Times NBA Players HUMILIATED Reporters..

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These are the times NBA players humiliated reporters..

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2 mar 2021






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Luh K
Luh K Hace 11 meses
The most embarrassing thing is being pissed then leaving a room and forgetting something so you have to go back lmao
Brave Tiger
Brave Tiger Hace 7 días
If I get pissed I just leave it there and come back when I’m good, especially my phone cause I know I’ll break it… but then trust issues tell me they’re gonna get into my phone
Emmanuel Rufai
Emmanuel Rufai Hace 11 días
Kyle Shultis
Kyle Shultis Hace 11 días
That’s not embarrassing id walk back in talk some more trash and leave.
Smait Hace un mes
Nono the most embarrassing thing is to see a huge ass man with his own purse
Sim Drifter 69
Sim Drifter 69 Hace un mes
I'd juts leave it at that point 😂😂
Speedkills Hace 10 meses
Teachers: “there are no stupid questions!” Mark Schwartz “let me introduce myself”
Nerdboy Hace 12 días
"There are no stupid questions. Just stupid people"
Heyoka1980 Hace 14 días
Megan Arbogast
Megan Arbogast Hace 15 días
The Sky Walker
The Sky Walker Hace 24 días
@Curtis Jackson well, not end up good for the reporter i guess lol. In the end ,LBJ walked out the champ while the guy got humiliated by social media ...
bigdaddyfatsack1 Hace 4 meses
Giuseppe Responte
Giuseppe Responte Hace 9 meses
The way Westbrook said “what” is legendary. I get what the reporter was trying to ask but it was really unclear. He should’ve just asked “do you think tonight’s loss was okc’s fault or do you think the jazz just had a good game?” Even then it would’ve been a dumb question but at least the question would’ve been clear 😂
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Hace 11 días
@Hunter Sandberg yeah, I don't understand. I feel like people overreact because nowadays everyone needs their likes so they're turn it into a meme. And the question was clear enough.
Hunter Sandberg
Hunter Sandberg Hace 16 días
It ain’t a dumb question bruh
Sensational Shorts
Sensational Shorts Hace 9 meses
For the Westbrook clip, it's actually a decent question...it basically said did the Jazz beat you, or did you beat yourself.
Matteo Magnani Tucci
@Eli Eli It doesn't take a genius to understand the meaning of the question. I think that player was just particularly stupid.
X-Entrik 97
X-Entrik 97 Hace 13 días
@Joe Jacky He's in the right business for he's one of the best players out there and no, he's not paid to do interviews, it's part of the gist but it's not what he's paid to do for he holds the right to not answer anything. 2, I actually had to play it back to get it, the guy is a journalist he should know it's important to be straight forward with your questions especially in such stressful situations. Instead he asked in a cryptic way. The question itself was not stupid
Senai Hace 15 días
Westbrook is a dope
Patrick Simmons
Patrick Simmons Hace 5 meses
That’s exactly what he meant … I understood that
Grass Dungeon
Grass Dungeon Hace 2 meses
I’ve never been interested in basketball, but you make it very entertaining. Love your videos!
Yunsha Hace un año
Can't disagree with Lebron on that walk away, he was literally replying to a wall. The interviewer wasn't even processing a word Lebron said, and kept on with his scripted questions as if a robot.
WhyTimmySmiles Hace 9 días
@P A its just illogical to ask someone what was on someone else's mind and insist upon getting an answer lol
Jesse Jordache
Jesse Jordache Hace un mes
@P A I'll never understand why people get upset at how much professional athletes - particularly NBA players - make. It's literally one of the only meritocracies left.
Vanessa Stegall
Vanessa Stegall Hace un mes
@P A sometimes reporters ask stupid questions!
Michael Luciano
Michael Luciano Hace 2 meses
he walked away with a purse....😊
Gregor Samsa
Gregor Samsa Hace 2 meses
"Russell, did you guys lose this game or did the Jazz win this one?" This wasn't such a stupid question. He was asking Westbrook if he thought the Jazz actually killed it that night, or if he thought the bigger factor in Thunder losing came down to them underperforming
🔥 Apostolic Chic🔥
That dude grabbed his purse and dipped!😂😹😂👏🏾
RMDetho Hace 9 meses
I'm definitely late to the party, but regarding the Zaza case, why isn't it at all mentioned that Young's foot got caught between Westbrook's leg and behind Zaza's knee. so Young's fall pulled Zaza forward which could've ended with him losing balance and falling over forward.
Cardion Don
Cardion Don Hace 7 meses
Lol, man I love Westbrook. He really gives it to them.
Space Hace un año
In all seriousness, imagine how bad the reporters felt, except for the one who was talking about the flood, that guy deserved to be fired.
Unblazed Hace un mes
ima be honest, every reporter deserved it other than the "thank you kyrie" one
Lana Wang
Lana Wang Hace 2 meses
@Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis Asking if a team your team lost or if the other team lost is pretty dumb, because whatever you say, it comes up to the same thing
Young Roshi
Young Roshi Hace 3 meses
@PolarBlaze they ask the stupidest, most annoying questions at the worst times
Shinra 69
Shinra 69 Hace 3 meses
@Omnipotent Saiyan He's Chinese, what do you expect
gamesmoney1025 Hace 8 meses
Reporter: I left the bathtub on for 7 hrs straight with the drain closed. Will this lead to a flood?
niteycat Hace 13 días
That Westbrook one keeps me laughing.
Scott McFarland
Scott McFarland Hace 9 meses
8:25 I'm gonna have to sort of take the other side about the russel westbrook situation & here is why: sometimes it's fun as a reporter to provoke a wrathful response from a player if they can't keep their emotions in check which is exactly what the reporter was trying to do by asking a question innocent in nature but rhetorically obvious. Personally, many folks found this question comical & read the situation differently than the narrator in this video
thunder_boltzz Hace 11 meses
What lebron James did was right.....he didn't get angry like others, he just left that place
Des Marie Vuitton
Des Marie Vuitton Hace 7 meses
Russell had me weak 😂😂
benjyybandzz Hace un año
Lebron: “I didn’t know his state of mind” mARk ScHwArtZ: “did you know if he knew the score” 😂😂😂😑😑😑
The first time LeBron responded, Schwartz shoulda STFU🤐 lol 🤣🤣 like read the room dude
Reid Hayek
Reid Hayek Hace 4 meses
Dude asked the same question 5 times
Carl Laws
Carl Laws Hace 4 meses
Look at this dude
Brianna Javier
Brianna Javier Hace 4 meses
@TheKos2Kos i mean If a reporter kept asking me dumb questions even after I tried to answer I would’ve left too 💀
She Is Brit
She Is Brit Hace 10 días
Lebron grabbed his purse and left quietly like "I aint got da time." 😂
Ostrich Warlord
Ostrich Warlord Hace 10 meses
8:22 he didn't ask if they won or lost, he asked him if it was his team who lost or the opposing team who win, meaning like, this loss was because the opponents played better or because your team could have done more? I know it's not a great question to ask to a frustrated player but at least the question made more sense than most of the other questions in the video
I am Queen Schex
I am Queen Schex Hace 5 días
I listened closely, and Russ did say, "Thank you Jamie." Them reporters real-life made a fool out themselves. 😭😂😂
Wil O'Brien
Wil O'Brien Hace 4 meses
4:15: This is just about the funniest response to a reporter's question I've ever heard. I don't think Chris Paul believed what he was hearing.
AaronKredible Hace 8 meses
Ok the first Westbrook question was dumb but the next two (“Thank you, Jamie” and Zaza falling) were not dumb. But I’m still glad we got to see his responses in this video lol
Vazc Vaz
Vazc Vaz Hace 7 meses
That Westbrook question was not stupid at all…but that reaction….was priceless 🤣
Zaza didn't fall intentionally, if you look closely "in 4K" Nick Young accidently kicked the back of his knee while falling, causing his leg to bend/buckle and he lost his balance
Wintom Glr
Wintom Glr Hace 11 meses
The first one : “What did you think he was trying to say?” “I don't know” “No tell me what did you think?” “I said I don't know” “No I'm serious just tell me-” *leaves room*
spongeviper Hace un año
“No I don’t know his state of mind” So did you know if he knew the score? *leaves*
большой джефф
A few dumb questions make you leave.
Yk2kDre Hace un año
LeBron’s Mind: Now how the hell am I supposed to know another mans thoughts
Jaysprime Hace un año
@Hey Beaches ooh my bad
BagAhBread Hace 12 días
8:23 The interviewer was in other words asking if the opposing team dominated or if his team did well but threw the game. What the interviewer didn’t know was that he was asking it to a guy with an IQ of 74
Kayne north
Kayne north Hace 9 meses
11:36 his logic here is kind of fucked cause he got mad at the dude for saying he say the replay and it looked like he fell and then the other one said he didn't see it and he got pissed at him for asking a question he didn't know the answer to like
Your Local Meme
Your Local Meme Hace 10 meses
"I didn't see it" 'So then don't ask questions about something you ain't see" I love that part
Sunshine Weekly
Sunshine Weekly Hace 6 meses
As someone who was in the Houston floods, that reporter offended me.
Borzah Hace un año
If you’re smiling at me it’s the power of positivity
Crymdg Hace un mes
Got it…
Fastethan Tv
Fastethan Tv Hace 4 meses
buggg123🇺🇦 Hace 5 meses
meloturingyello Hace 5 meses
Pre Flexy
Pre Flexy Hace 5 meses
Αποστολος Δαμιγος
10:21 I laughed so hard😂
Vanchhawng Vanhmingliana
"Everybody laughing for a reason" 😂😂😂
Salty Buttskin
Salty Buttskin Hace 9 meses
My favorite was when LeBron came out with a book like he knew how to read. And then when questioned about the book he knew nothing about it.
Jeffrey Reynolds
Jeffrey Reynolds Hace 9 meses
Wes seemed like he was high as hell in that one clip at the end 😂🤪
QuinnIsHot Hace un año
I didn't want Chris Paul to clown me so I liked and subscribed
Richardplayzz- Minecraft
Okay that’s nice to know
1_Obvioulyou1 Hace 8 días
Same bro-
AFKYG Hace 9 días
@William Wroten huh
caha Hace 10 días
Brady Dow
Brady Dow Hace 11 días
Same cp3 is a monster
Bret Harley
Bret Harley Hace 14 días
i never thought that question asked to Westbrook about his team losing or the other team winning was a bad question. In fact i thought it was an interesting question that has a real answer to it.
yungeenace vu
yungeenace vu Hace 9 meses
I subscribed because you caught me off guard and made me laugh 😂 good job
MightyAiges Hace 8 meses
I love how the second clip of LeBron being mad there's just a fight random
erictrevizu Hace 8 meses
In sports the concept if the team won or lost the game is an important concept. Did the team play well enough to win or did they play too poorly so at the end they lost?
Kayvon Weinstein
Kayvon Weinstein Hace un año
First time I've heard Chris Paul being referred to as the nicest guy in the NBA
Demetrius Hooks
Demetrius Hooks Hace 14 días
Ikr, every player he plays with always saying he's a bad teammate to get along with.
Megan Arbogast
Megan Arbogast Hace 15 días
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith Hace 4 meses
Right misinformation
SLATT JAMES Hace 4 meses
When he said that I went straight to the comments and guess what was the first comment
STPbasss Hace 4 meses
@Raider Martin 😂 I don't understand a single thing you typed
Tammy Graff
Tammy Graff Hace 6 meses
Russell Westbrook speaking facts though
D Schulz
D Schulz Hace 9 meses
10:50 I don't think it was intention, It looked like he was moving forward but had nowhere for his feet to plant. Otherwise he would have ended up kicking him.
Elliott Kable
Elliott Kable Hace 9 meses
The viral Westbrook interview was an actual question. He was asking if the jazz won the game or if the thunder lost it. Meaning, did the thunder play bad leading to their loss or did the jazz play well and outplayed the thunder to win
VanillaWafer Hace 10 meses
"did y'all lose, or did jazz win" bro that's the same question. 😂😂
Eric Caleguer
Eric Caleguer Hace un año
Reporter: “hey Russ how are you?” Westbrook: “ what does it look like bro stop asking stupid questions” commentator: “Yall better stop asking these guys stupid questions”
Taylor Victorin
Taylor Victorin Hace 15 días
@Schworgis Bnn
CCB Gaming
CCB Gaming Hace 2 meses
Infocca Hace un año
I mean if he just lost a game and didnt do well how you think he gonna feel
Schworgis Hace un año
Sad he left OKC but it was coming.
Im the goat
Im the goat Hace un año
IK Hace 4 meses
That room was so quiet when LeBron was walking out lmao all you could hear was his foot steps 🤣🤣🤣
RGR Nexus
RGR Nexus Hace 9 meses
I still remember when a reported asked Kevin Durant what KD stood for 😭😭
Real ThaMaskRapper
Real ThaMaskRapper Hace 12 días
I thought these reporters had a lot of time to come up with that questions instead of asking some dumb questions or trying to get a player mad for reaction and you got to understand people have their Breaking Point
(M)aggoT Hace 9 meses
That "what?" by Chris just ended this reporter's whole career.
vlr_13 Hace un año
The "did you lose or did they win" actually has sense, the guy was asking if they lost because they played bad, or they played well but they just got outplayed
Nabuchodonozord Hace un mes
​@BlauTrackDuck It is the same. Everyone with half a brain could understand it. Did you lose or did they win. Did your actions cause you to lose or did their actions cause them to win. It's simple. And it seems even the guy making this video wasn't smart enough to understand it.
Joshua V
Joshua V Hace 7 meses
@BlauTrackDuck it's a common question and not a difficult one to understand either.
TheDevil's Rockstxr
TheDevil's Rockstxr Hace 7 meses
I mean u don't ask a player that question tho
Jenna G
Jenna G Hace 8 meses
@SALUMTUM MUNDI badder? 😂😂
Dylan Gursky
Dylan Gursky Hace 8 meses
Yea but Westbrook was upset and he wasn’t in the mood to think that way
South Sider2005
South Sider2005 Hace 8 meses
Laughed like crazy at the " you know you messed up when you piss off a man with a purse and suit shorts" comment.... lol
MsLadydva 71
MsLadydva 71 Hace 2 meses
Curry Shoots A Three REBOUND: Curry Made The Best Shot In "NBA HISTORY"
stone Hace un mes
8:10 the question wasn't if they lost, it was if they lost or if the opposing team won, so it was stupid cuz he was basically saying "did you lose or did you lose"
Axell Carrasco
Axell Carrasco Hace 4 meses
Mark really had nerve to say did you know if he knew the score 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣
ProbablyWorth Hace un año
The first one: "Did you know what that guy was thinking?" "No" "Did you know what that guy was thinking?" "I didn't know what he was thinking." "Ok, but did you know what that guy was thinking?" *leaves the room*
assassin 24
assassin 24 Hace un mes
@closer20jc incorrect
Anna Hace 7 meses
@Spoder_Plays22 Right on brother
@closer20jc can you read minds? what movie asks a question no one but the person can answer
Leo Star
Leo Star Hace 8 meses
@Sir Roque yr literally my fav person on planet earth now 😂🤣
Matches Malone
Matches Malone Hace 8 meses
@closer20jc asking the same dumb question multiple times is normal to you?
Cloak Hace un mes
The russell westbrook one was misinterpreted. i think the reporter meant "did you lose bc the jazz played better than they usually do, or did you lose bc you played worse than you usually do"
DontLetRhombus902 Hace 8 meses
CP3 dealing w that stupidity is priceless “seriously” straight baffled
J H Hace 7 meses
Yoo imma need a compilation of reporters clapping back when players get smart, if there is none they need to stand up😭🤣🤣
D. Strawhat
D. Strawhat Hace 11 días
3:00 “are you a smart guy”😂😂😂
1ir3h Hace un año
The “Thank you Kyrie” question doesn’t seem that bad to me. I think Russ was just a little ignorant there.
hydro gamer
hydro gamer Hace un año
@Tadiwa Maenzanise No he didn't.
John Pena
John Pena Hace un año
Exactly. It is not his fault that it actually sounded "Thank you Kyrie" in that video. I even thought it was Kyrie too when I first played the video.
1ir3h Hace un año
@The Tillman Sneaker Review Is Back!!! Nah bro that was pretty dumb. The question as far as how he stated it was dumb asl but the way you put it makes sense.
BRAN_BOSS-Playz Hace un año
He said thank you jamie if you listen and he said and you can see the daughter sitting in a chair next to them
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Hace un año
@Play6oi Yeah he said Jamie. You could hear it, they just threw in the subtitles in and everyone believed it
shmitty G
shmitty G Hace 4 meses
Russ be on FULL TILT with them reporters 🤣🤣
H big
H big Hace 2 meses
Westbrook is hilarious 🤣
Germa N
Germa N Hace 7 meses
7:49 that’s a regular day for Russ nowadays.
Sasha Makeev
Sasha Makeev Hace 9 meses
Well at 11:05 it really wasnt that dumb if you ask me. That questin was to know Westbrooks opinions on situation
Gus Grau
Gus Grau Hace un año
Lebron is so chill. I don’t know how he deals with even just the expectations put on him.
Chris Conley
Chris Conley Hace 15 días
It’s pretty easy when you schill for China.
Bangey Boi
Bangey Boi Hace 7 meses
@Sumit Mann u mean his worst series average is higher than KOBE'S WORST REGULAR SEASON AVERAGE LMAOOOOOOOO
Victor Spennato
Victor Spennato Hace 8 meses
He’s not chill
Tarance Hill
Tarance Hill Hace 10 meses
He's so chill.. lol. Other than when drawing fouls I guess?
Mr Spacely
Mr Spacely Hace 10 meses
For one he does that by himself as to what he does to be called *king. Idk bout any of you but i only have one King and he damn sure isnt him. Anyways. He controls the narrative all the time so i dont feel bad if he is uncomfortable in questioning. 2 He literally is a Billionaire. Its easy to be "chill" all the time when you dont have any financial stresses. They have the best job this world can ever offer. Do what they love and make boat loads of money. I find it more inspiring how ppl can be chill when they dont have food to eat or money to pay all their bills yet still manage to take care of their own and be happy doing it. Dont feel sympathy for petty stuff in there lives. They do not care about you or your problems. Its a negative way to view things that way. But being rich and having a bad day is better than being broke and having a bad day.
skvllkid Hace 9 meses
Funny how at first I heard "Thank you Kyrie" then when I went back to hear after he said "I said thank you Jamie" I hear "Thank you Jamie" now.
David Pankratenko
David Pankratenko Hace 5 meses
Westbrook really made the reporter the biggest meme ever and he made the most original meme in nba most people did not know Westbrook was there the people thought he was some other person.
Solomon Basharat
Solomon Basharat Hace 4 meses
Bro zaza tripped on Westbrook on purpose zaza literally look at Westbrook and fell on him on purpose.
Notmeagain Hace 7 meses
Jaydennnn Hace un año
Russell Westbrook’s kills me to this day😂😂😂😂😂
April Jones
April Jones Hace 4 meses
Right 😂😩😩
Ugboardzz Hace 11 meses
Russell Westbrook: YaLL n*gga’s Tripping 😂
Harrison Boatswain
Harrison Boatswain Hace un año
@Bigotuț Bigotescu hahahahha
Bigotuț Bigotescu
Bigotuț Bigotescu Hace un año
@Harrison Boatswain the narrator of this video is not the right person for this
Natural relaxation With Chris
@Harrison Boatswain I got it. It makes perfect sense
GR1MMRAY Hace 2 meses
That reporter seriously asked Westbrook if they lost or if they lost🤣
SikeNotZeke Hace 11 días
"LeBron Is an aggressive guy" Bros the biggest crybaby in the NBA 🤣
Ramses Stafford
Ramses Stafford Hace 8 meses
Kind of weird to see how slim James Harden was when he first came to the Rockets.
The other thing is is that he asked "Did you lose or did the opponent win"
Tay-Elsa Kenneth
Tay-Elsa Kenneth Hace un año
Lebron was so professional he chose to walk away, instead of roasting the reporter.
Jahim Uddin
Jahim Uddin Hace 8 meses
@TheKos2Kos, What did you want him to do, keep answering the same exact question?
Naby Nibi
Naby Nibi Hace un año
@TheKos2Kos yeah
TheKos2Kos Hace un año
That just literally was one of the most unprofessional weakest moves I ever seen out of lebron. He literally pranced off stage with his head cocked back with his nose almost straight up in the air. Not cool for that reporter at all as well
Naby Nibi
Naby Nibi Hace un año
That embrassed the reporter even more imagine a nba legend walking out of the room in anger because of you
Outdoor Chronicles
Outdoor Chronicles Hace 8 meses
Bron leaving in his shorts with a purse is still great every time. Never not fun to watch.
Cpasa •
Cpasa • Hace 10 días
The Westbrook’s question is alright, he ask if the Thunders lose the game because of his own errors or the Jazz played great and no matter what the Thunders did they would lose anyways
TheMightyBubbs Hace 9 meses
Draymon was legit not having it. That’s a good dude.
Brian Wood
Brian Wood Hace 7 meses
Upon further review.. the ruling on the field is overturned. This man clearly said Thank You Jamie! First Down the Brodie.. 🤷🏾‍♂️ I stand corrected.
charles king
charles king Hace 11 meses
Russell westbrook is hilarious. This man intimidating the hell outta the media! Lol
Nookie Ham
Nookie Ham Hace 24 días
He is my favorite NBA player.
OgTrev Hace 7 meses
The question to Westbrook is a legit question tho Did the Jazz win the game through skill and ability, or did OKC lose because Westbrick turnover machine
OG Scott Flamer
OG Scott Flamer Hace 5 meses
“Westbrook ONLY scored 22 points” 😂😂
dellichl Hace 4 meses
Frances White
Frances White Hace 5 meses
mdace15 Hace 7 días
LeBron left that interview like a WNBA player 🤣
8:05 i think this question had some confusion. I think not many people really understood what this guy was asking. To most people it would seem like he was asking the same question twice..but hear me out. Did they lose or did the other team win? That question is kinda trying to either provoke him, or see if hes humble. If he said the other team won, that would suggest that they were just the better team that day. If he said he lost, that would mean he accepted defeat. Am i crazy or do some of yall kinda sorta agree with what im getting at?
The Greatest Saiyaman
“Did you all lose or did the Jazz win?” = “Did you guys play poorly or did the Jazz play really well?” That’s how I’ve always taken the question
ZSU-23-4 Shilka
ZSU-23-4 Shilka Hace 2 meses
“I’m out, man; y’all (people) _trippin’.”_
Lana Wang
Lana Wang Hace 2 meses
Well I think he should have asked it in a better way
Junwei He
Junwei He Hace 2 meses
what really dumb is asking such an intelligent question to Westbrook yall know he won't be able to get it
Hey Tayo
Hey Tayo Hace 11 meses
@Aleksi Laine I feel the same but westbrook just lost a game so i guess he couldn't really think
ADB Hace un año
That’s still a stupid way to phrase it- especially since these guys are exhausted after a game
StevamusPrime Hace 9 meses
I never really watched or liked basketball but man these videos are so well done I've watched like 6 already.
Tetraden Hace 9 meses
lol, it's the same situation over here in Germany with the Soccer players. But the journalists keep asking stupid questions because the players still try to answer them. Maybe because they always catch the players on the field right after the game, when they are still exhausted. But we still occasionally have players who roast the journalists. :-D J: Was it a hard game or an easy win? P: We're at the world semi finals. What do you think? Do they look like a carnival club? J: Now, that covid still has us in it's grips, what do you think about the current measurements? P: Why do you ask me that? Do I look like a f***in doctor?
YAG's RODZ Hace 4 meses
In the first clip I agree with Lebron because my guy said the same question 3 times in a row but in a different way in every question
Meticulous Porgrammer
How could they be so blind not to see number 27 brought down by the back of the knee by number 6's foot?
MG Hace un año
Westbrook lied, the question the reporter asked him in the room wasn't crazy, he was just not man enough to own up about his beef with KD.
Demetrius Hooks
Demetrius Hooks Hace 14 días
@claud he clearly said Kyrie, I mean shidd I hope he did, because why would he be thanking a lil girl?
Eyebrowstj - Multifandom4Life
@Asle Martinsen He said Jamie. It is clear as day. Clean your ears.
Asle Martinsen
Asle Martinsen Hace 7 meses
@TheBigBlippity No, nobody says Jamie like Jay-Me. Listen to how you say Ky-rie. You don't split Jamie like that. It was definitely Kyrie. And the fact Westbrook stuttered and hesitated was him trying to come up with an explanation, which also underlines this. If he knew that he said Jamie, he wouldn't hesitate and stutter, like you would if you were trying to fabricate what you said. WHy would he even say thank you to his boss' daughter?
Asle Martinsen
Asle Martinsen Hace 7 meses
@Maria Gbayeh You dont happen to be a Westbrook fanboy? Yeah, thought so
TheBigBlippity Hace 8 meses
Nah he definitely said thank you Jamie
Emi Hace 9 meses
the zaza-westbrook intentional fall thing was not intentional. look closely, youngs foot catches the back of zaza's left knee pulling him down. thats not to say zaza didnt capitalize on it, but there was definitely an outside force that made his knee buckle and start the process of the fall
Bent Tom
Bent Tom Hace 7 meses
Westbrook is a straight up liar.
tiktok musik
tiktok musik Hace 7 meses
8:06 the reporter was obvi joking around
Jordan Sloan
Jordan Sloan Hace 11 meses
i understand what the reporter was trying to ask in the russel westbrook question. did his team do really bad or was the other team just so much better
Tomer’s Channel
Tomer’s Channel Hace un año
Listening twice he actually did say “thank you Jaime”. It just makes you think he said Kyrie because it’s written in the bottom and that has a significant effect on how your brain “guesses” what Westbrook said.
CoOl CaTz
CoOl CaTz Hace 12 días
@XstonedmonkeyzX yeah fax. I honestly believe this man knew that what he was saying and he kinda changed the story
XstonedmonkeyzX Hace 12 días
@CoOl CaTz exactly hahaha anybody who says he said jamie is probably just a westbrook fanboy... the guy is an amazing player, but he is veeery immature and not Star quality material for the media like a Lebron or Kobe Bryant... There are star players who are not for media, and he is one of them...
CoOl CaTz
CoOl CaTz Hace 12 días
No he said kyrie. Put it in slo mo he said kyrie. I had to hear it back
XstonedmonkeyzX Hace 13 días
Trying to buy time to see what he can come up with... next time, get a kit kat bro instead of looking like a damn fool...
Suke v
Suke v Hace 7 meses
Dont know why the reported got flamed for that though, he just wanted to ask and clarify it wasn't really a bad question
Mary Jones
Mary Jones Hace 19 días
Westbrook was asked a really good question.
Giga Hace un mes
"Westbrook only scored 22 points"
ಠ_ಠ Hace 9 meses
The interviewer was basically saying can you read his mind to Lebron
Notshrimp12kid Hace 2 meses
9:14 i think he actually said “jamie”, not “kyrie”
Chi Love Radio Uncut
When LeBron walked off 🤣
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