Top 10 Actors Who Can Pull Off Foreign Accents

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9 nov 2014

moviestelevisionactors with accentsactors good with accentscan pull off foreign accentsgary oldmandaniel day lewisleonardo dicapriochristian baleviggo mortensencolin farrellrobert downey jrhugh jackmansacha baron cohenActor (Profession)






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IzzyIsBusy Hace 11 horas
Gary Oldman perfected the Russian accent when he voiced Reznov in black ops
Alan Kryszak
Alan Kryszak Hace 17 horas
Hugh Laurie literally made a director think he was an American during his audition.....
阿灵 Hace 2 días
And Mortensen is the only person of these can speak elven language...
Mason Garber
Mason Garber Hace 2 días
Wtf you guys dont know shit mike myers ? Were is he ???
I wish this list would have pointed out or listed birth accent of ALL and what they did
When i watched HOUSE and then saw an interview of hugh Laurie...i was shocked. I said why he talking like that? Flawless American accent
David Barrett
David Barrett Hace 2 días
What about sherlock holmes for Robert downey jr
AmazinglyPotato Hace 2 días
RDJ is the only white actor who can pull off blackface and still be chill with it because he’s simply that good
IShipBullshit Hace 3 días
Black Hood
Black Hood Hace 3 días
colin and hugh and Robert Downey and Christian bale and DiCaprio and heath and idris and Gary are my favourites 😅❤
Black Hood
Black Hood Hace 3 días
number 10 is amazing 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Stephan Legault
Stephan Legault Hace 3 días
Gary Oldman is the best actor of my generation
cranberries45 Hace 4 días
Guy Pearce should be on this list too.
Manuel A. Alvarez
Manuel A. Alvarez Hace 4 días
You missed Tom Hardy and didn't mention any female actors.
Rowler laugh409
Rowler laugh409 Hace 4 días
Robert De Niro anyone???
Kee Char
Kee Char Hace 4 días
Might as well name this list “list of Best British actors”
a.c.t ants
a.c.t ants Hace 4 días
You forgot christoph waltz!!!
Matthew Grey
Matthew Grey Hace 4 días
Is this only in english speaking accents? Because Meryl streep shouls be on here
Bryce Arnold
Bryce Arnold Hace 5 días
Leonardo probably pulled off the WORST South African accent. There are subtle nuances that make it very recognizable and unique. Andy Serkis pulled it off in Age of Ultron and is widely praised for it.
Chi Me
Chi Me Hace 5 días
⚔️Everyone in Game of Thrones are accent chameleons. 🏰🏰🏰The way they act in American movies and other accents in other shows/movies are excellent. Best Show! Best Cast! Best Everything!🌄 RIP GOT🌅
Mick Faithful
Mick Faithful Hace 5 días
Morgan Freeman
Mick Faithful
Mick Faithful Hace 5 días
Gary Oldman, seriously????? Y'all might as well put Mike Myers on this list (definitely joking, but still)..... And let's give Denzel Washington some love please, he's top 5 easy... Don't sleep on Tom Hanks
Dmitriy Martynov
Dmitriy Martynov Hace 5 días
Wolverine is Canadian
Casey Thomas
Casey Thomas Hace 6 días
Giancarlo Esposito? Chiwitel Efijor? Anton Yechlin? Jeffrey Wright?
ChristianBaleBatman Hace 6 días
Leonardo di Caprio is too high on the list. In Gangs of New York he does not sound irish at all. He is a good actor, no doubt. I am not a hater. But putting him infront of Christian Bale. Are you serious?
Nathan Parfitt
Nathan Parfitt Hace 6 días
No Tim Roth?
CoraMendi Hace 6 días
I'm in France now and sorry, but Sellers doesn't get the french R or S right. And Wolverine is Canadian :p Aaaand Mortensen (whose Spanish basic accent is Argentinian, having grown up there) has a flawless Leonés accent as well (as seen in Alatriste).
dg Pepper
dg Pepper Hace 6 días
I guess this is just a men’s list. It does say actors. Margot Robbie is great tho. Tonya Harding, that movie w Leo where she had the jersey accent, wolf of wall st. And others where she uses an American accent
Stan Gable
Stan Gable Hace 6 días
Leonardo DiCaprio did a shit Long Island accent - you’d need to be from New York to tell.
Pizza goes splat
Pizza goes splat Hace 7 días
Hugh Laurie, Christopher Walking and Micheal Fassbender?
Pizza goes splat
Pizza goes splat Hace 7 días
As much as I like Di Caprio but that was a bad South African and Irish accent
Eitel Schulenburg
Eitel Schulenburg Hace 5 días
True, glad you said it
Soyel Rai
Soyel Rai Hace 7 días
what about al pacino?
toby rain fam
toby rain fam Hace 8 días
Ian glien did a superb American accent in kick ass 2 and a amazing English accent in game of thrones diaspore being Scottish
ace24680 Hace 8 días
wait... what ?????? how ???? i had no idea he was in last of the mohicans watched that as a kid and saw him in many other films but not once did that come to mind
kalvig123 Hace 8 días
I was going to get pissed that Daniel Day Lewis wasn’t #1 until I saw Gary Oldman was in the top spot, he is truly amazing at accents
diego oyanedel
diego oyanedel Hace 8 días
Viggo mortensen es argentino
Returning Shadow
Returning Shadow Hace 9 días
YOu missed Viggo's southwestern southern accent in Young Guns 2 and Christian Bale's thick New York accent in Newsies.
Sonam Nanglu
Sonam Nanglu Hace 9 días
Wolverine aka Logan is a Canadian not American character. Mojo would have been more accurate to have said North American.
Sven Luketić
Sven Luketić Hace 9 días
ok oldman is no1 but pitt is close second
Isaac Vargas
Isaac Vargas Hace 10 días
Hugh Jackman's most famous character is canadian
Isaac Vargas
Isaac Vargas Hace 10 días
Peter sellers was brilliant
International Harvester
Brüno was soooo damn funny, getting chased by Heredi😁
Michael John
Michael John Hace 10 días
Gary O is the top.
Oscar Lundberg
Oscar Lundberg Hace 10 días
What about Peter Stormare!?
Trent Wilkie
Trent Wilkie Hace 11 días
Wolverine is a Canadian character.
Idatex Hace 11 días
Although these two actors always play bad guys i was ALWAYS hardpressed to figure out their nationalities. So look them up once you see them and their movies you'll say oh yeah, him! They are underrated. Andrew Divoff speaks Venenzuelian(native tongue), English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, Catalan, German 8 languages! (Toy Soldiers, wishmaster. ) used to speak Romanian but no friends who spoke it so he is not as fluent. Next is Joaquin de Almeida speaks Portuguese (native tongue), English, Spanish,French, Italian & German (Fast and Furious, Clear and Present Danger. To name a few. Check em out! Now these actors are REALLY IMPRESSIVE with their multi languages
Prenk Harty
Prenk Harty Hace 11 días
Chadwick MF Boseman
WilliamParadise Hace 12 días
I love the Australian accent it’s a mixture of Boston and British.
codenamerishi Hace 12 días
Viggo Mortensen did great Italian accent in The Green Book
SA Inja woof
SA Inja woof Hace 13 días
NO JUST NO!! Leo DeCaprio's accent in "Blood Diamond," was not spot on. It was barely passable. Matt Damon did a much better job in "Invictus." Southern African accents are some of the most difficult to copy.
Aanay Bhatt
Aanay Bhatt Hace 13 días
Robin Williams????
Jason D Law
Jason D Law Hace 14 días
Wolverine is not American 🤦‍♂️
Sam Larkworthy
Sam Larkworthy Hace 15 días
Firstly I’ve never heard an American do a good job of an Australian accent and rdj is no exception. Secondly, where is Fred Armisen??!!!?!??!
Sydney Hardin
Sydney Hardin Hace 16 días
How Christoph waltz didn't make this list blows my mind
Luke Robson
Luke Robson Hace un día
I think it's less accents for him and more just that he's native in multiple languages. Also, his tortured gurgling is heard at the end of the clip ㅋㅋㅋ
Jack Ideias
Jack Ideias Hace 2 días
START THE CONVERSATION James Tate iii A very good actor from Austria I believe, he won awards for his performance in the movie inglorious basterds
Not to be rude...who is he?
Email Schmemail
Email Schmemail Hace 16 días
Now we need a top 10 ACTRESSES list just to see the nine who come behind Meryl Streep.
David G
David G Hace 17 días
Viggo as Lalin in Carlito's Way. Fuckin flawless accent & Spanglish.
Ron Lewis
Ron Lewis Hace 17 días
been watching some of these older videos and you have to love how their point of view sways on certain actors based on the times
carlos enrique valle cruz
Me: daniel Day-Lewis in second place?!?! Who could be better than him?!!!! Mojo: Gary oldman Me: *pikachu face*
Justin Pybus
Justin Pybus Hace 18 días
What?! No mention of Tom Hardy!
Adriana Zea-Smith
Adriana Zea-Smith Hace 18 días
Where's Hugh Laurie? He should at least have an honorable mention.
Bardo Hace 18 días
9:42 Fassbender is one of the worse actors in terms of accents. He has Irish accent with hints of German. This has prevented him from producing convincing performances of characters’ with accent different to his own
Nathan Bishop MacDonald
Wolverine is Canadian!
callum hutchison
callum hutchison Hace 19 días
Christopher waltz is actually number 1.
Valley Girl
Valley Girl Hace 19 días
Where's Mike Meyers?
Dan Witzke
Dan Witzke Hace 20 días
Excuse me. Wolverine is Canadian. We Americans are unworthy of Hugh Jackman.
Mbrayce_S _
Mbrayce_S _ Hace 20 días
Demo Cast Joe
Demo Cast Joe Hace 20 días
Gary Oldman with a Russian accent (mainly call of duty)
Alexandra Hempsall
Alexandra Hempsall Hace 21 un día
OMG in madagascar i tjought that was mike meyers
Milø Hace 21 un día
Leo’s British accent sounds like a British person doing a bad British accent on purpous
Faiq Hashmi
Faiq Hashmi Hace 22 días
They missed Johnny Depp. The guy's done so many accents he forgot his original accent and he's a great actor. The James whitey Bulger in black mass, Jack sparrow pirates of the Caribbean, donnie bravo and so many more
Seeking Delphi
Seeking Delphi Hace 24 días
Guy Pearce is pretty damned good at this as well.
Andrea Samardzija
Andrea Samardzija Hace 24 días
Why did the Sellers segment feature a clip of David Niven in the middle?
Michael Bressler
Michael Bressler Hace 24 días
Really good list. Are there any female contenders?
Matthew Patrick
Matthew Patrick Hace 25 días
Ja, us white Southern Africans haven't forgotten Leo's terrible accent in Blood Diamond. Almost as bad as Matt Damon's and Morgan Freeman's in Invictus. Yeesh!
Soham Halder
Soham Halder Hace 25 días
cillian murphy and tom hardy
Kat Alday
Kat Alday Hace 25 días
Gary Oldman & Viggo Mortenson are my "go too" guys for all my sex dreams!
Sowdeep Biswas
Sowdeep Biswas Hace 25 días
Sharlto Copley's name should have been there in ' honourable mentions' list....!!
Matthew Patrick
Matthew Patrick Hace 25 días
I agree! He can do many different American and British accents.
Peyman Norouzi
Peyman Norouzi Hace 25 días
Richard Roxburgh?!
Clayton Baker
Clayton Baker Hace 25 días
Viggo doesn’t give a shit about celebrity, he cares more about his craft P.S. Watchmojo: Wolverine isn’t American
SiVlog Hace 26 días
Daniel Brühl would be worth a spot on this list. Not only has he performed roles in 3 different languages (English, Spanish and his native German), he has also done different accents and dialects in those languages as well. A case in point was his portrayal of Niki Lauda in Rush. Although on paper Niki Lauda spoke German, being an Austrian, the dialect is very different to the standard German (Hochdeutsch) and he even nailed the way Niki Lauda spoke English with the same distinctive accent
timothyHC1 Hace 26 días
Brad Pitt should have been number 1 on this list for his excellent Italian in Inglorius Bastards! GORLAMI...
HAL 9000
HAL 9000 Hace 23 días
Alfonso Calderon
Alfonso Calderon Hace 27 días
Yeah, there are crazy Americans. Rich ones. You better just kill them all for the good of many. Letting them live everyday will cost precious lives in this world which is the reason why God will destroy this world completely. These dumb pinheads rebelling against God is laughable.
Cordell Bradley
Cordell Bradley Hace 27 días
Johnny Depp
Mudder Fukker
Mudder Fukker Hace 28 días
Lewis and Oldman at the top of all Actors list you can’t fail. Oldman has been my personal fav for decades and Lewis? Jeez, those two guys are fucking BEASTS, and yet Oldman has no Oscars. *THATS FUCKED UP*
Pascale Beaudoin
Pascale Beaudoin Hace 28 días
Yes, Oldman has an Oscar since last year (for Darkest Hour). JUSTICE HAS BEEN DONE. :)
nicolas ocampo
nicolas ocampo Hace 29 días
Robin Williams :)
Buraku Hace 29 días
Wolverine’s Canadian Bale is Welsh. You literally said he was born in Wales then 1 minute later called him an “English” actor...
Lisa Ågren
Lisa Ågren Hace un mes
Wait... we’re not gonna talk about Robert Downey Jr’s blackface?? What is up with that?
fatal gonnorhea
fatal gonnorhea Hace 15 días
Lisa Ågren yeah, i need to see the film i think to fully understand but i think it’s still risky. unless it’s definitely needed like in a historic film about white people being bad to black people you know? but i don’t think it was needed probably, and apparently although his black friends thought it was funny robert feels uncomfortable talking about it 😳oof
Lisa Ågren
Lisa Ågren Hace 15 días
fatal gonnorhea oooooh hahaha I didn’t get that, sorry. Yeah I agree it’s kind of a wierd role anyways
fatal gonnorhea
fatal gonnorhea Hace 15 días
@Lisa Ågren no lol he was playing a white man who did blackface for some reason essential to the comedy? im not sure lol I cant remember but theres videos on it if you want, im still not sure how I feel though
Lisa Ågren
Lisa Ågren Hace 16 días
fatal gonnorhea wait is he playing a black racist man? Something doesn’t add up hahah
fatal gonnorhea
fatal gonnorhea Hace 16 días
Lisa Ågren yeah i looked into it and watched some videos about this, apparently he’s playing someone who’s racist or something so it’s purposeful to the plot, but still...
Kobi Hace un mes
This list is a joke
Lynn Marie Bridges
Lynn Marie Bridges Hace un mes
Stop teasing certain examples of accents by showing the clip w/o allowing the audience to hear each.
yngcalico Hace un mes
top 10 actors who can act
Gonzalo Komel
Gonzalo Komel Hace un mes
Viggo Mortensen olso speaks fluent spanish because he grew up in Argentina and Venezuela, he has the Argentinan accent.
Dallis Murphy
Dallis Murphy Hace un mes
Oh dear. Most of the enties on this list are verbal caricatures.
Jacob Lewis
Jacob Lewis Hace un mes
You point out Christian Bale was born in Wales then call him English. If I called people from Texas, Mexican, they wouldn't accept that.
Erik Berggren
Erik Berggren Hace un mes
If the swede Peter stormare isn’t there ima kill someone in mojo
Carla Veronica Enrico
I think you forgot Martin Freeman. The man is brilliant in Fargo and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot nailing impeccably both minnesotan and scottish accent. He should at least be considered as an honorable mention
jaxsonlee10 Hace un mes
You missed Tom Hardy.
Mike Hawke
Mike Hawke Hace un mes
Hmm, no Don Cheadle?
Ryan Mcdaniel
Ryan Mcdaniel Hace un mes
How is Tom hardy not on this list he doesn't just do accent he can do any dialect. Also sasha baron Coen shouldn't be on this list his accents are stereo typical not authentic
Cinique LeNoir
Cinique LeNoir Hace un mes
Wolverine is actually Canadian.
Fusco Hace un mes
Decaprio is a great actor but his Irish accent is fucking shit
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