Top 10 'Dancing With The Stars' Contestants

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This is a list of my opinion of the best celebrity contestants on Dancing With The Stars (from seasons 1 to 24). This is based mostly on their ability as a dancer, but also their likeability and notability. Feel free to tell me your own list in the comments!
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liliana molina
liliana molina Hace 3 días
the shining
Loretta Kay-feld
Loretta Kay-feld Hace 4 días
Dancing the Conga at home....just fabulous......esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Z44iqsRgwg0.html
Du Hace 12 días
Sorry to disagree but this is not a good evaluation of the dancers or dances. Shawn Johnson had way better dances than the one listed. And Meryl Davis as 1st? Ehh. Not for me.
Ashley T
Ashley T Hace 17 días
I think Jennifer Grey and Derek should have been on the top 5. Where the heck are they?
Ramey Chisum
Ramey Chisum Hace 19 días
1. and 2. were bad picks.
Richard Strohbach
Richard Strohbach Hace 19 días
Why no Kelly Pickler? She was fabulous and you can;t get any more likable.
MsMisha14 Hace 20 días
What about Brooke Burke and Zendaya?
AABB Nature
AABB Nature Hace 20 días
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Vale77473 Hace 21 un día
William Levy! Need I say more
BlackThornRose127 Hace 22 días
As a dancer it’s easy to tell which contestants have had some form of dance training and those tend to be the fan favorites. I never liked that about this show because it obviously offsets the judging.😏
Cassandra Suitor
Cassandra Suitor Hace 22 días
Where's Amber Riley?
Sirary Diwathahuntha
Sirary Diwathahuntha Hace 23 días
I love dancing with the star
Ben Hunter
Ben Hunter Hace 24 días
What about Nyle? Shouldnt he be here?
uh wot
uh wot Hace 24 días
fuck i hate this sort of shit
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous Hace 26 días
Stacey Kiebler's "Livin' La Vida Loca" samba, should be on this list.
PebblesNot Flintstone
PebblesNot Flintstone Hace 27 días
Please make top 10 contestants that should have won the mirrorball according to so many people.
idk Hace 27 días
Genuinely curious, does DWTS allow same sex couples dances? Like, just two people of the same gender dancing as if they were a heterosexual couple on the show.
Tina Bowden
Tina Bowden Hace 28 días
I love Nicole
Tina Bowden
Tina Bowden Hace 28 días
Me too but I love this list
Maria Haddad
Maria Haddad Hace 29 días
Daniella Rahme are very good in dance why she's not in the list??
A.E. Gaillard
A.E. Gaillard Hace 29 días
Woaw Alfonso is really my favourite!
Princess Nwozo
Princess Nwozo Hace un mes
Jordan fisher?!! Still looking for him 👀
tWinship 2005
tWinship 2005 Hace un mes
Of course Meryl is A number 1 cause theres good, theres great then theres Meryl Davis. If there was another All Star season and Meryl was in it she would win no matter who she had as a partner.
Valentina Cartagena
Do you all see that number 9 Is dancing with heels
Veronica Guerrero
Veronica Guerrero Hace un mes
If you see me on dancing with the stars my spirit is broke - Dave Chappelle
A N Hace un mes
What!? Seriously...like what was the criteria for this list? Booooo!
Linda Jamison
Linda Jamison Hace un mes
Shawn Johnson should be #1.
tariq omar
tariq omar Hace un mes
normani traveled to and from the us while simultaneously touring in asia with fifth harmony. doing that and still executing outstanding performances weekly, i will never understand how she and val did not win their season.
Sharon Irvin
Sharon Irvin Hace un mes
I would definitely put Alfonso higher on the list and also include Bindi Irwin, Rumer Willis and Apolo Anton Ohno!
Nancy Breshears
Nancy Breshears Hace un mes
I don't agree with this list at all.
xxx 000
xxx 000 Hace un mes
I still think Max and Meryl would have made beautiful babies...
Debe Riggs
Debe Riggs Hace un mes
Kelly Pickler was #1 in my book.
Troy Thomas
Troy Thomas Hace un mes
Nov 5, 2024. President-Elect Tucker Carlson
Amy Lynn Hunt
Amy Lynn Hunt Hace un mes
Bittersweet. Remember watching so much of this with my Mom. But now she can't remember. I'm just glad we had this to watch together for a while.
Kate overton
Kate overton Hace un mes
Where is Rumor Willis and Val 😢
Mara natha
Mara natha Hace un mes
Alfonso is number one in this list. Where was Rumer Willis????
Kay Scarpetta
Kay Scarpetta Hace un mes
Good memories.....
Michael Heslep
Michael Heslep Hace un mes
How in the world could you put Alfonso Rivera at number 10 call me prejudice but I'll tell you what I think he's the greatest guy on two feet awesome awesome individual and even more fantastic dancer I do not agree with the rating
Justice USA
Justice USA Hace un mes
Don't watch with commercials and crooked Biden 🤮🤮🤮🤮
me Hace un mes
Or Bindi Irwin
TwinOpinions Hace un mes
A PHUCKING JOE BIDEN FOR PRESIDENT CAMPAIGN AD??! W T F YouBoob! Did you drink the Kool aid??
Bertina Robertson
Bertina Robertson Hace un mes
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K Deloris
K Deloris Hace un mes
Max and his brother are so sexy
Tele Opinions
Tele Opinions Hace un mes
In addition to the ones people mentioned, I think William Levy's Samba and Salsa are missing. But, it is subjective I suppose, many of the contestants are good in at least one dance and this show has been around for years.
Eve Pemberton
Eve Pemberton Hace 2 meses
It's so bizarre that they let people who have actually had dance training on the show in the US. In the UK it's a show where celebrities who have had no dance experience learn ballroom. If someone has grown up in dance class they would never be allowed on cos of the obvious advantage it gives them. Normani, Zendaya, Heather Morris... none of them would have ever made it on over here
Brittany Bednar
Brittany Bednar Hace 2 meses
That Paige and Mark jive 🔥
Vvienne Lenk
Vvienne Lenk Hace 2 meses
Has a lot to do with choosing the right music!
kristen alexandra
kristen alexandra Hace 2 meses
I’m still mad Riker didn’t win his season. His freestyle was bomb!
Roxana Torres
Roxana Torres Hace 2 meses
Nicole Sherzinger gave me chills...
Sophie Bennett
Sophie Bennett Hace 2 meses
shrtlink.ca/ladiesxxxbeautiful984 ෆර්ගස් දැඩි ලෙස බෙරිහන් දුන්නේය ඔව් එය තමයි අපි එයාලට කිව්වා ඒක ඒකට වෙන්න පුළුවන් කියලා සාප්පු භාරකරුවන්කෙසේ හෝ තවත් වැඩ වර්ජනයක්හෝ විශාල වැටුප් වැඩිවීමක්අපි ඊට යටත් විය හැකියි
*ᒪᗩᗪY ᐯOᒪᗪEᗰOᖇT*
They danced awesomely...but I don't know like 80% of these stars... Anyway, those dancer girls have suuuper beautiful legs... 😯😍
sigid bintoro
sigid bintoro Hace 2 meses
Nicole should be number 1
Andrea Córdova
Andrea Córdova Hace 2 meses
where’s kim?
Pretty karen
Pretty karen Hace 2 meses
Number 10 should have been Number 1
Shxdier Hace 2 meses
I will accpet that jordan fisher isnt on here because he was on season 25 and this was only for 24 to 1
Jessica Soanes
Jessica Soanes Hace 2 meses
Love this
Cynthia Corcoran
Cynthia Corcoran Hace 2 meses
I'm alma maTER Pope.
Linda Faucz
Linda Faucz Hace 2 meses
I feel some of these were not fair. The idea was the " most improved" but some of the that went on to win were singers and some had even had some dance experience.
goh eric
goh eric Hace 2 meses
the forest
Princess Azula
Princess Azula Hace 2 meses
Zendaya isn’t number 1? This channel sucks
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