tom holland being a dork for 12 minutes and 46 seconds

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12 jul 2019






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editsbyrebecca Hace un mes
2% of the comments: *talks about parts of the video* 98% of the comments: “tHiS iS cLicKbAiT, yOu’rE oNe SeCoNd oFf” LMAO IM SORRY
Ms Matrix 2
Ms Matrix 2 Hace 16 horas
Dude has 69k subs Me: nice
DatDogeDude Hace 4 días
Emma W
Emma W Hace 7 días
it's because you wasted like 20 seconds doing the damn spider-man shit with the shirts
Tristan Baier
Tristan Baier Hace 11 días
lol on the homepage it’s 12:46 in the video it’s 12:45 lol
Ellie-Mae Field
Ellie-Mae Field Hace 10 horas
He’s the baby of marvel
Drake Windham
Drake Windham Hace 11 horas
9:45 You would to think it would have been the other way around
KitariKitsune Hace 14 horas
To be fair when is this guy not a dork??? (and I mean it lovingly)
Rangers Fan!
Rangers Fan! Hace 15 horas
Tom and Jacob fangirling over the watch Mojo girl is everything
Ms Matrix 2
Ms Matrix 2 Hace 16 horas
Me: i demand a sacrefice. Shows iron man Me: i said a real sacrefice Shows jacob “i’m......watching........porn..... Me: perfection
Rosie Gibb
Rosie Gibb Hace 18 horas
welcome to watch mojo Tom and Jacob: DIES
Laney Mcbride
Laney Mcbride Hace 19 horas
This is so perfect 😁 I can’t not smile 😊😁!
Potato Head
Potato Head Hace 19 horas
Tom: I'm a little thick skinned when it comes to being scared by stuff Jake: aAaAh Also Tom: * putting fists up * activate instant kill
Emaan msp
Emaan msp Hace 19 horas
I love Tom Holland he’s funny and good at acting I’m number 1 fan
major league potatoe
major league potatoe Hace 21 un hora
If i all of a sudden saw tom holland trying to save a womans life while watching spider-man: homecoming id shit myself and scream "oh my god spider-man is real!"
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Hace un día
I love Tom Holland he my hero.
Bal Drum bunker
Bal Drum bunker Hace un día
How’d he make that sound at 6:52
Bob Merton
Bob Merton Hace un día
Did anybody else realise just how Irish Tom's Ms Doutefire sounded? No, just me okay?
Ashley Pierson
Ashley Pierson Hace un día
7:00 the arms killed me 😂
Sam Zink
Sam Zink Hace un día
I don’t think he knows he’s famous
America’s Ass
America’s Ass Hace un día
0:34 Me and my brother are Tom and my parents are Jake
a l t h e a ‘ s w o r l d
I’m NoT a DoCtOr, I’m An AcToR -EvErY AcToR oN gReY’s AnAtOmY
Meryem and Ayesha
Meryem and Ayesha Hace un día
LOL! dat thumbnail 😂😁😝
Qtoots Live
Qtoots Live Hace un día
So Tom Holland being Tom Holland
wolf *
wolf * Hace un día
Ending with THATS HOW I GOT JACKED Was funny as hell
Alexia damarvelfan
Alexia damarvelfan Hace un día
10:54 "Does Tom Holland have a spidey sense?" Me: No. He has a Peter tingle.
Amanda Kim
Amanda Kim Hace un día
After the intro said 12 mins 45 sec..... who checked to see if it actually was 12mins and 45 seconds?????
Seren Platt
Seren Platt Hace un día
jake scared tom, scared me, which lead to my dad asking if im okay
RagingGaming Hace un día
kwasont -tom holland 2019
Nicole Hernandez
Nicole Hernandez Hace 2 días
@ 11:59 I hear quake son instead of crossiant
darcy ¿¿
darcy ¿¿ Hace 2 días
Didi 1205
Didi 1205 Hace 2 días
9:56 that little « please »
Hammad Shahid
Hammad Shahid Hace 2 días
Actually for 12 minutes and 37 seconds
kaitlyn kristine
kaitlyn kristine Hace 2 días
i lose my shit everytime he does crow
Beatriz  Araújo
Beatriz Araújo Hace 2 días
Why do I choose to do this to myself at 1am, when I am in clear need of sleep and want to sleep but can't?!
mew2latias Hace 2 días
OKAY SO TOM KNOW EXCEPT AFTER C people in my life never have heard of that rule
Kyleigh Andrews
Kyleigh Andrews Hace 2 días
1:38 I replayed multiple times and it scared me every time 😂😂😂😂
Roses Love
Roses Love Hace 2 días
Luuc Van der sluis
Luuc Van der sluis Hace 2 días
I ship em I mean tom and boldi
Shuree Crisp
Shuree Crisp Hace 2 días
His laugh at 6 20. 😄😄
Ruby Folks
Ruby Folks Hace 3 días
i just witnessed tom and jacob fan girling over the watch mojo woman
Delaney Andreasen
Delaney Andreasen Hace 3 días
i laughed at the first clip so hard....
But... The intro is 5 seconds long, so we only get dorky Tom Holland for only 12 minutes and 40 seconds
FamuosYutubar Mayn
FamuosYutubar Mayn Hace 3 días
*nick furry* and all the other dogs are cute
Julieta O
Julieta O Hace 3 días
i love this guy
Makinzie Cagg
Makinzie Cagg Hace 3 días
During this whole video I was smiling the whole time
·GachaEva ·
·GachaEva · Hace 3 días
Uhh.. Am I the only Tom Holland fangirl at the age of 10? Just me? Okay..
Remy Fagerstrom
Remy Fagerstrom Hace 3 días
5:29 i can’t focus on anything he’s saying, his muscles are so defined
Erin L
Erin L Hace 4 días
6:09 i would’ve said *hi i’m renata bliss and i’m your **______** dance teacher*
snacc attacc
snacc attacc Hace 4 días
tom is the literal most attractive guy i’ve ever seen. like i love him.
Madison L
Madison L Hace 4 días
hello darkness my old *doo doo doo doo doo doo*
ATMODEPTH Hace 4 días
The Wii music! 😂 🤣
arion killion
arion killion Hace 4 días
He is such a dorkkkk😊😊😄
arion killion
arion killion Hace 4 días
Oml tom freestyle.... 😂😂😂 Perfect dolphin tho
Dervs 2016 Fluffy
Dervs 2016 Fluffy Hace 4 días
1:38 That made me jump.😂 Then, I put the video back a bit, and it made me jump again.😂😂
Cat Lady In the making
Allyza Van Cappelle
Allyza Van Cappelle Hace 4 días
Isn’t this just Tom Holland being Tom Holland?
KittyCatCookie4 Hace 4 días
he has a british accent?
Puthinator Hace 4 días
Is it just me or is toms accents slowing disintegrating?
aaisha baig
aaisha baig Hace 4 días
1:37 i got foooooollllleeeeddddddd
Space GG boy sami
Space GG boy sami Hace 4 días
He's being a Dork for 12:40 seconds
Olga Zuluaga
Olga Zuluaga Hace 5 días
AAAAA He is literally the cutest thing in the world Is it weird that I blushed whenever he looked at the camera😂
J4K0BA Hace 5 días
I legit got scared by Jake too lol
Anne Shanelle Soriano
Whats the name of the song??
Eevee _umbreon123
Eevee _umbreon123 Hace 5 días
*starts fangirling over watch mojo*
Eevee _umbreon123
Eevee _umbreon123 Hace 5 días
Jacob’s reaction to Tony Stark was hilarious 😂
Eevee _umbreon123
Eevee _umbreon123 Hace 5 días
Chris H: Tom, whose your favourite actor? Tom: gotta say, Liam Hemsworth is definitely up there Chris H: do I need to call upon Mjolnir?
Tatou Guyot
Tatou Guyot Hace 5 días
Tom Holland < Benedict Cumberbatch
Kinky Simply
Kinky Simply Hace 5 días
1:37 why tf did i also get scared
Sierra Stone
Sierra Stone Hace 5 días
Crying Montage
Crying Montage Hace 5 días
someone tell me why I jumped when jake scared tom 1:37
Truly Greg
Truly Greg Hace 5 días
Petition to make this 23 years long
_Bella YT
_Bella YT Hace 5 días
Evil guy 😑😑
High pitched Gamer
High pitched Gamer Hace 5 días
I have another dog related pun they could've used: Mary J. Dachshund
Bean Milk
Bean Milk Hace 5 días
Excuse me its 12 mins and 45 seconds lol
Phillip Kubilius
Phillip Kubilius Hace 5 días
Am I the only one who doesn't think tom isn't the best spider man? I prefer andrew garfeild, but andrew garfeild is the 2nd
Alex Stine
Alex Stine Hace 6 días
am I the only person who is disturbed by the wii theme song in the background???
Lindsay D
Lindsay D Hace 6 días
can we just take a moment to appreciate Jacob's laugh??
O T H E R Hace 6 días
Video length: 12:45 Video title: 12:46 "These are confusing times"
wan juin Lee
wan juin Lee Hace 6 días
Anyone know what the background song is called?
Gsbanwait Is Cool
Gsbanwait Is Cool Hace 6 días
Meadow Rie
Meadow Rie Hace 6 días
tom making the dolphin noise is the same energy as me making my enemies deaf at school by screeching cockatoo in their ears
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