Top 10 Biggest Netflix Flops

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Top 10 Biggest Netflix Flops
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Netflix has produced some very successful shows, but these originals never quite took off. We'll be looking at the biggest Netflix flops, such as The Ranch, Flaked, Amy Schumer: The Leather Special, The Ridiculous 6, Hemlock Grove, Marco Polo, and more. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Biggest Netflix Flops.
10. “The Ranch” (2016)
#9. “Flaked” (2016)
#8. “The Get Down” (201617)
#7. “Amy Schumer The Leather Special” (2017)
#6. “Between” (2015)
#5. “Chelsea” (2016)
#4. “Marco Polo” (2014-16)
#3, #2, #1: ???

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30 nov 2017

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Comentarios 7 559
Alayna Gavlock
Alayna Gavlock Hace 36 minutos
Between is such a good show tho 😩😩🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Omar Gabriel Tafur Tafur
Where's Hannah Gadsby's Nannette? 🤔
Nathan Goolsby
Nathan Goolsby Hace 10 horas
The Get Down was really good!
GabriellaGlamour Hace 11 horas
I liked flaked 😴
Yella Dart
Yella Dart Hace 11 horas
I'm a borderline Marxist by most people's opinions, and even I don't find Amy Schumer funny. Her stuff just isn't witty. It's just her talking about her body parts and functions. It wasn't funny when Sarah Millican did it either. At least Sarah Millican didn't double down. She moved on and wrote new material that was actually funny, hence why she's still successful.
Zweltz Cited
Zweltz Cited Hace 22 horas
Apparently 90% of the population is alt right…
Renny Shots
Renny Shots Hace un día
The Get down was not a flop in the black community and they cancelled itttt :(
Cody Lauren
Cody Lauren Hace un día
Amy Shumer Netflix show bombing had NOTHING to do with the ALT-RIGHT. How about the fact that everybody knows she steals jokes from other comedians and tries to pass them off as hers. Where you getting your facts the Ranch never bombed it just got renewed for another fourth season. Lord y'all need to do a better job this was probably one of your worst lists
Ryan theblaziken101
Ryan theblaziken101 Hace 3 días
RR anyone
Qiqa Putuzo
Qiqa Putuzo Hace 3 días
I loved Between 😭
Shaun Whitehead
Shaun Whitehead Hace 3 días
Amy schemer demanded the same rate of pay as Chris Rock and dav Chapelle wtf and told Netflix if they didn't pay its because of sexual discrimination well after this hopefully they just cut her show now oh to be a fly on the wall when they give her the news PRICELESS lol
GoLuckYourself Hace 3 días
I actually liked Hemlock Groove. It shouldn`t be on the list ...
Eric Hoover
Eric Hoover Hace 3 días
Let’s play a game, look at all the top comments on this video, and upvote any talking about amy schumer
James Smith
James Smith Hace 4 días
Adam sandler done
Alex Hace 4 días
The Get Down was great.
Fabian Alejandro Bonilla Moya
I thought Sense 8 was pretty repetitive and predictable. Too much unnecesary sexual content aswell. It wasn't cool for me. They even cancelled the third season. What do you guys think about it?. I would rate it 5/10
Gamsci Hace 5 días
Lost all respect for this video when the first series they mention is "The Ranch." I hardly call 6 seasons (or parts fwiw) with future plans for more to be a flop.
Lucas anderson
Lucas anderson Hace 5 días
Chelsea was boring
Lucas anderson
Lucas anderson Hace 5 días
Schumer was not conspiracy... Was just rubbish...
David  Lucey
David Lucey Hace 6 días
The Ranch hasn’t flopped;
Kamran Kazi
Kamran Kazi Hace 6 días
1,2,3 Amy Schumer
help4343 Hace 6 días
A list of ten and all the comments are about Amy Schumer.
zEN60 Hace 7 días
I'm pretty liberal, and I thought the Leather Special was pretty bad, and I wanted to like it.
DJ Shocker
DJ Shocker Hace 9 días
I really liked "Between" :-\
Dave Walsh
Dave Walsh Hace 9 días
I'd say piss on Chelsea but apparently that's already been done.
Joe Salvucci
Joe Salvucci Hace 10 días
THE RANCH??? seriously????
venasse Optical
venasse Optical Hace 10 días
Amy Schumer isn't funny, is a shitty person and in leather makes my eyes burn.
jrwxtx Hace 10 días
Netflix does not release any ratings on their programs. While critics may not like something, you need #'s to know what the audience thinks.
Jason Qualls
Jason Qualls Hace 11 días
I just saw Amy Schumer's pic on the thumbnail of a top 10 list about failures, so I just had to see :) Amy is a gross fat cow that isnt funny
Happy Shitkicker
Happy Shitkicker Hace 11 días
Why didn't Chelsea blame the alt-right for her failure? Does the alt-right only have it out for Amy?
Zap Actionsdower
Zap Actionsdower Hace 12 días
watching this at work on my lunch break and suddenly 3:05 "AMY SCHUMER!" blasts from my speakers and i rush in a fumble to turn it down, id rather have to explain a woman moaning to my coworkers rather than why it sounds like im watching an amy schumer special
autotuned duck
autotuned duck Hace 12 días
I dont watch it but i thought the ranch was a popular show? i think i watched 3mins of the first episode and turned it off, ha.
Naylor Broughton
Naylor Broughton Hace 13 días
Amy Schumer is really disgusting, her humor is crude and mean.....that is why it tanked. It had nothing to do with this nebulious "alt right" that is evidently out to get her.
AmethystEyes Hace 13 días
I’m a liberal AND a feminist and I hate Amy Schumer. 1. She is not funny. 2. She is steals jokes and finds a way to deliver them that makes them less funny. 3. She blames everyone else for her failures.
Billy Gollner
Billy Gollner Hace 13 días
Amy Schumer's standup special was hilarious.
ShiftyLizardStore Hace 14 días
I thought true memoirs was awesome.
Jenna Gilmore
Jenna Gilmore Hace 14 días
Pretty sure 90% of the comments are about Amy Schumer
Film Fixers
Film Fixers Hace 14 días
Also the Get down was certified fresh by critics and had 90 percent audience approval...
Zi m
Zi m Hace 11 días
They aren't saying the shows were bad, just not popular. Often good shows aren't popular and popular shows aren't good.
Film Fixers
Film Fixers Hace 14 días
The Ranch is certified Fresh by critics with an 82 percent audience approval. Far from a flop.
BillyFreeTX Hace 14 días
I liked Marco Polo well enough, and Hemlock Grove was awesome!
Connor Mckee
Connor Mckee Hace 15 días
Maybe Amy Schumer's special wasn't well received because she is about as funny as stage four cancer on a small child. It does not take a sinister alt right conspiracy to make people hate her, she is perfectly capable of doing that every time she opens her mouth.
See it or Flick it.
See it or Flick it. Hace 15 días
WM talks about 10 specials. All the comments are crying about Amy. I am not an Amy fan, but the contrarian inside me might become one just to spite everyone else.
Dawn Ballard
Dawn Ballard Hace 15 días
I just heard your first one and already disagree. The Ranch is great and already filming it's 4th season. It is funny and I love it!!
stuart hinde
stuart hinde Hace 15 días
I loved flaked.
FrenchPlayer Hace 15 días
The Ranch a flop ?! Really I was pretty sure it was quite a successful TV show - For what it's worth I love it
Ortund Hace 16 días
When Amy Schumer told everyone she was gonna become a comedian, they all laughed at her. Well, nobody's laughing now.
Lynda Santa
Lynda Santa Hace 16 días
I loved Hemlock Grove and as a Liberal woman I can say... Amy Schumer is just not funny or watchable!
Kimmarie Praesto
Kimmarie Praesto Hace 17 días
Amy Schumer should’ve been number 1 since the rating were so bad it broke Netflix.
L Mason
L Mason Hace 17 días
....how much has Netflix spent?! Are they making enough?
Zi m
Zi m Hace 11 días
They spent around 13 billion on content in 2018 and apparently another 2 billion just on marketing. When it is all said and done they seem to clear 1 to 2 billion in profit.
Ask Drew
Ask Drew Hace 17 días
Zach Powell
Zach Powell Hace 18 días
Pretty sure the ranch has been successful...
Lisa L
Lisa L Hace 18 días
Amy Schumer did what seemed impossible. She was able to get Republicans and Democrats to agree about something. They all think she's not funny at all.
Lisa L
Lisa L Hace 18 días
I loved Hemlock Grove
paul babuik
paul babuik Hace 18 días
Yeah the ranch flopped thats why its on part 6
Jarold Tualla
Jarold Tualla Hace 19 días
i liked the ranch
Wamu Sylvester
Wamu Sylvester Hace 19 días
Ridiculous 6 was funny
Terrence Tyler
Terrence Tyler Hace 19 días
Hold on...Amy isn't funny agree with the 1K comments...but Adam Sandler has never been funny for like 20 + yrs...Netflix is becoming like the cheap movies u find in those 5$ movie bins....get what we pay for ppl
Padthai Beyoncée
Padthai Beyoncée Hace 20 días
But I liked Memoirs of an international assassin :(
Kurby Pinky
Kurby Pinky Hace 20 días
If movie people would just look for GOOD, talented actors and not just pretty ones, take their time and write a script, stop doing remakes, and just use adobe after effects, They wouldn't lose all this freaking money LOL People make movies, beautiful CGI animations and skits on ESvid with about $3000 and it's better than the originals on Netflix and Hulu sometimes. I would love to have a Netflix budget to make my movie! I would spend half a million using TFS crew and Freddie Wong's old crew and keep the rest to myself LOL LOL Also Amy Schumer is not very funny, but she has fans so they are the ones probably keeping her going.
Stephen Perotti
Stephen Perotti Hace 20 días
Labeling the majority of Americans who still value decency and moral values Alt Right is really disheartening. Not everyone thinks Amy Schumer is funny.
Aubrey Bartlett
Aubrey Bartlett Hace 20 días
Amy Schumer is funny but she clearly did not prepare enough for that show. it was like she just wrote some random shit down decided to see if it worked or not.
Aubrey Bartlett
Aubrey Bartlett Hace 20 días
how is the ranch a flop??????? am I the only one who thinks this show is pretty good?????? yeah the acting is so so but the characters back story and presence are amazing.
HealthyAndrew Hace 20 días
How is Amy Schumer not the number one spot ?!
joe joe
joe joe Hace 21 un día
That was Amy Schumer? I thought it was Miss Piggy after gaining a 100 pounds
John Smith
John Smith Hace 21 un día
It's just a fact that straight white men went after that Amy Schumer special in an organized way to lower its rating. However, I like Amy Schumer. I've liked all of her other specials. That one was really bad. I hated it.
Jon Hanson
Jon Hanson Hace 21 un día
Huh the Ranch is great and i cant stand chelse and Marco polo is awesome . Remember critics said star war sucked. So when the bash something 9 times out of ten its good
Melted Cheese
Melted Cheese Hace 21 un día
Amy schumer is just not funny, not conspiracy here. she just suck.
tucan dave
tucan dave Hace 21 un día
The Ranch is good
TagSpamCop Hace 21 un día
Schumer's just butthurt because she's only got one joke. As with "Ghostbusters," it's always find someone else to blame instead of taking responsibility for poor choices and decisions. Ironically, this is the most misogynistic thing of all, that women can't take a setback on the chin, accept it, learn from it and move on. No, they're eternally the victims of someone or something, even if it's imaginary. Female lack of success must always be a conspiracy. The thing is, though, she's not interesting, notable or worthwhile enough to conspire against. And she'll do a bang-up job on her own. Frankly, Amy, nobody cares enough about you.
Medicus Cessatura
Medicus Cessatura Hace 22 días
Netflix originals look like shit
XxShadowvalkyriexX Hace 22 días
Well that's what happens when you have an oversaturation of media. It's all wank.
K M Hace 22 días
Netflix doesn’t release viewing numbers, so this list should be listed with an asterisk.
jarmymp h
jarmymp h Hace 22 días
I love the ranch I don't care what critics think of anything.
Kimberly Frazier
Kimberly Frazier Hace 23 días
How ks Hemlock Grove higher than Amy Schumer and Chelsea Handler?
Justin Nappier
Justin Nappier Hace 24 días
How is the ranch a flop? IT has run for like 4 seasons and is a good drama/ comedy. Just because critics don't like it doesn't make it a flop. It getting cancelled makes in a flop.
kingryan69 Hace 24 días
Not an alt righter, still think amy schumer is not funny and kind of gross
Chael Sonnen
Chael Sonnen Hace 24 días
Netflix originals are all dogshit, they should stick to movie rentals.
Kimberly D
Kimberly D Hace 24 días
Canel borgias sucked. One dimensional dickheads. Flesh them out and the show would be interesting
jizzy jake
jizzy jake Hace 24 días
I don't find Amy Schumer funny but you are straight up IGNORANT if you think the alt right and Trump supporters aren't a huge part of the low ratings..
Wren Hace 25 días
I enjoyed Hemlock Grove until S3. Only then did it fall apart.
GRAWLIX 19xx Hace 25 días
Remember when schummer wanted to make Chappell money 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Joxer the Mighty
Joxer the Mighty Hace 26 días
Amy Schumer is hilarious.. the alt right working to lower her rating is a good thing.. the Alt right are women hating white supremacists.
mockingbirdarmada Hace 23 días
Obvious troll is obvious.
Critic Of Horror - Brandon C. Sites
#1 - you might not like it, but if they extended the person’s contract, then how exactly is it a flop??? A flop is a movie or series that loses money, obviously that wasn’t the case for #1 -- IMO, one video for Netflix flops, one for most disliked on Netflix.
DJCamoFLA Hace 29 días
How is the Ranch a flop?! They just finished their 6th season.
Marcus Savina
Marcus Savina Hace un mes
Get down was great
Flipperman Hace un mes
I think the ranch is fk awesome
Damaged Radio
Damaged Radio Hace un mes
I enjoyed the Ranch, I wasn't disappointed I watched the series at all. I can't say that about a few of these other shows.
Furious Fortnite
Furious Fortnite Hace un mes
The ranch is awesome and so is the Get down brothers
Martin Hyatt
Martin Hyatt Hace un mes
I loved Marco Polo. It's a shame they lost the money on it. It was wonderful. Benedict Wong KILLED it as Kublai Khan.
Morgan Lambley
Morgan Lambley Hace un mes
The ranch? I genuinely really enjoy it.
William Hamilton
William Hamilton Hace un mes
there was no coordinated effort from the right over this. SHE SUCKED!! Quit blaming people when you're show was horrible.
Ben Wesley
Ben Wesley Hace un mes
Every day, Amy Schumer looks more and more like an actual penis.
Josh Calvert
Josh Calvert Hace un mes
Jokes about all the dude's you've slept with and stolen jokes from actual funny comedians is not funny. And wasn't Amy supposed to move to Canada after trump god elected? Still waiting on that.
J Paterson
J Paterson Hace un mes
I heard of 2 of those shows. And I wouldn't watch anything with that hack Sandler in it.
chan tastic
chan tastic Hace un mes
Sandler is synonymous with cinematic garbage
Victor Ortiz
Victor Ortiz Hace un mes
How the hell did Schumer get in or out of that outfit? I'm assuming lots of lubricant. That is some strong well made leather.
Maya A
Maya A Hace un mes
Netflix programming is the worse, especially their satanic agenda.
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez Hace un mes
Lie!!!! Amy Schumer is not funny that special sucked so much!!! The alt right had nothing to do with...
saemikneu Hace un mes
I really liked The Ranch because for a sitcom it was quite hard. But with Masterons leaving.. well..
jbourne5181 Hace un mes
I really enjoyed Marco Polo
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