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28 oct 2020






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Comentarios 100
Gage O
Gage O Hace 6 minutos
Roman Mele
Roman Mele Hace 37 minutos
this video was made when amoung us was alive
Daniel Mulhall
Daniel Mulhall Hace un hora
Lazar I am scared of the future also
Daniel Mulhall
Daniel Mulhall Hace un hora
Me in front of my crush 3:00
Kolton King
Kolton King Hace 2 horas
I love I鈥檓 bored with lazarbeam
Kolton King
Kolton King Hace 2 horas
Wow fun facts
DBAB_Sharkboy081 1
DBAB_Sharkboy081 1 Hace 4 horas
Lazerbeam: im scard to chough in public Also Lazerbeam: i go in the toilit to chough Me: ...uhmmmm
Tatiana carvalho Tomaz
Breaking news 馃摪 I鈥檓 am bored with larserbeam take us away boi.
Rover Hace 15 horas
4:14 the best part
Ultra Nation
Ultra Nation Hace 19 horas
That painting
Uniify Hace 23 horas
1:50 馃槀馃槶 no
Kjetil Bj酶rkum
Kjetil Bj酶rkum Hace un d铆a
Abhay Sondhi
Abhay Sondhi Hace un d铆a
Kadodragon2369 Hace un d铆a
5:25 to be fair it looks and sounds like they arent in america so maybe she just wasnt taught American history in school
Lester Crest
Lester Crest Hace un d铆a
What edition is this
king banana 10
king banana 10 Hace un d铆a
lucas johnson
lucas johnson Hace un d铆a
Lazerbeam has the sense of humor I need
StealthySeth 511
StealthySeth 511 Hace un d铆a
The first tiktok was my favorite Dragon Ball.
RJ Jurassic RAYLEN
RJ Jurassic RAYLEN Hace 2 d铆as
I want a PlayStation please
RJ Jurassic RAYLEN
RJ Jurassic RAYLEN Hace 2 d铆as
I really want to have a PlayStation so can you give me one please for my brother and Ryan and myself just one
RJ Jurassic RAYLEN
RJ Jurassic RAYLEN Hace 2 d铆as
You are my favorite ESvidr and I love you and tonight also have a PlayStation
Nicole Apgar
Nicole Apgar Hace 2 d铆as
Do you need us to do a
British _MetalHead
British _MetalHead Hace 2 d铆as
British _MetalHead
British _MetalHead Hace 2 d铆as
British _MetalHead
British _MetalHead Hace 2 d铆as
Jackson Downs
Jackson Downs Hace 2 d铆as
The I am bored song is the best song ever!
PROFESS 4 Hace 2 d铆as
鈥淚鈥檓 bored鈥 鈥淚鈥檓 bored鈥 *鈥漚re ur ready for some ticktoks鈥* 鈥淚 don鈥檛 even know鈥 鈥淚 don鈥檛 even know鈥
Max Crawshaw
Max Crawshaw Hace 2 d铆as
Lol I鈥檓 not even American and I knew that was Abraham Lincoln
Leo Stafford
Leo Stafford Hace 2 d铆as
The Colburn family
The Colburn family Hace 2 d铆as
How me and my friends start a arguement "if your gonna kidnap me at least let me wipe", said by lazarbeam not lazer beam the im bored one/the cute and i was gonna say friendly but no..... My friend: sooo lazer beam! OMG! ITS LANNAN OR LAZARBEAM GET IT RIGHT!
Pika 4567
Pika 4567 Hace 2 d铆as
Be a true Aussie
Pika 4567
Pika 4567 Hace 2 d铆as
Who else lives in Perth
Stumblen Rumblen
Stumblen Rumblen Hace 2 d铆as
Can I just mention how beautiful that bald guy's head was, I mean Bob Ross Level Achieved
Unicorn Ava Squad
Unicorn Ava Squad Hace 2 d铆as
There you go free like
Dylan Rowell
Dylan Rowell Hace 2 d铆as
State of survival is just save the world on fortnite without the storm
benjamin schl眉ssel
benjamin schl眉ssel Hace 2 d铆as
i hate the state of survival ads and the game
Christ All mighty
Christ All mighty Hace 2 d铆as
omg so funny i love ice cream!!!!!
Billierose Audette
Billierose Audette Hace 3 d铆as
8:38 you ruined spider man for me
Dylan Blanche
Dylan Blanche Hace 3 d铆as
nice wan
Lennonw11 Hace 3 d铆as
0:17 polish that turd
ferre jopi
ferre jopi Hace 3 d铆as
Im not even amarican and i know it was Abraham lycon
Callum Fandango
Callum Fandango Hace 3 d铆as
He just sack whacked a storm trooper
posh 2k
posh 2k Hace 3 d铆as
I like when he does the sponsor he is just in his old house
Hi Me Ellie Sun sucks at beatbeatdeandeanbeatbeat
People who are here from endigo's music video?
Plutogirl521 Hace 3 d铆as
Plutogirl521 Hace 3 d铆as
The one that they I have no words
Plutogirl521 Hace 3 d铆as
A public restroom and just Flew out
Raven Owens
Raven Owens Hace 3 d铆as
馃槕I am bored
Faze jack 1
Faze jack 1 Hace 3 d铆as
Ima car Beeeeep
Gabriel Altair Samudra
Somebody make i am bored Remix Lazar Song check it out
Taylah Maree
Taylah Maree Hace 3 d铆as
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet Hace 4 d铆as
darcy foley
darcy foley Hace 4 d铆as
I've got lazar beam pet in games
Linda Lucier
Linda Lucier Hace 4 d铆as
Lo l
Linda Lucier
Linda Lucier Hace 4 d铆as
Your my fovorite you tubeer
Teenager_rangergolie rangergolie's friend
I once crapped myself in school. My teacher got me in trouble for no reason I HAD TO LET IT OUT.
Bernardo Garcia
Bernardo Garcia Hace 4 d铆as
9:32 *caught
J蟽喂沙 茪詪医 蠞喂蕚詪醿 伪删杀醿
He polished that turd to hell
Night Cat
Night Cat Hace 4 d铆as
Omg.... Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Out of all possiavle games ads why this one!?!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T this game is dangerous shit. Money grabbing and now i ended up moving 5o another country n marrying my R4 alliance member. This game deffinately works better than any dating aps. But the game ia crap ^^
Rebecca Orgee
Rebecca Orgee Hace 4 d铆as
Subscribe to lazerbeam
Aye Nyein Lin
Aye Nyein Lin Hace 4 d铆as
9:19 never mess with australians
MEME SPIKE Hace 4 d铆as
Tobias Peck
Tobias Peck Hace 4 d铆as
Lazer I would love to see you create a skybase in 2021
ktredlark 6582
ktredlark 6582 Hace 4 d铆as
*reekid gets thrown a pumpkin* REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
d_ kingyo
d_ kingyo Hace 5 d铆as
Joe Biden: 鈥淚 got a sister who鈥檚 the love of my life鈥 FBI agent鈥檚: 鈥渓adies and gentlemen we got him鈥
Abraham Hace 3 d铆as
Lmao I bet this gonna blow up
Easterkrusher Hace 5 d铆as
You should walk onto one of fresh鈥檚 streams and say are ya winning son
Mr ghost
Mr ghost Hace 5 d铆as
I didn't know it was possible for lazar beam to get a sponsor
Kai Kaufusi
Kai Kaufusi Hace 5 d铆as
thank you for doing tiktock and sub to lazar
Carlisle Floyd
Carlisle Floyd Hace 5 d铆as
i do to
Flik脽 On IOS
Flik脽 On IOS Hace 5 d铆as
You know 鈥淪weet Home Alabama鈥 is a location in Alabama
Zach Johnson
Zach Johnson Hace un d铆a
@Wonker yeah probably
Wonker Hace un d铆a
@Zach Johnson 2nd target ice age baby birth place
Zach Johnson
Zach Johnson Hace 3 d铆as
Wait really? If so.. time to nuke
Alph-savage27 Hace 5 d铆as
Preston Blake Gaming
Preston Blake Gaming Hace 5 d铆as
Lazarbeam: *Pops out of the curtain* Me: 馃槓 Lazarbeam: 鈥淚鈥橫 BORED鈥 Me: 馃ぃ馃ぃ
maverick Swanson
maverick Swanson Hace 5 d铆as
Sweet home Alabama lord I'm coming home back to you
corpse Hace 5 d铆as
3:33 to 3:34 that like be busin
carldoge21 Hace 5 d铆as
I am bored to
sasne Hace 6 d铆as
i am bald with lazar beam
Molly Farren
Molly Farren Hace 6 d铆as
lazarbeam were is fresh
Soumaya Bouchakour
Soumaya Bouchakour Hace 6 d铆as
Lazarbeam at mafia city:stop the cap
Glenn French
Glenn French Hace 6 d铆as
0:05 wow
XD_Pugboi 48
XD_Pugboi 48 Hace 6 d铆as
U prob don鈥檛 believe me but I鈥檓 actually related to the guy who wrote the song 鈥榠n the jungle鈥 no joke
Alfie Fathers
Alfie Fathers Hace 6 d铆as
im late for ps5. i hate my life
Bart Mulder
Bart Mulder Hace 6 d铆as
Itz RyanPlayzzz
Itz RyanPlayzzz Hace 6 d铆as
Pam Belfield
Pam Belfield Hace 6 d铆as
Lannan has said I'm bored more than human kind has said it
Reyaan Tariq
Reyaan Tariq Hace 6 d铆as
yes my fave child hood song in the jungle
Chrisanna Greeley
Chrisanna Greeley Hace 6 d铆as
I鈥檓 bored
Jackson Todoreskov
Jackson Todoreskov Hace 6 d铆as
Polish the terd Lannen polish it real good
Invaders official
Invaders official Hace 6 d铆as
P v E more like P v YEET
Neon Chickennuggets123
he used fire style
Jessica Brunson
Jessica Brunson Hace 7 d铆as
Padawon is my cats name
bantoner Hace 7 d铆as
K we now you are bored
Trent Nichols
Trent Nichols Hace 7 d铆as
The Star Wars was me when I went to disney land
Fresh Hace 7 d铆as
Haha funny
Jack Larsen
Jack Larsen Hace 7 d铆as
Lazarbeam: 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 throw something at a man with a mullet. He鈥檒l throw it back twice as hard.鈥 Nobody: Enschway has a mullet.馃槷
Sara Dickson
Sara Dickson Hace 7 d铆as
immmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm borddddddddddddd
Filip Pawluk
Filip Pawluk Hace 7 d铆as
8:19 you can see the baby eyes
Filip Pawluk
Filip Pawluk Hace 7 d铆as
Satisfying Satisfying
Satisfying Satisfying Hace 7 d铆as
Your my favourite ESvidr
KriX Hace 7 d铆as
1:25 he was so shocked 馃槃 馃ぃ
KriX Hace 7 d铆as
Intro: welcome back to i am bored with lazarbeam Me: 1 year later and all I can her is this bloody legends intro
Armand Brotelande
Armand Brotelande Hace 7 d铆as
I鈥檓 French and yes they would do that.
Jack Metzler
Jack Metzler Hace 7 d铆as
That was funny
Kade Roux
Kade Roux Hace 7 d铆as
code lazar
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