Top 10 Actors Who Can Pull Off Foreign Accents

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9 nov 2014

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MelAsYouSaidIssa Hace 13 horas
Saoirse Ronan??
Maz Terbate
Maz Terbate Hace un día
Michael Myers should of been on this list.
Ms Erinjohnson
Ms Erinjohnson Hace un día
Alan Rickman should have been somewhere on this list. That change from a German accent to an American one in Die Hard was super impressive.
Luke Samuel
Luke Samuel Hace un día
Leonardo di Caprio does not belong here
Claudio Segovia
Claudio Segovia Hace un día
He also has a multicultural childhood and adolescence. He lived in several countries and thanks to that he has other accents, such as Spanish for Alatriste, a film from that country, Spanish from Argentina (where he lived several years) and even made a film spoken in Welsh.
dev bhosale
dev bhosale Hace un día
Where is tom hardy ??
Gray Mukela
Gray Mukela Hace un día
You forgot Scott Adkins😠😠😩
Veronica Watson
Veronica Watson Hace 2 días
Accents are very hard especially without vocal coaching and some actors don't spend enough time on that aspect. Especially for native speakers you can hear mess ups almost immediately, naturally. For me, what makes a good vocal performance is not just the authenticity of the accent but how it disappears into the character. It shouldn't stand out and I'm afraid with even some of these performances in this list ,it did in my mind. It's nice if it's perfect but who cares if it's delivery us separate from the actor. But I 100% agree with Gary Oldman and Christian Bale's nomination. Also Daniel Day-Lewis. Hey where's the women on this list though?
Karla Gonzalez
Karla Gonzalez Hace 2 días
The Place (1968) should not be there! That actor is playing BROWN FACE!!!!
isaac brandon
isaac brandon Hace 2 días
Where is Johnny Depp and James McAvoy
Reydani Hace 2 días
Where´s Arnold Schwarz?
reefrunner Hace 3 días
RDJ’s British accents for Chaplin and Sherlock Holmes were fucking spot on. But he honestly lost me with the Aussie accents. They sound a bit too forced and slip in and out of more of a New Zealand accent.
Eagler ElliniaMS
Eagler ElliniaMS Hace 3 días
The no.1 pick is spot on AHAHAAH was wondering when Oldman was going to be mentioned
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Hace 3 días
Ian Rivlin
Ian Rivlin Hace 3 días
I'd probably give the nod to either DDL or RDJ.
Banja Luka BiH
Banja Luka BiH Hace 4 días
The Borat accent is 1000% Polish accent
Jennifer Guidry
Jennifer Guidry Hace 5 días
Harumia Amirah
Harumia Amirah Hace 5 días
Vigo FTW. The guy speaks elvish for heaven sake.
Stephen Winkler
Stephen Winkler Hace 5 días
No offence to the amazing Bobby D, but ask an Australian about Australian accents. His is good but far from perfect. Kate Winslet has done two films as an Australian - Holy Smoke with Harvey Keitel, and The Dressmaker. In the first her Australian accent is excellent. In the second it is perfect. No small achievement - just ask Meryl Streep after her butchering of our accent in "dingo's got my baby".
J Town
J Town Hace 6 días
How are you going to mention Christian Bale, and leave out the fact that he played the lead role in Newsies when he was still a young actor?
70snostalgia Hace 7 días
Thanks for including Hughie Jackman and Colin Farrell - american is harder than it sounds.
Aku Alip
Aku Alip Hace 8 días
Gary oldman & daniel day lewis always be my top list
Az Boyd
Az Boyd Hace 8 días
Mike Myers should have got a spot
Si Regan
Si Regan Hace 8 días
Not sure I agree with Leo's attempt at the Irish accent, it wasn't great!
starshapedscar Hace 8 días
Peter Sellers' French accent sucks. As others have mentioned, Wolverine is Canadian. And Hank Azaria deserves a spot in there.
R Nickerson
R Nickerson Hace 9 días
I've also seen those Leonardo DiCaprio performances on worst accent lists...
blareysue1 Hace 9 días
Viggo in Carlito's Way blew me off the water.... his accent was perfect.
Ayesha S
Ayesha S Hace 10 días
Cillian Murphy deserves to be on that list!! And i might argue that christian bale should have been placed above leo..
puina ruivah
puina ruivah Hace 10 días
Ben Kingsley gandhi
InternetovýBouchač Hace 11 días
Hugh Jackman played Canadian in X-men. You said American. Mistake found hoe
Alexi Beck
Alexi Beck Hace 14 días
Mel Gibson?
dubcindub15 Hace 14 días
@watchmojo.com How about actors who can't pull off an accent? Surely #1 is Tom Cruise if you want a spoiler.
Maureen Kitty
Maureen Kitty Hace 15 días
Ooh Hollywood and their typical Russian accent. Not all people speak like that. It’s stereotype so the audience can recognize that the person speaking should a Russian. Is the same with the German accents.
Thoughts Hace 15 días
Gerard butler does a good greek american scottish king.
Yes Sir!
Yes Sir! Hace 17 días
Where is Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino!!! (LOL!)
Patsau Shaa
Patsau Shaa Hace 17 días
British actors fucking sucks with accents ,especially doing American accents and Aussies are pros at it.
Carlos Chiva
Carlos Chiva Hace 17 días
And what about Viggo Mortensen in Alatriste?
Daulet Aristambayev
Daulet Aristambayev Hace 18 días
How come Cohen is in this list? For making Borat accent? Accent of the country he has never been to, playing a nation he doesn't know sh** about? The one who made this video is uneducated id**t. Before you make any video, be so kind to use google at least... Using your logic put Jim Carry into this list for making animal voices (noises), because they are so real, someone should create an animal vocabulary...
B Vicente
B Vicente Hace 19 días
Mel Gibson?
Anupam Baglari
Anupam Baglari Hace 19 días
Laurie can pull of an American accent better than the Americans
Kathy K
Kathy K Hace 19 días
Mike Myers for the Shrek & Austin Powers franchises.
KiriakosBlackWolf Hace 20 días
Tom Hardy???
Olivier Faur
Olivier Faur Hace 21 un día
Vijay Swearingen
Vijay Swearingen Hace 22 días
Where are the women? To be fair
Niki Hace 23 días
Alex Hatfield
Alex Hatfield Hace 23 días
Mostly Brits. Best actors in the world. Where are the women though?
nikolai berglihn
nikolai berglihn Hace 23 días
Hugh Lourie is British btw. He should be on the list for playing "House"!
Billy Gonzalez
Billy Gonzalez Hace 23 días
Tom Hardy...
Saimon, diz!
Saimon, diz! Hace 24 días
I didn't know howard from big ban theory was going to be there 😂😂😂😂
Scottish_Saltire Hace 25 días
I would agree with all but one of these films, I really can't watch Blood Diamond without cringing. I do think Leo is one of the best actors out there (sorry I know I'm contradicting myself), overall though good selection.
omambia nelson
omambia nelson Hace 26 días
Johnny Dep
Miklós Sudár
Miklós Sudár Hace 26 días
What about Alan Rickman?
Tiffany Clark
Tiffany Clark Hace 27 días
Peter Dinklage???
Thomas Carsington
Thomas Carsington Hace 27 días
JK Simmons in Counterpart. He's the only actor ever to have masterd the Ö, the Ä und the Ü of the German language
Apurva Kumar Joshi
Apurva Kumar Joshi Hace 27 días
U put Gary at 1, and u've earned my respect
Iveta Novotna
Iveta Novotna Hace 27 días
Meryl Streep
AnaGrace1991 Hace 28 días
robert downy jnr can not do an aussie accent
Dato Dvalidze
Dato Dvalidze Hace 29 días
Peter Stormare
satyrme Hace 29 días
Hugh wasn't playing an American when he was playing Wolverine. Canadian.
Jake Hallett
Jake Hallett Hace 29 días
You said bale is welsh which he is and then you say this english man
yos doggo
yos doggo Hace un mes
Hugh laurie?
tjmunros Hace un mes
No women? There should be. Nuff said
Megan A
Megan A Hace un mes
Viggo is hot
Jack Gee
Jack Gee Hace un mes
They missed out his fifth element accent!! Personal favourite.. “this case is empty... empty... thee opposite of full”
potatopirat Hace un mes
Christian Bale is from Wales, not England.
Mike Church
Mike Church Hace un mes
I'm surprised you didn't pick Fassbender. Not only can he do numerous accents, but has also done a few languages as well.
Sellers should be at number 1
Yurek Hunt
Yurek Hunt Hace un mes
You mention Robert Downey Junior in Tropic Thunder, but his Australian accent is positively shit-house. He sounds NOTHING like an Australian. Which brings up another point. Australians watch so much American TV and Film that many young here people speak with an American accent now. Doing an American accent isn't that hard for a lot of Australians and Hugh Jackman shouldn't be on this list. As for the fact that you haven't included Meryl Streep, who is EASILY the best actor who can pull off foreign accents - for example, Lindy Chamberlains mix of Australian and Kiwi - are you being sexist or stupid?
XxUniLizzyxX XxUniLizzyxX
no need wasting your precious time watching this shitty video; just read my comment: brad pitt in snatch *fixed* you are welcome
Sandeep Singh
Sandeep Singh Hace un mes
Where is Tom Hanks? Speaking Krakhosian in "The Terminal"
Étoile Filante
Étoile Filante Hace un mes
Gary Olman's Zorg in the 5th Element was remarkable! A midwest southern accent for an intergalactic vilain was sooo clever!
RD S Hace un mes
Don't forget Peter Sellers as Claire Quilty in Lolita
fake channel
fake channel Hace un mes
1:30 why does he have the blackest most Samuel L Jackson voice for a white guy?
Brooks Carlson
Brooks Carlson Hace un mes
Funny that some of those performances wound up being highlighted in Erik Singer's excellent videos about voice coaching.
Brooks Carlson
Brooks Carlson Hace un mes
Um.. what was the model's response at 2:27? Seems like she may have said "block off" :)
Brandon Hace un mes
I think Leo DiFagrios South African accent was the fakest sounding Ive ever heard
Marjan Podlogar
Marjan Podlogar Hace un mes
Gary Oldman is genius.
KillerPink Art
KillerPink Art Hace un mes
Wolverine is famously Canadian. Not Canadian. Jesus. Do you guys do any fact checking?
Silvia Oino
Silvia Oino Hace un mes
Where's Jeffrey wright and Al Pacino?
Sturgeon man
Sturgeon man Hace un mes
Shouldn’t it just be titled “Actors who can pull off accents”?
Richard Kraus
Richard Kraus Hace un mes
I'd have switched Colin Farrell for Mr. Tim Roth
soumik goswami
soumik goswami Hace un mes
Day Lewis and oldman
Aidric Yates
Aidric Yates Hace un mes
Hugh Jackman. He's Australian, but he nailed an American accent in "The Greatest Showman."
John Glasby
John Glasby Hace un mes
Wolverine is from Canada just saying
kaustubh Deshpande
kaustubh Deshpande Hace un mes
what thay present as indian accent is not an indian accent at all.mostly tamil indians speak like that not all indians
Paul Battifora
Paul Battifora Hace un mes
Kevin Kline
Louis Cypher
Louis Cypher Hace un mes
Tom Hardy? Although Blood Diamond was one of Di caprios best movies he's hardly a great linguist/accent.
Krogan Popy
Krogan Popy Hace un mes
s4lvat0re Hace un mes
Where is Hugh Laurie?
Dmctalon Hace un mes
Well, being Irish, it pains me to hear horrible attempts at the Irish accent, but by far the best I've ever heard would be Brad Pitt in 'Snatch' and Daniel day Lewis in 'In the name of the father'
Anna Tylor
Anna Tylor Hace un mes
yeah lol why is cate blanchett not on here
Anton Panteleev
Anton Panteleev Hace un mes
Day-Lewis period.
santachorry Hace un mes
Gary Oldman.....definitely number one.
Howard Maxwell
Howard Maxwell Hace un mes
The way James Marsters says “bollocks” is way more convincing than any of this
quinn hendley
quinn hendley Hace un mes
...i'm here for viggo mortensen and eastern promises.
TheHimbeerjoghurt Hace un mes
Gary Oldman looks like Johnny Depp in true romance
Anthony Roberts
Anthony Roberts Hace un mes
Eddie Murphy not being on this list is criminal
Guy Person
Guy Person Hace 26 días
Murphy does comic parodies of accents, not accents like those in the country use
Mel D
Mel D Hace un mes
James McAvoy is pretty good at accents
Александр Старков
I`m native russian and I`m impressed how Mortensen and Oldman pull off russian accent. They sound like real russians. Great work!
Aj Sexton
Aj Sexton Hace un mes
1. Wales is different from England. Both part of uk but they are actually separate countries. 2. RDJ sounds like your typical Aussie bogan. 3. You need another list. More accurate than this
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