’t remember what it’s called so just pretend to understand) (just remembered it’s called nostalgia) to be able to sit through this if you aren’t someone who’s not old enough to process what actually going on
Molly Miller
Molly Miller Hace 3 años
"i wish mom came back" "well she cant!" ROLL CREDITS
Battle Central
Battle Central Hace 6 meses
Molly Miller
Molly Miller Hace 3 años
@Random Person I also love your mood tonight/today your a nice person
Molly Miller
Molly Miller Hace 3 años
@Random Person and i love your reply
PuppetMaster Hace 3 años
Molly Miller MMMM I like peanut butter
Kyra King
Kyra King Hace 3 años
*Standing ovation*
Dahlia Torchia
Dahlia Torchia Hace un mes
I remember watching this when I had the flu and I had convinced myself that I made this entire movie up. Good to know that it was an actual movie
Shenny4everTBBT Hace 8 meses
I saw this movie in theaters in 2010 and I was literally the only kid in the theater and teenage me loved it so much
Parker Peter
Parker Peter Hace 2 meses
9:10 what's up with this movie and having the costumes of the younger girls being ripped apart? Feels kinda suspicious to me
Quangamer ShyGuyyz
Quangamer ShyGuyyz Hace 23 días
@Parker Peter No because it’s supposed to be funny and random. There’s nothing shady about it. You’re literally overthinking this.
kujou loser
kujou loser Hace un mes
fr like.. smth shady was def going on
Parker Peter
Parker Peter Hace 2 meses
@taRAtiH • thankfully someone else agrees with me
taRAtiH •
taRAtiH • Hace 2 meses
No cus literally, its not funny and doesnt make you feel concerned for the ripped clothing, it just makes you feel weird and gross because these are little girls in front of ons of grown adults it’s definitely suspicious
Anika Reddy
Anika Reddy Hace 4 meses
I am concerned for myself cause I used to love this movie 😃
Jenna Distefano
Jenna Distefano Hace un año
Fun fact: my 5th grade teacher was on the crew for this movie. My whole 5th grade year was about this movie and meeting the cast lmao
cloudymi_ Hace 5 meses
@xxXChild_PredatorXxx dawg who hurt u💀💀💀
poohbear600 Hace 7 meses
what was her role?
Bullseye Hace 7 meses
Bad or good that is really cool
𝚂 𝚊 𝚕 𝚎 𝚖   ☹︎
@xxXChild_PredatorXxx they don’t need your permission to comment honey, not everything revolves around you
Kenzo Hace 8 meses
Kristen Smith
Kristen Smith Hace 3 meses
My parents have one if those light switches in their house, it is a dimmer but you press it to turn it on and off. I also think the slight clicking noise is accurate enough
Husbant Hace 5 meses
"she's so stressed about the result of the contest that she became hindu" Yeah as a hindu, I always walk around with a bindi on my forehead and chanting mantras in sanskrit that I can't even pronounce that well. I approve.
theuglybri Hace 3 meses
I genuinely love standing ovation I was obsessed with it when I was 9 years old
mMmMm bread
mMmMm bread Hace 3 meses
ok i literally used to watch this movie all the time when i was younger and i loved it like a lot idk what my 11-year-old self loved so much about this movie lmao
MoonliteCensor Hace 3 años
Im still dying about the fact that they had xbox 360 headsets
moka 1
moka 1 Hace 3 años
nwd Hace 3 años
Lea Wise
Lea Wise Hace 3 años
A O chill, maybe they zoned out or something
MoonliteCensor Hace 3 años
@CreeperSquad jesus Christ shut the hell up, both of you, you aren't the Only fucks getting notifications about this shit. Just enjoy this cheap ass movie getting mad fun of.
nasaii _
nasaii _ Hace 3 años
@CreeperSquad creeper
BrandEver Hace 8 meses
This is one of those creepy kid movies where you just KNOW the director has some questionable content on his hard-drive
Nobigdeal Hace 9 meses
OK so the Standing Ovations' final performance *is* out there but kids are wack and their imaginations are insane. I feel like Joey probably pulled in some adult help for executing it of course
Kestrel Liddel
Kestrel Liddel Hace 8 meses
Y’all, I watched (and loved) this movie as a kid…….I did not expect to find this video. Oh god, I gotta go get bleach. This is just Baby Glee. No, I’m not wrong.
Tin the trashbin
Tin the trashbin Hace 9 meses
I actually love this movie this is probably one of my favorite movies, I watch it like every month🤣 it’s so nostalgic to me haha
Najmo Abdi
Najmo Abdi Hace 4 meses
Lmaooo I watch it every few years 😭
Lychee Hace 2 años
So are we just going to ignore the fact that the Mr. Wigs guy said “sit up straight or you get no food”
Make it stop
Make it stop Hace 9 meses
Honestly, Mr. Wiggs is an abuser😂😂😂
The Queen Of Cringe
The Queen Of Cringe Hace 9 meses
But how can I sit up straight when I’m not even straight?
Lychee Hace 9 meses
@oats I had a different pfp at the time
Wolvie Hace 9 meses
Don't forget "don't make him mad" like what he do?
oats Hace 11 meses
@bagel the cat pic??
Evie Hace 6 meses
I remember watching this movie at least one a week when I was young, i never realised how bad it was 😂
Zella Ha
Zella Ha Hace 2 meses
Babybear07 Hace 2 meses
I remember loving this movie and wishing I was of part of the dance group......I clearly had terrible taste 😭✋🏾
Marty McFly
Marty McFly Hace 3 meses
Pepper making you sneeze is one of those things that only happens in 1940s cartoons. Have you EVER seen that happen in the real world? Neither have I.
NotEvenAChanne l
NotEvenAChanne l Hace 2 años
I like how they gloss over how The dad did a crime and everyone is ok with gifts
tsuki -
tsuki - Hace 7 meses
And how he abandoned them.
Parth Mudgal
Parth Mudgal Hace 7 meses
@minionlover100 probably didn't actually steal any money. Must have legally ' scammed' the other guy.
𝚂 𝚊 𝚕 𝚎 𝚖   ☹︎
Material girl?
No, none of it
No, none of it Hace 2 años
Not relavent but why is your channel picture a 2 pence coin???
CloudRZ Hace 2 años
society bottom text
Robert O'Driscoll
Robert O'Driscoll Hace 4 meses
Ha! damn it's been years since I heard that term, malokes. It's an Italian thing, I think someone down below nailed it with the "evil eye" reference. I grew up in the outer sunset in San Francisco which has a pretty large population of Italian descent, I use to hear that shit playing with my buddies at their houses. I remember one of their little sisters threatened to put it on me, and me telling her it wouldn't work on me, because I'm Irish. Kids are dumb as shit. Anyway, all the men wear little fucken'... like, horns around their neck to ward off the malokes and most especially their junk because I guess that region takes the biggest hit in the event of magic infection (they say it makes you infertile, which is the Italian man's greatest natural enemy). Sebastian Maniscalco had a great standup bit about the whole... thing.
Ezra Rose
Ezra Rose Hace 3 meses
You know, I was like "I'll watch this movie and experience pain with you"... Until the P's and Q's song came on. There was no way I would watch the full movie after hearing that train wreck
CyrusTheLizardKing Hace 3 meses
This was one of my favourite films as a kid and I feel like that’s- it explains a lot
[Catchy Name] :]
[Catchy Name] :] Hace 4 meses
Okay, so in the first part, the little girl's singing voice was enough to make anyone's ears bleed. But in the performance, her voice was that of a siren trying to call the Malaukies to get someone.
GollossalKitty Hace 4 meses
10:34-10:52 yes that is a light switch i have it in my house you can click it and turn it. Its kinda janky but its very tactile and is definitely more satisfying to click than a normal light switch. Would recommend
KAI IS THE BEST Hace 10 meses
Ok so thing is abt them laughing at the girl when her costume got ripped, a similar thing happened to me. I was doing a acro competition and I was doing cartwheels across stage in an cat suit. Next thing I know the strap comes undone and I quickly held it and did one hand cartwheels across stage for the rest of the way. Everyone. And I mean everyone was laughing at me. Even the ppl back stage. It was super embarrassing
Mister Muffinut
Mister Muffinut Hace 2 meses
This is my favourite low-budget movie ever! Crazy to see somebody finally cover it. I first watched when I was like five!
DemDoolies Hace 4 días
“At least we don’t clip the microphone every time we harmonize” lmao that is just too good not to mention
StressedMango Hace 3 años
Joey is too aggressive of an Italian stereotype and I love it
The History Nerd
The History Nerd Hace 7 meses
@PinglezLord Italian Americans are not real Americans. Lucani citizen (region of Italy) and I can confirm This as a real Italian. Now get over it New Yorker mafioso.
PinglezLord Hace 7 meses
@The History Nerd bro you can literally be American and also some other ethnicity, that’s human life
Marlow 💛
Marlow 💛 Hace 7 meses
@The History Nerd shut up, as an Italian no one asked you
Vinny Art
Vinny Art Hace 8 meses
@The History Nerd this just-in: according to some asshole on the internet, mixed people don't exist. I can already feel the German from both sides of my family evaporating out of my bloodstream
The History Nerd
The History Nerd Hace 8 meses
@arī italians are italians. Not half, not quater, not 3 quater. ITALIANS!
CR34T0R Hace 5 meses
Overall, it looks like something I could see something like these numbers in a dance competition- (I’m in a lot of dance competitions, I see a lot of dances like these)
Vistas 5 100 000
Vistas 5 200 000
a todos nos decían eso :v