Top 10 Biggest Netflix Flops

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Top 10 Biggest Netflix Flops
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Netflix has produced some very successful shows, but these originals never quite took off. We'll be looking at the biggest Netflix flops, such as The Ranch, Flaked, Amy Schumer: The Leather Special, The Ridiculous 6, Hemlock Grove, Marco Polo, and more. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Biggest Netflix Flops.
10. “The Ranch” (2016)
#9. “Flaked” (2016)
#8. “The Get Down” (201617)
#7. “Amy Schumer The Leather Special” (2017)
#6. “Between” (2015)
#5. “Chelsea” (2016)
#4. “Marco Polo” (2014-16)
#3, #2, #1: ???

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30 nov 2017






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Comentarios 7 744
tanabb24 Hace 3 horas
Sitizen Kane
Sitizen Kane Hace 13 horas
And yet Amy Schumer still got another Netflix special. Wtf man
Michael Mojica
Michael Mojica Hace un día
The Ranch... I love that show
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Hace un día
Amy schumer should be number 1
MansterBear Hace 2 días
"Everyone who doesn't like my comedy/show/opinion is a nazi" - Leftist
NickRamone0 Hace 2 días
04:00 seriously watchmojo, It's Alt Right's to believe that Amy Shumer's special sucked? She's not funny. There are plenntyy of witty, original, hilarious women comics. She's not one. And its absurd that the gender card in anyway is used to help her career. She does fine as it is. She was nearly thrown out of the stand up comedy world for blatant plagiarism. She was worse than George Lopez so she beat a man at the comedy plagiarism game. Look it up.
Jennifer Ratti
Jennifer Ratti Hace 2 días
I actually really enjoyed True Memoirs of an International Assassin
Bailey Crawly
Bailey Crawly Hace 2 días
Amy Schumer and Adam Sandler are both horrendous. Why Netflix insists on putting that trash out is beyond me. Like, seriously? Who’s asking for this?
Chris W
Chris W Hace 3 días
Time for an update! :)
brian bonilla
brian bonilla Hace 3 días
Not a republican I still think Tiffany shumer is lame af
Adam Smith
Adam Smith Hace 4 días
I loved Hemlock Grove
jake black
jake black Hace 4 días
Amy Schumer flops, must be the alt right. Interesting how every media failure can now just be blamed on the alt right instead of accepting you produced garbage.
I’m very Iffy uh
I’m very Iffy uh Hace 5 días
Am I the only human that hates stranger things?
Playboyyrocky Hace 6 días
Marco polo was an awesome ass show damn
k asdfg
k asdfg Hace 7 días
I dunno, I'm not EVER really touchy about profanity unless it's 1) not appropriate or out of place and 2) unnecessarily excessive. With The Ranch, it was both of those, in my opinion. I was not surprised at Kutcher, but kind of disappointed at Sam Elliott associating himself with it. He's always been such a classy guy to me and I've loved him in everything he's been in up until this show. But again, just my opinion.
Darth Xero
Darth Xero Hace 8 días
Amy Schumer is why people say women arent funny. My dog has shit out better material
Darth Xero
Darth Xero Hace 8 días
There was no targeted attack on Schumer or her special. She's just a talentless hack and people let them know.
Blue Louie
Blue Louie Hace 9 días
Amy whats-her-name; typical blame-anyone-who doesn't-agree-with her pathetic agenda syndrome. It can't possibly be the fact that she sucks as an entertainer, it has to be the "right" sabotaging her career. If it were an agenda to sabotage her show by those who aired her show, why bother airing it in the first place? Democrats hated it right along with Republicans. You lose, tubby. Retire.
K1naku5ana3R1ka Hace 10 días
I watched The Ranch for a bit, and I actually thought it was at least decent; a few too many sex jokes and sex references as excuses for jokes for me, but it did have its genuine laughs, and some nice character chemistry (especially that episode where Beau and his wife (forget her name) go out to a hotel).
LaikaLycanthrope Hace 10 días
The only funny thing about Amy Schumer is the fact that she looks like a female Pilsbury Doughboy.
becky taylor
becky taylor Hace 10 días
The Ranch was such a flop that they did 5 seasons? Ok.
Marthur Aorgan
Marthur Aorgan Hace 12 días
I’m reading the comments and it’s at least 51% Democrats and Republicans talking about how they agree with each other. Nice to see, but pretty bad for Amy Schumer 🤷🏽‍♂️
R Marty
R Marty Hace 12 días
Marco Polo and the Ranch should not be on this list.
SpankyMonkey Hace 13 días
It's quite possible that, perversely, there's just too much choice on Netflix
Jeremy Kimble
Jeremy Kimble Hace 14 días
Hmm I wonder why a show about the bronx in the 70’s made by an old white dude didn’t work out 🤔hmmmmmm
ferdonandebull Hace 14 días
The Adam Sandler movie was not a flop. It was a shitty movie that for some reason made money for Netflix ... No one cares about any cultural shit as long as the bottom line is there..
ferdonandebull Hace 14 días
Well the “assassin” movie absolutely sucked.. but the native population of Venezuelans should look at their country..
ferdonandebull Hace 14 días
Amy just stopped being funny .. she had a great show but as she become “political” her humor just dumped..
Music is My only escape
Hemlock Grove is actually a great series in my opinion!
ferdonandebull Hace 14 días
Music is My only escape I liked it also. But it took a long time to develop the characters properly and face it that last season was kind of “lost”. It had its run and we were able to get a sense of closure. It actually ended with poor numbers but the good seasons were very high...
chanosalinas77 Hace 15 días
I of sound mind and body.... Started to watch the Amy Schumer Netflix special..... Turned it off 20 minutes in! No political affiliation, it was just unfunny!
Sergio Gaudio
Sergio Gaudio Hace 15 días
I love that the majority of the comments here are just bashing Amy Shumer😂😂😂she's gotta be the most annoying comedian out right now
Jose De La Riva
Jose De La Riva Hace 16 días
whatt i actually remember enjoying marco polo
Bemuse Hace 16 días
It had nothing to do with the "alt right", Amy.
jameel x
jameel x Hace 17 días
The get down was slept on
Brittany Bransford
Brittany Bransford Hace 17 días
Ken Jeong's special was awful as well. He does well because of good writing; however, he's not independently funny
romaro slaters
romaro slaters Hace 17 días
sandy Wexler was good idc what anyone says I will die for that movie
Andres Fuentes
Andres Fuentes Hace 17 días
You guys can’t stop talking with your foot in your mouth, can you?
MrFloppy19 Hace 18 días
This is netflix, youre green-lit
PersonaChick Hace 18 días
Ok the fuck. I'm half tempted not to finish this. the ranch is awesome
Oddjuice Hace 21 un día
a lot a women are funny, but sorry schumer you are pure feces.
D.Anthony Franco Jr.
D.Anthony Franco Jr. Hace 21 un día
Dear Netflix, Please STOP trying to make us like Amy Schumer! She is NOT funny! From, The People of Earth
gabe barnes
gabe barnes Hace 22 días
Marco Polo was good though...wish they had more budget for a third season
mica carnell
mica carnell Hace 23 días
Miss J
Miss J Hace 24 días
The Rancher was a good show until they took off Danny Masterson because of sexual harassment charges.
Shadeau Perez
Shadeau Perez Hace 24 días
Womem comedy is terrible in my opinion... Russian Doll wont last.. Mock my words
CVKprodigy Hace 26 días
Judging by the comments im gonna just assume Amy Vagina jokes probably should have gotten that number 1 spot
Kal Champlain
Kal Champlain Hace 27 días
The Get Down was amazing. Especially from the perspective of the real culture of hip hop.
ee4 gunz
ee4 gunz Hace 27 días
Amy Schumer is funny as hell!, when I turn off the television.
mpk1028 Hace 27 días
It never fails to amaze when you see somebody like Adam Sandler fail upwards his entire career. Even more galling, he drags hacks like Kevin James and David Spade on his coattails.
Brando Flemmington
Brando Flemmington Hace un mes
I’m sorry but Ridiculous 6 is hilarious lol when Taylor Lautner (probably spelled wrong) starting swinging around I about lost my mind hahaha
dave israel
dave israel Hace un mes
I knew "flaked" was going to flop..they casted t millz
dodofro Hace un mes
Wrap a disgusting pig in leather and it's still a disgusting pig.
David Rojas
David Rojas Hace un mes
Everyone commenting about Amy Schumer and I’m just sad knowing there won’t be another Marco Polo 😭
Yahel Israel
Yahel Israel Hace un mes
Netflix should have paid Monique her money and we could have watched some real comedy instead of that STD called Amy
Mark James Meli
Mark James Meli Hace un mes
Adam Sandler is very funny....but his relevance is over.
Kanak Tripathi
Kanak Tripathi Hace un mes
Marco Polo was the reason I am a regular subscriber of Netflix Was a sad day when I found out they are not making 3Rd season
Matrix Optimistic3
Matrix Optimistic3 Hace un mes
I thought the get down was great it was just released at the wrong time
ADMAFIA210 Hace un mes
Amy Schumer was hot tho
nini aly
nini aly Hace un mes
I don't understand why Amy Schumer gets to make movies and stand up comedies...SHE JUST AIN'T F. U. N. N. Y!!!
diego Hace un mes
the ranch is good ...not awesome but good
shawn cypret
shawn cypret Hace un mes
It wasn't the alt right she just had a really bad special it wasn't funny it was f****** stupid
Sophie Reinhardt
Sophie Reinhardt Hace un mes
karien scribante
karien scribante Hace un mes
Gave that Amy Schumer special two minutes’ chance before I jumped ship... she doesn’t do it for most- not just the alt right
K Hace un mes
WHAT? How is “The Ranch” on this list. I know a lot of people that love that show and it has a huge social media following. It may not win awards, but it’s no flop! It’s not often I say this, but this Mojo List is a joke. ...but yeah, Amy Schumer sucks.
The Hominid
The Hominid Hace un mes
The most impressive thing about Amy Schumer as a comic, is the way she can rip off other people's jokes and extract all of the humour from them.
sam calvinist
sam calvinist Hace un mes
why did rob reiner did not delivered a single hit for more than a decade now?? why did michael moore delivered so many flops in recent years?? why did george clooney's movie suburbicon and tommorowland flopped in such a spectacularly big way ?? why did jennifer lawrence's movie mother was such a big flop?? why do award shows like emmy's and mtv awards have so such low ratings?? why did amy schumers show flopped and movie received such poor response?? what do all these above mentioned individuals have in common???
Tessa Thomas
Tessa Thomas Hace un mes
The get down was amazing
Brandon Potts
Brandon Potts Hace un mes
Ranch was good until they cut rooster.
Covfefe Hamberder
Covfefe Hamberder Hace un mes
I thought it said slobs, not flops, because I saw Army Schumer’s picture. I guess she fits both though.
Nathan Gonzalez
Nathan Gonzalez Hace un mes
I loved Marco Polo! I wished it continued.
nik rite
nik rite Hace un mes
Marco Polo was lit AF
kristen kendell
kristen kendell Hace un mes
Hemlock grove i love it why its it on the list its great
Craig Wright
Craig Wright Hace un mes
Ashton Kutcher is shit hence why two and a half men went down. Why would you cast him?
Em Brown
Em Brown Hace un mes
I love Between
Mindy Macready
Mindy Macready Hace un mes
Ashton Kutcher is NOT an actor, bound to fail.
AbhiSasha Hace un mes
I have an inbuilt default setting in my body to cringe whenever i see kayne west and amy
Stargell Blackstar
Stargell Blackstar Hace un mes
sandler hasn't been any good since the 90s.
SuperZX Hace un mes
This is how streaming services know what is hot and what’s not. The normal scheduled broadcasting/cable/satellite transmissions can track viewership with ratings at the pre determine specific time of airing. Streaming services do not utilize the Nielsen ratings system. They track the streaming programming but their numbers are never accurate so Netflix and others use the number of accounts that stream the series/special to count viewership. So if a certain number of streams is not achieved by a certain date, the series or special is considered a flop.
wivuyao Hace un mes
james cartex
james cartex Hace un mes
Marco Polo was such a good show that was underrated imo
seank361 Hace un mes
I liked the ridiculous six but i do see why people would be upset but thats why its a comedy movie
fuqoff aye?
fuqoff aye? Hace un mes
I think Shumer is attractive physically... thick blonde nice skin but that Netflix special really really sucked. It was not funny at all. I'll watch her because like Tonya Harding I love the thunder thighs and voluptuous build, but I won't necessarily be there for the right reasons.
Zach Atkinson
Zach Atkinson Hace un mes
I kinda liked Flaked 😳
Cliffton Coffey
Cliffton Coffey Hace un mes
I liked the Get Down
Neil Amorin
Neil Amorin Hace un mes
Amy Schumer... Not funny.. steals joke from other comedians...
Jaysen Gomez
Jaysen Gomez Hace un mes
Marco Polo was so fucking good. I miss my great khan :(
Riki Maru
Riki Maru Hace un mes
Bird box should be added
Waffles For Days
Waffles For Days Hace un mes
Amy Schumer is one of the least funny people in all of human history. She can claim that is just a political side that does not find her funny but i think anyone above the age of 10 wil or atleast should not find her funny.
Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas Hace un mes
Schumer can blame anyone all she wants,but there is one simple factor to why it failed: She is not funny.
anonamous365 Hace un mes
10 years to late for leather...Better never than late.
anonamous365 Hace un mes
Welcome to Netflix your greenlit...whats your project?
nick fonseca
nick fonseca Hace un mes
Schumer is trash and if you don’t know by now, look up all the jokes she stole. Even if she didn’t, she’s still not funny and still garbage.
nick fonseca
nick fonseca Hace un mes
The ranch got hella good. Foh
Marquise’ Wrld
Marquise’ Wrld Hace un mes
I was really forcing myself to laugh at the Amy Schumer one bruh 🤧I’m not saying she’s not funny but that junk WASNT FUNNY
b mac
b mac Hace un mes
I watched leather special to see how bad it is. It’s atrocious. She must have written it.
Min Nguyen
Min Nguyen Hace un mes
I don't know why Watchmojo just cannot admit that Schumer is a terrible, horrible, and awful comedian (in one video they even said she was a talented comedian lmfao). She is a cringeworthy joke stealer. And even when she steals the joke, she cannot deliver it. Schumer is the poster child of the left, so critics are taking it easy on her, but anyone with a brain who tries watching Schumer cannot bear to watch her for more than 2 minutes because she sucks.
piratexxxking Hace un mes
I don't trust professional critics anymore, they have zero bearing on my decision to watch anything
Cole Dreyer
Cole Dreyer Hace un mes
Women aren't funny. Simple.
Miss Myers
Miss Myers Hace un mes
You know, the truth is, Amy Schumer is just *ungodly noises of disgust*
ThatDuckInASuit Hace un mes
The ranch is fucking amazing, well before the whole Danny thing. Netflix donee fucked up with that one
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