Thriller (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. C.J Pierce)

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Original by Michael Jackson
Thanks to
C.J´s band Drowning Pool
Idea & directing►Al McManus
Filmed by the Shiprocked Video Crew
Chris Bradshaw
Eddie Kopp
Patrick Rhea
Nick Shirghio
Dance Director►Cookie
Make Up (Leo & Stine)►Alaina Michele
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8 feb 2019

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Sarge Kowalkowski
Sarge Kowalkowski Hace un hora
WAAAY Better than original!!
Obed Villegas
Obed Villegas Hace 6 horas
Cover Courtesy call!!!
Michael Elbertson
Michael Elbertson Hace 7 horas
PLEASE. Do a cover of Mark Gormly without you
Adam Arellano
Adam Arellano Hace 13 horas
I Think MJ would have liked
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Hace 15 horas
Hell yeah!
Rus spb
Rus spb Hace 15 horas
Пиздец хуйню сотворили!!!
Joe Larkin
Joe Larkin Hace 22 horas
ok that was epic
Shinx990 Hace 23 horas
This has very quickly shot up to the top of my favourite Leo covers, alongside This is Halloween.
Dana Horton
Dana Horton Hace un día
Time to play "Spot Stine". How many times do you see Leo's wife in the Video?... Play along and dont forget to post your counts in the reply section
John Hobart
John Hobart Hace un día
MJ would certainly APPROVE! Great job! Keep the art coming.
Ilia Rojas Saavedra
Ilia Rojas Saavedra Hace un día
Hola... Saludos de Chile... Me encantan tus versiones... la mayoria son mejores que las originales...
Jose Neira
Jose Neira Hace un día
Nice bro
André Tavares
André Tavares Hace un día
Great job!
Wesley Wallner
Wesley Wallner Hace un día
Awesome cover as usual, Leo!
Aaxc Hace un día
How the hell did I miss this on the release day? It's awesome!
Deathbynewports Hace 2 días
Wherever Micheal Jackson is now, he is definitely proud of this. Cant hit the thumbs up any harder of my phone would break 🤘👍🤘👍🤘👍🤘👍🤘👍🤘
Pascal Klees
Pascal Klees Hace 2 días
Definitely a masterpiece thank u xD
Spaceman Steve
Spaceman Steve Hace 2 días
I like how the vid is in a casino
Cole Hace 2 días
Well. This is fucking awesome. That is all.
Diego Mezzini
Diego Mezzini Hace 2 días
Come to Argentina dude!
Mohaiminul Hasan
Mohaiminul Hasan Hace 2 días
This is how it was supposed to be sung.
Louis Long
Louis Long Hace 2 días
I'm very disappointed in this cover...... where was it at Hallowe'en ? Lol
J. C.
J. C. Hace 2 días
I'm pretty sure international law doesn't allow recording of the song Thriller without Vincent Price.
bruna lima spr
bruna lima spr Hace 2 días
muito bom Frog Leap Studios
bruna lima spr
bruna lima spr Hace 2 días
da hora
Crumbz McChip
Crumbz McChip Hace 2 días
Do a cover of Vegas - Days Go By
Reptile Haven
Reptile Haven Hace 2 días
Wow..... This is something else.....Love it. You performing in UK at all ??? Would love to see you live ..
Brandon Rockett
Brandon Rockett Hace 2 días
What cruise ship was this done on
Finn Olsen
Finn Olsen Hace 3 días
Is it michal or na this is better ;)
SubmnL Hace 3 días
Please do Country Roads by John Denver or Sister Golden Hair by America. :)
Steve Pohlmann
Steve Pohlmann Hace 3 días
Damn, my dog in the corner was even bouncing his head to this one! Good Job!
Leo Dalessio
Leo Dalessio Hace 3 días
Genio!! Saludos desde Argentina
Canal do Hector
Canal do Hector Hace 3 días
Brazil like you !
dcrabbit Hace 3 días
Wow... holy fuck wow..
Rajat Brar
Rajat Brar Hace 3 días
You and C. J. both are great musician. Hats off to both of you.
Darryle Bakes
Darryle Bakes Hace 3 días
Shiiiit, I wouldn’t mind hearing some original stuff from you man. You can clearly sing and produce. Top stuff 🤟🏻
outlaw ten5
outlaw ten5 Hace 3 días
Ya lost me
Cristina Marquez
Cristina Marquez Hace 3 días
₍•͟ ͜ • ₎
Howard Grüffüdd
Howard Grüffüdd Hace 3 días
Hey Leo...come and be part of the pre game entertainment at this years AFL Grand Final in Oz...not too sure if they'll let you do the anthem though (".)
Lance Konderla
Lance Konderla Hace 3 días
Oh my god, why is no one doing a cover of Hillside Boys by Kim Petras?
siam khan
siam khan Hace 3 días
serious video... heavy....
You should cover sharyl crow if it makes you happy
Mark B
Mark B Hace 3 días
Bad friggin ass! Showing mad metal skills!
Eric Styons
Eric Styons Hace 3 días
Absolutely amazing on all accounts! Video, audio and etc.
Eduardo Reyes
Eduardo Reyes Hace 3 días
Great version
Todd Olsen
Todd Olsen Hace 3 días
Awesome! I loved the “Traci Zombie”!!
martyrfear Hace 4 días
Dirty Boy
Dirty Boy Hace 4 días
so much better than Michael Jackson ... very awesome cover !
don watson
don watson Hace 4 días
that dude is 1 bad azz muthar w\most all his covers!!!!
MrUratox Hace 4 días
this sound is so dope holy shit
Alexander Shavrov
Alexander Shavrov Hace 4 días
Kinda reminded me something ;) esvid.net/video/vídeo-HWLr2WVhIp8.html
MagicTimeFilms Hace 4 días
Our good friend Alaina helped do the makeup for this video. So excited to finally see it!!
Birdwood Guitars & CBGs
Kicks the originals ass! Great video too.
Dimitra Kagioudi
Dimitra Kagioudi Hace 4 días
love your voice👍🏻🎶🤘🏻
Phil Steel-Wilson
Phil Steel-Wilson Hace 4 días
Mi Da
Mi Da Hace 4 días
This video has 666,666 views at the moment.
Zack Guarnera
Zack Guarnera Hace 4 días
666k views. Coincidence? I think not.
Robert Rapinac
Robert Rapinac Hace 4 días
Old school was much better my friend.
Samantha Hace 4 días
Mike Lauffer
Mike Lauffer Hace 4 días
Production is on point! Very well done.
Marina B
Marina B Hace 4 días
One of my all time favourite songs, my only problem with this re make is I wish you could have dubbed Vincent Price in there... just not the same without him, otherwise another song well done!
Ct Mason
Ct Mason Hace 4 días
Maximiliano Cardillo
Such a masterpiece!! I love this.
Carstuff111 Hace 4 días
Monkey Nr.5 Rockmusic
Hi Leo, culd you imagine to cover "My name is Luka" by Szane Vega? We´re also doing Rockmusic and call our style "rage poetry" or in german "Krawallpoesie" but we are far away to reach almost the qualaty you are doing. So my question again. Culd you imagind ro cover "Luka" " Mit lauten Grüßen Chris from Frankenstein Germany
Julian Reich
Julian Reich Hace 4 días
keep up the great work. Greetings from germany!
Daniel Follis
Daniel Follis Hace 4 días
Leo, my brother you have out done yourself. My 7 year old and I love your music and your videos. Keep the metal alive!!! Thank you
Daniel Pumarejo
Daniel Pumarejo Hace 4 días
brutalllll!! que buena version.
Jake Vrana
Jake Vrana Hace 4 días
Dude your videos and songs are steadily getting better!!! Keep up the rocking good work sir, and keep em coming
Marko Kostako
Marko Kostako Hace 5 días
Nice, I like it more than the original. Never listened to that song until the end. Original is too boring...
Oldscool Dj
Oldscool Dj Hace 5 días
WOW better than the Original
Drop D Murphy
Drop D Murphy Hace 5 días
5 seconds in and there was already a thumbs up from me... Dude.. you are a MONSTER!!!!!
Sanfilippo Angelo
Sanfilippo Angelo Hace 5 días
one of the best thing I've seen this year
Sanfilippo Angelo
Sanfilippo Angelo Hace 5 días
one of the best thing I've seen this year
Sanfilippo Angelo
Sanfilippo Angelo Hace 5 días
one of the best thing I've seen this year
Майк Арн
Майк Арн Hace 5 días
Клип говно, песня драйвовая но затянутая.
jarrod0987 Hace 5 días
The more I watch it the more I like it. It seems like the dancers are having the time of their life.
angel Jalomo
angel Jalomo Hace 5 días
Thomas White
Thomas White Hace 5 días
This is now my favorite Leo cover... Just f***ing awesome!!!
Godvernment Hace 5 días
I was told this was heavy metal, but it's more like hard rock to me..
Hugo Notario
Hugo Notario Hace 5 días
I love this song, in which tuning is it played?
NotAFishK Hace 5 días
Great video, but it just isn't a great cover :( Seriously great video though. My favourite cover is still your ToTo Africa
Shantanu Kundu
Shantanu Kundu Hace 5 días
This makes my day every time I listen to it! Thanks Leo for all your amazing videos!!
Tim Johnston
Tim Johnston Hace 5 días
I’m not a metal guy per se but I definitely like this. Really well done!
ziina s
ziina s Hace 5 días
Hi! Could you do "One night in Bangkok"? It would really suit for your style :)
Roberto Kire
Roberto Kire Hace 5 días
this cover would be better in Drop D
Priesta Adi Prasetya
Orgasm! 😍
6alviblack Hace 5 días
Saludos desde Ecuador Guayaquil, great job
bobun sangma
bobun sangma Hace 5 días
Far off the original
Sean 2002
Sean 2002 Hace 5 días
Wow! Now this is a great cover! Rock on sir!
gonzalo lemir
gonzalo lemir Hace 5 días
Its remaind me a little bit of powerman 5000!! I like this!!!! 🇦🇷
brad weekes
brad weekes Hace 5 días
this guy is just f$#king amazing
xXANGUSLOLXx Hace 5 días
drewjacobsracing Hace 5 días
drylooped Hace 5 días
It's interesting to see how much of Michael Jackson's music translates so well into Metal.
Liquillacole Hace 5 días
Never cared for Micheal Jackson, but Leo is so amazing, and the crew did such a great job, I'm going to give it a thumbs up anyhow. I swear you could sell shit and convince people it was gold. When I grow up I want to be like Leo.
Imation11 Hace 6 días
This needs millions and millions of views. Keep up the awesome work
DeepPurplethebest Hace 6 días
Faustika The Shitlord
Capcom should've got C.J Pierce to do vocals for Dante's battle theme tbh.
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