Top 10 Best Netflix Original Movies to Watch Now!

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Netflix has been releasing Original Movies on their service at a rapid pace over the last few years. It’s almost hard to believe that there are now more than 100 original films available on the streaming service. With so many movies to choose from it can be difficult to decide what to watch. So, we’ve come up with a list of the Top 10 Original Movies you can watch right now on Netflix.
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30 jul 2018

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TechGumbo Hace 10 meses
What is your favorite Netflix Original Movie? Hopefully Netflix goes away from its quantity over quality strategy and begins to release higher quality films on their service... Thanks for watching :)
Don't Never Forgot To Remember
No Country For Old Men
Mih_YTB Hace 7 días
Me loool
Joyce yes oo yes ooJoy
Plz how can I watch a movie from Netflix plz
Radzmin Najuaha
Radzmin Najuaha Hace 14 días
Make it good
Filifina JBfan
Filifina JBfan Hace un mes
mickyk86 Hace 4 horas
Bad blood, series
ZEDD ZEDD Hace un día
bright is suck af
Revoo Patoc
Revoo Patoc Hace 2 días
Watch 'kid kulafu' the story of greatest boxer manny pacquiao from poor to rich
Jamie Haggett
Jamie Haggett Hace 3 días
Bright is probably the best movie I’ve seen on Netflix
ppl Hace 7 días
can anyone suggest me some movie similar to riverdale please.
Sonali Lodhi
Sonali Lodhi Hace 8 días
geralds game you should watch
Esmer Hace 8 días
I'm here after The End Of The F***ing World and what should I watch next?
T.j .k
T.j .k Hace 5 días
Watch bird box.
Ongen Tuhusula
Ongen Tuhusula Hace 10 días
La casa de papel is da best.
Albert Capinda
Albert Capinda Hace 11 días
Who's here after there first time in netflix?
I thought first they killed my father was rather boring.
EasyFitnessMoves Hace 18 días
Too many movies to watch makes the choice even more difficult.
YouTube Elite
YouTube Elite Hace 18 días
I have watched bright is the best Movie
Geralds game was really really good its not sexual at all really. It leaves you feeling crazy af the whole time.
Adriana Maysa
Adriana Maysa Hace 22 días
OMG this sounds like another youtuber but idk if this is a channel he did these voice overs on.
Slurpingticklepest Christ's Chin
The Meyorowitz Rules at number 7 was so ponderous that I turned it off after half an hour. Adam Sandler was a tour de force in Reign Over Me, but often I'm no fan of his films. Rather than being more choosy with the films he makes, I get the feeling that quantity is Sandler's aim, which is bad because he seems to knock out new films faster than Bollywood. Maybe I didn't give The Meyorowitz Rules enough of a chance, but I was developing the sudden urge to gouge my eye out with my own finger, I was so bored. Even Pixels kept me around until the end, for crying out loud...
Team Clan
Team Clan Hace 25 días
Beast of no nations, bright,cargo
Josie Perkins
Josie Perkins Hace 27 días
I like comedies movies and romance movies but that's just me and a lot of Christmas movies. God bless
Laykan M
Laykan M Hace 27 días
*Very nice dude!*
Grace Liszka
Grace Liszka Hace 29 días
The little prince is available in Australia/New Zealand 👍👍
Patrick Kaye Bula
Patrick Kaye Bula Hace un mes
Ddel Recustodio
Ddel Recustodio Hace un mes
Trulys Wish
Trulys Wish Hace un mes
Some of my fav and the best: - Kingdom - The Rain - The walking dead -Train to Busan
Trulys Wish
Trulys Wish Hace 21 un día
Genpri oh lol I get why the person said are you deaf and Train to Busan is a movie haha
Genpri Hace 21 un día
Trulys Wish This list is “Movies” not tv shows
Trulys Wish
Trulys Wish Hace un mes
Great Man ? Wdym 😓
Great Man
Great Man Hace un mes
Trulys Wish are u deaf
Deniel kai Labine
Deniel kai Labine Hace un mes
slenderman and bird box was the most boring films ive watch but nice try
kwibus buddie
kwibus buddie Hace un mes
Chick flex
Rin Dika
Rin Dika Hace un mes
Egg With A Play Button
if you see this i hope you have a great day and make you're dreams come true love from a egg that wants a play button
Johnny Aingel
Johnny Aingel Hace un mes
My first time on here i like it and i dont pay attention to ctitics i have a mind of my own
Stranger things
Ch1z3 S3v3nty 5
Ch1z3 S3v3nty 5 Hace un mes
Gerald's game absolutely terrible film
Litext films
Litext films Hace un mes
Hello guys subscribe me and I'll subscribe u back...😊😊 trust me...all u have to do is leave a comment after u have subscribed..
Arrington Besetsnzy
Subscribed ... gonna watch #10
Immortal druid
Immortal druid Hace un mes
LGBTQ Conservative
LGBTQ Conservative Hace un mes
Beasts of No Nation was Netflix's attempt at getting an Oscar, but the Academy didn't consider it because it didn't have a theatrical release and the Academy doesn't like Streaming Services original movies
G A B B Y Hace un mes
I Recommend OKJA guys! It's so beautiful ❤❤
Liam Holmes
Liam Holmes Hace un mes
Harry Potter!!!!!
Arif Lotto
Arif Lotto Hace un mes
1.Polar 2.Revenge 3.Bird box 4.The silence 5.what happens to monday 6.Beasts of no nation 7.Cargo My favorite, just watch all of them sure you will like my list
Sem Sam
Sem Sam Hace un mes
Arif Lotto
Arif Lotto Hace un mes
@akemi daichi91 just completed black mirror series it's good
Arif Lotto
Arif Lotto Hace un mes
@akemi daichi91 I have seen kingdom it's not that much intersting
akemi daichi91
akemi daichi91 Hace un mes
Arif Lotto
Arif Lotto Hace un mes
@// Syd // related to virus, zombies
Marcos Deodato Manuel
Triple Frontier is one of the best movies
Black Hoodedman
Black Hoodedman Hace 15 días
Yes and no it’s k
Six Side
Six Side Hace un mes
I got laid right after watching "The fundamentals of caring"
louwudilla Hace un mes
Who is here before netflix came out
you can call me mustard
Gerald's game is my favorite BUT i dont recommend it for the others it will make your brain hurt its a psychological movie and its good if you like hardcore movie its for you
니콜마일즈 Hace un mes
I watch kdramas only tho
Janine Ofsoski
Janine Ofsoski Hace un mes
Bird box!!
YeshuaJesusisking V
You forgot Roma and beasts of no nation
Dread Hace un mes
It's funny how I've watched them all
Vishal Tomar
Vishal Tomar Hace un mes
I like 'Triple Frontier' also.
Holden Hutcherson
Holden Hutcherson Hace un mes
I watched Jerald’s game at 3:00 in the morning fml IM SCARED😳😳😣😣
Lestari Septiani
Lestari Septiani Hace un mes
i can't agree more... that type of tension woah. i hold my breath until the last of the movie
ken peter
ken peter Hace un mes
Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams Hace un mes
Looking forward to see you yesterday, out this April I think on Netflix
Free Riverdale Entertainment
A message to all the haters, before you go leaving a hate comment on something you are not so sure about, do your research first. You will only embarrassed yourself. Second, if you're just going to be hating on someone in youtube and leave a hate comment, you are only giving them more views and money. So..... do you honestly think that your little hate comment can ruin their whole lives? Dont bother liking this comment Im not doing it for likes anyway. If you're probably triggered reading this, better off scroll away and not leave any reply because I wont bother.
Aleisha Murphy
Aleisha Murphy Hace un mes
I was suprised mute wasn't on here honestly
Bishnu Subedi
Bishnu Subedi Hace un mes
What happened Wednesday is my best
Candy Chauhan
Candy Chauhan Hace un mes
Beasts of no nation
Lij Calalin
Lij Calalin Hace un mes
What about birdbox?
Sarah Irvine
Sarah Irvine Hace un mes
Love the Spanish movies. They are so clever and thought provoking. 7 Anos, is one of these. A group of people who work together and run a business are being investigated for fraud, one of them has to be the scape goat to save the company and the other partners...but who? They have to chose. Cell 211, (2009) also very good. A prison riot affects two people in different ways, as seen from the inmate and a young guard, who becomes trapped in the riot... Time Crimes or Crono Crimenes, (2007) A man unwittingly becomes trapped in a time loop which takes him back an hour previously, and chaos ensues as he tries to change the pattern of events...not sure if this is available on Netflix, I can’t find it anymore, think I originally watched it on Amazon Prime time, but if you can try and hunt it down it’s brilliant...there are many more, take a look on Netflix and Amazon.
hey there kid want some lettuce?
I'm surprised bright is in number 8
hey there kid want some lettuce?
@Lyka Cassandra Bacolodan ikr
Lyka Cassandra Bacolodan
me tooo! I thought that it is on at least top 3
Evan Antonola
Evan Antonola Hace un mes
I find Bright boring so I will try watch it again
Maan Bawa
Maan Bawa Hace 2 meses
Annihilation,bird box
nina ciliz
nina ciliz Hace 2 meses
I love Ghost movies 👻
Bunty Verma
Bunty Verma Hace 2 meses
Narcos is awesome
santosh poule
santosh poule Hace 2 meses
.no ten is wow movie
BTS Forever
BTS Forever Hace 2 meses
J Infttyy
J Infttyy Hace 2 meses
Maiisha Rahman575
Maiisha Rahman575 Hace 2 meses
Kissing booth, to all the boys I loved before, bright,I feel pretty,expelled,hustle,what happen to monday are some of the best netflix movies... must see
Maiisha Rahman575
Maiisha Rahman575 Hace 2 meses
You don't like it😅 @jimin I found your jams
Maisha Rahman u lost me when u said kissing booth
No-Conspiracy No-Jobs
My LCD TV arrived from Amazon. No cathode ray tube any more. I would not go to bat
Irena Audila
Irena Audila Hace 2 meses
Am I the only one who doesnt like OKJA
JC Bronson
JC Bronson Hace 2 meses
Pickle riiiiiick modafokas
Leah& NevaehVLOGS
Leah& NevaehVLOGS Hace 2 meses
Y’all should watch meet the blacks it good
Kelly Merrill
Kelly Merrill Hace 2 meses
All Netflix movies are terrible, quantity over quality seems the norm over there
Laurantalasah Hace 2 meses
So how many of you had to read The little prince on high school? I didn't know there was a movie about it, looking for it now.
Lord Hacks
Lord Hacks Hace 2 meses
i live in Australia and i saw my little prince the day it came out
netflix dark vs netflix bright which better?
Night Bot
Night Bot Hace 2 meses
How about Wanted?
Eddie GodChild
Eddie GodChild Hace 2 meses
@ click the link and checkout NetFlick and Chill
Unlucky Lucy
Unlucky Lucy Hace 2 meses
How you dare to put Bright in the same list of Beasts of no Nation?
rommel punsalan
rommel punsalan Hace 3 meses
Bleach is no. 1 Netflix movie for me :)
Thomas Sandham
Thomas Sandham Hace 2 meses
rommel punsalan it’s noice
Suha Bari
Suha Bari Hace 3 meses
If you're over 18 watch,13 resons why ⚠⚠⚠⚠don't if under
Holy Water
Holy Water Hace 3 meses
Stranger things and skylanders academy also bird box and train to Busan
Matthew Mifsud
Matthew Mifsud Hace 3 meses
Plus Umbrella Academy
Subhankar Dey
Subhankar Dey Hace 3 meses
watch polar and tripple frontier...mind blowing to watch both ..
Juliano FCP
Juliano FCP Hace 3 meses
You started watching movies yesterday i suppose if those 2 were mindblowing for you
Cosmic Doughnuts
Cosmic Doughnuts Hace 3 meses
1. Beasts of no nation 2. City of god (removed from netflix) 3. Siege of jadotville 4. Free state of jones 5. Menace II Society (edit) Honestly the best movies, they aren’t shitty comedies they are actually good.
Wahab Ahmadi
Wahab Ahmadi Hace 23 días
I started from number one. 👍 let me see.
vixplays Hace 3 meses
My favorite is Sex Education even though it's a series.
Project Video
Project Video Hace 3 meses
who came here after finishing a good movie?
Bill Gates
Bill Gates Hace 3 meses
What good movie did you watch?
david V
david V Hace 3 meses
Yall should watch On my Block
Duncan Lema
Duncan Lema Hace 3 meses
david V isn't it just a love story
RNG_Snooze Hace 3 meses
Why can't I find fast and furious 8
Malivo Vice
Malivo Vice Hace 3 meses
Pretty accurate
Cora and Madi
Cora and Madi Hace 3 meses
Gerald’s games is really weird don’t reccomend omg I hate it🤧
Gaming Limited
Gaming Limited Hace 3 meses
*Hard to swallow pill:* Fundementals of caring was the shittiest film ever released
Airsoft, Politik & Pädagogik Komtent
Gerald's game is sooo annoying and a really bad film!
h0lsteiN Hace 3 meses
it could be nice with the name of the movie in a corner
Jack Hames
Jack Hames Hace 3 meses
That’s dumb a movie can be enjoyable but not be an actual good movie. The critics’ way of reviewing a movie is that their enjoyment isn’t more important than everything else. With the general audience a lot of em review the movie just based on their enjoyment. I’ve watched plenty of movies when I can say it was a fun watch but then also admit the movie was shit.
Its Peaches
Its Peaches Hace 3 meses
Where is the train to Busan like THAT'S SO FAVORITE MOVIE
Vanguard Hace 3 meses
Not a Netflix original
LosssPlayz Zelaya
LosssPlayz Zelaya Hace 3 meses
These are my favoritos are 1. Cargo 2. Bird box 3. Bright 4. Train to busan
LosssPlayz Zelaya
LosssPlayz Zelaya Hace 3 meses
I saw Cargo with my mom i almost cried at the ending
Rodgers Oduor
Rodgers Oduor Hace 3 meses
Sis no
Sis no Hace 3 meses
Lmao, i never can decide what i want to watch xD
Ashley Cho
Ashley Cho Hace 3 meses
Pandora is the one most heart breaking movie. I cryyyyy a lot.
JBA Mex Hace 3 meses
SUB TO ME!!!!!!!
Gavin Longbottom
Gavin Longbottom Hace 3 meses
Bright was shit
Trust no one
Trust no one Hace 3 meses
Bright,is a good movie. .!
Paranormal Activitist
People who are frustrated with zomato add press like
Davies Hace 3 meses
If you revise this list sometime in the near future, the ballad of buster Scruggs will be a shoe in for first.
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