Tom Holland Was Told He Wasn't Good Looking Enough To Be Spider-Man | The Graham Norton Show

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Tom Holland recalls a chatty taxi driver on his way to his Spider-Man audition.

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2 dic 2021






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Forbidden Color
The whole point of Peter Parker is that he's not supposed to look like a supermodel. That driver was on point.
Caio Da Silva Barreto
The way he just effortlessly switches to a perfect American accent is impressive. Lot of actors can't do it that easily
Lakshmi G
I love Henry Cavill just sat smiling and intently listening to the story
Chris Trenary
Maybe it's just the hair and the glasses but Tom really does seem like he's grown up so much since he started playing Spider-Man. Even his recent interviews have such a different vibe. It still feels like he started playing the character so recently but it's already been over half a decade, so wild.
I think Holland was the perfect choice as the new Spidey. He just captures the right balance of dorkyiness and good-natured personality.
Boston celtics
Meanwhile Henry Cavill next to him is like: I can't relate to people telling me that
I just need to see Tom and Henry star in a Movie together, man. Their chemistry would be off the wall...
Cass Gray
Tom Holland is certainly not even remotely close to being ugly or unattractive, but I think what that driver was probably trying to get across is that he certainly looked at nineteen - and still looks - a lot more realistically like a teenager than some other actors. He doesn’t look like a super model or a thirty year old man, but like a more down to earth, reasonably attractive young person.
Killer Queen
Was the driver talking about Timothee Chalamet? Because he was the other actor the studio was leaning towards. Well, it worked out for both of them, their careers are flourishing...
Bruce Wayne
Tom: someone told me I wasn't good looking enough
Tom Holland and Henry Cavill sitting next to each other on the Graham Norton show made me flash back to my old Superman vs The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (the original DC/Marvel crossover comic from 1976). Now I really want to see that done as live-action -- maybe not the exact plot, maybe just a little nod to it in some ESvid cross-promotional feel-good piece when Marvel and DC are both releasing movies for which it'd be relevant. But I'd really love to see Holland and Cavill interacting in-character.
Hajira S.
He be looking damn good now. Not even just physically, Spider-Man has won so many hearts because of Tom 💕
Olly Paton
Ultimate insult when the character wears a mask…
That driver is clever. There's a lot of people in the industry who say that they purposely shy away from actors who are "too good-looking" because it becomes distracting and can take away from the role/story.
I see Tom is going through a Robert Downey Jr. phase. He reminds me so much of him ❤
I think that probably sucks to be told that when you're a teenager, the driver for sure didn't think that through. But he probably meant tom looked like he could be a teenage kid from new york rather than a model.
Jenny Cull
Can we just appreciate how Tom has kinda adapted RDJ's style. So wholesome
Rachael Hutchings
He's just normal looking and that's the point he's not a supermodel he has character and isn't dull. Peter Parker right there. Such a good actor in 'the devil all the time' but really traumatising to watch.
Jessica Barrios
He’s literally the perfect Peter Parker. Toby was too old (although my childhood fav) and Andrew was too “cool” kid. Tom is handsome & young but also has that cute nerdy look & energy. Perfect.
To be fair, the driver never said Holland was ugly. He just said the other guy was better looking
avengers cast roast each other