Top 10 Fastest Pikes Peak Hill Climb Runs

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DarkIzo Hace un año
those are some really fast ambulances
jerregaming Hace un mes
It'd be funnier if it was just a recording of a guy doing an impression of a combustion engine
Rich Reed
Rich Reed Hace 2 meses
If I had an EV in the Pike's Peak, I'd want to use that tinny, staticky, warbling tune from an ice cream truck.
Robert Fish
Robert Fish Hace 2 meses
Gotta be that way, it's a long way to the hospital. And it sounds like a car chase.
Voller Matt
Voller Matt Hace 2 meses
just imagine using g-force to keep someone from bleeding out
Tanner Henry
Tanner Henry Hace 6 meses
@Loop Innovation Colin mcrae is the greatest rally driver of all time full send or dont when in doubt go flat out Loeb's definitely one of the best to ever do it but I wouldn't say the greatest of all time maybe the greatest champion in rally but not the best driver to ever race in rally
Chuck Hickl
Chuck Hickl Hace un año
Loeb's run up the mountain will always be tops with me. Most of the best Open Class drivers have spent decades on the mountain, learning every nuance of the road. Loeb came in as a rookie, in a car that had never been tested in competition, and blew the existing record out of the water. Electric cars came to the forefront in the years after and with no worries about the altitude as internal combustion engines have, they have steadily improved on that time. A decade of experience on the mountain, driving the latest prototype EV, I believe Loeb would still be King of the Mountain. Also, I believe Monster Tajima deserves at least a reference in a video like this but still s Like from me. Great video.
nick 450
nick 450 Hace un mes
for me its rod millens records on dirt. those were crazy and couldn't be matched untill it was paved. but when loeb got the record it had only been fully paved for 2 years. but still it gets discounted points in my eyes because its a big factory effort of one of the largest automotive companies in the world vs most of the competitors blinding their own cars. rods record in the celica was done even though the car ran on its bumpstops with no suspension over 100 mph because of the downforce, again on dirt.
N.W.O Whoknowstheshadowknows
@Ralf Buron Arie was great you can with vid to back it just fully committed with the in car shots
N.W.O Whoknowstheshadowknows
Arie has the best run with the greatest film to complement it ever. These cars aren't the same as a group b with dirt roads no matter how good Sebastian is and I agree hes one of the very best ever to drive a car
Ralf Buron
Ralf Buron Hace un mes
Walter Röhrl: without asphalt? Hold my beer…
Kent Wrankmore
Kent Wrankmore Hace 3 meses
Seb Loeb is the GOAT of drivers! Period. Living LEGEND!
bo Hace un año
not only considering the circumstances he raced in, but also the absolute performance...simone will always be my first! simply the best 🇮🇹
bo Hace un año
@ShakaZoulou77 for me too...its name is simone faggioli
ShakaZoulou77 Hace un año
For me the Monster is the Monster
sudofilm Hace un año
I still enjoy Sébastien Loeb race the most to watch tho'!
Todd Kennedy
Todd Kennedy Hace un año
have to say.. Thank you to the person who made this video it must have taken hours to put the footage together, amazing and thank you
TX3 Mobi
TX3 Mobi Hace un año
haha ! days ? months ? google, copy and paste and a few beers
lil' o
lil' o Hace un año
Or even months if you count all the process from zero
lil' o
lil' o Hace un año
S Bayko
S Bayko Hace un año
Really want to see a hybrid F1 car do the climb. Off course without fuel flow retrictions and mgu restrictions
If Only
If Only Hace un año
Loeb's run got the most "holly shit" by far !!!!
Luis Monteiro
Luis Monteiro Hace un año
if this stage was on dirt, you would see what Loeb can do, 9 times champion in a row. the car's engine is limited to 250 km, you can hear the engine cutting speed
Olivier Damonte
Olivier Damonte Hace un año
Wahouuu, sacré pilotes tout ça !! Merci pour ce podium légendaire..👍👍👍
Duke Gibo
Duke Gibo Hace un año
DAMN! That Peugeot had me tear-jerking!!! Not from any sadness but quite thee opposite, I felt my adrenaline rise every time he flew by, and yes! It felt like he flew by! in fact, he did fly by.
Pierrehenri Merchez
9 Times champion of WRC 😁😁😁
Pierrehenri Merchez
Sébastien Loeb 🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵
chassagnon adrian
chassagnon adrian Hace un año
Loeb the best, one time to take this record !
Duke Gibo
Duke Gibo Hace un año
On the straights that electric VW ID.R sounds like a jet on wheels on land!
kolev lyubo
kolev lyubo Hace un año
Flying with 200 on 20 mile speed limit sign, precious!
Le Petiot Schtroumpf
Thank you for sharing, what good emotions to see these crazy cars pass 😍😍
Levi Laraki
Levi Laraki Hace un año
People who are curious. The siren on the electric cars is to warn that the car is coming even some of the quiet gas cars have to have one. I know its stupid but its better then getting hit by a car you can't hear even tho the wind noise alone and tire noise is pretty much clear as all hell. (People walk across the roads like idiots. A few electric cars almost have hit more people so they added sirens)
Razgriz218 Hace 2 meses
And that's why loud pipes save lives! I'll take that over a battery with a spoiler stuck on the back of it on it every day :)
Starfighter 1836
Starfighter 1836 Hace 10 meses
They should have it play a loud “electric” sound (think Porsche Taycan) I understand why the siren exists, but it should be just about any other sound in the world.
Abdullah Safdar
Abdullah Safdar Hace 10 meses
They could just added car sounds
Kim Norberg
Kim Norberg Hace un año
As an adult, I feel it a bit funny but far from stupid.
Anton Zitzmann
Anton Zitzmann Hace un año
James R
James R Hace un año
It blows my mind on how fast they get on Pikes Peak. It's a totally different driving experience. I visited it in June 2019. Couldn't go all the way to the top due to construction. But the check point they have half way down to check the temp on your brakes. (300 deg and they park you until they cooled down). The switch backs was so much fun.
theslashmetal Hace un año
Romain Dumas : legend of the WEC (winner at le Mans 24h, Spa 24h, Nurburgring 24h, Sebring 12h, Porsche official pilote etc...) Sebastien Loeb : 9x World champion of WRC and one time vice champion in 10 years (+ 4 wins in FIA GT and 6 in WTCC, pilote at the Dakar) Who the hell are the others????
frederic legall
frederic legall Hace un año
@galderblake ok
galderblake Hace un año
@frederic legall bad translation dude, I know he' s a man, and I know of Michelle Mouton
frederic legall
frederic legall Hace un año
@galderblake simone Faggioli est un homme pas une femme(la traduction est peut etre mauvaise?) a ma connaissance MICHELE MOUTON est la seule femme à avoir gagner cette épreuve et aussi la seule à avoir piloté en GROUPE B.Elle a un pilotage fantastique.
John Tsoukas
John Tsoukas Hace un año
Simone Faggioli is as legend of a driver as the other two.
galderblake Hace un año
The one in the third place, Simone Faggioli, is 11 times European Hillclimb Champion, and 13 times Italian Hillclimb champion.
Franko Fichtenstein
Franko Fichtenstein Hace 2 meses
Really cool to see how these very different setups compare.
Luiz Neto
Luiz Neto Hace un año
Maravilha escutar esses monumentais e barulhentos motores a combustão ecoando na montanha. Diferentemente desses chatíssimos carros elétricos, que andam muito, mas passam zero de emoção. Carros elétricos são o futuro, mas que futuro chato será.
Rafael Pineda
Rafael Pineda Hace un año
watching that IDR like a bullet gave me the chills
Maxxias Holmström RC Extreme
11:45 must have the backfireing record at hillclimb.
WardJ Hace un año
Squelchy Hace un año
The Red Bull 208 was pretty awesome too, almost every gear change. =D
Floyd Maxwell
Floyd Maxwell Hace un año
The electric cars should play rock music -- Highway To Hell comes to mind
Ivana Notyers
Ivana Notyers Hace 2 meses
I was thinking elevator music at a mortuary.
Pop Laurentiu
Pop Laurentiu Hace 8 meses
Right.. Specially for the sleepy fan bears in the threes we see this year.. ;0)
Dessy Priyanto
Dessy Priyanto Hace un año
Raider on the strom
Tok bmx
Tok bmx Hace un año
Ride the lightning 🤣
cleanthegreen Hace un año
Stairway to Heaven.
WMM _ Hace un año
The only one from other galaxy is Loeb's run 💯💯🥇🥇
Pop Laurentiu
Pop Laurentiu Hace 8 meses
He really floor it, that Peugeot was really singing - Legendary run.. ;0) Shout out for Tajima as well and old warriors from Group-B (Rohrl, Vatanen & Michele Mouton).. I feel like all went there with one purpose in mind to send it !
frederic legall
frederic legall Hace un año
Ne pas oublier la femme formidable MICHELE MOUTON qui a gagné en 1985 sur AUDI S1sur route en terre .Elle a cette année 70 ans .Son pilotage en rallye groupe B est une pure merveille. les performances actuelles ne sont pas comparables routes goudronnées et surtout voitures électriques qui ne perdent pas de puissance en altitude .les voitures thermiques en perdent près de 50%.Regarder absolument MICHELE en rallye c'est une funambule tout parait si simple.
Misfit Priest
Misfit Priest Hace 5 meses
That third fastest man is really good, only him with a rear wheel drive... and Sebastien Loeb, not only awesome in the WRC..👍👍👍
4k pingu
4k pingu Hace 2 meses
that IDR is ridiculously fast and when flying by at top speed the thing sounds like a jet
Samsonian Hace un año
I wonder how the Porsche 919 Evo would do (the car that has the current record at both Nurburgring and Spa-Francorchamps). It certainly has enough power to make an impact and the ground effects that make it illegal should help it anywhere it’s got some speed...
My Perspective
My Perspective Hace un año
It would be interesting to see remote control airplanes do that same course just like 10 feet off the deck or maybe even drones or even half scale race cars that be kind of mean but also like to see a downhill gravity race on that hill
Don Troutman
Don Troutman Hace un año
Downhill gravity race, we can it skiing, snowboarding for some of folks younger than I am...for cars, can you imagine the red glow from the brakes? 😉
Infidel Hace 7 meses
I wonder what time would the most powerful car here set on a perfect run. The Drive eO PP100 has more than twice the power of the VW ID.R while weighing just 100 kg more, yet it looks like the insane amount of torque is tough task for the driver to handle.
Karl Leib
Karl Leib Hace un año
They are contributing to the “drive it like you stole it” mentality with the alarm blaring
No¹ Hace un año
Seems like the universal reaction to the Volkswagen ID.R is *"Holy Crap"*
Van Poll
Van Poll Hace un año
Having to drive this electric car with the siren on it would be hell on earth for me. Makes my toe nails roll up just from hearing it in this video.
YookaLaylee Hace 2 meses
Anytime you see a big aero electric car on Pikes Peak, you know they are going to be quick. The elevation change and lack of dense air at the summit gives electric motors a huge advantage.
Ian Chandley
Ian Chandley Hace 2 meses
I’m Old School - the drivers who conquered the mountain when it was unpaved are the GOATs…. Their cars fought for traction the whole way up the hill, losing traction and time every foot because of wheel spin and sliding across the road. Walter Rohrl, Bobby Unser, Michele Mouton, Ari Vaatanen, Rod Millen etc really had skills!!
Steve Wakeford
Steve Wakeford Hace un mes
Agreed for sure. It’s cool to watch these crazy times but it’s an entirely different event compared to the 3/4 dirt road. Climb Dance will forever be etched into my head - Ari with one hand on the wheel and the other blocking the sun, sideways with his foot still pinned to the firewall. Completely epic.
Mo Stylz
Mo Stylz Hace un mes
Zambo Reny
Zambo Reny Hace un año
Wow great video, keep up the great work.!!! Does anyone know what the smoke coming out of that electric VW was, that has the record? It could have been brake dust, but seemed excessive...
Azim Petra
Azim Petra Hace un año
Aero..dust from the road..it's called Rooster Tail. idk maybe google "Rooster Tail Cars" It's from the Venturi Effect when you have a flat bottom under the car chassis..and a Diffuser at the back set at an Optimal Angle..around 7 degrees. Basically it sucks your car onto the ground, creating downforce without drag.. Just try and use a vacuum cleaner without attachment and suck the floor, then put a Piece of Paper or Cardboard with coins underneath, imagine that as the car, put on the floor. Then slowly tilt the vacuum nozzle up, you'll notice that the cardboard will try to grab the floor first instead of being sucked by the vacuum. Or do it the other way around and use compress air, same thing, aim at the floor..it'll suck instead of blowing it off the ground when aimed at optimal angle.
calvacoca Hace un año
Imagine the number of gear changing Loeb was oblige to do in that race... compared to electric cars drivers who have juste to be focused on power and trajectories. Electric cars running always on the maximun torque of their motors, where you have to manage constantly your rpm on the other cars. And Loeb... only 16 seconds behind Dumas !!!
rhallnapa Hace un año
I would play ice cream truck music on mine.
Daniel Marshall
Daniel Marshall Hace un año
NOW THAT would be glorious.
Ken Harty
Ken Harty Hace un año
Jeee Whyyy Pheee
Jeee Whyyy Pheee Hace un año
@NatedoGP Both same, except the creepy one will run into crowd 😂
NatedoGP Hace un año
@Jeee Whyyy Pheee Wait, there is a difference?
tyBOGit Hace 9 meses
Well I for sure thought I would’ve seen the legendary Suzuki Escudo Pike’s Peak on this list. Gran Turismo- You have failed me… 😔
Brandon Engelman
Brandon Engelman Hace un mes
I like the variation in expletives. Amusing as hell.
Jonas Weber
Jonas Weber Hace un año
that shot at @19:10 OMG
Grandude Tonesnob
Grandude Tonesnob Hace un año
Somebody should put an ice cream truck speaker on their E-racer! That would be schweet!
Kyle Nystrom
Kyle Nystrom Hace un año
19:35 - it sounds like an actual JET...
Roland Lawrence
Roland Lawrence Hace un año
wow Romain gets 4 entries in to the top 10!
Kommentator Hace un año
After watching numbers 10-3, I would have expected number 2 to be Romain Dumas on a bicycle.
J A Hace un año
Who needs a Judd V10 screaming @ ~15,000 rpm when you can have an EV with a siren
Yuri Bruschi
Yuri Bruschi Hace un año
Bellissimo video, bravo e complimenti!
Nino Hace 2 meses
17:42 that corner with that speed.... holy shit
Mhd Ghzz
Mhd Ghzz Hace un año
loeb's car has 1hp/kg. that's crazy.
Quinn Hace un año
i love how everyone has the same reaction to the fast runs lmao
The Unpretentious Vegan
Just shouting expletives.
john morgan
john morgan Hace un año
Out of the fast ones Sebastian Loeb's is the most like a car you would see on the roads, just take the oversize splitter and spoilers off and you'd think a street tuner had done it.
alsoadriver Hace un mes
…Walter Röhrl 1987 on gravel…. That is by far the best run..!
The Auto Intuitive
The Auto Intuitive Hace 2 meses
That Peugeot 208! Incredible.
Dean Hankio
Dean Hankio Hace un mes
Apparently it's less than 10 years old races. S. Loeb with the Peugeot 206 T16 will stay in mind because it was just before they asphalted at 100% . Those pictures are more than flabbergasting.
Hudson Donnell
Hudson Donnell Hace un año
All those odd looking emergency vehicles going to the top of the mountain!
Blender Rookie
Blender Rookie Hace 5 meses
I run this track all the time on beamng and my fasted time is 9,35. I have been on faster paces but at a faster pace I crash at some point on that long track.
Happybanana Hace 3 meses
Sevastien Loeb plus VW ID.R and you have new king of the mountain!
George Bruderly
George Bruderly Hace un año
When the train gets to the crossing before the gates go down,,, ,, You know your going too fast...
Pilsen May Marcelo
Pilsen May Marcelo Hace un año
The 2018 Volkswagen ID.R its sound like a high end twin motor RC speedster
ExSapper Madman
ExSapper Madman Hace un año
"The wings need to be big due to the height, how big do they need to be?"....."Yes"......
alfamonk Hace un año
Ev quick no doubt but V6 turbo Pug sounds sooo much better
Pascal von Ah
Pascal von Ah Hace un año
The helicopter needs more power
Kaan Üreyen
Kaan Üreyen Hace un año
amazing compilation!
Dorientje Woller
Dorientje Woller Hace un año
And now, as fast as they can, descending the Pikes Peak Hill.
mot tram nghin dong
mot tram nghin dong Hace un año
Bravo Sebastien Loeb,bravo Peugeot Weltklasse!
Mark Schmidt
Mark Schmidt Hace un año
I can hear sirens in my neighborhood w/o going to pikes peak.
waltham zan
waltham zan Hace un año
2french diver 😋👍 Sébastien Loeb 2e meilleur temps avec un moteur thermique Romain Dumas premier avec un moteur électrique donc on peut dire qu'ils sont chacun premier dans leur catégorie
galderblake Hace un año
Norma is a French prototype manufacturer also, and Simone Faggioli & Sebastien Petit made them great
Norbert Havacs
Norbert Havacs Hace un año
people often talk down on French cars ( let's be honest, the basic models are not fantastic), but the performance and racecars are flippin out of this world, amazing :D
wajok Bill
wajok Bill Hace un año
they should've just installed one of those speakers that the i8 has this must be annoying as hell for the driver
Flaming Hedgehog
Flaming Hedgehog Hace 2 años
What a great place! Need some pretty big kahunas to be quick here.. Some of the spectators aren't real bright in their choice of viewing positions though.. Sheesh
Rainer Fickus
Rainer Fickus Hace un año
Loud Pipes Saves Lives !
Barkev shadian
Barkev shadian Hace 2 años
I'll take the sound of a piston engine over that of a escooter with a siren any day.
Barkev shadian
Barkev shadian Hace un año
@Loosebolts Know facts before you talk about the environment. Lithium batteris have huge environmental impact and carbon foot print during production and disposal. And BTW. Do you have any idea how electricity is produced? Diesel and Coal burning generators.
Loosebolts Hace un año
@Barkev shadian You can stay in the past then old man. EVs are the future. Us "kids" know that we'd be living in a ruined planet after you're long gone if we don't transition to renewable energies soon, including in cars and racing. You've had your fun with the screaming, oil burning cars in the past. The future is about cars that go even faster with less impact to the environment. You don't like it? Not our problem.
Barkev shadian
Barkev shadian Hace un año
@Frank De Ruiter obviously, the pro electric kids have never watched a race before! They have no idea that half the excitement is the beautiful sound, and smell of burnt oil and gas what makes watching a race car so thrilling!
Protoka Hace un año
Imagine running out of gas on pikes peak.
Eli S
Eli S Hace un año
@Azim Petra For now combustion is king, more fun, lighter, more power, way more range and a ton more reliable.
Future of car racing: No more awesome engine noises, instead super anoying warning sirens.
S & R Nunan
S & R Nunan Hace un año
Can't they swap the siren for a speaker playing loud engine noise? Surely that siren would be off putting for the driver too?
S-T-E-V-E Hace un año
The electric cars don't suffer from loss of power at altitude.
Bob FTW Hace un año
OK I have a couple of thoughts: 1) I wonder how the Volkswagen is so much faster despite only having around 700 hp and weighing a good 300 kg more than the other cars on this list with comparable horsepower. I understand EVs have a torque & powerband advantage, they don’t need to shift gears, and they aren’t subject to loss of power due to elevation but still. Wow. 2) I can’t imagine the exhaust temperatures some of those IC engines on the top half of the list are running. I’m pretty sure one of the cars was actually backfiring between gears on acceleration. Probably have it mapped that way intentionally to help keep the turbos spooled but damn. Those poor turbos 😂
Chris Barth
Chris Barth Hace 4 meses
de Durocortorum
de Durocortorum Hace un año
Yes, that's it.
Nitryl44 Hace un año
Looks like Romain Dumas really wants his victory !
Pop Laurentiu
Pop Laurentiu Hace 8 meses
I want to see Loeb again in something like Porsche Mission R.. or a other full electric unlimited class etc.. he will destroy the record again..
Jose Maria Sarabia Garcia
Falta una d las mejores subidas.la q hizo ari vatanen cn el peugeot 405
Anna Henrietta
Anna Henrietta Hace un año
Fun fact. The I.D.R was developed for Pikes Peak and then hey took it around racing allover the world.
Jerek Scott
Jerek Scott Hace un año
Just a matter of time until they have a driverless division and we will see how good self driving can race
Jerek Scott
Jerek Scott Hace un año
@Connor exactly we’ve hit a plateau because they are too afraid for driver safety which I understand but going balls to the wall is what drives innovation
Connor Hace un año
I'd be interested in full-size RC drone racing. balls to the wall with 0 risk to self would probably bring out some more intense driving.
Jerek Scott
Jerek Scott Hace un año
@Loosebolts yeah that’s what’s super exciting they could save so much weight without a cockpit. No need for roll bars a gas pedal brake pedals dashboard nothing. That’s like 400lbs of weight. And yeah the lateral gs also would be amazing. Because they could corner without worrying about breaking the drivers neck lol
Loosebolts Hace un año
When self driving tech fully matures, those cars would be faster and safer than any human driven cars. They don't need to care about and won't be affected by g-forces as much as human drivers after all. They'd also make far fewer errors than any human driver. They'd literally be able to be pushed to go as fast as physics would allow cars to drive on roads and their computer brains would be able to calculate.
manuel martin
manuel martin Hace un año
Loans car was dialed in and so was he .I can imagine driving a car around corners that fast ,un real.
Kellery Thiha
Kellery Thiha Hace un año
People risked thier lives for these clips. Thank you ❤️
Jack Smith
Jack Smith Hace 2 meses
I will never forget in the early 60s sitting at devil’s playground watching Bobby Unser in an upright sprinter that Chevy V8 never sounded better
privathospital Hace un año
14:40 Speed limit is 20, he is doing 100 at least =D
Suman Saurav
Suman Saurav Hace 11 meses
11:45 That sound
87 pierro
87 pierro Hace un año
Pour la numéro 2 , la Peugeot 308 T16 de Loeb, j'ai juste envie de dire....ET LA, PAS CALMé LES RICAINS !
Daniel Boisvert
Daniel Boisvert Hace un año
Interesting. But somehow with pavement and electric cars, you don't get the same chills or sense of drama as Ari Vatanen's Pikes Peak hill climb movie.
Chance1957 Hace 2 meses
Could you imagine F1 or Indy running with electric cars. 20 or 33 cars making that horrible noise.😱
DerNutellaBoy Hace 2 meses
They won’t do that noise, Since they’re electric and produce not much noise they have these „sirens“ so people know a car is approaching.
Stubby Butt
Stubby Butt Hace un año
That first guy drove like he stole it.
De Gruisman
De Gruisman Hace un año
14:40 Speed limit 20 mph.. Sebastian: thats my parking speed.. xD
Peter Schmitz
Peter Schmitz Hace un año
I used to work for Rod Millen, his father. Rhys had a shop across the street. Neat place and time.
Jesse James Bell
Jesse James Bell Hace un mes
No Longer Unser's Mountian, But The Unsers Legency Lives on through all motorsports!
LeGlod Hace un mes
Volkswagen ID.R makes the same sound as my Tamiya TT01 😅
Peter Hace un año
Those electric cars are fast, no doubt about it, but they lack the soul of 4 stroke engine powered car !
Peter Hace un año
@Connor well that’s what l meant, as l said they do nothing for me,but each to their own at the end of the day !
Connor Hace un año
@Peter nah that's not really what you said.
Peter Hace un año
@Connor As l said they are fast but from a spectator’s point of view they do nothing for me to be honest 🙂
Connor Hace un año
tell that to the racers behind the wheel. I'm willing to bet the soul of racing for them is speed, not engines.
polton00 Hace 2 meses
everyones response when they realize how fast electric cars really go
The Clinch MMA
The Clinch MMA Hace un año
If u watch Randy’s onboard cam of his run in the Tesla this year, u can’t hear that siren at all
A -K
A -K Hace un año
it reminds me of the mythical David Hasselhoff, or rather Michael Knight in the television series K2000 in the 80s hahah :)
KIKI AutoRCMan Hace un año
Ya pas à dire, vive le thermique... ‼️
WARMOTH Hace un año
16sec lol......so ridiculous compared to electric engine :o LOEB THE BEST OF ALL
Deep Flake
Deep Flake Hace un año
@Malachai Carter engine and motor is the same word in Latin languages (French, Italian, Spanish).
Malachai Carter
Malachai Carter Hace un año
Not to be that guy, but I'm gonna be that guy. Electric cars don't have engines, they have motors.
watchyMCFCwatchy Hace un año
Great video. I'd rather listen to the regular cars than those battery cars with that daft siren going. So annoying.
Matthew Groff
Matthew Groff Hace un año
Most of the vehicles were the equivalent to a LMP 2, you had 1 WRC champion car and driver 2013 Peugeot 208 T16PP driven by Sebastien Loeb, and the equivalent to a IMSA DTP/LMP1 the 2018 Volkswagen ID.R All of them driven by Professional Race car Drivers!! They all have either Le Mans, Rally Cross, F1, and/or similar Experience.
Pop Laurentiu
Pop Laurentiu Hace 8 meses
Simone Faggiolli is another legendary Hill-climb specialist.. : 11 times European Hillclimb champion and 13 times Italian Hillclimb champion. Pikes Peak is the ultimate hill-climb that most pilots from around the world dream to conquer but very few qualify.. !!!
Baubauzable Hace un mes
look at Simone Faggioli curriculum, he and Seb could smash the competition every day
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