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The Galacticraft Crew learns they can already go to Mercury, so they're going! Meanwhile, Matt has a secret adventure with his new buddy.
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8 feb 2019

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Dark Lord 42
Dark Lord 42 Hace 5 horas
Ryan:DETROIT SMASH!!!!!!! Michael:Ryan is fucking All Might Ryan:EVERYTHING FINE,WHY?BECAUSE I AM HERE!! Trevor:You made the clouds cry
Good ol Boston
Good ol Boston Hace un día
I wish they had found the stargate in their game. It would have been great to see then try and figure out a stargate
CommanderS579 Hace 3 días
The Jeremy Squeak is amazing.
lol23qe phil
lol23qe phil Hace 7 días
What mod are you guys using
Taymeho Hace 8 días
That All Might reference when he changed the weather 😂👌
William Esty
William Esty Hace 13 días
Watching Michael become more and more of a destructive asshole is saddening
KnightOtter Hace 17 días
25:46 Didn't they just show the server address?
Faffy Waffle
Faffy Waffle Hace 21 un día
31:20 "Matt, get that dead thing OUTTA HERE!!" Michael has a grudge against any horse Matt tames, and I love it.
Nicholas Brewster
Nicholas Brewster Hace 26 días
Please let Matt protect his horse
Logan Harroun
Logan Harroun Hace 28 días
"I have yielded to the fact that I am not competent enough to bounce my way out of here like a gummy bear." Ryan
Mizukami Youn
Mizukami Youn Hace un mes
Jeremy forgot his oxy-tanks lol, that's most likely the reason why he was dying when he entered Mercury's airspace.
Heidar08 Hace un mes
6:36 for a great 2-beat song.
Derek Lednicky
Derek Lednicky Hace un mes
20:40 My favorite part.
nathan campbell
nathan campbell Hace un mes
watching trevor try to engineer the oxygen compressors.... how the hell did he get an engineering degree lmao
NathanTheMan Hace un mes
42:35 censoring the location of Sugarcube's hideaway When the coordinates are at the bottom of the screen.
Kenneth Her
Kenneth Her Hace un mes
20:40 don't go near nuke mountain. Famous last words.
Eva Rafferty
Eva Rafferty Hace un mes
RedRoonda Hace un mes
I think my favorite part is how often jeremy exploding on Mercury over and over XD
Kysterable Hace un mes
Siena Finlayson
Siena Finlayson Hace 2 meses
50:30 Michael references BNHA (MHA)?!?
Ivy - the - Demon
Ivy - the - Demon Hace 2 meses
Seeing the missle soar by Matt's head was terrifying in a way that only Minecraft can be
Eagleeye712 Hace 2 meses
Jack: "Ryan what's the name of the power tap you use?" Ryan: "Oh to get the energy out?" Jack: "Yeah, you haven't put any coolant in there." Michael: "Look at my *moooooooon* prints. Prints on the moon." I love Michael in these Let's Plays.
Wiggy Is Raw
Wiggy Is Raw Hace 3 meses
Troy Cole
Troy Cole Hace 3 meses
6:37 "OW!!"
Jamin Jedi
Jamin Jedi Hace 3 meses
Venus should be hotter than Mercury
Somethingism Hace 3 meses
Matt's rage is just raw, unadulterated anger
JD 9000
JD 9000 Hace 3 meses
Brent W
Brent W Hace 4 meses
"Who wants to watch me nuke the planet?" That's a sentence I don't think I'd get a chuckle at
Max Fern
Max Fern Hace 4 meses
Why the fuck did Jeremy go to mercury -.-' Ryan said ''oh we didn't even need to launch you I can see from the map that we can go to mercury with a tier 3 rocket''.
Jeremy Goularte
Jeremy Goularte Hace 4 meses
I miss old ICBM... where one bomb could ruin an entire server.
MFP 1313
MFP 1313 Hace 4 meses
The entire time jeremy was stranded on mercury i was waiting for him to realise he couldve just done the houston command but they never realised it
Thomas Lawson
Thomas Lawson Hace 4 meses
Just once I want someone to say the “stop all the downloadin” part of the line
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis Hace 4 meses
Tralfazz74 Hace 4 meses
I hope Ryan can appreciate the compliment of being referred to as All Might
Ignifyre Hace 4 meses
This episode made me laugh a metric ton. This just might be my new favorite episode of Let's Play Minecraft.
Alex Bergstrom
Alex Bergstrom Hace 5 meses
Why exactly did Geoff put this whiny prima-donna in charge of AH?
Doodle Biscuits
Doodle Biscuits Hace 5 meses
Sans is watching at 47:44.
Keith Kueny
Keith Kueny Hace 5 meses
Isn't venus even hotter than mercury, because of the greenhouse effect? Shouldn't you need Tier 3 thermal for Venus, not mercury?
Teresa Taylor
Teresa Taylor Hace 5 meses
The entirety of Jeremy's performance review killed me lmao.
Donikage Hace 5 meses
At 9:57 when Michael starts his "OOOOO" a commercial came on, making it feel like a 45 second Oh Dammit
Cephalon Wolf
Cephalon Wolf Hace 5 meses
It was weird for me when they said Breyers ice cream cause my name is Bryer
OmegaUltima Hace 5 meses
I really hope somebody makes a compilation of all of Ryan's "experiments"
MasterDarkObelisk Hace 5 meses
7:04 Compressed Skeleton ran out of oxygen! Cuts to Jontron: "What!, What the fuck!
Bealorboy Hace 5 meses
26:20 Literally best reference ever
Kragthor Hace 5 meses
Wow Jeremy did a dumb.
Leon Nguyen
Leon Nguyen Hace 5 meses
I just love the death music that plays when Ryan accidentally nukes everyone......😆
Leon Nguyen
Leon Nguyen Hace 5 meses
Followed by anger & screams.....
Jam X2000
Jam X2000 Hace 5 meses
When new galactricraft is coming
B R Hace 5 meses
Dying on Mercury is such a first world problem
David Valencia
David Valencia Hace 5 meses
20:41 You’re welcome!
NLferdiNL Hace 5 meses
Blurs waypoint position, but still show current position.
Blade Soldier27
Blade Soldier27 Hace 5 meses
20:42 Nuke Mountain? No......MEGALOVANIA 🤣
Luke Embling
Luke Embling Hace 5 meses
Reiko Rose
Reiko Rose Hace 5 meses
When someone gets nuked. Does that music and effect happen in game or is it editing?
Atlantis Moreset
Atlantis Moreset Hace 5 meses
Trevor: Some of these trees were my friends!
McKendry2 Hace 5 meses
around 40:00 they start talking about Night Time on Mercury. These people don't know that Mercury is tidally locked and has no day/night cycle
Sataniixx Hace 5 meses
Is no one gonna mention how the editors left in the server IP about halfway through the video??
Gib The Grey
Gib The Grey Hace 5 meses
I cant wait for Ryan to get red matter
Zoenk lol
Zoenk lol Hace 5 meses
Jack is a computer
Kenya Kay
Kenya Kay Hace 5 meses
Trevor had some great quotes this episode I swear I love that silly man.
Matthew Lickers
Matthew Lickers Hace 5 meses
Does it matter that Jeremy showed the Server address?
Matthew Lickers
Matthew Lickers Hace 5 meses
*cough* bottom left corner at 16:37 *cough*
Scott Vogel
Scott Vogel Hace 5 meses
6:36 I rewound to that part a bunch of times. So funny it hurts.
Maria Irimia
Maria Irimia Hace 5 meses
You need to get the infected trees out of the forest.you can't collect oxygen from them and you will run out of saplings really fast. Burn them down. For your sake. If you ever play galactic science you will know what I mean when I say the infected leaves are dangerous
Moses Villalobos
Moses Villalobos Hace 5 meses
25:456 jeremy gives away their server's ip to all of its fans
QuartzNova Hace 5 meses
Odd that they went through the trouble to blur Matt's waypoint coordinates when his coordinates are displayed below the minimap...
Matthew Berman
Matthew Berman Hace 5 meses
They really need to cover up that quarry XD
Connor Clemmons
Connor Clemmons Hace 5 meses
20:30 Just marking the upcoming time of Butterscotch's death, don't mind me. I enjoy hearing Matt just shout in anger a type of flavor/food.
Barbara Moyer
Barbara Moyer Hace 5 meses
4:46 Ryan “oh no” Me “why haven’t you learned “
Flight N Games
Flight N Games Hace 5 meses
Venus is hotter..
Ginga Tetsudō Surī Nain
Matt Trembled - it's a Metric reference
Sam Pohlmann
Sam Pohlmann Hace 6 meses
Where is gavin :(?
Robert Kucholtz
Robert Kucholtz Hace 6 meses
Anyone else a little irked that Jeremy could've used the Houston or whatever command to go back to Earth from Mercury?
Alkeinz Hace 6 meses
Stop all the downloading xDD
Gerki Lord of Coin
Gerki Lord of Coin Hace 6 meses
Their are at least 3 ah animated segments in this lets play. 1.Michael cutting down Trevor's string trees. 2. Matt trying to out run the nuke. 3. The death of butterscotch and or sugercube.
Fallen GuardianLR
Fallen GuardianLR Hace 6 meses
That one is an pain in the ass
Silvadic Hace 6 meses
Shoot. I have a Melmetal on Pokémon Go. Matt shall not have it!
Ethan The Atlas
Ethan The Atlas Hace 6 meses
“This man has gone insane” If you work with Achievement Hunter long enough your liable to lose your mind.
supersmily5SS5 Hace 6 meses
20:15 And somehow, these events were unrelated to each other. "The universe has a wonderful sense of humor. The trick is, learning to take a joke." -Best Dead Guy -Ratchet & Clank Future
xXFireFlyyXx Hace 6 meses
Legit. You should change the floor colors where you have the launch pads so you dont have to keep breaking the glass.
will hicks
will hicks Hace 6 meses
you need to slow down!!!! hit space man
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