This Unstoppable Robot Could Save Your Life

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This robot has applications to archaeology, space exploration, and search and rescue - with a simple elegant design inspired by a plant. Sign up to Morning Brew for free today: ve42.co/mb
Make your own Vine Robot! - www.vinerobots.org
Special thanks to A/Prof. Elliot Hawkes, Nicholas Naclerio, Margaret Coad, David Haggerty for appearing in this video and showing off your amazing robots. For more info on vine (and other types of) robots check out ve42.co/HawkesLab, and ve42.co/CHARM
Research at UCSB supported in part by the National Science Foundation grant 1944816, by an Early Career Faculty grant from NASA’s Space Technology Research Grants Program, and by the Packard Foundation.
B-roll footage of robots from the supplementary materials of (Hawkes et al., 2017) ve42.co/VineVideos, and from Stanford University ve42.co/StanfordVideo
Additional info on the intubation vine robot here: www.wardenchem.com/vine
References: Hawkes, E. W., Blumenschein, L. H., Greer, J. D., & Okamura, A. M. (2017). A soft robot that navigates its environment through growth. Science Robotics, 2(8). - ve42.co/Hawkes2017
Coad, M. M., Blumenschein, L. H., Cutler, S., Zepeda, J. A. R., Naclerio, N. D., El-Hussieny, H., ... & Okamura, A. M. (2019). Vine robots: Design, teleoperation, and deployment for navigation and exploration. IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine, 27(3), 120-132. - ve42.co/Coad2019
Blumenschein, L. H., Coad, M. M., Haggerty, D. A., Okamura, A. M., & Hawkes, E. W. (2020). Design, modeling, control, and application of everting vine robots. Frontiers in Robotics and AI, 7. - ve42.co/Blumenschein2020
Haggerty, D. A., Naclerio, N. D., & Hawkes, E. W. (2019, November). Characterizing environmental interactions for soft growing robots. In 2019 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) (pp. 3335-3342). IEEE. - ve42.co/Haggerty2019
Naclerio, N. D., Hubicki, C. M., Aydin, Y. O., Goldman, D. I., & Hawkes, E. W. (2018, October). Soft robotic burrowing device with tip-extension and granular fluidization. In 2018 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) (pp. 5918-5923). IEEE. - ve42.co/Naclerio19
Special thanks to Patreon supporters: Anna, Mac Malkawi, Michael Schneider, Oleksii Leonov, Jim Osmun, Tyson McDowell, Ludovic Robillard, jim buckmaster, fanime96, Juan Benet, Ruslan Khroma, Robert Blum, Richard Sundvall, Lee Redden, Vincent, Marinus Kuivenhoven, Alfred Wallace, Arjun Chakroborty, Joar Wandborg, Clayton Greenwell, Pindex, Michael Krugman, Cy 'kkm' K'Nelson, Sam Lutfi, Ron Neal

Edited by Trenton Oliver
Animation by Ivan Tello
Filmed by Derek Muller
Thumbnail by Ignat Berbeci
Music by Jonny Hyman and from Epidemic Sound epidemicsound.com

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16 abr 2021






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Cadis Gallue
Cadis Gallue Hace un hora
Looks like a moving d1ld0. 😅😅😅
xeflatio93 Hace un hora
Colonoscopies I guess??
Elenderion Hace 2 horas
This looks... Very familiar for some reason...
Alex Webber
Alex Webber Hace 2 horas
This is My Daily Video Channel to watch from now on until on and on
Xander Michael
Xander Michael Hace 2 horas
Talking about applications this thing gonna be how the terminators kill us. We won't be able to hide from this as it crawls into our ears or nose then suffocates us
This is Faizan
This is Faizan Hace 4 horas
Aveka Kristianto
Aveka Kristianto Hace 5 horas
he really have to end it with "and what else can you think of to do with it ?"
Megan Olhaue
Megan Olhaue Hace 7 horas
The bouncy lier aetiologically regret because eight mechanically store minus a unadvised sunday. red, panicky shoe
vikas samal
vikas samal Hace 12 horas
It actually is such a great technology it's surprising why it not existed till now given its simplicity compared to complex robots
Mr TeaThyme
Mr TeaThyme Hace 16 horas
my immediate thought is incredibly large cable runs, the current methodology is to use wire and just pull the cable through, then you have to reset the wire by pulling it back through the other way, this would completely remove the setup and reset portions of a run, and even cooler you could run large bundles of wire at the same time.
OptimusPrimeDJS Hace 18 horas
Weebs: Interesting
Beckett Thirion
Beckett Thirion Hace 20 horas
* immediately goes to comments and finds exactly what I expected *
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez Hace 20 horas
This type of technology I saw being used for renewing existing old drain plumbing like in city sewers. I saw this on TV news about 20 years ago or so..
Spanky Lmao
Spanky Lmao Hace 20 horas
I honestly don’t think this is a good idea
Ion DragonX
Ion DragonX Hace 21 un hora
Would be cool to see these pour underground concrete pipes without having to tear out the landscaping first. Or lift a foundation that has erosion under it, leaving behind filler as it withdraws.
Theherosamich •
Theherosamich • Hace 21 un hora
I used to get them things from the dollar store
Sathvik Hace 22 horas
Yes sure go ahead and make a robot with sensors, steering, camera thats literally unstoppable
Abdulrouf Lone_55
Abdulrouf Lone_55 Hace un día
It's just good business, otherwise you know what you know.
NW睿 Hace un día
spadaacca Hace un día
I will give you a pineapple with three faces. Let's see your robot do that.
Flor Delphin Ta
Flor Delphin Ta Hace un día
The 1st human tests would need to be an expert at that...
Kwak the duck
Kwak the duck Hace un día
someone will do inappropriate things with that long unstoppable stiff thing Edit: yeah, I'm pretty late, I saw some when I scrolled down
Junior Espinoza
Junior Espinoza Hace un día
Smart idea
Die Nosor Po
Die Nosor Po Hace un día
Imagine the robot instead of entering the trachea, it enters the esophagus Nevermind
Dale G.
Dale G. Hace un día
Reminds me of that one part of the 2005 war of the worlds
Kyle Hace un día
This would be great for feeding wires through walls.
Ab khan
Ab khan Hace un día
And i was thinking, where I saw this technology before, then in comments section my gender fellows helped me remind 🤔 ! The technology which booming the population since exist
Ab khan
Ab khan Hace un día
And men using growing robot since exist! Using to find its way without problem 🙃
Eagan _
Eagan _ Hace un día
What else could you do with it? Weaponise it probobally The sound of a robot that can be deployed anywhere seems INCREDIBLY useful in combat
P Hace un día
My dog can do that.
Stanislaus Böhme
Stanislaus Böhme Hace un día
Maybe to help the weak sperms of some unfortunate men... 🤔
Stephen White, Jr.
Stephen White, Jr. Hace un día
Legit idea: I work in the sewer maintenance industry and we have a camera for inspecting residential sewer services. It is basically a camera on the end of a rigid cable that you push down the line to the problem area (roots, grease, utilities bored through, etc..) For short distances it works great, but in some instances the distance needed to "travel" down the pipe is greater than the length of cable, or the increasing friction of the cable against the pipe as the distance grows (especially if the pipe makes multiple turns), causes it to be impossible to push further. This seems like it could go way further down the pipe in those cases, so long as there aren't areas holding water (maybe it would pass through that as well?). Interesting!
SmudgyTV Hace un día
To the pyramids
Kurt Hace un día
Pipe repair companies use something similar to repair rather than replace large old drains
MrAtaguas Hace un día
Is that a state-of-the-art, complex, multi-functional inflatable robot or are you just happy to see me?
nonsquid Hace un día
Put bristle scrubbers on the tips and let the tentacles scrub the hulls of boats with the passing of each wave while moored at the dock.
Weslley Santos
Weslley Santos Hace un día
The year is 2202 the unstoppable robots have killed more than 89% of the humans on earth by entering every possible hole there is. I write this diary for the future generations on the hopes that they develop a time travel machine before they do. Humanity must survive no matter what and our holes must stay open...
NoScopeRequired •
NoScopeRequired • Hace 2 días
This could easily be used to help constipation
UltraWolf Hace 2 días
okay, okay, so what if I swallow it?
OMG!! xXK1T3EK4TXx Hace 2 días
“inflatable kinda-like playdough structures you see at car lots” *YOU MEAN TO TELL ME !!!!* *THIS GUY DOESN’T KNOW!?!?*
Olkusiowy Hace 2 días
"everything can be dildo if you brave enough'
Dave P
Dave P Hace 2 días
Went to UCSB!! had classes in that building!
Joe Roscoe
Joe Roscoe Hace 2 días
Why y'all wearing masks outdoors? You look stupid.
Rainbow Dash is Da Best
You know what is going to happen. It WILL happen. You know what I mean. Don't lie.
No Bo
No Bo Hace 2 días
anal probe alert lol
Skipper May
Skipper May Hace 2 días
Cool New tool for hookers 🤔
surkid101 b
surkid101 b Hace 2 días
*aight, not gonna lie, it looks like a worm*
DragazoidYT Hace 2 días
Doc ock?
Yeetcheng Hace 2 días
That won’t save someone from choking that’s jus gonna make it worse
Khris09ph Hace 2 días
Have they never seen the fkin Venom movie?
Florin Pandele
Florin Pandele Hace 2 días
I don't think that a plant inspired this robot...but anyway, interesting invention.
Robert Andersen
Robert Andersen Hace 2 días
I wonder what inspired these guys 😏
RO-gaming ftw
RO-gaming ftw Hace 2 días
"and what else can you think of to do with it" a certain black and orange adult website: hold my beer
Madhan T
Madhan T Hace 2 días
In india we can use it to save children who accidently falls inside unclosed pit/borrow holes by modifying design of yhese robots and making some improvization 👍 it could save lives now 😉❤️
RN John
RN John Hace 2 días
Would be so exciting to see the intubation device make its way into the hospitals!
Crazydog 330
Crazydog 330 Hace 3 días
tentacle bot when
loudawg Hace 3 días
Like Donnie Darko
BoxedIn or Muhammad Nafis
Hentai fans: *i could use this for another application ;)*
aarry Hace 3 días
Could be used in places like minefields as its a cheap alternative to the expensive drones used now
Squeeker Skeleton
Squeeker Skeleton Hace 3 días
This could be a really efficient and easy way to connect bases together in lava caves on Mars or the moon via pressurized paths within the tube
radradroadbot Hace 3 días
It's not a robot, it's a tube
Ron Nanagad
Ron Nanagad Hace 3 días
hentacle tentai is becoming real
Michael Treppelin
Michael Treppelin Hace 3 días
The fact it’s called unstoppable robot and they want us to feel safe with it in our arteries right next to our heart? Yeah ok
Anthony Medina
Anthony Medina Hace 3 días
Unstoppable eh 🤔
Falk Hace 3 días
yo what the bloody hell
Tlaw Gaso
Tlaw Gaso Hace 3 días
It's a plastic bag calling it a robot is highly optimistic.
Catgamer1kitty Hace 3 días
the thumbnail looks like a pickle
SemiMono Hace 3 días
When your remote falls into the underbelly of your couch, pull out the vine.
Bruh what's that
Bruh what's that Hace 3 días
Unstoppable robot worm < school nurse with a bag of ice
Steff Morgan
Steff Morgan Hace 3 días
I legit accidentally tried to like this 4 times whilst watching
x_0euf Hace 3 días
Yeah yeah, inspired by a vine...
Vytautas Ramanauskas
They get idea from somewhere else I believe
Daniel P.
Daniel P. Hace 3 días
Hmm I wonder if you could make the air pressure strong enough so it “punches” out and can be used as a weird prank device to bonk people with lol
Gamer Life
Gamer Life Hace 3 días
It could, but why would it do that?
dbc680 Hace 3 días
Maybe this could be used as customizable mattress or pillow.
Chris D
Chris D Hace 3 días
Fast repair of main arteries that have been severed.
Danger Doberman
Danger Doberman Hace 3 días
The applications are endless!
My Human Experience
My Human Experience Hace 4 días
Or it could take your life. Flip the coin 🪙
Captn' D
Captn' D Hace 4 días
Oh god… Japan is gonna turn this into porn isn’t it
Lil Yeet
Lil Yeet Hace 4 días
I also grow out from the tip
Lil Yeet
Lil Yeet Hace 4 días
Fire... Project over
Cherry Oakhold
Cherry Oakhold Hace 4 días
This also unfortunately attracts the attention of R34 enthusiasts.
spice mice
spice mice Hace 4 días
i dont want a snake to come in my throat thats like my biggest nightmare
Max Madus
Max Madus Hace 4 días
9:58 Jesus, is it you?
AwesomeSword001 Hace 4 días
this is reminding me of foreskin :/ anyone else?
Froester Hace 4 días
Funniest Comment Section i have ever seen 😂😂😂
Navdeep Singh
Navdeep Singh Hace 4 días
This looks (and works) like the tentacles of alien ship from war of the worlds
Ezeckel Reichert
Ezeckel Reichert Hace 4 días
Soljarag5 Hace 4 días
This reminds me of a........
Carrot God
Carrot God Hace 4 días
Ocean exploration
Nathan Berrigan
Nathan Berrigan Hace 4 días
Vascular stents seems like an obvious application.
Anym Hace 4 días
thing is, is that nature always seems to be the best option. wings for planes? efficient bullet trains? this robot?
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Hace 4 días
I’d like to put it up my
Meelek Edits
Meelek Edits Hace 4 días
I saw a video from Brave Wilderness where they caught Bloodworms, and they do exactly what these machines do
Alex Gilbreath
Alex Gilbreath Hace 4 días
I feel like this would make running wires behind a wall soooo much easier.
Jacob Weihe
Jacob Weihe Hace 3 días
That's actually genius
pixelator Hace 4 días
narrator: "what else can you think of to do with it?" narrator after video uploads: "shouldn't have said that. i should NOT have said that"
Dylan Janos
Dylan Janos Hace 4 días
Oh no...
AwfulMusik Hace 4 días
Tentacle robots? I could get used to that.
David Manske
David Manske Hace 4 días
Masks make anything lame
akhtar razzan
akhtar razzan Hace 5 días
Making a £13000 turntable
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