Top 10 Genius Scenes in Sherlock

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Top 10 Genius Scenes in Sherlock
The game is on. For this list, we're counting down the best, most incredible and most memorable scenes and moments from the popular BBC show, "Sherlock". With Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and Martin Freeman as Watson, there's no crime too big, no puzzle to difficult, and no stag do too outrageous. The world famous detective and his loyal assistant have given us some momentous TV highlights, so don your deerstalker and let's get down to it.
And if you want to check out more from the incredible Sherlock series, please check out the official page at: esvid.net/show-UCkp_CAX1eIc5k5SavzbhN5w
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#10. Capturing Smith’s Confession
#9. Meeting Kitty Riley
#8. Van Coon’s Murder
#7. London Maps
#6. I Am Sherlocked
#5. Sherlock Gets Shot
#4. The Mind Palace
#3, #2, #1: ???


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WatchMojoUK Hace un año
Like the Sherlock content? What should we do next? :)
doodyhanks1 Hace 3 días
Full episodes on ESvid forrr free!!!
Ahmad Raza
Ahmad Raza Hace un mes
la casa de papel :D
Serene Tseng
Serene Tseng Hace 3 meses
yess thank you for making this vid i luv it :)
Husan Ravshanov
Husan Ravshanov Hace 6 meses
Harry Potter rap
Mclaren71Slater Hace 7 meses
You shouldn't dissect Sherlock's obvious point's. Because you appear stupid WatchMojoUK.
Kal Wayne
Kal Wayne Hace 2 días
WHAT ABOUT SEASON 3 EPISODE 4 ?! “The Abominable Bride” was a spectacular episode!!!
ANKIT Hace 3 días
Are you A Sherlock Fan😎 well let's find it out💫 Try The Real Sherlock Fan quiz on google assistant by speaking: "Talk to the real Sherlock fan quiz" or use the link below👇👇 assistant.google.com/.../a/uid/0000004a0dead295... DO rate if you liked
Techy Whiz
Techy Whiz Hace 5 días
Out of 12 episodes u make a top 10 scenes list
Rainer Vilumaa
Rainer Vilumaa Hace 11 días
A British person mispronounces Belgravia? I am positively shocked. It's bel-grey-via, not bel-grah-via.
V. Sriram Sundar
V. Sriram Sundar Hace 12 días
Where is the reveal of who's Redbeard? That should be the first. Your list sucks except for I am sherlocked.
Trusha _Tungare
Trusha _Tungare Hace 16 días
I am sherlocked deserves number one spot.. That episode was just epic
Alyssa Nich
Alyssa Nich Hace 16 días
My crush plays the violin, is smart, kind of socially awkward... apparently my love for Sherlock reflects into my own life 😂😂😂 I need help guys
davide olgiati
davide olgiati Hace 19 días
Another mind blowing scene is when Sherlock sees the new boyfriend of the scientist(Moriarty) for the first time and immediately says "Gay." That cracked me up!
TIFFANY PERSAUD Hace 21 un día
He is remarkable. Dude made deductions even while having a panic attack. But he was phased and apologized to John for his rude comments to him later.
Abdul Rahman
Abdul Rahman Hace 23 días
It should never end.
Gamer Forever
Gamer Forever Hace 26 días
my top pick is i am sherlocked. he literally broke up with a girl who faked a crush on him.
vishal sindham
vishal sindham Hace 27 días
Stop the commentary and enjoy the scenes
Harry Hart
Harry Hart Hace 28 días
Benedict cucumberbatch
Buse Göksel
Buse Göksel Hace 29 días
I still waitin for season 5. Who’s with me ?🙋🏻‍♀️ like that comment guys
Scott Oldman
Scott Oldman Hace un mes
nice video, by the way, that is Sherlook not sherlok in pronunciation.
Amazing Animations
Amazing Animations Hace un mes
What about the painting scene in the Blind Banker?
Csalamádé Hace un mes
i love that little black spot in his right eye
Mebanpynsuk Lyngdoh
What the fuck, most of the times only the shit heads commentator voice is heard ...and the rest is history
Alex Stroud
Alex Stroud Hace un mes
They missed so many good scenes
Amy Denton
Amy Denton Hace un mes
6:57 ... friendship... pahaha, “close but no” definitely not just friends
shashanka Kafle
shashanka Kafle Hace un mes
Fuck man how much can a person speak under 10 mins
Rangdajied Nongrum
Rangdajied Nongrum Hace un mes
What happen to your voice dude
WinterFuzz DivisoN
WinterFuzz DivisoN Hace un mes
Jeremy Brett.
Arius Animus
Arius Animus Hace un mes
3:52 Well, I guess, for him, instead of exhausting himself by travelling on foot it is better to just get a cab. It is a pointlessly wasted effort.😂🤣
Reagan Renée
Reagan Renée Hace un mes
I haven’t even watched Sherlock yet
yoseFF dosre
yoseFF dosre Hace un mes
Just show the scene and STFU
Subham Nath
Subham Nath Hace un mes
You talk too much
Owen Shuttleworth
Owen Shuttleworth Hace un mes
I think when he was shot should have been higher because he thought for what seemed ages but turned out to have three seconds left to think
Johanne Lund Pedersen
But... this isn’t the whole series?
mani rathinam
mani rathinam Hace un mes
No kidding. Once My email password was 'sherlocked', after when I saw the episode.😅😁😀
Mike Fuller
Mike Fuller Hace 2 meses
It would be interesting to find out what Arthur Conan Doyle ( 1859 - 1930 ) would think of this show?
Melt Sky
Melt Sky Hace 2 meses
What others see: Normal Character What I see: *DoCtOr StRAnGe*
S.K Naturegirl
S.K Naturegirl Hace 2 meses
Left-handed and right handed handedness is in portent
demi Hace 2 meses
The pub scene in The Hounds of Baskerville is the first scene that came into my mind when i first saw this video’s title 😂👌🏼 Benedict is such a remarkable actor
THEHOOKS GOD Hace 2 meses
Can you just shut up and show the scenes ?
Chase Keilman
Chase Keilman Hace 2 meses
Warning spoilers
RainbowLianne GT
RainbowLianne GT Hace 2 meses
He needs to be a police man soon xD
Anonymous User
Anonymous User Hace 3 meses
This series was a load of over dramatised shit. An insult to the intelligence of the original.
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams Hace 3 meses
7:38 that "SHERLOCK!!!!!!!" yell haunted my dreams when I first saw that episode.
Harper Sollish
Harper Sollish Hace 3 meses
The way this man says "Sherlock" makes me want to stick knives in my ears
Sherlock and John Fan
Me: *Sees rhe video title* Guess we are going to watch every episode in the whole series.
s.a.r al-yahya
s.a.r al-yahya Hace 3 meses
Do it
Jada Taylor
Jada Taylor Hace 3 meses
I cant believe you forgot the secne form The Sing of Three
Amelia P
Amelia P Hace 3 meses
I just love this show ❤️❤️❤️
Daniel Thyringer
Daniel Thyringer Hace 3 meses
Alcoholics don’t mind burning tea on cumin. Müller. Apple. 5.46. Was ist kälter als Wasser?
Daniel Thyringer
Daniel Thyringer Hace 3 meses
I lost like any other genius does. The police is too slow? They wait till you break and split the wager with the criminals.
Anna Ross
Anna Ross Hace 3 meses
I thought the scene with his sister and redbeard/victor would be on top
Warren Del Rosario
Warren Del Rosario Hace 3 meses
So this is what happened to bilbo . So bilbo went to aman with frodo and gandalf and the elves then met doctor strange and was like" i had a vacation from the sorcery stuff and magic so wanna be a detective "and bilbo was like "im old" then dr. Strange used the time stone to make him younger and went into the fourth age.
Erfan Reyes
Erfan Reyes Hace 3 meses
The person who was acting as Sherlock in 2010 is Dr. Strange.Marvel
Rahul Ravanan
Rahul Ravanan Hace 3 meses
I am sher locked.
Consulting Toaster
Consulting Toaster Hace 3 meses
Also! This isnt about Sherlock himself but something they added into the show. In series three when we first meet Mary, and he's deducing stuff about her if you pause and look closely at the words it shows, the word "liar" pops up many times.
Melanielovesyou Hace 3 meses
okay but number ten - it was actually really good. i love how despite John being mad at Sherlock for breaking his promise to protect and save his wife (in which, it wasn’t his fault. he would’ve taken the bullet. he knows where it’s more critical to hit and where he could survive the hit. she jumped in to save him.), John still barges in to save Sherlock. that’s his best friend. that’s his buddy. his actual partner for life. edit: also like for number four how when John and that lady left because Sherlock told them to, he only pointed to the LADY to leave. he didn’t need John to leave. not that he needed John there, but John probably helps him or he’s just fine with him being there all the time.
Firestone Sky
Firestone Sky Hace 3 meses
Mabye u should talk less and let the video talk..
Sohanoor Reza Soash
Sohanoor Reza Soash Hace 3 meses
Highly Functioning Sociopath
BEYOND the Scenes
BEYOND the Scenes Hace 3 meses
*You repel me*
Soul Of Rei
Soul Of Rei Hace 3 meses
Soul Of Rei
Soul Of Rei Hace 3 meses
in the last scene they showed tho,,,,,, they werent a couple they were a widow and her son :"))))))
Abbie Brennan
Abbie Brennan Hace 3 meses
Number 1: I want to Break free Moriarty scene
Sibulle Vicious
Sibulle Vicious Hace 3 meses
No Moriarty scene :(
Budak Boy
Budak Boy Hace 3 meses
After tired with deductions, he made a decision to become a spiritual student. Then, he became Dr. Strange and joined Avengers. And fought Thanos.
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