This Violent YSi Supercharged C6 Z06 Gets Down!!

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Chris Gillespie's C6 Z06 is a pretty insane machine. Check out the stick shift car below and ride along in the cockpit!
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Outro background created by "Amitai Angor AA VFX"
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10 dic 2016






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Comentarios 52
Elevated Performance
That launch control is making him bog on every launch
Lon Fisk
Lon Fisk Hace 2 años
With the mile per hour if he were to power shift that beast he would be in the 8's
C E Hace 2 años
Dude when the Asian guy started talking I was so thrown off by what I heard lol
Jacob Leviste
Jacob Leviste Hace 2 años
that 2 step tho
LS_MAFIA !! Hace 3 años
That's a Asian country boy haha
DJ Rodriguez
DJ Rodriguez Hace 3 años
It's such a good looking car too. Very nice car👌
Alpha10 Hace 3 años
Damn! Any info in the red C6Z?
johnny utah
johnny utah Hace 3 años
I wonder if he daily's this beast?
S K Hace 3 años
dat voice out of him
brandon L
brandon L Hace 3 años
getting loose on they ass with that vett #CHEVYSRUNTHEWORLD
Shaheryar Hace 3 años
I like your videos. Keep up the good work.
BigKleib34 Hace 3 años
Thank you!!
canah1 Hace 3 años
suspension work and transmission swap to a powerglide auto= mid to low 8 sec car.
demariojason Hace 3 años
I just love this!
Rod Palm
Rod Palm Hace 3 años
Could probably run 8's with an auto.
MidWest PartyFest
MidWest PartyFest Hace 3 años
nothin beats a badass vette
FTLAUD 911 Hace 3 años
Gotta love the comments from the peanut gallery. Not one of you own a car with this much power. His shifting was fine and half of you don't even know how to drive a manual. Always gotta be a GTR comment. Besides an AMS this car would eat most of them for lunch. Beautiful car! Keep up the good work man. Haters always going to hate.
Thomas Poupis
Thomas Poupis Hace 5 meses
FTLAUD 911 Facts 👏🏻
Alex Cooper
Alex Cooper Hace 3 años
Honestly, not saying I could do better, but his shifts didn't seem all that quick to me
diambo4life Hace 3 años
Alex Cooper Yes, he needs to bang them shifts. He's lucky it's a big engine and does not really lose much boost. Gotta watch how the 4 banger guys with huge turbos bang them gears. They have no choice. Lag is a bitch.
Fastball Films
Fastball Films Hace 3 años
that asian guy is more merrican than cletus wooo doggy
sebastian kramer
sebastian kramer Hace 3 años
I feel like the shifts could've been a little faster for the Asian but nonetheless badass vette
nick dietz
nick dietz Hace 3 años
Saw this dude at Union County drag strip last year, the car is cool as hell to see in person
Brandon Floyd
Brandon Floyd Hace 3 años
That's an awesome Z06!
Ranma Sautomi
Ranma Sautomi Hace 3 años
Era AG
Era AG Hace 3 años
does anybody know his instagram? dope ass vette!
80" Reach
80" Reach Hace 3 años
I expected a bit more, but still impressive.. Seen stock do 10s @ 129.5 with drag radials only
diambo4life Hace 3 años
MadeMan brag. 152mph. That's moving. It's a stick. The more powerful, the harder it is to ET them.
Bige4u Hace 3 años
Awesome C6, my favorite body style to date over previous generations, including the new C7, its horrible IMO... and im glad to see major race tracks have switched over to the blackedout speed/time trap marqee that only lights up green, so much easier to see during the day over the old incandescent light bulbs that you could barely see half the time.
nismo1480 Hace 3 años
I expected a much better et for 1000 rwhp
A McKinney
A McKinney Hace 3 años
that fox at the end was nasty
Jose Paredes
Jose Paredes Hace 3 años
Some people might say 1000whp and only 9 sec , this guy launches the car and has to shift the car himself . Fast car and the guy is obviously a "driver mod" for sure.
S K Hace 3 años
Wolf Tribeca oh the irony, "you're"
Widowz M
Widowz M Hace 3 años
don't listen to to Wolf he is stuck in the 70's rowing gears wasting gas and needs the excuse he missed a gear when losing races.
NOOTHER 69 Hace 3 años
that 150+mph tho
Pickiz1 Hace 3 años
I congratulate a bad ass Corvette, I hope my 850hp Vette can run high 9 :)
yfz450rx Hace 3 años
Pickiz1 u can run a mid 9. this guy should be mid 8s. he needs to play with his suspension and launch better. bet his 60ft is trash. his trap speed is a mid 8 sec trap
themrjones Hace 3 años
look like he was on ice
WNC OUTLAW Hace 3 años
So now do y'all believe that he's putting down that much power?. People kept talking about how it seemed like it only had 700 but now you can really see what it will do. He did recently broke his drivetrain though.
yfz450rx Hace 3 años
Mike Winchester his et sucks. his trap speed is mid 8 sec run though
OffRoadRN Hace 3 años
What has he done to the IRS to get it to hold together at that power level?
yfz450rx Hace 3 años
OffRoadRN ahh gotcha. I cannot speak on the c5 , I will ask my boss what he would suggest. I work at livernois motorsports if you ever heard of it. I'll give you a reply tomorrow about it
OffRoadRN Hace 3 años
I know they are. But I'm currently swapping a blown LS3 into my '99 Coupe with the expectation of 700RWHP. I'm expecting the rear to break, and wondering if I need to consider more than half shafts, output shafts, and trans/diff bracing.
yfz450rx Hace 3 años
OffRoadRN the Irs in those are beast. I'm sure bigger half shafts and stuff though
RSChris666 Hace 3 años
That looks like Scorch's old car.
Ivan Chassed
Ivan Chassed Hace un año
RSChris666 exactly
pogoattack84 Hace 3 años
That car is setup great! I love the in car videos on the stick shifts, good shit!
SRT650 Hace 3 años
Any info on the black joe gibbs silverado?
Zong Yang
Zong Yang Hace 3 años
Love vettes..sick..!!
Col. Angus
Col. Angus Hace 3 años
Gawd what a gorgeous Vette.
Cody Koala
Cody Koala Hace 3 años
i lick pantie liners
Cody Koala
Cody Koala Hace 3 años
@Jack Torrance sweaty and salty
Jack Torrance
Jack Torrance Hace 3 años
clean or dirty?
jon doe
jon doe Hace 3 años
An Asian with a Southern accent, driving a Vette...badass!
ras222 Hace 2 años
Mark Breaux
Mark Breaux Hace 3 años
Hustle T.I.D.
Hustle T.I.D. Hace 3 años
jon doe gotta love the south!
UN KNOWN Hace 3 años
jon doe welcome to texas
HollerDefender Hace 3 años
dat taco shack son
Caddy’sDaddy Hace 3 años
Holy shit! In the last clip it looked hard as fuck to keep that thing straight with all that power. Sheeesh
Johnny N.
Johnny N. Hace 3 años
If that Blue Z06 took off as good as the Red one did it would be bad ass
Brett Wilson
Brett Wilson Hace 3 años
Just shows that your driving is improving because you are getting around 10s and they have double the power.
yfz450rx Hace 3 años
diambo4life ehh. if he can drive then yes, there are a lot of stick shift 8 sec cars. my boss has a 7 speed stingray in that territory
diambo4life Hace 3 años
yfz450r Not with a stick.
Tonio Folk
Tonio Folk Hace 3 años
yfz450r i
yfz450rx Hace 3 años
Brett Wilson well this blue z06 should be low 8s
Matthew Penner
Matthew Penner Hace 3 años
Jay Nix
Jay Nix Hace 3 años
NC represent.
Thomas Bennett
Thomas Bennett Hace 3 años
He definitely needs some suspension work and he needs to figure out a way to leave the line quicker, he's way too slow
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Peter Marino
Peter Marino Hace 2 años
Frankie Ramos dude, I know plenty of Stangs that’ll smack you silly so shut your egotistical mouth
MyLonewolf25 Hace 3 años
Would also help to have an auto
Frankie Ramos
Frankie Ramos Hace 3 años
Silver Stang ok and no I can't do better if I could I wouldn't be saying nothing but that wasn't my point
Cody Hace 3 años
Frankie Ramos just asking a legitimate question, no need to respond like your trying to defend something.
Outdoors&Cars Hace 3 años
Insane trap speed!
gkin112 Hace 3 años
Any info on that notch?
jon doe
jon doe Hace 3 años
gkin112 Darude - Sandstorm
BlasMaritza De La Garza
that drag set up though .....beast
gamebred26 Hace 3 años
his front suspension is a mess. he needs some adjustability....rebound and compression. it flies up and down way too quickly...too loose.
Chuck Beef
Chuck Beef Hace 3 años
looks like it hooks great. I would say that pretty dialled for a 1000hp IRS.
Klay Bangerz
Klay Bangerz Hace 3 años
A continuación