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succculent not succulent
also i am aware fakememe is in love with me ;)
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Succculent Hace 2 meses
this is the top comment ;)
Geno Sans
Geno Sans Hace un mes
Is see what you did there buster
Sulfuric Acid
Sulfuric Acid Hace un mes
No its not
yo madude
yo madude Hace un mes
What was the song at 8:43
Deep Fried Napkins
Deep Fried Napkins Hace 2 meses
Yea because u pinned it
Butterandtoast Hace 2 meses
Ayo what is the song at 0:29
Angel Trejo
Angel Trejo Hace 2 días
Do not buy star dust leds you can clearly the voice of star dust is a man a square space is a woman there for star dust leds is a women beater
MrFetty Hace 2 días
5:52 : apply water to the hot area
Eva Griswold
Eva Griswold Hace 5 días
anyone know the song at 20:17 ?
FFGlovak553 Hace 6 días
8:53 song?
ᴄ ʜ ᴇ ʀ ʀ ʏ
ᴄ ʜ ᴇ ʀ ʀ ʏ Hace 7 días
21:19 what was the show’s name???
ღ Røxanne ღ
ღ Røxanne ღ Hace 8 días
2:30 Legit me
Fat Cow
Fat Cow Hace 10 días
15:19 that is *so cute* holy frick bro
Talia Cougias
Talia Cougias Hace 10 días
i love the first one the cat be in his own world
bot thot
bot thot Hace 13 días
I love you merch but anyone who buys a piece of hentai clothing is going straight to hell
Anke Kombrink
Anke Kombrink Hace 20 días
Le Inquisition
Le Inquisition Hace 20 días
Anybody wanna talk about that ad doe?
shimmerisle Hace 21 un día
What song is the red dot one at 4:44 ?
Crispy Baguette
Crispy Baguette Hace 24 días
2:19 what song
CLARC TE Hace 24 días
everyone is dumb on tiktok they use jojo pose sound and yet i see poses except jojo
LikeTheGamer YT
LikeTheGamer YT Hace 25 días
I’m in 8th grade in middle school and I’ve never put milk in my coffee 😂 I might try it 😐
viv yoshi
viv yoshi Hace 28 días
0:22 my lactose intolerant ass could never
Leo Hace 28 días
18:34 Its aight the boys got his back
Viperion Hace 28 días
Ok, for the One about them stubbing their toe and Cross country was in it. Our *sport* is YOUR punishment. I'm pretty sure that makes us tougher than the swimmers.
Fernando Gomez-Moreno
Fernando Gomez-Moreno Hace 29 días
Fernando Gomez-Moreno
Fernando Gomez-Moreno Hace 29 días
BlackSheep Hace 29 días
My phone has been on 1% for an hour gg iPhone 6s
Gingercat 59
Gingercat 59 Hace un mes
Good God man, I got the cheese touch 4:41
Nasir Khan
Nasir Khan Hace un mes
The car was just like THIS IS NOT A MOTHER FUCKING DRILL 0:10
Swag mire
Swag mire Hace un mes
1:26 whats the name of that song, ive been trying to find that song for too fucking long
Ranga Sans
Ranga Sans Hace un mes
11:51 what is that i want it
Ranga Sans
Ranga Sans Hace 16 horas
@WJ Cooke finally
WJ Cooke
WJ Cooke Hace 16 horas
Ranga Sans Jew’s Harp
Joshua Fernandes
Joshua Fernandes Hace un mes
The first one was actually pretty and hot..
Jimm Kakapooli
Jimm Kakapooli Hace un mes
Dum de dum dum dum de dum dum was cringy af
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Hace un mes
8:12 there is no way anyone on this planet thinks this is cool.
Eidorb Bordie
Eidorb Bordie Hace un mes
19:48 not true, we cross country runners feel nothing but constant throbbing pain below out waists and are immune to it at this point
Dominick Alvarez
Dominick Alvarez Hace un mes
is anybody gonna question the fact that there were hoodies with pictures of hentai girls moaning on them?
Me:eating Russian chocolate* my friends:the true Russian is here every student:oh no......
The Squid With No Kids
What’s the song at like 0:30
Destiny M
Destiny M Hace un mes
What is the song at 2:19 ?
Sweatyweeb _
Sweatyweeb _ Hace un mes
6:34 song?
Cyphs 4Life
Cyphs 4Life Hace un mes
That “no I know” garbage is probably the dumbest thing on tiktok
brxtzy Hace un mes
Cyphs 4Life i reply even if they don’t want me to.
Cyphs 4Life
Cyphs 4Life Hace un mes
brxtzy I take orders from no one.
brxtzy Hace un mes
Cyphs 4Life smh who told you to reply?
Cyphs 4Life
Cyphs 4Life Hace un mes
brxtzy Smd who talking to you
brxtzy Hace un mes
Cyphs 4Life ok 👌🏻
TheDiamondDogs31 Hace un mes
9:55 I thought he was gonna just whip out a glock
Evan Bongiolatti
Evan Bongiolatti Hace un mes
Do what he says, then touch him 4:41
Zack Edwards
Zack Edwards Hace un mes
The guy at 4:09 had different colored eyes
Gamaray91 Hace un mes
Song at 0:36 ?
Wumbo Time!
Wumbo Time! Hace un mes
15:16 James Charles? iS tHaT yOu
Brooklyn Milligan
Brooklyn Milligan Hace un mes
There not funny
Bloody Nyght
Bloody Nyght Hace un mes
I wasnt the one who Naruto ran around I HISSED AT PEOPLE TILL LAST YEAR.
Milly VERT
Milly VERT Hace un mes
That guy @ 21:00
Sean Evan
Sean Evan Hace un mes
8:17 .25 speed see that chick... That’s it
1ikley Hace un mes
brxtzy Hace un mes
Ronin L 👌🏻
Jelle Hace un mes
11:48 what is that instrument?
Ayuong 4512
Ayuong 4512 Hace un mes
JELLE no idea but I want one
Sulfuric Acid
Sulfuric Acid Hace un mes
Oliwier Bajowski
Oliwier Bajowski Hace un mes
1:50 the best xD
Shaymin Hace un mes
I drank gfuel in middle school
Tss Water
Tss Water Hace un mes
For the one that the guy asked if the girls will date him the homies always got your back
REUBEN FOX Hace un mes
3:05 im not even mad they used eazy e
Goldn Ninja
Goldn Ninja Hace un mes
17:55 damn I feel bad for the blind people they couldn’t hear the sign, just see it😭😭😭😭
ACE Hace un mes
Ayyyyy, ksi little boy 6:17
Onix Black
Onix Black Hace un mes
17:30 that happened to me but the boy she likes players with her feeling and I think she’s getting feelings for me
Anthony B.
Anthony B. Hace un mes
snowstorm Hace un mes
Thats cool and all but I don’t remember asking.
Noobmaster 69
Noobmaster 69 Hace un mes
How do people drink coffee with so much milk like it’s coffee and not Michell Jackson
Fazz Hace un mes
13:49 triggered siri for me
Apollo101A Hace un mes
Name of song at 0:30
ItzKarma Hace un mes
00:43 song?
Eric Pope
Eric Pope Hace un mes
In the first one I thought she was going to squeeze her cheeks on her face
Beetle Juice
Beetle Juice Hace un mes
I was such a loner in high school that the anime kids didn’t even want me lol.
Lazrax Hace un mes
Aight bois I need help, this is not really related but, this girld and I have been talking for a long time and we both said we would like to try something between us, but technically we arent anything yet. So I just say good night to her with a red heart, but she sends the same but with yellow hearts, idk but in my country it kinds means brother or friend. Am I overthinking it?
Wafa Natif
Wafa Natif Hace un mes
Guy exists: Him: I’m going to try to skateboard on a car and try to die Me:wait who is driving the car doe
RetroMonkey309 Hace un mes
Sian Smith
Sian Smith Hace un mes
11:51 what's that instrument?
Spun Tomato
Spun Tomato Hace un mes
10:24 bruh fuck a game tho
Idk RageYT
Idk RageYT Hace un mes
Whats song at 12:13
fat tard
fat tard Hace un mes
Song at 0:34 sounds awesome anyone know it
Tyson Meharry
Tyson Meharry Hace un mes
Whats the end music
F.A.O.Y.A.W. is polyester-clad
I DO slays pterodactyls...! TY for the shoutout, chris..!!!
Nadia diu
Nadia diu Hace un mes
why is digitalnex here @ 7:52 btw im not tryna be rude in anyway i just thought of digitalnex
Solo For Now
Solo For Now Hace un mes
Griffin hewins
Griffin hewins Hace 2 meses
1:20 what song is this
Capitalist Commie
Capitalist Commie Hace 2 meses
3:16 you are a good person, thank you.
N3on Gamer
N3on Gamer Hace 2 meses
6:33 * my mom seeing this her looking mad me hearing my dad stomps then me hearing him fiddle with the metal part of the BELT ME RUNNING AWAY Btw 7:49 so relatable bro this kid be in lunch going to the bath room tryna be naruto he my friend but he be doing that and be tryna make hand jitsu he make it look like kids when they thing they gangs doing weird hand signs lol
George’s plants
George’s plants Hace 2 meses
4:26 Jojo You’re welcome
Paul Short
Paul Short Hace 2 meses
Whats the IP for that minecraft server???
iMAD134 Hace 2 meses
15:16 so cute 💗
WowerzMoverz Hace 2 meses
1:24 whats the song?
TEMP BOSS Hace 2 meses
::37 seconds in the video what is that song called
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