tom holland being a dork for 12 minutes and 46 seconds

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12 jul 2019






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editsbyrebecca Hace 5 meses
2% of the comments: *talks about parts of the video* 98% of the comments: “tHiS iS cLicKbAiT, yOu’rE oNe SeCoNd oFf” LMAO IM SORRY
thefriendlydeadguy Hace 4 días
Lol, more likes than subscribed
Tabby Corn
Tabby Corn Hace 7 días
My names Rebecca too 🙂
Hunter Hess
Hunter Hess Hace 10 días
+editsbyrebecca With the jacket merch plug its less tom holland so even more bait.
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster Hace 14 días
I didn't even notice lol
Kaylee Hace 16 días
but you didnt clickbait tho
Blend Sejdiu
Blend Sejdiu Hace 12 horas
bro my boy hit those notes
Itz_Wave Hace 13 horas
«Nick Furry» i laughed my a$$ off
MARVEL 1278 Hace 17 horas
Nobody Not a soul Tom: THE GODFATHER
hazzard Hace 18 horas
Its actually not even 12:45 cuz of the merch
Ella Fering
Ella Fering Hace 19 horas
i should be getting to bed...tom holland being a dork for 12 minutes and 46 seconds... yeah i have time for that.
Randomeez Wolf
Randomeez Wolf Hace un día
Tom: Names every Hemsworth (sorry if it's spelt wrong) in the family except for Chris Me: OMG Peter I love you for that
ellee Hace un día
Vashti Nayagar
Vashti Nayagar Hace un día
11:45 Qackson😂😂😂
logan tubers
logan tubers Hace un día
Tom Holland wanted a third movie and marvel said TOM HOLLAND HAS LEFT THE CHAT
Ganos Thenie
Ganos Thenie Hace un día
No!!!! It was only for 12:35!!!!! Not 12:45!!!!
Vedant Dabur
Vedant Dabur Hace un día
Never thought watchmojo narration could be so interesting
Yur on Be Doodoo
Yur on Be Doodoo Hace un día
Its actually 12 minutes and 45 seconds.
B O’R Hace un día
Are those jumpers legit?
Jake Mckenzie
Jake Mckenzie Hace 2 días
My names in the thumbnail 😆
Critter Whisperer
Critter Whisperer Hace 2 días
1:42 on the contrary I’m a big fan of Loki but love watching marvel bloopers
Liam Mathers
Liam Mathers Hace 2 días
Javi H-B
Javi H-B Hace 2 días
I really annoys me that the video is Tom Holland being a dork for 12 minutes 46seconds But it goes for 12 minutes 45seconds!
Montesama314 Hace 2 días
Tom jumpscared becomes Spider-Man. I'm surprised he didn't do the web shooter fingers.
Hanif Hace 2 días
Actually it was 12 minutes and 39 seconds
Urna Basu
Urna Basu Hace 2 días
yah ok i'll give it to Jake!! even tho i knew he was gonna jump scare Tom, the sudden noise did make me jump in my chair! XD XD XD
sselesU Hace 2 días
If someone can find a universe where I go insane after meeting anyone from WatchMojo- I owe you 10 billion dollars.
sselesU Hace 2 días
I feel clickbaited. He's only be a dork for 12 minutes and 45 seconds but the title says 46 seconds... What a douche becca is!
Gpaderna Hace 2 días
1:28, I thought he would said "my relationship with Downey was DOWN-ey
Freya Frost
Freya Frost Hace 2 días
11:38 Zendaya : Did he though? Tom's face: "bItCh?"
Belly rub
Belly rub Hace 3 días
No one: Literally no one: Not even Thanos: Tom Holland: *quAckSoN*
doodle noodle
doodle noodle Hace 3 días
If I could send any group of people who follow one thing to the most horrifyingly painful terrorizing and traumatizing place in hell for all eternity I wouldn’t send nazis I wouldn’t send the kkk I would send all of Tom Holland’s fans . Just cause
Eline Deijns
Eline Deijns Hace 3 días
okay everyone im so sorry to do this. its actually 12 minutes and 39 seconds. because untill 0:03 and from 12:42 there is a blackscreen. im so sorry im so bored. just thought it was really funny. love the video btw
Cardinal Ham'N'Eggs
Cardinal Ham'N'Eggs Hace 3 días
Robert Downey, jr., is like Nick Fury. Neither should be ghosted.
Alex Isaac
Alex Isaac Hace 3 días
i wasn’t necessarily a fan until now
Janaya Celestine Mykaela Manze
When Tom gets scared I got scared too....
tiffany Hace 4 días
Let's be honest. That dolphin schtick was pure gold.
Katie Maille
Katie Maille Hace 4 días
Wait, what does the machine in the beginning do?
Karime Sahagun-martinez
*crow* Tom: "ScReEcH" Jake: *is scared*
ACZ8 on Xbox
ACZ8 on Xbox Hace 4 días
Younger Drawer
Younger Drawer Hace 4 días
I have been saying it like qa-son-t
Kenma Kozume & BTS forever Sweet Sweet Suga
The way he says croissant is literally how we, French people, pronounce it 😂😂
Javontae Black
Javontae Black Hace 4 días
Spider-Man: Homeless
back ground
back ground Hace 4 días
He's one second off that's so unsatisfying
sama x
sama x Hace 4 días
5:40 those muscles tho👀
Official AntiYU
Official AntiYU Hace 4 días
Hannah Hartley
Hannah Hartley Hace 5 días
When mysterio scared Tom I screamed haha
Kirsten Berg
Kirsten Berg Hace 5 días
Not going to lie I got scared of the jump scare and laughed for a good five minutes 😂😂
JayBraps 365
JayBraps 365 Hace 5 días
Last clip Tom when American
AKA .#SAM Hace 5 días
Chris : *Cries from the inside Tom : I like india Hemsworth
AKA .#SAM Hace 5 días
45 seconds
gijs kuijken
gijs kuijken Hace 5 días
when tom got jump scared at 1:35 i got jump scared as wel and dropped my laptop of my lap on the ground
silly chipmunk
silly chipmunk Hace 5 días
Itswildgaming Hace 6 días
1:24:10 that was gold
Rumi Lee
Rumi Lee Hace 6 días
Minty’s Gacha
Minty’s Gacha Hace 6 días
Does Tom Holland have a spidey sense? He doesn’t... He has a Tommy Tingle
ainsley kirkbride
ainsley kirkbride Hace 6 días
P.S. Whats your phone number?
ainsley kirkbride
ainsley kirkbride Hace 6 días
You r my favorite marvle charter
Jakerz lmao
Jakerz lmao Hace 6 días
As soon as I started the video I’m like “ohhhhhh yes! No sweatshirt ads!” I thought
David Dealaman
David Dealaman Hace 6 días
Titled said 46 seconda
Melody plays -making roplays for yt
isn't his spidey sense just anxiety?
wildcats 11085
wildcats 11085 Hace 6 días
0:12 Poor Chris, he just wanted to feel praised during the interview
Brittany Holt
Brittany Holt Hace 6 días
12:40 seconds correction
TST_ItzOskarDk Hace 6 días
Actually 12 Minutes and 40 seconds
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