Tik Toks That Are Actually Relatable

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14 oct 2020






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SSSniperWolf Hace 9 meses
Hello friends!!! Which was the most relatable?
Kristin Willson
Kristin Willson Hace 14 días
The dad sneeze It makes me jump and hi I love your video
Bedwars coach
Bedwars coach Hace 14 días
Last one
4Beak Hace un mes
Yours : )
SWAVY MAKEUP Hace un mes
Turning on the car lights on well my parents are driving😡😤😐😶😯
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Hace 14 minutos
7:50 ...lol...it's funny that you think I care if you can pause the game. I said NOW, junior!
Simeon Portillo
Simeon Portillo Hace un hora
Yes one wipe we done
Nxch_Dxed Hace un hora
this was made on my bday
Red Ricky Racer
Red Ricky Racer Hace 2 horas
I love talking to relatives on the phone.
Eri no sleep tomboy
Eri no sleep tomboy Hace 2 horas
I ran outa gas about 5 times
Jazmín M
Jazmín M Hace 2 horas
I am so young and I can flip stuff with my hand and if I get burned I don’t care
Jazmín M
Jazmín M Hace 2 horas
One of them was her
Maria Petrova
Maria Petrova Hace 5 horas
im so reletable to this tt i alwyas slurp the food like that* if u look closely HMM YUH GIRL THAT AINT U
Huda Chunawala
Huda Chunawala Hace 6 horas
7:55 samee
edith herrera
edith herrera Hace 6 horas
Bro I had cc on and it sad wife 🤣🤣🤣
Nature Hace 7 horas
Mom: (leaves the door open) Me: “can you close it?” Mom: “I just want to see your face” Mom: (walks away and doesn’t close the door)
Nature Hace 7 horas
I’m a female yet I wipe ONE time 🤣
Camden Hace 7 horas
Kindergarten i fell in the toilet because the seat was up
{•bored•} Hace 9 horas
-3:19 SSSniperWolf react to her own tiktok😂
mo salah
mo salah Hace 9 horas
My mum says puase the the game me no I can't 😠😠😠
Demon Kid
Demon Kid Hace 9 horas
Yes one wipe
sereen khan
sereen khan Hace 10 horas
8:22 that is you lia
Vayanõ Hace 11 horas
For the bit when it’s the talking to your grandparents I just lock myself in the bathroom
Brooklyn Bernard
Brooklyn Bernard Hace 14 horas
Brooklyn Bernard
Brooklyn Bernard Hace 14 horas
Boys: LiFt Up ThE tOiLeT sEaT Girls: FaLl In ThE tOiLeT
Wally Gerona
Wally Gerona Hace 15 horas
Yes one wipe for men am men
Stephanie Contreras
Stephanie Contreras Hace 15 horas
I am a BOY and I wipe 5 times
Edgar Fleites
Edgar Fleites Hace 16 horas
Sssinper wolf:what we got to make shere it’s clean Me: B*CH WHEN WIPE I LOOK AT THE TOILET PAER
Kitty Lover
Kitty Lover Hace 16 horas
The snack one tho- Mother with da belt--------- R.I.P
Omg I thought it was only me that thought it was illegal
Bitty_the_kitty Hace 18 horas
0:07 my dad DOSENT sneeze
Jamal Johnson
Jamal Johnson Hace 18 horas
I ❤️ SSSniperwolf and Kallmekris
Jojo Cat
Jojo Cat Hace 18 horas
2:10 my mom was like wtf
King Kazuma
King Kazuma Hace 19 horas
When I was in 3rd grade I had a teacher who at salad with something in it that made her breath terrible on first day I asked her a question she got all up in my face and I smelt her breath and luckily my gag reflexe is strong and I didn't gag
Anthony Wood
Anthony Wood Hace 19 horas
as a bow we wipe untill it is clean
Sara Gaike
Sara Gaike Hace 19 horas
uk the grandma part is wut i hate the most i have to i HAVE to talk to my grandma ( believe it or not but it sucks )
liljayjay Hace 20 horas
Nope takes multiple wipes
regular Hace 20 horas
i touch the food with my hands when im cooking too i think im getting too old
Aryan Zishan
Aryan Zishan Hace 20 horas
We use one wipe then use a different wipe
Aryan Zishan
Aryan Zishan Hace 20 horas
About the toilet paper
Aryan Zishan
Aryan Zishan Hace 20 horas
No we dont
Ftwolfie afton
Ftwolfie afton Hace 20 horas
one wipe? NAH! My big bro dose no wipe(❍ᴥ❍ʋ)
Walden Recio
Walden Recio Hace 21 un hora
Sometimes I wipe three times but half the time I do.once
Mia Lee
Mia Lee Hace 22 horas
2:10 I Wipe Like A Man Even Though I’m A Girl lol
~Wolfy~ Hace 23 horas
Me realizing that she owned one of the tiktoks Btw Iove your vids!!!
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl Hace 23 horas
Bro why did she look in the hole?😂😂
Mariam Zakaryan
Mariam Zakaryan Hace 23 horas
Landon Dahr
Landon Dahr Hace un día
Guys use more than one
Yasuke2112 Plowman
Yasuke2112 Plowman Hace un día
Dude we wipe more than once that's bull
Carrot Thompson’s vids
The cover it is true people don’t like getting the teachers but in their face
Little pickle✨
Little pickle✨ Hace un día
I like being the youngest
Nightmare Child
Nightmare Child Hace un día
Actually..... THERE IS NO FAVORITE CHILD IN MY HOUSE😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 There's just me and my little brother :///////
Kvett K
Kvett K Hace un día
Omg when someone’s calling someone THATS SOO RELATEBLE
Chadi Ghosn
Chadi Ghosn Hace un día
This is my 4 th vid of urs and I’m already obsessed what I like from ur vids r ur intro
Maddix Palacios
Maddix Palacios Hace un día
7:50 mostly moms
Michael Rossiter
Michael Rossiter Hace un día
I would never iron ever ever because my brother got the nastiest burn ever I once burned my finger on a curler
Michael Rossiter
Michael Rossiter Hace un día
My mam ALWAYS leaves the door open *me screaming at mam *MAM CLOSE THE BLOODY DOOR MAN
Mutantwindwolf Hace un día
The one talking to youe grandma I cannot relate to, cause my abuelita only speaks spanish, and I dont understand spanish soo YEA
Ali Scow
Ali Scow Hace un día
Charlotte Himsworth
Charlotte Himsworth Hace un día
The toilet one for me:I legit have to put it down
Charlotte Himsworth
Charlotte Himsworth Hace un día
My mum always makes me clean my room before guests come round
Gold Cyko 22
Gold Cyko 22 Hace un día
Gold Cyko 22
Gold Cyko 22 Hace un día
Aiden Zheng
Aiden Zheng Hace un día
maricriz chriztopher
its like so cool how moms no that UwU
mary anderson
mary anderson Hace un día
It's not only one wipe
Joseph Mistretta
Joseph Mistretta Hace un día
Kobe Ferguson
Kobe Ferguson Hace un día
I wipe ones and then maybe grab one more after putting the first one in the tpilet
A J Hace un día
One time I went swimming at my hotel
A J Hace un día
And then I came back into the room and I had to use the bathroom so I just went in there I didn’t look in the seat was open I accidentally said that like sat in there and I was like oh my gosh no who left the seat up why
snowy the furry potato
My mum always burns herself
Case roblox adventures
the grandma calling one i can relate so well to it
Tirso Landeros (tl3151)
In my family the younger sibling does not get any attention
imjmet Hace un día
The wipe your butt
Charlie Rose
Charlie Rose Hace un día
The time I heard my mom telling the story of when I cried as a baby when my grandma did peek-a-boo it scared newborn me apparently 🤣
Gena Santi
Gena Santi Hace un día
Yusra Khan
Yusra Khan Hace un día
Kyra Hornsby
Kyra Hornsby Hace un día
Hay sniper the one vid that said my mom entering my childhood room it said kyra
{-Charlie-} Hace un día
3:29 was DEFINITELY MOST relatable
Anna P.
Anna P. Hace un día
okay so i had braces for 2 1/2 years because my state went on quarantine (for about 3 months), a week or two, before i was scheduled to get then off it.
Chelsielover The roblox lover
My brother does the dad sneeze lol
ExplodingBacon3 Hace un día
Yes true once
The Samar Life
The Samar Life Hace un día
This is also relatable Coughing before COVID: You- achoo Person next to you- bless you Coughing during COVID You- achoo *everyone within 6 feet of you runs away* You- wait! No it was just allergies, I promise! Also I had something stuck in my throat! I swear I don’t have COVID!
Awaken Ranger
Awaken Ranger Hace un día
Me in my parent's room: I'm gonna watch tv- My dad sneezing from the kitchen* Me hearing it across the hallway to the kitchen: O_O
Chime Theiss
Chime Theiss Hace un día
Is anyone going to talk about that one person that looked exactly like her and had her name on her profile name
The Crafty Hive!
The Crafty Hive! Hace un día
I work in a hotel, we change the shower curtains between guest..and if it's a long term stay we change that person's shower curtain every 3 days
Santiago Chavez30
Santiago Chavez30 Hace un día
C L O U D I E Hace un día
1:25 my parents always told me that if you turn it on the car will “run out of battery” and the car will stop working
Kaydence Laws
Kaydence Laws Hace un día
When I playing a game they say pause GIRL IM PLAYING MINECRAFT SKYWARS I CANT
Unicorn Yeah
Unicorn Yeah Hace un día
I'm a younger sibling but my older brother is the favorite
lil des
lil des Hace un día
Idk why y’all think the youngest are the favorite child but I get treated da same 😭
Khloe Snyder
Khloe Snyder Hace un día
mom problems :)
Ryder Morgan
Ryder Morgan Hace un día
I can confirm that we only use one wipe and its enough 👍
Danielle O'Brien
Danielle O'Brien Hace un día
My sister has the loudest sneeze of em all though like I was watching tv and she was watching tiktok and all of a sudden I hear an explosion when really my sis just sneezed like one time I went in her room and asked if she was ok
Dylan Concannon
Dylan Concannon Hace un día
It’s alright to turn on the light in the car btw
Richardrx8 pro gamer
Jayden Espinal
Jayden Espinal Hace un día
J Stjohnny
J Stjohnny Hace un día
Omg sssniperwolf u comment!
Melissa Cousins
Melissa Cousins Hace un día
Edwin Figueroa
Edwin Figueroa Hace 2 días
And im a boy
Edwin Figueroa
Edwin Figueroa Hace 2 días
I don’t do one wipe
Nic Haynes
Nic Haynes Hace 2 días
I do two wipes
caydence hilton
caydence hilton Hace 2 días
omg this is so accurate i flick my brother and he tells my mom and dad when we wanted to fight me 😒😐😂 and my brother..
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