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Tommy Chong recalls the morning the DEA raided his home and how he was sent to jail for making bongs. (Contains strong language.)
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pirkkala Hace 2 horas
We got an opioid crisis in america and this is the dumb shit the dea does
pirkkala Hace 2 horas
1:05 you welcome
Adriaan Howell
Adriaan Howell Hace 7 horas
The man ! The legend !
Frank Goodman
Frank Goodman Hace 10 horas
You have to be the lowest level of man to be a DEA agent.
Smokey Bear
Smokey Bear Hace 19 horas
wait. if the undercover agent shipped the bong to Pa., didn't HE break the law?
hamid malik
hamid malik Hace 20 horas
Damn he seems like such a good sport about it lol
Amelia Anderson
Amelia Anderson Hace 21 un hora
They were wrong for doing that to him.
ZigzagWanderer Hace un día
That's Bill Clinton's DEA keeping America safe, kids (the phony really never inhaled). Busting Tommy Chong is like busting ol' Willy Nelson on his bus, a cheap shot, while he's just trying to pay his bills. It's great that he was taken care of in jail. Bill Cosby gets respect in jail too. Bill put guys on the floor laughing with just a facial expression
HellzFuryRC Hace un día
Isnt that Entrapment? They refused to ship across state lines because it was illegal.....so they send a DEA agent into his company to ship it? Pretty sure thats illegal as hell
Monzter Carl
Monzter Carl Hace un día
Tommy Chong Try Weed in the philippines And Duterte Kill you
Checkerzzz gaming Hi
say no to drugs people dea.s always follow feds who work dirty I saw a fed get arrested the other day for having weed in his car now that's funny true feds you could be the next to be arrested by dea
Joe Nelsen
Joe Nelsen Hace un día
Cheech, Chong and Doug Bensen all have the exact same act. It can be summed up as 'Dude.....weed.'
Corey Cadden
Corey Cadden Hace 2 días
We have a head shop in Erie pa that got hit because of his bongs DEA busted it up years ago
Stefan Crews
Stefan Crews Hace 2 días
He didn't mention his cellmate was Jordan Belfort aka the real wolf of Wall Street
The Stupid App
The Stupid App Hace 2 días
That’s fucking unbelievable. Damn.
James Forrest
James Forrest Hace 3 días
I loved him on that 70’s Show 😂 😝
Taylor HeyHeyTayboo
Taylor HeyHeyTayboo Hace 3 días
Throwback to when he played Leo on That 70’s Show!!!!!! I legit heard him say one word and was like oh shit that’s Leo and I looked it up and I was fuckin right like oh shit I’m a fucking genius!!!
Joe Munoz
Joe Munoz Hace 7 días
Met mister Chong twice, coolest dude ever.. he had no issue whatsoever having a chat or taking a picture
Joe Baptista
Joe Baptista Hace 7 días
Chong, has Hispanic in his [ IN HIS BLOOD, LOOK AT HIS SKIN & HANDS, ] they new each other. that's why they WHERE SOOOOO GOOD, and AWSOMEEE. ex president reagan & his Wife, stopped there comedy. go back and look at the history
Sluggz McGee
Sluggz McGee Hace 7 días
"A white supremacist tattoo" Tommy Chong is a trip! LMAO!!!!
Donnie Martin
Donnie Martin Hace 8 días
Dirty rat bastards they do a lot get there more in nonsense shit
Darryl Smith
Darryl Smith Hace 9 días
Got a job and shipped it...I didnt know that. How sad
ZuRriX Hace 11 días
AMAZING. Damn, I did not know DEA is that dumb.
Ramo Larroc
Ramo Larroc Hace 12 días
Thats fucked up FUCK THE POLICE!!!!!!!FUCK THE DEA!
Ramo Larroc
Ramo Larroc Hace 12 días
Thats how they rob us
Ramo Larroc
Ramo Larroc Hace 12 días
Chong bring back Cheech!and Chong stay out of jail!LEGENDS
Ramo Larroc
Ramo Larroc Hace 12 días
Brian St. James
Brian St. James Hace 12 días
I always thought chong was willie nelson after he was stoned. Im kidding but it does make you think. What would happen if they had a comedy together
Craig Jones
Craig Jones Hace 12 días
Tommy sounds like if Sylvester Stallone was a pothead
dakoolaidkid Hace 12 días
Love this man.
Damions LiftedLife
Damions LiftedLife Hace 13 días
the time tommy Chong was so high he though a fbi raid was a bunch of trick or treaters and let's remember it probably wasn't even October
Oscar L Lopez
Oscar L Lopez Hace 13 días
All the DEA agents working on him why not the people who clean the money the real criminals heroin coke dealers damn.
Richard Ernst
Richard Ernst Hace 13 días
Sooo many outrageous horrific things that you could ever imagine going on in the world and these boring dumb fuck pigs 🐷 got nothing else to do..!!!!!!!
Łukasz Krueger
Łukasz Krueger Hace 14 días
Niggas are like....?
pops 69
pops 69 Hace 15 días
"Dave's not here."
Angela Magic Salveson
Angela Magic Salveson Hace 15 días
Omgosh I'm dying 😂😂 And I'm from PA 🤣
The One
The One Hace 15 días
Man got a limousine to prison
Owari Da
Owari Da Hace 16 días
“Every room in the house” 👀💀
Mike orear
Mike orear Hace 16 días
a roast of the federal American wor on drugs.. we all know the government is in on it ...cmon jfk now this??? cmon btw I have a death wish so send your least skilled operatives... or better yet come yourself pussy bitch... my name is clear as day!! come get some pussy boys.. I know you track these kind of comments so come get some fags.. if youre man enough to fist fight me coemget some otherwise youre a bunch a pussys with guns
Joshua Carey
Joshua Carey Hace 17 días
Tommy Chong should be a national treasure😂😂
Jebus Bhrist
Jebus Bhrist Hace 17 días
Seeing black people in comedy clubs is weird. It's strange because I thought they all had the same sense of humor.
Ryan Hopper
Ryan Hopper Hace 18 días
I still kinda know him as Leo the hippie from that 70s show 😂
Lisa B
Lisa B Hace 4 días
He rocked that role.
IcyMidnight Hace 18 días
1:00 for the start
Vending Machine Bud
Vending Machine Bud Hace 18 días
Pennsylvania fucked me myself for paraphernalia and possession in college
Judo Johnny
Judo Johnny Hace 19 días
Tommy is real Cheech is a bitch.
Brian Brewster
Brian Brewster Hace 19 días
I'm quite sure there's a lot here that Tommy Chong purposely omitted in this story. Nobody likes jail, especially someone that has been a counter-culture icon most of his life and never felt promoting drugs was essentially evil in our society. What a sobering slap reality this must've been for Mr. Chong the day the DEA descened on him like he was some kind of terrorist. Shame on our retarded, hypocritical government.
SkateIslam Hace 19 días
Tommy Chong busted for a bong that’s so wrong.
Snaggle Toothed
Snaggle Toothed Hace 20 días
How many taxes went towards entrapping Tommy Chong for his kid selling a fucking bong?
MXDVSSA Hace 20 días
These intros are so fucking annoying.
Nennerb Eloc
Nennerb Eloc Hace 20 días
"Get his ass coconut"
0223x Hace 20 días
Totally insane, they entrapped his son and locked Tommy Chong up for selling bongs! I can’t think of a less real “crime” and he got 9 months for it.
VBVNDON_BEATS Hace 21 un día
That one white dude up front must be undercover DEA, he looks suspiciously sus...
VBVNDON_BEATS Hace 21 un día
Damn …i forgot how FUNNNY this dude was… and all this is documented fact….LMAO
VBVNDON_BEATS Hace 21 un día
Are they at SAMS?!?!?! LOVE THAT PLACEEE
Milkdud Hace 21 un día
hes high as fuck
Heather Mefford
Heather Mefford Hace 21 un día
I believe doing time with Mr. Chong would actually be fun!
Tommy Chong
Tommy Chong Hace 22 días
I Had fun doing this
Mr Me
Mr Me Hace 22 días
“Did you know no one knows where cigar smoking comes from?” Yes, we do idiot. It came from turkey, same as coffee. The western world turned the tobaccos they traded with turkey to get, & created the “coffee house” in Europe, where Men would smoke and drink coffee while working on paperwork, or relaxing. A change from the pub, which just got everyone drunk. This Man saying it came from the amazon is ignorant as fuck.. do comedians even try anymore?
Alex White
Alex White Hace 23 días
Easy ditch man find there high school porn collection via Johnson and Johnson product through daily,"BUISNESS,".no we do not support their ,"fucking," children.poor kids are a victim of language already by then to me right?
CAT DURGS Hace 23 días
This dude is a filthy fuck, I love it.
AEO Co Hace 23 días
Wow... such a blatant entrapment... all dea agents involved should be executed.
InYoFace 05
InYoFace 05 Hace 23 días
The Three Men of Weed Tommy Chong Snoop Dogg Willie Nelson If you ever want to start doing weed and if you're parents don't approve. These men are the only True Exceptions that it will be fully understood.
Andrew Bullseye
Andrew Bullseye Hace 24 días
One of the greats! love from Denver !
ComaAlpha Hace 24 días
How is it that a DEA agent is the one who breaks the law and a celebrity like Tommy Chong is the one that takes the fall?
Wavegang Waveyton
Wavegang Waveyton Hace 25 días
9months for selling bongs that's bullshit
DeadTownManifesto1985 Hace 25 días
No that cop was being a dick. If you're turning yourself in they don't handcuff you. I've never been handcuffed turning myself in. What are you going to do? You already walked in the jail. 😆
thatonedrewguy Hace 25 días
Fucking DEA man, arresting this legend who didn't hurt a damn soul. I remember when he was busted WAY back in 2002 or 03 and it broke my heart, but how cool was it that his cellmate was the fucking WOLF OF WALL STREET?
Kraye Inluv
Kraye Inluv Hace 25 días
Fuck the DEA, Tommy Chong is a national treasure!
i.e.m. Hace 26 días
Jesus Christ he is 80 years old and he is more healthy than me. I guess weed is good for you
Laurie Williams
Laurie Williams Hace 26 días
In the words of the craziest baddest black guys ever " FUCK THA POLOCE"
stone1andonly Hace 26 días
If they sent a guy in to specifically ship that bong to Pennsylvania to facilitate the crime, I'm pretty sure that is entrapment to the Nth degree!
SRG Royal
SRG Royal Hace 27 días
Fuck I love tommy Chong
Galactic Warlock
Galactic Warlock Hace 27 días
I swear the American justice system is completely rotten. Chong is a law abiding stoner and look at Trump and these fucks from JP Morgan. Enough to make you puke.
Sewer Tapes
Sewer Tapes Hace 27 días
Hey hey! TC shouted out Arlington, TX! Woop woop, celebration noises!
Pacific NW Native
Pacific NW Native Hace 28 días
Knock! Knock! Knock!.. "Who is it?" .. "It's Dave man!, open up; I got the sruff!; I think the cops saw me come here!!; Open up Man!!".. "Daves not Here!!"
Burnzy 51
Burnzy 51 Hace 28 días
DEA motto if they won't willing break the law let's break the law for them and have them take the wrap.
Butters Scotch
Butters Scotch Hace 29 días
Dude he doesn’t still get a morning hard on 😂 that’s the biggest lie of this whole thing
ajs1031 Hace 29 días
All hail the Squirrel Master!
Puvin Terumalay
Puvin Terumalay Hace 29 días
brotherman!!! ur laughter is fuckin mint!
mechaart Hace 29 días
So the DEA was soo desperate to pin something on the guy that they literally sent in agents to try to pin something on him.... Talk about desperation to a *T*
Nick S
Nick S Hace 29 días
That’s fucked the fuck up.
Bob Hace 29 días
The intros cost so much money i bet...and they are shit
Ooo Ooo
Ooo Ooo Hace 29 días
I LOVE😍😍😍😍😍😍 This Guy!!!!
Diana Clonts
Diana Clonts Hace un mes
Lmao! Squirrel Master lives!!!!! Love Chong!
ajs1031 Hace 29 días
Ernesto will live forever!
MotoJonesy Hace un mes
Wasn’t ari Schaffer doing a show like this?
akbar sugab
akbar sugab Hace un mes
Im so lucky to see you still doing what you did.somethg like that.love chongandcheech
Nathan Rish
Nathan Rish Hace un mes
I can't wait until we outgrow our government
PlutoTheGod Hace un mes
isn’t it great how the government literally did a long ass operation and ended up breaking the law THEMSELVES just to fuck him over?
Buck nasty
Buck nasty Hace un mes
Fuck the DEA
Gary Russ
Gary Russ Hace un mes
OK, here goes. The control system cannot even get a conviction on a celebrity for child rape, but if you believe Tommy Chong went to jail for nine months for making bongs, you are one gullible person. Maybe you believe Roman Polanski should be left alone, and Michael Jackson was innocent. It's easier to beat the system as a broke, famous person accused of murder, than a rich, unknown person, I know I'm a three strikes survivor.
Jordan Mitchell
Jordan Mitchell Hace un mes
Are they paying that guy in the crowd to laugh like that? He's been other vids. Really annoying laugh!!!
The Happy Frog
The Happy Frog Hace un mes
when your job is so shit that you have to look for people to harass *THE DEA-ATF LADIES AND GENTS*
Colton Austin
Colton Austin Hace un mes
I hope at some point someone in the DEA sees this and is embarrassed for the whole situation.
jess carroll
jess carroll Hace un mes
"When you're not doing anything wrong, you just gotta be honest." Man, he is so fucking true!!!
Carol Lee Pirro
Carol Lee Pirro Hace un mes
Good God, what happened to Our country???
M.A.D.PandaGaming Hace un mes
DEA are some criminals.
andrewcampbell1937 Hace un mes
I seen a black dude in jail with a white supremacy tattoo.. We all thought it was pretty funny.. We never told him.
ALL ONE Hace un mes
I thought Bush was a smoker ?
Om Theta
Om Theta Hace un mes
Roy's introductions need to go die they are way too cheesy and unfunny, for introducing comedy legends.
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