Top 10 Anticipated Netflix Originals of 2019

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Top 10 Anticipated Netflix Originals of 2019
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Coming to a streaming service near you. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Anticipated Netflix Originals of 2019.
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List Entries and Rank:
10. “Orange Is the New Black” Season 7
9. “GLOW” Season 3
8. “Seis Manos” Season 1
7. “The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance” Season 1
6. “Central Park 5” Season 1
5. “Dolemite Is My Name”
4. “The Umbrella Academy” Season 1
3, 2, 1: ???
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31 dic 2018

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Sin Archer
Sin Archer Hace 3 horas
What about the OA?
Luka Lin
Luka Lin Hace 8 horas
The Dark Crystal? My nightmares will be returning in 2k19 k thanks for the headsup
Marcello Genovese
Marcello Genovese Hace 9 horas
Stranger things season one ran entirely on cast chemistry and nostalgia, it was great despite having mostly unoriginal ideas because the way it made you feel distracted you from it. Season 2 was a fucking mess though, it had no idea how to expand upon the basic unoriginal plot of season 1 and it showed. Expanding the characters didn't go well either since they are all very basic stereotypes from the past, which is why they were nostalgic. So they had to introduce new characters, characters that made no sense and added nothing to the plot. EXCEPT Sean Astin who was the best member of season 2, so they killed him *face palm*.
person8203 Hace 16 horas
I hope cavil nails it in the witcher because he looks like terrible casting so far
Kira DeA
Kira DeA Hace 19 horas
i had no idea white people could fuck up how to say "seis" but i really shouldn't be surprised by this point.
Daniel Gertler
Daniel Gertler Hace un día
I don't know if it's slated to release in 2019 but....Avatar The Last Airbender.
Fadbamse Hace un día
Stranger things season 2 was absolutely awful, Season 3 will probably be worse...
Gadocke Hace un día
Filip Orvik
Filip Orvik Hace un día
It's taking over a year so they must be taking time to perfect..... WTF is people's problem nowadays? Can't wait a year without making demands... These people don't owe you shit. They made an awesome first season, and now you're saying how long they can take?... Fuck off.
Laura Klaassen Minnick
And 'The Crown'?????
Vincentvondoom Hace un día
Boooo witcher suuucks.
gumm cottente
gumm cottente Hace 2 días
wanna be friends?
Pug 4life
Pug 4life Hace 2 días
Ty Yoder
Ty Yoder Hace 3 días
I’m pretty sure Black Mirror season 5 should be on this list.
Randy Reed
Randy Reed Hace 3 días
Not sure if anyone else has mentioned but DeNiro & Pacino have worked together in the past in 1995's HEAT directed by Michael Mann.
Fabio Alves Show
Fabio Alves Show Hace 3 días
Stranger Things 3 ❤️
Laney Hace 3 días
Umm.. Where's Sex Education!?!??!
Dom Hace 3 días
Happy, should be well up on the list
Nikki Movie Reviews
Nikki Movie Reviews Hace 4 días
Netflix is what I do🤗I'm here for all of it😎Most I Will do reviews on as well😍
Fearsome Warrior
Fearsome Warrior Hace 4 días
I hope Berserk is on the 2020 or 2021 list.
Melody Starr
Melody Starr Hace 4 días
The way she pronounced Geralt!
Mardeva C
Mardeva C Hace 4 días
Um... The Dragon Prince???
Hencha Hace 4 días
Not even a mention of velvet buzzsaw??
DJM3Z Hace 4 días
Someone show this to theodd1sout
Tilly T
Tilly T Hace 4 días
Wow ! If this is the best i'm cancelling ! What a load of old shit !
Weißer Wolf
Weißer Wolf Hace 4 días
take all the time you need with Stranger Things season 3..Season 1 was fantastic..Season 2 not so much.
Drew Mitchem
Drew Mitchem Hace 5 días
De Nero is a joke now he embarrasses himself ranting about trump won’t be watching anything with him n it
Drew Mitchem
Drew Mitchem Hace 3 días
Anthony & Bonni Caldeira I’m not De Nero I don’t rant I just state facts. Don’t know you don’t want to but you sure got excited about me not liking someone who’s hate is soooooo obviously insane. So sensitive and I didn’t say anything about you, pure democrap snowflake. Congrats!
Anthony & Bonni Caldeira
I rant about Trump n I'm not a actor. Hate on me.
Nathan Warnes
Nathan Warnes Hace 5 días
The punisher season 2
Bonnie Horzepa
Bonnie Horzepa Hace 5 días
When is dark and the O.A. Season 2 coming!
Ima SingusChickenus
Ima SingusChickenus Hace 5 días
SO in other words, Netflix will suck this year as well. Time to Unsubscribe and save my money.
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy Hace 5 días
Snow Ball...lol. I've yet to watch S2 of stranger things.
Kris Poorman
Kris Poorman Hace 6 días
Mojo went full Democrat. Fake news. Bad movies. Trump 2020.
49ers1975 Hace 6 días
yeah just waiitng for season 3 of stranger things..everyone is off making movies should be coming back together soon
Ascendant Hace 6 días
'Anticipated' - shows the Witcher. Nah, they've done nuked it.
Becca Faye
Becca Faye Hace 6 días
season 2 of MINDHUNTER is what I'm most looking forward to.
80's Lady
80's Lady Hace 6 días
*The only one I'm anticipating on this list is Stranger Things.* *My list that I'm anticipating?* *Z Nation* *The Blacklist* *Designated Survivor* *Wanted* *Bodyguard* *Wentworth* *The Rain* *You* _(Reminds me of Dexter's son that's all grown up.)_ *The 100* *Dark* *Travelers* *i Zombie* *Between* *Am I Leaving Anything out?*
HD MOVIES Hace 6 días
pingin movie bagus
Emelia Onichi
Emelia Onichi Hace 6 días
Johann Lara
Johann Lara Hace 6 días
This is a bad video.
Brandon Griffin
Brandon Griffin Hace 6 días
Anna Égjárváry
Anna Égjárváry Hace 7 días
What do you mean by "high hopes" for the Witcher? Who are you kidding? It's a thorough a bad joke :( distorting the whole culture and folklore the story is based on only because those people just have a need to be politically correct :( poor Sapkowski...
Haari N M
Haari N M Hace 7 días
Witcher !!! But I am also waiting for Dark Season 2 ...
Just Saying
Just Saying Hace 7 días
I'm a Netflix Subscriber and want to know why you don't show any Black Movies Showing Black People in Positive ways !! not the drug dealers or Gangs on killings !! This is not what Black People are about!! But by that's all you show Please with always look at us in this way !! I'm Begging you to PLEASE show more Positive Black Movies!!! PLEASE
Gmack 2kCOD
Gmack 2kCOD Hace 7 días
How did the punisher season 2 not make this list?!
Dobby Hace 7 días
Chilling adventures of Sabrina Part 2?
Jack Cade
Jack Cade Hace 7 días
No Peaky Blinders?
Ponyboy Curtis
Ponyboy Curtis Hace 7 días
I don't like any shows on your list
Martine Hace 7 días
Lucifer season 4!
Natasha Hace 7 días
10 - 4 = 😪 3 ok somewhat interesting 😅 2 will be 😃 GREAT 1 might be popular for a younger audience
Lory3131 Hace 7 días
I personally want to see: -Love, Deaths & Robots -Cursed -Ultraman -The Umbrella Academy -The Witcher -Dark Age
Tron Swanson
Tron Swanson Hace 7 días
How bout a list not full of SJW panty wetters? Wtf is Black Mirror, Series of Unfortunate Events, Altered Carbon, Dark, Punisher, Castlevania? On another note I wonder if there more Cavill facial hair CGI nonsense?
J Only
J Only Hace 7 días
Cant believe OZARK isnt on here.. might be netflickdem best shit
J Only
J Only Hace 7 días
Dark?? OfuckingZARK??
George Workman
George Workman Hace 8 días
U mentioned a marvel property I've never heard of but left out punisher season 2
Real Cosmic Builds
Real Cosmic Builds Hace 8 días
think id like Witcher much better if it were like the game, like mo-cap with the actors faces. im tired of live-action or animated remakes first timers of video games. altho now i realize this might be live-action, tho it'll ruin it for gamers. look like they did with assassin creed. fassbender was alright, but the CGI was abit too much for me. js,IMHOofc :P
Olivia Connolly
Olivia Connolly Hace 8 días
Ummmmm a series of unfortunate events season 3
NuggyUK Hace 8 días
This format is so confusing. Leave the the show you're talking about on screen while playing random clips.
Kellysmuji Hace 8 días
Nice that you managed to get a tiny cheap shot on President Trump. Gonna hit that subscribe button ( to leave your liberal views behind ).
Jennifer ODell
Jennifer ODell Hace 8 días
Making the docu series about Central Park 5 is important.
Tha Ish
Tha Ish Hace 8 días
But srs whats stranger things s3 plot gonna be about?
8285820586 Hace 8 días
Waiting for The Witcher.
Jesus Salazar
Jesus Salazar Hace 8 días
What abour Dark Season 2???
Raoul Iacob
Raoul Iacob Hace 8 días
The only season that is interesting in this list is The Witcher. Everything else is doomed...who wants to see remakes from the 80's for the love of God in 2019. When others prepare to move to Planet Mars who watch movies from the 80's. How sad can this be ??
Militantreturns Hace 8 días
relsba Hace 8 días
Christmas Chronicles is my new favorite non religious movie. I have watched it at least 8 times. The jail scenes are my favorite.
Queen Aries
Queen Aries Hace 8 días
Ammmmmm. Where is SABRINA???
Ashok Luthra
Ashok Luthra Hace 8 días
A series of unfortunate events season 3 should've been on this list!!!!!!!!
b lyle
b lyle Hace 8 días
Who compiled this mostly weak list?!...
Lyniquechunte Hace 9 días
I'm so pissed about the dark crystal!! That was mine and I font want to share!!
AlphaTechtrix Hace 9 días
am i the only person in the world that stranger things is a mistake?
W Hace 9 días
Haven't heard of anyone looking forward to the withcher..
Eric Dell
Eric Dell Hace 9 días
Netflix est le meilleur site pour regarder une série qui sera canceller lol mais vrai !
Cat C
Cat C Hace 9 días
I really don't think The Witcher will be any good. The cast seems wrong, especially Cavill.
jayy see
jayy see Hace 9 días
Every one of those looks lame
smokedoubt Hace 9 días
Orange is the new black is absolute trash
Sogazu Hace 9 días
Jeralt of Rivia? Seriously?
Chris Lee
Chris Lee Hace 9 días
Shorten his hair, grow a short beard and stop smiling.
Tony F
Tony F Hace 9 días
Stranger things shouldn't even be on the list. Horrible show after season 1.
Nanaj Vallejos
Nanaj Vallejos Hace 9 días
seriously? no ozark, dark, black mirror, mind hunter, big mouth?
Jeminai Hace 9 días
anyone else wondering why they are still subbed to watchmojo?
MAHFUZ AHMED Hace 9 días
The punisher season 2!!!!!!!!!
The Savages
The Savages Hace 9 días
On my block???
Oonagh72 Hace 10 días
In your listicals keep the number and the name of what your are talking about on the screen. When you add all those other clips in it make it hard to follow what you are talking about.
Mac Slacks
Mac Slacks Hace 10 días
Sah. B.
Sah. B. Hace 10 días
Central Park 5-race baiting in 2019. Nope not going to watch, so Obama Era.
Bogumił Z
Bogumił Z Hace 10 días
Michał Żebrowski for life!
Dheeraj Singh
Dheeraj Singh Hace 10 días
What the Hell Where is Sacred Game Season 2 Name?
Joe Head
Joe Head Hace 10 días
"Russian Doll" looks kinda cool too.
calito1982 Hace 10 días
tired of trash super hero shows
jeferson oliveira rodrigues
Polar also promises
Melody Vig
Melody Vig Hace 10 días
What about 13 Reasons!
Victor Nogueira
Victor Nogueira Hace 10 días
That French was good
Melissa JeanBaptiste
Melissa JeanBaptiste Hace 10 días
What about altered carbon and bodyguard?
Will Taylor
Will Taylor Hace 10 días
Genuinely not anticipating any of this
Ryo Manga
Ryo Manga Hace 11 días
Is it me or Joe Pesci always looked old !?
Jacoby Rassilon
Jacoby Rassilon Hace 11 días
So aside from Stranger Things and possibly The Witcher (many are on the fence because of questionable casting decisions), it's basically just straight garbage. Thank god I nixed this crap after they cancelled Daredevil. Sad, really.
I don't like how they're adding different languaged materials to netflix. I personally don't want to see anything in my mother tongue. And definitly not in another strange language. Also, I hope they don't mess up stranger things even more by trying to add scarier things. I know they want to make season 2 more thrilling and horrofic, but it just got a little bit out of hand and was not realistic anymore...not even slightly scary like season 1.
Layla Zarrouk
Layla Zarrouk Hace 11 días
I’m looking forward to close with Noomi Rapace I’m a big fan
J Justiniano
J Justiniano Hace 11 días
Where is Lucifer? The revival story of this show is epic, so where is Lucifer?
Esoteric Genius
Esoteric Genius Hace 11 días
The way she said Geralt made me cringe
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