Thriller (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. C.J Pierce)

Frog Leap Studios
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Original by Michael Jackson
Thanks to
C.J´s band Drowning Pool
Idea & directing►Al McManus
Filmed by the Shiprocked Video Crew
Chris Bradshaw
Eddie Kopp
Patrick Rhea
Nick Shirghio
Dance Director►Cookie
Make Up (Leo & Stine)►Alaina Michele
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8 feb 2019






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Alessandro Alves
Alessandro Alves Hace un día
Liam spetz
Liam spetz Hace un día
Janne Kääntä
Janne Kääntä Hace 2 días
Can you please do a song with the singer from Amon Amarth?🤘🤘🤘
Leon Saunders
Leon Saunders Hace 4 días
Just fuck up the classic wack trash
Denver Williams
Denver Williams Hace 4 días
Damn!!! That was awesome!
Konstantin Stepanov
Konstantin Stepanov Hace 5 días
people doing Thriller dance - instant classic. someone pulls out Fortnite moves - aaaand the video just got dated :D
The Nexus
The Nexus Hace 5 días
Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis Hace 7 días
Where’d you film this? Looks familiar...
Janishi Zitexion
Janishi Zitexion Hace 7 días
Here's a good one. Heavy metal version of the thong song. Lol
Michael Giovinazzi
Michael Giovinazzi Hace 7 días
I know that Halestorm is already pretty metal, but I'd love to hear you cover Freak Like Me!
Jonathan NAVARRO
Jonathan NAVARRO Hace 7 días
C'est un peu nul quan même ^^
dakota rodriguez
dakota rodriguez Hace 8 días
best thriller ever!
Hare deLune
Hare deLune Hace 9 días
R.I.P. Vincent Price
Miguel Cavalcante
Miguel Cavalcante Hace 10 días
elchatodeoro1 Hace 12 días
Instant dislike
Luiz Junior
Luiz Junior Hace 12 días
Freaking awesome!!!!
Daniel Nash
Daniel Nash Hace 15 días
Hell yeah lol cuz it's like someone summoned Beetlejuice. It's kinda like how you would summon Candyman! I wish we could collaborate on music projects cuz that sounds like having fun with nice people 👍🤘 www.cdbaby.com/cd/ranquious Find me on iTunes! 🎵❤️
GlockinmyGuac Hace 15 días
Why doesn't this video have millions of veiws?!?
Daniel Nash
Daniel Nash Hace 17 días
Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!!! Lol awesome 🤘
Creepy Crawlers
Creepy Crawlers Hace 17 días
DAYUM! Banged my head so hard it rolled right off! ..(.make that FLEW OFF!)
Hey Leo Bro...Every Song You Take It Turns Gold...Big Hug From Germany \m/ :)
Jerry Rudd
Jerry Rudd Hace 19 días
Do a metal cover of a Barry Manilow song!!!
Phillip Scott
Phillip Scott Hace 19 días
Stine cameos!
DJ TinyTim
DJ TinyTim Hace 20 días
Great cover and great video. I DJ in a Daytona strip club and play a bunch of your songs whenever I can. While I like this cover, I’m not 100% I can get away with playing it (too hard for some of weaker customers and dancers) but don’t think I won’t find out the hard way.
Нико Гаприндашвили
Блин, Кайфово
Carl Criss
Carl Criss Hace 22 días
Holy shit!!!! Leo you killed it. I love this version over the real one by far!!!!! Keep up the bad ass videos!
HertzBlut Hace 22 días
I can't wait to catch you live in Copenhagen.
Pogo Punk
Pogo Punk Hace 23 días
Absolutely awesome! Can you maybe play something from Ghost?
Олег Григорьев
LIBICU812 Hace 25 días
So much better than original. They make all the original songs worth listening to.
iam Tolgason
iam Tolgason Hace 25 días
Oh wow! I really like love the emotions!
Cas Mccord
Cas Mccord Hace 26 días
Please please do jacksons they don't really care about us.....I know saliva did it.....but ur a god yours will b infinitely better:)
Nobody Nothing
Nobody Nothing Hace 26 días
seriously, what is it with michael jackson songs translating into metal so damn well?
LoveDoctor Omartuni
LoveDoctor Omartuni Hace 27 días
Can we get Sweet Transvestite? I want to see Leo in drag.
Filip Cervin
Filip Cervin Hace 28 días
HAH! Finlands båten! :E
Thomas Sternbauer
Thomas Sternbauer Hace 28 días
The Best Triller version ever
Kirito K9
Kirito K9 Hace 29 días
Please do land of confusion by genesis i think it would be an amazing cover
Kirito K9
Kirito K9 Hace 7 días
+DJ TinyTim yea i know both quite well
DJ TinyTim
DJ TinyTim Hace 20 días
Kirito K9 have you heard the Disturbed cover? I’m not saying Leo shouldn’t do it as well, just wondering if you had heard it since you brought it up.
PC Brn
PC Brn Hace 29 días
Blast the chart with this ONE!!! Great Cover and Amazing Video. Props from Portugal
Jay Bisser
Jay Bisser Hace un mes
I would love to hear your take on that song "chasing dragons"
Daniel Nash
Daniel Nash Hace un mes
You just came outta left field with a cover of one of my favorite tracks and blew me away lol. Send me an email and we'll exchange tracks and then I can show you my version of Hello. You can take it apart to see my digital signature ✌️
vampire443 Hace un mes
Fuck this
sol666 Hace un mes
That is the most upbeat metal I have heard.
Bulu Jembut
Bulu Jembut Hace un mes
Adam Foster
Adam Foster Hace un mes
Best one yet keep it up!
Michael Hace un mes
Would you still have chosen this cover after the recent controversy?
Steven Gallant
Steven Gallant Hace un mes
Some people can separate things... Not a bad way to live maybe you should try it
Revan Fadewalker
Revan Fadewalker Hace un mes
You should make karaoke versions I'd sing em hell I'm singing em now . Rock On USO
Auriel Phoenix
Auriel Phoenix Hace un mes
Awesome as usual! This was my favorite song before I started out on metal, so I really love that you did this!! Keep up the awesome work!
George Parks
George Parks Hace un mes
OMG I believe this is the song/video you were born to do. Amazing
Bey Zam
Bey Zam Hace un mes
the best metal Thriller cover ....
Junior Rozay
Junior Rozay Hace un mes
I love Michael but this man this is IT
Eliphasilantix Hace un mes
I was on that exact same ship last year! AWESOME!
Jay Zucca
Jay Zucca Hace un mes
The valor. One of my favorite ships
Evgeny Do
Evgeny Do Hace un mes
блять это ахуенна
Emthesage EMM
Emthesage EMM Hace un mes
would yo do a CHVRCHES cover please?
Gentleman Dancer
Gentleman Dancer Hace un mes
Awesome Love your music man wonder what the next Michael Jackson song is going to be
Juan Chung
Juan Chung Hace un mes
Please do Bohemian Rhapsody!
QBOX 83 Hace un mes
all your covers sounds exactly the same, so annoying
Michael Reed
Michael Reed Hace un mes
Yeah, he has a style all his own. He is incredibly talented and I for one enjoy a vast majority of what he does. Some of it I could live without but that is the same for every artist I listen to. Keep it up Leo, you are awesome!
barbald21 Hace un mes
How on earth did you get to film in a casino.
pbh17 Hace un mes
which ship was this filmed on?
Liron Diaz
Liron Diaz Hace un mes
The quality of your videos is unquestionable, congratulations
kris t
kris t Hace un mes
Better than the original
Carie B
Carie B Hace un mes
Can you please do Wash it all Away from 5 Finger Death Punch? It's my all time favorite from them. Carie -Virginia Beach, Va
Michael Lakomy
Michael Lakomy Hace un mes
this looks fuckin stupid at 0:30 esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-E8lLItlcaZI.html
Tomasz sVist
Tomasz sVist Hace un mes
hi Frog, you want record a vocal part for 3 metal song and mix it?
[PCMR] Shutnik
[PCMR] Shutnik Hace un mes
Best shit i've heard from Leo atm fecking good my man
Jared Harris
Jared Harris Hace un mes
This Killer Thriller gave me Chill.......ers?? Got goosebumps you know what I mean!
D34D1NS1D3 Hace un mes
Gonna have to day this is better than the original.
Josh Voorhees
Josh Voorhees Hace un mes
and also Eye in the sky by alan parsons project
Josh Voorhees
Josh Voorhees Hace un mes
hey leo shout from tears for fears would be awesome man
TS- 19
TS- 19 Hace un mes
Just may be my favorite cover period I fukin love this !!
Nik Laker
Nik Laker Hace un mes
this is amazing, I prefer this to the original . (sorry guys)
Big Mike
Big Mike Hace un mes
Leo, You should be hitting the air waves in every rock station with some mod these covers this is another one that’s amazing
Patrick VanLeuven
Patrick VanLeuven Hace un mes
The lion sleeps tonight by the tokens please
Colleen Redthunder
Colleen Redthunder Hace un mes
Chillin with my Shiprocked peeps nice!! Bummed I missed it, kick ass video Leo!
Nathan Schubick
Nathan Schubick Hace un mes
Sweet! So creative. Never disappoint! Rock on Leo! Keep it up
ERIQ J Hace un mes
Duuuuuude! I think I like this version better than the original. Well done Leo.
The Yooper Girl
The Yooper Girl Hace un mes
:boom: Slam dunk!!! F'n love it!!!!
Ja Rack
Ja Rack Hace un mes
Leo should totally do a metal cover of Diggy Diggy Hole.
Виталий Акбаров
Охуительно мужик!))))
El Extraño Mr. Hyde
se me paro tantito ente semejante tema
D.R. Townley
D.R. Townley Hace un mes
Horrifically shit.
Rupert White
Rupert White Hace un mes
Not my favorite but whatever you do is gold to me. Not a mj fan but I like this ha
Scott Clayton
Scott Clayton Hace un mes
Not an MJ fan at all either... And I've listened to this at least a dozen times already .. Gotta love Leo
Pedro Seabra
Pedro Seabra Hace un mes
Fabulous and inteligent!
Michael Fyzel
Michael Fyzel Hace un mes
You should do Halsey Roman Holiday. That song is begging for some legit djent!
Mike Cranston
Mike Cranston Hace un mes
Cool cover, but Michael Jackson was a pedophile who preyed on young boys and I don't think i can ever listen to his music again.
Jayden Rindfleisch
Jayden Rindfleisch Hace un mes
2:13 fornite dance.....ok
Gregory Picklesimer
At one point I thought it would be impossible to make a good metal cover of a Micheal Jackson song like Thriller........so happy to be wrong! So hats off to Frog Leap Studios, Leo Moracchioli and everyone else involved. Awesome video and great work.
J. Parrish
J. Parrish Hace un mes
Only Leo could make this SHRED!🤘
Scott Murray
Scott Murray Hace un mes
Amazing as always.....could we get a metal cover of Jolene?
jeff dornan
jeff dornan Hace un mes
Seriously sick Leo. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❗️
Raul Lega
Raul Lega Hace un mes
Steel City Buds Channel
This is awesome
Olijoan Hace un mes
I love a lot, It's really awesome...as everything you do Leo Moracchioli! > BRAVO 👍 💓 💓 💓 💓
J Martin
J Martin Hace un mes
Muffin top love...
J Martin
J Martin Hace un mes
Clever. At best.
Martin S.
Martin S. Hace un mes
Like'd, Subb'd, nothing bad with this, Sound Quality, Video, "Ich ziehe meinen Hut" , Chapeau! Even @ 05.18 til End very classy affort "begging" to buy, nice one *laughed my ass off* the Dislikerz should sell or trash all their Internet Devices and never connect to the Interwebz ..dorkz
Adam Kelloway
Adam Kelloway Hace un mes
Doyle Wise
Doyle Wise Hace un mes
Néstor González
Néstor González Hace un mes
Omg, this is too badass, absolutely awesome!
C S Hace un mes
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