Top 10 Best Netflix Original Movies to Watch Now! 2018

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Netflix has been releasing Original Movies on their service at a rapid pace over the last few years. It’s almost hard to believe that there are now more than 100 original films available on the streaming service. With so many movies to choose from it can be difficult to decide what to watch. So, we’ve come up with a list of the Top 10 Original Movies you can watch right now on Netflix.
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30 jul 2018

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TechGumbo Hace 5 meses
What is your favorite Netflix Original Movie? Hopefully Netflix goes away from its quantity over quality strategy and begins to release higher quality films on their service... Thanks for watching :)
Stephen Beament
Stephen Beament Hace 3 horas
+Siswanto Siswanto its a brilliant action film. But it has sub-titles.
zaida rodriguez
zaida rodriguez Hace 4 horas
"That's it for my rant,in with the countdown" 😂😂🤣
Aben's Gameing
Aben's Gameing Hace un día
Narcos and Sacred Games ❤
Coasters WW
Coasters WW Hace 6 días
22 July
Oneeyed King
Oneeyed King Hace 7 días
TechGumbo nice critic roast. Actually true I’ve watched Bright and thought it was amazing.
Abegail Seva
Abegail Seva Hace un hora
wait a minute my cousin have a book that is the little prince!
Boy K
Boy K Hace 2 horas
Who are watching these B movies?
Dynamic Hace un día
I absolutely loved the After Party w/ Wiz and Kyle.
your brother
your brother Hace un día
who else feel movies made these days are trash
Luxxe White International
what happened to monday, anyone?
EN Fingerhut
EN Fingerhut Hace 3 días
Thank you
Guillen天使 Hace 3 días
Cloud atlas is another great movie
zondaintheair Hace 3 días
No one makes movies anymore they just make TV Shows without the Adverts.
Tricker Ankush Patidar
Can Anyone Suggest Me The Best Movie On Netflix....
Lil K i n g
Lil K i n g Hace 3 días
Imperial Dreams Bird Box and Beasts of No Nation are some netflix original greats
Lil K i n g
Lil K i n g Hace 3 días
As well as bright
Crisnuel Paolo MacAiran
Im not one of those who like what many would like....and in fact i have a terrible dislike for stuff that the majority likes. However,i must admit BIRDBOX is really good.
RBtv Fun
RBtv Fun Hace 4 días
Bird box is good, now I am watching the protector turkish show, it is AWESOME. make sure to find one with english version.
TypicalZipper Gacha
TypicalZipper Gacha Hace 4 días
i don’t feel at home in this world anymore Is AMAZING. 11/10 would recommend.
BossumRay Hace 5 días
did this dude really just put bright?
billy williams
billy williams Hace 5 días
Bird box
Kopite Venom
Kopite Venom Hace 5 días
Please watch ROMA.. Unbelievable match.
Gail Fisher
Gail Fisher Hace 5 días
🌸 2019 I like the movies Polar, Close and Buzzsaw 👍🏼 They haven’t shown Highway Men yet but I bet it’s good I saw Bird Box it was lovely 💕 First they killed my Father, beautifully made film, never cried so much Mudbound, I haven’t seen it yet but it looks ok Beasts of no nation, could have had a better name as it may put people off, however it’s a masterpiece
Sana Rahman
Sana Rahman Hace 6 días
Bird box is superb!!!
Misty Blue
Misty Blue Hace 6 días
I loved Bright, Birdbox, Stranger Things, Hemlock Grove, Gerald’s Game, Open House, Malevolent, Ritual, Haunted, The Haunting of Hill House, 1922 and so on.
Alfredo Larsi
Alfredo Larsi Hace 6 días
I am not an "uptight film critic" but I still think that Bright is one of the worst movies ever released on Netflix. Serious bad acting, idiotic script, intolerable music, a total waste of time.
Parvinder Dahiya
Parvinder Dahiya Hace 7 días
Bird box
Entertainment A2Z
Entertainment A2Z Hace 7 días
All are junkies
Luis Agrippa
Luis Agrippa Hace 7 días
great list! i would have taken outlaw king too though
Nyan Eleven
Nyan Eleven Hace 7 días
The Little Prince is soooooo good
Krampus333566 Hace 7 días
What abaout BirdBox? I think BirdBox should beon the Number 1 Spot
Omar Janahi
Omar Janahi Hace 7 días
Gerald’s game. TRASH
Vladimir Dan Jay
Vladimir Dan Jay Hace 7 días
just watched buy bust and it was a really great ACTION, SUSPENSE, THRILLER FILM.. im gonna watch it again next week with my friends! I HIGHLY RECOMMENDS IT GUYS!
n300zx931 Hace 7 días
Movie critics are completely disconnected from what real people actually like.
Mhamad Shanti
Mhamad Shanti Hace 8 días
Our souls at night is one of my favourits..
Anna in Vermont U.S.A
I give OKJA 10. What a GREAT MOVIE.
Anna in Vermont U.S.A
Leticia Guzman
Leticia Guzman Hace 9 días
Bird Box,,,Mr. Church,,,,What happened to Monday?
Kwame Mckoy
Kwame Mckoy Hace 9 días
Birdbox was fucking trash....
Satulico loco
Satulico loco Hace 9 días
Gerald's game is shit, dont reccoment it
RonD Hace 9 días
First They Killed My Father
emeka eric adonis
emeka eric adonis Hace 10 días
Please, How do I watch Netflix movies online. Like the Nigerian movie Lion heart ? Thanks.
Athak Chaudhary
Athak Chaudhary Hace 10 días
Stranger things fam💕
NѦSΞR VѦɭı Hace 11 días
Which eiditor u use for editing bro
amy li
amy li Hace 11 días
My favourite Netflix movies of 2018 are: 5. To All the Boys I've Loved Before 4. May the Devil Take You (Indonesian Horror) 3. Flavors of Youth (Anime movie) 2. BLEACH live action 1. The Night Comes For Us Honourable Mentions : Bird Box, Cam, The Christmas Chronicles
Raynor shine
Raynor shine Hace 11 días
no need to overreact to "how good" bird box was. it becomes overrated as days goes. was an 8/10 honestly. nice plot, predictable ending.
mike sara
mike sara Hace 11 días
Yeahh I love Bright, Annihilation movie. I often watch movie on Netflix , some time I see on Teatv. Anybody knows Teatv?
Melissa Nava
Melissa Nava Hace 12 días
I just watched Tallulah about 3 days ago haha.
Khawla Ayam
Khawla Ayam Hace 12 días
Bird box
Troy Klassen
Troy Klassen Hace 12 días
Omg you missed 3 of my favourites 1922, the Ritual and July 22
princess priya
princess priya Hace 12 días
Can someone suggest me a good show on Netflix,, I'm not into movies
Fabo Andolini
Fabo Andolini Hace 12 días
I say this with confidence but my recommendations are on point. So to the few that watch these recommendations, you are a WINNER! Calibre 1922 Super dark times Beast of no nation Bird box Green room Geralds game Wild wild country (5part documentary) Wind River Cheap thrills The Standord Prison Experiment And for t.v u will know these but Mindhunters and Black mirror are both amazing
Fabo Andolini
Fabo Andolini Hace 12 días
If u havent seen it yet watch Calibre, it's a Scottish movie and I've never seen a movie quite like this, the plot is ceasy and the pace of the movie and the acting is top notch
Fabo Andolini
Fabo Andolini Hace 12 días
Input kich more stock into the popcorn than the tomato if u know what I'm saying lol
Fabo Andolini
Fabo Andolini Hace 12 días
Everybody has to watch Beast of no nation...it's onenof those novies that ppl need to watch, even if u dont lile movies that are so brutally harsh and dark, it's so damn good it seems real
Fabo Andolini
Fabo Andolini Hace 12 días
I'm very picky but I thought Bird Box was so good, but Beast of joy nation is still the champ of Netflix original movies
Zacharie Biollo
Zacharie Biollo Hace 12 días
Im sad you didn’t put “the night comes for us” on this list
Thanks Hace 13 días
What about original shows? Ozark
Rose Hace 13 días
Most recent movies: Bad seeds Roma Brain on Fire 7 Sisters/ What happened to Monday
Big Boi Eugene
Big Boi Eugene Hace 13 días
Just going to warn y'all First they killed my father is graphic as hell
fortnite beast
fortnite beast Hace 14 días
Bright is trash
jack sipek
jack sipek Hace 14 días
why did netflix remove hancock
Ayush Kumar
Ayush Kumar Hace 14 días
Just watched calibre😍
Steven Cummins
Steven Cummins Hace 14 días
Bright was awesome! Can't wait for the sequel!
Yash Thakur
Yash Thakur Hace 14 días
S v
S v Hace 14 días
He said "my rant" I Subscribed haha
Marian Makula
Marian Makula Hace 14 días
THANKYOU (like &sub)
Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh Hace 14 días
Beasts of no nation,must watch
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Hace 13 días
Rejoyce Jones
Rejoyce Jones Hace 14 días
Now I feel bad for not watching Gerald's Game
dark panda
dark panda Hace 15 días
Am I the only one who dosent have Netflix
Aimee Ariel
Aimee Ariel Hace 15 días
Even on the few reviews I didn't agree with, you made excellent points about them. Some good movies aren't for everyone. 😉 Please keep doing this. Netflix has become a jungle. Also, check out the series, "YOU". I loved it. I wonder how you guys will review it.
Loe Go
Loe Go Hace 15 días
Okja!! I cried
Loe Go
Loe Go Hace 15 días
The memoirs of the international assasin. I like that one
xxx x
xxx x Hace 15 días
What happwnd to monday?
Anica Hace 15 días
The Ritual is the only Netflix movie I really liked so far. Even Birdbox was a bit meh. Their series' are better, especially "Dark".
Eric Temple
Eric Temple Hace 15 días
"dismissed" is a good new one.
Candy Floss
Candy Floss Hace 15 días
I just want teen wolf back!!!!😢😢😢
Candy Floss
Candy Floss Hace 9 días
+hulgt alprult lol i know...i live in Latvia
hulgt alprult
hulgt alprult Hace 10 días
Europe region, teen wolf still exist
Candy Floss
Candy Floss Hace 10 días
+hulgt alprult ?
hulgt alprult
hulgt alprult Hace 11 días
ko.r.e.a Official
ko.r.e.a Official Hace 15 días
i love these films from Netflix 🌹
Layla Zarrouk
Layla Zarrouk Hace 16 días
My favourites What happened to Monday Once Upon A time Bird box The good place A series of unfortunate events Stranger things
Subscribe T series
Subscribe T series Hace 13 días
stranger things is not a movie
Scott Wade
Scott Wade Hace 16 días
First they killed my father was a book. It was written by the girl. I went to Cambodia and it can be heartbreaking to see what the people went through. Bird box would have to be my favorite Netflix original.
silver1 Hace 16 días
Birdbox gang?
Iustin si altele
Iustin si altele Hace 16 días
Muhammad Naufal
Muhammad Naufal Hace 16 días
Hey, anyone knows a film from netflix probably about D.I.D?
B Boy
B Boy Hace 16 días
Most these movies were average at best
Peter Horrall
Peter Horrall Hace 16 días
Bird Cage is a DOG on the order of the Blair Witch Project with anti Trump crap for good measure trash
Raf Dhaenens
Raf Dhaenens Hace 16 días
just look run forest run!
Rodnye Theoc
Rodnye Theoc Hace 16 días
Mud bound was very good but Beast of No Nation is #1 for me.
san tiago
san tiago Hace 17 días
"The night comes for us" is the best
Mel Ho.Martínez
Mel Ho.Martínez Hace 17 días
Taco Juan-Carlos
Taco Juan-Carlos Hace 17 días
😂 buddy got mad when he was talking about Bright..
humberto espinoza
humberto espinoza Hace 17 días
13 cameras
Mark Joseph Llido
Mark Joseph Llido Hace 17 días
Bird Box!
Mr Muffin
Mr Muffin Hace 17 días
Am only watching this because I just got neflix and now am like "._. Ok what should I watch now.."
Veronica Sparrow
Veronica Sparrow Hace 17 días
Set it Up
Gacha KK!
Gacha KK! Hace 18 días
Go watch _"Irreplaceable You"_ Now!! Its A good movie! Not good, PERFECT! Its sad, romantic kinda, and beautiful.
ReggieRegg Hace 6 días
Gacha KK! Saw it lol its good
Gacha KK!
Gacha KK! Hace 11 días
+ReggieRegg Please
ReggieRegg Hace 16 días
Gacha KK! Ive been purposely not watching it cuz i know its finna be sad
Dennis Galabo
Dennis Galabo Hace 18 días
The Angel should make this list
Shafiqah Nazattul
Shafiqah Nazattul Hace 18 días
Princess Switch is my fav ❤
Shon ElectricShoes
Shon ElectricShoes Hace 18 días
Not the best movie around.
I got 8000 sub with no vid
u forgot birdbox
rahmi niks
rahmi niks Hace 18 días
Can't remember if I commented before or not but others worth watching: Wheelman How It Ends
jay cam
jay cam Hace 18 días
100 movies lol just use kodi next flix is full of old movies
JodyNanci Hace 19 días
I just watched bright and it is really good and funny
Tor Santos
Tor Santos Hace 19 días
Who is here after watching Bird Box?
Luyanda Ehigiator
Luyanda Ehigiator Hace 14 horas
Bro,WTF man ,how is that possible that someone is watching this after bird box,it’s not possible or is it 🤔
joyusa 31
joyusa 31 Hace 16 horas
That movie sucks
Aaro Ylimaula
Aaro Ylimaula Hace un día
bird box was really bad
Saracino Family
Saracino Family Hace 2 días
mxryb very good, but gory so be prepared
Noob In Wild
Noob In Wild Hace 3 días
sahar hatami
sahar hatami Hace 19 días
Dark .my favorite drama on netflix
itsSikirat Hace 19 días
Just watched Beasts of No Nation, I’m shook, I’m crying idek. MUST WATCH
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