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Timothée Chalamet Once Locked His Naked Mom Out on a Balcony

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Timothée Chalamet told a hilarious story to Ellen about a prank he once played on his mom that left her naked and locked outside on a cruise ship balcony. Plus, the "Beautiful Boy" star admitted that going to Hollywood events like the Golden Globes and Oscars continues to be surreal and nerve-wracking, despite his success.


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11 ene 2019






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Maya Hayes
Maya Hayes Hace 6 días
ellen so clearly loves him omg... mood
Tiana Nwaubani
Tiana Nwaubani Hace 12 días
His awkwardness and shyness only makes him cuter
Cloud dancer
Cloud dancer Hace 12 días
Is he a thinker or a feeler
Cloud dancer
Cloud dancer Hace 12 días
What is his mbti??
cynthia Hace 12 días
When my friends say "to be hot you gotta be fit" I bring timothee up cause he's litterally the skinniest guy as well as the most attractive human being I know
TheBookCover12 Hace 15 días
He is impossible not to like
lululyrics Hace 16 días
omfg he likes rami malek 😫😍
Cyrr Rhus
Cyrr Rhus Hace 20 días
he seems like a genuinely nice guy and very talented, I am looking forward to see a lot from him in the future!
Rosa quino
Rosa quino Hace 22 días
He is so timid and adorable, he reminds me a lot of aiden Gillen, they are both very similar in the ways they interact in interviews. It’s oddly very intriguing.
Maria Rowena Macario
Maria Rowena Macario Hace 22 días
TC ❤️
DARK WHITE Hace 23 días
Love u Timmy!
Mrunmayee Wankhede
Mrunmayee Wankhede Hace 25 días
He is so similar to me.
Annabella Li
Annabella Li Hace 27 días
this beautiful boy is the love of my life ❤️
Britt Pomales
Britt Pomales Hace 29 días
he is going through puberty lolol his voice sounds thicker. he is still very beautiful
el elyon
el elyon Hace 29 días
Ellen I need your t-shirt can you lend me some? Please
Jennifer Zbarouskaya
I like him a lot, seems like a real genuine person. And what an actor!!!
Katie Sjo
Katie Sjo Hace un mes
nostalgie Hace un mes
I love him
Sia Ibrahim
Sia Ibrahim Hace un mes
I'd prefer timothee chalamet than using his mom to get views
Aniyah Hace un mes
Ellen makes him soooo nervous i love it
Maurice Estelle
Maurice Estelle Hace un mes
He looks like greyson chance
Hannah Ward
Hannah Ward Hace un mes
I love that comment sections of Timmy’s interviews are always so aggressively positive 😭❤️
MissMiia Hace 28 días
'Aggressively' positive. People will learn to love Timothee, by force if we have to!
nonaly is sleeping
nonaly is sleeping Hace un mes
i can relate to the awkwardness i'm sjsksjsk
Dina Malki
Dina Malki Hace un mes
I want to be his wife.
Leigh's Beauty
Leigh's Beauty Hace un mes
His little stutters ♥️♥️
MA Za Hace un mes
Next time he's on your show, Ellen please scare him, please please please. Everyone else who wants him to be scared on Ellen please do like this comment and re-comment. Pleeeeease
Anna 5678
Anna 5678 Hace un mes
I wanna touch that hair. Is that natural curly? Wooo.. 😄 I look him at a glimpse I thought he was the kid from The Good Doctor. 😂😂
lick my ligma
lick my ligma Hace un mes
hes soo cute aww 🥰🥰
Gloria Xox
Gloria Xox Hace un mes
I love how awkward and cute he is 🖤
Moe Hace un mes
I think he's been chosen as the next guy.
Hana Ahmed Hatem
Hana Ahmed Hatem Hace un mes
The hashtag "beautiful boy" made me laugh :')
Olivia Kachlik
Olivia Kachlik Hace un mes
Hannah Sung
Hannah Sung Hace un mes
He really is a beautiful boy 😍
Mikayla Stephens
Mikayla Stephens Hace un mes
i screamed at the title tf
E11a Hace un mes
Hes a cutie❤
Kaitlyn Cressy
Kaitlyn Cressy Hace un mes
Alekha Hace un mes
Wow I really love Timothée😭
Ceres W
Ceres W Hace un mes
I know he doesn’t care, but I still wish Ellen pronounced his name right.
Awkward Hace un mes
I want him to punch me
Awkward Hace 13 días
bet bet bet bet bet bet bet / bet bet+Daniella Valadez
Daniella Valadez
Daniella Valadez Hace 22 días
He’s too gentle and sweet to do that.
Huzaifa Mushtaq
Huzaifa Mushtaq Hace un mes
Says harness and gets awkward. Meanwhile BTS wearing 6 harnesses each and making finger hearts innocently. 🤣🤣🤣
Silent Damfino
Silent Damfino Hace un mes
Ellen- “You’re a beautiful boy” Timothee-“heheheheh you ah uh beautiful laidiiiee” What a nervous wreck 😂
Asia Herrera
Asia Herrera Hace un mes
He’s so visibly nervous i can’t handle it, like I’ve never found fidgeting and stuttering so attractive until now
svnrxse xx
svnrxse xx Hace un mes
I can hear his French accent a bit and I’m squirmingggggg It’s so satisfying
NOAH NL Hace un mes
“Yeah, she brought a bag full of, like, dead tulips...” 😂👌🏻
pay bab
pay bab Hace un mes
im curious to see how him and aubry plaza would interact.
marilyn m
marilyn m Hace un mes
he’s so awkward and adorable , this makes me so comfortable ahh
Ella Seibold
Ella Seibold Hace un mes
Timmy not being able to accept compliments is such a mood
Amy Speyer
Amy Speyer Hace un mes
He’s so awkward it’s so cute
Ahs 1
Ahs 1 Hace un mes
4:46 awww
Emilia Maria
Emilia Maria Hace un mes
gaming holic TV
gaming holic TV Hace un mes
coffee cures79
coffee cures79 Hace un mes
How does anyone watch this? Garbage TV.
ᴋᴀʀʟᴀ ᴇᴠᴇʟʏɴ
How can he be so adorable Just tell me how
nadiya afsal
nadiya afsal Hace un mes
Puppy boy
Kevin Gustav
Kevin Gustav Hace un mes
Would be great to have him as a friend, he’s so chill and he’s as awkward as I am. 😂👌🏻
Reham Winchester
Reham Winchester Hace un mes
2:03 I thought Ellen was going to scare him 😂😂.
Natalie A
Natalie A Hace un mes
he’s so polite & genuine i love it ♥️
Yavitsono Nakhro
Yavitsono Nakhro Hace un mes
Gotta protecc my boy at all cost!😭😭😭😭😭
Ben Paterson
Ben Paterson Hace un mes
I love him
Noah Alexander Harris
he's so freaking cute i cannot breathe
80semma Hace un mes
Ella Smith
Ella Smith Hace un mes
he’s so humble and precious and ugh I just love him. He needs to be protected at all costs!
siwingb wu
siwingb wu Hace un mes
Allison Yellow
Allison Yellow Hace un mes
"hehe beautiful.... lady...o.o" hahahahhahaha I'm dying I love him so much
Sortaboring Hace un mes
is he wearing Louboutins?? 3:48
Starlise Jun.from.17
He’s so awkward and cute
维尼 Hace un mes
Ayden Hace un mes
My mom would probably beat me 😂
Paige Masse
Paige Masse Hace un mes
i just wanna brush my fingers through his hair 😍
Grab Hace un mes
lol one time on a cruise me and my cousin locked her sister out on the balcony and she started screaming and swearing and people from other balconies were yelling “SHUT UP” it was hilarious
Patriots For Israel
I just discovered that Timothee is a Jew. Will you marry me..? 😁
Screen Addict
Screen Addict Hace un mes
So frickin cutee 🥰
kina wow
kina wow Hace un mes
honestly who isn’t in love with him
Nick olas
Nick olas Hace un mes
He is my new celebrity crush
Plant Child
Plant Child Hace un mes
희끼애기 Hace un mes
ginger k
ginger k Hace un mes
dats my babie
Esmeralda Bravo
Esmeralda Bravo Hace un mes
I saw the Tittle and I pressed right away!
Tatiana Acevedo
Tatiana Acevedo Hace un mes
I cry
leanne juarez
leanne juarez Hace un mes
Eric Hace un mes
I’m just a hole sir
Luis Gómez
Luis Gómez Hace un mes
God I swear he is the actor of our generation... So amazing
Jerome Dalanon
Jerome Dalanon Hace un mes
There is something with him with this interview compared to the last interview of Ellen with him and Armie. Maybe I can't feel his energy.
Jade Alexa
Jade Alexa Hace un mes
ugh he just makes me smile SO MUCH
giul sandss
giul sandss Hace un mes
Huhu Haha
Huhu Haha Hace un mes
he has such big hands. and you know what people say about big hands 😆
Ethan Hammitt
Ethan Hammitt Hace un mes
"so you just shot little women"
Vanessa Viola
Vanessa Viola Hace un mes
Aww he’s adorable
Janay J
Janay J Hace 2 meses
He’s like an older Finn Wolfhard he has the curly hair and is very awkward but it’s so cute and they’re both AMAZING actors ❤️
K Hace 2 meses
Isn’t he the cutest? I love him.
R. Lima
R. Lima Hace 2 meses
I love the fact he was excited to meet Lady Gaga, they are my favs
Vivian Soucie
Vivian Soucie Hace 2 meses
He’s ridiculously cute I can’t handle it
Caitlin Hugh
Caitlin Hugh Hace 2 meses
Timothee Chalamet is God’s gift we don’t deserve him at all 😩😍
Rachel Jilek
Rachel Jilek Hace 2 meses
I can't watch any interview of his without smiling the whole time!
Josie's Film Chats
Josie's Film Chats Hace 2 meses
Timothee is such a good actor and his performance in Beautiful Boy was so great and powerful. I keep meaning to get a review of it out on my channel because I want to talk about his acting and the roles he has had in the last year
aparna yogalingam
aparna yogalingam Hace 2 meses
He is unreal, everything about him is just so lovable. The constant charm exuded from a lack of coordination makes him so adorable. He's an awkward bean with a quirky personality. 👌🏼
Maissa Star
Maissa Star Hace 2 meses
he's adorable!!!!!!!!
Nolomouscheval Hace 2 meses
Omg he grew up so much, i just watched his first talk show and now look at him!
Aru neko
Aru neko Hace 2 meses
fluffy cute oddball detected
Tabo Beeran
Tabo Beeran Hace 2 meses
Am I only the only cynic who thinks the adorable nervous boy is an act
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