TO MERCURY - Minecraft - Galacticraft Part 21 (#350) | Let's Play

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The Galacticraft Crew learns they can already go to Mercury, so they're going! Meanwhile, Matt has a secret adventure with his new buddy.
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A revolving cast of Rooster Teeth employees play video games extremely poorly.
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8 feb 2019

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Gerki Lord of Coin
Gerki Lord of Coin Hace 18 horas
Their are at least 3 ah animated segments in this lets play. 1.Michael cutting down Trevor's string trees. 2. Matt trying to out run the nuke. 3. The death of butterscotch and or sugercube.
Fallen GuardianLR
Fallen GuardianLR Hace 19 horas
That one is an pain in the ass
Speedy The Hedgehog
Speedy The Hedgehog Hace 21 un hora
Shoot. I have a Melmetal on Pokémon Go. Matt shall not have it!
Ethan The Atlas
Ethan The Atlas Hace un día
“This man has gone insane” If you work with Achievement Hunter long enough your liable to lose your mind.
supersmily5SS5 Hace un día
20:15 And somehow, these events were unrelated to each other. "The universe has a wonderful sense of humor. The trick is, learning to take a joke." -Best Dead Guy -Ratchet & Clank Future
xXFireFlyyXx Hace 2 días
Legit. You should change the floor colors where you have the launch pads so you dont have to keep breaking the glass.
will hicks
will hicks Hace 3 días
you need to slow down!!!! hit space man
Joshua Miske
Joshua Miske Hace 3 días
45:15 i can just imagine Jeremy flying through the portal panting and sweating, "FUCK MERCURY!"
Harp Productions
Harp Productions Hace 3 días
That mountain looks like a skull
HacaPotato Hace 3 días
Ryan: "Don't go to Mercury." Jeremy:*goes to Mercury* "Why am I dying?!?!" Ryan:*Contemplates death*
Johnjoe Tobeck
Johnjoe Tobeck Hace 5 días
Invest in a higher tier space suit
SkyeRwby Hace 5 días
They should pull a Prank on Gavin by building a fake Nasa to scale with Bridge, Farm, walls, and everything inbetween. Place his character inside of it and when he logs on and walks around a bit Indiana Jones him and Nuke em'.
Minor domo
Minor domo Hace 5 días
from 6:30 to 6:37 made me laugh so hard. i can't wait for this moment to be made into an animation
nobody Hace 5 días
can i just say thank you editor, you make these videos what they are and the nuke scenes are amazing, also good on you to blur out Matt's location.
Marcus Ong
Marcus Ong Hace 6 días
Second disaster 20:40
Eric C
Eric C Hace 6 días
That mountain had a life befour Ryan killed it.
Ꮰø11299 Hace 6 días
10:38 Man, Ryan really wants to destroy the world with bigger explosives he makes.
Olfourn Hace 6 días
This episode wasssssssssssssssssssss great!!!
Cadyn Lundy
Cadyn Lundy Hace 6 días
Someone help I have galactic craft but I don't have all the planets all I can do is moon mars meteor and Venus can someone tell me how to get the other planets they all say tire ?
Elijah Britner
Elijah Britner Hace 6 días
For the next episode could you put a list of the mods you're using in the description?
kelm102 Hace 6 días
What's the origin of the computer talk around 33:20? That was hilarious.
timothy crawford
timothy crawford Hace 6 días
faces cams for matt please or animated this
N-Jay Productions
N-Jay Productions Hace 6 días
I’m giving SugarCube at least half of the next episode before he meets his demise
Joseph Espana
Joseph Espana Hace 6 días
33:22 I'm a computer........
Levi Hildebrandt
Levi Hildebrandt Hace 7 días
Solid BnHA reference at the end there
IrenMasot Hace 7 días
Trevor and his trees are GENUINELY beginning to scare me.
James Knight
James Knight Hace 7 días
love it, would you ever play with fans on this game?
TheToasterWaffle Hace 7 días
You'd think that after the last 3 mishaps while landing that they'd have this down by now. Though it is AH we're talking about.
Xanek Hace 7 días
32:46 Jack: "I'm earthbound" Michael: "You're Ness?" That killed me
Desirée Velázquez
Desirée Velázquez Hace 7 días
Hmmm, is there no climbing gloves in that pack?
Me Person
Me Person Hace 7 días
Jeremy leaked the server address
Devonian Roy Productions
Ryan: Who wants to watch me nuke the plaaaanet? Matt: Lemme go back home. That's like, the exact opposite response to have when Ryan declares he's nuking the planet. Just stay there Matt. Build a nice home away from home. You're gonna need it.
Solocord Hace 7 días
So did Ryan have another kid or something? Cause he's gone full megalomaniac again.
Blarbus Hace 7 días
Oh God, Jeremy showed the IP, oh GOD NO
dark star61
dark star61 Hace 7 días
Lost the moon as well while mercury portal is active
None of Your Buisness
I eagerly await the death of Sugarcube. Hopefully Ryan will restrain himself long enough for Matt to witness the hilarious travesty that will be his horse's demise XD
Games TV
Games TV Hace 7 días
lawrence ghoston
lawrence ghoston Hace 7 días
Michaels my hero reference made me so happy
Nick Hitchman
Nick Hitchman Hace 7 días
25:45 they show the IP, unless they change it or have a password, or if its just local then that blows. if not yall should abuse it
shimmyking4 Hace 7 días
not gonna lie; Trevor's fixation on his infected trees was funny at first, but it's starting to get old now *Edit:* also hearing Matt call his 3rd horse "Sugarcube" instantly made me think of Applejack
Eric Nguyen
Eric Nguyen Hace 7 días
I'm guessing if Gavin isn't in Galacticraft, Matt is the new Gavin
Daft Boi
Daft Boi Hace 7 días
25:46 might want to edit that out :/
daylissa flores
daylissa flores Hace 7 días
Hey let’s play I have a great idea game for Minecraft. It’s called Find Alfredo, basically it’s guess who. The reason why Alfredo is because he has the basic Steven skin. It be easy to get all the mpc skin to have the Steve skins. And the goal is to find Alfredo to do is to hit the mpc, but if you choose wrong you get lose hp. When you find Alfredo first to find him gets the tower of pimps. But if everyone dies and doesn’t get Alfredo he gets the tower. Hope you like the idea you could do this with anyone, it jut be funny to have Alfredo to be one hiding.
Nicholas Lien
Nicholas Lien Hace 7 días
Matt at x-990 z540 y63
ricky worthington
ricky worthington Hace 8 días
44:15 one of the first times Jeremy has ever made me laugh lol
Fox McCloud
Fox McCloud Hace 8 días
6:36 That sad trumpet was gold.
James Urban
James Urban Hace 8 días
always remember to tell ryan to NEVER fire the red matter missle
MedievalMaestro Hace 8 días
Why was Ryan talking about naqueda?
FrincoPlays Gaming
FrincoPlays Gaming Hace 8 días
At this rate, by the end of the series they'll all turn into Ghouls.
Sam Poppen
Sam Poppen Hace 8 días
Trevor acting like micheals dumb as if ten minutes earlier he didnt break two oxygen generators without a pickax
William Fazey
William Fazey Hace 8 días
I’m pretty sure Venus is far hotter than mercury despite mercury being close to the Sun... therefore their thermal protection should be enough for Mercury
Deontay Ginger
Deontay Ginger Hace 8 días
new shirt, Ryan's saying "Of all the things you could have dies from, you dies to all of them."
Rauss Hace 8 días
is there somewhere I can get a list of all mods used?
Degree23 Hace 8 días
What they need is a more organized NASA building
h1d3n1npl8in 51ght
h1d3n1npl8in 51ght Hace 8 días
Pllllease nuke the shit out of Matt’s horse
pokemaster250 Hace 8 días
watching trevor constantly break things with his fist makes me die inside
Emo Priest
Emo Priest Hace 8 días
10:41 Matt Bragg was nice to Michael Jones's I dont know y it kinda reminds me of me and my lil bro
nick reed
nick reed Hace 8 días
Ryan having missiles is the best part of this series.
mega pikazard
mega pikazard Hace 8 días
Ryan make those peace nukes so you can threaten nasa with peace
Dalton james
Dalton james Hace 8 días
Hey is there a way to like email matt my fire ass idea for a Minecraft lets play????
Amethyst Gaming
Amethyst Gaming Hace 8 días
At 25:46 Jeremy fucked up
Dycimity Hace 8 días
I remember watching their first episode 6 yrs ago I was 8
GusCraft460 Hace 8 días
36:55 I’m curious what the values of Roosterteeth are.
toiletbuster Hace 8 días
Alfredo_chan you need to see da bridge
Yum Yum
Yum Yum Hace 8 días
“Ryan’s like All Might” god I love Michael
Ian Bunch
Ian Bunch Hace 8 días
The acid pools look like lemon-lime gatorade.
Jeremy Vidaurri Arrangements & Compositions
Why did they hide Matt’s coordinates? They are literally always on screen.
TRockS Hace 8 días
I laughed pretty hard when Trevor throws the dirt in the hole and says he is trying to fill it
GioTheVax Hace 8 días
Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it
Lissa Hodge
Lissa Hodge Hace 8 días
They are good at opreation save team members loving the nuke
UnknownGomez Hace 8 días
Fuck, Trevor is so annoying.
Christopher Crowe
Christopher Crowe Hace 8 días
I still really wanna see them do some building with the space station! Ryan established one but they haven't done anything with it yet. Maybe once they get some better tiered rockets and suits they can go up there and start building. Plus it gives Ryan a clear goal...Nuke Earth from orbit 😈
XxOmega702 Buzzalini
X -99L, Z 537, Y 63, Blow up that horse!
Ian Foley
Ian Foley Hace 9 días
Matt needs to make his next horse a fallout shelter
Regan Perry
Regan Perry Hace 9 días
Dam, Matt Bragg brought his A game
Ryan Wesemann
Ryan Wesemann Hace 9 días
thijsbos112 Hace 9 días
To Matt: Make an underground breeding centre/nuclear hideout. To Ryan: Try and nuke Earf from your space station. I wanna see that soo bad.
16 Bit Images
16 Bit Images Hace 9 días
42:35 It was very clever of the editor to blur the coordinates when Matt was making a waypoint, but they were also plainly visible immediately below that screen on the bottom.
Ashley Peterson
Ashley Peterson Hace 9 días
Ryan correctly referenced Stargate and I've never been so happy 😍
Ashley Peterson
Ashley Peterson Hace 8 días
+Peter Coates yeah it was Lindsay if I recall correctly and I was really hoping someone would know Haha
Peter Coates
Peter Coates Hace 8 días
I remember one of them seeing naquadah in an earlier episode and no one catching the reference. I'm so glad Ryan finally noticed it.
Michael Suhr
Michael Suhr Hace 9 días
I really want them to do a video of just cleaning up home base. I'm talking flip this house sort of renovating, it's a lawless place right now
Tiger Brows
Tiger Brows Hace 9 días
The doot with Matt's death was pretty fantastic.
Atomic Dovah
Atomic Dovah Hace 9 días
They could probably reach every planet rn if they just launch from other planets (like mars to Jupiter, etc)
Mckenzie Boyle
Mckenzie Boyle Hace 9 días
the most compelling part of this series is the quest to murder matt's horses
kuroganekaze Hace 9 días
"I gotta build a super colider." Says Ryan, completely non-chalantly like it's just something he does as a hobby.
LuckyBatard Hace 9 días
Sooooo...a thought: The acid lake under Alfredo's glass bridge wouldn't kill Gavin fast enough...what if someone were to casually lose some uranium down there?
LORD VOLCOS Hace 9 días
Mogar has become kind of a Bitch fighting monsters.
Warren Walls Jr.
Warren Walls Jr. Hace 9 días
Ryan is going nuke crazy...again
Smhop20 Hace 9 días
What mods are installed?
Ryan Hace 9 días
The funniest thing jacks done in this entire series and all he did is drop some shit on the ground
Shon Terhune
Shon Terhune Hace 9 días
I don't know if you have teseracts (don't know how to spell that word) but if do they can also transport power wirelessly.
Shon Terhune
Shon Terhune Hace 9 días
I have seen the aftermath of an antimatter missile and all I have to say is the damage is irrecoverable. Also a well placed antimatter explosive can break bedrock.
Shon Terhune
Shon Terhune Hace 9 días
I can't wait until ryan makes an antimatter missile and kills everyone from hundreds of meters away from the blast radius.
Free Falling
Free Falling Hace 9 días
Jack/Ryan Tip/trick Some of the machines in this mod does not accept flux plug/point. However, the Aluminium wire accept it.
Hump Day75
Hump Day75 Hace 9 días
The most American thing ever, I'm gonna find you and nuke you 😂🤣
Sgtnolisten Hace 9 días
I’m practically squitting myself I want the next part so bad! I NEED Ryan’s next step to Gandhi-ness! ...the symmetry I just noticed between Civ’s Gandhi and our Mad King is worrying...
Tanner Hoy
Tanner Hoy Hace 9 días
25:45 is the server address your welcome and thanks Jeremy and thank you editors
Your Average Dude.
Your Average Dude. Hace 9 días
I feel that giving Ryan the sole responsibility of the Rockets is a quick qay to get their server ingulfed by a Red Matter void.
Fox Trot
Fox Trot Hace 9 días
39:24 - This is why I love Trevor in Videos!
The Cookie King
The Cookie King Hace 9 días
I'm pretty sure that there's an ICBM mod which has mushroom cloud explosions and radiates areas as well as charring the area and of course destroying the place..........Ryan will destroy the Earth I reckon.... possibly from a Space Station....okay that needs to be thing....
FaithfulAizen Hace 9 días
whats the performance review for?
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