This Monologue Goes Out To You, Mr. President

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'Face the Nation's' 'John Dickerson had the willpower to ignore the President's insults during their conversation in the White House. Luckily, Stephen doesn't have that same constraint.
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2 may 2017

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Dingo dyno
Dingo dyno Hace 20 horas
haha i cant believe the right conservatives complained about this video and tried to get Colbert fired haha, shows how much the right are sensitive little girls, but its okay when they say all this stuff
RJ Robertson-DeGraaff
It wasn't homophobic at all. It's exactly on par with every other Trump loves Putin joke. The only way it would even remotely homophobic is in that Colbert is saying that men whom give other men blowjobs are similar to Trump.
dukevega1972 Hace 6 días
It's been almost 18 months and that cock holster remark is still the most savage burn I have ever heard.
Tim Teller
Tim Teller Hace 9 días
my grandmother died of cancer ...but it was funnier than this
עומר שרייבר
עומר שרייבר Hace 10 días
If there is one good thing about trump is that he give a lot of good comedic materials.
Julie W.
Julie W. Hace 11 días
Oh my God, Trump is so stupid. "Well, there is some truth to that - there are no corners." I would LOVE it, if someone asked Trump what is meant by that statement (that the oval office is round, so there's no corners to hide in) - I bet you he'd either say, "It means there are no corners," or "How should I know what he meant? Ask him." Unfortunately, that isn't even CLOSE to the dumbest thing he's ever said. In fact, you could write a 1,000 page book (or more) listing all the idiotic things Trump has said. Anyone who still supports this racist idiot and criminal (he's conned people, committed various frauds in his past, has PUBLICLY colluded with Russia, and also PUBLICLY tried to obstruct justice, not to mention, he's used his presidency in ways he shouldn't, as has Congress and the Senate misused their power - it is not only Trump, but almost the entire GOP in office that is clearly corrupt) is a fucking moron.
Julie W.
Julie W. Hace 11 días
He can pretend all he wants, but thanks to Stormy, we now know, what was ALWAYS clear. In actuality, he has a VERY tiny . . . tax return. (With a big, bulbous head from too much masturbation.)
Raj Hace 11 días
Loved the last bit when you lay into him! Why doesn't the US just get rid of the spoilt tw@t??
Jack Barry
Jack Barry Hace 12 días
There are more red states on the map than out of context edited clips in this clip
Jack Barry
Jack Barry Hace 12 días
Was this is supposed to be funny
Anthony Zep
Anthony Zep Hace 12 días
To NPCs it's funny. Normal scum slop this satanic shit up.
Cupit Hace 13 días
8:40 Scene from The Office.
papa sodipops
papa sodipops Hace 13 días
Donald trump is the man. To put up with the most annoying people on earth (SWJs, libtards, etc) and still do one of the toughest jobs on earth really speaks volumes. What a great man! Make America great again!
Bear Moth Owl
Bear Moth Owl Hace 18 días
3:20 xD
xiaozhi goh
xiaozhi goh Hace 19 días
walking capacity moderate bell guitar emotional plane imagine explain release trail file.
Maria Hammarström
Maria Hammarström Hace 19 días
Oooh, Stephen...! You´re making me tingly all over.
The Reckoner
The Reckoner Hace 19 días
OMG, he is by full spectrum analysis and by all definition, a myopic CHILD, in every sense word action and gesture an adolescent. HOW did this happen? Many, and especially our enemies, look at us and democracy now and go, "eh".
Jayme Rosenberger
Jayme Rosenberger Hace 19 días
Colbert is savage and sexy!!! I fuck love this episode!! Screw those who dislike it because they looooove Drumph
Mike Seal
Mike Seal Hace 20 días
"leader of the free world"... What does that even mean?? And of course It's hard to be the president of any country xD The fuck was Trump saying ahahahahahaha
Dewang Saxena
Dewang Saxena Hace 20 días
8:30 Cringy...
Sebastian Trent
Sebastian Trent Hace 21 un día
Austin Hall
Austin Hall Hace 22 días
Yeah fuck trump and his sheep supporters
Jelo Jed Policarpio
Jelo Jed Policarpio Hace 23 días
Greatest moment in tv
Richard Kan
Richard Kan Hace 26 días
Good show keep it up. Will someone make a movie about removing Trump from office please?
Kenneth Mosburg
Kenneth Mosburg Hace 27 días
simplesam01 Hace 28 días
Still great even after all these months lol
Mira Petrella
Mira Petrella Hace 28 días
Bob Lawblawblaw
Bob Lawblawblaw Hace 28 días
I'm unsure as to whether Stephen is for or against Mr Tweety McBloatface. Hmmm.
William Cortelyou
William Cortelyou Hace 29 días
Mother Fucker said Cock holster! I suddenly feel the urge to vote for him! I suddenly get the Trump voter a bit more... Got to love a man who's not afraid to make his case and stand by it. To bad Trump has nothing worth saying to stand by...
Debra Mccrimon
Debra Mccrimon Hace un mes
bhawana agrawal
bhawana agrawal Hace un mes
Awesome ending. Totally bazingaa 😂😂
Ghazal Tofangdar
Ghazal Tofangdar Hace un mes
I don't like trupm couse he hates muslims and my country but i just don't get why americans don't like him!every thing he does benefits america!whats wrong with that ?
Justin Ashton
Justin Ashton Hace un mes
m.esvid.net/video/vídeo-kdOPBP9vuZA.html 🎥 Nelson - ha ha - ESvid
Matthew Darlow
Matthew Darlow Hace un mes
The Democrats need to become more popular in America or else there will be another Donald Trump
TAINT Hace un mes
1 yr later🤦🏼‍♂️
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa Hace un mes
The interviewer just chuckled and walked away I mean if that doesn't tell you all we need to know about this charlatan of a president I don't know what does
Cintamani Augustine
Colbert. Too funny bro lmao
PP Smarter
PP Smarter Hace un mes
Trump - the Prictator...
Alan Coulson
Alan Coulson Hace un mes
Saw this for the first time today (Aug 28/18). Still totally relevant.
Matthew Cummings
Matthew Cummings Hace un mes
I hope trump was watching that
Arlene Duran
Arlene Duran Hace un mes
Stephen you are totally wrong Pence threw toilet paper president provided luxury towel paper to Puerto Rico and my friend guess trump is impeaching himself I love it Melanie will be the first to cry of happiness just to think they are going back to their lavish beautiful life well hey start getting ready to see you gonna trash the next one unless he's bisexual oh media thank you thank you oh my life back.
Mysterious Mountain
Colbert is a socialist bent on the destruction of the American way.
Art Vale
Art Vale Hace un mes
That's our president.... Half the world is laughing and the other half is crying. Can't wait till he's the hell out of office!
Jordan Schulte
Jordan Schulte Hace un mes
Throwback to the time when they tried to fire Colbert over this :D the actual amount of stupidity from the people who tried to pin this as a homophobic slur.... it's amazing. Oh and just for all those conservatives out there, a reminder that the only thing Donald Trump's mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin's cock holster.
Brian Smith
Brian Smith Hace un mes
red light...thanks Obummer...pretty much encapsulates the GOP bang and blame the former administration (and Killary) for every fucking thing
Mysterious Person
Mysterious Person Hace un mes
Funniest Monologue ever!
NormaNorma Garivay
NormaNorma Garivay Hace un mes
amit anurag
amit anurag Hace un mes
Dilly Mackey
Dilly Mackey Hace un mes
Dinosaurus Rex
Donald Duck
Donald Duck Hace 2 meses
Pretty Pixy
Pretty Pixy Hace 2 meses
I saw Dickerson try to interrupt Drumpf about 3 times while Drumpf was speaking about his tax return, but JD couldn’t get a word in edgewise - bit like how Drumpf is now controlling the MSM with his daily eruptions of BS to divert the public’s attention from his corruption and grifting!!!
Hecter Natchos
Hecter Natchos Hace 2 meses
your no jhon boy walton let it out let it out
DR Pizza Games 101
DR Pizza Games 101 Hace 2 meses
The ending is why Stephen Colbert is amazing
Janice Van Horn
Janice Van Horn Hace 2 meses
Wow, this so cringeworthy - for Little Stevie Cobber. I wonder if he’s ashamed or embarrassed yet? It’s so low-brow, and his punch lines are at a 12-year-old’s mental level.
Akitten84 Hace 2 meses
Had to watch again. I so wish I were there when this happened. Stephen, I want to give you a kiss.
SLIMISA Hace 2 meses
More than a year later, the shade is still relevant lmao
Landon Smith
Landon Smith Hace 2 meses
Thank you Stephen.
Esteban Grijalva
Esteban Grijalva Hace 2 meses
Kara C
Kara C Hace 2 meses
This is still so fucking epic 11:40 and on 😂
Alexandria Reynoso
Alexandria Reynoso Hace 2 meses
Tell it all, Stephen! Please keep us update on Trump's White House drama!
Accio Username
Accio Username Hace 2 meses
Ah, the 'c**k holster' monologue... this one is timeless :)
Truth Sayer
Truth Sayer Hace 2 meses
Stephen please turn your keyboard players mike off! Or at least turn it down!
no yes
no yes Hace 2 meses
the only thing your mouth is good for, "is Putin's ASS Holster".
Jessica Oh
Jessica Oh Hace 3 meses
6:24 SHOTS FIRED DT: “In one case - I won’t say who - somebody you know very well... the head of a major, major company, the person came into the Oval Office and started to cry. This is a tough person, by the way... came into the Oval Office and started to cry.” SC: “Mr. President: if I came to the Oval Office and saw you sitting behind the desk... I’d cry too.” SHOTS FIRED
Kiran Reddy
Kiran Reddy Hace 3 meses
Go to those eyes wide shut you goat fucker peter pan faggot
MaximumSpiderMvC Hace 3 meses
"The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin's cock holster." Over a year, still true. Truer than ever, I dare say.
Norway Minnesota
Norway Minnesota Hace 3 meses
Liza Tanzawa
Liza Tanzawa Hace 3 meses
Skippable ad, or I WON'T BUY IT!
Pip Pipster
Pip Pipster Hace 3 meses
I can’t help getting the impression that he doesn’t like Donald Trump...
Whiz Z
Whiz Z Hace 3 meses
Stephen Colbert WHINING... President Trump WINNING👍
Xyz Same
Xyz Same Hace 3 meses
1:40 Trump: I am a details oriented person .... That comes as surprise.
kevinlee890726 Hace 3 meses
Fuck Donald drumph
Sarah A
Sarah A Hace 3 meses
Colbert killed trump. It's a shame we don't have a culture of comedians satirising political figures in India. India is a very insecure democracy, worse than America at its worst.
Sarah A
Sarah A Hace 3 meses
TRENDY BADASS Hace 3 meses
You damned liberal if Hillary would have won the elections then the real Americans would have been made slaves for using incorrect pronouns for transgenders and many other genders you have created so Whereas mainstream such as this late night bullshit and Cuck News Network would have ruined America forever with white straight males executed in the public. Can't you understand liberalism is a fucking disease
Jayden Marvel
Jayden Marvel Hace 3 meses
You have more than 20 videos which are more than 6 min, and up to 12 over min all about Trump. No offence but can you please be more open?
Tara Hughes
Tara Hughes Hace 3 meses
This💖.... honestly Steven, just being real, you make it easier to bare what's going on in our country that we cannot control. Like yeah, maybe doomsday is around the corner, but at least you could make me laugh while facing it. Love you and your show!
Bobby Kong
Bobby Kong Hace 3 meses
Am I the only one who's tired of Stephen ranting about Mr President every time this show airs?
Hating Mirror
Hating Mirror Hace 3 meses
Greg Hammond
Greg Hammond Hace 3 meses
Man that Colbert is phenomenal! Man, that Trump . . . what a dick.
Dak Lamerbusch
Dak Lamerbusch Hace 4 meses
8:45 - "I don't wanna' play anymore. You were a meany."
Mauricio Costa
Mauricio Costa Hace 4 meses
Max Mac
Max Mac Hace 4 meses
Trump boasting about the size of his tax return as if it's all written down on paper. He treats the public with such contempt it's unreal.
Rita Malik
Rita Malik Hace 4 meses
It’s so hard for me to watch trump without a gag reflex
Gene Lomas
Gene Lomas Hace 4 meses
.. err, did he say Putin's "cock holster"..? gold!
Reagan Jury
Reagan Jury Hace 4 meses
I hope the president has good health insurance because those were third degree burns!
pleiades dragon
pleiades dragon Hace 4 meses
Funny enough trump people called other people monkeys ....but their leader trump looks like a albino monkey himself...lol . is that why he hates good looking president Obama ????
Farel Hettinger
Farel Hettinger Hace 4 meses
All His mouth is good for is putins Cock Holster Now Thats funny
Ladi Smith
Ladi Smith Hace 4 meses
Why does he always praise dictators like Putin and KJU?
Alexander Somm
Alexander Somm Hace 4 meses
Alexander Somm
Alexander Somm Hace 4 meses
8'40, you have your opinion, I have mine... potus walks shily behind his desk do do something with the only papers on his desk, it's no treading though. What a doofus!
kowalityjesus Hace 4 meses
amazing that this is what passes for television. lol
Deathnote2539 Hace 4 meses
I think we all wish and hope for Stephan and Donald to be in the same room for an hour then watch Donald litterally lose his shit has Colbert destories him with his higher intellignce
sassyblonde inwa
sassyblonde inwa Hace 4 meses
You Mr Colbert make life right now bearable...Thank You
BulletproofKam Hace 4 meses
Americans should be embarrassed! " oh oh I didn't think being the president would be as hard a job as I had before" what a joke! Dumb fuck, and I'm Scottish and trumps half Scottish!!
Isikeli Tuituku
Isikeli Tuituku Hace 4 meses
Funny that when I first heard Colbert he was dummy compared to Stewart and I always thought these guys worked together and even compared as similar. His show was dull, flat and not funny. Now regret to say - even worse.
ExotikZBoy17 Hace 4 meses
He thought being President meant barking orders from the desk then sleeping for the rest of the day. What a fuckin' moron
Ann Lake
Ann Lake Hace 4 meses
if you weren't already married I'd marry you
Gracie P.
Gracie P. Hace 4 meses
I suspect you’d have to get in line!
Lucia Delia
Lucia Delia Hace 4 meses
Stephen Colbert’s best monologue ever! And all his monologues are great.
Paul Kudla
Paul Kudla Hace 4 meses
Paul Kudla
Paul Kudla Hace 4 meses
T-Rex 🤣
mayada kazim
mayada kazim Hace 4 meses
I don't stand by anything
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