This Mic Might Be The Best Streaming/Podcast Microphone You Can Buy..

Alpha Gaming
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$100 is now the most you need to spend on a condenser OR a dynamic microphone.
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Alpha Gaming
Alpha Gaming Hace 9 meses
Now that your dream mic is $300 cheaper what are you going to spend it on?
Foe Fighter
Foe Fighter Hace 12 días
An audio interface so that it actually works?
Foe Fighter
Foe Fighter Hace 12 días
No, now that my dream mic is affordable enough for me to buy, I can buy it
Bayrots Hace un mes
Bro! Thank you so much for introducing this mic! I've been wanting to get rid of my condenser mic but didn't really want to fork up the cash for a shure. THIS MIC SOUNDS PHENOMENAL! I spent the remainder on the legato green screen instead of using my home made PVC pipe rig lol. You truly are the GOAT! Happy streaming everyone!
Irish Chippy
Irish Chippy Hace un mes
Grav3Tech Hace 2 meses
Quick request since i will be moving from the blue yeticaster to a goxlr with either dynamic mic or condenser mic in the near future. since you have the equipment at the ready is there any chance you could do a video comparing the blue ember condenser running the new nvidia rtx voice ai noise cancelling software and the dynamic pod mic? i love the clarity of the condenser but for obvious reason love the noise isolation of the dynamic. Would love to hear/see if the rtx voice software diminishes the clarity of the condenser mic beyond recoverable levels, while still eliminating the back ground noises. In essence... Giving you the best of both worlds
Maximum Unknown
Maximum Unknown Hace un día
I wonder what soft wear he used to make the two mice sound the same ?
PhoenixLion Hace un día
do you have to buy a stand separate for this mic
Sam Hace 3 días
What about the Samson Q2U or the Audio-Technica ATR2100x (or ATR2100)? They have both USB and XLR. This way you can use USB and once you get bigger as a streaming you can buy a mixer and change to XLR.
Di7asTer Hace 5 días
Nice video , and what u doing ! Best usb mice ?
Spartacus547 Hace 8 días
Do you have a sponsorship deal with Mountain Dew? Very slick product placement
Will Stevenson
Will Stevenson Hace 12 días
I'm looking to get an at 2020, do you know if the focusrite scarlett solo 3rd gen will work with the mic. Will I only need the mic and the audio interface, if not what else will I need
DefCon Heavy
DefCon Heavy Hace 12 días
sold out i can not buy one lol
SteMir ReViews
SteMir ReViews Hace 13 días
Useful! Thanks!
The Noise Floor A/V
The Noise Floor A/V Hace 16 días
I hear the difference in spite of the low eq boost, but I would argue that it's negligible in a streaming context, and is only something I pay attention to as my channel is a pro audio channel. For streaming, podcasting, etc, this mic is going to do well. Save the money on the SM7B, and put the difference toward updating your cpu or internet connection.
adam gromada
adam gromada Hace 20 días
I'm still thinking about blue ember. somebody help me
samy cortez
samy cortez Hace 20 días
brad lea?????????????????????????????????????????????
COLD SCHOOL Hace 21 un día
Excellent! This is perhaps one of...or the best tutorial I've watched to date on any subject. Perfect amount of detail without showing off unnecessary data prowess lol. Edit cuts appear to be made for editing out uhs and umms vs jump cutting me into a vertigo attack amen! I'm in the market to purchase a mic for youtube or perhaps a podcast and I may be sold on this mic. I'm wondering about this mic vs one I believe is called a Blue Yetti... Once again Thanks for excellence!
zhengtong zhang
zhengtong zhang Hace 23 días
ex.cantonfair.org.cn/pc/en/exhibitor/4ab00000-005f-5254-6fde-08d7ed79be39/ this is the link to Canton fair's professional microphone manufacturer. It is a good chance to make business with manufacturer without any platforms.
Tatsuya Shiba
Tatsuya Shiba Hace 24 días
your content is cool you have my sub
Victor Varela
Victor Varela Hace 25 días
I would recommend to stop the music while testing the mics...
The Broken Meeple
The Broken Meeple Hace 26 días
XLR mics just scare me though I don't want to go near those control panel stations.
Jonathan Crow
Jonathan Crow Hace 27 días
I have an EditorsKeys SL300 and one of my biggest issues has been trying to kill background noise and keyboard noises when streaming. Sounds bloody great for vocals and music but it really is a sensitive beast.
Mr.Blondie's Blog
Mr.Blondie's Blog Hace 27 días
This video covers all of the material I've been reading and watching for the past 12 hours. For some reason other youtubers cover bits, but don't show the big picture like this channel does. Amazin!
Markie M
Markie M Hace 27 días
Hey man, recently came across your channel and enjoying your videos. Thank you for these vids :D
Eli Hace 28 días
i wonder if the quality is the same as the shure, shure will last 15 years plus, if so then damn 100 bucks is a steal
Romeo Mariano
Romeo Mariano Hace 28 días
If you have a thin high voice like Alpha Gaming, you may need to EQ the PodMic to gain bass in the voice. But if your voice already has bass, you won’t have to EQ the PodMic. It will simply help your voice sound clearer.
Bear Hace 29 días
Good stream...
HeyItsTerry Hace un mes
for anyone looking to pic this mic up, what he's saying is totally accurate - it doesn't have a massive low-end the way a SM7b does, but you can fix that in either real time via a mixer or in post. I have mine hooked up to a Behringer Q802-Usb mixer with 3 band hardware EQ. added some high/low end, and lowered the mids just a little. when I'm in a discord call and people can't see my mic, I get asked all the time if it's a sm7b just off how it sounds lol it really is a great mic for only $100! and once you tweak it a bit, it's probably one of the best out there imo.
InnovationYT Hace un mes
i'm listening on Apple earphones and don't hear any difference -_-
Solar 67094
Solar 67094 Hace un mes
instead of spending $400 on a really good mic spend $100 on a mic that is just as good... THEN spend the rest of the $300 on the Goxlr!!!
Lancer2004 Hace un mes
He tried to make us SIMP
Kunal Vaidya
Kunal Vaidya Hace un mes
It really is strange watching so many videos about "affordable" microphones for beginners or low cost setups , and they all just assume that an audio interface is just available at home. Some people just want to start off with 75-100$ total budget (including cables)
Mr. XamphteX
Mr. XamphteX Hace un mes
can we apply same eq with voicemeeter
jimbosliceOG Hace un mes
Are you using a cloudlifter between the mic and the GoXLR (assuming that your using the mixer)?
K B Hace un mes
The blue ember should be called blue pencil
Nimrod Hadany
Nimrod Hadany Hace un mes
Is it better than the blue yeti?
Jakob Saffle
Jakob Saffle Hace un mes
Before you buy a condenser mic think about the summer. Do you use a fan in your room? Don’t get one.... get a dynamic. Unless you’re recording music. Even podcasts I feel like dynamic is more worth. UNLESS you can build a very sound isolated room with no background noise at all.
Kenaoji Hace un mes
not trying to dish out the money i spent on my pc on a mixer, any mixer ideas
Khazm Hace un mes
dude you sounded just like Joe Rogan when you you started using the sm7b, lmao. I cant unhear it.
MutterStutter Clips
These are seriously good - i bought 4 for my podcast which equals one #SM7B
LPRMC Hace un mes
That Blue Ember sounds really nice for $100. Never heard of this one before. Thanks for the comparison.
Cryonic Hace un mes
The Misfits(not the band) used this mic in their recent podcast
Marin K
Marin K Hace un mes
They use them in all of their live podcasts. Also, love the Misfits, both the band and the ESvid ones 😁
DDosed Hace un mes
What software did you use to change the eq?
hellorachel Hace un mes
Does this still stand?
Helpful_Puffin Hace un mes
me just chilling with my fifine k668 $20 mic that works just fine for my 3 viewers.
Robin Thompson
Robin Thompson Hace un mes
If I use a podmic with a webcam do you have to keep it in the shot?
Gary Ingersoll
Gary Ingersoll Hace un mes
thanks for your video...
Christian Huff
Christian Huff Hace un mes
I wish you could set up my audio
TreekTheNeet Hace un mes
The at2020 went down to 100$
S G A Hace un mes
The Behringer XM8500 seems to be the sleeper pick of all mics. This one defnitely has a fancy look to it, but $77 less money gets you most of the way there as far as sound, and perhaps more if you prefer the warmer sound
editlmao on twitch
editlmao on twitch Hace un mes
probably stupid question as im not audio friendly and new to MICS. but would a xlr to usb cable not just be the fix to using XLR mics for quality but not spending the $600 for an xlr???
AJ CoRe TV Hace un mes
can one of Harris's employees reply? What kind of shotgun mic is he using when recording videos with no mic in view??
AJ CoRe TV Hace un mes
Alpha Gaming sorry if I missed the video where you cover it.. follow up question: Why don’t people stream with them? (Shotguns). Always see streamers with mics in view.. what are the cons?
Alpha Gaming
Alpha Gaming Hace un mes
Rode NTG4+ -Harris
Kyler Killips
Kyler Killips Hace un mes
how TF you dont know what a mechanical keyboard is?
The Disposalist
The Disposalist Hace un mes
Hi there. Love the channel and thanks for all your help, advice and entertainment! Could you help me out, maybe? I have a PodMic and a GoXLR Mini and I am very happy with them, but I'm curious what settings you settled on when using your PodMic and GoXLR Mini?... Cheers.
malcowicz Hace un mes
I feel this mic like a bit rough. Imo it sounds worse than cardioid diagram by usb condensed mic.
Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith Hace un mes
Awesome video, how did you draw the lines around the mics during the side-by-side comparison?
Noskills Hace un mes
Why I know I am seeing this now, I was wondering if you tested the Sure with the Cloudlifter still plugged in?
benito guison
benito guison Hace un mes
what do you recommend as a budget option for connecting this to a laptop/computer? :P
Gary Sutherland
Gary Sutherland Hace un mes
I want the mic you used to make this video! :)
BenteBoi Hace un mes
I live in a busy environment, cars, people, dog...you name it. would you suggest a dynamic mic over a condense one? or still use a condense one and just clean the audio in post? thanks :)
KenseiOtaku Hace un mes
Hey bud, how did you do that cool white outline effect with your mics? I'm trying to figure it out in Premier. Is it a plug-in?
RJ Martinez
RJ Martinez Hace un mes
Thanks man solid video! I just purchased the mic
Arnar Freyr Astvaldsson
please done play music in the background when you are showing off the mics
Ramon Solorio
Ramon Solorio Hace un mes
That blue kiwi tho😍
Total Party Chill
Total Party Chill Hace un mes
Question, do you think this if this mic was used three feet from another mic (same type), would there be a lot of issues? Thinking of getting 6 of these for a stream where everyone is around the same table.
NViper06 Hace un mes
Does anyone know what best to use to connect the podmic to a laptop for recording?
NViper06 Hace un mes
I underestimated the power of research, for the cheapest setup get a mic stand of your choice and an XLR to USB cable
Matt Daw
Matt Daw Hace un mes
Prefer the sm57 with a clown nose muffler: 1/ it doesn't "look" like the sm57 (the way you described the "issue" with live mics for broadcast) 2/ There's a comparison and EQ setting here that basically makes them the same esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-s372qfTc3-I.html and to top it off you have way more uses for it outside of just broadcast and streaming.
Marco Hace 2 meses
I can buy a better mic but I can't buy a sexy voice like that
Haunt Hace 2 meses
Hey Harris, asked in the discord but figured I could get your input on this one too. So the Rode PodMic has a built in pop filter, is it good enough to discard my current pop filter or should I still use it?
Dan David
Dan David Hace un mes
Record your audio and see if you get plosives. If you do, use the pop filter. If you don't, then you don't need it.
Mason Winans
Mason Winans Hace 2 meses
Can someone tell my why I have a constant buzzing sound with the pod mic plugged into my goxlr?
Tim Brannigan
Tim Brannigan Hace 2 meses
Thanks for another great video! I hope you’re fairing we’ll during these mad times. I’ve been doing music and pro audio for 100 years... well maybe 99 years. When it comes to usb mics, I don’t know shit! Thanks again. Best wishes - Tim
Legendarous TV
Legendarous TV Hace 2 meses
Harris: look at the difference! Me, who saw the video compressed through ESvid and hearing on my laptop motherboard: huh?
Bills Mafia Gaming
Bills Mafia Gaming Hace 2 meses
I literally have 0 followers and want to start streaming more and I need to know canning make something work with just a mic or do I need to have the go xlr
Bills Mafia Gaming
Bills Mafia Gaming Hace 2 meses
What is the reasoning for the go xlr?? Why do I need it?
KinggTober Hace 2 meses
I Bills Mafia I seems to adjust your audio
Mohammed Al Nafisah
Mohammed Al Nafisah Hace 2 meses
So, After the RTX voice do you think we don't need a dynamic mic any more?
The_social_gammer Hace 2 meses
So do u recommend this mic or Samson G-Track
Tim Everhart
Tim Everhart Hace 2 meses
When I was in the recording studio. I used AKG C414 i love that mic but it is also $1k.
kiko -frs
kiko -frs Hace 2 meses
can u make an review of AKG120 p pls for streming
TRI VO Hace 2 meses
Condenser mic sounds more pleasant to my ears.
JaydenPlays Hace 2 meses
Please Review the Maono Au-a04
Wesler218 Hace 2 meses
I ordered the podmic and a mini goxlr. Here's hoping I can apply some simple EQ to make it sound even better. I have the worst luck with tech.
Hassahme Hace 2 meses
whats the delivery time for the mini goxlr? it's sold out everywhere lol and ive been waiting more than a month for mine
Stopher2475 Hace 2 meses
He's honest. Yeah expensive was better but not 400 dollars better. And you could fix it with software.
Stopher2475 Hace 2 meses
Any 1000 dollar solution for a Twitch streaming microphone is ridiculous. They're watching this on Twitch and ESvid.
Tom Seymore
Tom Seymore Hace 2 meses
This was extremely helpful for me to make a more informed decision between the Ember and PodMic. Many thanks!
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