Top 10 Biggest Netflix Flops

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Top 10 Biggest Netflix Flops
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Netflix has produced some very successful shows, but these originals never quite took off. We'll be looking at the biggest Netflix flops, such as The Ranch, Flaked, Amy Schumer: The Leather Special, The Ridiculous 6, Hemlock Grove, Marco Polo, and more. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Biggest Netflix Flops.
10. “The Ranch” (2016)
#9. “Flaked” (2016)
#8. “The Get Down” (201617)
#7. “Amy Schumer The Leather Special” (2017)
#6. “Between” (2015)
#5. “Chelsea” (2016)
#4. “Marco Polo” (2014-16)
#3, #2, #1: ???

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30 nov 2017

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Comentarios 7 594
Ricky Chitwood
Ricky Chitwood Hace 6 minutos
Number 1 Was ridiculous 6 but at the end they sneak in a line that the streaming numbers are amazing??
focke wulf
focke wulf Hace un día
as soon as i saw her show being advertised i just gave it a thumbs down just seeing the AD made me sick, Amy has to be one of the worst rated wanna be comics in the world
Neo Virz
Neo Virz Hace un día
1. Netflix Death Note
John Conner
John Conner Hace un día
subscription services are the worst
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez Hace un día
The Get Down was good
Clyde James
Clyde James Hace un día
I like the ranch but removing one of the main actors ruined it for me
leane gaugirard
leane gaugirard Hace un día
"Will Arnett, known for his roles in arrested development and Bojack horseman." Me: AND THE VOICE OF LEGO BATMAN!
Deb long
Deb long Hace un día
They flopped because they sucked. It's not rocket science.
Phillip Luck
Phillip Luck Hace 2 días
Amy Schumer's special was a flop, because there are only so many jokes about vaginas you can take. She is a one trick vagina.
Lester Roque
Lester Roque Hace 2 días
Why do these idiots call anyone that does not agree with them alt-right?
Craig Fulco
Craig Fulco Hace 2 días
Odd. I loved the first season of Marco Polo
Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield Hace 2 días
2 girls 1 cup is better than Amy Schumer
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez Hace 2 días
Oh come on the ranch is funny and great!
Narrs Tilbury XOXO
Narrs Tilbury XOXO Hace 2 días
I liked the Ranch..... I was looking forward to another season.
84Elenai Hace 2 días
Amy, I think you are great. But there was no trolling there: the leather special wasn't a good one, I am sorry. Your last one is great though. So... Everything is fine, keep going and release great works, and you won't have to worry about anything!
NekoInk13 Hace 2 días
😂 every comment is in the disaster that is Amy Schumer! The people have spoken!,
Patrick Lemire
Patrick Lemire Hace 2 días
Don't blame the 'Alt Right'. 6 people can't tank a comedy special. If the Alt Right is so powerful it's weird how they took the weekend off when Black Panther, Wonder Woman, any Dave Chappelle special drops. It's just an excuse hacks use when they miss.
silentsiren8866 Hace 2 días
I know all the comments are directed at Amy, but Watch Mojo’s fail is adding Elisha Cuthbert in a mention of accomplished cast and not Sam Elliott. Lol.
Nikki Shields
Nikki Shields Hace 2 días
Something that sucks then bombs... 🤔🤔...blame the right.
ichiban2point0 Hace 3 días
If Amy Schumer had cancer, no one would care or rally around her. They would pray for the cancer.
K.D. Chanters
K.D. Chanters Hace 3 días
rdstirewalt Hace 3 días
Schumer just isn't funny
Joseph Dilascio
Joseph Dilascio Hace 3 días
Yeah I watched it, it just wasn't funny. Are we allowed to not like things now if they are bad?
joe Hart
joe Hart Hace 3 días
Shumer's best lines in her special were much funnier when told by the comics she stole them from.
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez Hace 3 días
Amy shmchuemer just sucks. She isn't funny or original. Regardless of background, 99% of the world population agrees any Schumer sucks
Spurs1 fan
Spurs1 fan Hace 3 días
The Ranch is the best thing that happened to Netflix
78mikehayes Hace 3 días
Watching a burning orphanage would be funnier than Amy Schumer
Steve Coelho
Steve Coelho Hace 4 días
Glad to see so many calling BS that the alt-right caused Amy Schumer's stand up show to flop. She's not a good comedian.
DiScoStuR9 Hace 4 días
What crititcs liked leather special?
Luc Bac
Luc Bac Hace 4 días
NO!!! Not alt right! Nobody likes Amy Schumer! I’m a Democrat and she just ISNT FUNNY!!!🖕🖕
John Farrell
John Farrell Hace 5 días
Friends From College would surely get brought up on this list if this were updated
wilykily Hace 5 días
Everything on Netflix is a flop....absolute garbage!
A M Hace 5 días
These are the people that get an automatic thumbs down: Anything with Amy Schumer, Kevin Hart, Kevin James, Chelsea Handler AND of course Adam Sandler. Deuces!
lone wanderer
lone wanderer Hace 6 días
me watch tv 😀 happy Amy Schumer comes on tv 😵 My eyes my eyes someone pass the bleach i have to disinfect my eyes
Maurice Kirksey
Maurice Kirksey Hace 6 días
Insert Amy Schumer Alt Right post #7556
batshitcrazy007 Hace 6 días
I'm not even white, let alone alt-right. Amy's jokes suck donkey balls and I'm putting it mildly here...go figure!
Clara Johnson
Clara Johnson Hace 7 días
Amy Schumer isn't at all funny, she's just disgusting! Though to be honest to me there aren't a lot of comedians I find truly funny, some I do sometimes, but then they will do a joke that is so disgusting or with racists undertones, that anything else they say after doesn't seem funny anymore, even if you might have if you hear it before the bad ones! Oh and when I said racist undertones, I mean some black comedians, not the white ones! Well except of course any of those southern comedians that you know are Trump supporters, because they may not say racist jokes, but you know they want to, since they are Trumpsters! The only one I really enjoy is Ellen, she doesn't get nasty to be funny and she always makes me laugh!
Bastian Palafox
Bastian Palafox Hace 7 días
Amy Schumer, I love her because she TRIGGERS! Them racist. They get offended so fast, snowflakes
Traveling Tal
Traveling Tal Hace 7 días
Shumer wanted to be paid along the lines of Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle LMAO!!! GTFOHWTBS Unfunny Woman.
Erika Puno
Erika Puno Hace 8 días
Except for Marco Polo, I have never heard of the other 9 productions.
Grogery 1
Grogery 1 Hace 4 días
Which is a pretty good indication that you didn't miss out on anything
nohomers100 Hace 8 días
Comedy? Is that what Sandler was going for? Interesting. Sandler is a con artist
Laurie Kearney
Laurie Kearney Hace 8 días
Yeah, I didn't need to see or hear anything negative about that Amy Schumer special. I went in blind and turned it off within a half hour.
CitizenofDystopia Hace 8 días
Shame that Marco Polo failed. It was one of the best shows on Netflix. Amy Schumer failed because she sucks. Stop trying to make us all out to be "alt-right" for not liking her
Skeets Nation
Skeets Nation Hace 9 días
Alt right= everyone not left apparently
Crow King
Crow King Hace 9 días
Kevin James is a terrible actor
lou_e.d1462 •
lou_e.d1462 • Hace 9 días
3:33 if there’s one thing that makes me sick it’s morbidly obese women being confident
Big Johnny
Big Johnny Hace 10 días
Everything except stranger things
Enduwhoa Oweo
Enduwhoa Oweo Hace 10 días
Triple threat is a waste of good talents.
oneconscious man
oneconscious man Hace 12 días
Well let's analyze the list. Amy Schumer is a joke thief and therefore cannot be funny because funny is where the jokes originated. she just repeats. like Gabriel Iglesias. As for conservatives. screw them for sabotaging a crap special because they are too delicate. Next.- The Ranch? was this a show about salad dressing, because it sure looks white and messy. next. Jenette Mcurdy? star power? what? never heard of her so what kind of star power is there? Next - Chelsea, I was a fan for years and years, but I found over time her bits were repetitive, lame and just plain dull, I get bored with her very easily. Next - Marco Polo looked interesting so I watched two episode before I just found it long and boring. There was something about it which I found made the time drag. It is like watching a movie and watching the time crawl at the same time wondering if its almost over. Next - HaHA she used the word acting talking about International Assassin while Kevin James image was on. Kevin James and acting do not belong together. Next - The Ridiculous Six, I tried to get through the first 30 minutes. it is a stupid stupid stupid movie. Just too dumb even on an Adam Sandler level, and it's his movie. I would say it is a pretty good lit of failures but I really haven't heard of many of these.
KariB57 Hace 13 días
Liked Hemlock Grove
KariB57 Hace 13 días
Don't like Will Arnett
Ahsan Siddiqui
Ahsan Siddiqui Hace 15 días
. . . Neither is Adam Sandler
Louis Vivian
Louis Vivian Hace 16 días
wrong reasons to hate amy schumer: her gender, her weight, her candidness about sex right reasons to hate amy schumer: her joke stealing, her racism, her pseudo-feminism
Yoana Dandarova
Yoana Dandarova Hace 16 días
Amy challenges stupid men a lot and i like it.
Allrasan Hace 16 días
Bet Monique would have been worth more....
Carlos Cardenas
Carlos Cardenas Hace 16 días
Where is the OA, and why would anyone in their sane mind like it? The cringiest thing ever.
Ashley Eldridge
Ashley Eldridge Hace 17 días
I loved the Ridiculous Six.
Hoodie Gamer
Hoodie Gamer Hace 17 días
Amy Schumer can just talk about her vagina for an hour and call it a stand up comedy special.
success popoola
success popoola Hace 17 días
I liked the ranch but season 3 is real dark. I also really liked between.
Shaun Mattice
Shaun Mattice Hace 17 días
Let's be honest. Liberal or Conservative. We can all agree that Amy Schumer isn't funny.
J Eddie
J Eddie Hace 17 días
Everyone I know loves The Ranch.
NAFANUA 1983 Hace 17 días
How is the 6 season ranch show a flop???? Lol
Ken Hill
Ken Hill Hace 18 días
I saw Trainwreck and it was hilarious! I've seen a few of her specials and I'm like "meh". She's not that pretty and not hot at all. I know we shouldn't judge by looks and all of that stuff, but whatever. Seeing her mom arms and her stuffed into that too-tight leather outfit would be uncomfortable to look at. I'd keep thinking, "How much baby powder did the have to use to let her ooze into that?"
William Perry
William Perry Hace 18 días
Turn it off and get a life.
Promthanius Hace 19 días
you dont have to alt right to know Amy S is trash. please Mojo you morons, keep your politics to yourself. shes garbo no matter how you slice it
Jeterfan906 Hace 19 días
I’m pretty sure Amy Schumer should be higher since Netflix changed their whole rating system after.
JesusFreaksForreal 126
7:03 watching this in 2019 like😬
JesusFreaksForreal 126
The leather special was awful. It wasn’t the alt-right, it was her sucking. Literally.
Denis 2o76
Denis 2o76 Hace 20 días
I don't think Amy was bad it was pretty funny I just had to give it a chance but that's just me what frustrates me is when people say "women aren't funny" bcs that just gets rid of not liking one person to being sexist if you don't like her cool if you do cool but dont generalize it to all women not being funny
Denis 2o76
Denis 2o76 Hace 20 días
The Get Down was amazing howwww was it lowwww :'(
Àye Aldh
Àye Aldh Hace 21 un día
Marco Polo was good
Thanatos138 Hace 21 un día
As a registered independent who's left of center, please allow me to clear something up. It's not only Alt-Right people who can't stand Amy Schumer, there are plenty of Lefties (myself included) who also hate her. And here's why : She's not funny!
Sue J
Sue J Hace 23 días
Amy Schumer’s material has to move on from slutty behaviour and bodily functions. But does she have anything else? Chelsea Handler has an annoying personality for tv and her Trump derangement syndrome offends half the country. These arrogant celebrities need to stop thinking that the inside of their Hollywood bubble is the entire world. If something is good people will watch it. I don’t think viewers can be blamed for deciding that something is bad and switching channels.
highlanderknight Hace 24 días
These days Amy Schumer isn't really funny. Now some of her much older original stuff (before she ever appeared on television and doubled in size..) is actually decent enough to listen to. But again, the stuff over the past couple of years barely warrants a chuckle. Sadly, her Netflix specials probably one of the primary reasons we no longer have user reviews on Netflix anymore, those at Netflix didn't like to see the negativity (and please, stop with the alt-right conspiracy carp).
Makrokosmos Hace 24 días
that unicron store shitpiece.
Michael Wills
Michael Wills Hace 24 días
The Ranch was brill. Unfortunately it got torpedoed by the me too fanatics.
Cody Bennett
Cody Bennett Hace 24 días
The ranch is not a bad show it's actually pretty funny that's why it's still going
bgt125 Hace 27 días
Schumer as well as the Alt-Right Reddit Dweller Incels stalking her online could have a contest to see who is more annoying and obnoxious.
Theresa Nosek
Theresa Nosek Hace 27 días
Um... What about Iron Fist?
Jose Navarro
Jose Navarro Hace 27 días
The ranch is funny
Kyote 10
Kyote 10 Hace 28 días
OMG I LOVE The Ranch!!!
victor gomez
victor gomez Hace un mes
amy shumer stand up and movies. are very boring, but i love the ranch.
jaster mereel
jaster mereel Hace un mes
i hate the alt right. i also think amy schumer is an ignorant racist entitled twat
lone wolf
lone wolf Hace un mes
Some? Some? Some? Oh come on.
Wolf Lord Bradley
Wolf Lord Bradley Hace un mes
The Ranch was just boring. The Getdown was good I hoped S2 would've been better, but the story was good. We all know Shumer is terrible, don't say alt right, that makes me not want to watch this channel. I find it funny that you say alt right ppl didnt like Schumer; but don't talk about Handlers blatant politics. Idk what you're talking about True Memoirs was fine. Venezula is not a great place especially Caracas..
Austin Kelly
Austin Kelly Hace un mes
How can it be a flop if the streaming ratings are high!
chris b
chris b Hace un mes
Could have just had all Adam Sandler movies they did
Gomer Hanger
Gomer Hanger Hace un mes
The Get Down cost $120 million ?!
76RCJ Hace un mes
The Ranch failed because it had Ashton Kutcher in it. Not because it was a conservative show.
Gomer Hanger
Gomer Hanger Hace un mes
76RCJ Danny Mathersons rape allegations didn’t help also.
CSANT Hace un mes
hardcore democratic liberal feminist here: still hate Amy Schummer's brand of "humor", she is the female Adam Sandler.
Gordon Armstrong
Gordon Armstrong Hace un mes
2019 update- Lunatics at #1.
IngoojertFC Hace un mes
The ranch was awesome 🤔
Aidan Olson
Aidan Olson Hace un mes
Any Schumer won’t do comedy again if all she’s doing is raunchy vagina jokes you don’t see Brad Williams (who is a dwarf) make only midget jokes
Aidan Olson
Aidan Olson Hace un mes
The do-over was one of the only Adam Sandler movies that I liked, Adam is not consistently good as a main protagonist but serves well with David spade at his side
crypter27 Hace un mes
No one misses Chelsea!
Nirul Sultan
Nirul Sultan Hace un mes
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Azizi Othman
Azizi Othman Hace un mes
my mom:Amy schumer is not funny at all
freedom1234573 Hace un mes
I love flaked
Freddy Hansen
Freddy Hansen Hace un mes
Hahahah really. 90 % off Netflix prod are flop, but they have the money to go on ,and ones in a while some good come out
Marvin Espinoza
Marvin Espinoza Hace un mes
Amy Schumer makes all them terrible Netflix movies look good
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