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succculent not succulent
also i am aware fakememe is in love with me ;)
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Succculent Hace un mes
this is the top comment ;)
yo madude
yo madude Hace 8 días
What was the song at 8:43
Deep Fried Napkins
Deep Fried Napkins Hace 23 días
Yea because u pinned it
Butterandtoast Hace 25 días
Ayo what is the song at 0:29
Tiktok solo Fam
Tiktok solo Fam Hace 25 días
melancholy Hace 29 días
this is the lowest reply to the top comment
AceStinks Hace 20 horas
Ayyyyy, ksi little boy 6:17
Onix Black
Onix Black Hace un día
17:30 that happened to me but the boy she likes players with her feeling and I think she’s getting feelings for me
Noobmaster 69
Noobmaster 69 Hace un día
How do people drink coffee with so much milk like it’s coffee and not Michell Jackson
Fazz Hace un día
13:49 triggered siri for me
Apollo101A Hace 2 días
Name of song at 0:30
ItzKarma Hace 4 días
00:43 song?
Eric Pope
Eric Pope Hace 5 días
In the first one I thought she was going to squeeze her cheeks on her face
Beetle Juice
Beetle Juice Hace 6 días
I was such a loner in high school that the anime kids didn’t even want me lol.
Lazrax Hace 6 días
Aight bois I need help, this is not really related but, this girld and I have been talking for a long time and we both said we would like to try something between us, but technically we arent anything yet. So I just say good night to her with a red heart, but she sends the same but with yellow hearts, idk but in my country it kinds means brother or friend. Am I overthinking it?
Wafa Natif
Wafa Natif Hace 7 días
Guy exists: Him: I’m going to try to skateboard on a car and try to die Me:wait who is driving the car doe
RetroMonkey309 Hace 7 días
Sian Smith
Sian Smith Hace 8 días
11:51 what's that instrument?
Spun Tomato
Spun Tomato Hace 8 días
10:24 bruh fuck a game tho
Idk RageYT
Idk RageYT Hace 8 días
Whats song at 12:13
fat tard
fat tard Hace 8 días
Song at 0:34 sounds awesome anyone know it
Tyson Meharry
Tyson Meharry Hace 9 días
Whats the end music
F.A.O.Y.A.W. is polyester-clad
I DO slays pterodactyls...! TY for the shoutout, chris..!!!
Nadia diu
Nadia diu Hace 11 días
why is digitalnex here @7:52 btw im not tryna be rude in anyway i just thought of digitalnex
Solo For Now
Solo For Now Hace 11 días
Griffin hewins
Griffin hewins Hace 13 días
1:20 what song is this
Capitalist Commie
Capitalist Commie Hace 13 días
3:16 you are a good person, thank you.
N3on Gamer
N3on Gamer Hace 13 días
6:33 * my mom seeing this her looking mad me hearing my dad stomps then me hearing him fiddle with the metal part of the BELT ME RUNNING AWAY Btw 7:49 so relatable bro this kid be in lunch going to the bath room tryna be naruto he my friend but he be doing that and be tryna make hand jitsu he make it look like kids when they thing they gangs doing weird hand signs lol
Jonathan Joestar
Jonathan Joestar Hace 15 días
4:26 Jojo You’re welcome
Paul Short
Paul Short Hace 16 días
Whats the IP for that minecraft server???
iMAD134 Hace 16 días
15:16 so cute 💗
WowerzMoverz Hace 16 días
1:24 whats the song?
TEMP BOSS Hace 16 días
::37 seconds in the video what is that song called
yeet yeeter
yeet yeeter Hace 16 días
Wtf is this song called 3:17
Clovxrr Hace 16 días
Am i the only one that gets tored when they have caffeine instead of energised
Temple Guard
Temple Guard Hace 16 días
The boys saying yes is so accurate lol
Craijy Hace 17 días
Song @ 0:33
Omegangster Hace 18 días
11:53 is literally the first result you get when searching "mouth harp beatbox" into youtube
National Museum of Australia
what thats so cool
KrakenFN Hace 18 días
song at 0:31
Tegan Begg
Tegan Begg Hace 19 días
4:13 having two different colour eyes is so cool!
alex-26 Hace 18 días
Tegan Begg I thought so too but if you check his insta, the blue eye is fake
Nero Hace 19 días
0:00 She looks like Riley Reid tbh
Drippy Dylan
Drippy Dylan Hace 20 días
5:24 it’s not a sport bro
StOoPiD_pOtAtO Hace 20 días
15:18 i watched this like 50 times it’s sooooo cute!!
MemesDaily Hace 20 días
Lmao some good ones on here! Got some good clips on my channel if ur in for a laugh or just outta stuff to watch lol.
Chuy Lozano
Chuy Lozano Hace 20 días
Wait I know the kid d in one of them
te- child
te- child Hace 21 un día
I love the mc plug for the server because it's so chaotically broken-cute, you get me?
Rdog 21
Rdog 21 Hace 21 un día
Not no more
Alexander Terrill
Alexander Terrill Hace 21 un día
I trusted her and was mildly disappointed.
Verby jubengo
Verby jubengo Hace 22 días
18:04 going to sonic after school
Stef M.
Stef M. Hace 22 días
As soon as these kids parents see this they gonna be in trouble.
IfIWasYourMum Hace 22 días
18:00 is kinda messed up
hailey hiemstrra
hailey hiemstrra Hace 22 días
19:19 I CANTTTTT 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rivergirl 760
Rivergirl 760 Hace 22 días
scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they do not have that much ramen noodles shirts
DrMeme Cena
DrMeme Cena Hace 22 días
whats that thing that dude using at 11:50 ?
Talking Kiwi-25
Talking Kiwi-25 Hace 22 días
I’m a middle schooler and I drink black coffee
Julius Nicholson II
Julius Nicholson II Hace 22 días
A·M·Y is complicated
0:20 not wrong especially the girls, sometimes they bring one of those Starbucks bottled drinks that you can buy at the grocery store which are good but soooo sweet... my coffees are like how she showed but the opposite
A·M·Y is complicated
SYUNDI .s ᵒʰ ⁿᵒ ᶦ ʰᵃᵛᵉ ᵇᵉᶜᵒᵐᵉ ʷʰᵃᵗ ᶦ ˢʷᵒʳᵉ ᵗᵒ ᵈᵉˢᵗʳᵒʸ.......
SYUNDI .s Hace un día
Wow so quirky and diffrent
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime Hace 23 días
0:29 *what is this song I'm losing sleep*
Rheya Reichman
Rheya Reichman Hace 22 días
@Optimus Prime Ever want to talk you can message me on facebook, Just look up my name. ^_^
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime Hace 22 días
@Rheya Reichman Naturally. I am a shy introvert, something akin to an ent without tremendous size, strength, chlorophyll or the ability to speak with trees. So I am, in fact, nothing like an ent. Oof.
Rheya Reichman
Rheya Reichman Hace 22 días
@Optimus Prime The gods have granted murcy it seems. also you seem cool, ever want to talk just reply and I will tell u a way we can talk. Nothign weird just a tired person who likes to soclise. (and can't spell for the life of me.)
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime Hace 22 días
@Rheya Reichman I, too, discovered the name of this song. May we both find rest this night and forevermore.
Rheya Reichman
Rheya Reichman Hace 22 días
SAME! it took me an hour to find it!!! I googled it, esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-t9wCMPCgeCk.html Finaily I may rest!
Averielle Van Horne
Averielle Van Horne Hace 23 días
it bothers me so much that the lyrics are "não vai não" but they say "no I know" or "now I know"
pink Queen
pink Queen Hace 23 días
Limy Pet
Limy Pet Hace 23 días
0:42 song?
Sniper777 66
Sniper777 66 Hace 23 días
I like renegade
Matty Clarke
Matty Clarke Hace 23 días
2:27 I knew she was left handed when I saw the pen smudge on her hand. I have the same problem
Iceblade Hace 20 días
Matty Clarke I think the joke was that when the teacher comes around you act like you’re thinking..
Devin Turkhan
Devin Turkhan Hace 23 días
Gappy find the sweat spot doe
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