Top 10 CW Shows of All Time

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Top 10 CW Shows of All Time // Subscribe: esvid.net/u-MsMojo
Here’s the Top 10 CW Shows of All Time! Since 2006 The CW has broadcast dozens of hit programs, now it’s time to decide which ones are the best. We’ve included shows like Supernatural, Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, Gilmore Girls, Jane the Virgin, Smallville, iZOMBIE, The Flash and America’s Next Top Model.
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25 nov 2017

TVCWCW ShowsSupernaturalGossip GirlThe Vampire DiariesGilmore GirlsJane the VirginSmallvilleiZOMBIEThe FlashAmerica’s Next Top Modelteen showssupernatural showsmodelsvampirescompetition showreality showsMsMojotop 10






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Comentarios 2 289
Mariama Jobe
Mariama Jobe Hace 11 horas
Team Delena forever
miss sabina
miss sabina Hace un día
Where the fuck is buffy and charmed on this list
Ryan Barker
Ryan Barker Hace 2 días
This list confuses me. S1, S2, S5 of Arrow >>>>> Flash > S3, S4, S6+ Arrow The 100 is much better than most of these shows. The only thing that really makes sense is Supernatural at #1.
Maddie Weber
Maddie Weber Hace 3 días
I know no Jones talking about it but I LOVE Veronica Mars it would have been my number one
ben davis
ben davis Hace 4 días
One tree hill will always my #1
Ingrid Abramović
Ingrid Abramović Hace 5 días
TVD and Gossip Girl 😍❤️
Smart Hydra
Smart Hydra Hace 5 días
Umm, why wasnt Teen Wolf on here?!?!?! I am astonished and upset. :(( It should have been number 1!!! Also, the 100 should have gotten in the top 3!!
Caelan Hill
Caelan Hill Hace 4 días
Smart Hydra Teen Wolf is a MTV show not the CW. If it was the CW then it would definitely make at least top 3 😍😍
Temilola Olorunsola
Temilola Olorunsola Hace 6 días
Nikita is so underrated like where my Nikita fans at????🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Lmao hania
Lmao hania Hace 6 días
Does anyone remember vampire academy?
Umay Tokatlıoğlu
Umay Tokatlıoğlu Hace 7 días
TVD/TO always and forever...
Adam Engel
Adam Engel Hace 8 días
Though riverdale or arrow would at least get an honorable mention, but at least the flash is in there
Susan Gonzalez
Susan Gonzalez Hace 8 días
Supernatural The vampire diaries Gossip girl The originals Jane the virgin All are so great. The CW really has the BEST shows. I would put riverdale too but it’s honestly not as good at those
Maddy Calef
Maddy Calef Hace 9 días
when I saw riverdale I almost clicked off
Raejene H
Raejene H Hace 9 días
Am I the only one who LOVED "What I Like About You" with Amanda Bynes?
JAY WLCH Hace 9 días
Fun fact: The Flash is #1
Kaylee Martinez
Kaylee Martinez Hace 9 días
Supernatural then Vampire Diaries then The Originals then Legacies
mady music
mady music Hace 10 días
I am about to watch this video and the only reason i am gonna watch it because i want supernatural at no 1
snow *
snow * Hace 11 días
the 100 is soo underrated show ......i think it should be in top 10))
Mya Santos
Mya Santos Hace 11 días
Supernatural, Smallville, The flash , Arrow , Supergirl , Legends Of Tomorrow , Jane the Virgin , The Originals , The Vampire Diaries , Gossip Girl, The 100 , and Reign are the best CW shows in my opinion. Edit: So Glad Supernatural got its well deserved top spot!!!
abdelrahman shreen
abdelrahman shreen Hace 11 días
Arrow is the Best
Yannick Hace 11 días
List is incomplete: The 100 only an honorable mention? It has the best worldbuilding and character development of all CW shows. Not to mention how they plant seeds and easter eggs of what's coming in future seasons in their previous seasons, not many shows can execute this very well. Also every season is different than the season before. Most shows use the same formula every season, like how the superhero shows use episodic villains and the last few episodes of every season the big main villain, a lot of the time they kill one of the main characters in the final. Other shows have this stupid love triangles throughout the whole show, The 100 got rid of that in season 1. Also the fact that annoys me the most is how in CW shows where there are good and bad guys, the good guys always kill the bad guys and declare themselves to be the holy good guys like they have brought peace. There are always more perspectives to something. In their eyes they are the good guys. The characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend Of Korra are good examples of how everyone thinks what they are doing is right. The 100 also executes this really well. It should have been in the top 5. Maybe even number 1, because while The 100 gets better every season, the quality of Supernatural decreases with every season.
Gracie Hace 12 días
I love tvd so much it should be #1 not only on cw but in general and then after that the 100
Shannon Kelly
Shannon Kelly Hace 12 días
amanda Hace 13 días
1. the 100 2. the 100 3. the 100 4. the 100 5. the 100 6. the 100 7. the 100 8. the 100 9. the 100 10. the 100
your broken cas
your broken cas Hace 13 días
Only came here to see if Supernatural was number 1. I am satisfied.😂
Эрдэнэтуяа Б.
Same here 🥇🥇🥇
BrookeMT Hace 13 días
How tf is supernatural first!? The Vampire Diaries hit a record for the network and it wasnt cancelled, the creator/executive producer Julie Plec, stopped it because she thought the show was at a great place to stop. She also premiered two successful spinoffs. Yes, I’ve watched Supernatural, it’s a good show. But not TVD good.
Lauren DiLaurentis
Lauren DiLaurentis Hace 13 días
I love supernatural but I'm really surprised Arrow didnt make this list or at least honor mention or supergirl or legends of tommorow lol or riverdale I mean come one I just named a shit ton of programs that should have made this list lol but I do love supernatural and Gilmore girls
Leaiyy GachaLife
Leaiyy GachaLife Hace 13 días
I got scared that river dale was gonna be first and thankfully, it wasnt
Kawaii_ Potato
Kawaii_ Potato Hace 13 días
my favourite CW shows 1. Supernatural 2. The Flash 3. Arrow 4. Smallville 5. Gilmore Girls and I watch Supergirl and Legends, but I'm losing interest in both
Maddie 4803
Maddie 4803 Hace 14 días
Awwww yeah supernatural is number one and will always be the number one show not just on the CW but out of every show
Mohand Bensalem
Mohand Bensalem Hace 14 días
Supernatural forever
Casey Childers
Casey Childers Hace 14 días
Danielle Blackwood
Danielle Blackwood Hace 14 días
1) Supernatural 2) The Vampire Diaries 3) Smallville 4) The Flash
samantha roberson
samantha roberson Hace 15 días
Supernatural better be toward the top or number one or I'm suing lol
Georgia Kara
Georgia Kara Hace 15 días
Where is arrow???
Ohanna Bostrom
Ohanna Bostrom Hace 15 días
no. tvd should’ve been 1st!
Virender Sharma
Virender Sharma Hace 15 días
SPOILER ALERT!!!! DO NOT READ FURTHER COMMENTS! I'm actually not kidding don't.
OTN Ahmir
OTN Ahmir Hace 15 días
I would’ve put the vampire diaries this high if they didn’t mess up the whole show
Brandon Carter
Brandon Carter Hace 15 días
So many of my favourite shows are ending soon. Arrow, supernatural, the 100 and more all have *one season* left. 😢
xx-jack-xx Hace 15 días
the vampire diaries was the best tv show ever Edit: along side originals
Vrajesh Badgujar
Vrajesh Badgujar Hace 15 días
Tvd forever!!
Keira 19
Keira 19 Hace 16 días
Riverdale and The Vampire diaries.
The Nameless
The Nameless Hace 16 días
SPN Family💖😂
Mitä ihmettä
Mitä ihmettä Hace 16 días
No arrow??
Para Mcintosh
Para Mcintosh Hace 16 días
#1 The 100‼️‼️‼️💯
CJ Hace 16 días
Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Arrow are probably the best tv shows the CW had
elena gilbert
elena gilbert Hace 17 días
Tvd 4ever
kirk morton
kirk morton Hace 17 días
How is Nikita only an honorable mention? I swear that show is the most underrated TV show of all time.
lailah diaz
lailah diaz Hace 17 días
The 100 should be on this list
Desai Ajith
Desai Ajith Hace 17 días
I find it very difficult to believe that people like vampire diaries more than the originals
Larry Stan
Larry Stan Hace 17 días
Tvd (^^)
sad kid
sad kid Hace 19 días
My favorites are tvd and supernatural
Annietta Bangura
Annietta Bangura Hace 19 días
Yay💖 Jane the Virgin Gilmore Girls The Vampire Diaries Gossip Girl My Favs 💕💕
Orange Hound
Orange Hound Hace 21 un día
Unknown 1234
Unknown 1234 Hace 21 un día
Where’s reign?
Rodsi Tamara
Rodsi Tamara Hace 21 un día
Gossip girl, tvd and the originals are my favs xx
pointless Hace 23 días
Always and forever only true To fans know
Uzair Ahmed
Uzair Ahmed Hace 26 días
Tvd super natural all time best
Amishi Jeesu
Amishi Jeesu Hace 26 días
"You can't bring up the cw without mentoing gossip girl".... Totally agree with this And you can't bring up gossip girl without mentioning chair(chuck and blair )❤❤
Nil Önal
Nil Önal Hace 27 días
always team Stefan
Maria Fernanda Zelaya Orellana
Gilmore girls😍 Gossip girl😍
Ava ZM
Ava ZM Hace 28 días
I’m watching this for Riverdale TVD and The Originals... then I remember Supergirl Flash Arrow and The 100
Olivia Codjie
Olivia Codjie Hace 29 días
It's a sad day. 😭😭😭 Supernatural has come to an end. I've been dragging out watching the last season but the day has come.
Dark Angel 666
Dark Angel 666 Hace un mes
The CW came out in 2006. I was born in 2003...😳
Kavya Reddy
Kavya Reddy Hace un mes
Where the tf is Arrow and the Originals!
Danielle Galang
Danielle Galang Hace un mes
InfernoZ Hace 29 días
Reba Winchester
Reba Winchester Hace un mes
When it goes off the air!! Hahahahaha - me in 2017 *weeping deeply since March* - me in 2019
Bryer Holloway
Bryer Holloway Hace un mes
Y'all had to show the "We were rooting for you Tiffany" clip didn't y'all 😂
Narvin Singh
Narvin Singh Hace un mes
Supernatural was the only clear choice for #1...
Huzaif Shah
Huzaif Shah Hace un mes
the flash was only good for two seasons
Sarah That’s me
Sarah That’s me Hace un mes
Originals is far better then The Vampire Diaries
Nida Fatima
Nida Fatima Hace un mes
Arpit Goyal
Arpit Goyal Hace un mes
I think that The 100 should have been in this list somewhere..
Trae Funchess
Trae Funchess Hace un mes
All American next
Maggie Hennessy
Maggie Hennessy Hace un mes
HOW WAS RIVERDALE NOT EVEN ON THERE, YET THE FLASH WAS? dont get me wrong i love both shows but i think riverdale should have been on there SOMEWHERE.
NIAN FOREVER Hace un mes
How is TVD number 3?
Dakota Tuma
Dakota Tuma Hace un mes
What supernatural spinoffs is she talking about?
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh Hace 27 días
Supernatural cartoon Books like family doesn't end with blood
Khizar Khan
Khizar Khan Hace un mes
vdem101 Hace un mes
Diggle is basically nick fury
Sima Zay
Sima Zay Hace un mes
Vampire Diaries ❤️❤️ Now it's time for me to watch Supernatural...
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