Top 10 Best New TV Shows of 2018 to Watch Now!

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These are the best new TV shows of 2018. With so many new TV shows premiering over the last year, it can be difficult deciding what to watch. To separate out the good from the bad, we’ve come up with a list of the Top 10 new TV shows of 2018. To qualify, the TV series must be scripted and must have had their entire first season broadcast since last year’s video. As usual, I will count them down in order based on which shows we enjoyed the best and hopefully you find at least 1 or 2 new shows here that will keep you entertained.
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28 sep 2018

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TechGumbo Hace 3 meses
What is your favorite new TV show of 2018? Cobra Kai and Barry were two shows that surprisingly exceeded my expectations... Thanks for watching :)
Vivian Monteiro
Vivian Monteiro Hace un día
TechGumbo o
Salman UpdDuYllaHy
Salman UpdDuYllaHy Hace 3 días
David Cheaney
David Cheaney Hace 11 días
Perhaps not a new one, Travelers. Need to mention Badlands also.
Mario Garcia
Mario Garcia Hace 23 días
Vincent Olela
Vincent Olela Hace un mes
Charles Woods
Charles Woods Hace 19 horas
Condor is amazing
badboi !
badboi ! Hace un día
2019 will be the year of game of thrones !
Blurryface Hace 2 días
Guys just watch Luther. Best show hands down.
Gwendolyn Johnson
Gwendolyn Johnson Hace 2 días
Yo7 tube , ,killer jook
Tekie Ghebreab
Tekie Ghebreab Hace 2 días
1) Narcos 2) Limitless 3) bodyguard those are my fav ones.
Vishal Pandey
Vishal Pandey Hace 2 días
What!!! No body guard???
Sherry Rogers
Sherry Rogers Hace 5 días
Game of thrones, all time best but angry they waited so long for next season. Otherwise This is US, second favorite,
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal Hace 6 días
Amy Adams is having a fever dream and imagines she's a reporter again in a town that happens to be called St. Louis.
Ameen kathia
Ameen kathia Hace 7 días
Dark is a masterpiece
Kat M
Kat M Hace 8 días
Together Agency
Together Agency Hace 8 días
Thanks for this a lot of shows I had never heard about in here!
Tinashe Chidziva
Tinashe Chidziva Hace 8 días
Where is SIX?
Key Elevating
Key Elevating Hace 9 días
Start Up!!! All 3 seasons free on amazon prime! Best show 2018!!
Jayson Jones
Jayson Jones Hace 9 días
Can I watch condor on any other stream besides at&t?
fun like ezel p90
fun like ezel p90 Hace 10 días
Levette Crossland
Levette Crossland Hace 10 días
I don’t hear anything about Jessica Jones no more...I hope they make season three
Mark Bray
Mark Bray Hace 11 días
How you can put Killing Eve at #2 but miss out The Bodyguard all together is a strange one. Along with McMafia, BBC killed it in 2018, 3 fantastic new series
Nikhil R
Nikhil R Hace 11 días
La casa da papel ??
AgentPotato Hace 11 días
What about Deception?
Cate Nickson
Cate Nickson Hace 11 días
Others worth checking out: The Crown, A Discovery of Witches, Impulse
Z. m
Z. m Hace 12 días
The sinner & 13 reasons why.
Boe Dillard
Boe Dillard Hace 12 días
Condor was good but paled compared to the movie. Jack Ryan while similar was SOOOO much better IMHO. Barry is pretty darn bad if you ask me. Bodyguard and Lost in Space were both good. I'd probably put the Rookie in my top 10 list.
Uniqueo Hace 13 días
just finished watching Bodyguard and loved it very much , last episode was lit
Cptmorgan1997 Selby
Cptmorgan1997 Selby Hace 13 días
Yes yes you got it right with Jack Ryan!
gigi kim
gigi kim Hace 13 días
Jack Ryan is the best show !! I bumped into this show without any high expectation ...thought it would be like a remake of on of Tom Clancy old movies ...but actually it is very good ! Highly recommend 2018 TV show !!
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Marzia Segati
Marzia Segati Hace 16 días
I recommend tidelands, it's so interesting and entertaining. If you're into drama, fantasy and crime you should definitely watch it. I promise it'll be worth it!
Non of them are available on Netflix
Louis Pemberton
Louis Pemberton Hace 16 días
the haunting of hill house is better than anything on this list by a long way
Deborah Hartzell
Deborah Hartzell Hace 16 días
What about Berlin Station, Wanted ( on Netflix)
Linda Pooley
Linda Pooley Hace 16 días
All these movies are action, violent, etc. none I would watch. I'd like to see more movies like The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, The Delivery Girl, etc.
Colombia video
Colombia video Hace 16 días
New video TV kiko the kiko show another kiko challeng the fortnite challenge battle watch now
April Moon
April Moon Hace 17 días
Pam Shafer
Pam Shafer Hace 18 días
Jack Ryan was good. All these seem to be dramas, what about a comedy. The Marvelous Mrs. Meisel on Amazon is brilliant. Beautiful, funny, witty and brave. I just love this show. Written by same person that did The Gilmore Girls. If you ever enjoyed the fast witted dialogue in that show then you’ll love Mrs. Meisel. Check it out.
lcrooks69 Hace 18 días
Cobra Kai is so good. Enjoy for those of you that have not seen. Jack Ryan is state based propoganada bullshit. Cannot believe anyone can take that shit seriously.
Tania4g Hace 18 días
Phani Shree
Phani Shree Hace 18 días
Alex BePositive
Alex BePositive Hace 19 días
On My Block! 💜
Next Ethan Hunt- Mission Impossible
hollywood and co. are racist! clearly 90% of the hero-roles are done my white-americans! why not latino or afro-american! why not white europeans who speak really good english! anytime hollywood takes european actors in their films, its never for the leading-hero roles! its always for side roles or a nazi-roles!
Cecilia Ellis
Cecilia Ellis Hace 20 días
My favourite new TV show of 2018 is Mr Sunshine - best by far. (has English subtitles)
iMachi Hace 20 días
I really like Altered Carbon and Lost In Space. Well, I'm more into futuristic science fiction tv shows.
Gerryko Malaysia Media Events & Food
killing eve was boring and not realistic
G SAU Hace 20 días
Season 2 of Counterpart started on Dec 9, 2018.
takaa e
takaa e Hace 20 días
2018 basically a big disappointment.
Adam Baudelaire
Adam Baudelaire Hace 21 un día
Yellowstone looks like 'Dallas' forty years on.
NRG Phaze
NRG Phaze Hace 22 días
Yellowstone is on top of my to-watch list, I'm currently watching "You" it's sort of a Dexter With A Twist. Very addictive stuff. I'd love to see The Terror and Castle Rock (thanks for the tip!). I'm not a big fan of HBO at the moment, I found The Deuce a bit underwhelming and Sharp Objects was downright insufferable (sorry)
DAVID BURNS Hace 22 días
You all forgot Michelle Wolf. And David Chappelle show on Netflix love them both
Hesham Hace 22 días
Prison Break, Breaking Bad The Walking Dead Lacasa De Papel Mindhunters Bodyguard Ozark
Yves Aubert
Yves Aubert Hace 22 días
Ozark & Hannibal
FrycoN Hace 24 días
Altered Carbon best new show of 2018
Xenon Hace 24 días
travelers netflix.
Don Draper
Don Draper Hace 25 días
I watched them all. Thanks
utah Hace 25 días
Don Goodman
Don Goodman Hace 26 días
BBC’s Bodyguard !!!
Tomo Lollen
Tomo Lollen Hace 26 días
jack rayn is the best
Loyalty_Cham Hace 27 días
Into The Badlands
Akshay Vasant
Akshay Vasant Hace 27 días
Since it was two month's ago, I can't blame you for missing out on My Brilliant Friend, but it was one captivating show. Also, no one has mentioned it in comments. I enjoyed it as much as Bodyguard or Jack Ryan!
IDGA CH Hace 27 días
what`s the first movie?
Grayling Hace 28 días
6:20 sKuLl TroOpEr
Dianne S Jorgensen
Dianne S Jorgensen Hace un mes
I read the book the alienist twenty years ago...there is a second book written in the eyes of the young boy...this series was good as the book
Angelo Heringa
Angelo Heringa Hace un mes
None of these are even available in the Netherlands ):
Azizph Hace un mes
How is Bodyguard not on here?!
Shamar Mungandi
Shamar Mungandi Hace un mes
one of my favorite is The Crossing
Onajite Ejoor
Onajite Ejoor Hace un mes
McMafia and Jack Ryan
aloka fernando
aloka fernando Hace un mes
Jack ryan
mt 77
mt 77 Hace un mes
Bodyguard. Does not matter if you like how it ends or not.
Shubham Mittal
Shubham Mittal Hace un mes
Tv watching addiction is harmful for mind, physical health etc... Don't be hypnotised and addicted.. Be real be practical.. Outdoor Sports games activities fun enjoyment love sex lust etc are must always.. Self work self interests self style are must always..
blkbelt203 Hace un mes
What about Ozark. Easy the best TV show of 2018
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Hace un mes
Ozark Season 2, Jack Ryan, Bodyguard, and On my Block. All number one’s in my book.
Music Pub
Music Pub Hace un mes
I loved Bodyguard amongst the latest tv series. 😛
Jonathan Scott
Jonathan Scott Hace un mes
Better Call Saul S04 & Ozark S02 was some of the best television ever created
Daniel Hallén
Daniel Hallén Hace un mes
cobra kai suckt big time!!!
Sparrow Squad
Sparrow Squad Hace un mes
God friended me
lennert sluus
lennert sluus Hace un mes
What is the name of the soundtrack in the back ground of 'killing eve'? at 6:35
abrantino Hace un mes
I hate the cia bla bla bulshit
Ernest Eswebb Walker
The terror is boooooring as hell, how the f**K does it make the list
Garry Dy
Garry Dy Hace un mes
Most of Netflix movies are bad. Not some.
mark Alexis
mark Alexis Hace un mes
Jack Ryan 👍🏾👌🏽
João Junior
João Junior Hace un mes
you forgot to mention a great Netflix serie called "3%" it was awesome !!
Davood Ghorab
Davood Ghorab Hace un mes
Why can't I find half of these on my Netflix
jjhean nnatividad
jjhean nnatividad Hace un mes
Money Heist The Last Kingdom The 100 are underrated asf. They by far top 3 best
MMJ _ Hace un mes
If u liked the last kingdom you'll probably want to watch vikings
its me
its me Hace un mes
the 100 is the best
Natalia Kostruba
Natalia Kostruba Hace un mes
A Discovery of Witches was amazing, Westworld, Titans, Van Helsing, Gotham, Bodyguard, Shetland, Vikings, Ray Donovan, Frontier, Outlander. I have too many favourites. Also The Alienist. Tv has come a long way the last ten to fifteen years.
Franklin the Skateboarding Bulldog
1. Haunting of Hill House 2. Better Call Saul 3. Homecoming 4. Barry 5. Escape at Dannemora
Tony Antwan
Tony Antwan Hace un mes
Origin / SY FI
LARACE Hace un mes
The last one is my favorite TV show
Grant Paulsen
Grant Paulsen Hace un mes
The REAL best shows of 2018 1. Daredevil - Season 3 2. Better Call Saul - Season 4 3. The Haunting of Hill House - Season 1 4. Adventure Time - Season 10 5. BoJack Horseman - Season 5 6. This Is Us - Season 2B & 3A 7. The Americans - Season 6 8. Atlanta - Season 2 9. Cobra Kai - Season 1 10. Barry - Season 1
abrantino Hace un mes
Better call Saul is so shit
timothyzc Hace un mes
Good list.. covers different genres..
Sw L
Sw L Hace un mes
SAFE 👍👍👍
Rushe Cawa
Rushe Cawa Hace un mes
1. Haunting of hill house. 2. Kidding. 3.Sharp objects
Richard Rich
Richard Rich Hace un mes
Jack Ryan my favorite
Julian Okeke
Julian Okeke Hace un mes
I loved a series called Waco. 😭 Do you guys feel it should be on any top list?
PrettylilSecretX Hace un mes
Killing Eve is pretty good, just finished watching season one.
Fatima Al.Sabbagh
Fatima Al.Sabbagh Hace un mes
Hi I want learn English by series drama
SF TIGERSHOT Hace un mes
The terror was pretty damn good. Haunting hill house Ozark season 2 Dark (German film) Bodygaurd
Tiger Tiger
Tiger Tiger Hace un mes
Advice this series of the best series this year imposed number 2 serial Origin ☝☝
Zaza Zauud
Zaza Zauud Hace un mes
I literally came here, pause the video and go through the comments!!! That's where the gold is trust me
Satish Kumar
Satish Kumar Hace un mes
Where is "Bodyguard" the best show of 2018
Razvan Tudor Grigore
You forgot True detective? YOU FORGOT TRUE DETECTIVE???!!!
rickinrolla Hace un mes
Altered Carbon and Lost in Space
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